The Journals of Annabelle Johnson 1957

The Journals of
Annabelle Johnson

January 1, 1957 – Tuesday.  Cold tonight.  Alfred and I had dinner with Ester and the boys.  We had roast pork.  I was mending.  The boys went skating.January 2, 1957 – Wednesday.  A cold day.  Baked bread and made bread pudding.  Was cutting and sorting pieces for quilts.

January 3, 1957 – Thursday.  Cold all day.  We were down to the store in the morning.   Did a little sewing, reading and knitting.  Ester got her hair done.

Jnauary 4, 1957 – Friday.  Cold morning.   Moderated.  I was down to Mrs Glen Johnson’s and got my hair cut.  We had dinner with Mr and Mrs Frank Fulton

January 5, 1957 – Saturday.  Fine and cold.  Baked biscuit and gingerbread.   Did some knitting and sewing.

January 6, 1957 – Sunday.  Fine.  Homer and children over in the morning.  We all went to church in the afternoon.  Ester called on Ethel Patterson in the afternoon.

January 7, 1957 – Monday.  Not very fine.  The washing did not dry good.   Put shellac on my step stool this evening.  The boys went back to school.

January 8, 1957 – Tuesday.  A stormy day.  The Brookfield High School was closed.  No power , so no heat.   Did the ironing and baked rolls.  The boys tried out the snow plow Jim built.

January 9, 1957 – Wednesday.  Cleared.  Quite a lot of snow.  Began to sew the quilt together.  Went to a Week-of-Prayer service at the church.

January 10, 1957 – Thursday.  Snow in the afternoon.  I went to WMS meeting at Mrs Fisher’s.  Herman took me and Jim came for me.  There was 9 present.

January 11, 1957 – Friday.  Quite a snow fall last night.  I finished setting the fan quilt.  Not many at school in Brookfield.

January 12, 1957 – Saturday.  Very cold morning, but fine.  Baked bread , a cake and pie.  Joe Archibald spent the afternoon and had supper with us.

January 13, 1957 – Sunday.    Rain in the morning.  Some snow in the air in the afternoon.  We were to church in the morning.  Homer and 3 children here in the afternoon.

January 14, 1957 – Monday. A cold day.  We did not wash.  Was reading a book.  “The Whispering Pine” by Sara Ware Bassett.  Jim lost a month – old calf last night.

January 15, 1957 – Tuesday.  Cold day.  Stayed near zero allday.  We washed and the clothes dried fair.  Ella and Herman called.  I did some braiding on a rug.

January 16, 1957 – Wednesday.  Very cold morning.  22 below zero.  The school bus for here did not get started.  Pipes frozen in the barn.  2 bowls cracked.  Another calf died.  All well and not so cold now.

January 17, 1957 – Thursday.  Milder in the morning.  44 degrees above yesterday  Got colder through the day.  Homer drove the school bus.  Was after 11 a.m. before he went.  Car trouble.

January 18, 1957 – Friday.  Fine and cold.  Baked biscuit and doughnuts.  Did some braiding at rug.

January 19, 1957 – Saturday.  A cold day.  Alfred went over to Roy and Glenn Blaikie’s.  Was at Homer’s for supper.  I went to the store in the evening.  Was at Homer’s. Boys were coasting.

January 20, 1957 – Sunday.  Fine.  Not so cold.  Went to church.  Alfred and I went with Ella.  Mr Archibald’s text was “The disciples were called  Christians first at Antioch”.

January 21, 1957 – Monday.  Mild.  Thawed some.  I made a night shirt for Alfred and a pajama bag for Nancy on her birthday.  Homer here in the evening.

January 22, 1957 – Tuesday.  Mild.  Thawed a lot.  Roads are slippery.  Softer by evening.  Allen Deyarmond visited us today.  Washed, ironed and did the mending.

Januaey 23, 1957 – Wednesday.  Rain and wind storm.  Alfred throwed in wood in the morning, before it began to rain.  River high.  The ice broke up this afternoon.

January 24, 1957 – Thursday.  The rain is over.  The river is high.  Over the road some at Tom Foster’s.

January 25, 1957 – Friday,  Cold.  The river is still high.  Full of anchor ice.  Fell some by evening.  Ester, Jim and I went to church.  Jim joined the church – also 5 others.

January 26, 1957 – Saturday.  Fine wintry day.  Baked rolls and gingerbread.  Went to the store in the afternoon.  Homer, Nancy and Heather over in the evening.

January 27, 1957 – Sunday.  Snow flurries and a chilly wind.  Communion Service.  Alfred, Ester, Jim and I went.   Burnside had their annual meeting with good reports.

January 28, 1957 – Monday.  Fine and cold.  Washed and the clothes dried some.  Ester down to the Bookmobile.  Got a lot of books.  Did some braiding.

January 29, 1957 – Tuesday.  Cloudy, cold and raw.  Some snow.  Margaret visited us today.  Also Elsie and 4 children here a while.  Did my ironing.

January 30, 1957 – Wednesday.  Cold day.  I did some braiding.  Ester went to a card party at the Hall for the March of Dimes campaign.

January 31, 1957 – Thursday.  Cold morning.  The pump in the barn is broken.  No water all day.  My birthday.  Had 17 cards and a few gifts.

February 1, 1957 – no entry

February 2, 1957 – Saturday.  Fine.  baked date loaf and a cake.  Homer and Jim were cutting wood.  I have quite a bad cold and cough.

February 3, 1957 – Sunday.  Not so cold.  Some cloud.  Was not around much today.  My cold seems eased up some.

February 4, 1957 – Monday.  Soft.  Snow gone some.  The roads and yard slippery.   Ester washed and the clothes dried.  I made a dish of soup.

February 5, 1957 – Tuesday.  Colder.  A little snow last evening.  Done my ironing and some work on the rug.  Jim went for a sled ride last night with the Youth Group of Truro Presbytery.

February 6, 1957 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Roy Blaikie passed away  in the evening at the V.G. Hospital.  I coughed so much last night, had the Doctor come in.  I have bronchitis.

February   7, 1957 – Thursday.  A nice day.  I spent it in bed.  Had another shot of penicillin.  Am comfortable.  Mr and Mrs Martin Fulton celebrated their Golden Wedding yesterday.

February 8, 1957 – Friday.  A fine winter day.  Alfred and Ester went to Roy’s funeral in the afternoon.  Homer and Heather here in the evening.

February 9, 1957 – Saturday.  Fine day.  Homer, Ester, and Heather went to Truro and Halifax.  Priscilla had an operation today.

February 10, 1957 – Sunday.  Soft and mild.  Jim was the only one that was at church.  Had word from Don.  Priscilla came along well.  Was up today.

February 11, 1957 – Monday.  Colder and windy.  Good wash day.  I got around and got my clothes on.  Homer over this evening.

February 12, 1957 – Tuesday.  Cold.  2 below zero this morning.  Was cold all day.  Feeling better. Leon home from school with a cold.

February 13, 1957 – Wednesday.  Not quite so cold.  Baked some scones and cleaned up the bedroom.  Wilma sent me a Valentine box of stationery.

February 14, 1957 – Thursday.  Some snow.  Not so cold.  Baked 2 loaves of bvrown bread and knit on a pair of gloves.

February 15, 1957 – Friday.  Began snowing about 4 p.m.  Ella was over this afternoon.  Washed and waxed the floor.   Muir MacKay is in hospital.  He is better.  He was very sick.

February 16, 1957 – Saturday.  Quite a lot of snow this morning.  Homer was in this morning.  Homer and family and Ester went to Truro.  I made pies and doughnuts.

February 17, 1957 – Sunday.  Lots of changes today.  Snow thawed, then cold and flurries.  Was at church.  The Sermon was “The Problem of Pain”.  A telegram came this morning.  Norman Miller died yesterday.

February 18, 1957 – Monday.  Fine.  Did not wash as Ester has a cold and I am still coughing some.  Homer in.  Heather has another of her sick spells.

February 19, 1957 – no entry.

February 20, 1957 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Got the washing dried.  A few snow squalls in the afternoon.  Homer in this evening.  Heather better.  Nancy and Sylvia here this afternoon.

February 21, 1957 – Thursday.  Fine.  These are beautiful winter days.  I am braiding a little some days.

February 22, 1957 –  Friday.  Mild.  Snow softened.  Alfred dressed a fowl.  Baked rolls and cookies.  Ester and the boys away in the evening.

February 23, 1957 – Saturday.  Mild and fine.  Ester and the boys went to Truro in the p.m.  Homer split some wood.  Nancy, Sylvia, Sandy and Heather here in the p.m.  I was to the Doctor.  He gave me pills.

February 24, 1957 – Sunday.  Some snow blusters and a little colder.  Alfred, Ester and Jim went to church.  Leon was sick last night.  I feel better tonight.

February 25, 1957 – Monday.  Cloudy.  Some snow.  We did the washing but did not put them out.  Elsie lsft Wilma with me a while.  They were to Truro.

February 26, 1957 – Tuesday.  A few inches of snow last night.  The clothes dried some.  Ester put a quilt in.  Baked bran muffins and made a pie.

February 27, 1957 – Wednesday.  A wet day.  Snow went fast.  Done the ironing and then we worked at the quilt.  Ella was over and quilted a while.

February 28, 1957 – Thursday.  Cleared.  A cold wind.  Roads icy some places.  We finished the quilt.  Catherine Pearson worked on it a while.

March 1, 1957 – Friday.  A rough storm by evening.  Was doing some work on the rug.

March 2, 1957 – Saturday.  Not a bad day.  Cleaned up the rooms.  Went to the store in the afternoon.

March 3, 1957 – Sunday.  Snow in the afternoon.  Soft, big flakes.  We went to church and at Homer’s for supper.

March 4, 1957 – Monday.  Cleared in the afternoon.  Some new snow in the night.  I finished the rug I was working on.  Ester down to the Bookmobile this morning.

March 5, 1957 – Tuesday.  Nice and fine.  Pretty cold.  We washed a big washing and got it nicely dried.   We were getting material ready to send for blankets.

March 6, 1957 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Baked 2 pies, a date loaf and biscuits.   Finished a pair of mittens.  Ester and the boys at Richie Barrett’s to see TV.

March 7, 1957 – Thursday.  A lovely day.  Baked bread and molasses cookies.  Went to Aid at Mrs Raymond Deyarmond’s.  Ester keeping house for Homer.   Jim and Lynn to Young People’s meeting.

March 8, 1957 – Friday.  Cloudy.  Loking like a storm.  I did some sewing.  Went to visit Mrs Roy Blaikie in the afternoon.  We attended the World Day of Prayer Service in the evening.

March 9, 1957 – Saturday.  Lots of rain.  Very heavy at times.  I swept and dusted the rooms.  Made a pie.  Finished putting the fan quilt together.  Now ready to quilt.

March 10, 1957 – Sunday.  Cleared.  The river quite high.  We all went to church at 11 a.m.  Mr Archibald’s text was “I am the light of the world”.

March 11, 1957 – Monday.  Windy and squalls.  Was qwuilting Ester’s quilt . had a letter from Ina.  Roy and Arlene have another boy.  Weighed 8 pounds.  Born February 28.

March 12, 1957 – Tuesday.  Not very fine.  Did the washing.  Did not dry very well.  Worked at the quilt.  Alfred and I over to herman’s in the evening.  Ester and the boys to Truro to a hockey game.

March 13, 1957 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Thawing.  Did the ironing.  We were working at the quilt.  Homer, Sandy and Heather in,  also Richie Barrett.

March 14, 1957 – Thursday.  Dull.  We finished the quilt.   I went to the WMS meeting.  Ester and I went to a concert in Springside with Homer and family.

March 15, 1957 – Friday.  Fine.  Sun shone nicely.  Ester and I down to the store and to Mr Archibald’s.  Richie called on us this afternoon.  Baked a cake and biscuit.

March 16, 1957 – Saturday.  A very nice day.  Warm and sunny.  Washed the floor and baked bread.  Rilla Laffin and Alfred Redmond died today.   Leon tapped 2 maple trees.

March 17, 1957 – Sunday.  Dark and misty.  Was to church at 1:45 p.m.  Mr Archibald’s text was ” I am the door.  By me, if any man enter in , he shall be saved”.

March 18, 1957 – Monday.  Fine morning,.  A snow squall in the afternoon.  We washed, and went to Rilla Laffin’s funeral. She was 56 years old.  Bill Miller here to supper.

March 19, 1957 – Tuesday.  Put in the Grandmother’s Fan quilt.  Alfred and I were to Mrs Archibald’s and Mrs Cox’s   94th Birthday party.  A grand time.  The oldest twins in Canada.

March 20, 1957 – Wednesday.  Cloudy.  Storming in the evening.  I made rolls and we got quite a lot done on the quilt.  A wheel came off the school bus this morning.  No one hurt.

March 21, 1957 – Thursday.  Dark.  Some snow last night.  Mrs Martin Fulton over and helped us quilt this afternoon.  Blaikie’s dry lumber house was burnt last night.

March 22, 1957 – Friday.  Cloudy.  We were busy quiltng all day.  Ester was to the store in the afternoon.

March 23, 1957 – Saturday.  Fine.  Finished the quilt in the afternoon.  Baked cup cakes and made custard.

March 24, 1957 – Sunday.  Fine, but a nasty raw wind.  We were to church and over to Mart Fulton’s and Homer’s in the afternoon.  Mr Archibald’s text was “I am the way”.

March 25, 1957 – Monday.  Fine.  A few snow squalls.  Got the wash dried.  It blew out good.  Put the binding on the quilt.  All finished.  A lot of stitches in it.

March 26, 1957 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Cold winds.  Did the ironing and a little mending.   Homer in this evening.  He is driving by South Branch tomorrow.

March 27, 1957 – Wednesday.  Froze hard.  Mrs Henry Creelman of Maitland’s funeral was in the church this afternoon.

March 28, 1957 – Thursday.  Another cold night.  Earl  Kennedy passed away last night.  He had cancer.  Mrs Agnes Crockett’s funeral  in Musquodoboit this afternoon.

March 29, 1957 – Friday.  Fine, cold and windy.  Mrs Dryden Power passed away last night.  I was knitting.  Baked brown bread.

March 30, 1957 – Saturday.  Fine but cold.  Dusted and cleaned up the house.  Ester and I went to the store.   Homer, Sandy Heather and Mable here for a while.

March 31, 1957 – Sunday.  Cold and windy.  We were at church in the afternoon.  Then we went to Billy Miller’s and had supper.  Frank Rutherford of Musquodoboit has died.

April 1, 1957 – Monday.  A fine day for a wash day.  Ester and I went to Earl Kennedy’s funeral and Mrs Dryden Power’s in the church.  Earl’s at 2 p.m. and Mrs Power’s at 3:30.

April 2, 1957 – Tuesday.  Wet day.  Allen Deyarmond stayed all night.  Went home this morning.  Did not do much.  Homer called in the evening.  Boys went to a hockey game.

April 3, 1957 – Wednesday.  Cold and windy.  I walked up to call at Arthur Kennedy’s.  Mrs David Kennedy Sr. is sick.  Pretty low.

April 4, 1957 – Thursday.  Another windy cold day.  Baked rolls and cookies.  Put in a mat.  Ester and I up to Raymond Deyarmond’s to pay our Hospitalization payment.

April 5, 1957 – Friday.  Fine but cold.  Got the border hooked on the mat.

April 6, 1957 – Saturday.  A wet day.  Ester, the boys and I went to  Truro.  Was in to Mac Carter’s.  Homer, Alfred and I were to Mr Samuel Cox’s in the evening.

April 7, 1957 – Sunday.  River pretty high after the rain.  Jim, Ester, Alfred and I went to church.  The text was ” I am the vine”.  Leon and Lynn here to supper.

April 8, 1957 – Monday.  A fine day.  We washed and got them ironed.  Ester was down to the Bookmobile for books.  Mr and Mrs Richie Barrett called.

April 9, 1957 – Tuesday.  Nasty weather.  Rain, hail and snow.  Baked brown bread and was hooking at the mat.

April 10, 1957 – Wednesday.  Quite a lot of snow but finer.  Made custards and hooked at the mat.

April 11, 1957 – Thursday.  Fine.  The wind not so cold.  Ester and I over to the WMS meeting at Alice Blaikie’s.  We called at Homer’s.

April 12, 1957 – Friday.  A nice day.  I was busy at the mat.  Went for a short walk in the evening.

April 13, 1957 – Saturday.  Rain , and snowed by evening.  Baked biscuit, cake and a pie.  Was to the store.  Nancy here to supper.  Homer and Heather called.

April 14, 1957 – Sunday.  A beautiful morning.  The trees loaded with soft snow, and sunny. Jim, Ester and I went to church.  The text was “I am the bread of life”.

April 15, 1957 – Monday.  Fine.  Did the washing and ironing.  Also did some snugging up upstairs.  Ester over to Homer’s babysitting in the evening.

April 16, 1957 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Warmer.  Ester was cleaning upstairs.  I did a few things.  Planted some tomato seeds.

April 17, 1957 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Ester and I over to Glenn Blaikie’s in the afternoon helping quilt a Mission Box quilt.

April 18, 1957 – Thursday.  A very nce day.  Sunny and warm.  Wrong day!  Don, Priscilla and girls came this evening.

April 19, 1957 – Friday.  Cloudy.  Rain in the p.m.  Don, Priscilla and girls had supper with us.  Heather here this afternoon playing with Donna.

April 20, 1957 – Saturday.  Wrote Saturday for Friday!.  Will not make much difference in 10, 20, or 50 years.

April 21, 1957 – Sunday.  Easter.  Fine and warm.  A thunder shower in the evening.  Homer, Joan, Alfred and I went to church in Springside.  Alfred and I at Bev’s for the day.

April 22, 1957 – Monday.  Cooler than yesterday.  A good wash day.  The boys went to Berry Hill mending fences.  Don, Priscilla and girls went home tonight.

April 23, 1957 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Did a wash myself.  Ester and boys went to Truro to the Dentist.

April 24, 1957 – Wednesday.  Another fine day.  Cleaned the bedroom.  Ester washed bedclothes and cleaned her bedroom.  Put a venetian blind up in our bedroom.

April 25, 1957 – Thursday.  Cooler and not so sunny.  The boys went to Burnside for a harrow.  Did some harrowing tonight.  Lelia and Sara Dickie here to dinner.

April 26, 1957 – Friday.  Weather good.  I cleaned some of the pantry.  Boys were fencing and harrowing.  We went in to Truro to see “Friendly Persuasion”.

April 27, 1957 – Saturday.  Nice and warm.  Alfred is working at a hot bed.  Sandy and David called in the p.m.  Baked bread, bran muffins, cake and made a pudding.

April 28, 1957 – Sunday.  Nice sunny day.  We were all at church at 11 a.m.  The text was “Go and wash in the Jordan seven times”.

April 29, 1957 – Monday.  A nice warm day.  We washed, raked the front yard, piled some wood, and got the ironing done.  Jim was putting out some manure.

April 30, 1957 – Tuesday.  Rain with snow.  Made doughnuts.  Had a letter from Amanda.  David Hutchinson’s have a daughter.  Lexie and Mel, a son.  Ester and twins over to Homer’s.

May 1, 1957 – Wednesday.  Cold and the ground white with snow this morning.  Cleaning house.

May 2, 1957 – Thursday.  Cold and wet.  Finished cleaning the pantry and cleaned the stairway.  Alfred had a birthday card from Byron and Ina.

May 3, 1957 – Friday.  cold.  Not too much rain.  The News said 8 inches of snow in PEI this morning.  Was down to the store.  Cleaning the room.

May 4, 1957 – Saturday.  Cool.  Finer.  Washed the floor.  Baked 3 pies, cookies, bread and rolls.  Sandy called, and Sandy and David in for cookies.

May 5, 1957 – Sunday.  Cold night.  Frost.  Bev and Rika here, also Homer and family.  Also Ester and boys had supper with us.  Went to church in the evening.  Alfred’s 84th birthday.

May 6, 1957 – Monday.  Fine.  Washed and ironed.  Cleaned up the sun porch.  Jim harrowed after school and put out manure.   Alfred got 2 more birthday cards.

May 7, 1957 – Tuesday.  Fine and warm.  Jim and Leon up to Berry Hill fencing.  Alfred piling wood.   Nancy took first in her group at the Music Festival.

May 8, 1957 – Wednesday.  A very warm day.  The boys fencing again today.  I went to the concert at Brookfield in the evening.  I enjoyed it.

May 9, 1957 – Thursday.  Very warm.  80 in some places.  I was to the WMS meeting at Alice Blaikie’s in the afternoon.  Grant had dinner with us.

May 10, 1957 – Friday.  Warm.  Cloudy in the afternoon.  Rained a little.  Ester and I went to the Hospitalization Annual Meeting.   A dance in the hall this evening.

May 11, 1957 – Saturday.  Cleared by noon.  Had a rain in the night.  Jim, Ester, Leon and I went to Burnside.  We brought down some berry bushes.

May 12, 1957 – Sunday.  Fine.  The wind cool.  We were all at church this morning. Homer and Heather in this afternoon.  Went down to the interval in the evening.

May 13, 1957 – Monday.  Cloudy with some rain.  We put out the currant and gooseberry bushes.  Mrs Byard Ogilvie passed away this morning.

May 14, 1957 – Tuesday.  Fine.  We washed and the clothes dried and we got them ironed.  Planted 3 rows of potatoes and made some more rows with a hores-hoe.

May 15, 1957 – Wednesday.  A wet day.  Rained before 11 a.m.  Jim sowed in the morning, and Ester and Alfred put in some garden.  The WMS ladies quilted a quilt in the afternoon.

May 16, 1957 – Thursday.  Cloudy and wet.  Did not do much.  Homer had the tractor putting out manure for his garden.

May 17, 1957 – Friday.  Cold.  Hard frost last night.  I painted the entry.  Took me most of the day.  A concert at the hall.  The Sigma – C boys sponsored it.

May 18, 1957 – Saturday.  Fine.  Cool wind.  Jim sowed his oats at the interval.  Baked rolls.  Was to the store and called at Homer’s.  Planted onion sets.

May 19, 1957 – Sunday.  A nice day.  Alfred and I went for a walk in the afternoon.  I called at Herman’s.  We were all to church. Mr Brundage from Alberta spoke.

May 20, 1957 – Monday.  Not very fine.  Took the young cattle to the pasture.  Ella Johnson went to the V.G. Hospital.  We got the washing dried and ironed.

May 21, 1957 – Tuesday.  Fine.  A cold day and frost at night.  Ester, Alfred and I went to Burnside.  Called at Allen’s, Grant’s and Elsie’s.  Lena is in bed today.

May 22, 1957 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Warmer than yesterday.  Baked a cake and a date loaf.  Made a snow pudding.  This was Bookmobile day.  Ester had 2 ladies call on her.

May 23, 1957 – Thursday.  Fine.  Still cool.  Was busy all day.  Had the Burnside Aid in the evening.  10 ladies.  Ester had a lady from Truro spend the day.

May 24, 1957 – Friday.  A nice rain this morning.  Cleared off after dinner.  I did not do much.  We were to an Affiliation Service in the hall.

May 25, 1957 – Saturday.  Fine.  Baked bread, a pie and cookies.  Jim sowed the rest of the oats.  Bydie and Ina arrived from USA about 7:30 p.m.  They went to Homer’s.

May 26, 1957 – Sunday.  A nice day.  We went to church.  Bydie, Ina, Alfred and I went over to Dean in the afternoon.  Allister and Amanda and boys here.  Went to a service Valley in the evening (?)

May 27, 1957 – Monday.  Some rain.  We went to Truro.  Was at Mary’s to dinner.  Bydie got us a new light.

May 28, 1957 – Tuesday.  Dark and misty by times.  Alfred, Bydie and I went to Burnside.  Had dinner with Grant.  Called at Allens,  and caught 12 trout.  Went to see Sara Dickie.

May 29, 1957 – Wednesday.  Fine.  A cold wind.  Bydie, Alfred and I went to Musquodoboit.  Ina was there.  We called on Mrs Cecil Kent.  Was at William Dean’s to dinner.  Was down to the hospital and at J. Jenning’s.

May 30, 1957 – Thursday.  Fine.  Bydie was here and did some digging in the garden.    We were at Homer’s and had ice cream in the p.m.

May 31, 1957 – Friday.  Fine and warm.  Bydie, Ina and I went to Truro this morning.  Got the clothes line put up.  Ester and boys went to Brookfield to an Operetta.

June 1, 1957 – Saturday.  A lovely day.  Bydie and Ina went home this morning.  We done some more work at the garden.  Jim did the rolling.  Was at the store.  Called at Homer’s.  Heather is sick.

June 2, 1957 – Sunday.  Fine day.  Rain in the evening.  Jim and I went to church.  Mr Archibald’s subject was “Cost of Discipleship”.  A quiet day.  Heather is better today.

June 3, 1957 – no entry

June 4, 1957 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Alfred and I went to Truro with Mrs Tucker in the afternoon.  Mary was to Halifax with Mrs Stanfield.  Got home about 8 p.m.

June 5, 1957 – Wednesday.  Fine.  We visited with Mary and started a braided rug for Mary.

June 6, 1957 – Thursday.  Fine.  I was up town and had my hair cut.  Was at the Doctor’s and had a mole taken off my neck.

June 7, 1957 – Friday.  Fine.  I did some braiding for a rug.  Mac and Eleanor to Stewiacke in the p.m.  Bev and girls called.

June 8, 1957 – Saturday.  Cloudy with a few drizzles.  I was uptown a while.  Eileen came down with me and stayed to supper.

June 9, 1957 – Sunday.  A cool day.  Fine.  Mary and Eleanor drove us out this morning.  Ester and I went to Mrs David Kennedy’s funeral at 1 p.m. in the church.

June 10, 1957 – Monday.  Fine.  We washed and ironed.  Alfred was piling wood.  Federal Election.  Cyril Kennedy and Gordon Purdy candidates in Colchester County.

June 11, 1957 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Getting very dry.  The Progressive Conservatives gained the election.  23 years since they were elected in Canada.  Homer in this evening.

June 12, 1957 – Wednesday.  Fine.  A bit damp in the evening.  Washed the bedroom and pantry floors.  Lois and Eileen called after supper.

June 13, 1957 – Thursday.  Did not rain.  Cloudy in the morning.  Went to WMS meeting at Mrs Morris Blaikie’s.  Ester, Jim, and Lynn to Truro.  Got 100 chicks.

June 14, 1957 – Friday.  Cool.  Nice day.  Done some baking.  Made biscuit, jelly-roll and chinese chews.  Set out some tomato plants.

June 15, 1957 – Saturday.  Fine and hot.  Baked 2 pies, bread and a cake.  Put down some rhubarb.  Homer and family called.

June 16, 1957 – Sunday.  Hot day.  Ester and Jim up to see the cattle in the pasture.  Jim, Ester and I were at church in the evening.  Homer, Sandy and Mable made a call.

June 17, 1957 – Monday.  Fine.  Not so hot.  We washed and ironed.  Ester and Mrs Tucker had a party at mrs Fred Rutherford’s.  Jim passed in his school exams.

June 18, 1957 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Ester and the boys went to Truro.  Alfred and I kept house and tended chickens.

June 19, 1957 – Wednesday.  A light rain in the night.  Leon got his school pass this morning.  Ester and Jim went to the Senior Graduation tonight.  Took 2 calves to the pasture.

June 20, 1957 – Thursday.  Fine.  Pretty hot.  Baked a nut loaf and muffins.  We went to B.R.H.S.  Lynn and Leon graduated.  Leon to 8th and Lynn to 9th grade.

June 21, 1957 – Friday.  Cloudy and cool.  Did not do much.  Called on Ruby Johnson in the evening.  Got my new brassier.

June 22, 1957 – Saturday.  Cloudy.  A rain at supper time.  Baked bread and got other chores done.  Done some cleaning up.  So much dust comes in from the road.

June 23, 1957 – Sunday.  Cleared and was hot.  We went to Springside to a St John’s Service of the Masons.  Was a good service.

June 24, 1957 – Monday.  Fine.  A hot day.  Got the washing and ironing dne.  Homer was over for tomato plants, and Alfred got his scythe ground.

June 25, 1957 – Tuesday.  Cloudy and cool.  Made a pair of pajamas.  Jim and crew white-washing the barn.  Watered the strawberries in the evening.

June 26, 1957 – Wednesday.  Cloudy and cool.  Was at the garden a while, hunting cutworms.  Nancy was here.  Nancy passed to 7th grade, Sandy to 5th and Heather to 2nd.

June 27, 1957 – Thursday.  Damp and cloudy.  Showers after supper.  Baked bran muffins and cooked rhubarb.  Willie Krauch and Johnnie here, also the Rawleigh man.

June 28, 1957 – Friday.  A dull warm day.  Baked a cake.

June 29, 1957 – Saturday.  Warm and humid.  Baked bread and cleaned and dusted.  Was down to Hickman’s , and had a visit from a salesman.  A shower at night.

June 30, 1957 – Sunday.  Fine.  Pretty hot.  We went for a drive as far as Masstown.  Called at Mac Carter’s and Eileen’s.  Was at church in the evening.

July 1, 1957 – Monday.  Fine.  A high wind in the afternoon for a while.  Grant and Kea  Benvie called.  We were down to Frank Fulton’s in the evening.

July 2, 1957 – Tuesday. Cloudy and cool.  Rain in the evening.  Ester and the boys left for PEI early this morning.  Heather spent the day with us.  Perley and Lelia called.

July 3, 1957 – Wednesday.  Some clouds.  No rain today.  Sandy spent the day with us.  I made doughnuts.  Ella called in the afternoon and Nancy in the evening.

July 4, 1957 – Thursday.  Some rain.  Made 2 pies.  Lena Deyarmond had a stroke this morning.  Elsie and 2 children here.  Ester and the boys got home at 7 p.m..

July 5, 1957 – Friday.  Cleared.  Warm.  Baked rolls, squares and bran muffins.  David and Danny came in the afternoon.  Got a deep-freeze today.  To Aid in Burnside.

July 6, 1957 – Saturday.  Fine.  A brisk breeze.  Baked gingerbread.  Sandy here to dinner.  David, Danny, Alfred and I up to Burnside.  Called on Allen and Lena.  Lena very sick.

July 7, 1957 – Sunday.  Fine.  Alfred, David, Danny and I went to Springside to church.  Ester and the boys down to Priscilla’s.  The cows gave me some trouble.  Stanley and Janie called.

July 8, 1957 – Monday.  Fine.  Got the washing and ironing done.  David and Danny went to Burnside to spend the night.  Perley, Lelia and Allen called at the door.

July 9– Tuesday.  Cloudy.  David and Danny got back by dinner time.  Caught 3 small trout.  Lena Deyarmond passed away this evening.

July 10, 1957 – Wednesday.  David, Alfred, Danny, Ester and I went to Dartmouth.  Had a good general rain.  We called on Ernie, and was at Allister’s.

July 11, 1957 – Thursday.  Cleared this morning.  David, Alfred and I went to Burnside to Lena’s funeral.  A large funeral.  Perley and Lelia left for home.

July 12, 1957 – Friday.  Fine.  Not very hot.  We had a busy day.  David and Danny left about 7:45 a.m.  Put ten and a half fowl into the freezer.

July 13, 1957 – Saturday.  Fine.  Washed and waxed the floors.  Ester moved the chickens into the hen pen.  Was down to the store.

July 14, 1957 – Sunday.  Fine.  Pretty hot.  We were to church in the morning.  Went to Berry Hill.  The cattle are out of water. The ground is very dry.

July 15, 1957 – Monday.  Cloudy.  Clothes only dried damp dry.  Had a big washing and got them ironed.  Nancy over and went to the Bookmobile with Lynn and Ester.

July 16, 1957 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Some dark clouds but did not rain.  Baked bran muffins and washed the stairs and entry.  Did some braiding.

July 17, 1957 – Wednesday.  Clouds, but only a sprinkle of rain.  Baked rolls.  Mrs Earl Kennedy visited us.  Homer fell and hurt his back.

July 18, 1957 – Thursday.  Fine.  Jim went out to Put Fulton’s.  They cut some hay.  Glenn and Alice called in the evening.  Nancy and Sandy were here too.

July 19, 1957 – Friday.  A cool morning.  We heard there was frost some places.  Ester and I went to a supper at the hall.   Was in to see Homer.  He is a little better.

July 20, 1957 – Saturday.  Fine.  Baked bread and a pie.  Gathered up some dust.  Alfred and I over to see Homer after supper.  He is not so sore.

July 21, 1957 – Sunday.  Fine.  We were at home all day and had no callers.  We were all to church in the evening.  Billy Johnson had the service.  He was good.

July 22, 1957 – Monday.  A nice rain.  Most rain we have had for two months or more.  Ester, Alfred and I were to Bev’s and called on Annie and Donald.

July 23, 1957 – Tuesday.  Cloudy with fog.  The clothes did not dry very well.  Homer to Truro.  Had an x-ray.  He has two broken ribs. He is strapped up.

July 24, 1957 – Wednesday.  Had a little sun.  Ester and boys in to Truro in the morning.  Jim was out to Put’s and they got a few bales of hay in.  Had green peas.

July 25, 1957 – Thursday.  Not much of a hay day.  Did some braiding at the rug.

July 26, 1957 – Friday.  Cleared slowly.  Still cool.  Washed the windows of the porch.  Baked bran muffins.

July 27, 1957 – Saturday.  Fine till we had a shower in the afternoon.  Stopped the haying.  Alice and Murray called.  Homer, Mable and Nancy here a while.

July 28, 1957 – Sunday.  Fine.  Jim, Ester and I went to church this morning.  Rev Roy Vessy preached.

July 29, 1957 – Monday.  Fine.  A good hay day.  Got the washing, ironing and medning done.  Ethel Deyarmond and Jean Fisher called.  Also Homer.  A new calf today.

July 30, 1957 – Tuesday.  A wet day.  I was braiding most of the day.  We had peas, carrots and beans  from the garden.

July 31, 1957 – Wednesday.  Rain and cloud.  Some sun in the afternoon.  Ester and I went to Alice Graham’s in Burnside.  Had a Spencer party.  Eleven present.

August 1, 1957 – Thursday.  A heavy thunder storm early this morning around 7.  Rika called.  Baked bread and made a pie and biscuit.

August 2, 1957 – Friday.  Cloudy in the morning.  Cleared some in the afternoon.  I was working at the rug.  Had new potatoes.

August 3, 1957 – Saturday.  Not much of a hay day.  A little shower in the afternoon.  Done Saturday cleaning.  Went to the store after supper.

August 4, 1957 – Sunday.  Fine.  Ester and Leon over to Geordie Dean’s.  Ester, Jim and I went to church.  Mr and Mrs Henry Fisher had their twin girls baptized.

August 5, 1957 – Monday.  A rainy day.  I did some braiding.  The boys were restless in the house all day.

August 6, 1957 – Tuesday.  Not very fine.  Did the washing and ironing.  Picked peas and put them in the freezer.  Don, Priscilla and girls came.

August 7, 1957 – Wednesday.  Cleared in the afternoon.  Jim mowed.  Vina and Fred Bustin here to supper.  Mr and Mrs Frank Fulton and Mr and Mrs Guy Gahan called in the evening.

August 8, 1957 – Thursday.  Fine day.  Got some hay baled and into the barn.  I was to WMS.  We were to call on Mrs Ross and Earl Archibald after supper.

August 9, 1957 – Friday.  A good hay day.  Cleaned up the hay here this morning.  Homer and children here after supper.  Ester picking raspberries.

August 10, 1957 – Saturday.  A grand hay day.  They cleaned up at Put’s.  Ester and the boys went picking raspberries with Homer.  Got good ones.  A bad accident at Cross Roads.

August 11, 1957 – Sunday.  Warm .  A bit cloudy.  We went to church in the morning.  George Lemon’s 2 year old boy died in the accident.  Frances, 2 girls, a boy and George in hospital.  3 others hurt.

August 12, 1957 – Monday.  Not very fine.  Got some hay down at the oak Islands.  Got the washing and ironing done, also put peas away.  Picking raspberries.

August 13, 1957 – Tuesday.  A fine day.  The folk went picking blueberries.  Got a cream can full.  Haying at the interval.    Picked peas again today.

August 14, 1957 – Wednesday.  A fine day.  Made a blueberry pie.  In the afternoon went to the Old Home Picnic at Springside.  Had a nice time.  Saw a lot of people.

August 15, 1957 – no entry

August 16, 1957 – Friday.  A wet day.  Ester went to Musquodoboit this morning.  Don, Jim and Homer were working at the well.  They got 3 tiles down.

August 17, 1957 – Saturday.  Cleared.  A nice day.  Cool.  Baked bread, swept and dusted the rooms.  We went picking blueberries.  Got 2 cream cans.

August 18, 1957 – Sunday.  Fine and cool.  I spent a quiet day.  Had diahrrea in the night.  Priscilla, Don, Donna, Ester and Jim went to church. in the p.m.

August 19, 1957 – Monday.  Fine.  Got the washing and ironing done.  Don, Priscilla and the girls went home this afternoon.  The boys were sawing wood for Mr Barrett.

August 20, 1957 – Tuesday.  Cloudy.  Cleared by evening.  Ester and Jim went to the Fisher and Henry wedding.  I was to Aid at Eva Blaikie’s.  Ester and boys to Musquodoboit Exhibition in evening.

August 21, 1957 – Wednesday.  Fine.  The Hutchinson’s came this afternoon.  After supper we went to Burnside to see Allen.  He had went in to Truro to hospital today.

August 22, 1957 – Thursday.  Fine.  Allister, Amanda, Alex and Allister Jr. left this morning.  Willie and Tony here to dinner.  Jim finished haying at Put’s.

August 23, 1957 – Friday.  Fine.  Ester and I picking blueberries in the morning..  Jim got some grain bound after supper.  I mixed rolls.

August 24, 1957 – Saturday.  Fine.  Jim cut grain and put in a load of oats for Richie.  Baked 2 pies, date loaf, and cake.  Homer, Mable and Sandy here in the evenong.

August 25, 1957 – Sunday.  Fine . Was to dhurch this morning.  Mr Archibald preached on Kindness.

August 26, 1957 – Monday.  A wet day.  Did some work on the braided rug.

August 27, 1957 – Tuesday.  Cleared by noon.  Washed and there was a good breeze.  Done the ironing.  Got 2 pails of beans ready to can.

August 28, 1957 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Jim bound the oats on the interval.  Frank L. Fulton died last night.

August 29, 1957 – Thursday.  Fine day.  Baked bread.  Was doing some work on the mat.  Nancy, Frances, Mable and Sandy here in afternoon.

August 30, 1957 – Friday.  Fine.  Baked cookies and made a lemon pie.  Ester and the boys went to the Exhibition.  Frank Fulton’s funeral today.   Homer, Heather and Sandy here a while.

August 31, 1957 – Saturday.  Fine.  I washed and waxed the floors.  Got some threshing done this afternoon.  Down to the store in the evening.

September 1, 1957 – Sunday.  Fine and cool.  Ester, Jim and I went to church in the evening.  A Labor Day sermon.

September 2, 1957 – Monday.  Labor Day.  Not very fine.  A thunder shower in the afternoon.  Got some threshing done.  Heather here this afternoon.

September 3, 1957 – Tuesday.  A wet day.  Was over to Glenn’s and helped Alice set up a quilt.  Called on Mrs Frank Fulton.  Found her very good.

September 4, 1957 – Wednesday.  Cleared, but hot and humid.  Quilted a quilt for Mission Box at Mrs Glenn Blaikie’s.  Schools opened today.

September 5, 1957 – no entry

September 6, 1957 – Friday.  Fine.  Ester was away all day.  Baked 2 pies and did some chores around.

September 7, 1957 – Saturday.  Cloudy.  Jim and Leon went up to Berry Hill.  Got a load of posts.  Fenced the field to put the cattle in.  Helen Johnson and Warren Creelman married this evening.

September 8, 1957 – Sunday.  Rain.  We were all to church this morning.  Mr and Mrs Matheson and girls in church today.  Homer, Heather, Sandy and Mable here a while.

September 9, 1957 – Monday.  Fine.  Did a washing.  In the afternoon, went to Burnside.  Called on Allen, Grant, and the Tree’s.   The electric light pole blew down when we were away.

September 10, 1957 – Tuesday.  Cool morning.  Fine.  Did the ironing.  Had a drive in to Truro in the afternoon.  Was at Mac’s.  Prepared cucumbers for relish in the evening.

September 11, 1957 – Wednesday.  Very foggy early.  Fine.  Herman threshed in the afternoon.  The WMS met here this afternoon.  Made pickles in the morning.

September 12, 1957 – Thursday.  No rain but not sunny.  Threshing at Herman’s.  Made some chokecherry jelly.  Was at Ester’s for supper.  The twins’ birthday.

September 13, 1957 – Friday.  Cloudy.  Some sunshine.  Did not do much.  Was down to the Doctor.  I will have to keep off my leg for a week.

September 14, 1957 – Saturday.  Fine.  I kept quiet.  Homer, Joan and family here a while after supper.  Had letters from Ina and Wilma.

September 15, 1957 – Sunday.  Fine.  Ester and the boys were away in the afternoon.  I laid around all day.  Nancy in a few minutes.

September 16, 1957 – Monday.  Fine.  A good wind blowing.  Ester washed and they finished threshing after supper.  A good turn off of oats.

September 17, 1957 – Tuesday.  Cloudy and some rain.  They would not get much threshing done today.  I peeled some apples and made some muffins.

September 18, 1957 – Wednesday.  Fine and a good wind.  Did not do much but read.  Glenn and Alice called in the evening.  Connected up the new well to the pump.

September 19, 1957 – Thursday.  Fine.  Was not very busy.  Made part of a hot plate mat.  Had a letter from a lady in Petawawa, Ontario.  Mrs Burger.

September 20, 1957 – Friday.  A fine day.  Slept till 9:30 a.m.  After dinner, Alfred, Ester and I drove up to Eastville.  Called at Mr Cox’s and Andrew Dickie’s.

September 21, 1957 – Saturday.  Cloudy and mild.  Jim got a heifer moved from the pasture in the morning.  Working at the well in the afternoon.  Down to the store in the evening.

September 22, 1957 – Sunday.  Very mild.  Sun shone through the haze in the afternoon.  We were to church in the morning.  Nancy called in the afternoon.

September 23, 1957 – Monday.  Fine.  Got the washing done and dried.  A high wind in the afternoon and rain at dark.  Very warm and sultry.

September 24, 1957 –  Tuesday.  Quite a rain in the night.  Cleared by noon.  Ester and I called on Mrs Fox in the afternoon.  Trucks hauling gravel by here.

September 25, 1957 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Cooler.  Washed the curtains and cleaned the windows.  Did some other chores.

September 26, 1957 – Thursday.  Cleared and pretty fine.  Cooler.  Put up crab apples.  Made chow and sweet apple pickles.  Also a bit of marmalade.

September 27, 1957 – Friday.  Fine.  Washed up the floors.  Baked a pie.  Cooler today.  Wind blowing.  A dance in the hall tonight.

September 28 Friday.  Finer.  I washed the floors, and baked an apple pie.

September 29, 1957 – Saturday.  Fine.  A very cold wind blowing.  Myrtle and Ernest spent the day with us.  We called on Annie and Donald.  Also at Elwood’s.

September 30, 1957 – Sunday. Hard frost last night.  A fine day.  We came down to Allister’s.  Ester and the boys went to see Don and Priscilla.

October 1, 1957 – Monday.  A grand day.  Did a big washing at Amanda’s.  We talked and watched television.

October 2, 1957 – Tuesday.  Foggy in morning.

October 3, 1957 – Wednesday.  Fine.  We went over to the V.G. Hospital in the evening, and visited Ira Higgins.  He has been in hospital after a car accident for 10 months.

October 4, 1957 – Thursday.  Fine and cooler. A day ahead of the date this week.

October 5- Friday.  A nice day.  Alfred and I had supper with Eddie and family.  We went to Ernie’s.  They have a new boy born Sept 22.

October 6, 1957 – Saturday.  A beautiful day.  Alex drove us out to Peggy’s Cove.  The leaves are beautiful now.

October 7, 1957 – Sunday.   Another beautiful day.  Alex took us out to Priscilla’s and the airport.  In the afternoon, came home, and also was at the Kelly Airport being built.

October 8, 1957 – Tuesday.  Dark.  Baked brown bread.  Down to the store.  Homer here in the evening.

October 9, 1957 – Wednesday.  Mild, dark and cloudy.  Baked 2 apple pies.  Down to Mrs Glen Johnson’s and had my hair cut.  Mrs Tucker out today.

October 10, 1957 – Thursday.  Nice day.  Had a short shower.  WMS Fall Rally in the church today.   Had good meetings.

October 11, 1957 – Friday.  Dark.  Some rain last night.  I made a night dress for myself.

October 12, 1957 – Saturday.  Fine.  Lynn was cleaning up the yard.  I baked a pie and done up the floors and dusted.  Homer and Mable here a while.

October 13, 1957 – Sunday.  Fine.  Frost last night and a cool wind.  I did not get to church.  Have a cold in my head.

October 14, 1957 – Monday.  Fine.  Thanksgiving day.  Got the washing and ironing done.  Alfred and I had our dinner with Ester and the boys.  Jim was plowing.

October 15, 1957 – Tuesday.  Dull and cloudy.  I did some sewing.  I have a head cold.  Got the beans picked and threshed yesterday.

October 16, 1957 – Wednesday.  A lovely warm day.  Baked rolls and cooked a dish of beets.  Ester was painting some finish.

October 17, 1957 – Thursday.  Another beautiful day.  Washed the quilt, blanket, curtains and spread.  Cleaned the bedroom.  Alfred not very well.

October 18, 1957 – Friday.  Fine and warm.   Alfred’s leg has been bad these last few days.  Was sewing and dong other jobs around.

October 19, 1957 – Saturday.  Mild.  A fine warm day.  Baked biscuit and a cake.  Jim plowing at Homer’s.  Leon pulled the carrots.

October 20, 1957 – Sunday.  Rain in the night.  Warm and cloudy.  Jim and I went to church at 1:30 p.m.  Not many out.  We were in to Homer’s a while.  They have flu there.

October 21, 1957 – Monday.  Not very fine but the clothes dried well.  I made 2 aprons for the fall sale.  Homer here in the evening.

October 22, 1957 – Tuesday.  A cold night.  Down to 21 some places.  I put in a quilt and got it rolled once.  The Brookfield High School closed till Monday for flu.

October 23, 1957 – Wednesday.  Mild and hazy.  Went to Springside with Mr Archibald for Mrs Lew Hamilton’s funeral.  Had a chicken supper at the hall.  A large crowd.

October 24, 1957 – Thursday.  Mild and cloudy.  Was working at the quilt.  Glenn, and Muir Patterson called in the evening.

October 25, 1957 – Friday.  Mild and fine.  Quilted quite steady today.  Jim got some gravel hauled to put around the new well.

October 26, 1957 – Saturday.  Cloudy.  Did not rain.  Baked bread and a pie.  Nancy and Sylvia here in the afternoon.  We dressed 9 fowl for freezing.

October 27, 1957 – Sunday.  Wet day.  Rally Day at the church here.  The Junior Choir furnished the music and many rewards were given.

October 28, 1957 – Monday.  Not a very good wash day.  Richie Barrett was getting some straw.  Homer was here in the evening.

October 29, 1957 – Tuesday.  Brighter.  Cold by evening.  Jim was to River Hebert today with the soccer team.  They won  4-0. Homer, Heather, Sandy and Mable here a while.

October 30, 1957 – Wednesday.  Warm.  I was down to Mr Archibald’s and got a paper for David for his baptism.  Took the quilt out in the afternoon.

October 31, 1957 – Thursday.  Fine.  A mild day.  Baked doughnuts.  The stove pipe burned this forenoon.  Allen and Bob Deyarmond called in the afternoon.

November 1, 1957 – Friday.  Very warm and dull.  Baked 2 apple pies.  Was to the store, at the Doctor’s and to Harold Archibald’s in the afternoon.  Raining.

November 2, 1957 – Saturday.  Wet.  The river is pretty high.  Washed and waxed the floors.  Lynn has quite a bad cold.

November 3, 1957 – Sunday.  Raining most of the day.  We did not go to church.  Jim has some cold too.

November 4, 1957 – Monday.  Wet and drizzly.  More rain last night.  Lynn and Jim home from school with colds.  Was sewing blocks for a quilt.

November 5, 1957 – Tuesday.  Not a good wash day.  We did a big washing.  I baked bran muffins and cookies.  Lynn went to school.

November 6, 1957 – Wednesday.  Cloudy.  I done the ironing.  Homer called in the evening.  Was reading and making quilt squares.  Jim has the cold.

November 7, 1957 – Thursday.  Fine in the morning. Cloudy and wet in afternoon.  Jim was not to school.  Lynn spoke at the Brookfield High School speaking contest..  Ester, Leon and I down.

November 8, 1957 – Friday.  Fine.  Boys all went toschool.  Don, Priscilla and girls came up this afternoon.  Junior party at the High School tonight.

November 9, 1957 – Saturday.  Wind and rain storm.  Blew hard after dark.  Homer cleaned the stove pipe.  Jim played soccer at Brookfield in the morning.

November 10, 1957 – Sunday.  Fine day.  Was to church in the morning.  Don, Priscilla, Alfred and I went to Springside to Remembrance Day Service.

November 11, 1957 – Monday.  Fine.  Colder.  Ester, Don, Leon and Lynn brought the young cattle home.  Don and family went home in the p.m.  Jim playing soccer.

November 12, 1957 – Tuesday.  A fine day.  We got the washing dried fine, and ironed.  I finished the top and made a lining for a quilt.

November 13, 1957 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Not so cold.  Baked brerad and a pie.  Also fried doughnuts.  Had a heifer freshen last night.

November 14, 1957 – Thursday.  Mild.  Was at the store this morning.  Went to WMS at Mrs Archibald’s in afternoon.  A man from the Lands and Forests Department here to get some dates.

November 15, 1957 – Friday.  Mild.  Some rain in the afternoon.  I cleaned the cupboard in the pantry.  Bill Tree’s barn burnt this p.m.  Elsie is in hospital.  Her baby died yesterday – 1 day old.

November 16, 1957 – Saturday.  Mild and dark.   Baked  rolls and a pie.  Finished cleaning the pantry.  Ester and the boys to Truro in the forenoon.

November 17, 1957 – Sunday.  Wet day.  Homer, Nancy and Mable here in the morning.  The boys and I were to church in the afternoon.  The Young People’s helped in the service.

November 18, 1957 – Monday.  No sunshine.  Clothes did not dry well.  I put a quilt into the frames and got some done.

November 19, 1957 – Tuesday.  Another day the same weather.  Was quilting.  Arthur Kennedy in this morning.  Had a letter from Amanda.  Allister is in the V.G. Hospital.

November 20, 1957 – Wednesday.  A wet day.  Baked bread and quilted.  The wind blew hard till after dark.

November 21, 1957 – Thursday.  Fine.  The sun shone, first time for quite some days.  Willie krauch was here to lunch.  Got a bushel of apples.  Was quilting.  Ester was away a while.

November 22, 1957 – Friday.  Fine.  Had a card from Amanda.  Allister is much better.

November 23, 1957 – Saturday.  Mild.  Some rain in afternoon.  Ester and boys went to New glasgow.  Jim and Lynn are getting glasses.  Got 18 mackerel.  30 cents each.

November 24  – Sunday.  Colder but still squalls.  We all went to church but Lynn.  I went to Springside in the evening.  The WMS Thank Offering.  The Men’s Choir sang.

November 25, 1957 – Monday.   A grand wash day.  Got the clothes all ironed before supper.  Helen Graham called this evening.  I finished binding the quilt.

November 26, 1957 – Tuesday.  Fine and cold.  Did some mending and chores around.  A new calf this morning.  Jim and Lynn got their new glasses.  Arnold Wood was hurt yesterday.

November 27, 1957 – Wednesday.  Fine and cold.  Did some knitting and reading.  Ester sold a cow to David Kennedy today.  Leon at home.  His eye is badly swollen.

November 28, 1957 – Thursday.  Milder, cloudy.  Was down to the Post Office and store this morning.  Baked a fruit cake and rolls.  Alfred, Leon and Ester went for evergreens.

November 29, 1957 – no entry

November 30, 1957 – Saturday.  Cloudy and some rain.  Baked 2 pies, bread and cookies.  Sandy was here a little while.

December 1, 1957 – Sunday.  Wind and rain.  Colder.  Lynn, Jim and I went to church in the evening.  Leon’s eye better tonight.

December 2, 1957 – Monday.  A little snow in the morning, then finer.  Clothes dried fairly well.  Cleaned a little of the room and did the ironing.  Margaret  Dickie went into hospital in the p.m.

December 3, 1957 – Tuesday.  Cold day.  The ground white.  Was cleaning the room.  The sink was leaking.  Homer fixed it in the evening.

December 4, 1957 – Wednesday.  Not so cold. Dull.  No sunshine.  Washed and waxed the floors, and finished cleaning the room.  Mr Archibald called.

December 5, 1957 – Thursday.  Cold windy day.  Did not do very much.  Was to Ladies Aid at Mrs Roy Patterson’s. Arnold and June were married on Saturday in Framingham, Mass.

December 6, 1957 – Friday.  A fine day.  Ester went to Truro with Mr and Mrs Barrett.  We were in charge here.  A quiet day.  No callers.

December 7, 1957 – Saturday.  Cloudy.  Rain in the evening.  Baked brown bread and ginger snaps.  Was down to the store.

December 8, 1957 – Sunday.  Wet and dark.  We were to church ion the morning.  Homer and family here to supper.

December 9, 1957 – Monday.  Dark with rain.  We washed but did not hang the clothes out.  I put a crib quilt in and rolled one side.

December 10, 1957 – Tuesday.  The clothes dried partly.  But rain in late afternoon.  Took the quilt out this evening.

December 11, 1957 – Wednesday.  Cloudy and dark.  Ester and I were out  to Mrs Put Fulton’s to WMS in the afternoon.

December 12, 1957 – Thursday.  Rain and wind most of the day.  Ester and I were down to the store in the morning.  Did some sewing in the afternoon and evening.

December 13, 1957 – Friday.  Dark and cloudy.  Was sewing – making pajamas.  Ester, Lynn and Leon went to the supper and concert at Brookfield High School.  Jim went to the concert.  Luther Fulton died this morning.

December 14, 1957 – Saturday.  Mild.  Sun shone some.  Dusted  and cleaned up some.  Baked a cake and pudding.  Helen and Margaret called.

December 15, 1957 – Sunday.  Cleared fine in the morning.  I was at Herman’s a few minutes. Went to church in the evening.  Mr Archibald’s text was “We are labourers with God”.

December 16, 1957 – Monday.  Bright in the morning.  Snow in afternoon.  The washing partly dry.  Lena and Lawrence here in the afternoon.

December 17, 1957 – Tuesday.  Cleared some in afternoon.  Done the ironing and packed a package to go to Ernie Crockett.  Homer was over in the evening.

December 18, 1957 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Colder.  Margaret Dickie passed away yesterday in the Colchester County hospital.  She was sick 6 weeks.  We were in to Truro in the evening.

December 19, 1957 – Thursday.  Not so cold.  Homer took Ester and I to Springside to Mrs Andrew Dickie’s funeral.  Christmas party at the High School this evening.

December 20, 1957 – Friday.  Warm.  Thawed all day.  I went to Burnside with Mrs Tucker, Mrs Delaney and Ester.  Spent the day.  Was at the school concert.  Came home with Homer.

December 21, 1957 – Saturday.  Rain and wind storm in the evening.  Was down to the store.  Donald and Annie called.  I baked apple pudding and doughnuts.

December 22, 1957 – Sunday.  Mild and cloudy.  Went to church.  The text was “And the word was made flesh and dwelt among us”.  Ester and I called on the family at Andrew’s.

December 23, 1957 – Monday.  A lovely day.  We washed and ironed.  The clothes dried like a summer day.   Homer and Jim were at the mountain cutting logs and wood.

December 24, 1957 – Tuesday.  Dull.  A bit colder than yesterday.  Allen Deyarmond died this morning.  He has had asthma so long.  Was to the store.  Elsie and Bill called.

December 25, 1957 – Wednesday.   Christmas. The ground just white.  Cloudy.  Not very cold.  Ester and the boys went to Shearwater for dinner.  Alfred and I spent the day with Homer and family.

December 26, 1957 – Thursday.  Fine.  Milder.  Did not do much.  Read and done a little bit of mending.  Lelia and Oliver called.  Was at Ester’s to supper.

December 27, 1957 – Friday.  A very high wind and rain.  Not quite so bad in the p.m.  We were to Allen Deyarmond’s funeral in Springside.  Bill and Hattie Miller came to supper.  Mary and Eleanor called.

December 28, 1957 – Saturday.  Mild.  The bushes full of snow.   Homer, Alfred and I went to Arnold Wood’s on a call.  Ethel Deyarmond and Janie MacKay called on us in the evening.

December 29, 1957 – Sunday.  Mild, cloudy.  We were to church this afternoon.  Mr Archibald’s text was “Watch and Pray”.

December 30  – Monday.  Mild.  Cloudy.  Washed but did not bring the clothes in.  Homer and Jim up to the woods.   Ester and the boys up to Richie’s to watch TV

December 31, 1957 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Not cold at all.  Got the clothes ironed, and the floor washed and waxed.  Heather and Iva here a while in the afternoon.

1957 – A year so many school friends and others passed away.  Roy Blaikie, Frank Fulton, Lena and Allen Deyarmond, Margaret Dickie and Luther Fulton.

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