The Journals of Annabelle Johnson 1963

The Journals of
Annabelle Johnson

January 1-January 5, 1963 – no entriesJanuary 6, 1963 – Sunday.  Got home from hospital this morning.  So good to be home.  And I am feeling so much better.  David, Wilma, and boys here a while.

January 7, 1963 – January 11, 1963 – no entries

January 12, 1963 – Saturday.  I had a comfortable week.  Feeling stronger each day.  Had Bessie Brickett and Peg call on us.  Allie and Jennie here too.

January 13, 1963 – Sunday.  Rain freezing.  The trees all loaded with ice.  David and John out in the afternoon.  Emma spent the week-end.

January 14, 1963 – Monday.  Ice on the trees.  Went to Dr Kendall’s office.  He says I have made a remarkable recovery.  He is very pleased.  He is a grand Doctor.

January 15, 1963 – Tuesday.  Just the same out of doors.  I had a drive to Framingham.  Ina was over to the hairdresser.  Mrs Tyrell visited a while.

January 16, 1963 – Wednesday.  Weather about the same.  Ice did not go.  Mrs Webster visited this morning.  Ted and Hilda up in the evening.  Bydie’s 56th Birthday.

January 17, 1963 – Thursday.  Fine, but slippery.  Hilda came up this morning.  Ina out to the church working.

January 18, 1963 – Friday.  Foggy and dark.  Homer called after supper.  Snowing in Upper Stewiacke.  All well with them.  Alfred and Hazel here for a while in the evening.

January 19, 1963 – Saturday.  A nice day.  Ina did a washing.  We went for a drive in the afternoon.

January 20, 1963 – Sunday.  Wet morning.  Finer in afternoon.  Bydie went to church.  Bessie brickett and daughter called in the afternoon.  David came out a while.

January 21, 1963 – Monday. Fine.  Some colder.  Ina did some washing.  Emma came over about noon.  She and Ina were shopping.  I wiped the dishes.

January 22, 1963 – Tuesday.  Fine and bright.  Seymour called this afternoon.  We were dong a jig-saw puzzle.

January 23, 1963 – no entry

January 24, 1963 – Thursday.  Fine.  Quite cold.  Bydie took me down to Ted’s before noon and I visited there and spent the night.  We have a jig-saw puzzle going.

January 25, 1963 – Friday.  Cold morning.  Milder in the afternoon.  Hilda washed and ironed.  I came home in the evening. Ina playing cards at Ruth Roberts’ in the evening.

January 26, 1963 – Saturday.  Fine.  I do not do much but put a few pieces in the puzzle.

January 27, 1963 – Sunday.  Snow last night.  Turned to rain in the morning. Bydie was out to the church with the snow blower.

January 28, 1963 – Monday.  Sun is shining bright.  Seymour in a few minutes.  Not very busy. The jig-saw puzzle is the heaviest work, and writing  a few letters.

January 29, 1963 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Quite cold in the morning.  Some birthday cards came.

January 30, 1963 – Wednesday.  Cloudy

January 31, 1963 – Thursday.  Fine.  Cold in the morning.  Had a nice birthday.  Got 15 cards and letters.  Went to Framingham for a drive.  Homer and David called.  Roy and family, Ted and Hilda here.

February 1, 1963 – Friday.  Cold morning.  Bydie took me to Roy’s and Arlene did my hair.  Ina out to play cards in the evening.

February 2, 1963 – Saturday.  Cold.  Freezing rain by evening.  Bydie and Ina were shopping.  Emma here this evening.  Mr and Mrs Bliss went to Florida.

February 3, 1963 – Sunday.  Cleared.  Slippy around the yard.  David, Wilma and John out.  Brought a card and gifts.  I went over to Sherborn with Emma.  She is alone in Mr Bliss’ house.

February 4  – Monday.  Cold but fine.  Emma’s birthday.  We visited.  Bydie, Ina, Ted and Hilda over to supper.   Had a hard time getting out of the yard for ice.

February 5, 1963 – February 8, 1963 – no entries

February 9, 1963 – Saturday.  Was fine this week.  I did not do very much.  Had some cold days through  the week.

February 10, 1963 – Sunday.  Fine.  Was at church this morning.  First time since the Christmas Service.  David and John here this afternoon.  Emma came over this afternoon.

February 11, 1963 – Monday.  Snow turning to rain.  A nasty day.  Emma and Ina playing cards in the evening at Ruth Roberts’.

February 12, 1963 – Tuesday.  Emma went over to Sherborn this morning.

February 13, 1963 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Quite cold in the p.m.  Bydie, Ina and I went in to Roxbury.  Had a nice evening.  Enjoyed the cake John baked for his Mother’s birthday.

February 14, 1963 – Thursday.  Cloudy in the p.m.  Ina out to the church working.  Bydie gave me a beautiful Valentine box of  chocolates.  I had cards too.

February 15, 1963 – Friday.  Fine.  Sun shining.  A little bit of snow in the night.  Roy, Arlene and boys here in the evening.  They brought another Valentine and box of candy.

February 16, 1963 – Saturday.  Not very fine.  Emma came over about noon.  Ina busy doing things.

February 17, 1963 – Sunday.  Fine.  We wll went to church in the morning.  Was at Mr and Mrs Danny Webster’s 30th Wedding Anniversary.  Had supper at Ted’s.  Emma went home.

February 18, 1963 – Monday.  A beautiful day.  Ethel and Harry Rogers drove out to visit me.  A long time since I talked with Ethel.

February 19, 1963 – Tuesday.  Not so fine.  A snow storm by evening.  Rained forst.  Ina over to Nevin’s Hall working.  Seymour called for a few minutes.

February 20, 1963 – Wednesday.  Quite a snow storm.  Thawed in the morning.  Colder in the p.m.  I spent the day with Bessie Brickett.

February 21, 1963 – Thursday.  Some clouds.  Ina went to the Hall this morning.

February 22, 1963 – February 23, 1963 – no entries

February 24, 1963 – Sunday.  Fine.  We went to church.  Roy and family, David and John here in the afternoon and had supper.

February 25, 1963 – no entry

February 26, 1963 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Pretty cold in the morning.  We went to Fred Brenton’s to supper.  Had a good visit.

February 27, 1963 – February 28, 1963 – no entries

March 1, 1963 – Friday.  Cloudy.  Began to snow in the late afternoon.  We went to Roy’s.  Driving conditions not bad.  Jeffrey was 6 years old yesterday.

March 2, 1963 – Saturday.  Finer.  Bydie cleaning out snow.  About 8 inches fell.  Emma got over about noon.

March 3, 1963 – Sunday.  Nice and mild.  We were to church – Communion.  Had a drive in the afternoon.  Emma went home about 4:30 p.m.

March 4, 1963 – Monday.  Not very fine.  I went to Doctor Carsnellian’s office.  He told me I was coming along all right.  Should walk more.

March 5, 1963 -March 7, 1963 – no entries

March 8, 1963 – Friday.  Have not written for several days.  Nothing important.

March 9, 1963 – Saturday.  Fine and mild.  We did some cooking this morning and took some to Hilda and Hazel.  They are both sick.  Hilda is better.  Patsy came for the week-end.

March 10, 1963 – Sunday.  Misty and dirty wet weather.  Was to church this morning.  David out this afternoon.  We called Julia after supper.  She was pleased.

March 11, 1963 – Monday.  Fine.  Ina washed.

March 12, 1963 – Tuesday.  Ina did some cooking and we went to Natick and took some things to Hilda.  She is better.

March 13, 1963 – Wednesday.  Wet day.  Did very little.  Bydie and Ina went to Couple’s Club this evening.

March 14, 1963 – March 15, 1963 – no entries

March 16, 1963 – Saturday.  A beautiful fine day.  Emma came in the morning.  After lunch we went to Roxbury.  Ina and Emma shopped for records.  Called at David’s gas station and at C. Cochrane’s.

March 17, 1963 – Sunday.  Wet.  Cloudy and foggy.  We went to church in the morning.

March 18, 1963 – Monday.  Ina went and had her hair set.  Bydie and Ina went to a party for Mr M. Bell.  He has retired.  I was at Roy’s.  Arlene done my hair.

March 19, 1963 – Tuesday.  Fine day.  Ina got a lot of washing done.  We went to Women’s Society at the church in the evening.  Mr Jones spoke on Art and Symbols.

March 20, 1963 – Wednesday.  Snowed all day.  Heavy and wet.  Sticking to everything.  We were over to Mrs Tyrell’s to supper.

March 21, 1963 – Thursday.  Lots of snow, but it is running off.  The snow plows were around this morning.

March 22, 1963 – Friday.  Fine.  The snow did not go fast today.  Had a letter from Homer.  Kevin has had his second operation on his feet.

March 23, 1963 – Saturday.  Fine.  Emma and Ina were shopping a while.  Ted and Hilda here in the evening.  They played cards a while.  Bydie cleaned the cellar.

March 24, 1963 – Sunday.  A very nice day.  We were to church in the morning.  David, John and Arnold here in the afternoon.  Alfred and Hazel were here too.

March 25, 1963 – Monday.  Fine.  Ester called Saturday evening.  She is coming up on Friday.  Kevin got home from Hospital on Thursday.

March 26, 1963 – no entry

March 27, 1963 – Wednesday.  Fine days.  I get out and walk around.

March 28, 1963 – Thursday.  Had rain in the night.  Cooler and more wind.  Ina and I went with Bydie to Malden for a drive.  Seymour called in the afternoon.

March 29, 1963 – Friday.  Bright and warm.  We went in to Logan Airport to meet Ester.  She had a good flight.

March 30, 1963 – Saturday.  Fine.  Doing lots of talking.  Ted and Hilda here this evening.  I got pills for fluid.  Have quite a swelling in my abdomen.

March 31, 1963 – Sunday.  Fine.  Ina and Bydie worked on tha Communion Breakfast.  We went to church.  Had company – Roy and family and the Crockett’s.

April 1, 1963 – Monday.  Fine and warm.  Rev Jones called in the afternoon.  Ina done some washing.  We went to Ted’s for supper. Emma and Mrs Hathaway got home from New York.  They spent 4 days on tour.

April 2, 1963 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Very warm.  Ester and Ina are shopping.

April 3, 1963 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Allie and Jennie, Chester and Bertha, called in the afternoon.  Ted and Hilda, Alfred and Hazel in the evening.  We were to Roy’s in the morning.

April 4, 1963 – Thursday. Fine.  The grandchildren and the great-grandchildren were here in the evening.

April 5, 1963 – Friday.  Fine.  A cold wind.  We left Saxonville at 12:15 p.m.  Drove to Logan Airport.  Got the plane and was in Kelly Lake Airport at 5 p.m.

April 6, 1963 – Saturday.  High wind and cold.  I was some tired.  Jim brought us as far as Shubenacadie and Leon met us there.

April 7, 1963 – Sunday. Fine.  Not so cold.  We went to church in the  p.m., then to Homer’s for a while. Lelia called after supper.

April 8, 1963 – Stormy.  Got tobe  a blizzard by evening.  Dominion Election.  The storm so bad they did not get the Election returns through.

April 9, 1963 – Tuesday.  The storm has subsided.  Schools were closed.  Around 8 inches of snow.  The Liberals lead in the Election.

April 10, 1963 – Wednesday.  Still snow in the air.  The Election did not give either party a working majority.  Sandy here a few minutes.  A new calf arrived.

April 11, 1963 – Thursday.  Lots of snow this morning.  Everything covered up, and snow kept coming allday.  Jim and his girlfriend came in the evening.

April 12, 1963 – Friday.  Still snowing and dirty.  Visited with Jim and Pat.

April 13, 1963 – Saturday.  Wet and dismal.  Jim and Pat went to Truro in the afternoon.

April 14, 1963 – Sunday.  Easter.  Cloudy and a little rain and snow.  I did not go to church in the morning.  Jim went back this evening.  Ester and I went to church – an Easter program.

April 15, 1963 – Monday.  Cloudy and still cool.  Leon and Ester went to Truro in the afternoon.  Mac and Mary Carter was here a while.

April 16, 1963 – April 17, 1963 – no entries

April 18, 1963 – Thursday.  Still cloudy and dull.  I was over to Homer’s in the afternoon, also down to the Doctor’s.

April 19, 1963 – Friday.  Fine.  Sun shining.  Not very warm.  Grant called in the morning.  Frank MacKay and Lila Purchase called, also Richie Barrett.

Annabelle Graham Johnson died May 3, 1963, age 74 years.

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