The Journals of Annabelle Johnson 1958

The Journals of
Annabelle Johnson

January 1, 1958 – Wednesday.  Sun shone in the morning.  Rain and wind by evening.  Did not do much.   Made a kitten square for a quilt.  Man and boys in the woods.January 2, 1958 – Thursday.  Wet in the morning.  Butchered a beef in the afternoon.  Homer helped.

January 3, 1958 – Friday.  A cold windy day.  Homer and Jim cut up the beef in the morning.  Ester and I went to the Ladies Aid party in Burnside.  Snow in Burnside.

January 4, 1958 – Saturday.  Fine and cold.  Baked bread and did some sewing.  Also sweeping and dusting.  Homer and Jim in the woods.  Leon skating.  First good skating this year.

January 5, 1958 – Sunday.  Fine and cold.  Went to church service at 1:30 p.m.  Mr Archibald’s subject was “Present, and looking to the Future”.  The text was Hebrews 12:16-17.

January 6, 1958 – Monday.  Fine.  Not so cold.  A grand day for clothes to dry.  Herman had a television put in today.  Boys back to school again.

January 7, 1958 – Tuesday.  Cloudy.  Rain by nightfall.  Cut up meat and suet, and made about 5 quarts of mincemeat.  Baked 2 pies and a bran loaf.

January 8, 1958 – Wednesday.  A high wind with rain, ended by noon.  The wind fell.  Did not do much.  Worked some at a crib quilt.  River quite high.  No ice yet.

January 9, 1958 – Thursday.  A fine day.  Mild.  Did some dusting.  The WMS Auxillary met here this afternoon.  9 members.  Preparatory church service in evening.

January 10, 1958 – Friday.  Cloudy.  Some soft snow.  Baked some biscuit.  Went to Aid at Mrs Muir Patterson’s.

January 11, 1958 – Saturday.  Mild.  Some soft snow.  Baked brown bread, macaroons, and a custard. Alfred suffered with his leg today.  Was down to the store.

January 12, 1958 – Sunday.  Fine and colder.  Ester, Jim and I went to church.  Communion service.  Alfred some better.  Not so miserable.  Homer over this evening.

January 13, 1958 – Monday.  Cold.  A fine day.  The wash dried fine.  Had the pension-board man call today.

January 14, 1958 – Tuesday.  A nice wintry day.  Did the ironing and wrote a letter to Myrtle.  Sewed some patchwork.  Nancy and Frances called on their way from school.

January 15, 1958 – Wednesday.  Cloudy.  Looked and blew like a storm all day.

January 16, 1958 – Thursday.  Rain and wind.  I finished the crib quilt.  Ready to quilt now.  Jim went to an A.Y. meeting.  Leon and Lynn to the Youth Group.

January 17, 1958 – Friday.  Stormy day.  High wind and rain.  Baked cookies and rolls.

January 18, 1958 – Saturday.  Not stormy.  Still mild and cloudy.  Did some sweeping and dusting.  Made steamed pudding.  Ester and the boys to Truro.  Traded cars.

January 19, 1958 – Sunday.  Still mild.  Finer.  We were all to church at 1:30 p.m..  The text was John 1:41.

January 20, 1958 – Monday.  Clear and cold this p.m.  Snow flurries in the morning.  Ester and Jim went to Truro in the morning.  I did the washing and they dried well.

January 21, 1958 – Tuesday. A grand day.  Sunny and bright.  I put in a crib quilt and got some done on it.  Ella called in the afternoon.  Got a bushel of apples.

January 22, 1958 – Wednesday.  Freezing rain in the p.m.  Finished the quilt.  Was at the Annual Meeting in the hall.

January 23, 1958 – Thursday.  Nasty day.  Rain, soft snow in the afternoon.  Did some sewing.  Baked biscuit.  The lights were out in the evening.

January 24, 1958 – Friday.  Mild.  Thawed all day.  I finished binding the crib quilt.  We were at Homer’s in the afternoon and to supper.  Nancy’s birthday.

January 25, 1958 – Saturday.  Dull.  Sloppy.  Baked bread and pies.  Sandy here to dinner.  Heather over in afternoon.

January 26, 1958 – Sunday.  Not very fine.  Ester, Jim and I went to church.  Mr Archibald’s text was “By His stripes we are healed”  The choir sang “The Lord’s My Shepherd”.

January 27, 1958 – Monday.  Wet day.  Did not wash.  I repaired a mat for Joan.

January 28, 1958 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Washed and the clothes dried well.  Got the ironing done.

January 29, 1958 – Wednesday.  A beautiful day.  I went to Truro with Mr Archibald.  Mary and I went for a drive with Miss Stanfield.  Called on Annie Clark and the Groves’.

January 30, 1958 – Thursday.  Cloudy.  Annie Graham came through her operation well, and no sign of cancer.  Done some shopping and was at the Bank.

January 31, 1958 – Friday.  A nasty wet day.  Attended Truro Presbyterial meetings.  Enjoyed them.  Came home in the evening with Mrs Grant Cox.

February 1, 1958 – Saturday.  Dark and cloudy.  Baked bran muffins and a date loaf.  Down to store in p.m.

February 2, 1958 – Sunday.  Ground white with snow.  Very sloppy.  Colder in the p.m.  The boys and I were at church.

February 3, 1958 – Monday.  Nice day.  The wind colder.  Froze some.  Ester washed and went to the Bookmobile.  Alfred and I down to the Doctor in the afternoon.

February 4, 1958 – Tuesday.  A nice day.  Some flakes of snow.  Did not do much.  Reading a book “The Wreck of the Mary Deare”.  Did the ironing.

February 5, 1958 – Wednesday.  Mild.  Nice day.  Made gingerbread.  The Doctor called to examine Alfred.  Found an enlarged prostate gland.

February 6, 1958 – Thursday.  A bit colder.  Alfred, Ester and I went out and visited Mr and Mrs Grant Cox this afternoon.

February 7, 1958 – Friday.  Fine.  Baked bread and 2 pies.  Went to the Credit Union Meeting at Springside in the evening.

February 8, 1958 – Saturday.  A stormy day.  Rain and high wind in the afternoon.  Washed and waxed the floor.  Baked biscuits and made custard.

February 9, 1958 – Sunday.  Cleared off.  The river was bank full this morning.  We were to church in the morning.

February 10, 1958 – Monday.  A beautiful day.  Ground white in the morning.  All gone in the afternoon.  The wash dried and I ironed.  Homer here in the evening.

February 11, 1958 – Tuesday.  A grand day.  Sunny and not too cold.  Made some bran muffins.  Did a little sewing.

February 12, 1958 – Wednesday.  Another nice day.  I finished the aprons I was working on and bound a mat foundation.  Alice and Murray called a minute.

February 13, 1958 – Thursday.  Snowing.  Did not get to the WMS meeting.  Snowed thick  and blew in the afternoon.  Had some rain in the evening.

February 14, 1958 – Friday.  Fine.  About 8 inches of snow.  Baked rolls and cookies.    Reading a book – “The Harvester”.

February  15, 1958 – Saturday.  Fine.  Quite cold.  Made a suet pie and steamed pudding.  Down to the Doctor.  He gave Alfred a different salve for his hand.  Homer cut his hair.

February 16, 1958 – Sunday.  Sunny and cold.  About 5 below zero this morning.  We were all to church but Alfred.  Geordie and Ena and  family here in the afternoon.

February 17, 1958 – Tuesday. A beautiful fine day.  Got the washing dried and ironed.  Ester down to Ethel’s in the afternoon.

February 18, 1958 – Wednesday.  Sunny and bright.  A little colder.  Glenn and Alice Blaikie here this afternoon and to supper.  We cut out quilt squares.

February 19, 1958 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Did not do much.  Baked biscuits and done some reading.  Sandy here this afternoon.

February 20, 1958 – Thursday. Another fine day.  Put a mat in.  Worked at it a bit and cut mat rags.   Ester was to Truro with Donald Graham and Arnold Wood.

February 21, 1958 – Friday.  Fine with a little snow.  Cold wind.  Baked brown bread and 3 pies.  Down to Post Office and Store.  World Day of Prayer.

February 22, 1958 – Saturday.  Cloudy and a little snow.  Did some work on my mat.  Heather visited us this afternoon.  Jim and Ester went to Truro.

February 23, 1958 – Sunday.  A beautiful day.  Sunny.  I went to Springside and Burnside with Mr Archibald.  The roads were perfect.  Text was Matthew 14: 30-31.

February 24, 1958 – Monday.  A fine day.  Zero this morning.  The washing dried good and I did the ironing.   Ester put a quilt in at our room.

February 25, 1958 – Tuesday.  Cloudy.  We were quilting.  Baked some bran muffins.

February 26, 1958 – Wednesday.  Quite a rain and wind storm last night. Finished the quilt after supper.  Homer here in the evening.  Cut the boy’s hair.  .

February 27, 1958 – Thursday.  Cloudy and dull.  Baked some squares and a jelly roll.  Did some work on the mat.

February 28, 1958 – Friday.  Snowing some.  Baked rolls and 2 pies.  Was hooking a little bit.  Went to the hall.  The school children had a concert.

March 1, 1958 – Saturday.  A nasty day.  Snow and rain.  We went to Truro.  Alfred had his eyes tested and will get new glasses.  $25.00 and $5.00 for the test.

March 2, 1958 – Sunday.  Still dull and some snow flurries.  Jim, Ester, Leon and I went to church.

March 3, 1958 – Monday.  Wet snow.  Melting as it fell.  Wrote 2 letters in the morning and did not do much.  Ira Higgins passed away today.

March 4, 1958 – Tuesday.  Cloudy.  Some snow squalls.  Was working at the mat.  Ester is working at her kitchen.  Finished taking the paper off and got some paint on.

March 5, 1958 – Wednesday.  Snowy afternoon and evening.  We washed and the clothes dried fair.  Ester and I went to Brookfield High School on the bus.   Parents Night.  Pretty good.

March 6, 1958 – Thursday.  Soft snow.  Did my ironing and hooked a little.  Went to Burnside to Aid and WMS.  Was at Art Deyarmond’s to supper and at Elmer’s to Aid.

March 7, 1958 – Friday.  Same weather.  Baked bread and worked at the mat.  Ester and the boys went to Truro to see the show “Old Yeller”.

March 8, 1958 – Saturday.  Dark and drizzly.  Cleaned up the house and baked bran loaf and muffins.  Homer and Sandy called in the afternoon.  The boys went to a hockey game.

March 9, 1958 – Sunday.  Milder.  A little finer.  We were to church.  Two laymen, Don Reid from Shubenacadie, and Mr  -?- from A.C.T.C. spoke.

March 10, 1958 – Monday.  Not very fine.  Washing only partly dry.  Got them ironed in the evening.  Ester went to Farm Forum at Roy Patterson’s.

March 11, 1958 – Tuesday.  Mild and foggy.  Was working at the mat.

March 12, 1958 – Wednesday.  A little finer.  Sun shone for a short time.  Willie Krauch here on his first trip as a fish salesman.  Was working at the mat.

March 13, 1958 – Thursday.  Mild and thawing.  Roads getting bad.  Went to Aid at Mrs Roy Blaikie’s in afternoon.  Also to Aid at Roy Patterson’s.  Finished my mat.

March 14, 1958 – Friday.  Weather the same.  Alfred was piling slabs.  I washed the floor.  Jessie Creelman called in the afternoon.  A daughter born to Mary and Mac Graham.

March 15, 1958 – Saturday.  Snow.  Baked cake, pie, rolls and doughnuts.  The Breadman’s came to Ester’s about noon.

March 16, 1958 – Sunday.  Snow this morning.  Everything covered with snow.  Thawing.  Jim, Ester and I went to church.  Not many there.

March 17, 1958 – Monday.  Dark and cloudy with snow.  The roads are real soft.  Was 9 a.m. when the school bus came.   Don and family went home this afternoon.

March 18, 1958 – Tuesday.  Finer.  Sun was shining.  We got the washing and ironing done.  Homer and Mable here in the evening.

March 19, 1958 – Wednesday.  A fine day.  Sun shone all day.  WMS ladies quilted a quilt here this afternoon.  Homer took Alfred down to the Doctor’s this evening.

March 20, 1958 – Thursday.  Another fine day.  I washed the dishes up from last night and straightened up the house.  Sewed the binding on the quilt.

March 21, 1958 – Friday.  Cloudy.  Storm by evening.  I finished binding the WMS quilt and got started at another mat.  Baked white bread.

March 22, 1958 – Saturday.  Rain.  Some snow last night.  Baked gingerbread and a pie.  Nancy here in the afternoon, and I was over to Homer’s a little while.

March 23, 1958 – Sunday.  Sunny in the morning.  Cloudy later.  Did not go to church.  Had a little cold.  Amanda, Allister, Alex and son were here in the afternoon.

March 24, 1958 – Monday.  Cleared in the afternoon.  We did not wash.  I worked some at the mat.  Mrs Muir Patterson here collecting for the Red Cross.

March 25, 1958 – Tuesday.  Cloudy but no rain or snow.  We got the washing dried.  I was hooking most of the day.

March 26, 1958 – Wednesday.  Quite fine.  Alfred finished piling what wood we have.  Willie Krauch here selling fish.  I worked at the mat.

March 27, 1958 – Thursday.  Fine.  I was working at the mat.  Mr Chisholm, the Rawleigh man ,called.  Ester helped Mrs Barrett quilt a while.

March 28, 1958 – Friday.  Fine.  I did not do much but work at the mat.

March 29, 1958 – Saturday.  Fine.  Baked bread and gingersnaps.  Swept and dusted up the house.  Went to the store.  Heather here to supper.

March 30, 1958 – Sunday.  Fine and bright but winds cold these days.  We were all to church at 1:30 p.m.  Text was “He that believeth on me shall never thirst”.

March 31, 1958 – Monday.  Fine.  Got the washing dried and ironed.  We went and voted in the afternoon.  The Progressive Conservatives gained the election.

April 1, 1958 – Tuesday.  Cloudy.  Put the clean clothes away.  Finished the mat and it looks quite good.  The boys went to Truro to the hockey game.

April 2, 1958 – Wednesday.  A stormy day.  Snow and wind.  I did some cleaning out of drawers and the chest.

April 3, 1958 – Thursday.  A nasty day.  Jim, Ester and I went to Truro in the morning.  Cleaned part of the pantry.  Ester and I went to service in the church.

April 4, 1958 – Good Friday.  Cleared today.  I worked at the pantry and finished it.  Alfred over to Homer’s.  Got his hair cut.  Homer and children here in the evening.

April 5, 1958 – Saturday.  A fine day.  Warm.  Jim was fencing.  I baked 2 pies, muffins and rolls.  Cleaned the bedroom.  Had a busy day.

April 6, 1958 – Sunday.  Fine.  Easter Sunday.  Ester, Alfred and I went to Springside.   Had the Communion in the Hall, as the church is being redecorated.

April 7, 1958 – Monday.  Wind, snow and rain in the morning.  Thunder shower in the evening.  Lynn washed the ceiling and got some wall done.  Heather is here.  Homer, Joan and Mable called.

April 8, 1958 – Tuesday.  Not very fine.  Ester done the washing and brought them in at noon, partly dried. I ironed in the evening.  Finished washing the walls.

April 9, 1958 – Wednesday.  Cloudy and some squalls.  I washed and waxed the floor.  Heather got along all right.

April 10, 1958 – Thursday.  Cloudy and chilly.  I went to Truro with Bob and Ethel Deyarmond.  We attended a meeting at the First Church.  Heather went home in the morning.

April 11, 1958 – Friday.  Fine.  Chilly wind.  Aired the blankets and quilts.  Did some snugging up.  Heather over in the afternoon.  We paid the Hospitalization.

April 12, 1958 – Saturday.  Ground white with snow this morning.  Wet all day.  Baked brown bread and a cake.  Ester and the boys to Truro in the p.m.

April 13, 1958 – Sunday.  Dark and drizzle.  Was at church in the morning.  Ester and the boys over to Christopher Fisher’s in the afternoon.

April 14, 1958 – Monday.  A grand day.  Sunny and warm.  Got the washing and ironing done.  Jim and Leon were to the woods.  Got some more fence posts.

April 15, 1958 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Raked some of the front yard.  Joan went into the hospital last night.  I went to Aid at Mrs Fred Power’s in the afternoon.

April 16, 1958 – Wednesday.  Fine and warm.  Ester washed bedclothes.  Alfred was piling wood.

April 17, 1958 – Thursday.  Fine.  Ester washed bedclothes and they dried well.  Joan’s baby was born this morning.  A boy.  I was at WMS this afternoon and at Homer’s to supper.

April 18, 1958 – Friday.  Not quite so fine.  Rain before dark.

April 19, 1958 – Saturday.  Rain this morning.  The river up.  Heather over this afternoon.  Ester and I got our hair cut this evening.

April 20, 1958 – Sunday.  Fine.  Ester and the boys went to Shearwater.  Homer and children here to supper.  Springside choir had a concert this evening.

April 21, 1958 – Monday.  Dull.  We did not wash.  I slept a while, worked at the quilt, and done some reading.  Joan and son came home this afternoon.

April 22, 1958 – Tuesday.  A nice day.  Jim plowed a bit and harrowed the garden.  We washed and ironed.  Went to the Doctor’s in the evening.

April 23, 1958 – Dull with showers.  I was sewing most of the day.  Put the Mission Box Quilt together.

April 24, 1958 – Thursday.  Sun did not shine much today.  I put in the crib quilt that I made.  We were at Homer’s a few minutes in the morning.

April 25, 1958 – Friday.  Fine.  Ester was in Truro all day.  I quilted.

April 26, 1958 – Saturday.  Fine.  The wind colder.  I baked bread and a cake.  Ella called in the p.m.  Mildred, Mrs Seymour Johnson, died at 5p.m.

April 27, 1958 – Sunday.  Fine.  A cold wind.  Ester, Jim and I were to church in the morning.  Called on Annie and Donald, also over to Bev’s in the afternoon.

April 28, 1958 – Monday.  A good wash day.  Jim and Leon were to the mountain fencing.

April 29, 1958 – Tuesday.  A wet day.  I was in bed.  Had chills, like taking a cold.

April 30, 1958 – Wednesday.  Wet in the morning.  Cleared before night.  The Doctor was here to see me.  He said my rash was caused by something I ate.

May 1, 1958 – Thursday.  Fine.  Feeling better.  My rash going away.  Ester washed some bedclothes.

May 2, 1958 – Friday.  Another fine day.  Wind cold.  We finished the crib quilt.  Was down to the store in the afternoon.  Baked brown bread.

May 3, 1958 – Saturday.  Fine.  I did some baking and swept and dusted.

May 4, 1958 – Sunday.  Fine in the morning.  Cloudy in the afternoon.  Bev and Rika called in the afternoon.  Homer over in the evening.

May 5, 1958 – Monday.  Dark.  Did not rain much.  Alfred and I were over and stayed with Joan.  Alfred’s 85th birthday.

May 6, 1958 – Tuesday.  Fine.  The clothes dried well.  Ester has 4 men boarding.  Were to the village in the morning.

May 7, 1958 – Wednesday.  Rain before noon.  Jim and Leon went fishing in the evening.  Lynn on a trip with the school.  Ross Johnson called in the evening.

May 8, 1958 – Thursday.  Rain.  Hard by spells.  I was at WMS meeting at Glenn Blaikies in the afternoon.

May 9, 1958 – Friday.  Dark and wet.  I was over and stayed with Homer’s babies while they went to the concert at Brookfield.  Nancy and Sandy were in a chorus.

May 10, 1958 – Saturday.  Fine.  made some doughnuts.  Jim dehorned 2 cattle.   Went to the store and did some chores around.

May 11, 1958 – Sunday.  A fine day.  Went to Sunday School.  I have a class of boys.  We all went to Burnside to the re-opening of the church.  Amanda and Alex here to supper.  I went to Burnside to the evening service.

May 12, 1958 – Monday.  Not very fine.  Got the washing dried before it rained.  Alfred was down and had a new dressing on his hand.

May 13, 1958 – Tuesday.  Fine and cool.  Washed down the stairs and entry, and snugged up the woodhouse.  Homer and Joan over a few minutes.

May 14, 1958 – Wednesday.  Cloudy with some rain and hail squalls.  Baked a mince pie and a rhubarb one.  Also made a blouse for Heather.

May 15, 1958 – Thursday.  Fine but cool.  Washed and waxed the floor.  Did some sewing for Heather.  Ester put in her quilt.

May 16, 1958 – Friday.  Hard frost last night.  Fine.  I did some sewing and went down to the Doctor’s.  He took the stitches out of Alfred’s hand.

May 17, 1958 – Saturday.  fine and sunny.  Jim spread a truck load of lime.  Got some harrowing done.  Took the cattle to the pasture.  I baked bread and 2 pies.

May 18, 1958 – Sunday.  Shower in the morning.  Sunny.  Was to Sunday School at 10 a.m.  Called on Mrs Abe Bentley, Mrs Peppard, and Mr and Mrs Grant Cox.  Went to church in the evening.

May 19, 1958 – Monday.  Dark.  A few rain showers.  Washed and got the clothes dried we put out .  Jim sowed oats at Homer’s.  Nancy and Frances called in the evening.

May 20, 1958 – Tuesday.  Dark.  A shower about 6 p.m.  Jim was sowing down at the interval.  Baked cookies and quilted at Ester’s quilt a while.

May 21, 1958 – Wednesday.  Wet and dark all day.  Ester was up to Burnside this morning.  I baked biscuits.  Heather was here in the afternoon and to supper.

May 22, 1958 – Thursday.  Fine.  Ester and I cleaned up the sun porch.  Alfred down and had his hand dressed.  It is doing fine.

May 23, 1958 – Friday.  Fine.  Put a quilt in to quilt for the Mission Box.  Got it finished.  I kept Joan’s baby for them to go to Truro.  Don, Priscilla and girls came up.

May 24, 1958 – Saturday.  Fine.  Baked rolls and done some chores.  Ester, Alfred and I set out 200 strawberry plants.  Leon and Lynn went on a trip to Wolfville.

May 25, 1958 – Sunday.  Fine and cool.  Was to Sunday School and church.  Over to Homer’s to supper.

May 26, 1958 – Monday.  A wet day.  We washed but did not put the clothes out.  Was down to the village when the Bookmobile was there.

May 27, 1958 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Got the washing dried and ironed.  I did some mending and a little braiding after supper.

May 28, 1958 – Wednesday.  Some rain, and heavy by evening.  Did not do much.  Grant Cox died this morning.  Aged 84 1/2 years.  Went to a play in the hall in the evening.

May 29, 1958 – Thursday.  Rain and dark.  Ester and I down to the store and did an errand or two.  Baked bread and we were out and called on Mrs Grant Cox.

May 30, 1958 – Friday.  Cleared.  The men cut the limbs off the big elm today.  I did some cooking.  Had Aid in the evening.  5 members present.

May 31, 1958 – Saturday.  A nice fine day.  Ester, the boys and Nancy went to the valley.  Alfred and I to Mr Cox’s funeral.  Mary, Mac, the baby and Emma here to supper.

June 1, 1958 – Sunday.  Fine.  Was to Sunday School in the morning.  Went for a walk in the afternoon.  Annie and Donald here to supper.  Was to church in the evening.

June 2, 1958 – Monday.  Fine.  Ester, Alfred and I planted the garden.  Did the washing at noon and finished the planting in the afternoon.  Quite warm.

June 3, 1958 – Tuesday.  Wet.  Did the ironing and a little mending.

June 4, 1958 – Wednesday.  No sunshine.  Dull.  Made a small pie and biscuit.  Michael mowed the lawn in the afternoon. Allie sent Alfred a box for a birthday present.

June 5, 1958 – Thursday.  Another cloudy day.  Ester and I were down to the Post Office in the morning.  Finished a pair of mittens I had begun last winter.

June 6, 1958 – Friday.  Wet day.  Cleared by evening.  I went to WMS Rally at the Valley church.  A good meeting and a large crowd.  Mrs Grant Cox, Mrs Kennedy, Mrs Harry Johnson and I went in Ethel Deyarmond’s car.

June 7, 1958 – Saturday.  Fine.  Baked bread, gingerbread and bran muffins.  Alfred had a dizzy head today.  Went to Cross Roads to Bev’s canteen.

June 8, 1958 – Sunday.  Fine.  I went to Sunday School and church in the morning.  Homer and Sandy over in the afternoon.

June 9, 1958 – Monday.  Fine.  Some clouds.  Washed.  The clothes dried well and we ironed them.  The boys planted the potatoes after they came from school.

June 10, 1958 – Tuesday.  Cold morning.  Frost last night.  Did not do much.  A few little bits.  Made a clothes-pin bag.  Ella called in the morning.

June 11, 1958 – Wednesday.  Some clouds.  Cool.  Baked a bran loaf and upside-down cake.  Got the tomatoes set out.  I took the frost off the deep-freeze.

June 12, 1958 – Thursday.  A fine day.  Warmer.  Went to WMS meeting at the Manse.

June 13, 1958 – Friday.  Fine.  Hoed a little in the strawberries.  Mary Carter called a few minutes.  Ester and Jim went to Truro.  Got 100 chicks and a few plants.

June 14, 1958 – Saturday.  Rained hard in the morning.  Cleared after dinner.  Baked 2 pies, biscuits and a cake.  Called at Homer’s and went to the store.  Killed 5 fowl.

June 15, 1958 – Sunday.  Cool and windy.  Was at Sunday School in the morning.  Gordon MacKay and Willis Peppard called in the afternoon.  At church in the evening.

June 16, 1958 – Monday.  Fine.  Did the washing and ironing.  I hoed the onions.

June 17, 1958 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Quite a cool wind.  I spent the day with Mrs Frank Fulton.  Called at Doug Graham’s after supper.

June 18, 1958 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Not quite so cool.  We went down to the Junior Student’s Graduation.  Nancy got the Honor medal in her class.  Grade VIII A.

June 19, 1958 – Thursday.  Fine and warmer.  Colored 5 flour bags for a quilt lining.  Nancy and Frances here a while after supper.

June 20, 1958 – Friday.  Fine.  Made doughnuts and salad dressing.  We went to Brookfield to the Senior Classes closing.  Hon. G.I. Smith was speaker.

June 21, 1958 – Saturday.  Fine and warm.  Baked bread and made a pie.  Cleaned up the house.  Washed bedroom, pantry and kitchen floors.  Homer and Mable called in the evening.

June 22, 1958 – Sunday.  Rain in the night.  Everything looks the better of the rain.  Was at Sunday School and church.  The subject was “Digging Old Wells”.

June 23, 1958 – Monday.  Fine.  Done a big washing.  2 quilts and a blanket extra.  Also done some mending and the ironing.

June 24, 1958 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Was down and helped clean the church in the morning.  Eileen and Frank Mackay called in the afternoon.  Homer and I up to Monroe Johnson’s a few minutes.

June 25, 1958 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Did several chores in the morning.  The WMS ladies quilted a quilt this afternoon.  6 here to supper.

June 26, 1958 – Thursday.  Cloudy and cool.  Did not do much today.  Heather, Sandy Mable and Homer here a few minutes.

June 27, 1958 – Friday.  Fine afternoon.  Rain in the morning.  Baked rolls.   Was over to Homer’s baby-sitting.  They went to the Drive-In to see “The Yearling”.

June 28, 1958 – Saturday.  Fine and clear.  Did up the work and we went to Burnside.  Called at Grant’s.  Was at Mac’s to supper.  Called at Bert Hamilton’s.

June 29, 1958 – Sunday.  Fine.  Ester, Alfred and I went to Springside to Communion.  Was over and stayed with Homer’s family in the evening.

June 30, 1958 – Monday.  Fine.  A shower in the evening.  Had a big washing and got them ironed by supper time.  Perley and Lelia called on their way to Burnside.

July 1, 1958 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Pretty hot.  Made a pie and a snow pudding.  Started braiding a rug for Jim.

July 2, 1958 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Cooked a fowl.  Ester and the boys planted carrots and head lettuce.   Jim hoeing turnips at Graham Fulton’s.

July 3, 1958 – Fine.  Getting pretty dry.  Baked 2 cakes and an orange loaf.  Ester over to Ena Dean’s and got her hair done.

July 4, 1958 – Friday.  Fine.  Alfred, Ester, Leon, Lynn and I went to Burnside.  Picked some wild strawberries.  Called at Lawrence’s and Arnold Wood’s.

July 5, 1958 – Saturday.  Fine.  Pretty hot.  Ester, the boys and I went to Truro.  I got my hair cut and did some shopping.  Jim mowed some in the afternoon.

July 6, 1958 – Sunday.  Fine day.  Went to Sunday School and to Springside to the 100th Anniversary Service.  Perley and lelia here to supper.  I went to evening service at Springside.

July 7, 1958 – Monday.  Not very bright.  Washed and got the clothes dried.  The boys put in 2 loads of hay.

July 8, 1958 – Tuesday.  Cloudy.  Washed the sun-porch windows.  Alfred and I were to the Doctor.  Got some pills.  Put some more hay in.  Got strawberries.  40 cents a box.

July 9, 1958 – Wednesday.  Dark.  A little rain in the morning.  Got the lawn mowed.  Made some jam and put 3 boxes of berries in the freezer.  Killed 4 fowl.

July 10, 1958 – Thursday.  A hot day.  Baked bread and went to WMS at Mrs Murray Kennedy’s.

July 11, 1958 – Friday.  Fine.  A good hay day.  I washed and waxed the floor.  Was to the Preparatory Service this evening.

July 12, 1958 – Saturday.  Wet.  Rain in the morning.  Cleared in the afternoon.  Baked cookies, squares, rolls and gingerbread.  Bydie and Ina arrived about 2 p.m.  Over to Homer’s in the evening.

July 13, 1958 – Sunday.  Fine.  Was to church in the morning.  Communion Service.  Visited with Bydie and Ina.  Homer and children called in the evening.

July 14, 1958 – Monday.  Fine.  Pretty hot.  Done the washing.  Bydie, Alfred and I called at Andrew and Murray Dickie’s.

July 15, 1958 – Tuesday.  Dark.  Ester, Bydie, Ina, Alfred and Iwere to Truro.  Alfred got a pair of shoes.  Had some trouble with the pitcher track.  Got it fixed.

July 16, 1958 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Ester, Bydie, Ina, Nancy, Sandy, and Heather went on a trip.  Were over the Causeway.  I was chief cook and bottle-washer.

July 17, 1958 – Thursday.  Fine and clear.  Bydie, Ina, Lynn, Leon and I  were to Truro.  Called at Mac Carter’s.  Bydie took Ina over to William Dean’s in the evening.

July 18, 1958 – Friday.  Clear day.  A grand hay day.  Bydie, Alfred and I went to Burnside.  Made calls.  Was at Elwood’s to dinner.  At William Miller’s for supper.  Their Anniversary tomorrow.

July 19, 1958 – Saturday.  Clear in the morning.  Cloudy and cool.  Bydie was here to dinner and we went to Pembroke.  Called on Annie, and was at Elwood’s to see Laura Fulton.

July 20, 1958 – Sunday.  Some showers.  Byron and I went to church at Springside.  Had a family gathering.  Had hot-dogs and hamburgers.  Allowed to have it outdoors.

July 21, 1958 – Monday.  Fine.  Thunder showers in the afternoon.  Bydie, Alfred and I went to Dartmouth in the afternoon.  Was at Allister’s.  The Bezanson’s arrived from Ontario while we were there.

July 22, 1958 – Tuesday.  Fine.  A good hay day.  Don, Priscilla and Leda went home this morning. Did the washing and ironing.  Bydie and Ina left for USA this morning.

July 23, 1958 – Wednesday.  Fine. Was just doing some odd jobs.  Alfred, Donna and I went down to the interval after supper while they put 2 loads on.

July 24, 1958 – Thursday.  Fine.  Ester dressed 6 fowl and sold them for 40 cents per pound.  I did some braiding.  Mr and Mrs Gordon Johnson of Springfield, Mass.  called.

July 25, 1958 – Friday.  Fine.  Done some dusting and cleaned around.  Heather came this afternoon.  Staying all night.

July 26, 1958 – Saturday.  Fine.  Baked biscuit, a pie and made a jello.  Was down to the river with Donna and Heather a while.

July 27, 1958 – Sunday.  Fine and cool.  Went to Sunday School and church.  We went to Berry Hill after supper to visit the young cattle.

July 28, 1958 – Monday.  Cloudy.  Did the washing and ironing and a bit of braiding on the rug.

July 29, 1958 – Tuesday.  Cloudy with a high wind.  Rain by dark.  Jim up to Donald’s in the p.m.  Ester up to Burnside.  Nancy and Sylvia called.

July 30, 1958 – Wednesday.  Cloudy with some drizzle.  Homer, Alfred and I went to Dartmouth in the evening to the party for Amanda and Allister’s 50th Wedding Anniversary.

July 31, 1958 – Thursday.  Fine.  Ester and the boys went into Truro to the Dentist.  Don and Priscilla came for Donna.   Ester and I called on the Peppard’s.

August 1, 1958 – Friday.  Fine and warm.  The boys and Ester started painting the house.  I did some braiding and baked bran muffins.  Alfred finished putting the wood in.

August 2, 1958 – Saturday.  Fine and hot.  Ester and the boys were painting.  The Hutchinson’s and Bezanson’s had supper here.  12 in all.

August 3, 1958 – Sunday.  Fine and warm.  I attended Sunday School in the morning.  We drove to Lower Economy and called on Mr and Mrs George Hill..  Was at church in the evening.

August 4, 1958 – Monday.  Not very fine.  Got the washing and ironing done.  Mable has the measles.  Has been sick since Friday.

August 5, 1958 – Tuesday.  A nice day after the rain.  Ester and company killed 9 fowl in the morning.  Ester and I went to Ronald Miller’s funeral.  He was killed  in a car accident in Alberta (sic).

August 6, 1958 – Wednesday.Fine and warm.  Baked gingerbread and made salad dressing.  Was braiding some in the p.m.  The Millers painting.

August 7, 1958 – Thursday.  Hot day.  Baked brown bread and made a fruit jello.  Nancy called in the afternoon, and Homer, Mable and Heather in the evening.

August 8, 1958 – Friday.  Fine.  Nice breeze.  We were to the salad supper in the hall.  Guy and Effie Gahan called in the evening.  Made about $90.00 at the supper.

August 9, 1958 – Saturday.  A thunder shower in the night.  Fine day with a few little showers.  Baked biscuit and cleaned up the house.  Bill and Elsie and Homer and family called in the evening.

August 10, 1958 – Sunday.  A nice cool day.  Went to Sunday School and church in the morning.  Out and called on the folks at Peppard’s.  Mrs Peppard quite weak.

August 11, 1958 – Monday.  Fine.  A nice breeze.  Did the washing and got 2 chairs painted.  Nancy called in the p.m.  Ester and the boys picking blueberries.  A new calf arrived.

August 12, 1958 – Tuesday.  Fine.  A nice day.  Ester and the boys picking blueberries out at Mrs Geddes’.  I baked a pie and blueberry muffins.  Had peas.  Picked a pail of beans and one of peas.

August 13, 1958 – Wednesday.  Rain in the afternoon.  We went to Springside to the Old Home Picnic.  A good many there for the wet afternoon.

August 14, 1958 – Thursday.  Cleared off.  A hot afternoon.  Went to WMS meeting at Mrs Grant Cox’s.  Allie and Jennie of Easthampton, Mass., had supper with us.  Mrs C. Peppard died this morning.

August 15, 1958 – Friday.  Not much sunshine and a shower or two.  Heather spent the day.  We picked and shelled three pails of peas, and packaged them for freezing.

August 16, 1958 – Saturday.  Fine.  Baked rolls and cake.  Made a pie.  Alfred, Ester and I were to Mrs Charlie Peppard’s funeral.

August 17, 1958 – Sunday.  A wet day.  Went to Sunday School in the morning and to Preaching in the evening.

August 18, 1958 – Monday.  Not very fine.  Clothes did not dry very well, but got them ironed. Seymour called on us.

August 19, 1958 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Baked some bran muffins.  We went to Truro in the p.m.  I got a new white hat.  Saw the show “Raintree Country”.

August 20, 1958 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Baked brown bread.  Got some more peas in the deep-freeze and beans canned.

August 21, 1958 – Thursday.  A nice day.  Baked sugar cookies.  Seymour had supper with us.This is his 62nd birthday.  Picked some more peas.  I am making a hooked rug.

August 22, 1958 – Friday.  Fine.  Very warm.  Put some peas and carrots into the freezer.  Did not do much.

August 23, 1958 – Saturday.  Fine and warm.  Dusted and cleaned up the house.  Grant was here to dinner and I went down to Glen Johnson’s with him.  Getting his birth certificate fixed up.

August 24, 1958 – Sunday.  A beautiful day.  I was to Sunday School and church.  Ester and the boys were to peggy’s Cove.  Seymour called.  He is leaving for Natick, Mass. early tomorrow.

August 25, 1958 – Monday.  A wet day.  I was working at the mat.  The air is very humid.  Homer here a few minutes.

August 26, 1958 – Tuesday.  Not very fine.  Washed and got the ironing done.

August 27, 1958 – Wednesday.  Wet.  Rained steadily in the morning.  Baked bread and was hooking.  Canned a basket of plums.

August 28, 1958 – Thursday.  Fine.  Made bread-and-butter pickles.  In the afternoon, Ester and I went to Mr and Mrs Samuel Cox’s party on their 68th Wedding Anniversary.

August 29, 1958 – Friday.  Cloudy and dull.  A storm on the way.  Baked a pie, biscuits and cookies.   Had a letter from Arnold in Korea.  Canned peas, beans and beets.

August 30, 1958 – Saturday.  Fine.  Washed and waxed the floors.  Jim got the oats cut on the interval.  Went to the store and to the Doctor’s.

August 31, 1958 – Sunday.  A lovely morning.  Cloudy in the afternoon.  Was at Sunday School,  and church in the evening.  Wallace Brown’s funeral in Springside in the morning.  He died on the 29th.

September 1, 1958 – Monday.  A good day.  Did not rain till dark.  Washed and ironed.  A picnic and ball game, also a dance in the evening.   Bert, Stella and Frank MacKay called.

September 2, 1958 – Tuesday.  Rained steadily till noon.  Cleared by evening.  I was working at the mat.

September 3, 1958 – Wednesday.  Sunny.  Baked gingerbread .  Took the mat out.  It looks nice.  Picked some tomatoes and cucumbers.

September 4, 1958 – Thursday.  Fine.  Threshing at Kennedy’s.  Baked biscuits.  Made cucumber pickles and beets.

September 5, 1958 – Friday.  Showers.  I made Million -Dollar- relish, and tomato and apple preserves.  Went to the store in the afternoon.

September 6, 1958 – Saturday.  Fine.  Finished threshing at Herman’s and got 4 loads done here.  Baked brown bread.  Killed 11 fowl in the morning.  Don, Priscilla and girls came up in the afternoon.

September 7, 1958 – Sunday.  Cloudy and dark.  Was to Sunday School.  The Breadman’s went home in the  afternoon.

September 8, 1958 – Monday.  Not very fine, but got the washing dried and ironed.  Jim went to school for his first day.  They caught a steer for to be butchered in the evening.

September 9, 1958 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Finished the threshing.  Had a good turn off of oats.  Jim butchered a beef in the evening.

September 10, 1958 – Wednesday.  Fine in the morning.  Baled the straw.  Clouded over in the afternoon and rain by dark.  I went to the District Sunday School convention in the afternoon and evening.  I enjoyed the meetings.

September 11, 1958 – Thursday.  Cleared.  Nice day.  Ester and I put the meat into the freezer.  Ester and boys went to Truro in the p.m.  I was at WMS at Mrs Put Fulton’s.

September 12, 1958 – Friday.  Fine.  Went to Ladies Aid at Mrs Raymond Deyarmond’s.   Baked rolls and canned corn.  Ester and I picked a few blackberries.  I made jelly-roll.  Had supper with Ester.  Lynn and Leon’s birthday.

September 13, 1958 – Saturday.  Fine.  Threshing at David Kennedy’s.  Baked pies.  Made some sauce.  Heather spent the afternoon and had supper.  Eileen called in the evening.  A bit of frost in the morning.

September 14, 1958 – Sunday.  Fine and cool.  Was to church and Sunday School in the morning.  Went to Burnside with Homer.  There was 5 babies baptized.  Kevin Dale Johnson, Pamela Colleen Graham, Brian Tracy MacKay, Stephen Alexander MacKay, Anthony Aaron Decker.

September 15, 1958 – Monday.  Fine.  A good wash day.  Bought a hamper of pears.  Paid $3.75 for them.  Sent 3 letters, David Crockett, Arnold, and Bydie& Ina.

September 16, 1958 – Tuesday.  Quite fine.  Alfred and I were over to Homer’s all day. I did some mending for Joan.  Alfred and Glenn had a drive around Otterbrook.

September 17, 1958 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Some are digging potatoes.  The WMS quilted two crib quilts at Willis Peppard’s this afternoon.  A good crowd and got them done in good time.

September 18, 1958 – Thursday.  A wet day.  A calf got cast in the barn.  Had to get help from Herman.  Our chimney burnt out.  A hot place for a little while.  No danger.

September 19, 1958 – Friday.  Not very fine.  Some showers.  Cooked some pears.  Baked bread and made doughnuts.  Was over and stayed with the children.  Homer and Joan went to Middle Stewiacke.

September 20, 1958 – Saturday.  Fine.  Jim and Leon up to Berry Hill.  We killed the last of the hens.  15 in the forenoon.  Baked 2 cakes.  Heather here in the afternoon and for supper.

September 21, 1958 – Sunday.  A locely day.  Was to Sunday School in the morning.  Alfred and I went up to Grant’s in the afternoon.  Had supper.  Jim and I was to church in the evening.

September 22, 1958 – Monday.  Rain in afternoon.  Jim and Ester dug the potatoes.  I did the washing.  Jim was threshing at Frank Cox’s.  Canned pears in the afternoon.

September 23, 1958 – Tuesday.Cleared after noon and a very nice evening.  Done a little mending and chores around.  Homer cut Alfred’s hair this evening.  Sandy said some Memor….

September 24, 1958 – Wednesday.  A  fine day.  Temperature near 80 in the afternoon.  Baked 3 pies and was out around the yard and garden.  Kevin has a tooth.

September 25, 1958 – no entry

September 26, 1958 – Friday.  A fine warm day.  Went to the Fall Rally of the WMS in the St James Church in Musquodoboit.  Had a nice meeting.  Very interesting and met many friends.

September 27, 1958 – Saturday.  Cloudy.  Rain by supper time.  Homer helped us clean the stove pipe and  put a spring in the oven door.  Baked rolls and cookies.  Mary Mac and baby , also Emma, called.

September 28, 1958 – Sunday.  A wet day.  We  were  to Sunday School and church.  Put in the day reading, eating, and had a sleep.

September 29, 1958 – Monday.  A bad storm in the night.  Hit Cape Breton the hadrest in N.S.  Power was off in the morning, here. Made a night shirt for Alfred.

September 30, 1958 – Tuesday.  A fine day.  Frost last night.  Got the washing dried and ironed.  I made a pie, and some tomato,  and apple,  sauces.  Had a corn cake for supper.

October 1, 1958 – Wednesday.  Dark and cloudy.  Some rain.  Mrs Jim Fulton died suddenly last night.

October 2, 1958 – Thursday.  Fine.  Willie and Mac Krauch here to dinner.  Ester, Ella and I went to Mrs Jim Fulton’s funeral in the afternoon. A large funeral.

October 3, 1958 – Friday.  Fine.  Baked bread and made apple sauce.  Went to Aid at Mrs Muir Patterson’s.  Workedat a quilt for Mrs Fred Power.

October 4, 1958 – Saturday.  nice and fine.  Done some dusting and sweeping.  Baked 2 lots of cookies.  Sandy here for a while this afternoon.

October 5, 1958 – Sunday.  Another fine autumn day.  Alfred and I, Ester and Jim went to Springside.  Today is World-Wide Communion Sunday.  Mr Archibald’s text was “He cometh not to be ministered unto but to minister”.

October 6, 1958 – Monday.  Fine.  A cold wind.  Alfred finished piling wood this morning.  We got 18 loads of slabs.  Jim and Ester were to Truro for leathers for the pump.  Did not wash.

October 7, 1958 – Tuesday.  Fine.  A nice breeze.  Got the washing and ironing done.  Washed the curtains and washed up the floor.  Was down to the store.

October 8, 1958 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Not so much wind.  Warmer.   Baked brown bread and biscuit.   Cooked some apples and cranberries.  Parent’s Night at BRHS tonight.

October 9, 1958 – Thursday.  Very warm.  70 in the sun.  Baked a cake and biscuit.  Was to WMS at Mrs Mart Fulton’s.  The Burnside Aid met here this evening.  Had a good time.

October 10, 1958 – Friday.  Fine and very warm.  Had a lot of dishes to wash and put away.  Sewed a little.  Cut up cucumbers and a squash.  Ester drove to Walton with Mrs Redden.

October 11, 1958 – Saturday.  Fine.  Baked 2 squash pies and 1 apple pie.  Homer came over and fixed around the stove pipe.

October 12, 1958 – Sunday.  Rain this morning.  Was to Sunday School and church in the morning.  Mr Archibald had 4 services today.  Thanksgiving Sunday.

October 13, 1958 – Monday.  Nice and fine.  Washed and did the ironing.  Heather spent the afternoon.  I was making some aprons.

October 14, 1958 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Colder than last week.  Baked rolls for supper tomorrow.

October 15, 1958 – Wednesday.  Fine.  I baked 2 squash and an apple pie.  Was down to the turkey supper and to Springside in the evening. Speaker – Mrs Ross, worker at the Port of Halifax.

October 16, 1958 – Thursday.  Fine.  Alfred and I over to Glenn’s in the evening.  Had a nice visit with Flossie Boomer.  Homer and Joan brought us home.

October 17, 1958 – Wednesday.  no entry

October 18, 1958 – Thursday.  Cloudy.  Baked bread.  Made beans.  Also done some sweeping and dusting.  Got Sandy’s coat fixed.  Made cuffs for the sleeves.

October 19, 1958 – Sunday.  Fine.  Was at Sunday School and to church in the evening.

October 20, 1958 – Monday.  Fine.  A rain squall or two before night.  We washed and ironed.  I put the squares of Log-Cabin quilt together that Jennie brought.  It is pretty.

October 21, 1958 – Tuesday.  A cold morning.  Heavy frost.  I cleaned some cupboards in the pantry.   The boys went to Milford with the BRHS students.

October 22, 1958 – Wednesday.  A fine day.  Pretty cold.  I finished cleaning the pantry.  Alfred pulled the carrots and got them in.

October 23, 1958 – Thursday.  A nice day.  Ester and I drove up to Eastville.  Called at Mac Graham’s and Rhoda’s.   Mrs Ruth Archibald is in bed.  Has been sick.

October 24, 1958 – Friday.  Rain in the morning.  Cleared and a fine evening.  Made doughnuts.  Alfred and I went to Homer and Joan’s.  Stayed with the children while Homer and Joan were to Truro.

October 25, 1958 – Saturday.  Fine.  Baked brown bread and 2 pies.  Was to the village a few minutes.  Called at Mrs Murray Kennedy’s.

October 26, 1958 – Sunday.  Fine.  Had the Closing Day of Sunday School.  Also 6 babies baptized.   The Hutchinson’s were here this afternoon and to supper.

October 27, 1958 – Monday.  Dark.  Some rain.  Ester and Jim went to Truro in the morning.  Ester had her annual x-ray.   Grant and Elsie and 2 children had dinner with us.

October 28, 1958 – Tuesday.  More rain today.  We washed but most of the clothes are out yet.  Alice Blaikie and Ethel came and we packed the WMS Mission Box.

October 29, 1958 – Wednesday.  Wet.  Clothes did not dry much.  Done some mending and worked at patchwork.  12 men were found alive and well after 6 days in the Springhill Mine.

October 30, 1958 – Thursday.  Dark and wet, but mild.  The 12 men were taken out of the mine early this morning after being trapped for more than 6 days.

October 31, 1958 – Friday.  Not very fine.  The sun shone a little.  I cleaned our bedroom.  Had some callers in the evening – 15 in all.

November 1, 1958 – Saturday.  Colder and some squalls.  I cleaned the windows and washed the doors.   Seven more miners brought out of the Springhill mine alive this morning.

November 2, 1958 – Sunday. Colder but finer.  Had a quiet day.  Did not go to church.  Read some and had a sleep.

November 3, 1958 – Monday.  A wet day.  Did not hang the washing out.  I was working at some patchwork.  Heather, Sandy and Homer in a few minutes.

November 4, 1958 – Tuesday.  A very nice day.  Sunny and warm in the afternoon.  The clothes dried and got them ironed.  Glenn Blaikie and Olin Brown called a few minutes.

November 5, 1958 – Wednesday.  Fine and warm.  Ester went to Shearwater with Glenn and Alice.   Baked bread, rolls, squares and a cake.  The boys had supper with us.

November 6, 1958 – Thursday.  Rained hard in the afternoon.  I had Aid this afternoon, and they quilted a quilt.  Had 8 ladies to supper, and finished the quilt in the evening.

November 7, 1958 – Friday.  A wet day.  I spent the day with Joan.  Heather is quite sick. Priscilla, Don and girls came last evening with Ester.  Don was hunting in the morning.

November 8, 1958 – Saturday.  Finer and cooler.  Got the floor washed and waxed.  Baked 2 pies.  Don and Leon were deer-hunting.  Did not see any game.

November 9, 1958 – Sunday.  Bright in the morning.  Raining tonight.  Was to church in the morning.  Don and family went home after dinner.  Heather has a good dose of measles.

November 10, 1958 – Monday.  A wet day.  Washed but did not hang the clothes out.   We went and brought Mable over, and she spent the day here.  Heather is some better.

November 11, 1958 – Tuesday.  Not very fine.  Cold . Some squalls.  The clothes dried some.  I was sewing some.  The boys dug the last of the carrots and parsnips.  Jim was plowing.

November 12, 1958 – Wednesday.  Cloudy with some squalls.  Rev L.P.Archibald called this afternoon.  I did some mending and sewing.  Heather is feeling better.

November 13, 1958 – Thursday.  Cold and windy.  Went to WMS at Mrs Archibald’s.  Worked at a crib quilt.

November 14, 1958 – Friday.  Fine and the sun shining.  Ran at dark.  We went toTruro after school.  Leon got a tooth out.  I got my hair cut.

November 15, 1958 – Saturday.  Mild and foggy.  Baked bread and biscuit.  Ester and the boys went to New Glasgow.  Lynn had to have his glasses changed.  Over to Homer’s after supper.

November 16, 1958 – Sunday.  Fine and sunny.  Was to church in the evening.

November 17, 1958 – Monday.  Not very bright.  Rain in the afternoon.  Brought the cattle from pasture.  Had a letter from Julia.  Andrew Jensen, her husband, died November 7th.

November 18, 1958 – Tuesday.  A cold wind blowing.  I went over to Homer’s in the afternoon.  The measles are out on Mable.  Sandy and Nancy in bed – miserable.

November 19, 1958 – Wednesday.  Mild and misty.  Alfred and I over to Homer’s.  Glenn came for us and we had supper at Glenn’s.  Not much change in the children.

November 20, 1958 – Thursday.  Fine but windy.  Ester took me over this morning.  Nancy and Sandy both pretty sick.  Mable some better.  Mrs Boutlier and Bob up in the afternoon.

 November 21, 1958 – Friday.  Cloudy.  I did not do much.  Worked at a braided rug some.  Nancy some better.  Sandy still bad.  The measles out on Kevin.

November 22, 1958 – Saturday.  Chilly.  A few snowflakes fell.  I did some baking – rolls, cake and pies.  Homer and Heather in a few minutes.  Sandy is better today.

November 23, 1958 – Sunday.  Cold wind but fine.  Went to church in the morning.  Called at Homer’s in the afternoon.  All feeling better.

November 24, 1958 – Monday.  Not very fine.  Got the washing partly dry.  Finished the braided rug I was making for Mrs Archibald.  36 inches.  She gave me $7.00 for it.

November 25, 1958 – Tuesday.  The ground white.  A cold wind.  Did the ironing and a little sewing.  Helped Ester get started to lace her rug.

November 26, 1958 – Wednesday.  Fine in the morning.  Rained in the evening.  Peeled and cooked squash to can.  Had 10 cans.  Put a crib quilt in this evening.

November 27, 1958 – Thursday.  Cloudy.  Was down to the store in the morning.  Working at the quilt.

November 28, 1958 – Friday.  Fine.  Baked squares and date loaf.  Did some quilting.  Was over and stayed with the children while Joan and Homer went to Truro.

November 29, 1958 – Saturday.  A bad storm.  Wind and rain.  Baked bread and squash pies.  Finished the crib quilt.

November 30, 1958 – Sunday.  Snow squalls.  Getting quite cold by evening.  Went to church in the evening.  Was at Homer’s a few minutes.

December 1  – Monday.  Fine.  A good wash day.  Jim had a sick cow, but better tonight.  The calf allright.  Was working at snowpants for Heather.

December 2, 1958 – Tuesday.  Snow and rain.  Did the ironing and finished the snowpants and done some other things.

December 3, 1958 – Wednesday.  Fine and cold.  Baked a fruitcake and finished binding a quilt.

December 4, 1958 – Thursday.  Snow.  A nasty storm.  Rain and wind in the evening.  Baked cookies.  Did not have the Aid this evening.

December 5, 1958 – Friday.  Some rain.  The snow went a lot.  I sewed up the quilt lining for Jennie’s quilt.

December 6, 1958 – Saturday.  Snow almost all gone.  Colder.  Baked 2 pies and brown bread. Heather over and spent the afternoon.  Was down to the store.

December 7, 1958 – Sunday.  Cold and windy.  Went to church in the afternoon.  We were at Homer’s to supper.

December 8, 1958 – Monday.  Cold and windy.  Clothes dried and got them ironed.  Jim had a chill in the evening.  Had the Doctor to see him.

December 9, 1958 – Tuesday.  A cold day.  Wind not so high.  Jim is better and went to school.  Took the car.  I put a quilt in.  Annie fell and broke her hip today.

December 10, 1958 – Wednesday.  Fine but very cold.  Baked biscuit and cupcakes.  Was quilting.  Annie was operated on today and had her leg pinned.  Came along fine.

December 11, 1958 – Thursday.  Fine.  Cold.  Got some quilting done.  Went to WMS at Mrs Abe Bentley’s in the afternoon.  A nice meeting and lunch.

December 12, 1958 – Friday.  Snow.  About 5 or 6 inches.  No wind.  Was quilting.  Went to the turkey supper and concert at BRHS put on by the school.

December 13, 1958 – Saturday.  Fine.  Not so cold.  Baked rolls and finished the log cabin quilt.   Has been more than a dozen quilts qulted here in the last 14 or 15 months.

December 14, 1958 – Sunday.  Fine in the morning.  Cloudy in the afternoon.  Went to church.  Mr Archibald preached on the subject “Why did He come?  He came that we might have life more abundantly”.

December 15, 1958 – Monday.  Cold.  Quite fine.  Did the washing.  Busy with cards and writing letters.

December 16, 1958 – Tuesday.  Fine in the morning.  Snow in the afternoon.  Got the ironing done and was mending most of the day.

December 17, 1958 – Wednesday.  Snowy.  Not much snow but stormed a little most of the day.  Over to Homer’s in the evening.   Joan and Homer to BRHS staff party.

December 18, 1958 – Thursday.  Cloudy.  Not so cold.  Was doing up parcels and put the binding on the quilt.  Down to the store.  The Christmas Concert at the Hall in the evening.

December 19, 1958 – Friday.  Fine in the morning.  Snow squalls in the afternoon.   The boys had a hockey game at the rink.   Baked 4 pies and made doughnuts.  Mrs Annie Purdy died this morning.

December 20, 1958 – Saturday.  Nasty.  Soft in the morning.  Colder in the afternoon.  Cleaned up and washed the floors.   Got a parcel of candy from Bydie, and we recieved a good many cards.

December 21, 1958 – Sunday.  Cold day.  Fine.  Was at church.  Mr Archibald’s text was “Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given”.

December 22, 1958 – Monday.  Cold.  10 below zero this morning.  We washed and I got the ironing done.   Lynn and I put up our Christmas decorations.

December 23, 1958 – Tuesday.  Not so cold today.  I went to Truro in the afternoon with Homer and Sandy.  Was in to the hospital to see Annie.  She is improving well.

December 24, 1958 – Wednesday.  Fine and cold tonight.  Baked some rolls and did some dusting and fixing up around the place.  Was down to the store.

December 25, 1958 – Thursday.  A cold, fine Christmas day.  We had our dinner with Ester and the boys.  We all got nice gifts.  Nancy and Homer called in the afternoon.

December 26, 1958 – Friday.  Fine and cold.  Finished the binding on Jennie’s quilt.

December 27, 1958 – Saturday.  Another cold day.  Did not do much.  Our 53rd Wedding Anniversary.  Reveived 3 cards.

December 28, 1958 – Sunday.  Dull.  Roads are slippery.  Went to church this morning.  Read most of the afternoon.  Homer in this evening.  He and joan have had stomach flu.

December 29, 1958 – Monday.  Fine and bright.  Clothes did not dry very well.  Ester and the boys went to Truro in the afternoon.

December 30, 1958 – Tuesday.  Cloudy.  A chilly wind.  Went to Aid at Mrs A.L. Kennedy’s. The Breadman’s came from Shearewater in the afternoon.
December 31, 1958 –
Wednesday.  A cold morning with wind.  Jim and I went to the store in the morning.  Baked 2 pies and made an apron.   We have had good health and an uneventful year here.  Another grandson – Kevin Dale Johnson, born April 17.

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