The Journals of Annabelle Johnson 1959

The Journals of
Annabelle Johnson

January 1, 1959 – Thursday.   Cold but fine.  Roads are quite icy.  Alfred and I spent the New Years Day with Homer and family.  3 girls and 2 boys now.January 2, 1959 – Friday.  Not so cold.  The Breadman family went home after dinner.   The Colchester County 4-H came out best in the contest  “Know Your Maritimes”.

January 3, 1959 – Saturday.  Some snow in the night.  Done some sweeping and dusting and baked a lemon pie.  Boys skating.  Has been good skating this vacation.

January 4, 1959 – Sunday.  A fine day.  We were to church at 1:45 p.m.

January 5, 1959 – Monday.  Some snow drifted.  I fixed a few things and worked at my scrapbook.  The boys back to school again.

January 6, 1959 – Tuesday.  cold but fine.  Washed and the clothes dried some.  I was working at scrap books.

January 7, 1959 – Wednesday.  Still cold.  I did not do much at scrap books.  Was reading a book.  Did the ironing.  Annie came home from hospital.

January 8, 1959 – Thursday.  Cold with snow in the air.  Alfred had a bad choking spell this morning.   Feeling better now.  Nancy and Sandy here tonight.

January 9, 1959 – Friday.  Not quite so cold.  Baked bread and 2 pies.  Made a tomato scallop for supper.  Heather here with Homer this evening.

Januaey 10, 1959 – Saturday.  Dull.  Dusted around.  Was down to the store after dinner.   Was binding a mat bottom.

January 11, 1959 – Sunday.  Fine.  The sun shone today.  Not much sunshine all last week.  Went to church in the morning.

January 12, 1959 – Monday.  A nice day.  Done the washing.  Ester down to the bookmobile.  Ester and I went to Mr  Gilbert Wessel’s funeral in the church.  He was 90 years old.

January 13, 1959 – Tuesday.  Fine.  A little colder than yesterday.  Did some mending and a few other chores.  Ella in for a while this afternoon.  Leon got his Cadet uniform.

January 14, 1959 – Wednesday.  Cold.  10 below zero.  Put a small mat in the frames.  Willie Krauch here today.

January 15, 1959 – Thursday.  Not so cold.  Very skippery.  Went to Aid at Mrs Muir Patterson’s.  We are going to make a quilt.  Baked a cake and biscuit.

January 16, 1959 – Friday.  Freezing rain last night.  Thawed and just rain this evening.    I was working at the mat.  Alfred’s leg was bad this afternoon.

January 17, 1959 – Saturday.  A big wind and rain storm.  Snow all gone.  Eddie Crockett and girls here to dinner.  Baked bread.  Was down to the store.

January 18, 1959 – Sunday.  Fine.  A bit colder.  Was to church in the afternoon.

January 19, 1959 – Monday.  A grand day.  The clothes dried fine.  I went to Burnside to the Annual Congregational meeting. Good reports.  Balance in all  departments.

January 20, 1959 – Tuesday.  Fine day.  Some cloud in the morning.  Bought a half a pig from Mac Graham.  82 pounds at 25 cents per pound.  I was taking care of it.  Baked a cake.

January 21, 1959 – Wednesday.  Cloudy with some snow.  I cooked the pig’s head for to make potted head, and put habaquir (sic) on the bacon.

January 22, 1959 – Thursday.  Mild with some rain.  Snow all gone.  Made the potted head.  Herman in this afternoon.  Went to preparatory Service in evening.  Eleven young people joined the church.

January 23, 1959 – Friday.  Fine.  A nice day.  Made doughnuts and cookies.  Hooked a little bit in the evening.

January 24, 1959 – Saturday.  Fine.  Quite cold tonight.  Baked rolls and cleaned up the house.  Washed the floor.  Ester and boys went to Truro in the p.m.  Was down to the store.

January 25, 1959 – Sunday.  Some snow.  Was to church.  Communion.  A large congregation out.   Homer and family here and had supper.  Dorothy Rutherford sang us a solo.  “Bless This House”.

January 26, 1959 – Monday.  Fine but cold.  We got the washing done and ironed.  Done some hooking.

January 27, 1959 – Tuesday.  A cold day.  I was working at the mat most of the day.

January 28, 1959 – no entry

January 29, 1959 – Thursday.  A fine day.  I cut mat rags most of the day.  A wire broke on the power line and we had a black-out most of the evening.

January 30, 1959 – Friday.  A cold rain.  Ester and I had our hair cut in the afternoon.  I did some work on the mat.

January 31, 1959 – Saturday.  A cold wind blowing.  Swept and dusted.  Made bread and a cake.  Had supper with Ester and the boys.  Heather here.  Byron called in the evening.  Received cards and letters.

February 1, 1959 – Sunday.  A very cold day all day.  We were to church.  This is Youth Sunday, and the Young People’s  took part in the service.

February 2, 1959 – Monday.  Still cold.  We did not wash.  The sun shone all day.  I finished the mat before supper.

February 3, 1959 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Not so cold.  Washed and the clothes dried well.  Got them ironed.  Nina Patterson here in the evening and we cut out pieces for a quilt.

February 4, 1959 – Wednesday.  Rain and wind storm this afternoon.  Not so bad this evening.  Did some mending and sewed some fans for the quilt.

February 5, 1959 – Thursday.  Fine.  Went to Aid at Mrs Roy Patterson’s.  Was 9 there.  The funeral yesterday was Mrs Fraser Geddes.   She had been sick a long time.

February 6, 1959 – Friday.  Fine.  I put another mat in and did a little at it.

February 7, 1959 – Saturday.  Fine.  Quite cold.  Swept and dusted around.  Baked a cake and date squares.

February 8, 1959 – Sunday.  A nice morning, but very cold tonight.  Was to church in the morning.  Went with Herman’s.

February 9, 1959 – Monday.  Cold.  The coldest to date .  18 below zero.  We did the washing.  Did not put many out.  But they dried well.  I did a bit of hooking.

February 10, 1959 – Tuesday.  Not so cold.  A small snowfall.  Was working at the mat.  Alfred had a small parcel from Allie, and Chester too, I guess.

February 11, 1959 – Wednesday.  Cloudy.  I was hooking some.  Eileen, Lila and Jean Purchase called in the afternoon.  I was over to Ella’s for a few minutes.

February 12, 1959 – Thursday.  Fine.  Baked 3 pies in the morning.  Went to WMS meeting in the afternoon.  Was at Glenn’s a while.

February 13, 1959 – Friday.  Not very fine.  Some new snow and rain.  I worked on the mat.  Went to the Women’s World day of Prayer in the hall in the evening.

February 14, 1959 – Saturday.  Fine.  I went to Truro with Homer, Nancy and Heather.  The girls were to the Dentist.  I got a pair of shoes and some paint.

February 15, 1959 – Sunday.  A snow storm today.  Did not have church.  Homer walked over for his milk tonight.

February 16, 1959 – Monday.  A lovely day after the storm.  Washed and ironed.  Ester was down to the Bookmobile.  The roads were plowed.  Had some banks.

February 17, 1959 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Thawed some.  I was hooking.  Got quite a bit done.

February 18, 1959 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Stormed some by night.  Baked gingerbread and was hooking.

February 19, 1959 – Thursday.  Rain in the morning.  Cold and more snow tonight.  Baked bread and was hooking.  Homer took us to visit Annie.  We found her pretty good.

February 20, 1959 – Friday.  Quite fine and cold with blusters.  I worked at the mat and made custards.

February 21, 1959 – Saturday.  Cold and windy.  Cleaned up the house a bit.  Sandy spent the day with us.  Was at the store.   Had a letter from Arnold in Korea.

February 22, 1959 – Sunday.  Cold.  Went to church.  Did not do much but sit around.

February 23, 1959 – Monday.  Cold morning.  We washed and got the ironing done.  Also made some fudge.  Fifty years since the first plane was flown in Cape Breton.  Had a celebration.

February 24, 1959 – Tuesday.  Fine but cold.  I worked at the mat.  Went to a play in the Hall sponsored by the Sigma-C’s.  Play was from Middle Musquodoboit.  Very good.

February 25  – Wednesday.  Still cold and fine.

February 26, 1959 – Thursday.  Not quite so cold.  Took the mat out.  Thawing a little.  The Doctor was here today to see Alfred.  He has been very dizzy.  His arteries are hard.

February 27, 1959 – Friday.  A nice day.  Baked muffins and a cake.  Went over to Edna Blaikie’s and we cut out squares for a quilt.  Alfred still miserable.

February 28, 1959 – Saturday.  A nice day.  Butchered a beef.  I cleaned up the house and made a batch of doughnuts.  Homer cut down a big tree over by the line.

March 1, 1959 – Sunday.  Mild.  Clouded up in the afternoon.  I did not go to church.  Alfred seems some better.  Homer was here a while in the morning.

March 2, 1959 – Monday.  Rain last night.  Cleared and a rainbow after 8 a.m.  We washed.  Clothes did not dry well.   Homer got my shoes today.   Road very slippery this morning.

March 3, 1959 – Tuesday.  Snow.  Bad for driving.  We wrapped the beef and put it in the freezer.  Got the ironing done.  Nancy over with Homer in the evening.  Alfred is feeling better.

March 4, 1959 – Wednesday.  Snow and rain.  Baked rolls.  Was mending some.  Not doing much.  Looking after Alfred.  He is not very well.

March 5, 1959 – Thursday.  Colder.  Sun shone in the afternoon.  Done some mending.  Wrote a letter to Bydie.

March 6, 1959 – Friday.  Squalls all day.  Wind and rain storm by night.  Alfred very dizzy today.

March 7, 1959 – Saturday.  Rain.  Snow squalls and finer by evening.  Alfred some better after noon.  Homer was here cutting some wood.

March 8, 1959 – Sunday.  Fine and cooler.  Ester and the boys to church.  Alfred is feeling better.

March 9, 1959 – Monday.  Fine.  A good wash day.  Got the ironing done.  Nancy and Sandy over with Homer in the evening.

March 10, 1959 – Tuesday.  Snowed most of the day.  About 4 inches perhaps.

March 11, 1959 – Wednesday.  Clesared.  Quite sunny.  Mr Archibald called in the afternoon.  Alfred about the same.  Got some more medication.  Heather here a while.

March 12, 1959 – Thursday.  Fine.  A heavy white frost.  Willie Krauch  in thei morning and talked a while.

March 13, 1959 – Friday.  A snow , wind and rain in the night.  Blaikie’s sawmill burnt this morning.

March 14, 1959 – Saturday.  A cold windy day.  Cleaned up a little.  Arthur Graham and Eva Ellis married this evening in Springside church.

March 15, 1959 – Sunday.  Fine and mild.  Alfred’s head bad today. Homer, Joan, Heather. Mable and Kevin here in the afternoon.  Ena and Geordie at Ester’s to supper.

March 16, 1959 – Monday.  Rain and high wind this morning.  Alfred stayed in bed today.  He was quite comfortable.

March 17, 1959 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Windy.  Ester washed and we got the ironing done.   I gave Alfred a bath.

March 18, 1959 – Wednesday.  Colder.  A fine day.  The Doctor was here to see Alfred.  He gave him some pills and he is to stay in bed till Saturday.

March 19, 1959 – Thursday.  Cold wind.  Sunny.  Grant had dinner with us.  Willie also called a few minutes.

March 20, 1959 – Friday.  Fine and milder.

March 21, 1959 – Saturday.  A nice spring day.  The Doctor called.  Alfred was up a while.  Had his dinner.   Heather and Nancy were in.  Sawing up the big tree.

March 22, 1959 –  Sunday.  Rain and wind storm.  Cleared in afternoon.  Alfred was up for his dinner.  Homer here a while.

March 23, 1959 – Monday.  Cold windy day.  Did not wash – too much wind.  Ester down to the Bookmobile.  Got the 3rd bottle of medicine for Alfred.

March 24, 1959 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Still windy.  Ester washed.  The clothes soon dried, but wrapped up on the line.  Did the ironing.  Alfred up for dinner and supper.

March 25, 1959 – Wednesday.  Finer and wind not so cold.  Just doing for Alfred and myself these days.

March 26, 1959 – Thursday.  Fine.  A nice day.  Washed a little.  Made some rolls.  Alfred is feeling better.  His head  is not so bad but legs pretty weak.

March 27, 1959 – Friday.  Cloudy.  Cleaned the spoons, knives and forks.  Nancy and Sylvia here in the afternoon.  This was Good Friday.

March 28, 1959 – Saturday.  Cold and windy.  Was at the store this morning.  Swept and cleaned up the house some.

March 29, 1959 – Sunday.  Easter.  Fine.  Ester and the boys went to Shearwater.  Homer, Joan, Heather, Mable and Kevin here a while.  Alfred seems good.  Was up quite a while.

March 30, 1959 – Monday.  Fine morning.  Alfred slept well.  We did not awake till 8:30 and in just a few minutes he took a severe pain. A heart attack.  The Doctor in 4 times.

March 31, 1959 – Tuesday.  Another fine day.  Alfred rested very well.  Homer stayed all night and today.  Alfred rested very well.  No pain.

April 1, 1959 – Wednesday.  Nasty, wet and cold.  Had some callers.  Clarrie and neil Dickie,  Bill and Almond Miller.  Alfred had an easy day.   Elwood and Peg here in the evening.

April 2, 1959 – Thursday.  Fine.  Homer and the boys went to Berry Hill cutting wood and fence posts.

April 3, 1959 – Friday.  High wind and rain.  Mary Carter out today.  Murray and Alice and Margaret called.  Brought Alfred some beautiful flowers.

April 4, 1959 – Saturday.  Fine.  The boys went to the mountain.  The roads up there very soft.  Alfred keeps better.  Ella in and brought Alfred 2 trout.

April 5, 1959 – Sunday.  The river very high this morning.  Water was over the road till about 10.  Alfred about the same.  Sat up to have his dinner and supper.

April 6, 1959 – Monday.  Fine.  Very windy.  Hard to keep the wash on the line, but they dried well.   Rain in the evening. Blaikie’s sawed today.  Have a portable mill.

April 7, 1959 – Tuesday.  A nice day.  Ester saw a robin in the yard this morning.  We talked to Byron and Ina this evening.  The Doctor was in.

April 8, 1959 – Wednesday.  Not very fine.  A little snow in the air a few times.  Alfred feeling much better this evening.   Had a good bowel movement.

April 9, 1959 – Thursday.  A nice morning.

April 10, 1959 – no entry

April 11, 1959 – Saturday.  Raw.  Rained some.  I don’t get much done.  Just looking after Alfred.

April 12, 1959 – Sunday.  Cold and windy.  Homer, Sandy and mable here in the afternoon.  Got Alfred out into the big chair, but he was very tired.

April 13, 1959 – Monday. Fine.  Ester washed and the clothes dried.  Ella called after supper.

April 14, 1959 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Lots of frost in the morning.  Alfred had a restless night but easier.  Mr Walter Bezanson’s funeral this afternoon.

April 15, 1959 – Wednesday.  Fine.  A cold wind.  Mr Archibald called.  I was cleaning the pantry cupboard.

April 16, 1959 – Thursday.  Sunny.  Not so raw.  Cleaned the pantry window and got  the curtain up.  Alfred had a distressing day.  Homer and Joan here in the evening.

April 17, 1959 – Friday.  Cloudy.  The Doctor here today.  Alfred has some infection in his bladder.  He got some medicine and pills for that.  Grant called.  An Opretta at the High School.

April 18, 1959 – Saturday.  Fine.  The boys went to Berry Hill for Fence posts.  Done the usual things.  Alfred some easier.

April 19, 1959 – Sunday.  Cloudy.  Did not rain much.  Homer, Mable and Sandy over a while.

April 20, 1959 – Monday.  Fine in the morning.  Jim and Lynn did not go to school.  Have colds.  Rain in the late sfternoon.  Joan hurt her finger on the washer.

April 21, 1959 – Tuesday.  Fine and cool.  Alfred pretty good.  The Doctor was in this morning.  Leon not at school.  The other fellows some better.

April 22, 1959 – Wednesday.  Fine.  A cold wind.  Donald and Melissa called in the morning.  Nellie and Mary after dinner.   The boys are all out of school with the flu.

April 23, 1959 – Thursday.  Fine.  Warmer.  Ester washed bedclothes and in the afternoon, she did a washing for me.  Lynn to school.

April 24, 1959 – Friday.  Nasty day.  Snowed big flakes in the afternoon.  I baked bread and gingersnaps.  Cleaned the bedroom in the afternoon.

April 25, 1959 – Saturday.  Fine.  Not so cold.  We talked with Bydie this evening.  They plan to be here next Saturday.   Was at the Affiliation of the Explorers and G.G.I.T. with the WMS.

April 26, 1959 – no entry

April 27, 1959 – Monday.  Not very fine.  Did not wash.

April 28, 1959 – Tuesday.  A grand wash day.  Mrs Frank Fulton and Mrs John Fulton called.  I got the windows washed and curtains up.

April 29, 1959 – Wednesday.  Cold and windy.  I washed the floor.  Jim has a boil on his arm.  He is miserable with it.

April 30, 1959 – Thursday.  Cold and raw.  Did not do much.  Baked 2 pies and a cake.  The Doctor called.  He said Alfred could get up some.

May 1, 1959 – Friday.  Lawrence MacKay took bad this morning.  They took him in to the hospital in Truro, then to Halifax.  He passed away on Saturday, may 2nd.

May 2, 1959 – Saturday.  Wet in the morning.  Better in afternoon.  The boys were fencing.  Byron and Ina arrived from USA about 2:30 p.m.  Ester and Ina went to a concert in Brookfield in the evening.

May 3, 1959 – Sunday.  Still cold.  Not very fine.  We talked and Alfred was out of the bedroom twice today.  Was to church in the p.m.

May 4, 1959 – Monday.  Not very bright.  Did not wash.  Ester has some cold.  Bydie, Ina and Ester went to Truro in the afternoon.   Alfred had his supper at the table.

May 5, 1959 – Tuesday.  Not very fine.  Ester was washing.  The pump gave out and before she finished the motor burnt out of the washer.  They fixed it up.  Went to Truro.

May 6, 1959 – Wednesday.  Still cold and no sunshine.  The verdict is for a new pump. Bydie and I went to Truro.  Lawrence MacKay’s funeral today.  Eddie called.  Also Elwood and Maggie.

May 7, 1959 – Thursday.  Fine and warmer.  Byron went to Economy for a wheel-chair for Alfred.  Got it from Mrs George Hill.   Heather went to the Children’s hospital this evening. She stood the trip well.  Got the pump installed.

May 8, 1959 – Friday.  Dark with some rain.  Bydie and Ina over to homer’s.  Homer here a while this morning.  He is some better.

May 9, 1959 – Saturday.  Fine.  Bydie and Ina went to Truro.  Win and jean Cox called, and Mrs Davidson.  Alfred  is getting stronger.

May 10, 1959 – Sunday.  Fine and warmer.  Bydie and I went to church.  Homer and Joan went to Halifax.  Don, Priscilla and girls were here.  Heather is improved a bit.

May 11, 1959 – Monday.  Fine and warmer.  The new washer came this morning.  Bydie and Ina left for home about 11:30 a.m.   Washed and ironed in the afternoon.  The boys were scaling manure and harrowing.

May 12, 1959 – Tuesday.  Fine and warm.  Ester harrowed.  I set tomato plants in the hot-bed.  Heather got home from the Children’s Hospital tonight.  Was there 5 days.

May 13, 1959 – Wednesday.  Warm.  Hot in the afternoon.  We cleaned the sunporch.  Glenn and Alice called after supper.  Jim sowed his oats here in this field.

May 14, 1959 – Thursday.  Rain.  Everything growing grand.  I went to WMS at Mrs Grant Cox’s in the afternoon.

May 15, 1959 – Friday.  Cooler.  Cleared by afternoon. Homer and family here a while.  Ester out to frank Cox’s.  Jim and Leon fencing after supper.

May 16, 1959 – Saturday.  Fine.  Baked some rolls.  Alex, Amanda and Julia  Jensen came this afternoon.

Julia  is back in Nova Scotia after 23 years in Seattle.

May 17, 1959 – Sunday.  Fine.  Homer, Julia and I went to Springside to church.  Ester and julia went to Eastville in the afternoon.  Andrew called.

May 18, 1959 – Monday.  Fine wash day.  The boys took the cattle to pasture.  Jim sowed in the afternoon.  Julia, Ester and I made calls in Burnside.

May 19, 1959 – Tuesday.  Fine and warm.  Planted some garden after supper.  jim sowed the oats last night at the interval.

May 20, 1959 – Wednesday.  Fine and quite warm.  Did some mending.  Baked a bran loaf.

May 21, 1959 – Thursday.  Not very fine.  Ester had her hair done.  I hurt my knee.  Julia back from a visit with Hattie Miller.

May 22, 1959 – Friday.  A wet day.  Did not do much.  My leg was sore.  Had fun – Julia was the hired girl! Andrew Dickie spent the afternoon.  We had supper at Ester’s.  First time Alfred has been out for months.

May 23, 1959 – Saturday.  Fine after the good rain.  Jim went to Truro to the Auto Driver’s Rodeo.  Julia and Ester out to call on Mrs A. at Mrs Ruth Nelson’s.  The W.P. Miller’s called.

May 24, 1959 – Sunday.  Cloudy and cool.  Ester, Julia, Jim, Leon and Sandywent to Grand Pre. Alfred walked out to see the wood pile.  Was not tired..

May 25, 1959 – Monday.  Fine.  Nice wash day.  Lots of breeze.  Julia, Ester and  I went to Eastville. Called at Rhoda’s and Austin McCoul’s.

May 26, 1959 – Tuesday.  Fine and warm.  Ester and I took Julia to Elmsdale this afternoon.  She is on her way home.  Called on Mrs Anna  Margenson.  Alfred stayed at Homer’s.

May 27, 1959 – Wednesday.  Warm and fine.  Washed bedding and got them well dried.  Mr Archibald called in the afternoon.

May 28, 1959 – Thursday.  Hot and sultry in the afternoon but no rain here.  I am reading a book – “Judgement”.

May 29, 1959 – Friday.  Fine.  Not so warm.  Ester planted beans, corn and some other seeds in the garden.  I washed and waxed the floor.

May 30, 1959 – Saturday.  Dark and cloudy.  Rain by evening.   Heather spent the day.  Don, Priscilla and the girls came in the p.m.  Lynn went to Wolfville, also Nancy – to a sports day.

May 31, 1959 – Sunday.  Fine.  Cool wind.  The Breadman’s went home in the afternoon.   Homer took Alfred and I for a short drive.

June 1, 1959 – Monday.  Fine.  A hard frost this morning.  Got the washing dried and ironed.  Grant called in the morning.  I was to the Doctor.  My Blood Pressure is a bit high.

June 2, 1959 – Tuesday.  Fine.  A shower in the night.  Donald called a few minutes.  Aid at Mrs Redden’s.   Elsie Tree had another boy this evening.

June 3, 1959 – Wednesday.  A wet day.  The river high tonight.   I put a mat in.   We got the news that Allister had dropped dead this morning.

June 4, 1959 – Thursday.  A nice day.  I did some work on the mat.   Donald and Melissa called.  I had my hair cut.

June 5, 1959 – Friday.  Fine.  Jim and I went to Dartmouth to Allister’s funeral.  It was in Stairs Memorial Church. We got home about 6 p.m.

June 6, 1959 – Saturday.  Fine.  Got the cucumbers and potatoes planted.  Leon was to Debert with the Cadets.  Was up in a plane.  I got some dusting done and the house snugged up.

June 7, 1959 – Sunday.  Fine.  Some cloud.  Alfred sat outside for a while in the afternoon.  Alex, Amanda, Anna, Carrie and boys were here to supper.

June 8, 1959 – Monday.  Rain in the morning.  Cloudy all day.  I did some work on the mat.  Ester was down to the Bookmobile.   Mr and Mrs Christopher Fisher visited ast Ester’s.

June 9, 1959 – Tuesday.  Cloudy and cool.  Leon was home from school.  Did some studying.  I was working at the mat.

June 10, 1959 – no entry

June 11, 1959 – Thursday.  Fine.  A strong wind.  Was to WMS at Mrs Archibald’s in the afternoon.

June 12, 1959 – Friday.  Fine.  Baked brown bread.  Was working at the mat.  Hoed a row in the garden.

June 13, 1959 – Saturday.  Cloudy.  Some rain by night.  Done some sweeping and dusting.  Grant and Bev called this afternoon. Was down to the store.  Had a letter from Julia.  She is home.

June 14, 1959 – Sunday.  A wet day.  Rained hard by times.  I went to Burnside with Homer and family to church.  Mr Archibald dedicated 6 Hymnaries in memory of Lawrence MacKay.

June 15, 1959 – Monday.  Not very fine.  Did not wash till after dinner.

June 16, 1959 – Tuesday.  Wet and dark.  Leon finished writing exams.

June 17, 1959 – Wednesday.  Still dark and dreary.  Lynn finished his exams today.  Jim studying these days.

June 18, 1959 –  Thursday.  A wet day.  Rained very hard around noon.  Ester, Jim, Lynn and Leon went to Bedford. Lynn stayed to work.  Brought 150 baby chickens home.

June 19, 1959 – Friday.  Still wet.  I worked at the mat.  I have run short of material.  Put the wire up for the peas and Ester set out cabbage plants.

June 20, 1959 – Saturday.  Wet.  Began to rain about supper time, last night, and rained hard all night.  Rained most of the day today.  River is very high.

June 21, 1959 – Sunday.  Dark.  The river not so high.

June 22, 1959 – Monday.  Finer.  The BRHS closed today.  Juniors in the afternoon, Seniors in the evening.  Leon, Lynn and Nancy passed.  Nancy made highest in her Grade VIII.

June 23, 1959 – Tuesday.  Warm with fog.  I was down to the Doctor’s and the store in the afternoon.  Nan and Len Adams and boys called.

June 24, 1959 – Wednesday.  Fine.  The sun shone most all day.  Herman is putting a steel roof on his barn.   We did some hoeing in the garden.

June 25, 1959 – June 26, 1959 – no entry

June 27, 1959 – Saturday.  Some cloudy.  Quite warm.  Cooked rhubarb abd baked rolls.  Done some sweeping and dusting.  Homer, Joan and children called.

June 28, 1959 – Sunday.  Fine.  Alfred’s head very dizzy.  Read and slept today.

June 29, 1959 – Monday.  Not very fine but the washing dried.  Heather, Mable and Homer here a while.   Homer did some hand-mowing around.

June 30, 1959 – Tuesday.  Cleared.  Hot in afternoon.  Washed up the floor and hoed a bit in the afternoon.   Jim finished his exams today.

July 1, 1959 – Wednesday.  Fine.  The air cool and nice.  Homer here working at digging a ditch for water.  I did a bit of hoeing.  Had 2 loads of wood delivered.

July 2, 1959 – Thursday.  Dark.  Some rain.  Piled wood a while in the morning.  Washed the stairs and entry.

July 3, 1959 – Friday.  Fine.  Baked muffins and cooked rhubarb.  Did a little sewing.  Piled a little wood.  Joan over after supper with Kevin and Mable.

July 4, 1959 – Saturday.  Fine.  Pretty hot.  Homer working at the ditch.  Made salad dressing.   Sandy and Heather over with Homer.  Heather home again from Dartmouth.

July 5, 1959 – Sunday.  Fine and bright.  Ester and boys went down to see Lynn at Sunnyside.  Don, Priscilla and girls came up this evening.

July 6, 1959 – Monday.  Fine and breezy.  Clothes dried fine.  Homer here  for dinner, and Sandy too for

supper.  Got the ditch ready for the pipe.

July 7, 1959 – Tuesday.  Raining.  I baked cookies.  Homer here this afternoon.  Mr and Mrs Richie Barrett called in the afternoon.  Alfred and I had a few berries for supper.

July 8, 1959 – Wednesday.  Cleared.  Not very hot.  Got the water running into our sink.   Put a new plastic pipe from the barn to the house.  The Breadman’s went home.

July 9, 1959 – Thursday.  Fine.  Lynn came home this afternoon for his 36 hours off.  I went to WMS meeting this afternoon at Mrs Harry Johnson’s.

July 10, 1959 – Friday.  A hot day.  Did not do much.  Baked brown bread.  Homer and Joan in a while in the evening.

July 11, 1959 – Saturday.  Rain.  Some heavy showers and the wind high this evening.  Lynn went back to work.  Jim had x-rays on his knee.  Picked 6 boxes of berries.

July 12, 1959 – Sunday.  Warm.  Not very bright.  Went to church in the morning.  Communion.  Homer and Mable called in the afternoon.   Fred and Emma called after supper.

July 13, 1959 – Monday.  Not very fine.  Sultry.  Washed and got the ironing done.  Also got 24 boxes of berries picked.  Sold some for 40 cents per box.

July 14, 1959 – Tuesday.  Another dark day.  Rained hard in the night.  Heather came over to make us a visit.  Sewed a quilt for WMS this afternoon.

July 15, 1959 – Wednesday.  Still showers and dark.  Homer, Joan and children here a while.  Heather went home.   Got about 34 boxes of berries.

July 16, 1959 – Thursday.  Wet in morning.  Not quite so bad in afternoon.   The boys were putting down a floor in the cow stable.  34 boxes of berries today.

July 17, 1959 – Friday.  Did not rain.  I cleaned my closet and brushed Alfred’s and my suits.   Finished a crib quilt.  Ester picked 34 boxes of berries.

July 18, 1959 – Saturday.  Hot day.  The boys got 4 loads of hay.  I baked biscuit and a layer cake.   Homer, Joan and children here to supper.

July 19, 1959 – Sunday.  Cool and cloudy.  Ester, Alfred and I went to Annie’s after supper.   Margaret Deyarmond, Ina Harvey and daughter called.

July 20, 1959 – Monday.  Dark.  Some rain.  Ester went to the Garage at the Branch in the morning.  Then picked 53 boxes of berries.

July 21, 1959 – Tuesday.  Rain again today.

July 22, 1959 – Wednesday.  Finer today.  Got some hay in.

July 23, 1959 – Thursday.  Very hot.  Got 3 loads of hay.  Sandy here.

July 24, 1959 – Friday.  Dull.  Not much of a hay day.  They brought 2 loads over from Homers.  Did some hoeing in the afternoon.

July 25, 1959 – Saturday.  A thunder storm in the afternoon.  Baked rolls and made salad dressing.  Grant, Elsie and 3 children called in the evening.

July 26, 1959 – Sunday.  Fine and clear.  A quiet day.  The church service in the evening.  The Laymen in charge.

July 27, 1959 – Monday.  Fine and hot.  Got the washing and ironing done.  Cleaned up the hay at Homer’s and got 2 loads from the interval.

July 28, 1959 – Tuesday.  A very hot day.  Got 5 loads of hay home.  Hoed some and cut some grass along the garden.

July 29, 1959 – Wednesday.  Still hot.  A heavy thunder shower after supper.  Did not do much.

July 30, 1959 – Thursday.  Fine.  Everything wet in the morning.  Was to Ladies Aid at Mary Power’s in the evening. Only 6 members present.

July 31, 1959 – Friday.  Fine.  Fog did not clear till almost noon.  Jean Peppard and Mary Cox called a few minutes.  Alfred and I went for a drive to the interval.

August 1, 1959 – Saturday.  Showers in the morning.  Very warm.  Baked a pie and made a salmon loaf.   Ester and the boys were in Truro in the afternoon.

August 2, 1959 – Sunday.  Cooler and fine.  Alex, Amanda and Allister jr. here to supper.  Church service in the evening.  Rev Roy vessy preached.

August 3, 1959 – Monday.  Dark in the morning.  Fine in the afternoon.  Washed.  Picked peas and beans and put them in the freezer.

August 4, 1959 – Tuesday.  Not a very good hay day but the boys finished tonight.

August 5, 1959 – Wednesday.  Dark.  Cloudy and cool.  Was down to the Post Office in the morning.  Called on Mrs Frank Fulton.  She has been sick.  Some better.  Ella called in the evening.

August 6, 1959 – Thursday.  Cloudy and dull.  Ester, Leon, Nancy and Sandy went to Burnside.  Got a nice lot of raspberries.  Heather and Jim had dinner with us.

August 7, 1959 – Friday.  Dark.  Some rain.  Canned beans.  Ester picked peas and put them in the freezer.  Did not quilt much.

August 8, 1959 – Dark in the morning.  Some sun after noon.  Baked bread and pudding.   Cleaned up the house and made cottage cheese.

August 9, 1959 – Sunday.  A heavy shower about 5 p.m.  Ester and the boys away for a drive in the afternoon.  We were alone.

August 10, 1959 – Monday.  Wet and dark.  Done the washing.  The thin pieces dried.  I was over to Herman’s.  He is sick in bed.  Has pluersy.

August 11, 1959 – Tuesday.  Same weather as yesterday.  I finished the crib quilt I was working at.  Homer and children here in the evening.

August 12, 1959 – Wednesday.  Sun shone for a few hours.  Enough to dry up so we could pick peas and beans.  3 pails of beans and 4 of peas.  Old Home Picnic at Springside.

August 13, 1959 – Thursday.  Cleared by noon.  Went to WMS meeting in the church.  Had 30 cans of beans and peas.

August 14, 1959 – Friday.  Finer.  Cool in the evening.  Ester and I piled some wood.  Did a bit of sewing.  Jim working with Herman getting the last of his hay.

August 15, 1959 – Saturday.  A thunder shower in the evening.  Alfred and I were down to the Doctor’s for pills.    An auction at Mrs D.F. Creelman’s today.

August 16, 1959 – Sunday.  Cloudy.  A heavy shower in the evening.  Ester and boys down to Shearwater and Bedford.   I was to Church in the evening.  George and Margaret Deyarmond  called.

August 17, 1959 – Monday.  Cloudy.  Sun shone a while in the afternoon.  Did not wash.  Picked cucumbers in the morning.  Went picking blueberries in the afternoon.  Got a cream can full.

August 18, 1959 – Tuesday.  Rain again in the afternoon.  Got the washing partly dried.  Mrs Fulton and Mrs Deyarmond visited Ester.

August 19, 1959 – Wednesday.  Fine day.  Washed the floor.  Ester and I went to the Salad Supper at the hall.   Was away for a drive to Eastville and at Bev’s.

August 20, 1959 – Thursday.  Fine day.  Ernest and Myrtle Burtt spent the day.  We went to Burnside and visited the cemetery. Called on Grant and Bev.  Had callers in the evening.

August 21, 1959 – Friday.  Rain.  Ester and boys went to Truro.  Homer and Kevin here in the morning.   Finished my mat.  Seymour brought me material from Ina.

August 22, 1959 – Saturday.  Had a heavy shower in the afternoon.  Baked bread and cookies.

August 23, 1959 – Sunday.  Cool.  Had a few light showers.  Spent a quiet day.  Homer, John Barss, Heather , Mable and Sandra B. called in the evening.

August 24, 1959 – Monday.  Fine.  Got the washing dried and ironed.   Ester and boys picked cucumbers.  I cooked dinner.

August 25, 1959 – Tuesday.  no entry

August 26, 1959 – Wednesday.  Had some sunshine in the afternoon.  Baked molasses cookies and biscuits.  Seymour called.  I had my hair cut this evening.

August 27, 1959 – Thursday.  Cloudy.  Had rain in the evening.  Seymour left for home this morning.  Heather has been sick for 2 days.  Is better today.

August 28, 1959 – Friday.  Cloudy and dull.  Did some sewing.  Leon and some other boys up to Berry Hill for lumber.

August 29, 1959 – Saturday.  Wet.  Cleaned up a bit and made a pie and blueberry muffins.  Bydie, Ina and Ted arrived at 11 a.m.   Ted went up to Bev’s after dinner.

August 30, 1959 – Sunday.  Cloudy and dark.  Talked most of the day.  Alfred, Bydie, Ina and I at Homer’s to supper.

August 31, 1959 – Monday.  Cloudy and damp.  Ester did the washing.  Bydie, Ina, Ted and Hilda went to Truro and Stewiacke.

September 1, 1959 – Tuesday.  Cloudy.  Raining in the evening.  Byron, Leon and I went to Truro in the morning.   Called at Mac Carter’s.  Also called on Mrs Frank Fulton in the afternoon.

September 2, 1959 – Wednesday.  Still dark and wet.  Bydie, Ina, Ted, Hilda and Ester left for Woodstock and Usa this morning.  Mary, Nellie and girls called in the afternoon.

September 3, 1959 – Thursday.  Cloudy most all day.  The sun came out for a few minutes.   I made Million -Dollar relish.  Chester and Bertha called.  Heather spent the afternoon.

September 4, 1959 – Friday.  Wet most of the day.  The boys went to Berry Hill for more boards.   I made doughnuts, muffins and Chinese Chews.  Jim went away.

September 5, 1959 – Saturday.  Fine.  Sun shone all day.  Baked bread and molasses cookies.  Was to the store.  Stella and Bert Hamilton called in the morning.  Rod, Belle, Norman and Laura Graham called in the evening.

September 6, 1959 – Sunday.  A fine day.  Homer, Nancy and Mable called in the morning.  After dinner, Mr and Mrs Robert Boyle and daughter Annie,  A. Shaw, and Mrs Matheson (Aunt Rebecca) from PEI came.  Lynn came home.  Jim and Leon went down for him.

September 7, 1959 – Monday.  Fine.  The PEI folk left for home about 11 a.m.  Lynn and I did a big washing after dinner.   Hermman threshed his oats on the interval.

September 8, 1959 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Baked bread and did the ironing.  Also baked a cake.  Threshing at Herman’s.

September 9, 1959 – Wednesday.  Fine and hot.  Threshing here today.  Had men for dinner and supper.  Jim sick this evening from the dust.

September 10, 1959 – Thursday.  Fine and hot.  Finished threshing after dinner.  I picked a large plum-basket of tomatoes.  Also a pail full after supper.  Jim better.

September 11, 1959 – Friday.  Dull and warm.  Rained at dark.  Jim had Bill Redden bale the straw this morning.  He got it in and cleaned up.  Baked rolls and got meals.

September 12, 1959 – Saturday.  Rained hard last night.  Cooler and cleared in the afternoon.  Lynn and I went over the floors.  The boys went to Shearwater to meet Ester.  She came T.C.A.

September 13, 1959 – Sunday.  Cool and fine.  Homer and Kevin called in the morning.  We spent a quiet day.  Ester told us of her visit to Massachusetts, USA.

September 14, 1959 – Monday.  Fine and cool.  Frost last night.  Got the washing dried and ironed.  Ester and Jim picked cucumbers and tomatoes.  Ella called a few minutes.

September 15, 1959 – Tuesday.  Another hard frost last night.  Everything killed now.  We cut up cucumbers for relish.

September 16, 1959 – Wednesday.  Still cold. Rain in the evening.  We got relish made and some ripe tomatoes canned.

September 17, 1959 – Thursday.  Cleared about noon.  I did not do much.   Alfred has a sore back.  Ester and I went to Aid at Mrs Barrett’s in the evening.  Butchered a beef.

September 18, 1959 – Friday.  Not very fine.  Cool.  Sort of rainy.  Heather was here this afternoon.  Ester and Jim went to Truro.  Alfred’s back not so sore.

September 19, 1959 – Saturday.  Fine.  Ester and Lynn killed some fowl.  Jim and leon were spreading manure.  I dusted and cleaned up the place.  Baked cookies.

September 20, 1959 – Sunday.  Fine.  We went for a drive to Burnside.  Was at the old home and to the cemetery at Lower Burnside.  Went to church in the evening.

September 21, 1959 – Monday.  Fine.  A good wash day.  Got the ironing done.  I dug a bucket of potatoes.

September 22, 1959 – Tuesday.  Tuesday.  A nice day.  Fine and warm.  Done a little mending.  Baked a loaf of bread and made apple jelly and apple sauce.  Ester and Jim up to Berry Hill this morning.

September 23, 1959 – Wednesday.  A hazy day.  No rain.  I went to Mrs Densmore’s and the WMS quilted a quilt for the Mission Box.  The Miller family had a TV put in.

September 24, 1959 – Thursday.  Fine after thunder in the night, and rain.  Baked pies.

September 25, 1959 – Friday.  Fine.  Ester and the boys went to New Glasgow and got their eyes tested.  Homer and Joan took Kevin down to the Clinic.  He has a cast on his foot.

September 26, 1959 – Saturday.  Fine.  Homer came this morning and cleaned the pipes.  Put a new back in the stove.   I washed the floor up and did some baking.  Ester killed fowl and picked beans.

September 27, 1959 – Sunday.  A nice day.  Amanda, Alex, and Allister Jr., Carrie and 2 boys here this afternoon and to supper.

September 28, 1959 – Monday.  Fine and warm.  Saw a load of new-mown hay go by today.  Got the washing dried and ironed, and I put up 7 more pints of pears.

September 29, 1959 – Tuesday.  Fine and warm.  We picked some beans and pulled the plants.

September 30, 1959 – Wednesday.  Fine and warm.  Ester went to Truro to Lyman Graham’s funeral with Graham and Florence Fulton.  I baked bread.

October 1, 1959 – Thursday.  Fine and still warm.  I strpped some summer savory this morning.  Went to Aid at Mrs Arthur Kennedy’s.  We quilted a quilt.

October 2, 1959 – Friday.  Fine.  I baked 3 apple pies and made apple sauce.  Put 6 pints in the freezer.

October 3, 1959 – Saturday.  Fine.  Done the Saturday work.  Went to the Post Office and the store.

October 4, 1959 – Sunday.  A nice fine day.  Ester, Leon, Lynn and I went to church at Springside. Communion.A good sermon.  Text was Ephesians 3:17-18.

October 5, 1959 – Monday.  A beautiful day.  Done the washing and got it ironed.  I washed the ceiling in the pantry in the afternoon.

October 6, 1959 – Tuesday.  Cloudy.  A little rain.  I cleaned the cupboard in the pantry. Homer and Joan , also Mable called in the evening.

October 7, 1959 – Wednesday.  Nice and warm.  Was cleaning the pantry.  Finished this evening.  John Will Rhyndress here.   He will paint the ceiling and walls of the room.

October 8, 1959 – Thursday.  Dark.  Was a rain storm last night. Ester washed the walls this morning.  I was to WMS meeting in the afternoon.   Finished stripping the summer savory.

October 9, 1959 – Friday.  Dark with some rain.  John Will Rhyndress washed the ceiling and got the first coat of paint on.  The Breadman’s came.

October 10, 1959 – Saturday.  Cleared about noon.  Nice afternoon.  Finished the painting, and Priscilla washed and waxed the floor.   Went to the Doctor’s and to the store.

October 11, 1959 – Sunday.  A nice day.  I went to church this morning.  Mr Archibald’s text was from Psalm 116:12.  “What shall I render to the Lord for all His benifits toward me?”

October 12, 1959 – Monday.  Thanksgiving day.  A heavy rain storm with thunder in the morning.  Cleared.  We had dinner with the family.  Four generations at the table. The Breadman’s went home in the p.m.

October 13, 1959 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Some colder.  I was working to finish up my room.  Jim went to Truro with Winnie.  He took 3 steers in to the sale.  Did not get one fellow.

October 14, 1959 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Two loads of wood came today.  Ester put the finishing touches on the painting.

October 15, 1959 – Thursday.  Fine.  Alfred piled a little bit of wood.  It is hard work for him.    I baked brown bread and cookies.

October 16, 1959 – Friday.  I cleaned our bedroom.  Ester traded cars.  Emma, Mac, Mary and Pamela called a little while.

October 17, 1959 – Saturday.  Fine.  Clear and cold last night with frost.  Done a lot of jobs around.  Put up the pictures in the room.   Homer and Sandy called.  Alfred and Hazel arrived from USA.

October 18, 1959 – Sunday.  Fine.  We spent a quiet day.  Joan, Homer, Mable and Kevin here a short time after supper. Nancy and Sylvia called in the afternoon.

October 19, 1959 – Monday.  The ground white with snow.  Pretty cold.  I was doing some jobs around.  Alfred and Hazel called in the afternoon.

October 20, 1959 – Tuesday.  Cold and raw.  I baked 2 cakes and cut out my skirt.  A Blood-Donor clinic in Truro,  Jim and Homer went in the evening.

October 21, 1959 – no entry

October 22, 1959 – Thursday.  Fine.  A cold wind blowing.

October 23, 1959 – Friday.  Fine and cool.  Was sewing some.  The Congregational Turkey Supper this evening.  We had ours at home.  Homer, Joan and children called.

October 24, 1959 – Saturday.  Fine.  A soft south wind blowing.  Swept and dusted.  Baked biscuit and made a pie.   Finished my skirt.

October 25, 1959 – Sunday.  The wind high allday.  Went to Rally Day of the Sunday School.  Rain and wind in the evening.

October 26, 1959 – Monday.  Wind and rain.  The river high.  Did some mending and got some material ready for to braid.

October 27, 1959 – Tuesday.  finer.  The wind has fallen.  Jim and Ester went to Truro.  I put crab-apples up and did carrots for the freezer.

October 28, 1959 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Painted a chair.  Ester and Leon over to Musquodoboit in the afternoon.   Arch and Marjorie Hamilton and Bert called on their way to supper in Springside.

October 29, 1959 – Thursday.  Fine.  Colder tonight.  I am getting ready to do some braiding for a rug.   I dug and topped 2 pails of carrots.  Started the rug in the evening.

October 30, 1959 – Friday.  Finer.  Got the washer today.  It had been away  for 2 weeks for repairs.  Mrs Math. Hamilton made us a visit.  So glad to have her company.

October 31, 1959 – Saturday.  Fine.  Did a big washing and got them ironed in the evening.  Mrs Archibald here to supper.  Franklyn Fulton cut Mr Archibald’s hay today.

November 1, 1959 – Sunday.  Cloudy.  Some rain.   Ester, the boys and I went to Dartmouth.  I visited Amanda.   She has sold her house and we went to see the new one.

November 2, 1959 – Monday.  Fine.  A good wash day.  A good breeze.  I did some chores.  Baked cookies and muffins.

November 3, 1959 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Cooler.  Ester, Alfred and I drove to Burnside in the afternoon.  Ester had an errand at Mac’s.  Braided some in the evening.

November 4, 1959 – Wednesday.  A dark day, but did not rain much.  I was braiding most of the day.   Jim and Ester to Brookfield this evening.

November 5, 1959 – Thursday.  Cloudy.  Did not rain.  I went to Burnside with the mail.  Was at Gwen MacKay’s to dinner and supper.  Aid in the schoolhouse, and quilted in the evening.

November 6, 1959 – Friday.  Fine and warm.  Lots of big flies outside.  I baked 2 apple pies and a squash pie.   Made apple sauce.  Ester and Jim in Truro in the morning.

November 7, 1959 – Saturday.  Mild.  Rain by night.  Cleaned up the house.   Heather spent the day.   Homer put the storm windows on the pantry.

November 8, 1959 – Sunday.  Cloudy. I was not to church.  Leon went to Brookfield.  The Cadets had a parade, and to church (Baptist) in the afternoon.

November 9, 1959 – Monday.  Wet in the morning.  We did not wash.  Fixed my skirt.  It was a little large.  Also covered the chair cushion, and did a few other chores around.

November 10, 1959 – Tuesday.  Cloudy.  Rain in the evening.  Ester over to Homer’s.  Joan is in bed, sick with the flu.   I did the washing.  It dried some.

November 11, 1959 – Wednesday.  Remembrance Day.  A fine sunny day.  Done some mending.

November 12, 1959 – Thursday.  Not so fine.  Mable spent the day here.  I was to the WMS meeting at Mrs Archibald’s in the afternoon.

November 13, 1959 – Friday.  A nice fine day.  Mable spent the day with us.  We were out around in the afternoon.   Homer is taking Kevin and Heather to the Clinic in Truro tomorrow.

November 14, 1959 – Saturday.  Quite fine.  Rain by evening.  I made rolls and doughnuts for Homer’s family.  Also 2 pies for ourselves.  Alice and Murray visited us in the evening.

November 15, 1959 – Sunday.  A wet day.  Went to church in the evening.  Mr Archibald preached on Elijah fed by the ravens at the brook.  1 Kings, 17:6-7

November 16, 1959 – Monday.  Another wet day.  I was working at the rug.   Got the water pipes ready for cold weather.  Neil Graham called.  He is leaving tomorrow for Cold Lake.

November 17, 1959 – Tuesday.  Cloudy.  The river high.  The water out on the intervals.  Ester and Jim went to Truro.  I done a little hand-washing and worked at the rug.

November 18, 1959 – Wednesday.  Colder, and cleared during the day.  Made some biscuit and did a little braiding.  Mrs Roy Blaikie, and Mrs G.R. Deyarmond here, and we packed Mission Boxes.

November 19, 1959 – Thursday.  Fine but cold.  Froze hard last night.  Got our washing dried.  The boys got the young cattle home from pasture.  I was over to Herman’s this p.m.

November 20, 1959 – Friday.  Fine and cold. Did the ironing and mending.  Got a little bit of work done on the rug.

November 21, 1959 – Saturday.  Fine.  Baked brown bread, gingerbread, and biscuit.  Ester and I went to Old Barns and called on Aunt Eva Otterson and Mae Phillips.

November 22, 1959 – Sunday.  The ground was white this morning.  A new pulpit was dedicated in memory of Mr and Mrs Alex Fulton.  Herman and Ella called.

November 23, 1959 – Monday.  Not much of a wash day.  Clothes partly dried.  I did some braiding.  Joan and Homer here in the evening.

November 24, 1959 – Tuesday.  Dark and cloudy.  I knit cuffs for Kevin’s snowsuit.  Nancy and Sandy over in the evening with Homer.

November 25, 1959 – Wednesday.  A severe rain and wind storm.  Was in bed all day.  Had pain in my bowels.  First time I have been sick for months.  Jim and Leon over to Musquodoboit.

November 26, 1959 – Thursday.  The storm is clearing.  Cooler.  Was better.  Able to do my work and go to Aid at A.L. Kennedy’s.The Burnside Aid was visiting.

November 27, 1959 – Friday.  A fine sunny morning.  Cloudy by afternoon.   I was braiding.   Heather here this afternoon and to supper.   Homer and Nancy went to Truro.

November 28, 1959 – Saturday.  Rain and wind by evening.  Washed up the floors in the morning.  Fixed a cushion for my chair.  Homer, Joan and children called.  Also Earl Archibald and Billy Hamilton..

November 29, 1959 – Sunday.  The river high.  Rained most of the day. Was to church in the evening.  Mr Archibald’s text was “He must increase, I must decrease”.

November 30, 1959 – Monday.  Not very fine.  Clothes dried fair.  I was sewing on the rug.  Jim working with Winnie Patterson hauling Christmas Trees to be shipped.

December 1, 1959 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Nice and sunny.  Did the ironing and worked at the rug.

December 2, 1959 – Wednesday.  Cloudy.  A little snow in the morning.  Milder in the afternoon.  Was working at the rug.  Had a call from Almon Miller.  Jim killed a beef.

December 3, 1959 – Thursday.  Cloudy and dark.  Was down to the village and to the Doctor for some pills for Alfred.  Went to Aid at Mrs Raymond Deyarmond’s in the evening.  Christmas Party.

December 4, 1959 – Friday.  Cloudy.  Was busy braiding.  The Doctor was here and syringed out Alfred’s ears.  Got a Christmas present from the Crockett family.

December 5, 1959 – Saturday.  Dark still.  Swetp and dusted.  Baked bread and 3 pies.  Ester, Jim and Lynn went to Truro.  I was down to the store.

December 6, 1959 – Sunday.  Dark day.  Rained hard in the evening.  Homer, Nancy, Sandy, Mable and Kevin called.  I went to Upper Musquodoboit to church.  The Male Choir sang.

December 7, 1959 – Monday.  Another wet day.  I tore up material for the rug and did some braiding.   Ester over to Ena Dean’s in the afternoon.

December 8, 1959 – Tuesday.  Not very fine.  We washed and got them damp dry.  I got quite a bit done on the rug.  Mr Archibald called in the afternoon.

December 9, 1959 – Wednesday.  Fine and sunny.  Ester did my hair.   Alfred and I over to Homer’s for supper.  Homer’s 44th birthday.  Mr Martin James Fulton’s funeral at 2 p.m.

December 10, 1959 – Thursday.  Had a squall of snow or two.  I went to WMS meeting at mrs percy Johnson’s with Mrs Archibald.  Only 7 members present.

December 11, 1959 – Friday.  Fine.  I put the rug away till after Christmas.  Ester and I called on Mrs Grant Cox, and Mrs Roy Blaikie.

December 12, 1959 – Saturday.  Overcast.  Snow in the evening turning to rain.   Baked biscuit and 5 pies.  Grant called in the afternoon.  I went to the Explorers Christmas party.

December 13, 1959 – Sunday.  Dark and wet.  I went to church in the morning.

December 14, 1959 – Monday.  A dark wet day.  Did not wash.

December 15, 1959 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Got the washing dried and ironing done.

December 16, 1959 – Wednesday.  Another wet day.  Was sewing some.

December 17, 1959 – Thursday.  Cleared.  Was down to the stores.  Done some Christmas shopping.

December 18, 1959 – Friday.  Finer.  Baked bread and done some sewing.  Heather was here to supper.  I made pajamas for her doll.

December 19, 1959 – Saturday.  Fine.  Made a pie.  Washed up the floor.  Grant called for a few minutes in the afternoon.

December 20, 1959 – Sunday.  Fine.  A bit colder.  Mr and Mrs Richie Barrett called on the way home from church.  White Gift Sunday.  Ester and I down in the evening to the C.G.I.T. Candle -Light Service.

December 21, 1959 – Monday.  A good wash day.  Got the clothes ironed.  I am knitting a pair of sockfeet for Jim for a Christmas present.

December 22, 1959 – Tuesday.  Fine.  A cold wind.  We were down to the village to the store.  Went to the Christmas Concert in the hall in the evening.

December 23, 1959 – Wednesday.  Fine and cold.  Baked 3 pies and Scotch Cakes.

December 24, 1959 – Thursday.  Fine.  Quite cold.  Baked rolls and a cake.  Woodie Graham, Betty Graham, Homer and Joan called.  Homer and Joan brought us flowers.

December 25, 1959 – Friday.  Christmas.  Fine and sunny.  Not very cold.   We received many Christmas gifts and had a nice dinner at Ester’s.   Homer, Sandy, Heather and Mable called.

December 26, 1959 – Saturday.  A fine day.  Cold.  Dusted and cleaned up some.  Amanda, Alex and Allister came from Dartmouth and was here to supper.

December 27, 1959 – Sunday.  Cloudy.  Still cold.  Homer and the family were here to supper.  This being our 54th Wedding Anniversary.   They gave us flowers and we received 4 cards.

December 28, 1959 – Monday.  Cloudy, but the clothes dried.  I was doing a little embroidery work.  The boys sawed up some wood.

December 29, 1959 – Tuesday.  Cloudy.  Began snowing at noon.  Not a bad storm here.   Did the ironing and some mending and fixed my skirt.

December 30, 1959 – Wednesday.  Mild.  Not very much snow here.  More in other places.  Jim and Homer butchered a beef.   Alfred and I over to Homer’s a little while in the evening.

December 31, 1959 – Thursday.  A nice day.  Baked bread.  Was down to the village.   Called at Mrs Cox’s, Mrs Myrtle Kennedy’s and the store.  Homer cut up beef.  We got a quarter. 40 cents per pound.

Alfred had a heart attack this year on March 30th.  Was very sick and was in bed more than a month.  He has made a very good recovery.  Allister passed away in June. Julia visited us in May.  Twenty years since she was east.

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