Obituary: William Blaikie, Upper Stewiacke, 1815-1899

Obituary: William Blaikie 1815-1899
An octogenarian passes away

Mr William Blaikie, father of the well-known millers, Blaikie Brothers, of Burnside, Upper Stewiacke, died on (June 15, 1899) after a short illness. The deceased was a hearty and hale old man, and bore his 83 years with the life and vigor of a much younger man.

He was born in Pictou, and settled in Odin, Upper Stewiacke, over three score years ago; latterly he removed to Burnside, where his sons, David M., and James H., have for many years been successful millers. The deceased man was a fine example of “one of the olden school” – he carried us away back to the men of the long ago.

He never went to school a day in his life, yet was a good reader, and wrote with a wonderful good penmanship. The Bible was his favorite text book, and he had it largely off by memory. He had not an enemy in the world, and was greatly loved wherever known.

Mr Blaikie leaves a widow, a second wife, an unmarried daughter at home, and four sons , the two brothers referred to above on the homestead, Wm.F., a sawyer with C.B.Lindsay at Belmont, and Chas.A., an engineer with Mr Creelman of artesian well-boring reputation.

And so, the veterans that Settled our country, and laid the foundations of our vigorous and prosperous provincial life today, are fast passing from the stage.