The Journals of Annabelle Johnson 1956

The Journals of
Annabelle Johnson

January 1, 1956 – Sunday.  Cold frosty morning.  Helen Graham here to dinner.  We made out WMS reports.  Had a chicken dinner.January 2, 1956 – Monday.  Fine.  A cold day.  Homer cut up some green hardwood.  I did not do much.  Knit, read, and sewed a little.

January 3, 1956 – Tuesday.  Cold.  Milder in the afternoon.  School opened after Christmas vacation.  Roads pretty good.  Some slippy.

January 4, 1956 – Wednesday.  Rain and fog.  The roads were heavy and slippery.  Knit and sewed a little.  I am also reading  a book.

January 5, 1956 – Thursday.  Rain.  The roads are bad, slippery.  Reading a book and knitting.

January 6, 1956 – Friday.  Rain.  The snow nearly all gone.  Homer was home by noon.  The water was high.  Baked bread and rolls.  Alfred dug parsnips in the morning.

January 7, 1956 – Saturday.  Rained most of the day.  The water is high.  Ester and boys went over to Herman’s.

January 8, 1956 – Sunday.  The rain has stopped.  Lots of storm damage through the country.  I walked down to the bridge in the afternoon.  The water is very high.

January 9, 1956 – Monday.  Another mild day.  Drifting rain.  Homer said the roads are soft.  He made the trip with the school bus.  Much damage in Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.

January 10, 1956 – Tuesday.  More rain last night and water high again.   The storm has caused much damage in the Maritimes.  Put a crib quilt in.

January 11, 1956 – Wednesday.  Still mild and a drizzle.  Nancy and Sandy went to school.  The water has fell but very high on the LaHave River.  Finished the crib quilt.

January 12, 1956 – Thursday.  Mild.  Did not rain much.   Alfred dug 2 bushel baskets of parsnips.  Baked biscuit and a cake.  Heard that Min has jaundice.

January 13, 1956 – Friday.  Raining today and mild.  Very dark and dull.   I did not do much.  Darned a pair of socks and a few more chores about the house.

January 14, 1956 – Saturday.  More rain and mild.  Baked brown bread, doughnuts and a pie.  Homer cut up the last of the slabs.  Alfred’s leg bad in the morning.

January 15, 1956 – Sunday.  Still dark, wet and mild.  Joan was not feeling well.  Was resting in bed most of the day.

January 16, 1956 – Monday.  Another dark day.  Colder tonight.  I washed but the clothes did not dry at all.  Heard from Min.  She is about the same.

January 17, 1956 – Tuesday.  Did not storm.  Just cloudy.   The clothes were partly dry when I brought them in.  Joan washed.  Had a letter from Myrtle.

January 18, 1956 – Wednesday.  Rain in the morning.  Snow squalls in the afternoon.  Some colder.  The children did not go to school.  Did the ironing.  Mary Carter called.  Min is about the same.

January 19, 1956 – Thursday.  Snow flurries.  Not freezing much.  15 days without sunshine.  Did some mending.  Baked a gingerbread.

January 20, 1956 – Friday.  The sun shone a few times between snow squalls.  More than two weeks since it shone at all.  Washed and waxed the floor.

January 21, 1956 – Saturday.  Mild and cloudy.  Homer went to the village with the mail.  The road is too soft for a car.  Baked date squares and biscuit.

January 22, 1956 – Sunday.  Another day of the same.  Homer walked down to church in the afternoon.  Did some reading and letter-writing.

January 23, 1956 – Monday.  The sunset clear.  Looks fine this evening.  Joan did a big washing and dried well.  I was putting snapshots in the albums.

January 24, 1956 – Tuesday.  Sunny in the morning.  Snow squalls in afternoon.  Was pasting clippings in my scrapbook.  Homer brought the school bus home tonight.

January 25, 1956 – Wednesday.  Snow squalls.  Working at the scrapbook.  The road maintainer was up today to the mailbox.

January 26, 1956 – Thursday.  A blustery day.  Baked 1 loaf of bread and 2 dozen rolls.  Turned a flannelette blanket. Read the paper.  Had a letter from Julia and a card from 9 Meadow Lane.

January 27- Friday.  A lovely moonlit night.  Did not do much.  Finished up my scrapbook for now.  Almost full.  Homer shovelled snow in the afternoon.

January 28, 1956 – January 29, 1956 – no entries

January 30, 1956 – Monday.  We were down to see Ester.  The road was full of snow.  Martin came with the tractor.

January 31, 1956 – Tuesday.  A blustery day.  The snow plow came up about 6 p.m.  My birthday.  Went to the Annual Meeting.  There was only 43 hours of sunshine in January.

February 1, 1956 – Wednesday.  Cold day.  Fine.  Was reading a book.  The children got to school today.

February 2, 1956 – Thursday.  Fine in the morning.  Snow in the evening.   Alfred and I went to Grant’s in the bus.  Called on Elsie.  Had our WMS meeting in the evening.

February 3, 1956 – Friday.  Snowed quite a lot last night.  Was reading and knit some.  Have a sore shoulder.

February 4, 1956 – Saturday.  Fine.  Baked bread and 2 pies.  Homer and family went to the village in the afternoon.  Homer shovelled snow to get out.

February 5, 1956 – Sunday.  A snow storm.  Stayed quiet all day.  Writing a letter and reading.

February 6, 1956 – Monday.  Fine.  A good wash day.  Homer did not get out with the bus this morning.  Hauled it out after dinner.  Butchered a beef this morning.

February 7, 1956 – Tuesday,  A big snow storm.  A lot of snow and drifts.  Homer went to Brookfield, but they came back before noon, the storm was so bad.

February 8, 1956 – Wednesday.  Cleared and the sun shone this afternoon.  Homer shovelled snow most of the day.  Was over to Roy’s in the afternoon.

February 9, 1956 – Thursday.  Not very fine.  I did a big washing.  They got partly dry.  The snow plow only came to the mail box.   Mrs Joe Archibald passed away last evening.

February 10, 1956 – Friday.  A beautiful sunny day.  I got the ironing done.  Homer went with the bus.  The snow plow came up as far as our road.

February 11, 1956 – Saturday.  A very nice day.  Sun shining and mild.  Homer went to the village with the mail.   Baked bread, cookies and made a pie.  Done some mending.

February 12, 1956 – Sunday.  Another snow storm.  Turned soft and rained a little.  Put in the day reading and studying a little.

February 13, 1956 – Monday.  Cloudy.  The sun shone a bit in the afternoon.   Cut out a night dress and a night shirt.  Lawrence and Roy broke out our road with their tractors.

February 14, 1956 – Tuesday.  Fine.  The children went to school.   I made a night dress and a night shirt today.

February 15, 1956 – Wednesday.  Fine.  I washed out a few clothes.  Went for a walk.  The snow softened quite a lot.  Made a stuffed hen.

February 16, 1956 – Thursday.  Cloudy and colder.  Baked a washington pie and made a salmon loaf.  Called Mary Carter.  She said Min was feeling better.

February 17, 1956 – Friday.  Cold and windy.  I wrote a letter.  Planned to go over to lawrence’s and then to the World Day of Prayer Meeting.  Found the walking bad so came back.

February 18, 1956 – Saturday.  Cold and fine.  The children were coasting on the hill.  Baked a date loaf and rolls.  Dusted up the place.

February 19, 1956 – Sunday.  Dull sky.  No storm.  Lawrence was over with the tractor in the morning.  Roy and family over in the p.m.  Had a sled and cart body behind the tractor.

February 20, 1956 – Monday.  A beautiful day.  Joan got her washing dried nice.  I canned 1 can of baked beans, 3 cans of soup and did a bit od sewing.

February 21, 1956 – Tuesday.  Another fine day.  Cold.  Only thawed around the buildings.   Homer got the car over the road after he got home.  Mrs M. Masterman passed away yesterday.

February 22, 1956 – Wednesday.  Some snow squalls.  Allen Deyarmond visited us today.  Here to dinner.   The road filled in with snow again.  I did not get to Aid.

February 23, 1956 – Thursday.  Cold and snow squalls.  Got 2 rounds braided and sewed on my rug today.  Had letters.  One from David Graham, the other from David Crockett and Wilma.

February 24, 1956 – Friday.  Very cold and windy.  Washed.  Very cold hanging out the clothes.  Made doughnuts and got the ironing done.

February 25, 1956 – Saturday.  Snow.  Rain after dark.  Some sleet first.  Washed and waxed the floor.  Baked a jelly-roll and bread.

February 26, 1956 – Sunday.  Very high wind all day.  Homer tried to get the car out.  Cut through on the interval.  The house was hard to heat today.

February 27, 1956 – Monday.  Snowed very fast this morning.  Cleared and quite fine.  Joan got a washing dried. Mary called.  Min had a bad turn this evening.

February 28, 1956 – Tuesday.  A big snow storm all day.  Min passed away at Mary’s early this morning.  Allie and Jennie came last evening.

February 29, 1956 – Wednesday.  A fine day.  12 or 14 inches of snow fell  yesterday.  Pretty cold.  Did not do much.  Called Truro and talked with Mary, Allie and Jennie.  The snow plow has not got up yet.

March 1, 1956 – Thursday.  Another cold morning.  Lawrence came over with horse and sleigh after the snow plow came up.  He took us to Truro to Min’s funeral at 2:30 p.m.

March 2, 1956 – Friday.  Fine and cold.  Did not do much.  Finished up the mince meat and made 3 pies.  I have some cold.

March 3, 1956 – Saturday.  A wet day.  Rained last night and mild all day.  Baked brown bread and cleaned up our rooms.

March 4, 1956 – Sunday.  Clear in the morning,  soft snow before night.  Have a cold.  Was in bed till noon.  Not sick, just resting.

March 5, 1956 – Monday.  A few inches of new snow.  The children had heavy walking to school.   Called Mrs Hamilton.  W.D. Kennedy seems a little better.

March 6, 1956 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Sun very bright.   Did not do much.  Finished a book I wazs reading.

March 7, 1956 – Wednesday.  Snow.  Not as much as last week.  Baked chinese chews and gingerbread.  Was working at the braided rug.

March 8, 1956 – Thursday.  A snow storm.  Did not blow much.  The children had a heavy wade from the road home.  My cold bad tonight.

March 9, 1956 – Friday.  A windy day.  Thunder and lightning storm last night.  Heather did not go to school today.   The snow plow was up as far as Elmers.

March 10, 1956 – Saturday.  Fine and cold.  Baked rolls and made a custard.  Dusted and swept up the house.  Joan not very well.

March 11, 1956 – Sunday.  Fine.  Chilly and cold.  Homer went to church.  Elsie and  Linda were up.  They walked from Lawrence’s.

March 12, 1956 –  Monday.  Cleared in the forenoon.  Rain and the wind was high in the night.  Joan got her washing dried.  I did a few things.

March 13, 1956 – Tuesday.  A nice fine day.  Thawed.  I got a washing done and dried.  Sandy was not at school.

March 14, 1956 – Wednesday.  Cloudy.  Snow in the afternoon.  Done the ironing in the morning and sewed in the afternoon.   Talked with Ester.  The boys and her were in to the hockey game.

March 15, 1956 – Thursday.  A snow storm last night.  The children did not get to school and Homer could not get through.  No mail..

March 16, 1956 – Friday.  Fine in the morning.  Cloudy before night.  I baked bread and made doughnuts.  Finished all the material I had for braiding.

March 17, 1956 – Saturday.  Snow.  Lots of snow and piled in drifts all day.  The wind not so high in the p.m.  Baked 2 pies and chored about.

March 18, 1956 – Sunday.  Fine.  The wind is not blowing.  Homer got the paths shovelled out again.  The yard is piled full.   The snow plow came to Elmer’s at dark.

March 19, 1956 – Monday.  Fine.  The children did not get to school.  The teacher’s road is not plowed.   I put a mat in and got a little bit done.

March 20, 1956 – Tuesday.  A blustery morning.  Clearing in afternoon.  I stayed in bed till near supper time. Have a hard cough.  The mail got up in the afternoon.

March 21, 1956 – Wednesday.  A fine day.  Quite cold in the morning.  Still coughing some.   Cooked a fowl and done the work.  The children did not go to school.

March 22, 1956 – Thursday.  Fine and warmer.  Baked a cake and custard.  Had a letter from Julia.

March 23, 1956 – Friday.  Fine.  The sun was warm and the snow settled today.   I have thew cold.  Was in bed most of the day.   Had 7 women come hoeboeing tonight.

March 24, 1956 – Saturday.  Fine.  Storming again before night.  Baked bread and made a pie.  Homer had the horse and sleigh over to Roy’s for a bag of flour and oats.  Also hauled wood on the sled wearing snowshoes.

March 25, 1956 – Sunday.  Another heavy fall of snow this morning.  The 3rd in 10 days.

March 26, 1956 – Monday.  Cold day and the snow drifted all day.  I was working at the hooked mat today.  Nancy and Sandy had deep snow coming home.

March 27, 1956 – Tuesday.  Fine.  I got quite a lot done on my mat today.

March 28, 1956 – Wednesday.  Fine.  A cold wind.  Baked sugar cookies and was working at the mat.

March 29, 1956 – Thursday.  Fine.  Did not thaw much.  I was working at the mat.  Got quite a lot done on it.

March 30, 1956 – Friday.  Some snow and ice pellets.  A nasty evening.   Did not get to Aid at Lawrence’s.  The snow plow was over our road.  Snow deep on the hill.

March 31, 1956 – Saturday.  Finer.  Some snow squalls.  Finished my mat yesterday.  Cleaned up the house today.    Homer, Joan and children down to the village.

April 1, 1956 – Sunday.  Easter.  We did not get to church.  Was quite a fine day with a cold wind.

April 2, 1956 – Monday.  Fine.  The sun was bright.  Homer shovelled snow all day getting the road so he could get out with the car.   I canned 2 fowl.  Had 3 cans.

April 3, 1956 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Cloudy in the afternoon.   I did a washing and got it all ironed.   Homer and family went to Halifax.  Doctor Akare found Heather’s feet improved.

April 4, 1956 – Wednesday.  Cloudy and mild.  Homer got some wood hauled in.  Hauled it on the hand sled.  The snow very deep.

April 5, 1956 – Thursday.  Rained heavy in the morning.  Cleared in afternoon.  Did some mending and fixed a mat bottom to do another mat.  Snow went down today.

April 6, 1956 – Friday.  A fine day.  Quite a heavy wind.   Homer cut down the apple tree and cut it up for wood.  Canned 3 fowl today.

April 7, 1956 – Saturday.  Fine.  Snow is melting and the brooks are open.   Homer and I went to the village.  Was at Ester’s to dinner.  Got a nice gift from David and Wilma.

April 8, 1956 – Sunday.  Cloudy.  Snow in the evening.   Homer, the children and I went to church.  Walked down to the road.  Had left the car there yesterday.  A good sermon.

April 9, 1956 – Monday.  Snow squalls.  Had about an inch of snow last night  I put a mat in.  Snowing again tonight.

April 10, 1956 – Tuesday.  A rough day.  Snow and wind blowing.  I was working at the mat.  Baked bran muffins.  Roy brought the children up with tractor and sled.

April 11, 1956 – Wednesday.  Finer.  Some snow squalls.   The roads are full over Graham Hill and drifted up here.   Roy took the school children with the tractor.

April 12, 1956 – Thursday.  Snow squalls.   Had a letter from Ina.  They had 10 inches of snow there last Sunday.

April 13, 1956 – Friday.  Some finer.  Did not thaw much.  I baked bread and was working at the mat.  Alfred’s leg was pretty sore.

April 14, 1956 – Saturday.  Fine.  The snow softened.   A man walked in from MacLeod’s camp this morning.  Got eggs and a loaf of bread.  He has been out there since March 10th alone.  Has 7 horses to tend.

April 15, 1956 – Sunday.  A fine warm day.  The snow went down.   The peonies thawed out and when the snow went they were through the ground.

April 16, 1956 – Monday.  Began to rain about 10 a.m. and rained hard sometimes.  I was hooking at the mat.  We saw robins for the first time this year.

April 17, 1956 – Tuesday.  Cleared before noon and snow disappeared fast.  Joan washed and the clothes dried well.I finished the mat I was hooking.

April 18, 1956 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Baked rolls and walked down to Elmer’s in the afternoon.  The Institute met at Allen Deyarmond’s this evening.

April 19, 1956 – Thursday.  Rain.  Not very warm.  I did not do very much today.

April 20, 1956 – Friday.  Cleared.  The sun shone in the afternoon.  Baked cookies and sewe some.  The snow is getting run away.

April 21, 1956 – Saturday.  Snowed most all day.  6-8 inches fell.  Mail did not get up.   Baked bread, made a pie and a tapioca pudding.

April 22, 1956 – Sunday.  A dull day.  Snow slushy.  Heather and I had a sleep in the afternoon.  Did some reading.

April 23, 1956 – Monday.  Sun was shining in the morning.  Rained by mid-afternoon.  Washed but only put a few out.  Got them ironed.  The roads are bad.  Mud and snow.

April 24, 1956 – Tuesday.  Fine and windy.  Put the clothes out and they dried well.   Did the ironing and made a table mat for the Fish pond.  Dug parsnips.

April 25, 1956 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Made doughnuts.   Went toladies Aid at Mrs Bill Tree’s.  Had a good Aid.  I went with Gwen and Lawrence.

April 26, 1956 – Thursday.  Fine.   Homer brought the bus up over the roads last night.   I went to WMS this afternoon.  Had a letter from Ina.

April 27, 1956 – Friday.  Ground white but did not last.  Mild and sunny in afternoon.  Cleaned the cupboard.

April 28, 1956 – Saturday.  Rain.  Baked bread, cake and 2 pies.  Made brownbread for beans.   Homer, Joan and children down to Middle Stewiacke in the evening.

April 29, 1956 – Sunday.  Fine and warmer.  Daylight Savings Time began today.  We all went to church at 1:30 p.m.

April 30, 1956 – Monday.  Rain and drizzle.  Cleared before sunset.  I washed the ceiling.  Joan and Nancy are getting their hair cut this evening.

May 1, 1956 – Tuesday.  Fine.  The wind is cold.  Washed,  and cleaned my bedroom.  Clyde Reynolds passed away last evening, sitting in his chair.

May 2, 1956 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Not so cold.  Baked biscuit and a pie.   Ironed and got the stove cleaned, and the brush from the apple tree burnt.

May 3, 1956 – Thursday.  A cold rain in the afternoon.  Cleaning the room.  Went to WMS in the evening.

May4- Friday.  Fine.  I finished the room – cleaned up again for this spring.  Alfred dug the last of the parsnips.   Nancy went away for a week-end to Tatamagouche.

May 5, 1956 – Saturday.  Wet in the morning.  Cleared in afternoon.  We went to Truro.  I was at mary Carter’s to dinner.  Alfred and I stayed at Ester’s.  Alfred’s 83rd birthday.

May 6, 1956 – Sunday.  A cold wind, but finer.  The boys went to Sunday School.  Homer, Joan, Sandy and Heather were in for a while in the afternoon.

May 7, 1956 – Monday.  Fine and windy.  I had my hair cut and had the Doctor bandage my foot.  W.D. Kennedy had a bad spell.  We called in the afternoon.  Did not see him.

May 8, 1956 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Jim harrowed after supper.  I was up to see Mr Kennedy.  He is much better.  Snow squalls in afternoon.

May 9, 1956 – no entry

May 10, 1956 – Thursday.  Rain most of the day.  Alfred and I over to Herman’s in the evening.

May 11, 1956 – Friday.  Fine.   David Kennedy and Herman dehorned the young cattle.  Jim’s birthday.  17 years old.   Don, Priscilla and children came for the week-end.

May 12, 1956 – Saturday.  Rain.  We came home last night.  I cleaned the cupboard, baked gingerbread, a meat loaf and a scallop.

May 13, 1956 – Sunday.  Cleared and much warmer.  Sunday School opened,  and had a Mother’s day sermon.  Mr and Mrs Lyman Hamilton had their baby baptized – Lillian Ruth

May 14, 1956 – Monday.  Cloudy.  Some rain.  Baked bread.  Made fudge for Aid.  Cleaned the cellar way in the afternoon.  Went to Springside to a Variety Concert.  Very good.

May 15, 1956 – Tuesday.  Cleared after dinner.  A nice spring afternoon.   We were down to the cemetery,  and put out a few plants.   Sandy and I fished.  No luck.

May 16, 1956 – Wednesday.  Rain in the afternoon.  Foggy and cold.   I put our winter coats away.  Nancy went to Brookfield for the Musical Festival.

May 17, 1956 – Thursday.  Wet.  I made a mistake here.  Cleaned the hall on Thursday.  Washed on Friday.  We went to Brookfield for Adult night of Festival.  Nancy was in a chorus.

May 18, 1956 – Friday.  Some finer.  I cleaned the hall and washed the curtains.  Went to Brookfield for the final concert of the Festival.  Homer took the big bus from Upper Stewiacke.

May 19, 1956 – Saturday.  Cleared nice in the afternoon.  The last bit of snow gone.  Baked bread and rolls and a layer cake.  Did the ironing and cleaned up the house.

May 20, 1956 – Sunday.  Dark.  A few showers.  Cleared in the afternoon.  We went to church and Sunday School.  Preaching sat 1:30.  The text was Hebrews 12:1.  Ester and boys up in the evening.

May 21, 1956 – Monday.  A cold morning.  Frost.  Fine.   A girl born to Mr and Mrs Fred Miller on the 20th, and also a girl born to Mr and Mrs Roy MacKay on the 19th.  Planted lettuce and radish.

May 22, 1956 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Alfred and I went down to Grant’s on the school bus.  Called at Bill Tree’s and Murray’s after supper.  Grant brought us home.

May 23, 1956 – Wednesday.  Fine.  A high wind.  Very drying.   Elmer busy harrowing all day.  Baked biscuits.  Alfred was splitting wood.

May 24, 1956 – Thursday.  Cleared by noon.  A big rain in the night.  Baked brown bread.  Had rhubarb for supper.  The first this spring.

May 25, 1956 – Friday.  A very hard frost.  Ice on the puddles on the road.  Alfred and I went down to Grant’s.  Min’s burial was at 10:30 a.m. Just the family there.

May 26, 1956 – Saturday.  Fine.  Roy came over and plowed the garden.  Was busy all day.  Had ladies Aid this evening.  There was 17 here.

May 27, 1956 – Sunday.  Fine.  Went to Sunday School and church.  Bydie and Ina came about 8 p.m.  Left home about 4 p.m. yesterday.

May 28, 1956 – Monday.  Rain most of the day and cold and dark.  Bydie and Ina went down to the village this morning.  Are busy fixing things at W.D. Kennedy’s.

May 29, 1956 – Tuesday.  Cleared in the morning.  Washed and ironed.  The wind blew hard sometimes.  Bydie and Ina came back again this evening.

May 30, 1956 – Wednesday.  Fine.  We visited with the folks today.  All had a sleep in the afternoon.  Went down to Ester’s after supper.

May 31, 1956 – Thursday.  A fine day.  Warmer.  Bydie, Ester, Alfred and I went to New Glasgow. I got a pair of shoes.  Ester had her eyes tested.  Joan visited at her mother’s.  Ina shopped in Truro.

June 1, 1956 – Friday.  Fine and warm.  Bydie and Ina went over to Mrs Hamilton’s.  Alfred and I was at Ester’s.  Down to Grant’s and Allen’s calling.

June 2, 1956 – saturday.  Very warm in afternoon.   Homer, Joan and the children to Truro.  Alfred and I got 6 rows of garden planted.  Bydie and Ina left for home.

June 3, 1956 – Sunday.  A very warm day.  Was at Sunday School this morning.  Joan had company – her family.   Heather and I walked down to the cemetery.

June 4, 1956 – Monday.  A shower in the early morning.  Very warm in the afternoon.  Alfred and I planted a few potatoes.  Baked a pie and a scone.

June 5, 1956 – Tuesday.  Fine and warm.  Wefinished planting potatoes.  Have 12 rows in the garden.  Lynn came up from school to spend the night.

June 6, 1956 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Not so hot.   Planted carrots, a few beans and other small seeds.  Baked bread and put some clothes away for the summer.

June 7, 1956 – Thursday.  Fine.  Cold wind from the north east in the evening.  Washed and ironed.  The wind blew the clothes good.  Went to WMS in the evening.

June 8, 1956 – Friday.  Some drizzle and cold.   Made cupcakes and done some sewing and mending.  The Watkins man here.  Charlie Gaham passed away.

June 9, 1956 – Saturday.  Cloudy and cool.  Baked rolls and cookies.  Dusted.  Washed and waxed the floor.   Down to the village in the evening.

June 10, 1956 – Sunday.  Still cloudy and cool.  Was at Sunday School and church.  Mr Archibald gave us some impressions of the Maritime Conference held last week.

June 11, 1956 – Monday.  Rain most of the day.  Alfred and I went to Charlie’s funeral with Roy.  Quite a large funeral.

June 12, 1956 – Tuesday.  Cleared.  The ground got a good soaking.

June 13, 1956 – Wednesday.  Fine and warm.  Heather’s 6th birthday.

June 14, 1956 – Thursday.  Fine and hot.  Walter, Phillip, and Arnold Wood here in the evening.  Homer and family down to the village.

June 15, 1956 – Friday.  A hot day.  90 in the afternoon.  I went to Truro on the cream truck.  Was at Mac Carter’s all night.  Went for a drive in the evening.

June 16, 1956 – Saturday.  Not so hot.  More breeze.  Did some shopping.  Came home.  Alfred and I helped Homer put in some garden.  Helen Patterson’s wedding.

June 17, 1956 – Sunday.  Cooler.  Went to Sunday School.  Allister, Amanda, Alex and son here in the afternoon and to supper.

June 18, 1956 – Monday.  A cold nasty day with some rain.  Homer went to Brookfield with the bus.  Senior Graduation this evening.

June 19, 1956 – Tuesday.  Fine and cool.  Washed, and got the clothes dried, ironed and mended.  Alfred and Homer went tothe village to plant potatoes after supper.

June 20, 1956 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Frost last night.  I did some baking.  We set out the tomatoes after supper.

June 21, 1956 – Thursday.  High wind and cool.  Rain in the evening.  I was sewing and went over and stayed with the children at Roy MacKay’s.

June 22, 1956 – Friday.  Cleared in the afternoon.  Warmer.  I finished the quilt I was working on.   Sold the stock today.  Ester, Leon and Lynn here in the evening.

June 23, 1956 – Saturday.  Fine.  Alfred and I went down to the village for the week-end.  Did grocery shopping.  The stock went this morning.

June 24, 1956 – Sunday.  A nice clear morning.  Clouded in the afternoon.  We went to the Anniversary Service,  both morning and evening.  Dr. Nicholson preached at both services.

June 25, 1956 – Monday.  Cloudy and cold.   We came home with Homer in the afternoon.  Alice and Murray called in the evening.

June 26, 1956 – Tuesday.  Fine and warmer.  Elmer took the stove, washer and other things for Homer.  Nancy, Sandy and Heather was on a picnic.  They had a grand time.

June 27, 1956 – Wednesday.  Fine and warmer.  Homer and family moved to the village this afternoon.  Nancy, Sandy and Heather passed at school.  Sandy had the highest average.

June 28, 1956 – Thursday.  Foggy.  A nice rain in the night.  Allen was here today.  Mixing cement for a barn at Lawrence’s. I got a washing done. Baked chinese chews.

June 29, 1956 – Friday.  Fine.  Cool this evening.  Baked bread and got the clothes ironed and put up some curtains.  Geraldine and Sharon here this afternoon.

June 30, 1956 – Saturday.  Fine.  I dusted and swept up the house.  Baked 2 rhubarb pies.  Homer and Heather up in the afternoon.  The Fuller Brush man called.

July 1, 1956 – Sunday.  Nice in the morning.  Raining by early evening.   Ester, the boys, Don, Priscilla and girls here to dinner.  I was to Sunday School.  Went with the MacKay’s.

July 2, 1956 – Monday.  Rained all night and in the morning, dark and foggy.  Bill, Elsie and their boys here for supper.  Alfred and I went to Aid at BIll Graham’s in the evening.

July 3, 1956 – Tuesday.  Cleared.  A fine day.   Mac came up for me this morning, and I helped Mary on her quilt.  Alfred was home.

July 4, 1956 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Baked gingerbread and biscuit.  Was in the garden a while.   Rod Smith here this afternoon taking the census.  A shower in the evening.

Juny 5, 1956 – Thursday.  A fine day.  I washed and ironed.  Was down for the mail, but did not find any strawberries.  The Women’s Institute women are to Halifax.

July 6, 1956 – Friday.  Fine.  I baked bread, a cake and gingersnaps.  Fixed up the bedroom upstairs.  Did a little braiding at my rug.

July 7, 1956 – Saturday.  Dark in the morning.  Rain by noon.  Done some cleaning around and washed the bedroom and kitchen floors.  Lester Johnson here collecting for the telephone.

July 8, 1956 – Sunday.  Some showers.  Some sunshine.  Martin took Alfred and I to church.  Mr Archibald preached a sermon on prayer.

July 9, 1956 – Monday.  Fine in the morning.  Rain before night.  I was helping Emma quilt.  Alfred down in the afternoon.  Homer and Jim up and got a load of stuff.

July 10, 1956 – Tuesday.  Cloudy.  Some showers.  Alfred built a work bench.  I bound a mat bottom.  Was fishing after supper.  Caught 5 trout.

July 11, 1956 – Wednesday.  Warm and pretty fine.  Baked a pie and rolls.  Alfred hoeing.   Murray here collecting for a gift for Ed Graham.  He is going to Ontario.

July 12, 1956 – Thursday.  Fine.  Washed and ironed and did some other chores.  Homer, Joan and the children called.  Perley and Lelia here a few minutes after supper.

July 13, 1956 – Friday.  Warm day.  Made a pie and doughnuts.  Picked about a pint of berries.  Got about the same yesterday.   The first we had.   Reception for Keith and Frances [Graham] this p.m.

July 14, 1956 –  Saturday.  Cloudy.  Began to rain about 4 p.m.  Baked bread and a pie.   Picked 4 boxes of berries.  The Hutchinson’s came about 6 p.m.

July 15, 1956 – Sunday.  Cleared this morning.  Warren, Allister and I went to Sunday School.  We were down to Murray’s and Bill Tree’s.  Also to the cemetery.  Alex went home after supper.

July 16, 1956 – Monday.  Fine.  Got three and a half boxes of berries.  The boys got along fine.  Are as contented as can be.    Perley was here after supper.  They were in Truro.

July 17, 1956 – Tuesday.  Rained.  We did some rug-braiding.  Got meals and visited.

July 18, 1956 – Wednesday.  Cleared off and dried hay in the afternoon.   Homer, Joan, the children and Ester here in the evening. Amanda picked a bowl of wild strawberries.

July 19, 1956 – Thursday.  Fine.  A nice clear day.  Elmer got some hay baled and in.  Baked rolls and a gingerbread.

July 20, 1956 – Friday.  Fine.  A thunder shower in the afternoon.  Made jam.  Mac brought us up berries this morning.  Put the berries away.

July 21, 1956 – Saturday.  Fine.  Martin and Elmer putting in hay.  Warren and Allister having a good time helping.

July 22, 1956 – Sunday.  Fine.  We went to Sunday School and church.  Martin came up and took us.

July 23, 1956 – Monday.  Wet day.  We washed but did not put the clothes out.  Mac, Mary and Emma called in the afternoon.

July 24, 1956 – Tuesday.  Cloudy and dark.  Put the clothes out.  A few dried.  Homer and children, Mary MacKay , and Blaikie children here after supper.

July 25, 1956 – Wednesday.  Still no hay weather.   Baked cookies and a nut bread loaf.  Braiding at the rug.  Got the clothes dried and ironed.

July 26, 1956 – Thursday.  Cleared and the sun shone.  Baked rolls and a pie.  Had greens from the garden.

July 27, 1956 – Friday.  A fine day.  I picked a few gooseberries.  We finished braiding on the rug.  All done but finishing off.   Charlie Grant died last night.

July 28, 1956 –  – July 29, 1956 – no entries

July 30, 1956 – Monday.  Fine.  Quite a high wind.  A good drying day.  Washed and ironed.  We sold 7 bags of potatoes to G. Fulton of bass River.  Got $26.25.

July 31, 1956 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Martin mowed our interval this morning.  I swept, dusted, washed the floors and waxed them.  Walked down and got the mail.

August 1, 1956 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Martin and Elmer finished haying at home.  I picked the gooseberries.  Rained in the evening.  Mrs Seward Caddell passed away yesterday.

August 2, 1956 – Thursday.  Cleared slowly.  Ester and the twins were here.  Picked currants.  I made gooseberry jam and I put in a mat to hook.

August 3, 1956 – Friday.  Fine.  Good hay day.  Martin and Elmer cleaned up a lot of hay.  Put some in the barn.  The Graham boys got 2 loads.  I was hooking.

August 4, 1956 – Saturday.  A shower about noon but dried off and got more hay in.  Finished mowing.  I baked rolls, made salmon loaf and did some hooking.

August 5, 1956 – Sunday.  Fine.  Alfred and I had a walk in the afternoon.  Seymour and Mildred called in the evening.  They came Friday night.

August 6, 1956 – Monday.  A good hay day.  Elmer and Martin finished the hay here.  I washed and ironed and picked the red currants.

August 7, 1956 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Grant here this morning.  Grant here this morning.  Baked bread and a cake.  Also made salad dressing and red currant jelly.

August 8, 1956 – Wednseday.  Rain.  This was Old Home Picnic.  The afternoon was quite good.  Rain stopped before 3 p.m.   A big crowd and all appeared to enjoy themselves.

August 9, 1956 – Thursday.  Cloudy and damp.  Ted, Hilda, Patsy and Bob here to dinner.  We had new potatoes for the first.  Seymour and Mildred left for home.

August 10, 1956 – Friday.  Fine.  I was working at the mat.  Baked brown bread.

August 11, 1956 – Saturday.  Dark.  Had showers down on the river.  Baked 2 pies and cookies.  Was hooking at the mat.  Alfred walked down for the mail.

August 12, 1956 – Sunday.  Thunder storm.  Quite severe.  Martin took us to Sunday School and church.

August 13, 1956 – Monday.  Fine.  A very nice day.  Got the washing and ironing done.  Also hooked some at the mat.

August 14, 1956 – Tuesday.  Rained in the afternoon.  I picked a quart of blueberries.  Was hooking.  Homer and family up in the evening.  Heather is staying for her vacation.

August 15, 1956 – Wednesday.  Cleared by afternoon.  I was hooking.  Sharon and Judy over to play with heather.  She was over there to supper.  Went to WMS in the evening.

August 16, 1956 – Thursday.  A good fine day.  Heather and I picked our first peas and beans this evening. We also picked a few blueberries this afternoon.

August 17, 1956 – Friday.  Fine.  Baked rolls and picked some blueberries.  Was busy at the mat.

August 18, 1956 – Saturday.  A hot day.  Cleaned up the house.  Made a cake and 2 pies.  Heather over to visit the MacKay girls in the afternoon.

August 19, 1956 – Sunday.  Rain before noon.  Went to Sunday School.  Homer came for Heather.  The Hutchinson’s, Bezanson’s, Jensen’s, Breadman’s and Miller’s visited us today.

August 20, 1956 – Monday.  Fine.  Quite cool in the evening.  Washed and did the ironing.  I was working on the mat.

August 21, 1956 – Tuesday.  Rain in the afternoon and evening.  Put up some beets.  The Avon lady and the Watkins man called.  Priscilla and girls visited in the afternoon.

August 22, 1956 – Wednesday.  Cleared.  A fine afternoon.  Baked bread and gingerbread.  Picked some blueberries and was working at the mat.

August 23, 1956 –  – no entry

August 24, 1956 – Friday.  Dark and damp.  Finer in the evening.  Picked peas early.  Fred and Vina Bustin and Stella Hamilton here to dinner.  Homer came for us.  We went down to Ester’s.

August 25, 1956 – Saturday.  Fine day.  We canned the peas and beans in the morning.   Ester and the boys went to New Glasgow.  I got my hair cut, and we were to the Doctor’s.

August 26, 1956 – Sunday.  Fine but cool in the morning.  Some drizzle in the afternoon.  Lynn came for a day or two.  Called at Homer’s.

August 27, 1956 – Monday.  Fine day.  Did some chores around and picked blueberries in the afternoon.  Lynn and I picked a 5 pound lard pail.

August 28, 1956 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Lynn went home in the mail.  I picked berries and the rain came about 5 p.m.

August   29, 1956 – Wednesday.  Cold and wet.  A miserable day for the Exhibition.

August 30, 1956 – Thursday.  A fine day.  Grant came up and had dinner.  We went down there and had supper.  Went to Ladies Aid at Murray’s in the evening.

August 31, 1956 – Friday.  Fine.  Quite hot in the afternoon.  I washed and picked a 5-pound pail, 3/4 full of blueberries.  Did the ironing.

September 1, 1956 – Saturday.  Cloudy.  A nice cool day.  Done some sweeping and dusting.  Baked 2 pies, a date loaf and scones.  Mary and Eleanor Carter called.

September 2, 1956 – Sunday.  Dull cloudy day.  Some rain last night.  Went to Sunday  School in the morning.  Had a quiet day.  No callers.

September 3, 1956 – Monday.  Cleared after noon.  Baked peanut butter cookies, and picked a quart or more of blueberries.  Glenn and Alice called in the evening.

September 4, 1956 – Tuesday.  A fine day.  Quite hot.  Alfred and I picked 3 pails of peas.   Homer and Ester here in the evening.   Cutting oats at Elmer’s and MacKay’s.

September 5, 1956 – Wednesday.  Another fine hot day.  The Ladies Aid had a picnic here this afternoon.  About 30 here and ate supper.  Margaret Deyarmond went to Hospital this morning.

September 6, 1956 – Thursday.  Fine and hot.  Picked a plum basket of cucumbers.   Finished making the butterfly squares for a quilt.  Did not have our WMS meeting.

September 7, 1956 – Friday.  A heavy rain in the afternoon.  Made bread and butter pickles, and cut up cucumbers and onions for relish.  Rika called on us in the evening.

September 8, 1956 – Saturday.  Cloudy after the rain.  Lester Johnson here this morning.  Lawrence and girls,  also Grant and Allen.  Sewed my butterfly quilt squares together.

September 9, 1956 – Sunday.  A cool day.  Cleared.  Was to Sunday School and church.  Not many out today.  Lawrence came for me.  Had a call from an old fellow in the morning.

September 10, 1956 – Monday.  Fine.  A nice wash day.  I picked some blueberries and we also picked beans and peas.  Cold.  Frost in some places.  Homer here in the p.m.

September 11, 1956 – Tuesday.  Cloudy.  Did not rain.  Frost last night.  Sewing at a quilt.  Got it ready to put in.   MacKay girls here after supper.  Walter is sick.

September 12, 1956 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Good drying day.  Threshing at Ester’s.  I got the quilt into the frames and some done on it.  Mrs Fred Rutherford here in the morning.

September 13, 1956 – Thursday.  Fine in the morning.  A thunder storm about 4 p.m.  Stopped the threshing at Lawrence’s.  Helen was up and helped me at the quilt.

September 14, 1956 – Friday.  Cleared.  A high wind in the afternoon.  Ester and Mrs Martin Fulton here and helped me quilt today.

September 15, 1956 – Saturday.  Another thunder storm in the early morning.  Baked bread, a pie and doughnuts.  Got some quilting done.  A shower for Helen Graham in the evening.

September 16, 1956 – Sunday.  Some rain and some sunshine.  Was to Sunday School with Lawrence’s.  A quiet day.  No company.

September 17, 1956 – Monday.  Not very fine.  I was working at the quilt.

September 18, 1956 – Tuesday.  Showers and some sunshine.  Mary Graham up in the afternoon and helped me with the quilt.  Kay MacKay here selling cards.

September 19, 1956 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Threshing at MacKay’s in the afternoon.   Homer was here.  Took a load of things down.   I was quilting and we picked cucumbers and beans.

September 20, 1956 – Thursday.  Cloudy.  Some showers.   Finished the quilt.  Mary Deyarmond was here today and helped me.  The quilt looked nice when it was finished. (butterflies)

September 21, 1956 – Friday.  Fine and cool.    Alfred finished digging the white potatoes.  Made some sauce and upside down cake. Elmer was threshing in the aftenoon.

September 22, 1956 – Saturday.  Fine.  Hard frost.  Killed all of the flowers.  Threshing at Elmer’s and Roy’s.  Ester and Lynn here in the afternoon.  Baked rolls, pies and molasses cakes.  Geraldine here in the p.m.

September 23, 1956 – Sunday.  Fine.  Rally Day at our Sunday School.  Lester Creelman passed away suddenly last evening.(South Branch).

September 24, 1956 – Monday.  I washed but did not get the clothes dried.   I finished binding the quilt and got it rolled up.  Lena Deyarmond here visiting.

September 25, 1956 – Tuesday.  Still dark.  Clothes got partly dry.  Lena went down to Elmer’s to dinner.  Went to Ladies Aid in the evening.   Homer and Murray here getting some boards.

September 26, 1956 – Wednesday.  Still wet.  I did the ironing and made some relish.

September 27, 1956 – Thursday.  Cleared.  Some sunshine.  I made two aprons and cut out a few things.   Cooked apples and plums for jelly.

September 28, 1956 – Friday.  A fine day.  Ester came up and had dinner, and we  went down with her.  Mr Chisholm here to dinner.  Got Ester’s potatoes dug and picked.

September 29, 1956 – Saturday.  Another  fine day.   Curtis baled the straw.  We picked the beans and threshed them.  Heather is a sick girl tonight.

September 30, 1956 – Sunday.  A fine day.  Boys went to Sunday School.  We went for a drive to Milford and came back through Musquodoboit.   Was to church in the evening.

October 1, 1956 – Monday.  A nice day.  Alfred and I finished piling the wood, and Ester washed.   Called on Mr and Mrs Frank Fulton after supper.

October 2, 1956 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Ester brought us home this morning.  Heather was feeling better.   Mr Archibald was here to supper.

October 3, 1956 – Wednesday.  Rain and dark.  Cooked apples and plums for to make jelly,  and did some sewing.  Arthur and Mary Deyarmond here collecting for Children’s Aid.

October 4, 1956 – Fine.  Washed a big washing.  Down to WMS in the evening.  Made 13 glasses of jelly for Joan.

October 5, 1956 – Friday.  A fine day.  Mild.  Quite a high wind.  Percy and lawrence in a while.  Ironed, dusted and swepy upstairs.

October 6, 1956 – Saturday.  Fine.  Nice weather.  The leaves are very beautiful – so bright.  Did some cleaning up.  Lawrence hauling manure.

October 7, 1956 – Sunday.  Windy with rain in the afternoon.  We went to Communion Service in Springside.  Grant took us.

October 8, 1956 – Monday.  Thanksgiving Day.  Lawrence and Elmer were scaling manure all day with 2 tractors and spreaders.   We had a quiet day alone.  No callers.

October 9, 1956 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Baked rolls and a squash pie.  Elsie, Bill and 2 children here a few minutes.  The Fuller brush Man also called.

October 10, 1956 – Wednesday.  Another fine day.  Homer here this afternoon.  Got the last of the plums and apples picked.  Alfred pulled the beets and carrots.

October 11, 1956 – Thursday.  Cold day.  Coldest October 11th on record.  Washed  and ironed.  Also made some jelly.

October 12, 1956 – Friday.  Fine day.  Did some sewing.  Cleaned up some about the house.

October 13, 1956 – Saturday.  Fine. Baked a pie, a Birthday cake and an apple cake.  Allen was here to dinner.   Mary, Helen and Margaret to supper. David and family arrived about 3 p.m.

October 14, 1956 – Sunday.  A lovely day.  We went to church.   Homer and Joan had the baby baptized.  Named Mable Joan.  Ester was with them.  All here to supper.

October 15, 1956 – Monday.  Fine and warm.   Eddie, Evelyn and girls here this afternoon and to supper.   Roy Blaikie and wife also called.   David, Danny and John out to the woods.

October 16, 1956 – Tuesday.  Fine and warm.  Washed.   The boys and David had a drive in the horse and buggy.  David and I up to Andrew Dickie’s in the evening.

October 17, 1956 – Wednesday.  Another very warm day.   The Crockett’s went to Truro by Riversdale.   Down and had supper with Jean Peppard.

October 18, 1956 – Thursday.  Fine and not so warm.  High winds in the afternoon.  We went to dartmouth.  Went by Sheet Harbour. Saw the Hutchinson’s, Eddie, Priscilla and Ernie.

October 19, 1956 – Friday.  Cold wind.  Wilma, Ester, Danny and I went to Truro.  Was home by supper time.  Wilma did some washing after supper.

October 20, 1956 – Saturday.  Fine.  Colder.  Went to the village in the morning.  Baked pies.  Eddie, Evelyn and girls , also Don and Priscilla called in the evening.

October 21, 1956 – Sunday.  Fine and warmer.  Had company.  Jack, Audry, and Johnny C., Eddie and Evelyn called.    Danny got a ducking in the watering tub.

October 22, 1956 – Monday.  A beautiful fine day.  David, Wilma and boys left for home after dinner.   They were going to Cape Breton on the way.   Jack Crockett here to dinner.

October 23, 1956 – Tuesday.  Cloudy.  Rain by supper time.  We washed a big washing.  Some thin pieces dried.   Olin was here to dinner and spent the afternoon.

October 24, 1956 – Wednesday.  Cleared about noon.  Elsie had a girl this morning.  I hung out the sheets again and got them ironed.  Cooked and canned 2 fowls.   Cooler and the wind blowing this evening.

October 25, 1956 – Thursday.  Cold and windy.  Alfred had a chill in the night.  He was laid up today.  Homer and Ester up in the p.m.  Woody and Walter here too.

October 26, 1956 – Friday.  Fine.  Wind not so high.  Alfred feeling better.  I did some sewing.  Aid at Mrs Roy MacKay’s.  A dance at the village tonight.

October 27, 1956 – Saturday.  Fine.  Not so cold.  Lena and Sharon over and had dinner.  Baked a pie, jelly roll, biscuits and date loaf.  Dug the glad bulbs.

October 28, 1956 – Sunday.  Fine.  Colder.  Ester and the boys were here to dinner.  Stanley MacKay , son Arnold and Bob Deyarmond called for a while.

October 29, 1956 – Monday.  Fine and mild.  Did a little sewing and other chores around.  James Dunbar of Westville was buried in Upper Stewiacke today.

October 30, 1956 – Tuesday.  Fine and warm.   Grant took us to vote.  Had our dinner and supper there.  The PC party won the election.  Bob Stanfield now premier of NS.

October 31, 1956 – Wednesday.  Fine and very warm.  We washed this morning.  They dried well,  and did the ironing.  Lena and Sharon here a few minutes.  Homer took up the linoleum.

November 1, 1956 – Thursday.  Fine.  72 degrees this afternoon.  Warmest November 1st on record.  Alfred and I walked over to Lawrence’s and had dinner.  I called on Grace on my way home.

November 2, 1956 – Friday.  Cloudy and colder.  A terrible mine disaster in Springhill.  12 men dead and 108 trapped.  I did some sewing.

November 3, 1956 – Saturday.  Fine and a cold wind.  There was 36 men taken from the Springhill mine alive and well.  Having a bad time with gas-filled tunnels.

November 4, 1956 – Sunday.  Cold and windy.  Bradford Hamilton and W.D. Kennedy passed away last evening about 7 p.m.  Donald and his mother here in the afternoon.  No men rescued yet today.

November 5, 1956 – Monday.  Fine and warm.  W.D. Kennedy’s funeral in the afternoon.  We did not get down.

November 6, 1956 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Nice and warm.  About 60.  Grant took us to Bradford’s funeral.  The Burnside friends called on us in the evening.  23 here.  Had lunch and a gift of money.

November 7, 1956 – Wednesday.  Another beautiful day.  We washed and the clothes dried fine.  Washed a quilt and a blanket.

November 8, 1956 – Thursday.  Cloudy with some rain.  Did the ironing.  Bob Densmore called to use the phone.  Mrs Nelson and Mrs Pearson also,   selling for Credit Jewelers.

November 9, 1956 – Friday.  Some rain.  Did up the work in the morning.  Went down and kept Elsie’s babies.  Wilma, 2 weeks old;  and Barry 1 1/2 years.  They went to Thorburn.

November 10, 1956 – Saturday.  Clear and colder.  Baked bread, date squares, and cup cakes.  Did some sewing and dusting around.

November 11, 1956 – Sunday.  Cold night.  Froze quite hard.  Went to church with Lawrence’s family. Mr Archibald had a Remembrance Day Service.

November 12, 1956 – Monday.  Cloudy and dark.  Raining quite hard this evening.  We did some packing.  Lester Johnson was here collecting telephone bills.

November 13, 1956 – Tuesday.  Rain in the morning.  Thunder last night.  Did a little packing.  Elwood and Peg here collecting for the Blind.  Homer here in the evening.

November 14, 1956 – Wednesday.  Clear.  Colder.  Alfred’s hip and leg sore this morning.  Did some sorting over things.  Homer up for a load of furnace wood.

November 15, 1956 – Thursday.  Not so bright.  Lena MacKay walked across the field and stayed to dinner.

November 16, 1956 – Friday.  Dark.  rain all night.  Misty most of the day.  Made doughnuts.  Went to see June Deyarmond and Ernie Decker married.  A very nice wedding.

November 17, 1956 – Saturday.  Wet in the morning.  Bill, Elsie and 3 children here a while.  Washed in the afternoon.  Did not hang the white clothes out.  Baked bread and a cake.

November 18, 1956 – Sunday.  Stormy day.  Rain, snow and wind blowing this evening.  Had 3 meals and read and listened to the radio.

November 19, 1956 – Monday.  Cleared, but colder.  The clothes dried some.  Eleven inches of snow in PEI.  The ground white here.   Helen, Betty and Jack up this evening.  Homer was up with a truck.

November 20, 1956 – Tuesday.  Not so cold.  Was packing things.  Lawrence took a load down in the evening.  He got a bad burn on his arm.  Our last night on the hill.  Have a nice fire in the fireplace.

November 21, 1956 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Not very bright.  Had a busy day.  Alfred and I left our old home on the hill to Upper Stewiacke.   Have rooms at Ester’s.  Lawrence moved us.  Lew Dean helped.

November 22, 1956 – Thursday.  A stormy morning.  High wind and rain.  Busy unpacking.  Got along allright.  Was to the store for some groceries.  Murray done a little more work.

November 23, 1956 – Friday.  Finer.  Got more things put into place.  Jim went to the dance at the hall.

November 24, 1956 – Saturday.  Cold wind.  Baked biscuits and gfingerbread.  Put up the pantry curtain.  Lois and Eileen were here today.  Going over to Ena’s for the week-end.

November 25, 1956 – Sunday.  Dull.  Pretty cold this evening.  We were to church in the morning.  Homer, Nancy, Sandy and Heather here in the afternoon.  Homer is out of a job.

November 26, 1956 – Monday.  Sun shone a little.  Not a very good wash day.    I got the dishes unpacked and put into the cupboard.  Homer was here in the p.m.

November 27, 1956 – Tuesday.  Rain and drizzle.  Baked bread and did my ironing.  Homer took a load of junk to Truro.

November 28, 1956 – Wednesday.  Dark and cloudy.  Rained hard in the night.  The river high.  Put down the linoleum in the pantry.  Got our new clock this afternoon.

November 29, 1956 – Thursday.  Cloudy.  Some sunshine.  Homer, Joan and Ester went to Truro.  Mable stayed with us,  She was good.

November 30, 1956 – Friday.  Not much sun today.  We did some fixing upstairs and I washed the stairs and entry. Jim went to a dance at B.R.H.S.  The others up to Mrs Redden’s.

December 1, 1956 – Saturday.  Some soft snow.  Baked rolls, 2 pies and cookies.  Was down to the store.  Jim finished plowing.  Homer and Nancy over in the evening.

December 2, 1956 – Sunday.  Snow squalls.  Not cold.  We did not do much.  Read some.  Will write letters and cards.  A fire at Art Dunlap’s house.  Not much damage.

December 3, 1956 – Monday.  Not a very good wash day.  Bright.  Clothes did not blow.  Ester took the car to the garage in Brookfield.  Ella in a while.

December 4, 1956 – Tuesday.  Dull and cloudy.  Not much snow.  Homer had the tractor and hauled a load of wood.  Finished a pair of mittens and did some other chores.

December 5, 1956 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Jim did not go to school.  Got dirt in his eye.  The Doctor got it out.  Baked bread.  Washed and waxed the floor.

December 6, 1956 – Thursday.  Cloudy and cold.  Some rain by night.  Homer did some work in the pantry.  Bydie called by phone from Framingham.  They are all well.

December 7, 1956 – Friday.  Dark and foggy.  The Rawleigh man here in the morning.  Baked 2 cakes and bran muffins.  Had a letter from Wilma.  Danny’s 7th birthday.  Having a party.

December 8, 1956 – Saturday.  Cloudy.  Some drizzle.  Made a pie and biscuit.  Nancy, Frances and Sylvia here a while.  Homer took Ester to the store in the evening.

December 9, 1956 – Sunday.  A fine snow falling.  Did not make much.  Ester and I went to church with Herman.  Jim drove Mr Archibald to Springside and Burnside.  He did not feel well in the morning.

December 10, 1956 – Monday.  Not very fine.  Did the washing and left the clothes out all night.  Ester down to the Bookmobile.  Put a quilt in this afternoon.

December 11, 1956 – Tuesday.  Finer.  Got the clothes in this afternoon.  I was quilting.  Homer over in the evening.  He told us that Mable has 2 teeth and that Tom Fulton had a finger cut off in the mill.

December 12, 1956 – Wednesday.  Rain and blew in the morning.  Better in the afternoon.  Ester went to town with herman and Ella.  Baked bread and worked at the quilt.

December 13, 1956 – Thursday.  Another squally day.  Baked gingerbread and custards.   Ester and I were to WMS at Mrs Glenn Blaikie’s.  Then I was  at Homer’s a while.

December 14, 1956 – Friday.  Colder and windy.  Got the quilt out.  Worked at it all day.  We all went to Truro in th evening.  Alfred visited at Mac Carter’s.

December 15, 1956 – Saturday.  Quite cold last night.  Swept and dusted.  Baked oughnuts.  Was down to the stores.  Alice and Murray called in the evening.

December 16, 1956 – Sunday.  Dark.  Rain about noon.  Did not last long.  Ester, Leon and I went to church.  After church, Ester and I went to Burnside to WMS Candle-Light service.

December 17, 1956 – Monday.   Not very fine.  Washed and left the clothes out.  We put some things on the Christmas tree.

December 18, 1956 – Tuesday.  Cloudy.  Some snow in afternoon.  Got the clothes in and ironed.  Bound the quilt I was making.

December 19, 1956 – Wednesday.  Finer.  Only a little snow.  Mr Archibald called in the afternoon.  Lynn, Leon and I went to Burnside to the concert with Mr Archibald.

December 20, 1956 – Thursday.  cloudy.  Not very cold.  Was over to see Heather.  She was sick again. Is better.  Betty brought the turkey.  It weighed 16 pounds, at 60 cents.

December 21, 1956 – Friday.  Cloudy and mild.  Done a little cleaning and decorating.  Christmas Concert by the school at the hall.  It was very good.  All the children did fine.

December 22, 1956 – Saturday.  Fine.  Colder by night.  Baked pies and bread.  Was down to the store.  Gwen, Lawrence and Walter called.  Also Betty, and Willis Rutherford.

December 23, 1956 – Sunday.  Snowing this evening.  I walked up to Arthur Kennedy’s.  Mrs David Kennedy was fairly good.  To church in the evening.  The text was “If I had not come”.

December 24, 1956 – Monday.  Soft snow melting and some rain.  Ester and the boys went to Brookfield for a parcel.  Bill, Elsie and 2 boys called.  Also Homer and Sandy.  Stuffed the turkey.

December 25, 1956 – Tuesday.  Christmas day.  Some rain and foggy.  Ester and the boys had dinner with us.  We all got some nice presents.  Was over to Homer’s in the afternoon.  They came back in the evening.

December 26, 1956 – Wednesday.  Finer.  We washed and the clothes dried fair.  Bev and Rika called and brought us a gift.  The boys went to Redden’s to watch TV.

December 27, 1956 – Thursday.  A chilly day.  Did the ironing.  Our 51st  Wedding Anniversary.  Homer, Sandy and Heather called in the evening.  The boys were skating.

December 28, 1956 – Friday.  Thawed.  Rain in the evening.  Done some mending.  Ester away in the afternoon – called on Lelia Dickie.

December 29, 1956 – Saturday.  Dark, wet day.  Down to the store and Post Office in the morning.  Washed and waxed the floor.  Mrs George Lemon in.  We sold our telephone to her for $15.00.

December 30, 1956 – Sunday. A high wind in the night.  This morning the barn doors were open and broken some.  The power was off.  No bad damage reported yet.  Homer was in.

December 31, 1956 – Monday.  Cold wind.  Was a good wash day.  The clothes dried and I did the ironing.  Baked a washington pie.   Jim put shingles on the roof that blew off yesterday.    This yeear has brought changes.  Homer sold the farm and moved in June to Upper Stewiacke.  Mable born July 29, and Alfred and I moved from the place we had lived all our married lifer together.

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