The Journals of Annabelle Johnson 1962

The Journals of
Annabelle Johnson

January 1, 1962 – Monday.  Red sky early.  By noon it was snow and rain. We washed.  Jim hung them out.  Brought them in when the rain came.  Heather spent the day.January 2, 1962 – Tuesday.  Snowed heavy in the forenoon.  Not more than 4 inches.  Was down to the store in the morning.  Did some mending and finished the ironing,.

January 3, 1962 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Not very cold.  Leon took some oats to have them smashed. Jim went back to Dartmouth in the afternoon.

January 4, 1962 – Thursday. A cold windy day.  I baked bread and knit a while.  Also got my mat out.

January 5, 1962 – Friday.  A cold morning.  5 below zero.  I was hooking.  Homer, Joan, Sandy, Mable and Kevin here in the evening.  A cow dropped her calf.

January 6, 1962 – Saturday.  A wet day.  Rain and snow.  Washed the kitchen floor and did the general Saturday cleaning. Baked bran muffins, date loaf and made custard.

January 7, 1962 – Sunday.  Hail, rain and snow.  We were to church in the afternoon.   “And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors” was the text.

January 8, 1962 – Monday.  Such a nice mild day.  The washing dried and I got the ironing done.  The ice was bad on the road, but went a great deal.

January 9, 1962 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Not so mild as yesterday.  The wind colder tonight.  Had a call from Grant.  Was working at the mat a while.

January 10, 1962 – Wednesday.  Cold wind.  Went to Aid, or the new women’s society, United Church Women.  It was at Nina Patterson’s.

January 11, 1962 – Thursday. A nice winter day.  Zero this morning.  Elsie was here a while this morning.  I got some hooking done in the afternoon.

January 12, 1962 – Friday.  A nice winter day.  I was down to the store.  Called on Mr Henry Cox on his 92nd birthday.  Also on Mr and Mrs R.C. Barrett.

January 13, 1962 – Saturday.  Fine.  I finished the mat.  Baked bread and a few squares.  Heather, Mable and Kevin over with Homer this evening.

January 14, 1962 – Sunday.  A beautiful sunny day.  Frosty in the morning.  We went to church in the morning.  Had a good sermon.

January 15, 1962 – Monday.  Clothes did not dry well.  A wind blowing now.  I am reading a book. “A Doctor In Buckskin”.

January 16, 1962 – Tuesday. Nice day.  Colder than yesterday.  Leon and I went to Truro after dinner.  Got the TV repaired.  The river high from rain last night.

January 17, 1962 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Baked brown bread and 2 gingerbread.  Leon shipped a heifer for beef, and a heifer had a calf this morning.

January 18, 1962 – Thursday.  Cold and windy.  Busy keeping the fires on.  Ripped up some strips for braiding.  Homer and family over to watch “Hi-Society”.

January 19, 1962 – Friday.  Cold.  Not so much wind.  I worked at the strips for braiding.

January 20, 1962 – Saturday.  Not quite so cold.  Leon went out to Lloyd Creelman’s for the tractor.  I baked rolls, date loaf, cake and 2 pies.  My toe is sore.

January 21, 1962 – Sunday.  Fine and sunny.  Not very cold.  I did not go to church.  Did not want to put a shoe on till my toe is better.  Not so bad today.

January 22, 1962 – Monday.  Some drizzle and rain.  I did not wash.  Was out to the barn.  Homer and Joan over in the evening.  Toe is much better.

January 23, 1962 – Tuesday.  Cleared after the rain and sleet last night. Baked molasses cookies.  Leon went to Truro this evening to the Blood Donor Clinic.

January 24, 1962 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Not very cold.  Washed,  and washed up the floor.

January 25, 1962 – Thursday.  Rain in the morning.  Very slippy as it froze on the ground. Baked brown bread.  Was at the Annual Church Meeting.  All reports showed a balance.

January 26, 1962 – Friday.  Bright.  The wind colder.  We were down to the store in the morning.  Had a nice visit from Alice and Murray this evening.

January 27, 1962 – Saturday.  Rain, freezing rain and much colder and windier by night.  Baked jelly-roll and biscuit.  Nancy and Homer in for a few minutes.

January 28, 1962 – Sunday.  Very cold.  Leon and I went to church.  Communion.  Not very many out.

January 29, 1962 – Monday.  Fine.  Cold morning.  5 below.  Baked bread and washed.

January 30, 1962 – Tuesday.  Cold.  Snow and rain.  Rough night for a while.  Howard Graham and Shirley MacKay married in Springside church.

January 31, 1962 – Wednesday.  Windy and cold.  Roads very icy.  Did not do much but keep the fires on.  Knit a little.   Hattie called me to wish me a Happy Birthday.

February 1, 1962 – Thursday.  Cold.  Fine day.  Not as windy as yesterday.  Leon was in Truro.  I went to Aid at Mrs Arthur Kennedy’s.

February 2, 1962 – Friday.  Cold day.  I knit some and did the housework.  Leon started to go up to Berry Hill.  The road was washed out so he did not get up.

February 3, 1962 – Saturday.  Fine.  Not so cold.  Washed the floor and did some cleaning around.  Leon could not get the car started.

February 4, 1962 – Sunday.  A little snow in the night.  Leon and I went to church with Herman’s.   The Inaugural service of the United Church Women.

February 5, 1962 – Monday. Fine morning.  Cloudy with lightning in the evening.  Yhe clothes blew good and dried well.  Leon did not get the car started today.

February 6, 1962 – Tuesday.  A bad thunder storm in the night.  Leon got the car started today.  I was to Mr and Mrs Martin Fulton’s 55th Anniversary.

February 7, 1962 – Wednesday.  Colder.  I went slow today.  Just did the housework. Leon got some sawdust in for bedding the pigs.

February 8, 1962 – Thursday.  Fine.  Pretty cold.  Homer, Joan, Mable and Kevin here in the evening.

February 9, 1962 – Friday.  Not so cold.  Snow by afternoon.  A big bird up in the field this morning.  Word came that Arch Hamilton had passed away.

February 10, 1962 – Saturday.  Snowing.  Not a big storm.  Nasty day.  Baked a cake and blueberry pudding.

February 11, 1962 – Sunday.  Cold and windy.  I did not go to church.  Wrote letters in the afternoon.

February 12, 1962 – Monday.  Still snowing some.  Not very bad storm.  Cold.  I was cutting some patchwork.

February 13, 1962 – Tuesday.  Cold.  A very nice winter day.  Washed and the clothes dried well.  Baked date cookies.

February 14, 1962 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Cold east wind.  Did the ironing and worked at that patchwork.

February 15, 1962 – Thursday.  Cold and fine.  Made rolls.  Went to the store after dinner.  Had letters from Lynn Gordon and Ester.  Ester got new glasses.

February 16, 1962 – Friday.  Fine.  The wind cold.  I made doughnuts.  Nancy spent the evening with me.  She was busy with lessons.  Ella called in the afternoon.

February 17, 1962 – Saturday.  Began to snow before noon.  Not a bad storm.  No snow blowing.  Baked bread and cleaned up around the house.

February 18, 1962 – Sunday.  Some snow flurries.  Getting colder tonight.   I did not go to church.

February 19, 1962 – Monday.  Fine.  The washing dried well.  Homer and Joan here in the evening.

February 20, 1962 – Tuesday.  Snow storm.  Drifting some.  School closed in Colchester County.  John H. Glenn Jr.  made 3 orbits around the earth.  We watched it on TV.  Leon slipped and put his knee out.

February 21, 1962 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Leon able to get out to do the chores.  I baked brown bread.

February 22, 1962 – Thursday.  Began to snow about noon.  Not a heavy fall of snow.  Ester, Jim and Lynn came about 6 p.m.  Ester has finished at the Nursing Home.

February 23, 1962 – Friday.  Quite fine.  L.Gordon and Jim left for Dartmouth about 8:30.  Mrs Austin McCoul died in the V.G. yesterday.

February 24, 1962 – Saturday.  Another snow storm.  3rd in a week.  Done some dusting and sweeping.  Baked gingerbread and bran bread.

February 25, 1962 – Sunday.  Sun shining brightly.  Cold wind.  Mrs McCoul’s funeral in Springside in the afternoon.  We were to church.

February 26, 1962 – Monday.  Cold morning.  16 below this morning.  We washed and ironed.  Made bread and got some work done on the braided rug.

February 27, 1962 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Did a lot of talking.  Ester has been away since October, 1961.

February 28, 1962 – Wednesday.  Some snow in the morning.  Finer in the afternoon.

March 1, 1962 – Thursday.  Fine.  The snow softened a lot today.  Went to Aid at Mrs Roy Patterson’s.

March 2, 1962 – Friday.  Colder.  The wind is high.  Ester and Mrs Redden called on Mrs R.C. Barrett.  She is not very well.

March 3, 1962 – Saturday.  Some snow.  Milder.  Baked rolls and did the Saturday work.  Nancy and Homer went to Truro.  Nancy had her glasses changed.

March 4, 1962 – Sunday.  Mild.  Went to church in the afternoon.  Ester went in to Truro with Herman when they took Vaughn.  She is going to Folk School for the week.

March 5, 1962 – Monday.  A good wash day.  The ice softened a lot.  Leon shipped 7 pigs to market today. Homer and Joan here in the evening.

March 6, 1962 – Tuesday.  Fine day.  Did the ironing and mending. Baked bread.

March 7, 1962 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Was braiding for the rug.  Baked molasses cookies.

March 8, 1962 – Thursday.  Fine.  Mild day.  Leon butchered his pig.  Graham Fulton helped him.  Homer, Joan and Mable over to watch “Hi-Society”.

March 9, 1962 – Friday.  Fine.  Washed the kitchen floor.  Over to Homer’s to supper, and I stayed with the children while they went to Allied Youth party.

March 10, 1962 – Saturday.  Fine day.  Baked a date loaf.  Did some dusting.  Ester came home this afternoon.  She had a busy week at Folk School in Truro.

March 11, 1962 – Sunday.  Fine and sunny.

March 12, 1962 – Monday.  A very fine day.  Got the washing and ironing done. Ester and Leon cut up the pork.  They went to Farm Forum.

March 13, 1962 – Tuesday.  Fine.  I spent the day at Homer’s.  Did some mending.  Heather was in bed.  She has had a sick spell.

March 14, 1962 – March 15, 1962 – no entries

March 16, 1962 – Friday.  Fine day.  We went to Truro in the afternoon.  I ordered 2 brassiers from Mrs Tucker.  Went to Stewiacke on the way home.

March 17, 1962 – Saturday.  Nice and fine.  Baked brown bread.  Ester made 2 pies, 2 stirred loaves, and doughnuts.  Jack Taylor died yesterday.  He had been the mail driver for 46 years.

March 18, 1962 – Sunday.  Fine.  We went to church in the afternoon.  Amanda, Alex, and Allister drove up and I came down to Westphal after supper with them.

March 19, 1962 – Monday. Another fine day.  Colder.  Amanda done her washing, and I was sewing on a quilt.

March 20, 1962 – Tuesday.  Fine.  A grand day.  We went to David’s in the evening for a call.

March 21, 1962 – Wednesday. Another fine day.  I had a walk to the mail box in the afternoon.  Jim called in the evening, and Homer and Nancy called on the phone from Halifax.

March 22, 1962 – Thursday. Fine.  Wind colder.  Amanda and Alex did their shopping this evening.  Allister home from school with a sore throat.

March 23, 1962 – Friday.  A snow storm.  High wind and drifting snow this evening.

March 24, 1962 – Saturday.  Lots of snow this morning.  The snow plows working.  Thawing in the afternoon.  Eddie and family here in the afternoon.

March 25, 1962 – Sunday.  A nasty day.  Soft snow and lots of slush on the streets.  We called at Graham’s.  Had supper at Carrie’s.

March 26, 1962 – Monday.  Mild.  Not very fine.  I was sewing.

March 27, 1962 – Tuesday. Bright.  Snow getting softer.  I spent the afternoon with Mr and Mrs Sam Creelman, Graham’s Corner.  Had a nice visit.

March 28, 1962 – Wednesday. Fine day.  Jim and Lynn Gordon came about 8:15 a.m. and we got home about 10 a.m.  I cleaned my bedroom and got some washing done.

March 29, 1962 – Thursday.  Fine.  I was cleaning house.  Will take me a few days yet.  I had my supper in my own room tonight.

March 30, 1962 – Friday.  Nice fine day.  I was cleaning at my rooms.  Jim and Lynn Gordon went back to work this evening.

March 31, 1962 – Saturday.  Fine.  I finished most of the cleaning.  Got the floors washed up.  Emma Butcher called.  She expects to go back to Massachusetts about the 14th.

April 1, 1962 – Sunday.  Cloudy.  Rain and windy in the evening.  I was at Homer’s to supper, then went to church in the evening.

April 2, 1962 – Monday.  The river high, over the road.  Mail did not go.  Must have rained hard through the night.  Cleared today.

April 3, 1962 – Tuesday.  Fine and bright.  The water has gone down.  Leon and I went to Truro in the afternoon.  I got some money changed.  Paid 5 cents on the dollar to USA.

April 4, 1962 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Baked bread, rolls and cake.  Having the UCW  Unit.

April 5, 1962 – Thursday.  Fine.  Had UCW this afternoon.  8 ladies had supper with me.

April 6, 1962 – Friday.  Fine.  Sun shining bright.  Did a little sewing and mending and other chores.

April 7, 1962 – Saturday.  Cloudy.  Heather spent the day with me.

April 8, 1962 – Sunday.  A wet day.  Wind and rain.  We went to church in the morning.  I was at Homer’s to dinner.  We called on Bill and Hattie Miller in the afternoon.

April 9, 1962 – Monday.  I awoke this morning and found a stream of water flowing past the house.  We were on an island till about 2 p.m.

April 10, 1962 – Tuesday.  Cloudy.  Some drizzle.  The water is down today.  Called Rhoda Dickie and Rika.  Mrs Keith Ross died yesterday.  She has had a long hard sickness.

April 11, 1962 – Wednesday.  Colder.  Got the washing done, and Ester dressed 6 fowl.  Jim home for a couple of days.  Mrs Ruth Archibald died last evening.  Age 99 years.

April 12, 1962 – Thursday.  Fine but a cold wind.  I did not do much.  Some sewing.  Ella called and she later invited me over to supper.

April 13, 1962 – Friday. A snow storm.  Lots of wind.  Turned to rain before morning.  Leon and Jim cut fence posts a while.  Jim went back in the evening.

April 14, 1962 – Saturday.  Snow most all day.  Squalls and raw wind.  Lynn Gordon came home.  Leon met him at Brookfield.

April 15, 1962 – Sunday.  Cold and raw.  Church in the evening.  Mr Burrill is sick.  Dr Salter of Stewiacke preached a good sermon.  Acts 26, 1962 – 8.

April 16, 1962 – Monday.  The ground white with snow.  Had snow and rain.  Raw and cold.  Watched a good show in the afternoon – “Shaggy”.

April 17, 1962 – Tuesday.  Quite fine.  Leon took me over to Homer’s in the morning.  Joan got her washing dried.  I called on Edna in the afternoon.  Alice called.  Kevin’s 4th birthday.

April 18, 1962 – Wednesday.  Some snow showers this morning.  Ester washed.  I did some packing and chored around.

April 19, 1962 – Thursday. Thursday.  Fine.  Some cloud.  Leon and Ester drove me to Truro.  Called on Mrs Hamilton, and spent the evening and all night with Mr and Mrs R. Butcher.

April 20, 1962 – Friday.  Fine.  Left for USA with Emma Butcher at 6:30 a.m.  Barbara was car-sick.  Had to stop for her several times.  Crossed the line safely.

April 21, 1962 – Saturday.  Nice day.  Much warmer.  We arrived at Saxonville about 2 p.m.  Had slept at Cherryfield, Maine.  A good trip.

April 22, 1962 – Sunday.  Easter.  We went tochurch.  Roy came for me for the 2nd service.  Was a nice service.  Emma, Joan and Barbara came for dinner.

April 23, 1962 – Monday.  Some clouds, but was a grand wash day.  Ina and I visited Arlene and boys in the afternoon.  Out to dinner with Emma.

April 24, 1962 – Tuesday.  Fine and sunny.  Ina went out to the church a while. Bydie and Ina out to meetings in the evening.

April 25, 1962 – Wednesday.  Fine.  We done some cooking and cleaning,.  Ernest, Myrtle and Evelyn came from New Brunswick. They drove about an hour in heavy snow, 4 to 6 inches.

April 26, 1962 – Thursday.  Nice and fine.  We were away for a drive in the morning. Emma called.  Mr Stuart Potter died suddenly last night.

April 27, 1962 – Friday.  Fine.  Hot in the afternoon.  Almost 90. Hottest April day on record.   Emma, Joan and Barbara here in the evening.

April 28, 1962 – Saturday.  Fine and warm.  I have a head cold.  Arnold here to dinner.  The Burtt’s, Bydie and Ina over to Ted’s to supper.

April 29, 1962 – Sunday.  Fine.  Cooler in the p.m.  Bydie and Ina went to church.  Bydie took Joan and Barbara to Logan Airport.  They went home.

April 30, 1962 – Monday.  Cold and wet.  Ina and the Burtt family were shopping.  We went over to Roy’s after supper.  Gary’s birthday.  Ted, Hilda and Emma there a while.

May 1, 1962 – Tuesday.  Wet and cold.  Emma was over to supper.  Ina and the Burtt’s were shopping most of the day.

May 2, 1962 – Wednesday.  Another wet day.  Bydie’s day off, so we just visited most of the day.  I was knitting.

May 3, 1962 – Thursday.  Wet with rain.  Ernest, Myrtle and Evelyn left for home in the morning.  Ina went to work at the church.

May 4, 1962 – Friday.  Foggy in the morning.  Clearing in the afternoon.  I baked rolls and Ina was working at the church.  We were over to Shopper’s World in the evening.  Emma took us.

May 5, 1962 – Saturday.  Partly clear.  Ina worked on a food sale.  We were shopping in the afternoon.  I got a cotton dress.  Emma was with us.

May 6, 1962 – Sunday.  Cloudy and cool.  Went to church and had dinner with Mrs Houghton, at the Redwood.  Over to Concord to Jack’s and Guy  Gahan’s.

May 7, 1962 – Monday.  Fine and cool.  Got a lot of clothes dried.  Went to Shopper’s World and bought a dress.  Was over to Park Street Church to a Social Evening.

May 8, 1962 – Tuesday.  Quite cool and cloudy.  Went for a drive with Mrs Ruth Roberts.  I got a new hat.

May 9, 1962 – Wednesday.  Cool and fine.  Reading and did some braiding.

May 10, 1962 – Thursday.  Fine.  The wind blows hard these days.  Did some braiding.  We were all out around the yard in the evening.  Bydie is doing some repairs on his lawn.

May 11, 1962 – Friday.  Fine and warmer.  The wind not so high.  Emma here in the afternoon, and she was shopping for rug material.

May 12, 1962 – Saturday.  Fine.  Did some cooking and cleaning.  The people were landscaping at the church today.  Bydie planted some potatoes.

May 13, 1962 – Sunday.  Fine.  Nice in the morning.  Cool in the evening.  Was at church.  Mr Lewis preached. Roy and family here to supper.  I got some nice gifts and cards for Mother’s Day.

May 14, 1962 – Monday.  Wet day.  Ina has a cold.  Done some work on the rug.

May 15, 1962 – Tuesday.  Cool and damp.  We worked on the rugs.  Had supper in Holliston with the Women’s Society of the Methodist Church.

May 16, 1962 – Wednesday.  Still cloudy and cool.  Bydie and I went to Boston and I got new shoes.  We went to David’s in Roxbury.  Bydie stayed and had supper.

May 17, 1962 – Thursday.  Fine.  The sun was shining.  Wilma washed.  We were shopping in the afternoon.  Went to a Recital at the High School Danny attends.

May 18, 1962 – Friday.  Fine.  A shower in the evening.  David and I went to visit Jean Peppard.

May 19, 1962 – Saturday.  Hot in the afternoon.  Wilma, John and I went in to Boston.  Had a ride on the Swan Boat.  I run up the flag on the Clubhouse.

May 20, 1962 – Sunday.  Fine.  Went to church at Stoughton Street, Dorchester; and held the book dedicated in Alfred’s memory. Charlie and Maggie Cochrane visited in the afternoon.  Came home in the evening.

May 21, 1962 – Monday.  Rained in the night.  Some thunder.  Bydie painted some screens.  I did not get much done.  Put the Glad’s in after supper.

May 22, 1962 – Tuesday.  Clear and cool.  Bydie was working in the garden.  Went to Reading to Mr and Mrs Ira Brenton’s golden anniversary.

May 23, 1962 – Wednesday.  A nice day.  Byron, Ina and I left at 7:30 a.m. for a trip to vermont.  A beautiful state.  Mountains and valleys. Spent the night in Burlington.

May 24, 1962 – Thursday.  Raining this morning.  Drove through beautiful country.  Got home about 7:30 p.m.

May 25, 1962 – Friday.  Fine after the thunder storm last night.  I have a sore foot.  Made a few rolls.  Over to Seymour’s in the evening.

May 26, 1962 – Saturday.  Fine.  Bydie and I worked out at the church.  They went to Mr and Mrs Bell’s 45th Wedding Anniversary.

May 27, 1962 – Sunday.  Fine.  Went to church.  Had Communion this morning.  Spent a quiet day.  Bydie tended the tanker this evening.  It was late.

May 28, 1962 – Monday.  A beautiful day.  Emma, Ina , Mrs Hathaway and I  went to Whitman.  Cut out a house-coat after supper.  Emma and Mrs Hathaway here to supper.

May 29, 1962 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Ina went to the church.  I made rolls.  Got a little sewed on my duster.

May 30, 1962 – Wednesday.  Another fine day.  “Memorial Day”  Roy, Arlene and boys here to lunch and the afternoon.  Washed and did some cooking.
May 31, 1962 – Thursday.  A thunder storm after supper.  Two motors were burnt out at the dairy.  Baked rolls.  I finished the duster.

June 1, 1962 – Friday.  Fine till the afternoon.  Had another shower.  Not nearly so bad as yesterday.

June 2, 1962 – Saturday.  Fine.  Busy dat.  Was to Boston and got a pair of navy shoes.  Bydie, Ina and I over to Ted’s to supper.

June 3, 1962 – Sunday.  Clear, cool and fine.  Went to church service.  Was at 9:30 a.m.  Seymour called in the afternoon.

June 4, 1962 – Monday.  Fine.  I hoed 2 rows of potatoes.  Ina and Mrs Tyrell had their hair done. Got some washing done.

June 5, 1962 – Tuesday.  Cloudy.  Rain before noon.  Ina and Hilda drove to Portland with Emma.  Mrs Hathaway went home.  Emma stayed all night.

June 6, 1962 – Wednesday.  Still raining in the morning.  Sun shone a while in the afternoon.  More showers in the evening.  We were all up to Roy’s for supper.  Had a nice time.

June 7, 1962 – Thursday.  Clear and sunny.

June 8, 1962 – Friday.  Fine.  Busy most of the day.  Jennie got supper for Ted, as Hilda, Bydie, Ina, and Emma and Chester came to play cards.

June 9, 1962 – Saturday.  Fine.  A busy day.  Barbeque at the church was a big success.  A good crowd, and good chicken supper.  I made rolls.

June 10, 1962 – Sunday.  Fine and cool.  Went to church in the morning.  Allie, Jennie, Ted, Hilda, Alfred, Hazel and Bobby here to supper.  I came home with Allie.

June 11, 1962 – Monday.  Hot day.  We visited.  Was out under the trees.  Thunder and rain in the evening.  Perley called around.

June 12, 1962 – Tuesday. – Rain most of the day.  Allie went to Boston with a friend.  Jennie and I over to Northampton, shopping.  Mrs Douby called.

June 13, 1962 – no entry

June 14, 1962 – Thursday.  Finer.  Still cool.  Over to Nancy’s.  Jennie stayed with Kim.  Allie, the boys and I went and watched square dancing.

June 15, 1962 – Friday.  Allie and I went to Chester’s in the evening.

June 16, 1962 – Saturday.  Got things mixed by not writing every day.  Wrote for this day June 8th.

June 17, 1962 – Sunday.  Fine.  A hot day.  Did not get up very early.  George, Nancy and family called.  John, Priscilla and boys here to supper.  Father’s day.

June 18, 1962 – Monday.  Hot.  jennie washed.  Allie, Jennie and I went to the harness races in New Hampshire in the evening.  Beautiful place.

June 19, 1962 – Tuesday.  Another hot day.  Edna Graham called Allie to go and help her with her mother.  We went for a drive up to Mt. Tom to see the laurel in bloom.

June 20, 1962 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Allie, Jennie and I left Easthampton , and came Route 9.  Nice drive.  Called at Priscilla’s, Gladys’, and came to Bydie’s in the evening.  I enjoyed the day.

June 21, 1962 – Thursday.  Dark and cool.  Ina and I cut out patchwork. I sewed 4 blocks.  Went for a drive in the evening.

June 22, 1962 – Friday.  Clear and cool.  Ina was shopping with Emma. Emma here to supper.  Ina and I over to Shearborn and spent the evening with Emma.

June 23, 1962 – Saturday.  Fine.  Bydie busy in the garden, and at the church.  We were invited to supper at Guy Gahan’s.

June 24, 1962 – Sunday.  Rain with some thunder.  We were to church in the morning.  Went over in the afternoon and visited Mr and Mrs Brickett in Auburndale.

June 25, 1962 – Monday.  A nice fine day.  I was at the church for a while.  I did some sewing.  Bydie and I down to Ted’s a few minutes.

June 26, 1962 – Tuesday.  Fine enough to have lunch and supper in the yard.  Roy and family here to supper.  A heavy shower in the evening.  Ina, Arlene and I shopping.

June 27, 1962 – Wednesday.  We drove to Cape Cod.  Left about 7:15 a.m., got home 10 p.m.  Gary and Jeff with us.  The wind was cold and high.  Poor day at the beach.

June 28, 1962 – Thursday.  Fine and cool.  We did not do much, I guess.  Knit and sewed some.

June 29, 1962 – Friday.  Quite warm.  I sewed some blocks of the quilt together.  Emma here to supper.  Gary and Jeff having a visit.

June 30, 1962 – Saturday.  Fine.  Bydie got his leg hurt at the dairy this morning. Had it dressed at the hospital.  Feeling better this evening.

July 1, 1962 – Sunday.  Fine.  Nice day.  Ina and Emma went to church.  Bydie better.  Roy and family here to supper.  Talked to Seattle – Julia, Priscilla and family.

July 2, 1962 – Monday.  Fine, cool morning.  Ina washed.  I was at the garden a while.  Bydie went to work.  We were over to the Remnant Store.

July 3, 1962 – entry

July 4, 1962 – Wednesday.  Fine.  A quiet day here.  We did not go away and no one here on the holiday.  Had lunch and dinner out of doors.

July 5, 1962 – Thursday.  Cool in the evenong.  Had the heat on.  Put a quilt in out in the garage.  Got a little done on it.

July 6, 1962 – Friday.  Fine and warmer.  I quilted.  Mr and Mrs Tyrell got home from a week at the cape.  We were down to Ted’s.  They go to Nova Scotia in the morning.

July 7, 1962 – Saturday.  Fine.  Done some quilting.

July 8, 1962 – Sunday.  Pretty hot.  Went to church.  Had a nap inthe afternoon.  Roy and family here to supper.  Bydie’s leg better than it was yesterday.

July 9, 1962 – Monday.  A heavy thunder storm today.  One in the afternoon and one in the evening.  I was doing some sewing.  Baked brown bread.  Bobby here to supper.

July 10, 1962 – Tuesday.  Fine.  I spent the day at Roy’s.  Arlene fixed my hair.  It came out good.  Heard the whip-or-wills this evening.

July 11, 1962 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Pretty hot.  Mrs Brickett (Bessie) here to lunch.  Had a nice visit with her.  Emma and Bobby here to supper.

July 12, 1962 – Thursday.  Fine.  Mrs Tyrell, Ina and I out for lunch.  We also drove to Franklin, Mass.  Done a little more on the quilt in the evening.

July 13, 1962 – no entry

July 14, 1962 – Saturday.  Fine.  I finished quilting.  Ina was shopping.  We had supper with Mr and Mrs Tryell.  Worked in the garden after supper.

July 15, 1962 – Sunday.  Fine and cool.  We went to church.  Mr Jones and family went on vacation.  We went into Newton to Fred Brenton’s after supper.  Rubu Cook is in hospital.

July 16, 1962 – Monday.  Dark and cool.  Some showers.  I sewed the binding on the quilt.  We were over to Seymour’s in the evening.

July 17, 1962 – Tuesday. Cloudy and cool.  Had the furnace on this morning.  I finished binding the quilt.  Ted and Hilda here in the evening.

July 18, 1962 – Wednesday.  Still cloudy.  Only very small showers.  I picked beans.  Plenty of beans now.  Roy here a while in the afternoon.

July 19, 1962 – Thursday.  Fine.  The sun hot.  I did some braiding.  Ina got a big washing dried and ironed.

July 20, 1962 – Friday. Fine.  Nice day.  Sewed some on the rug.  Roy and family here in the evening.  Also Bobby and Patsy.  Lelia and Georgina are staying at Seymour’s.

July 21, 1962 – Saturday.  Some clouds.  Did not rain.  Lelia, Gena and Seymour called after supper.

July 22, 1962 – Sunday.  Fine.  We left home about 6:15 a.m. and arrived at Buffalo about 5 p.m.  Had a nice evening at Niagra Falls.

July 23, 1962 – Monday.  Showers.  We went to the falls a while, and then to the Welland Canal to see 2 ships go through the lock.  Called on the Bezansons in Toronto.

July 24, 1962 – Tuesday.  Fine.  We went on a boat trip through thr 1000 Islands.Went from Kingston, left at 10 a.m., back at 3 p.m.  Drove to ottawa.  Stayed there all night.  Eight Pines cabins.

July 25, 1962 – Wednesday.  Had a grand morning in Ottawa.  Watched the Trooping of the Colors and the Changing of the Guard.  Went to Montreal and crossed into USA.

July 26, 1962 – Thursday.  Rain and wind inthe night.  Had breakfast in Rouse Point.  Came to Joe’s  Pond, Vermont.  Had lunch with Bessie and Arthur Brickett.  Got home about 8 p.m.

July 27, 1962 – Friday.  Fine.  Almost cold day.  Roy and family here in the evening.  Glenn stayed.  They are going away for a few days.

July 28, 1962 – Saturday.  A beautiful day.  Over to Framingham and called at Seymour’s.  Baked rolls.  I called on Mr ans Mrs Farrio a few minutes.

July 29, 1962 – Sunday.  Fine.  Cloudy in the evening.  Bydie and I went to church.  Ina stayed with Glenn.  Arlene called to see how he was.  David called too.

July 30, 1962 – Monday.  Fine.  Quite hot.  Picked a few blueberries.  Seymour, Lelia and Genie here to supper. We went out to the church afterwards.

July 31, 1962 – Tuesday.  Cool and cloudy.  Roy and family got back from the beach and took the baby home.  Bydie went to a meeting at the church.

August 1, 1962 – Wednesday.  Cool.  A shower early.  Roy and family came after supper.  Arlene ste my hair.  Gary and Jeff stayed all night.  Mr Zeph MacKay passed away last night.

August 2, 1962 – Thursday.  Fine.  We made pickles for Roy’s family, also made some rolls.  Bydie, Ina and I in to Roxbury to Mr Zsph. MacKay’s  “calling hours”.

August 3, 1962 – Friday.  Fine.  Hot in the afternoon.  Baked gingerbread.  Mrs Tyrell, Ina and I went to Franklyn.  Got some cottons and rug material.

August 4, 1962 – Saturday.  Fine.  Bydie and Ina out to the church working in the morning.  I made Brown Betty and cooked rhubarb.  Did some braiding.  Roy and boys here a while.

August 5, 1962 – Sunday.Fine.  Pretty hot.  We were to church (Communion)  Went out to dinner and for a drive.  David out in the evening.  Over to Seymour’s.

August 6, 1962 – Monday.  Fine and hot.  Ina had her hair done.  Had 3 ladies to lunch and play cards.  Went to Roy’s in the evening.  He showed some pictures.

August 7, 1962 – Tuesday.  A little rain in the evening.  Emma here in the afternoon and we all went to Ted’s to supper.  Seymour, Murray Dickie, and family there.

August 8, 1962 – Wednesday.  Finer.  Jeff had his tonsils out today  He is good.  We were to Seymour’s.

August 9, 1962 – Thursday.  Cool and some rain.  Mrs Tyrell, Ina and I were to Whitman.  We were up to Roy’s.  Jeff got home.  He is O.K.

August 10, 1962 – Friday.  Wet and cold.  Ina making bread-and-butter pickles.  I did some sewing.  The Dickie’s left for home this morning.

August 11, 1962 – Saturday.  The sun shone a few times.  Ina and Bydie working out at the church awhile.  Ina made pickled beets.  Ted and Hilda here in the evening.

August 12, 1962 – Sunday.  Cool and cloudy.  Went to church in the morning.  Had callers.  Mr and Mrs Miller from Westboro; Roy and family.  Ina and I went for ice-cream.

August 13, 1962 – Monday.  Not very fine.

August 14, 1962 – Tuesday.  Fine.  I did some hooking.  A bit lazy.  Bydie began to refinish the floors at the church.

August 15  – Wednesday.  A fine day.  Much warmer.  Ina got a washing done.  I was out to the garden.  The glads are nice.  A lot of whites – some deep colors.

August 16, 1962 – Thursday.  Some clouds.

August 17, 1962 – Friday.  A good rain tonight with some thunder.  Ina and I went to Roy’s.  Roy came for us.  Bydie came for us.

August 18, 1962 – Saturday.  Fine.  Roy, Arlene, Gary and Jeff went on an outing.  Glenn stayed with us.  Over to J.M. Fields in the evening.  Bought a white blouse.  Made pickles.

August 19, 1962 – Sunday.  Fine and sunny.  I did not go to church.  We drove to Norfolk and called on Mrs C. Dawson.

August 20, 1962 – Monday.  Very warm and humid.  We were busy.  Going away for a few days.  Ted had supper with us.

August 21, 1962 – Tuesday.  Cloudy in the morning.  We left for Woodstock at 7:30 a.m., and drove in rain for 3 or 4 hours in northern Maine.  Got to Ernest Burtt’s by supper time.

August 22, 1962 – Wednesday.  The sun was shining bright and we visited and went for a drive around Woodstock.  Was in a big dish store.

August 23, 1962 – Thursday.  Fine and bright.  We took a picnic lunch and drove to Edmundston.  More than 100 miles.

August 24, 1962 – Friday.  Another fine day.  went out to supper and a drive through the country places.  Also did a little shopping.

August 25, 1962 – Saturday.  Fine.  We came home.  Left Woodstock about 6:15.  Called on the Bustin’s in Portland, and was home about 6:30 p.m.

August 26, 1962 – Sunday.  Fine.  Bydie and I went to church.  Ester and Lynn Gordon called.  They were in Woodstock, New Brunswick.  Ted and Hilda here in the evening.

August 27, 1962 – Monday.  Not very bright but the clothes dried all right.  Had a letter from Julia, also a card from Homer.  He sent it from Toronto.

August 28, 1962 – Tuesday.  Cloudy.  Rained by night.  Got some braiding done on the rug.  Also knit some.  Mrs Glancy had her car smashed this morning.

August 29, 1962 – Wednesday.  Wet day.  Ina and I up to Roy’s in the afternoon.  Rained most of the day.

August 30, 1962 – Thursday.  Fine.  Got some washing done and made bread-and-butter pickles.  Went for a drive in the evening.

August 31, 1962 – Friday.  Fine.  The sun hot.  We made pickles this morning.  Ina made Million Dollar relish.  I made Old Fashioned Cucumber pickles. Arnold called.  Bydie and Ina working at the church.

September 1, 1962 – Satrday.  Fine.  Ina and Bydie working at the church.  We had supper at Mr and Mrs Paul Roberts’.  Called at Ted’s later.  Patsy goes away tomorrow.

September 2, 1962 – Not very fine.  A few sprinkles of rain.  We were to church.  David and family visited a while in the afternoon.  I had a nap.

September 3, 1962 – Monday.  Fine.  Henry King called in the morning.   Roy and family here to supper.  Quiet Labor Day Holiday here.

September 4, 1962 – Tuesday.  Cool and sunny.

September 5, 1962 – Wednesday.  Rain and dark all day.  We were at Roy’s after supper.   Got some more cucumbers for pickles.

September 6, 1962 – Thursday.  Fine.  Ina went out to the churh to work.  Mrs Ross called in the afternoon.

September 7, 1962 – Friday.  Cold morning.  Frost.  Nice day.  Sunny and warm.  Mrs Roberts, Ina and I were shopping.  Ina and I bought hats.

September 8, 1962 – Saturday.Fine.  We went to Ted’s in the evening.

September 9, 1962 – Sunday.  Fine.  We went to church.  Roy and family here in the evening.

September 10, 1962 – Monday.  Fine and warm.  Ina did a lot of washing and cleaned the bedroom.  I went with Mr and Mrs Tyrell to see the picture “Helen Keller”.  It was very good.

September 11, 1962 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Ina cleaned the bedrooms upstairs.  Bydie and Ina had dinner at the parsonage.

September 12, 1962 – Wednesday.  Fine.  I was down tothe church.  Had a Coffee Hour in the Ladies Parlor,.  Mrs Tyrell sick today.

September 13, 1962 – Thursday.  A beautiful day.  Fine and warm.  I laced some on the rug.  Mr and Mrs Tryell’s Wedding Anniversary.  36 years.  She is feeling better.

September 14, 1962 – Friday.  Some clouds.  A thunder shower at supper time.  Ina was working at the church.  We made grape jelly and Ina baked a cake,.

September 15, 1962 – Saturday.  Fine.  Cool in the evening.  Bydie and Ina very busy all day.  Had a chicken barbeque at the church.  Done pretty well.

September 16, 1962 – Sunday.  Nice and fine.  We went to church.  In the afternoon, we went for a drive.  Called on Neil Archibald’s and Fred Brenton’s.  Ted and Hilda with us.

September 17, 1962 – Monday.  Fine.  I guess I did not do much.  Was to Shopper’s World with Mrs Tyrell.  Finished the mittens I was working on.  Bydie out to a Banquet.

September 18, 1962 – Tuesday.  Fine after a rain last night.   Was to the W.S.C.S. meeting.  Had a good time.  The Chaplain of the Women’s Reformatory spoke telling of the work there.

September 19, 1962 – Wednesday.  Nice fine morning.  I spent the day with Bessie Brickett in Auburndale. We went to her W.S.C.S. for a luncheon.

September 20, 1962 – Thursday.  Fine and cool.  Bydie got the tomatoes picked and brought in the squash.  We went to Roy’s.  Bydie took Gary to the dentist.

September 21, 1962 – Friday.  Cold.  The ground white with frost early.  Mrs Tyrell, Ruth Roberts, Ina and I went shopping.  I got a silk jersey.  Ina also got a dress.

September 22, 1962 – Saturday.  Fine.  Ina done some cooking.  Emma here tonight.

September 23, 1962 – Sunday.  Fine.  A cool wind.  We went to church, then we all went for a drive.  David and John came for me to come to Roxbury.

September 24, 1962 – Monday. Cloudy.  Some rain in the morning.  Mrs MacKay, Wilma and I were for a drive.  David’s birthday.  Had a nice cake.

September 25, 1962 – Tuesday.  Wilma, Mrs Mackay and I went in to the Globe Building. Had lunch there, also  bought some Prestone Anti-Freeze.  Was to the Filling Station.

September 26, 1962 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Wilma and her mother brought me home in the morning.  Bydie and Ina’s Wedding Anniversary.  We went out to dinner at Wallace’s Farm.

September 27, 1962 – Thursday.  Rained all day.  Ina was at the church.  I did not do much.

September 28, 1962 – Friday.  Still wet.  Has been quite a storm in New England States.  Lazy today.  Not feeling too good.

September 29, 1962 – Saturday.  Not very fine yet.  Bydie, Ina, Mrs Tyrell and Emma went to the Bolton Fair.

September 30, 1962 – Sunday.  Fine clear day after the storm.  We went to church.  Bydie, Ina and Emma went for a drive.  We were all at ted’s for supper.  Emma and Laura Graham were there too.

October 1, 1962 – Monday.  Fine.  The sun shining bright.  Ina went for her hair-do.

October 2, 1962 – Tuesday.  A beautiful fine day.  Bydie divided the peonies.  A great day for working outside.  Had a letter from Ester.  Emma stopped in a few minutes.

October 3, 1962 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Ina out to the church.  I did some braiding.  Astronaut Walter Schirra made 6 orbits around the world safely.

October 4, 1962 – Thursday.  Fine morning.  Beautiful in the afternoon.  So warm and balmy.

October 5, 1962 – Friday.  Rained all day.  Ina was working at the church.  Seymour called in the evening.  Jeff Cox passed away.  Funeral is tomorrow.

October 6, 1962 – Saturday.  Wet day.  Bydie painting the kitchen.  Got quite a lot done.   I knit some and finished the rug I have been braiding for 2 years.

October 7, 1962 – Sunday.  Still wet.  We went to church – Communion. – World-wide.  Stayed home all day.

October 8, 1962 – Monday.  Fine.  The sun shining bright.  Ina got a lot of washing done.  Arnold here for a while in the evening.  He can still talk well.

October 9, 1962 – Tuesday.  Rain.  Ina was out to the church working.  Bydie is painting at the kitchen.

October 10, 1962 – Wednesday.  Cloudy and wet.  Ina went to Boston.  Got herself a pair of shoes.  Bydie papered the kitchen.  Finished about 11 p.m.  It looks fine.

October 11, 1962 – Thursday.  Fine.

October 12, 1962 – Friday.  Not very fine in the morning.  Nice in the afternoon.  A holiday in USA.  Columbus Day.

October 13, 1962 – Saturday.  The wind cold and quite high.  Bydie, Ina, Mrs Tyrell, and I went to Sherbon, to Mr Bliss’ place.  A show of horse-back riding.

October 14, 1962 – Sunday.  Fine.  We went to church.  Emma was with us.  In the afternoon, we went driving and called on Mr and Mrs Ira Brenton.

October 15, 1962 – no entry

October 16, 1962 – Tuesday.  Fine and warm.  Was shopping a while.  Out to the church to Women’s Society in the evening.

October 17, 1962 – October 18, 1962 – no entries

October 19, 1962 – Friday.  Nice and warm.  Ina was at the church.  There was a luncheon for the Ministers of the area.

October 20, 1962 – Saturday.  Fine.  A beautiful day.  Warm enough to sit out in the yard. Ted and Hilda here in the evening.  They played cards.

October 21, 1962 – Sunday.  Cloudy.  Had some rain.  We were to church in the afternoon. Went to Henry King’s wedding at St Stephen Church.  Reception at Eagles Hall.

October 22, 1962 – Monday.  Fine.  I did a little knitting.  Got the washing done.  Prepared apples to make jelly.

October 23, 1962 – Tuesday.  Wet morning.  Jelly-making today.  Had good luck.  Very pretty.  We also did some baking.  Jelly – roll, cookies and stirred bread.

October 24, 1962 – Wednesday.  Fine, bright morning.  Did not do much today.

October 25, 1962 – Thursday.  Cooler.  Ina was out to the church working.  I baked molasses biscuits and apples.  Mrs Rouseau called in the afternoon.  Ina put up curtains in the kitchen.

October 26, 1962 – Friday.  Snowed most of the day.  melted some, but the ground white.  Odd to see leaves on the trees and snow on the ground.  Was to Natick shopping in the evening.

October 27, 1962 – Saturday.  Cold.  Snow disappeared today, slowly.  ina and the ladies catered to a wedding in Hopkinton.  We were to Brickett’s in the evening.  No one home.

October 28, 1962 – Sunday.  Beautiful, cool autumn day.  We went to church and spent a quiet day the rest of the day.

October 29, 1962 – Monday.  Fine.  Washed.  Went over to Ruth Robert’s in the morning and to Doris Dalton’s in the evening.   Working on things for the Fair.

October 30, 1962 – October 31, 1962 – no entries

November 1, 1962 – Thursday.  Wet in the morning.  Cleared in the afternoon.  A new table and Hi (sic)  [hutch?] delivered today.  Ruby Cook passed away last night. Has been very sick for months.

November 2, 1962 – Friday.  Fine and warm.  I made rolls and jelly-roll.  Ina busy getting ready for the Fair.

Novcember 3, 1962 – Saturday.  Rain before noon.  The Fair was held in the Church Rooms in Saxonville.  The Burtt’s came in the afternoon.

November 4, 1962 – Sunday.  Dark and cloudy.  Bydie and I went to church.  Emma spent the day.

November 5, 1962 – Monday.  Fine.  A good wash day. Emma, the Burtt’s and Ina were shopping both morning and afternoon.

November 6, 1962 – Tuesday. Dark morning.

November 7, 1962 – November 8, 1962 – no entries

November 9, 1962 – Friday.  Have not written all the week.  The weather quite good and the Burtt’s here.  I had a sick spell in the evening.  Was very sick for an hour or so.

November 10, 1962 – Saturday.  Wet day.  Feeling better.  Was in bed most of the day.

November 11, 1962 – Sunday.  Dull.  No one went to church but Bydie.  He was out in the evening on canvass.  Ted and Hilda here in the evening.

November 12, 1962 – Monday.  Sun bright.  Seymour here this morning.

November 13, 1962 – Tuesday.  Mild.  Not very fine.  The folks shopped a while.  Was over to Gordon’s for Ina’s coat.  It was misplaced.  Could not find it.

November 14, 1962 – Wednesday.  The ground white in the morning.  Allie and Jennie here to lunch.  We were all to Ted’s.  Had supper and played cards.

November 15, 1962 – Thursday.  The wind strong, but clear here.  The Burtt’s left for home about 7 a.m.

November 16, 1962 – Friday.  Fine.  Called the Burtt’s in the evening.  They ran into a snow storm in Maine.  Stayed over in Oldtown.  Got home safe in the p.m.

November 17, 1962 – no entry

November 18, 1962 – Sunday.  Was sick again today.  Bydie called Doctor Gaynor.  Got better when I got all  the bile out of my stomach.

November 19, 1962 – no entry

November 20, 1962 – Tuesday.  Was over to Doctor Carnicilli’s (sic) office.  I am better and he said I was in quite good shape.

November 21, 1962 – Wednesday.  Ina working at the church.  She baked pies in the afternoon.  I made brown bread.  Went to Roy’s to supper, and to the Thanksgiving sevice at 7:30 at the church.

November 22, 1962 – Thursday.  A rainy day.  Colder and cleared in the evening. Had our dinner at Ted’s.    A good dinner and a nice day visiting.

November 23, 1962 – Friday.  Fine and cool.    Ina done a lot of washing.  I was knitting small mittens.

November 24, 1962 – Saturday.  Bydie worked out at the church.  Doing floors.  Ina did some baking.  She was at the church awhile in the afternoon.

November 25, 1962 – Sunday.  Fine.  Bydie and I went to church.  Emma and Mrs Hathaway here to dinner.  Went home before dark.

November 26, 1962 – no entry

November 27, 1962 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Seymour called.  He had a slight shock on Sunday.  We were in to call in the evening.  He is better today.  I got a coat this afternoon.  $39.00.  Colour, blue.

November 28, 1962 – Wednesday.  A nice day.  Not feeling well in the morning.  Better before evening.  Was knitting some and sewed hems into 2 dresses for Ina.

November 29, 1962 – Thursday.  Fine and sunny.  Not doing much.  Ina busy at the church these days.

November 30, 1962 – no entry

December 1, 1962 – Saturday.  Fine.  We went shopping in the afternoon.  Did not spend any money.  Lots of people out.  Temperature 75 degrees in Framingham in the afternoon.

December 2, 1962 – Sunday.  Mild.  Another fine day.  We were to church.  Bydie and I went for a drive.  Called at Guy Gahan’s.

December 3, 1962 – December 21, 1962 – no entries

December 22, 1962 – Saturday.  A snowstorm.  I have not written since December 2nd.  Had a trip to the Hospital.  Had x-rays and found I have a tumor.  Had a clot of blood removed from my leg.

December 23, 1962 – Sunday.  Fine.  Went to church in the morning.  Also to a special Christmas service in the evening.  We went to Ted’s for dessert.  Patsy got home safe last night.

December 24, 1962 – Monday.  Fine.  Ina’s birthday.  Emma and Ina busy.  I received many cards and notes.

December 25, 1962 – Tuesday.  Chrisrmas Day.  Ted, Hilda, Patsy, Bobby and Emma here to dinner.  We all went to Arnold’s to supper.  Roy and family were there. The children had a big time.
Later:  Did not write for a while.  I went back to hospital on December 27th and underwent surgery on the 28th.  Had a growth removed from my bowel.  Dr Kendall was the surgeon, and I made a good recovery.  On New Year’s day, they took the tube from my stomach, and I took some soup.  David was there and helped me.

No new grandchildren or great-grandchildren in 1962.

I thank God for His help to me through my days of pain and weakness, and for my good recovery.  I feel a   little better every day, and I am also very very thankful for kind family and friends.

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