The Journals of Annabelle Johnson 1953


The Journals of
Annabelle Johnson

January 1, 1953 – Thursday.  A cold day.  Did not do much.  Gordon and the boys hauling wood from Blaikie’s mill.January 2, 1953 – Friday.  cold and fine.  We went over to Billy Miller’s in the evening.   Gordon  could not get the car started for a while.

January 3, 1953 – Saturday.  Mild.  Cloudy and rain in the p.m.  Roads slippery.  Ester, Alfred and I down to the Doctor’s and the manse.

January 4, 1953 – Sunday.  Snow all gone.  A big rain and wind storm.  The river high.  Mrs John Wright’s funeral in the afternoon.  We were down to church in the evening.

January 5, 1953 – Monday.  A beautiful day.  Ester got her wash dried.  Gordon and Ester brought us home in the evenig.

January 6, 1953 – Tuesday.  Another fine day.  I was busy putting things away.   Homer and Joan down to the village in the afternoon.

January 7, 1953 – Wednesday.  Cloudy.  Pretty cold.  Down to the WMS meeting in the evening.

January 8, 1953 – Thursday.  A beautiful day.  Made mincemeat and called at Elmer’s after dinner.  Was working on the church books.

January 9, 1953 – Friday.  Fine.  Baked bread and 3 pies.

January 10, 1953 – Saturday.  Dull.  Quite mild.  Cleaned up the house and in the afternoon I went down to Mrs Cyrus Graham’s and had the church books audited.

January 11, 1953 – Sunday.  A wet day.  lots of rain.  Alfred, Homer and I  went to church.  We had the annual meeting after the service.  The reports all showed an increase.

January 12, 1953 – Monday.  Cloudy.  Snowing tonight.  Made oickle for meat.  Washed in the afternoon but did not put the clothes out.  Nancy and Sandy not at school.

January 13, 1953 – Tuesday.  Fine in the morning.  Put the clothes out and they dried some.  Snow in the evening.  Baked 2 pies.  Martin has measles.

January 14, 1953 – Wednesday.  The snow did not amount to much.  Homer was hauling in wood.  Not very good sledding.  Alfred went a trip.  I did the ironing.

January 15, 1953 – Thursday.  Mild.  Cloudy.  Baked brown bread.   Homer took us down to Gordon’s in the afternoon.

January 16, 1953 – Friday.  Mild and foggy.  All thawed out.  Ester and Gordon went to Halifax.  Left at 7 a.m.  Got back at 4 p.m.  Gordon had an x-ray at the VG Hospital.

January 17, 1953 – Saturday.  A cold windy day.  I finished the socks I was knitting.  Gordon pretty sore from his examination.

January 18, 1953 – Sunday.  Snow turning to rain.  Ester brought us up as far as Norman MacKay’s.  homer met us there.  We got home about 11 a.m.  Mr and Mrs Boutlier visiting Joan.

January 19, 1953 – Monday.  Cloudy.  Did not snow much.  My back is sore.  I did not do much.  Some sewing and knitting.

January 20, 1953 – Tuesday.  Dark, not cold.  Alfred went down to see min.  Martin is sick.  The Doctor up.  He has double pneumonia.  Ella and Lorne came to stay to night.

January 21, 1953 – Wednesday.  A nice day.  I was sewing at pyjamas for the Red Cross.   Down and stayed with Martin tonight.  He is easier.

January 22, 1953 – Thursday.  Cloudy but did not storm.  I came home about 10 a.m.  martin is better.   Herman, Elmer and Freddie miserable.  Homer, Joan and Mr Boutlier to Truro.

January 23, 1953 – Friday.  A beautiful day.  Got my washing dried.  Was down in the evening to see the sick folk.  Lorne Dickie came to stay.  Herman and Elmer have measles too.

January 24, 1953 – Saturday.  Dark and a drizzle.  Cleaned up our rooms.  Baked a pie and biscuits.  Down and made up Martin’s bed.  Herman and Elmer about the same.

January 25, 1953 – Sunday.  Rain and wind last night and today.  Homer, Alfred and I went down to church.  Called at Elmer’s.  Martin much better.

January 26, 1953 – Monday.  Some snow last night.  Ground very soft.  Mr and Mrs Boutlier went home in the morning.  Homer brought us down to Gordon’s in the afternoon.  Nancy and Sandy to school.

January 27, 1953 – Tuesday.  Cleared.  Ester put her clothes out and they dried.   Colder in the afternoon.  Was down to the store about noon.

January 28, 1953 – Wednesday. Cloudy.  Storm before night.  Snow, wind and rain.   Gordon went to the VG Hospital this morning.  The Doctor took him down.  Priscilla called in the evening.

January 29, 1953 – Thursday.  A nice day after the storm.  We did chores and work about the house.  Ester down to the Post Office in the morning.  I got 4 birthday cards.

January 30, 1953 – Friday.  Fine.   Homer, Nancy, Sandy and Heather here this afternoon.  We were sewing some.  Baked 4 pies.

January 31, 1953 – Saturday.  Dull.  Storm.  Rain by evening.  Priscilla called.  She said Gordon had his operation this morning at 10.  He came through all right.

February 1, 1953 – Sunday.  A stormy day.  Wind and rain.  We had an anxious day, sort of.  The Doctor was in to see Jim this afternoon.

February 2, 1953 – Monday.  Fine after the storm.  Ester done the washing and they dried good.

February 3, 1953 – Tuesday.  A nice day.  Ester went to Halifax to see Gordon.  Found him as well as could be expected.  Jim is not well.  Has the flu.

February 4, 1953 – Wednesday.  Snow and blowing.  Herman took the boys to school and went for them again.  Got along alright with the chores.

February 5, 1953 – Thursday.  Fine.  Was sewing and knit some.

February 6, 1953 – Friday.  A nice day.  White frost this morning.  I walked down to the store this morning.  Came up with Roy Patterson.  Rev. Matheson called.

February 7, 1953 – Saturday.  Fine day.  Made rolls and we cleaned up the house some.

February 8, 1953 – Sunday.  Rain all day and blew at night.  Ester and the boys went to Halifax.  Clarence and Pearl went too.  The water so high they stayed all night at Mrs Frankie Cox’s.

February 9, 1953 – Monday.  The day was better than last night.  The water went down fast after 8 o’clock.  Arthur  Kennedy came down a while and helped Alfred with chores. Ester got home after dinner.

February 10, 1953 – Tuesday.  Quite fine.  Ester washed and it dried very good.  We quilted as crib quilt for Donna Anne.

February 11, 1953 – Wednesday.  Snow squalls.  Did not amount to much.  Ester was drying out the potatoes that were covered with water.  Got a bed moved downstairs.

February 12, 1953 – Thursday.  A very nice day.  Ester, Jim and Mr Matheson went tohalifax and Gordon came home from the VG Hospital.  Had been away 2 weeks and 1 day.

February 13, 1953 – Friday.  Cloudy.  Homer in this morning.  Alfred went down and got a hair cut.  Gordon seems tired.

February 14, 1953 – Saturday.   A lot of snow through the night.  Did not drift.   Got some cooking and cleaning done.

February 15, 1953 – Sunday.  A fine day.  Had some callers.  Lynn and I went for a walk.  Gordon feeling much better today.

February 16, 1953 – Monday.  Milder.  Snow getting away again.

February 17, 1953 – Tuesday.  Finer.  Washed today.   Homer down and Ester went to the village.  Did a few errands.

February 18, 1953 – February 19, 1953 – no entries

February 20, 1953 – Friday.  A beautiful day.  Mild.  Ester did some cooking.  I was down to the World Day of Prayer Meeting in the evening.  Bill, Hattie and Almon called in the evening.

February 21, 1953 – Saturday.  Rain and wind.  I cleaned upstairs.  Baked bread, rolls and gingerbread cakes.

February 22, 1953 – Sunday.  Fine and sunny.  Ester and Iwent to church with Herman.  A new calf at the barn this morning.

February 23, 1953 – Monday.  Cold wind blowing.  Ester got the washing dried.  Was down to meet the Bookmobile.   Lynn and Leon have a cold and did not go to school.

February 24, 1953 – Tuesday.  Cold wind.  The boys are not very good.  Done a little mending.

February 25, 1953 – Wednesday.  Not very fine.  Ester, Jim and I went down to the Pie Social at the Hall.  A pretty good sale.

February 26, 1953 – Thursday.  Fine.  Ester and Gordon went to Truro in the afternoon.  Gordon drove and got along very well.

February 27, 1953 – no entry

February 28, 1953 – Saturday.  Dirty day.  The ground soft.  Gordon and I called at W.D. Kennedy’s and Martin Fulton’s after supper.

March 1, 1953 – Sunday.  Colder.  Fine.  Homer and family down to dinner.  Mr and Mrs Christopher Fisher and Roy called in the afternoon.  Ester and I went to church.

March 2, 1953 – Monday.  Nice wash day.  Alfred has some cold.  The boys went to school.

March 3, 1953 – no entry

March 4, 1953 – Wednesday.  A cold wind with rain by afternoon and evening.  Alfred had a chill after dinner.  Ester went to Truro to a meeting in the eening.

March 5, 1953 – Thursday.  Cleared by noon.  Mild in morning then colder.  Alfred was in bed all day.  Better than yesterday.  Charlie Blaikie passed away this morning.

March 6, 1953 – Friday.  Snow flurries.

March 7, 1953 – Saturday.  Colder.   I went to Truro with Glenn and Alice Blaikie to Charlie’s funeral at 2:30.  We called on Bessie Blaikie afterwards.  She is frail.

March 8, 1953 – Sunday.  A cold morning.  Ester and Leon and I went to church.   In the afternoon we made calls in Eastville.

March 9, 1953 – Monday.  Fine.  Quite cold.  A good wash day.   I called on Herman and Ella in the afternoon.  Alfred out doing chores today.

March 10, 1953 – Tuesday.  A cold day with a few light snow squalls.   Ester and I called on Irene Krauch, Mrs VanWagnen,  Miss Creelman, also on Mrs Anderson.

March 11, 1953 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Ester down and helped quilt at Catherine’s.

March 12, 1953 – Thursday.  Fine.  Ester and I down and quilted a while for Catherine.

March 13, 1953 – Friday.  Some snow.  Ester , Alfred and I went to Burnside for dinner.  A bit nasty driving.

March 14, 1953 – Saturday.  A wet day.   Got the floor washed and did some baking.

March 15, 1953 – Sunday.  Quite a nice day.  Read a book.  Ester and Gordon out to Putnam Fulton’s to supper.  Geordie and Ena Dean and family here in the evening.  Alfred and I to church.

March 16, 1953 – Monday.  Cloudy.  Cold rain and snow in afternoon.   Did some house work and some reading.  Was over to Herman’s.  He lost a cow last night.

March 17, 1953 – Tuesday.  Still cloudy and wet.

March 18, 1953 – no entry

March 19, 1953 – Thursday.  Got the washing done.  Was a fine day.  Priscilla, Don, and Donna Anne came from Halifax this evening.

March 20, 1953 – Friday.  A very nice day.  Warm and sunny.

March 21  – Saturday.  Another grand day of sunshine.

March 22, 1953 – Sunday.  Fine.  Alfred and I went to church with Ella and Vaughn.  Don went back to Halifax in the evening.

March 23, 1953 – Monday.  Fine.  Got the washing done.

March 24, 1953 – March 26, 1953 – no entries

March 27, 1953 – Friday.  Not very fine.  Ester and I quilting.  Finished after supper.  Got some letters written in the evening.

March 28, 1953 – Saturday.  A cloudy dirty day.  Done the Saturday work.  Having head colds here.

March 29, 1953 – Sunday. A mild day.  Some rain in afternoon.  Went to church in the morning.  A good speaker.  Rev mr Dervish.  Bydie called in the afternoon.  Called at Herman’s in the evening.

March 30, 1953 – April 4, 1953 – no entries

April 5, 1953 – Sunday.  Easter.  A very fine day.   The church service was in the evening.   We took the plant down to church and Mrs Hamilton took it home.

April 6, 1953 – Monday.  Fine.  A grand wash day.  The boys and Ester doing some cleaning up about the yard.

April 7, 1953 – Tuesday.  Fine.  The boys and Ester working out at the front yard.  Made a good job of it.  Went to a show at Brookfield.

April 8, 1953 – Wednesday.  A fine day.  Ester done some house cleaning.   Homer came down and we came home.  The roads are rough and unsettled.  Joan not well.

April 9, 1953 – Thursday.  Not very bright.  Colder.  Olin made us a visit this afternoon.  Homer went to the village to get some medicine for Joan.

April 10, 1953 – Friday.  Cloudy and a cold wind.  Homer down doing some sawing for Arthur Deyarmond.  I put up 2 jars of corned beef.  Joan some better.

April 11, 1953 – Saturday.  Cloudy.  Baked bread and rolls, a cake and gingerbread.   Alfred down to visit Min.  Grant and Min here in the evening.

April 12, 1953 – Sunday.  Cloudy cool winter.  Alfred, Homer, Nancy , Sandy and I went to church.  I called to see Christie.  She is at Lelia’s.

April 13, 1953 – Monday.  Rain by noon.  Washed but did not hang the clothes out.  I put a crib quilt in.  Joan up and able to do some housework.

April 14, 1953 – Tuesday.  Some finer.  Got the clothes dried fairly well.   Our stovepipe burnt out.  Got awful hot.    No damage.  We cleaned the stove and pipe in the afternoon and I washed the floor.

April 15, 1953 – Wednesday.  fine day.  Did ther ironing and baked muffins.  Quilted some.  Went down to WMS meeting in the evenig.  Homer had Nancy down to the Doctor.  She has pink eyes.

April 16, 1953 – Thursday.  Fine.  Baked pies, gingerbread and bread.  Finished the quilt I had in.

April 17, 1953 – Friday.  Cloudy.  The men finished the wood pile this morning.   Homer, Joan and Sandy went to the village this afternoon.

April 18, 1953 – Saturday.  Snow in the forenoon.  The ground white.  Homer, Alfred and I called on Bev and Rika on their 25th Anniversary.  They got a set of dishes and a chest of silver from the family, and brothers and sisters.

April 19, 1953 – Sunday.  Finer.  Alfred and I walked over the fields and visited George and Lena MacKay for a couple of hours.

April 20, 1953 – Monday.  Cloudy with rain.  Cleaned the cupboard.  Sandy and Nancy did not go to school.

April 21, 1953 – Tuesday.  Fine.  A good wash day.  Joan washed.  I cleaned out some drawers.  The ground was white with snow this morning.    Sandy and Nancy was to Springside for a practice.

April 22, 1953 – Wednesday.  Fine.  A cold wind.  Got a washing washed, dried and ironed.  Also washed curtains.  Homer and Joan down to Bill Tree’s this evening.

April 23, 1953 – Thursday.  A nasty day.  Wind and rain.  We were down to Grant’s, Allen’s and Bill Tree’s.  Homer came for us in the evening.

April 24, 1953 – no entry

April 25, 1953 – Saturday.  Fine.  Cleaned the bedroom, ironed the curtains and put them up.

April 26, 1953 – Sunday.  Rain in afternoon.  Went to Dartmouth with George Deyarmond, Allen and Lena.  Rained hard on us going down.  Alex and Warren went to church in the evening.

April 27, 1953 – Monday.  Wet and cold.  Did a lot of talking.  Amanda, Evelyn and I went to a play in the evening.

April 28, 1953 – Tuesday.  Cleared in afternoon.  I walked up and called on Carrie and Evelyn, and at David’s after supper.  Amanda and I went to the show, “Above and Beyond”.

April 29, 1953 – Wednesday.  Pretty fine.  Amanda washed.  I hung them out.  The wind cold.   I went to Hakifax.  Had supper with Helen MacCallum and family.  She met me at the ferry.

April 30, 1953 – Thursday.  Fine.  Called on Mr and Mrs Webster at Doctor F. Malcom’s.  Came to Upper Musquodoboit on the train.  Left at 3:15 p.m.,  arrived at 10 p.m.  Got home about 11 p.m.

May 1, 1953 – Friday.  Fine.  Washed and ironed.  Baked 2 loaves of bread and gingerbread.  Walter Hawes and Mr Ervin here looking for their land corners.

May 2, 1953 – Saturday.  Fine.  Homer working on the line.  Joan, Nancy and Sandy went to Truro to the Exposition.  Had a good trip and they enjoyed the trip very much.

May 3, 1953 – Sunday.  A beautiful day. Frost in the morning.   Homer and I went to Springside for Communion and in the afternoon to Upper Stewiacke to hear Professor David speak on stories from India.

May 4, 1953 – Monday.  Fine.  Joan did a big washing.  I cleaned the bedroom upstairs.

May 5, 1953 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Baked a cake and biscuits and made a salmon loaf.   Min came up in the mail and stayed for supper.  Grant came for her.

May 6, 1953 – Wednesday.  Fine and warm.  Cleaned the closet upstairs.  Ester had a lump cut out of her breast this morning.  Came along alright.

May 7, 1953 – Thursday.  Fine.  Washed the ceiling of our room and got a little more done.

May 8, 1953 – Friday.  Another fine day.  Ester came home this afternoon.   I was working at the room, cleaning.

May 9, 1953 – Saturday.  Fine.  Made a jelly-roll and baked biscuit.  Finished the room.  Walked down to see Christie after supper.

May 10, 1953 – Sunday.  Nice and fine.  We went to Sunday School and church.  Quite a warm day.

May 11, 1953 – Monday.  Fine.  Cooler and windy.  A good wash day.  I cleaned the hall.

May 12, 1953 – Tuesday.  A nice day.  Homer and Joan, Nancy and Sandy went away early.  Nancy and Sandy sang in the Music Festival at Brookfield.  I washed.

May 13, 1953 – Wednesday.  Some clouds and rain in the evening.  Done the ironing and done some other chores.  Homer, Joan and Nancy went to Brookfield. Ester had another operation.  Came through good.

May 14, 1953 – Thursday.  A drizzle most of the day.  Made pot-head.  Canned part of it.

May 15, 1953 – Friday.  Still cloudy and some rain.

May 16, 1953 – Saturday.  Not very fine.   Baked a cake and a pie.  Homer and I went to the village in the afternoon.  Called at Gordon’s, made some other calls also.

May 17, 1953 – Sunday.  Fine and cool.   We went to Sunday School in the morning.  Nancy and I went for a walk.  I was down to call on Christie after supper.

May 18, 1953 – Monday.  Cloudy with rain in the afternoon.  Washed out 2 dresses, my blouse, and cut out a dress for myself.  This is the Queen’s Birthday Holiday in Canada.

May 19, 1953 – Tuesday.  Cloudy and drizzly.  Sewing on my dress.  Got along very good.

May 20, 1953 – Wednesday.  Cloudy.  Did not rain.  Mr Matheson here today.

May 21, 1953 – Thursday.  Quite fine.  Baked bread.  Finished my dress.  Was fishing after supper.  Caught 3 trout.

May 22, 1953 – Friday.  A wet day.  Did not do much.  Some knitting.   Homer and Joan went to the show “The Egg and I”.

May 23, 1953 – Saturday.  Cool and wet.  Baked biscuits, cookies, cake and a pie.  Cleaned up the rooms in the afternoon.

May 24, 1953 – Sunday.  Cold and wind and rain in the afternoon and evening.  Allister, Amanda, Alex and boys and Grame here today.  Left for home at 7 p.m.

May 25, 1953 – Monday.  Cold and windy.  Cleared by night.  Alfred and I repaired the couch.

May 26, 1953 – Tuesday.  Washed and the clothes dried good.  We went over to vote about 11 a.m.  Joan and the 2 children down to Upper Stewiacke to meet Miss Mae Quillian (sic).   The Liberal Government returned.

May 27, 1953 – Wednesday.  Homer sowed the oats.

May 28, 1953 – Thursday.  Fine but a cold wind.  Planted some garden.

May 29, 1953 – Friday.  Cold and windy.  Aid at Mrs William Graham’s.

May 30, 1953 – Saturday.  Cold and squally.  Alfred and I went down in the mail to visit Min.  I washed some curtains for her.

May 31, 1953 – Sunday.  Cold.  Some snow this morning.  Went to Sunday School.  Mary and Eleanor came out about noon.  Went back by supper.  We came home in the evening.

June 1, 1953 – Monday.  Not so cold and fine.   Joan washed.  I did up 2 pairs of curtains for Min and canned 5 cans of baked beans.   Planted the potaotes.

June 2, 1953 – Tuesday.  Fine.  We finished planting the garden.   Listened to the Coronation Ceremonies of Queen Elizabeth.  Down to WMS meeting.

June 3, 1953 – Wednesday.  Cold with frost.  Homer and I went to an Official Board Meeting at Springside in the evening.

June 4, 1953 – Thursday.  Not very fine.  Alfred and I went down to Min’s and we cleaned her spare bedroom, and put up the curtains.  Grant brought us home.

June 5, 1953 – Friday.  A nice day.  I washed and ironed the clothes, and in the evening, Homer drove us down to Gordon’s.

June 6, 1953 – Saturday.  Not very fine.   I made bread and rolls.  Baked a cake and 2 pies.  Called on Ella and Mrs Hamilton and W.D. Kennedy.

June 7, 1953 – Sunday.  The road wet after the rani last night.  Gordon brought us up to the church for Sunday School at 10:30 a.m.

June 8, 1953 – Monday.  Cloudy and windy.  Rained last night.  Baked  rolls and cookies.

June 9, 1953 – Tuesday.  Showers and cloudy.  I walked down and called on Christie.   Homer went to Sackville to attend United Church Conference.

June 10, 1953 – Wednesday.  Fine.  A thunder storm in the night.  A bad cyclone in Massachusette, USA – Worcester.  We done the chores.

June 11, 1953 – Thursday.  Finer in the morning.  Shower in the afternoon.  I went down with the mail to Bill’s and Helen done my hair.  Jack brought me home.

June 12, 1953 – Friday.  Cloudy and wet.  I baked bread and rolls and washed up the floor.

June 13, 1953 – Saturday.  Some finer.  I washed in the morning.  Vina and fred Bustin here and had supper with us.  Homer got home about supper time.  Heather’s birthday.

June 14, 1953 – Sunday.  Cloudy.  We went to Sunday School and church.  Bev and Florence came up to supper.

June 15, 1953 – Monday.  A wet day. I baked 2 loaves of bread.  Made some curds.   Robert Rurherford died last night.  He was a great sufferer.

June 16, 1953 – Tuesday.  Cloudy.  Rain in the afternoon.  I went to Truro with Lawrence.  We were at the Blood Donor Clinic.   At  Mac Carter’s to supper.

June 17, 1953 – Wednesday.  Another wet day.   I was a bit lazy.  Did not do anything but get the meals and did some work on a scrap book.

June 18, 1953 – Thursday.  Dark and rainy.  Homer, Joan, Nancy and Sandy went to Truro to see the Coronation Picture.  Heather stayed with us.

June 19, 1953 – Friday.  Cleared in the afternoon.  Quite hot when the sun came out.  Alfred set out tomato plants.   Elsie was here today.  I called on Christie in the evening.

June 20, 1953 – Saturday.  Fine.  Pretty hot.  Baked a cake and squares.  Homer and I went to the village in the afternoon.  At Gordon’s to supper.

June 21, 1953 – Sunday.  Cloudy.  Was to Sunday School in the forenoon.

June 22, 1953 – Monday.  Not very fine.  Did not do much.   We did some hoeing in the garden.

June 23, 1953 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Joan got a big washing dried.

June 24, 1953 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Quite windy.  I sewed an apron.   Charlie Graham in Pembroke had an auction this afternoon.

June 25, 1953 – no entry

June 26, 1953 – Friday.  Wet.  Did not rain very hard.

June 27, 1953 – Saturday.  Fine.  Homer got the turnips in.   I did some baking and washed and waxed the floor.

June 28, 1953 – Sunday.  Fine.  Quite warm.   Homer, Joan and children went to Middle Stewiacke.  I went to Sunday School and church with Lawrence.   The Miller family were here to supper.

June 29, 1953 – Monday.  A nice fine day.  Finished the Red Cross socks I was knitting.   Had a call from George MacKay in the morning.

June 30, 1953 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Alfred and I went down to Grant’s with the mail.   Perley there to supper, and we went to Donald’s and he brought us home.

July 1, 1953 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Baked rolls, made doughnuts and a pie.  Perley and Lelia here to supper. Went to WMS and called on Emma after supper.

July 2, 1953 –  no entry

July 3, 1953 – Friday.  We went and cleaned the church this morning.  Did not take long.  Everyone worked fine.

July 4, 1953 – no entry

July 5, 1953 – Sunday.  Fine and cool.  Homer, Alfred and I went to Springside to Communion.  Alfred and I went to Bev’s.  They brought us home after supper.

July 6, 1953 – Monday.  Fine.  A good breeze.  Alfred was hoeing in the garden.   I was out and pulled some weeds.  Got some berries.  Perley went back today.

July 7, 1953 – Tuesday.  A good rain in the afternoon.  Homer, Joan and Heather went to Truro in the afternoon.

July 8, 1953 – Wednesday.  A fine day.  Pretty hot.  Picked 20 boxes of berries this afternoon.  Homer, Joan and the children went swimming after supper.

July 9, 1953 – Thursday.  Fine.  Homer mowed the interval today.  We picked 20 boxes of berries.   Homer, Alfred and I went down to Roy Blaikie’s after supper.  Rained in the evening.

July 10, 1953 – Friday.  Not very fine.  Was picking berries.

July 11, 1953 – Saturday.  Fine.  Homer got one load of hay in.  Was picking berries.  Gwen got 10 boxes.  I made jam.

July 12, 1953 – Sunday.  Fine.  Quite hot.  We went to church.   Rev Mr MacIntosh, the Bible Society man spoke today.

July 13, 1953 – Monday.  Rained before 10 a.m.  We got some berries picked and a load of hay in before it rained hard.  Sold 22 boxes of berries today.

July 14, 1953 – Tuesday.  Foggy and wet.  Cleared in the afternoon.  We picked 18 boxes of berries.  Sold 9 of them.  Roy and Edna Blaikie called in the evening.

July 15, 1953 – Wednesday.  A wet day.  I washed.  Did not hang the clothes out.  Baked gingerbread muffins and shortcake biscuits.

July 16, 1953 – Thursday.   Cleared by noon.  Had a busy afternoon with berries.  Got 43 boxes.   Bill and Elsie Tree here in the evening.

July 17, 1953 – Friday.  Fine.  Quite hot.  We got 20 boxes of berries.  Gwen and girls over tonight.  Casam Harb here with dry goods.

July 18, 1953 – Saturday.  Fine.  Baked rolls and canned strawberries.  Picked some gooseberries.  Willie Krauch here in the afternoon.  Homer and Joan went to the village in the evening.

July 19, 1953 – Sunday.  A fine day.  Pretty hot.  The 95th Anniversary of Springside cjurch.  I was at both services, 11 a.m. and 8 p.m.  Amanda, Allister and Alex here.

July 20, 1953 – Monday.  Fine and hot.  Homer was cutting some logs for Blaikie’s.   Picked gooseberrues and about finished the strawberries.

July 21, 1953 – Tuesday.  Dark day.  Homer and family went to Truro.  Alfred and Willie hoed turnips.  Rained in afternoon.

July 22, 1953 – Wednesday.  Wet and foggy.  We picked 8 boxes of berries and finished the gooseberries.   I have a cold.  Mrs Jessie Brown passed away.

July 23, 1953 – Thursday.  Dark and wet.  Ester, the boys and Priscilla and Donna here in afternoon.  I baked brown bread.  Alfred has a dizzy head.

July 24, 1953 – Friday.  A wet day.  Allen and Lena came up on the cream truck and had dinner and supper with us.

July 25, 1953 – Saturday.  Dark and wet.  Baked cookies and rolls.  Got 3 boxes of strawberries.  The last, I think.    Homer and Joan went to Middle Stewiacke in the evening.

July 26, 1953 – Sunday.  A fine day.  Went to Sunday School in the morning.  I walked down to call on Christie after supper.  Found her pretty good.

July 27, 1953 – Monday.  A dark day.  Rained in afternoon, quite hard.  Put one load of hay in.

July 28, 1953 – Tuesday.  Finer.  They got 3 loads of hay in.  Not very dry.

July 29  – July 30  – no entries

July 31, 1953 – Friday.  Fine till after supper.  Then a heavy shower.  I had Aid in the evening.

August 1, 1953 – Saturday.  Mr and Mrs Earl Archibald got word last night that their only son, Marven, had been killed in Alberta, in the oil fields.

August 2, 1953 – Sunday.  Fine.  Went to Sunday School.   Homer and family went for a drive to Pictou in the afternoon.  Jean Fisher and Allen called.

August 3, 1953 – Monday.  Showers.  Byron and Ina arrived about 1:10 a.m.  Had a good trip down.  Came in about 18 hours.  Went down to the village in the afternoon.

August 4, 1953 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Finished the hay.  I went down to Min’s with Seymour in the afternoon.  Had a nice birthday party.  82 years old.

August 5, 1953 – Wednesday.  A wet day.  Ted, Grant and Min came to dinner.  Byron and Ina went down to Gordon’s to supper.  A wet day.

August 6, 1953 – Thursday.  Finer.  Alfred and I went down to Upper Stewiacke with Seymour, and went to Truro with Byron.  Was at Gordon’s to supper.

August 7, 1953 – Friday.  Cloudy.  Byron and Ina here to supper.  Ina went to W.D. Kennedy’s all night.  They are leaving for home in the morning.

August 8, 1953 – Saturday.  Homer went to help Bill Tree with hay.  Seymour, Mildred and Christie here to dinner. Marven Archibald’s funeral this afternoon.

August 9, 1953 – Sunday.  Cloudy.  Was to Sunday School and church.   Rev. E. Thompson preached.

August 10, 1953 – Monday.  Fine.  Election Day (Dominion).  Alfred and I went down in the morning.  Homer, Joan and the children went to Middle Stewiacke.  They got some raspberries.

August 11, 1953 – Tuesday.  Rain.  Some heavy showers.  Nancy went down to Gordon’s for a few days.  Baked brown bread and gingerbread.

August 12, 1953 – Wednesday.  Finer.  Pretty hot.  Had the Old Home Picnic at Springside.  A large crowd and a fine day.

August 13, 1953 – Thursday.  Fine.  Did not do much.  A lazy day.  Lois, Dorothy and Edna were over after supper.

August 14, 1953 – Friday.  A warm day.  Hazy.  Alfred and I went down with Homer to Gordon’s.  Homer and Bill Tree went picking blueberries.  Don Breadman came in the p.m.

August 15, 1953 – Saturday.  A big rain storm.   Baked 2 pies and rolls.  Lots of water in the brooks.   Priscilla and Don moved to Dartmouth today.

August 16, 1953 – Sunday.  Clear day.  Homer, Joan and children went to the beach today.  I went to Sunday School with Lawrence.

August 17, 1953 – Monday.  Fine.  Washed and ironed.  Joan washed in afternoon.

August 18, 1953 – August 19, 1953 – no entries

August 20, 1953 – Thursday.  Fine.  Alfred and I went down in the mail.  I visited Stella in the morning, at Elsie’s to supper and to WMS in the evening.

August 21, 1953 – Friday.  Fine.  Ladies Aid at Alice’s today.  Mrs Zeph MacKay, her sister and niece came as far as the Fraser place.  We went down to see them.

August 22, 1953 – Saturday.  Another fine day.  Min, Grant and I went to Truro in the morning,. Alfred kept house at Grant’s.  Homer and Joan went to Truro in the evening.  We kept house.

August 23, 1953 – Sunday.  A fine day.  Was to Sunday School and church.  Rev Mr Thompson here to supper.

August 24, 1953 – Monday.  Cloudy.  Showers and rain by night.   Homer helping bind at Gordon’s.  Lynn and Leon came up tonight.

August 25, 1953 – no entry

August 26, 1953 – Wednesday.  Rained in the afternoon.  Joan and Homer and Heather went to Middle Stewiacke. I had 4 grandchildren today.

August 27, 1953 – Thursday.  Still wet.  leon and Lynn went home in the mail.

August 28, 1953 – Friday.  Cleared in afternoon.  I washed after dinner.  Got them dried and ironed.

August 29, 1953 – Saturday.  Fine.  Some fog and cloud.  Went with the Institute to King’s Head on a picnic.  Had a good trip.  Was in New Glasgow about an hour.

August 30, 1953 – Sunday.  Fine.  Quite hot.  Have a sunburnt face this morning.  We went to Sunday School in the morning.   Ervin Whitman called in the afternoon.

August 31, 1953 – Monday.  Nice fine day.  Quite hot.  Baked a cake and soda cake.

September 1, 1953 – Tuesday.  A hot day.  Baked biscuits and made a pie.  Alfred and Hazel called and had supper with us.  Did some sewing.

September 2, 1953 – Wednseday.  Another hot day.  Baked bread.  Elmer and martin binding the oats.   Threshed at Elmer’s in the afternoon.

September 3, 1953 – Thursday.  The air cooler today.  Homer, Joan the children and I went to the Exhibition in Truro.  Left at 5 p.m. and got back after 12.  Had a good trip.

September 4, 1953 – Friday.  Pretty hot.  I walked down and called on Christie after supper.

September 5, 1953 – Saturday.  A thunder storm in the night.  Also some in the morning.  Did not do much.  Not feeling well.   Homer, Joan and Heather down to the village in the p.m.

September 6, 1953 – Sunday.  Hot and humid.  Was to Sunday School in the morning.  Gordon, Ester and the boys up in the afternoon.  Homer and family away.

No more entries  until January 1, 1955.

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