The Journals of Annabelle Johnson 1960

The Journals of
Annabelle Johnson

January 1, 1960 – Friday.  A nice day.  Ester and the boys had dinner with us.  We had roast beef.  Bill and Almon Miller called in the morning.  Homer and Joan here in the evening.January 2, 1960 – Saturday.  Cloudy.  Cold in the morning.  4 below zero.  Heather spent the day.  We made mince meat.  Had callers in the evening.  Elsie, Vada and Roy.  Nancy here in afternoon.

January 3, 1960 – Sunday.  Some squalls of rain.  Windy.  The chimney and the pipe burnt out in the afternoon.

January 4, 1960 – Monday.  Pretty fine.  The washing dried well.

January 5, 1960 – Tuesday.  Snowed.  A white morning.  Everything covered with snow.  3 or 4 inches.  Sewed Heather’s snow pants and was braiding.

January 6, 1960 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Bright sunshine.  I went to Aid at Mrs A.L.Kennedy’s. Had a nice time and a big supper.  We raised in the Aid for 1959, $59.59.

January 7, 1960 – Thursday.  Fine.  Some snow blusters.  Jim was to Truro to the Dentist.  Had a tooth out.  I baked jelly-roll, gingersnaps and 2 mince pies.

January 8, 1960 – Friday.  Some snow.  Cooked a squash.  Made a dish of soup.  Worked on the rug and sewed 2 rows of braid.

January 9, 1960 – Saturday.  Fine, cold day.  Cleaned up the house.  Baked biscuit and a squash pie.  Finished Heather’s snowpants and worked at the rug.

January 10, 1960 – Sunday.  Cold.  10 below zero.  Did not go to church.  The church was not warm.  Wrote 4 letters and read, and kept the fires on.

January 11, 1960 – Monday.  Cold morning.  We did not wash.  Waiting till it is warmer.  I finished the braided rug.  Nancy and Sandy here with Homer in the evening.

January 12, 1960 – Tuesday.  Fine and the wind high.  The clothes dried in a  short time, so windy.  I put a mat into the frames.  Did not do much on it.

January 13, 1960 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Not so cold.  Put some things away and did some other chores.  Ella invited me to Women’s Institute in the evening.  Had a good time.

January 14, 1960 – Thursday.  Fine and bright. I did a little hooking.  Went to the Auxillary meeting at Alice Blaikie’s.  Ester was up to Gertie Patterson’s to dinner.

January 15, 1960 – Friday.  A grand day.  Sunny and mild.  Baked brown bread.  Ester and I called on Mr and Mrs Eric Purchase at their new home in Otterbrook.

January 16, 1960 – Saturday.  Wet in the morning.  Windy and colder.  Baked biscuit and a pie.  Worked at the mat some.  Power went off at 6 p.m.  No lights.

January 17, 1960 – Sunday.  Cloudy.  No one went to church from here.

January 18, 1960 – Monday.  Not very bright but the clothes dried quite good. Ester put a quilt in our room and we rolled it once.

January 19, 1960 – Tuesday.  Dark day.  Snowed by mid-afternoon.  Came down fast in early evening.  We quilted and got the ironing done.

January 20, 1960 – Wednesday.  Not cold.  About 6 or 7 inches of snow.  A little snow came through the day.  Alfred has not been well a few days. Had the Doctor in.  Nothing serious.

January 21, 1960 – Thursday.  Mild.  Melting.  Alfred feels better.  Took the quilt out yesterday.  I was working at the mat.  Heather and Homer here in the evening.

January 22, 1960 – Friday.  Soft.  Some light snow.  I was hooking most of the day.  Nancy, Sandy and Homer in after the Preparatory service at the church.  4 new members.

January 23, 1960 – Saturday.  Mild.  Some snow flakes.  Did some cleaning.  Washed the floors and waxed them.  Baked a Washington Pie.  Homer, Joan, Heather, Mable and Kevin here in the evening.

January 24, 1960 – Sunday.  Another day as yesterday. Ester and the boys went to church.  A good congregation out to communion.

January 25, 1960 – Monday.  Not very fine but the clothes dried very well.  I worked at the mat.

January 26, 1960 – Tuesday.  Snowed most of the day.  Not very heavy.  Ironed and did some hooking.  Grant went into the Hospital yesterday. Took sick in the night.

January 27, 1960 – Wednesday.  Nice day.  Not very cold.  Alfred not well.  His head dizzy and he is quite tottery.  Had 2 cards and a letter again today.

January 28, 1960 – Thursday.  A heavy white frost in the morning.  Fine and bright.  I finished the mat I was hooking.  Alfred is easier.  Herman called, also Willie.

January 29, 1960 – Friday.  Snow, freezing rain and rain in the evening.   Made an apron and done a few things around the house. Alfred feeling some better.

January 30, 1960 – Saturday.  Fine.  Some colder.  The roads very slippery.  Homer and Mable here in the afternoon.  Baked rolls, cookies and a cake.  Homer cut Alfred’s hair in the evening.

January 31, 1960 – Sunday.  Cold morning.  Fine and sunny.  My 72nd birthday.  Ella called in the afternoon.  Heather was here to supper.  The Johnson’s called from Saxonville, Mass.

February 1, 1960 – Monday.  Cold morning.  15 below zero in some places.  Too cold to wash.  Jim went to Halifax.  Grant and Mac Carter called.  Grant on his way home from Hospital.

February 2, 1960 – Tuesday.  Not so cold.  Some snow squalls.  Did not do much.  Sewed a mat in.  Jim got home in the afternoon.

February 3, 1960 – Wednesday.  A big snow storm.  30 inches fell in Halifax.  Not bad here.  6 inches perhaps.  Was working at the mat sand answering Alfred’s calls.  He is miserable.

February 4, 1960 – Thursday.  A fine sunny day and mild.  Got the washing dried.   Alfred appears a little easier.  Ester went to Aid at Gertie Patterson’s.  Quilting a quilt.

February 5, 1960 – Friday.  A beautiful winter day.  I did some hooking between calls from Alfred.

February 6, 1960 – Saturday.  Fine in the morning.  Cloudy with wind by evening.  Swept and dusted.  Made a snow pudding and jello.

February 7, 1960 – Sunday.  A rain and wind storm last night.  The road icy but was thawing all day.  Homer, Heather and Nancy here this evening.

February 8, 1960 – Monday.  Not very fine.  Soft snow.  The washing dried damp.  I did some work on the mat.  Alfred was quite miserable in the p.m.

February 9, 1960 – Tuesday.  Nice day.  Not very cold.  Homer and Joan over in the evening.  This is Joan’s birthday.  Alfred feeling some better.

February 10, 1960 – Wednesday.  Mild.  Not very bright. Alfred had some weak spells. The Doctor was here.  Ella and Mrs Roy Patterson called.

February 11, 1960 – Thursday.  Fine and warm.  The snow disappeared.  Ester and Jim were to truro in the morning.  Homer, Joan and Kevin here in the evening.  Alfred better.

February 12, 1960 – Friday.  Dark and cloudy.  A squall of large snowflakes in the evening.  Mr Archibald called.  The Doctor was in too.

February 13, 1960 – Saturday.  A mild wet day.  Snow melted.  Swept and dusted some.  Made a custard.  Herman called in the morning.  Grant was here in the afternoon.  The Breadman’s came up.

February 14, 1960 – Sunday.  Cloudy.  Rain by evening.  The Breadman family went home after dinner.  Elwood and Maggie called.  No one was to church from here.

February 15, 1960 – Monday.  The river is bank full this morning.  Was windy and some squalls.  Did not wash.  Mary, Pamela and Mac were here a while.  The Doctor was in.

February 16, 1960 –  Tuesday.  Snow squalls in the morning.  Fine later.  A good wash day.  I finished the mat.  Ella called.  Also Richie barrett.  Alfred not very good.

February 17, 1960 – Wednesday.  Fine.  A little colder.  Did not do much but look after Alfred.  He was in bed all day.

February 18, 1960 – Thursday.  Fine.  Did not do much.  Hemmed a mat bottom.  Alfred restless.

February 19, 1960 – Friday.  Raw wind.  Snow mixed with rain in the afternoon.  Bad driving.  Put another mat in.  Homer here in the evening.  Alfred not very good.

February 20, 1960 – Saturday.  Soft day.  Colder at night.  Done a little sweeping and dusting.  Alice and Murray called.  Alfred has diaherria quite bad.  Got some medicine from the Doctor.  Homer here several times.

February 21, 1960 – Sunday.  Some new snow in the morning. All disappeared.  Jim went to take a job at the Nova Scotia Hospital.  Ester and the twins took him down.  Homer stayed with us.

February 22, 1960 – Monday.  Cloudy.  The sun shone some. The clothes dried pretty well.  Alfred about the same.  Diaherria not so bad.

February 23, 1960 – no entry

February 24, 1960 – Wednesday.  Fine.  had to do some washing this morning.  Herman called in the afternoon.  Nancy has a bad sore throat.

February 25, 1960 – Thursday.  Fine.  Was some soft snow last night.  Mr Archibald called in the afternoon.  Alfred is comfortable.

February 26, 1960 – Friday.  Snow in the afternoon and by evening mixed with rain.  Jim came home this evening.  He hitched-hiked.

February 27, 1960 – Saturday.  A windy night.  The snow all gone.  Dusted and took care of Alfred.  Baked muffins and made a salmon loaf.

February 28, 1960 – Sunday.  Cloudy with snow squalls and some sun.  Alfred does not seem very good.  Homer and I changed his bed and clothes.

February 29, 1960 – Monday.  A good wash day.  Alfred had a vomiting spell safter noon and he is not so well.  Had the Doctor.  He gave him penicillum and a needle.

March 1, 1960 – Tuesday.  Fine and colder.  Alfred had a bad night.  I did not get much rest.  Easier in the evening.

March 2, 1960 – no entry

March 3, 1960 – Thursday.  Fine.  I had to do a little washing.  Alfred appears a little brighter.  Lelia was in for a few minutes.

March 4, 1960 – Friday.  Nasty east wind blowing.  The Doctor was in again today.  He said Alfred was weaker.  Herman called.  He went to Halifax to visit Ella.  B.R.H.S. had a play.

March 5, 1960 – Saturday.  A dirty day with soft snow.  Alfred rested quite well last night.  Had some restless times today.  The Doctor was in.  Did not say much.  Called Bydie in the evening.

March 6, 1960 – Sunday.  Another dirty day.  A bit colder.  Homer was here most of the day.  Alfred appears to be in a semi-conscious condition.

March 7, 1960 – Monday.  Alfred passed peacefully away last evening at 10 p.m.  He had been breathing hard for 24 hours or more.   He was 86 years, 10 months old, and we have been married 54 years, 2 months.  He had a long, useful and healthy life.

March 8, 1960 – Tuesday.  A beautiful fine day.  Byron and David arrived last night.  Came by plane.  We were in to Truro in the afternoon and evening to the funeral parlor.

March 9, 1960 – Wednesday.  A howling snow storm all day.  About 20 inches of snow.  Postponed the funeral from 2:30 p.m. today till tomorrow.  We talked and sat around.

March 10, 1960 – Thursday.  Sunny.  A lot of snow.  Leon and David plowed snow, and Doug graham helped.  Funeral in the afternoon.  A nice service and Alfred is laid to rest at Riverside.

March 11, 1960 – Friday.  Fine.  A lonesome day.  Byron and David went to Dartmouth last night with Don.  Jim stayed till evening.

March 12, 1960 – Saturday.  Fine and mild.  Made a custard and brown betty.  Ester and I were up to Arthur Kennedy’s to Aid and a quilting in the afternoon.

March 13, 1960 – Sunday.  Another snow storm.  Did not last as long as the last one.  No church.  The storm appears over this evening.  I have written some letters.

March 14, 1960 – Monday.  Snowy.  Did not wash.  Ester has a head cold.  Sewed binding on the Aid quilt.

March 15, 1960 – Tuesday.  Dull.  Wind cold.  Ester and I cut out squares for patchwork for the WMS quilt.  Ella called in the afternoon.  Had a letter from Wilma.  Byron and David home safe.

March 16, 1960 – Wednesday.  A nice fine day.  Got our washing done.  Leon slipped on the steps at school.  Had a badly sprained ankle.  Had it x-rayed.  Catherine called in the afternoon.

March 17, 1960 – Thursday.  Fine and sunny.  Put up a jar of corned beef.  Done a few more chores.  Leon was pretty comfortable.

March 18, 1960 – Friday.  Snow and rain in the morning.  I washed windows and did dusting.  Over to Homer’s to supper.   Called on Edna Blaikie.  Jim home tonight.

March 19, 1960 – Saturday.  Snow this morning.  Mild.  Washed and waxed the floor.   Baked date squares, muffins and 3 pies.

March 20, 1960 – Sunday.  Fine.  Snow went today.  Went to church in the afternoon.  Did some reading.

March 21, 1960 – Monday.  fine.  A good wash day.  Ester put a quilt in and we got some work done on it. Was down and had the Doctor sign a paper.

March 22, 1960 – Tuesday.  Some new soft snow.  Every bush was loaded this morning.  Put the washing away and we did some quilting.  A new calf today.

March 23, 1960 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Some snow flurries.  I was over at Homer’s all day.  Joan was not well.  She was feeling better in the p.m.

March 24, 1960 – Thursday.  Some thick snow squalls.  Did not make any.  melted in a short time.  We finished the quilt by supper time.

March 25, 1960 – Friday.  Fine.  Had an Air mail letter from Bydie.   He has a chance with Emma Butcher for me to go to USA.  We were down to the Post Office and store.

March 26, 1960 – Saturday.  Fine.  A cold raw day.  We went to Truro.  Paid Mr Mattatall $338.00.  I bought a coat and dress.  Murray and Alice here this evening.

March 27, 1960 – Sunday.  Fine day.  Still a cold wind.  Went to church.  Mr Archibald’s subject was “The chief end of man”  Text was from  Jeremiah  9:23-24.  Heather came over from church.

March 28, 1960 –  – Monday.  Not very fine.  Snow in the night but all went.  Washed some things by hand and we cut out patchwork.  Homer and Joan called.

March 29, 1960 – Tuesday.  Fine and sunny.  Went to Nina Patterson’s and quilted a quilt.  Was after nine when we finished.

March 30, 1960 – Wednesday.  Some rain.  Done the ironing and pressing.  Went to Bev’s.  Woodie came for me.   Found Bev quite bright.  Homer came for me.

March 31, 1960 – Thursday.  Clouds.  Not much sun.  We went to Rosalie’s and had my hair set.  Mr Archibald called.  I was over to Homer’s for supper.

April 1, 1960 – Friday.  A nasty storm.  Wind, hail and rain.  I have my suitcase packed.  Have been busy getting ready to visit Byron and Ina in USA.

April 2, 1960 – Saturday.  A storm of wind, hail and sleet last night but turned out a fine day.  I left home at 7 a.m.  and Emma Butcher and I travelled without any trouble to St Stephen.

April 3, 1960 – Sunday.  A good day fr driving.  Not as bright as yesterday.  We got along well and arrived in Powell at 4 p.m.  Byron, Ina, Roy and family came and we got back home to 9 Meadow Lane about 10 p.m.

April 4, 1960 – Monday.  Dark in the morning.  Nice afternoon.  Did not get up very early, and went with Mrs Tyrell and Ina doing some errands. We drove to Boston with Bydie in the evening.

April 5, 1960 – Tuesday.  Wet in the morning.  Ina went bowling in the morning.  I had lunch with the ladies.  Over to Ted’s in the evening.  Patsy is home for a few days.

April 6, 1960 – Wednesday.  Fine.  A good wash day.  A nice breeze blowing.  I did some baking.  Was over to Mrs Tyrell’s for a while.

April 7, 1960 – Thursday.  Fine.  Mrs Tyrell not well.  Ina over there some.  We went to Seymour’s in the evening, and to Pine Grove Shopping Centre.

April 8, 1960 – Friday.  Rain.  Ina was down to the church, cleaning.

April 9, 1960 – Saturday.  April showers.  Bydie and Ina washed and waxed floors at the church.  We were shopping in the afternoon for groceries.

April 10, 1960 – Sunday.  Fine but a cold wind.  Went to church at the Methodist church.  David and family visited in the afternoon.  Brought me 1 dozen carnations.

April 11, 1960 – Monday.  Fine and sunny.  The wash dried well.  Mrs Tyrell, Ina and I were over to Shoppers World in the afternoon.  Did a bit of raking in the yard.

April 12, 1960 – Tuesday.  Some rain showers.  Ina had the bowling girls for luncheon, so washed dishes for a while.  We are putting an afghan together.

April 13, 1960 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Not very warm.  Ina went to the Women’s meeting.  Ted and Hilda were here a while in the evening.

April 14, 1960 – Thursday.  Fine.  Raked some about the yard.  Ina and I went to a service in Saxonville church.

April 15, 1960 – Friday.  Warm asfternoon.  Mrs Tyrell, Ina and I went to Grace Congregational Church in the afternoon for the Good Friday Service.

April 16, 1960 – Saturday.  Cool.  Some rain in the morning.  Bydie and Ina working at the church.  Then we went shopping a while.  Did some cooking afterwards.

April 17, 1960 – Sunday.  Easter.  A lovely day.  Was at church.  Roy and family were there then came to dinner.  Henry King called on us.  Had a drive to Concord.  Called on Jack Ingraham.

April 18, 1960 – Monday.  Fine.  Did the washing.  We went to a supper at the church put on by the “Beatniks”.

April 19, 1960 – Tuesday.  Cooler and fine.  We spent the afternoon at Roy’s.  Roy came for us and he and the boys had lunch.

April 20, 1960 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Ina was washing bedding.  Got it all dried.

April 21, 1960 – Thursday.  Fine.  Ina cleaning house.  I am poking around.

April 22, 1960 – Friday.  Fine.  A warm morning.  Cooler by night.  Ina was cleaning the kitchen.

April 23, 1960 – Saturday. Cloudy.  Rain in the p.m.  I rode up to Worcester with Bydie in the morning.  Seymour called in the afternoon.  Bydie and I were to Ted’s for supper.  Ina was working at a supper.

April 24, 1960 – Sunday.  Cloudy.  Rain in the afternoon.  Quite a thunder storm in the evening.  Ina and I went to church.   Visitd Bessie and Arthur Brickett in the evening.

April 25, 1960 – Monday.  Dark morning.  Clear afternoon and very nice evening. Ina was away in the afternoon.  Roy, Arlene and boys down after supper.

April 26, 1960 – Tuesday.  Fine.  I went bowling with the girls of Saxonville.  I enjoyed it.  Ernest and Myrtle arrived around 4 p.m. I was out doing some raking in the yard.

April 27, 1960 – Wednesday.  Fine.  We were shopping.  I did not buy anything.

April 28, 1960 – Thursday.  Fine.  We were shopping.  Went in Mrs Tyrell’s car.  Had lots of fun.  Down to Ted’s for supper.  Had a nice evening.  Played cards.

April 29, 1960 – Friday.  Fine.  Ina helping at a Rummage Sale.  Bydie and I went to Marlboro to Doctor Harper.  Roy and family, Ted and Hilda here in the evening.  Ernest went to Boston.

April 30, 1960 – Saturday.  Fine.  Got some cooking done.  Ina down to the church working.  Ernest, Myrtle, Bydie and Ina went to a banquet in Boston in the evening.

May 1, 1960 – Sunday.  Rain most of the day.  Ina went to church.  We all went to Easthampton in the afternoon.  Perley and lelia came to supper at Allie’s.  We had a good time.

May 2, 1960 – Monday.  Fine.  The wind cool.  I have some cold.  The folks are shopping today.  Seymour took us out to dinner tonight.  Ted, Roy and the family here in the evening.

May 3, 1960 – Tuesday.  Fine and warm.  Ernest and Myrtle went home.  Left at 6 a.m.  Washing and getting the house fixed up.  I have quite a cold.

May 4, 1960 – Wednesday.  Another fine day.  Sun hot.  The leaves are coming out fast and apple blossoms showing.

May 5, 1960 – Thursday.  Fine and hot.  Mrs Tyrell, Ina and I went shopping over at the new store.  Zares.  I got an electric mixer for Joan.

May 6, 1960 – May 7, 1960 – no entries

May 8, 1960 – Sunday.  Cloudy.  Mother’s day.  We all went to church in the morning.  Roy, Arlene and Jeff here to supper, also David and family.  We had a happy time.  Emma Butcher spending the week.

May 9, 1960 – Monday.  Fine.  Washing.  Emma and Ina were shopping.  After supper we were shopping for cars.  Visited several car lots.

May 10, 1960 – Tuesday.  Dark.  Some rain after supper.  Ina and Mrs  Tyrell to the hairdressers. Emma and I shopping at J.M. Fields, Natick.  The others went car shopping.

May 11, 1960 – Wednesday.  Dark.  Cool and some rain.  Emma went home this morning.  Mother and daughter banquet at the church.  Had a good dinner and nice entertainment.  The men served.

May 12, 1960 – Thursday.  Cleared in the forenoon.  Wilma and her mother came out and I spent the day with them in Roxbury.  Bydie came for me in the evening.  Rain with some thunder.

May 13, 1960 – Friday.  Dark and cool.  I did not do much.  Was a wet day.  We drove to Waltham this evening.

May 14, 1960 – Saturday.  Sun shone some in the afternoon.  Cool.  Bydie planted a few more potatoes.   Bydie , Ina and I went into Fred Brenton’s in the evening.

May 15, 1960 – Sunday.  Cool and showery.  Went to church.  Seymour came for dinner.  We went over there in the p.m.  Got his sewing machine for a while.

May 16, 1960 – Monday.  Cool.  Cleared and the clothes dried well.  I sewed some on the machine.

May 17, 1960 – Tuesday.  Fine and warm.  I spent the day with Bessie brickett.  Peg came for me.  Bydie got a new car.  We went for a drive in the evening.

May 18, 1960 – Wednesday.  Cool and cloudy.   Ina away putting on a luncheon at Framingham.

May 19, 1960 – Thursday.  Fine and warm.  Mrs Tyrell, Ina and I went shopping at the new store, Grant’s, just opened.  I got a house dress and some cottons.

May 20, 1960 – Friday.  Fine.  Ina was down to the church doing the weekly cleaning.  I made rolls and brown bread.  A party at jean’s this evening.  Mrs Tyrell’s birthday postponed.

May 21, 1960 – Saturday.  Fine.  A cool wind.  Roy and family here today.  Was working in the garden.  Went for a drive after supper.

May 22, 1960 – Sunday.  Not very fine.  Was to church.  Mr Waller preached.  His text was taken from Isaiah 55.  Subject, “A thorn or a fir tree?”.  Reception for him tonight.

May 23, 1960 – Monday.  Rainy day.  Did some braiding.  Alfred and Hazel here in the evening.  We were out for a drive.  Went down to the church.

May 24, 1960 – Tuesday.  Some rain and cloudy.  Bydie and Ina went to Reading.  Ina’s cousin, Parrelene (sic) Davidson’s funeral is tomorrow.

May 25, 1960 – Wednesday.  Still cloudy and wet.  Cool weather.  We were over to Seymour’s in the evening.

May 26, 1960 – Thursday.  Cool.  Cleared by afternoon.  Ina down to the church in the forenoon.  We sewed in a crib quilt after supper.

May 27, 1960 – Friday.  A nice fine day.  Got some washing dried.  I was quilting most of the day.

May 28, 1960 – Saturday.  Fine.  Mixed rolls and worked at the quilt.  We planted some beans and carrots.  Was for a drive in the evening.  Called on Bydie’s friend in Westboro.

May 29, 1960 – Sunday.  Fine.  bright and warm.  Was at church in the morning.  Went for a drive.  Was at the Old Battleground in Concord, and saw the Bridge and MinuteMan.

May 30, 1960 – Monday.  Fine.  David, the bys and Mrs Mac came out and I went in with them.  Spent the day there.  Had a nice day visiting and talking.

May 31, 1960 – Tuesday.  Cloudy.  Some showers.  Went to Boston, Kenmore Square.  I got a new pair of shoes.  Mrs Tyrell rode in with us.

June 1, 1960 – Wednesday.  Some showers.  Bydie went and brought Gary and Jeff down to spend the day.  We took them home in the evening.

June 2, 1960 – Thursday.  Fine and sunny.  Quilted most of the day and got it finished.  Bydie was to Boston to a meeting in the morning.

June 3, 1960 – Friday.  Dark and cloudy.  Thunder storm this morning.  Did some sewing.  Ina mowed the lawn after supper.

June 4, 1960 – Saturday.  Wet day.  Ina down to the church in the morning.  Roy, Arlene and boys here to lunch and supper.  Roy and Bydie papering Arnold’s room.  I got a pair of rubbers.

June 5, 1960 – Sunday.  Fine and warm.  Bydie and D. Webster went toMaine on a fishing trip.  Ina and I were to church.  Communion this morning.

June 6, 1960 – Monday.  Fine.  A good wash day.  I finished the skirt I was working on.  Arlene and the boys came after dinner.  Roy came after work.  He cultivated the garden.

June 7, 1960 – Tuesday.  Fine and clear.  The ladies of the bowling club drove to New Found Lake, N.H.  A grand drive and lots to eat.

June 8, 1960 –  Wednesday.  Fine.  Ina went to a picnic for the Women’s Society.  I did some braiding.  Bydie and D. Webster got back from their fishing trip about 6 p.m.

June 9, 1960 – Thursday.  Fine.  The breeze cool.  I spent the day with Mrs Joe Dawson.  Had a nice visit.  Bydie and Ina came to supper.

June 10, 1960 – Friday.  A beautiful fine day.  Mrs Tyrell, Ina and I came to Easthampton.  They returned.  I am staying a few days.  Bert Archibald and Marg Hamilton called.

June 11, 1960 – Saturday.  A fine clear day.  Jennie baked cookies and made a pie.  Perley called this forenoon.

June 12, 1960 – Sunday.Fine.  Went to church in the morning.  We were to Chester’s to supper.  Bertha, Chester and I went for a drive in the afternoon.  Had some rain.

June 13, 1960 – Monday.  Fine.  Cut out a cobbler’s apron.  Mrs Dooby gave me cloth for it.  I cut the pattern off for Jennie and myself.

June 14, 1960 – Tuesday.  Fine.  I sewed and made the apron today.  Called at Nancy’s in the evening.

June 15, 1960 – Wednesday.  Thunder storm and heavy rain.  Allie, Jennie and I went to Springfield.  Allie had some errands.   I got a skirt marker and cloth for a blouse.

June 16, 1960 – Thursday.   A nice sunny day.  Warm.  Working on a blouse.  Jennie cut it out.  Got it all finished.

June 17, 1960 – Friday.  Had some showers.  Jennie went to the store in the morning.   I had supper at Nancy’s and went to the hospital with Lelia to visit Perley.

June 18, 1960 – Saturday.  Fine day.  Nellie came  for me about 10:30 and I spent the day with her. Had supper in Goshen.  Bydie and Ina came for me after supper.

June 19, 1960 – Sunday.  A nice day.  We went to church.  Roy and family, David and family came and we had a nice supper out of doors.  Arnold and June called around.

June 20, 1960 – Monday.  A pleasant day.

June 21, 1960 – Tuesday.  A beautiful day.   The bowling girls had a cook-out lunch here.  Mrs Week spent the afternoon.  Had callers in the evening.

June 22, 1960 – Wednesday.  A beautiful day.  We drove down to Whitman.  Got some patchwork and curtain material.  A good day for driving.  The roses are beautiful.

June 23, 1960 – Thursday.  Another nice day.  Mrs Tyrell took Ina and I out to lunch at Melody Inn.  A nice place to eat.  Sewing some.

June 24, 1960 – Friday.  Cloudy.  A shower in the afternoon.  Finished sewing the squares of afghan together.  A Strawberry Festival at the church.  A good turnout.  We went to J.M. Fields store.

June 25, 1960 – Saturday.  Fine.  A brisk breeze blowing.  Mrs Tyrell, Ina and I over to thye Remnant Shop.  Bought some material.

June 26, 1960 – Sunday.  A nice fine day.  David and boys came for me and we had a trip to Cape Cod.  Visited Plymouth and other places along the cape.

June 27, 1960 – Monday.  Fine.  Pretty hot.  Sewed in the crib quilt.  Arnold, June and Arnie here to supper.

June 28, 1960 – Tuesday.  Fine and hot.  Hilda and her sister here and helped us quilt.  Got quite a lot done.  Ted came for his supper.

June 29, 1960 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Quite hot.  Mrs Tyrell, Ina and I had lunch at Jean Monroe’s.  We went shopping a while.

June 30, 1960 – Thursday.  Fine.  Pretty hot day.  Mrs Tyrell drove Ina and I to Boston.  Had my shoe fixed.  The Johnson family had supper at Roy’s this evening.

July 1, 1960 – Friday.  Fine.  A nice rain in the evening.  I was sewing most of the day.  Roy and family here in the evening.

July 2, 1960 – Saturday.  Fine.  I sewed some and we went shopping in the evening.  Arnold and June had another boy this morning.  Both well.

Juny 3, 1960 – Sunday.  Fine.  A high wind and heavy thunder shower in the evening.  Was at church.  Had dinner for Mrs Tyrell’s birthday.  A nice time.  Bydie and I went to Westboro.

July 4, 1960 – Monday.  A beautiful day.  I cut out a dress.  Had lunch and dinner out in the yard.  Went to natick.  Mr Tyrell played the organ in the Fiske Church.

July 5, 1960 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Cool.  I sewed a bit.  Spent the afternoon and had supper at Alfred and Hazel’s.  Had a nice visit.

July 6, 1960 – no entry

July 7, 1960 – Made a mistake here. Turned 2 pages.  We shopped and got ready to  go to Nova Scotia ln July 8.

July 8, 1960 – Wednesday.  Cool and fine.  I sewed on a dress.  Allie and Jennie were here for supper.  Ted, Hilda, Patsy, and Inez, Alfred, Hazel and Mary came in the evening.

July 9, 1960 – Thursday.  Fine.  Finished my dress.  Ina had her hair done.  We were over to Arnold’s.  Saw the new baby.  Then we called at Seymour’s.

July 10, 1960 – Friday.  Fine.  Doing odds and ends of jobs and packing.  Drove to Boston with Bydie in the afternoon.  Went shopping a while.  Called David on the phone.

July 11, 1960 – Saturday.  Fine.  Arnold and Arnie here  a few minutes.  We left Saxonville about 11:30 heading for Nova Scotia.  Arrived in St Stephen about dark.  Spent the night there.

July 12, 1960 – Sunday.  Fine day.  Bydie, Ina and I drove along.  Arrived home about 5 p.m.  Called at Reversing Falls, Magnetic Hill, and the  Sunken Garden.

July 13, 1960 – Wednesday.  Cloudy.  We left for Cape Breton about 9 p.m.  The drive was through beautiful country.  Got to Breton Cove about 6 p.m.  Some rain in the afternon.

July 14, 1960 – Thursday.  Fine.  Mr and Mrs D. Webster, Bydie, Ina and I  went over the Cabot Trail.  Saw some beautiful scenery and high hills.

July 15, 1960 – Friday.  Fine.  We came home today.  Came by Sydney.  David W. and his girl came to big Bras’Dor.  Called on Mr and Mrs Matheson and Janet Zinck.

July 16, 1960 – Saturday.  No hay day.  Cloudy.  A light shower.  I went to the store.  Ina and Bydie over to Dean.  We went over to Homer’s in the evening.

July 17, 1960 – Sunday.  Another mistake here!  Fine.  The family had dinner ou on the Berry Hill Road.  Went to church in the evening.

July 18, 1960 – no entry

July 19, 1960 – Tuesday.  Bydie, Ina, Ester and Joan went to Truro this morning.  We made some calls after supper.  Ester and Ina over to Dean.

July 20, 1960 – Wednesday.  Cloudy with some showers.  Bydie, Ina and I were over to Homer’s to supper.  Bydie and I called on Mrs Bessie Leavitt.  Also drove to Burnside.

July 21, 1960 – Thursday.  Fine day.  Nice and cool.  Bydie and Ina left for home this morning.  Mrs Esther Hamilton went with them.  Lynn went back to work.

July 22, 1960 – Friday.  Fine.  I was sewing some.  The boys were haying.  Roy Patterson baled hay for them today.

July 23, 1960 – Saturday.  A wet day.  Had some thunder showers.  I cooked rhubarb and cleaned up the rooms.  Did some sewing.  Finished a pair of pajamas.

July 24, 1960 – Sunday.  Cleared off.  A nice afternoon.  We all went to church.  A quiet afternoon.  I slept a while.

July 25, 1960 – Monday.  Cool.  Not a very good hay day.  We got the washing dried and ut away.  Cut out some aprons and piled some wood.

July 26, 1960 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Nancy was here today.  Stayed for supper.  We were sewing some.

July 27, 1960 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Was sewing.  Made a blouse for Heather.  The boys finished haying.  Have the barn full.  Sandy had supper with me.

July 28, 1960 – Thursday.  Fine.  Rained a little by evening.  Was piling wood some.  Heather spent the day with me.  The boys were hoeing turnips.

July 29, 1960 – Friday.  Dark.  Some rain.  Jim, Ester and I went to  Truro and Debert.  Did some shopping.  I was at Homer’s for supper.  Mable’s birthday.  Called on Edna Blaikie.

July 30, 1960 – Saturday.  Cloudy.  Leon hauled a load of wood.  Was down to Hickman’s shopping in the morning.  Homer and Joan here in the evening.  Joan is going to the V.G. Hospital tomorrow.

July 31, 1960 – Sunday.  Heavy wind in the early morning.  A fine day.  Ester and Leon went to  Berry Hill. Found their heifer.  Jim went back to Dartmouth.  We were to church in the evening.

August 1, 1960 – Monday.  Fine and warm.  Got the washing dried and ironed.  I went to Truro with Homer and children to see the Bicentenary Parade.  We enjoyed it.

August 2, 1960 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Not very hot.  Jim Fulton was buried this afternoon.  He had been sick 3 weeks.  Elsie Miller was here in the afternoon.  Ester picked some raspberries.

August 3, 1960 – Wednesday.A very warm day.  We had a heavy shower in the afternoon.  I baked bread for Homer. Also made cookies and chews.  Did a little sewing.

August 4, 1960 – Thursday.  Fine.  Ester and Leon spent most of the day at Berry Hill getting water for the cattle. Mr and Mrs Fred Bustin called. Also Mr Spence.

August 5, 1960 – Friday.  Fine.  I was sewing some.  Elsie, Sheldon, Wilma and Brenda here in the evening.  Also Bert Hamilton.  Eileen called after supper.

August 6, 1960 – Saturday.  A nice little rain in the morning.  I baked biscuits and a blueberry cake.  Done some sweeping.

August 7, 1960 – Sunday.  Fine and warm.  We had callers today.  Ernie Crockett, Theda, Cora, May, David and Patsy.  Homer and family came to supper.  We were to church in the p.m.

August 8, 1960 – Monday.  Fine.  Elwood was badly hurt.  Both legs fractured and other injuries.  He was hit by a car.   Mary, Nellie and Eleanor called.  Ella was in.

August 9, 1960 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Leon was binding the oats and Homer and Doug finished putting steel on the barn roof.  Mable spent the day.

August 10, 1960 – Wednesday.  Fine.  A cool morning.  Baked rolls.  Ester and I went to Springside to the Old Home Picnic.  Had a nice day.

August 11, 1960 – Thursday. Some rain.  A few showers heavy.  I was at the WMS meeting and at Homer’s to supper.

August 12, 1960 – Friday.  Cleared slowly.  We picked beans and canned them.  I baked bread for Homer.  Joan got home from the V.G. Hospital.  Jim and Leda came from Shearwater.

August 13, 1960 – Saturday.  Fine.  Threshing at David Kennedy’s today.  Ester and Louies Brown went to Brule beach. Elwood died yesterday in the V.G. Hospital from injures.

August 14, 1960 – Sunday.  Fine.  A hot day.  Did not get to church.  I went to Elwood’s funeral with Homer and Nancy.  A very large funeral.  Allie, Alfred, Hazel and Ted came.

August 15, 1960 – Monday.  A hot day.  Threshing at herman’s today.  I called on Edna Blaikie and Joan this afternoon.  Jim and Leda went back to Shearwater.

August 16, 1960 – Tuesday.  Not quite so hot.  Ester got home about noon.  I baked brown bread and white bread for Joan.  Leon threshing at Herman’s.

August 17, 1960 – Wednesday.  Fine and hot.  The WMS quilted a quilt this afternoon.  10 women here.   Finished threshing here today.  Good crop of straw and oats.

August 18, 1960 – Thursday.  Fine.  Bill Redden baled the straw and Gerald and Leon got it all in.  I was at Homer’s a few minutes.  Done a bit of sewing.

August 19, 1960 – Friday.  Hot day.  About 90 degrees or more.  Mr Spence delivered the Memorial Stone.  It cost $226.60.  Ester and I called on Maggie (Mrs Elwood Graham).

August 20, 1960 – Saturday.  Another hot day.  I baked bread for Joan and biscuits and gingerbread for me.  Jim came home.  I finished the skirt and blouse I was making for Elsie.  Paid to the Cemetery  Federation  $52.50.

August 21, 1960 – Sunday.  Fine.  A little cooler after the shower last night.  The Breadman’s came up this afternoon.  We were to church.  The text was “What think ye of  Jesus?”.

August 22, 1960 – Monday.  Not very bright.  The clothes dried and got them ironed.  We canned 22 cans of beans.  Picked them this morning.

August 23, 1960 – Tuesday.  Fine morning.  Ester and I went to Burnside.  Made 3 calls in the morning.  Had dinner at Murray’s and called at George Deyarmond’s.  Had a couple of showers.

August 24, 1960 – Wednesday.  Much cooler.  The air nice and cool.  I baked pies and did some sewing.  Nancy called.  Homer , Joan and children called.

August 25, 1960 – Thursday.  Cool with wind.  Ester and I went to the Ladies Aid picnic at Roy Patterson’s.  A nice picnic spot by the brook.

August 26, 1960 – Friday.  Not so cool.  Fine.  Sewing – wotking on a quilt top.  Down to the store a few minutes after supper.  Homer and Joan’s 17th Wedding Anniversary.

August 27, 1960 – Saturday.  Fine.  I picked some peas, and I got some wood in and piled.  Finished the quilt top I was working at.

August 28, 1960 – Sunday.  A beautiful fine day.  We went to church in the morning.   I went with Homer and family for a drive out through the woods to Deyarmond Lake.

August 29, 1960 – Monday.  Fine.  A warm day.  Fires bad in Nova Scotia.  So dry.  One started in Eastville.  Soon got it under control.  J. McGunnigal’s barn burnt.

August 30, 1960 – Tuesday.  Fine and warm.  Done some reading.   Cut out kittens to make a crib quilt.  The Exhibition  opened in Truro today.

August 31, 1960 – Wednesday.  Fine and hot.  Heather spent the day with me.  I was teaching her to knit.   Made a pie and cooking dinner for Heather and I.

September 1, 1960 – Thursday.  Dry and hot.  Forest fires are burning in many places in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick . Was not very busy.  Did some sewing.

September 2, 1960 – Friday.  Fine and hot.  Baked cupcakes and bread.  Made applesauce.  Jim came home for the week-end.

September 3, 1960 – Saturday.  Fine.  Almost rained once.  The boys took some water up to the pasture for the cattle.  Went to Janet MacKay’s and James (sic) Kent’s marriage at Springside. [Janet married John Kent].

September 4, 1960 – Sunday.  Cloudy and cooler.  A quiet day.  Was reading.  Went for a short walk, and also called at Herman’s.  Labor Day week-end.

September 5, 1960 – Monday.  A nice day.  Cool and pleasant.  Got the washing and ironing done.  The Eastern Star had a picnic and Dance.

September 6, 1960 – Tuesday.  Cool.  Almost cold enough for frost.   Jim went back to his job.  Ester and I put some more wood into the wood house.

September 7, 1960 – Wednesday.  Fine, warmer.  Mrs C.E. Spence was killed instantly in a car accident.  He is badly hurt.  Their car left the road, went into the ditch.

September 8, 1960 – Thursday.  A hot dry day.  Picked some beans.  Went to the WMS meeting at Mrs Morris Blaikie’s.  Stayed at Homer’s to supper.

September 9, 1960 – Friday.  Fine and very hot.  I went to Ladies Aid at Mrs Fred Power’s in the afternoon.  Mel Wright’s house burnt about noon.

September 10, 1960 – Saturday.  Had a short shower.  Wind was high , dark and cloudy.  The International Airport opened this afternoon.  Elvin Graham married tonight.

September 11, 1960 – Sunday.  A nice day.  Fine and cooler.  The Sunday School had a Rally Day service.  A large gathering of Sunday School Scholars out.

September 12, 1960 – Monday.  Cloudy but got the clothes dried and ironed.  Hurricane warning out.  Lynn’s and Leon’s birthday.  17 years old.  I had supper with them.

September 13, 1960 – Tuesday.  The sun shne after a night of wind and rain.  We did not get much of the hurricane.  Ted and Bobby had supper with us tonight. Raining again this evening.

September 14, 1960 – Wednesday.  The South Side Aid quilted a quilt here today for Mel Wright’s family.  Got it finished in good time.

September 15, 1960 – Thursday.  Busy today.  Canned pears and ripe tomatoes.

September 16, 1960 – Friday.  Fine.  Ester and I went to Burnside in the morning. We called on Gwen and Lena.  Was at Emma’s to dinner and Annie Wood’s to supper.  Jim came home.

September 17, 1960 – Saturday.  Fine.  Had frost last night.  I cleaned my bedroom and made cucumber pickles.

September 18, 1960 – Sunday.  Cloudy and cool.  Read most of the day.  Was to church in the evening.  Mr Burrill preached on the 23rd Psalm – The Lord Is My Shepherd.

September 19, 1960 – Monday.  Cleared and the clothes dried well.  Ester and I dug grass out of the strawberry patch in the afternoon.

September 20, 1960 – Tuesday.  Cool.  Not much sun and rain by evening.  Ester and I were to Truro.  I was to the Dentist.  Leon was spreading manure.

September 21, 1960 – Wednesday.  Cleared after a nice rain.  Quilted a quilt for the Mission Box and bound it.  Eight ladies for supper.  Grant called in the afternoon.

September 22, 1960 – Thursday.  Fine.  Frost last night.  Ernest and Myrtle Burtt visited us. Was here to dinner.  We were up to the cemetery.

September 23, 1960 – Friday.  Another fine day.  We marked 2 coats to shorten them.  Done several other chores.  I called on Mr and Mrs John Fulton of Iadho.   Elsie, Roy and Vada called later.

September 24, 1960 – Saturday.  Baked brown bread.  Had an all-days job cleaning the pantry.  Mrs Ester Hamilton called.  She got home from Saxonville last Sunday.

September 25, 1960 – Sunday.  Fine day.  Ester, Lynn and Leon went on a trip.  I spent the day alone.  Was  to Berry Hill and Homer’s in the evening.

September 26, 1960 – Monday.  Not very bright.  The clothes got dry.  Was sewing a little and got some sewing cut out.

September 27, 1960 – Tuesday.  A perfectly fine day.  I put a crib quilt in for the Mission Box.  Was out around in the afternoon.  Very nice and warm.

September 28, 1960 – Wednesday. Another  fine warm day.  I was working at the quilt.  Ester went to Middle Stewiacke in the afternoon to the Sunday School Convention.  I got supper for the boys.

September 29, 1960 – Thursday.  Cloudy.  A few sprinkles of rain.  I finished the quilt and bound it.  Alice Blaikie in a few minutes.  Nancy called too.

September 30, 1960 – Friday.  Mild.  A little rain in the p.m.  I swept and dusted some in the morning.  Went to help on a Red Cross quilt in the afternoon at Mrs Fred Fulton’s.

October 1, 1960 – Saturday.  Rain in the night.  Cleared before dark.  I went to Truro with Homer and Joan.  Getting a new denture costing me $30.00.

October 2, 1960 – Sunday.  A fine day.  Ester and I went to church at Springside.  I had a walk in the afternoon.  Mary Deyarmond died in the V.G. Hospital this evening.  She had luekemia.

October 3, 1960 – Monday.  Dark.  Light rain.  We did not wash.    I made some repairs on the big chair.

October 4, 1960 – Tuesday.  Fine day.  Got the washing dried and ironed.  Hoed a while at the strawberry patch.  Was sewing a while.

October 5, 1960 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Cooler.  Sewed some.  We went to Mary Deyarmond’s funeral.  A large funeral in Springside church.  Burial at Riverside.

October 6, 1960 – Thursday.  Rain and wind this evening.  I cleaned the windows, and we got the stove and pipes cleaned for the fall.

October 7, 1960 – Friday.  Cleared.  Cool and sunny.  I was cleaning the room.  Homer, Joan, Sandy, Mable and Kevin here a while.

October 8, 1960 – Saturday.  Fine.  I worked at cleaning my room.  Got it finished.  George Graham (Watkins Man) called. Nancy, Homer, Mable, Heather and Kevin called in.  Made a jelly roll.

October 9, 1960 – Sunday.  Cooler, fine and bright.  Went to church in the morning.  Dr. V.D. Forbes of Stewiacke preached.  The Johnson family here in the evening.

October 10, 1960 – Monday.  Thanksgiving Day.  Fine.  A good breeze.  The clothes dried good.  Ester, Jim, Lynn, Leon and Heather had dinner with me.

October 11, 1960 – Tuesday.  Rain in the forenoon.  Cloudy.  I cleaned the porch windows on the outside.

October 12, 1960 – Wednesday.  Fine.  I baked brown bread and a pie.  Finished cleaning the porch.

October 13, 1960 – Thursday.  Cold morning, and the wind cold all day.  Went to WMS meeting at Miss Aggie Fulton’s. Homer, Joan and  two small ones here.  I was over to Ella’s.

October 14, 1960 – Friday.  Fine.  Cool.  Baked a pie and biscuits.  I had Ladies Aid this afternoon.  Eight ladies to supper.

October 15, 1960 – Saturday.  Cloudy.  A little rain after dinner.  I mended an old quilt, and did a few chores.  Nancy over this evening a while.

October 16, 1960 – Sunday.  Cloudy and dull.  Spent a quiet day.  Listened to Dr Nicholson preach at the 200th Anniversary Service in Truro.  Text was 1Peter,2:9.

October 17, 1960 – Monday.  Not very fine in the morning.  Cleared in the afternoon.  We sewed the top of a quilt together.  Robert Parks’ baby buried this morning.  2 weeks old.

October 18, 1960 – Tuesday.  A good wash day.  Got clothes all dried and ironed.  Was a warm afternoon.  I picked some beans to shell.

October 19, 1960 – Wednesday.  Fine and cool.  Got some balnkets washed and  they dried well.  Roy MacKay died in the Musquodoboit Hospital about noon.  Heart attack. He went into hospital last evening.

October 20, 1960 – no entry

October 21, 1960 – Friday.  Cloudy.  Jim went back to Dartmouth.  I was doing a few odd jobs.  Roy MacKay’s funeral is tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 in Burnside.

October 22, 1960 – Saturday.  Fine.  Quite a cold wind.  Baked gingerbread and swept and dusted.  Went to Woodie and Ruth’s wedding at Brunswick Street church.  A nice wedding.

October 23, 1960 – Sunday.  A nice day.  Mild.  Was at church.  Rev. V. Forbes preached.  Alex and Amanda here to supper and I went home with them.

October 24, 1960 – Monday.  Wind and some showers.  Did not do much but talk and get the meals.

October 25– Tuesday.  Rain.  Jim came and I went to Shearwater and had supper with Priscilla and family.

October 26, 1960 – Wednesday.  Another wet squally day.

October 27, 1960 – Thursday.  Finer.  Alex and I were at David’s in the evening.

October 28, 1960 – Friday. Fine and warm.  I braided some, and went for a short walk.  Over and visited Carrie in the evening.

October 29, 1960 – Saturday.  A beautiful day.  Dusting and cleaning up inside and out.  Went for a drive and made a call at Eddie Crockett’s.

October 30, 1960 – Sunday.  A nice day.  Went to church at the new Woodlawn church.  We were to the Kelly Lake Airport in the afternoon.

October 31, 1960 – Monday.  Fine.  Got the washing done and some ironing.  Charles Archibald of Musquodoboit was shot in Eastville yesterday.

November 1, 1960 – Tuesday.  Cloudy.  Done some ironing.  Also peeled apples for sauce and pudding.

November 2, 1960 – Wednesday.  Rain.  A wet day.   Talking, eating and working at the rug.

November 3, 1960 – Thursday.  Nice and fine.

November 4, 1960 – Friday.  Fine in the morning.  Some rain in the evening.  Did not do much.  Done some braiding.

November 5, 1960 – Saturday.  Some rain squalls.  Done some cleaning around.  Alex, Amanda, and Allister drove me home.  They had supper and went home after.

November 6, 1960 – Sunday.  Fine.  Did the washing.  I baked a cake and biscuits and made a pie.  Was to the Post Office and did some shopping.

November 7, 1960 – Monday.  Fine.  I wrote Monday for Sunday.  had some squalls of rain with snow on Sunday evening.  We were all out to church.

November 8, 1960 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Was quite a cold night.  I cut out a dress for myself and got the skirt sewed up.  Homer and family here in the evening.

November 9, 1960 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Was sewing at my dress.  Out for a walk in the afternoon.  Ester down to Brookfield to Parent’s Night at the school.

November 10, 1960 – Thursday.   Rain in the evening.  Went to the WMS meeting at Mrs Abraham Bentley’s.  Had supper at Homer’s.  Grant here to dinner.

November 11, 1960 – Friday.  Remembrance Day.  Raw wind.  Baked ginger snaps.  Heather here in the afternoon and to supper.  Finished my dress.

November 12, 1960 – Saturday.  A fine day.  White frost this morning.  Baked rolls and dusted and swept up the house.  Did up a good many odd jobs.

November 13, 1960 – Sunday.  Fine.  Quite cool.  We were all out to church in the morning.  Heather came home with me and spent the day.  Homer went to Dartmouth for Joan.

November 14, 1960 – Monday.  Not very fine.  Did not wash.  Edna Blaikie, Ester and I packed the Mission Boxes.   Ethel Deyarmond made buttonholes and put the zipper in my dress.

November 15, 1960 – Tuesday.  Not very fine.  Done the washing.  Did not bring them in tonight.   Got up at 6 a.m. and got the Mission Box sent on the Milk Truck.

November 16, 1960 – Wednesday.  Rain began in the night.  Clothes wet and the line came down, so brought them in and hung them in the house.

November 17, 1960 –  Thursday.  Wet day.  I was working at the mat.  Ester and I were over and called at  Glenn’s.  Mrs Hamilton is there on a visit.

November 18, 1960 – Friday.  Clear.  Colder.  Ester and I were in Truro.  Done some shopping.  Sent the Mission Box to Toronto.  Had our dinner at Mac Carter’s.

November 19, 1960 – Saturday.  Fair.  Brought the cattle home from pasture.   Lynn went to Middleton, also Nancy.  Homer and I went to Beverly’s and Manny Sears’ wedding.

November 20, 1960 – Sunday.  Fine day.  Cool.  Eileen brought Lynn home, and as the bridge was out at Arthur’s, she stayed all day and we did a lot of talking, and went to church in the p.m.

November 21, 1960 – Monday.  A good wash day.  Got the clothes ironed.  Eileen left for Burnside.   Ester took Joan and Kevin in to Truro to a clinic.  Mable went too.

November 22, 1960 – Tuesday.  Fine.  I baked 2 apple pies and was working at the mat.

November 23, 1960 – Wednesday.  Fine.  A white frost this morning.  Our WMS group quilted a quilt this afternoon.  It is for the Parks family.

November 24, 1960 – Thursday.  Nice and fine.  Sun bright.  Mrs Ester Hamilton spent the day with me and I got some news about her trip to Saxonville.

November 25, 1960 – Friday.  Fine.  Cold this morning.  I worked at the mat.  Got quite a lot done on it.

November 26, 1960 – Saturday.  Fine.  Some clouds in the afternoon.  Jim came home in the early morning.  Baked brown bread and was hooking.

November 27, 1960 – Sunday. Fine.  The sky very blue in the afternoon. Ester and I went to Burnside to church.  Homer and Joan here this evening.  I wrote letters.

November 28, 1960 – Monday.  A beautiful morning, and colder.  The washing dried good.  I was working at the mat.  Colder tonight.

November 29, 1960 – Tuesday.  Cold and raw.  Storm warning.  Busy all day with the mat.  Got it rolled on both sides.

November 30, 1960 – Wednesday.  Rain and wind in the morning.  Ester and I down to an auction sale sat Fulton Hickman’s.  Went to a Stanley Party at Mrs Chisholm’s.

December 1, 1960 – Thursday.  Colder and cleared.  Working at the mat till 4 p.m. then went to Ladies Aid at mrs William Redden’s.  Had a nice time.

December 2, 1960 – Friday.  A cold day.  Sunny.  I finished the mat.  Got a hamper of apples.

December 3, 1960 – Saturday.  Cold morning.  Fine.  Baked muffins, date-squares, bread, and a pie.  Swept and dusted.

December 4, 1960 – Sunday.  Fine and bright.  We were all at church.  The St James Presbyterian choir sang.  Very good. Alex, Amanda, and Allister here to supper.

December 5, 1960 – Monday.  Not very fine.  A winter fog.  Clothes did not dry very well.  I did some mending.  Ester down to the hall to Farm Forum.

December 6, 1960 – Tuesday.  A beautiful day.  Mild.  Was over to Herman’s for a few minutes.  Did some sewing.

December 7, 1960 – Wednesday.  Cloudy.  Rain in the p.m.  Baked rolls and was sewing.

December 8, 1960 – Thursday.  The ground white with snow.  Slippery underfoot.  Was to the annual meeting of the WMS at Mrs Percy Johnson’s.

December 9, 1960 – Friday.  Coldest night this winter.  8 above zero.  Homer and family here to supper.  Homer’s birthday.

December 10, 1960 – Saturday.  Cloudy.  Not so cold.  Just choring around.  Finishing up some odd jobs.

December 11, 1960 – Sunday.  Cold all day.  We were to church in the morning.  The minister took for his subject “Our Different Roads for Life”.  Getting cards ready to mail.

December 12, 1960 – Monday.  Began to snow about 10 a.m.  Very cold.  The school was closed in the afternoon.  Drifting.  Kept the fire on and did some sewing.

December 13, 1960 – Tuesday.  The storm died down before morning, but had some squalls through the day.  Not a great lot of snow, but some drifts.

December 14, 1960 – Wednesday.  Washed.  A good day for washing.

December 15, 1960 – Thursday.  Fine.  Have a cold.  Ester and the boys were in Truro ths morning.

December 16, 1960 – Friday.  Rain.  A high wind this evening.  I did not do much.  Some sewing and baked gingerbread.

December 17, 1960 – Saturday.  Had a wild night of rain and wind.  Wind and clouds today.  Did not do much.  Homer and Joan went to Reggie and Dawn Graham’s wedding in Burnside.

December 18, 1960 – Sunday.  Nice day.  A little bit of snow.  Was at church in the afternoon.  Candle-light service in the evening.  I stayed at home.

December 19, 1960 – Monday.  Fine.  Got the washing and ironing done.

December 20, 1960 – Tuesday.  Had some rain.  Jim came home.

December 21, 1960 – Wednesday.  Mild and the roads sloppy.  Ester and I to the store.

December 22, 1960 – Thursday.  Sloppy and wet.  Homer here in the afternoon and fixed the springs of the couch.  Nancy here a while.

December 23, 1960 – Friday.  Not very fine.  I did up some Christmas packages.  Got them all finished.  Bill Tree was here and took theirs home.  Homer took theirs.

December 24, 1960 – Saturday.  Fine.  Colder.  The boys went to the woods, cutting wood.  Got a load home.  I washed and waxed the floor.

December 25, 1960 – Sunday.  Christmas.  Chilly and dull.  We all went to church at Upper Stewiacke.  The whole Pastoral Charge met together.  Very good.  Nancy and Joey sang a duet. “O Holy Night, When Christ Was Born”

December 26, 1960 – Monday.  Cloudy.  The washing dried damp.  Ester and the boys were here to supper.  Homer, Nancy and Heather were in.

December 27, 1960 – Tuesday.  A rain last night.  Getting colder.  Jim, Ester and I called on Hattie and Bill Miller.  They are quite well.

December 28, 1960 – Wednesday.  Fine and cold.  Jim went back to work after dinner.  Not doing much.

December 29, 1960 – Thursday.  Not so cold.  Cloudy.  Homer and I drove up and called on Sarah and Mr and Mrs Cox.  Ester and I called on Mrs Frank Fulton later.

December 30, 1960 – Friday.  Cloudy.  Pretty cold this morning.  Reading, and tidied up the rooms.  Nancy and Helen Van Tassel here in afternoon.

December 31, 1960 – Saturday.  Not very cold, but not bright.  I did not do much.  Expected Heather to spend the day with me, but she was sick.

This December 31st, I am a widow.  Alfred passed away on March 6th.  I am thankful for the happy memories of more than 54 years of our life together.
The year 1960 has brought sorrows to more than myself.  Elwood died in August from injuries in a car accident.  Mary Deyarmond went in October of luekemia.  On October 19, just two weeks later, Roy MacKay died in the Musquodoboit Hospital from a heart attack.  He is survived by his wife, 2 sons and 5 daughters.  A great shock to everyone.

Three of Bev’s family married in a month.  Woodie, Berniece, and Beverly. I have 2 more great-grandsons.  Arnold’s born July 2nd, and Roy’s december 3rd.

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