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Wilfred and Catherine Pearson – The FINA Garage

One of my best memories of growing up in the village of Upper Stewiacke was the FINA garage, operated in the 1960s and 1970s by Wilfred Pearson. It was a place everyone stopped, not only for gasoline, soft drinks and cigarettes, but to chat with Wilfred, who manned the pumps and was always behind the counter. He was a kind and friendly man known to everyone far and wide. He and his wife Catherine were active members of the community and the local church. These photos have been provided by their son Alan, and his wife, Cora, who live in Martensville, Saskatchewan. (David Blaikie)

Wilfred and Catherine Pearson (1979)
The FINA Garage operated by Wilfred Pearson (circa 1966)