Boston: the Canadian Story

Boston: the Canadian Story
By David Blaikie

Boston: The Canadian Story was published by Seneca House Books of Ottawa, Ontario, in 1984. It tells the story of 11 Canadian athletes who have won the Boston Marathon since its founding in 1897. The book is copyright but the material may be republished for non-commercial purposes with permission from the author. This edition is published on the internet in the hope that all who love the Boston Marathon will read and enjoy the stories of these remarkable athletes.
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Copyright 1984: Seneca House Books

Bill Rodgers and
Jacqueline Gareau (1980)

Author’s Note
Boston (1900)
Around the Bay
Jack Caffery (1901)
Tom Longboat (1907)
Fred Cameron (1910)
Ashland to Boston (1914)
Jimmy Duffy (1914)
Edouard Fabre (1915)

Johnny Miles (1926, 29)
Hopkinton (1927)
Dave Komonen (1934)
Walter Young (1937)
Gerard Cote (1940, 43, 44, 48)
Jerome Drayton (1977)
Jacqueline Gareau (1980)
Author’s Boston (1986)
David Blaikie (Background)
Ed Alexander (Thank-You)

Copyright 1984: Seneca House Books