The Journals of Annabelle Johnson 1951

The Journals of
Annabelle Johnson

January 1-January 3, 1951 – no entriesJanuary 4, 1951 – Thursday.  Mild.  Thawed all day.  The roads soft.  Made potted head and fried out the lard.  Gordon came up for us and we went down there.  Mrs Miller is very sick.  Not taking much notice of what is going on.

January 5, 1951 – Friday.  Colder today.  Mrs Miller pretty low all day.  Taked a lot of attention.  She has not taken anything but water.  Alfred and I stayed up with her tonight.  A cold night, I thought.  The wind blew.  The boys and Ester went to the Full-Pep show at the hall in the evening.

January 6, 1951 – Saturday.  The wind not so high.  Just doing the work and looking after the sick woman.  Mr John Miller of Dean died.  An old man and had been laid up for a long time.

January 7, 1951 – Sunday.  Fine.  I slept till 2:30 p.m. and Lynn, Leon, Alfred and I went to church.  Went down with Herman.

January 8, 1951 – Monday.  A chilly, foggy day.  Ester did not wash.  We did the work and waited on Mrs Miller.

January 9, 1951 – Tuesday.  A fine day.  Got the washing done and dried fairly good.

January 10, 1951 – no entry

January 11, 1951 – Thursday.  A fine day.  Homer came down to the village and I went home with him.  Ladies Aid at Mrs W.O.Graham’s.  I stayed and Homer came for me in the evening.  The roads are good.  Enough snow to make them smooth.

January 12, 1951 – Friday.  Mild day.  A wet snow falling in afternoon. I was counting on the church book most of the day.  Got a bite for myself to eat.

January 13, 1951 – Saturday.  A blustery day.  The snow was soft when it started last night.  Drifted all night.  The snow plow came about supper time.  I made a pair of overalls for Heather.  Did a little washing and choring around.  The mail just came up as far as Bill Graham’s.

January 14, 1951 – Sunday.  A fine day.  Did not get up very early.  Homer and Iwent to church.  Had our annual meeting after the preaching service.  A very good year.  Collections about the same as last year.  I came down to Gordon’s with Mr Matheson after church.  Mrs Miller about the same.

January 15, 1951 – Monday.  A big wind and rain storm in the afternoon. Ester washed but did not put them out.

January 16, 1951 – Tuesday.  Cleared by noon.  A little colder.  Clothes dried in afternoon.  Mrs Patterson and Catherine called in afternoon.  Mrs Miller not good first part of the night.

January 17, 1951 – Wednesday.  A fine day.  Ester and Gordon went to the store in the morning.  Jennie Miller and Mrs Frankie Cox called.  Also Mr Matheson.  A card party at the hall.

January 18, 1951 – Thursday.  Fine day.  Mild.

January 19, 1951 – Friday.  A grand day.  Ester down to the school house for to meet the Bookmobile.  She got two books.  Gordon went to the Garage and to W.D. Kennedy’s in the evening playing cards.  Bill’s birthday party.

January 20, 1951 – Saturday.  Another fine mild day.  Went down to the Post Office in the afternoon. Got a little bit of my Eaton Order.  Did not do much.  Ella in a few milutes this afternoon.  Alfred has a head cold.

January 21, 1951 – Sunday.  Mild foggy day.  Gordon and the boys brought us home in afternoon.  Pretty slippery from the old mill to the school house.  Alfred’s cold better.  We were down to Gordon’s since January 4th.  Mrs Miller has improved some.

January 22, 1951 – Monday.  Cold and windy.  Baked bread, chinese chews, and cookies.  Washed and the clothes dried fairly good.

January 23, 1951 – Tuesday.  Cold morning.  Alfred went down with the mail to visit Min.  Homer, Joan, Nancy and Sandy went to Truro in the afternoon by Riversdale.  Not so cold in afternoon.

January 24, 1951 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Got the beef fat fried out.  A greasy job.  Ester called.  She had a letter from Priscilla.  She is sick.

January 25, 1951 – Thursday.  A wet drizzly day.  Canned roast beef and stew.  Pretty busy allday.  Priscilla called her mother.  She is some better.  Will have an x-ray the first of the week.

January 26, 1951 – Friday.  A stormy day.  Wind and rain.  The rain froze onto the trees.  Baked bread and doughnuts.  Cooked meat for mincemeat.  A card party at Arthur Deyarmond’s.  Homer and Joan went.

January 27, 1951 – Saturday.  Finer.  Some snow squalls.  Trees, fences and everything covered with ice.  Very pretty.  I made mince meat and done the cleaning.  Alfred walked down for the mail.  Called at Mart’s.

January 28, 1951 – Sunday.  A nice sunny day.  Pretty cold.  The ice sparkles in the sun.  Very beautiful.  Homer, Sandy, Alfred and I were to church.  A good sermon by Mr Parker Matheson.

January 29, 1951 – Monday.  Some snow today.  I mended a mat and did not do very much.  Got some letters and cards ready for the mail.

January 30, 1951 – Tuesday.  Nice morning.  Got very cold by evening.  I mended Alfred’s jacket and was out around a while with the children.  Joan done a big washing.  Got 9 cards in the mail and a letter from Amanda.

January 31, 1951 – Wednesday.  A cold morning.  Radio said it was the coldest day since 1925 in Halifax.  We did not mind it much.  Bakled a cake.  made a pie.  Homer, Joan, Nancy and Sandy came in for supper.

February 1, 1951 – Thursday.  Snow in the morning.  Turned to rain by noon.   Reveived a box of candy from Bydie and a photo of Roy in the mail today.

February 2, 1951 – Friday.  Rain and mild.  The water high in the brooks.  Did not do much.  A bit of fancy work and knit.

February 3, 1951 – Saturday.  A nice day.  Clothes dried good.  Baked bread and cleaned up the house.  Homer, Joan and children went to the village in afternoon.  Heather stayed with us.

February 4, 1951 – Sunday.  Snow and snow pellets.  The ground is covered and hard going.  Rested and read some.  Had a quiet day.

February 5, 1951 – Monday.Cloudy.  Not very cold.  Baked cookies.  Allen Deyarmond here to dinner and supper.   Homer and Joan went to Farm Forum at Bill’s in the evening.

February 6, 1951 – Tuesday.  A fine day.  We done a big washing and they dried fairly well.  Done a little fancy work and some reading.   The children had a good time coasting on the crust.

February 7, 1951 – Wednesday.  Cloudy.  Milder.  The wind in the south and rain in the evening.   Got the ironing done and made a night shirt for Alfred.  Murray Dickie here with the electric light bills.

February 8, 1951 – Thirsday.  A big wind and rain storm.  The wind blew hard all night.  Did not do much – some sewing.  Making patchwork.

February 9, 1951 – Friday.  A cold day.  Baked rolls and cookies.  Went down to the church to the World Day of Prayer Service.  Had a good meeting.  Ester and Gordon were to Halifax.  Mr William Creelman passed away today.  He took sick yesterday and was taken to hospital in Truro.

February 10, 1951 – Saturday.  Not so cold.  Fine.  Alfred went down to visit Min.  Came back again with the mail.  She has not been very well.  Baked 2 pies and bread.

February 11, 1951 – Sunday.  Cloudy.  Did not storm.  Homer, Alfred and I were down to church.  Rev E.J.O. Fraser, DD, had a good address on Korea.  He was there when the North Koreans invaded South Korea.

February 12, 1951 –  Monday.  Thawed most of the day.  I out in a quilt and got it rolled twice.  Nancy and Sandy were over and visited Geraldine.

February 13, 1951 – Tuesday.  A very mild day.  Joan had Heather out in the carriage. in the morning, also in the afternoon.  I was busy quilting.

February 14, 1951 – Wednesday.  Colder with squalls of freezing rain and snow in the afternoon.  Alfred and I walked over to Geordie’s and had dinner.  Pretty cold coming home.  I finished the quilt after supper.  Homer and Joan went to Institute.

February 15, 1951 – Thursday.  Cold and windy.  Alfred thought it too cold to saw wood.  Cleaned up our room and washed the floor.  Finished binding the quilt today.

February 16, 1951 – Friday.  Cold.  Not so cold by evening.  I made some doughnuts and cut out squares for a quilt.

February 17, 1951 – Saturday.  A beautiful sunny day.  Mild.  Baked bread and did some sewing.  I went for a walk with the children in the afternoon.

February 18, 1951 – Sunday.  A nice mild day.  Thawed a lot.  Homer, Joan and the children went to Middle Stewiacke.  Harry, Laura Crowe and baby called a little while.  Mr Thompson Cox passed away on Friday.

February 19, 1951 – Monday.  Another mild day.  Joan washed and got them all dried.  I cut out a lot of patchwork.  Homer and Joan went to Farm Forum at  Murray Graham’s.

February 20, 1951 – Tuesay.  A nice day.  I washed and got them dried and ironed.  Made a patchwork apron.

February 21, 1951 – February 22, 1951 – no entries

February 23, 1951 – Friday.  Mild.  Homer, Nancy, Sandy and I went to the village in the morning.  Was at esters a few minutes.

February 24, 1951 – Saturday.  A rainy day.  Homer and Joan went to Dartmouth to Virginia’s marriage to John Barss.  Alfred and I kept house and done the chores.  They got home about midnight.  The roads bad.

February 25, 1951 – Sunday.  Another soft day.  Homer and I went to church.  The roads are very soft.

February 26, 1951 – Monday.  A nasty day.  Freezing rain.  I am reading the book  “Gentian Hill”.  Sewed some patchwork and knit some.

February 27, 1951 – Tuesday.  Cloudy and snow squalls.  Joan done a washing.  It dried some.  Alfred and I walked down to Marts and home again this afternoon.

February 28, 1951 – Wednesday.  Cold wind and snowy.  Did some sewing and knitting.  Baked a jelly-roll and molasses biscuits.  Aid at Mrs Arthur Deyarmond’s.  I did not go.

March 1, 1951 – March 2, 1951 – no entries

March 3, 1951 – Saturday.  Alfred and I went down to Grant’s in the mail.  Min has been in bed for a couple of days with a cold.

March 4, 1951 – Sunday.  Cloudy and dull.  Min about the same.  Coughed quite a lot.  Bev and two boys drove up in the afternoon.  No church in Springside.  Mr Matheson is sick.

March 5, 1951 – Monday.  Some snow on the ground.  Min coughed a lot last night.  So had the Doctor up to see her.  He left some medicine and said she had no congestion.  Sore from coughing.  Margaret stayed to supper.

March 6, 1951 – Tuesday.  Mild.  The snow went some.  Min slept all night.  The sleeping pill gave her a good night’s sleep and she slept some more through the day.  Alfred and I down to Allen’s to supper.

March 7, 1951 – Wednesday.  Froze quite hard last night.  Went over to WMS with Lena and Margaret.  Had a good meeting and then we all went up and gave Lottie a baby shower.   She got some nice baby things.  Raining by the time we got home.

March 8, 1951 – Thursday.  A mild day.  Min was up in the afternoon.  Grant killed his pigs in the afternoon.  Murray helped him.  A Parent Night at the High School in Brookfield.

March 9, 1951 – Friday.  A cold windy day.  Got the fat fried out and swept upstairs.  Baked bread.  Mary, Mac and Eleanor came for their pork. They found the roads bad from Cross Roads.  Went home again.

March 10, 1951 – Saturday.  Windy and cold.  Some snow flurries, and rain at night.  Alfred and I made the pot-head, and we done some washing.  Grant brought us home in the evening.

March 11, 1951 – Sunday.  Cloudy.  My back a bit sore.  Alfred, Homer, Joan and Sandy went to church.

March 12, 1951 – Monday.  Not very fine.  A good wind.  We did a big wash and they dried up good.  Joan ironed them for me.  Ester called and we are going down there in the morning.  Mrs Miller is pretty bad.   Homer and Joan went to Farm Forum at Bert’s.

March 13, 1951 – March 16, 1951 – no entries

March 17, 1951 – Saturday.  Mrs Edmund Miller passed away this evening about 7:20.  She had been in failing health for about 11 months.

March 18, 1951 – March 22, 1951 – no entries

March 23, 1951 – Friday.  A fine day.  Alfred and Gordon sawed up some wood.  Gordon brought us up and met Homer at Arnold Wood’s.

March 24, 1951 – Saturday.  A dirty day.  Snow and drizzle.   Homer, Joan , Nancy and Sandy went to Truro.  They brought an Easter lily home.  It was very pretty.

March 25, 1951 – Sunday.  Rain in the morning.  Cleared before noon.  Alfred has a sore throat.  We did not go to church.  Joan took the Easter lily down to church.  The special offering was $25.00.

March 26, 1951 – Monday.  Fine in the morning.  Snow by night.  Did not do much.   Homer and Joan went to Cross Roads to a farmer’s gathering.

March 27, 1951 – Tuesday.  Some snow on the ground.  A cold wind.

March 28, 1951 – Wednesday.  A cold morning.  Fine.  Alfred and I washed a big washing and they dried good.  Homer splitting wood.

March 29, 1951 – Thursday.  Mild.  Some clouds.  Canned baked beans.  Homer, Joan and the children went down to Grant’s in the afternoon.  Mr and Mrs Arthur Deyarmond and Mr and Mrs George Deyarmond  called in the evening.

March 30, 1951 – Friday.  A very nice day.  I cleaned up our bedroom and the room.  Also made ice-box rolls.  Homer down to the village in the p.m.

March 31, 1951 – Saturday.  A fine day.  Cleaned the bedroom and living room up and baked brown bread and date squares.

April 1, 1951 – Sunday.  A very nice day.  Gordon, Ester and the boys were here to dinner.

April 2, 1951 – Monday.  Not very fine.  Joan washed and the clothes dried good.  I cut out and sewed a house dress.

April 3, 1951 – Tuesday.  Cloudy.  A raw wind.  Alfred and I went down with the mail to visit Min.  Grant brought us home.  Mr Matheson here to supper.

April 4, 1951 – April 7, 1951 – No entries

April 8, 1951 – Sunday.  We arrived in Boston at 8:45.  David, Wilma and Danny met us.  We went to Roxbury.  Had coffee and something to eat.   David and Wilma brought us to 9 Meadow Lane.  Hilda, Ted and Patsy called in the afternoon.  Byron, Ina, Roy and I went to church in the evening.

April 9, 1951 – Monday.  Pretty fine.  Ina washed some.  mrs Tyrell, Ina and I went to Waltham, and Mrs Tyrell got a new hat.  Seymour and Mildred called in the evening.

April 10, 1951 – Tuesday.  A grand morning.  Warm.  Alfred and I walked over to the Dairy and looked around.   Ina and Mrs Tyrell went to have their hair done.  David and Wilma over in the evening.

April 11, 1951 – Wednesday.  A thunder storm.  Very dark, with rain for a while.  Ina did some baking and I made some gingerbread cakes.

April 12, 1951 – Thursday.  Rain in the morning.

April 13, 1951 – Friday.  Fine.  Alfred and I went for a walk over to the gravel works.  Met Byron and David and went to S…?..bury for a load of milk bottles.  Mrs Lewis Power and 2 sone and her daughter here when we got back.

April 14, 1951 – no entry

April 15, 1951 – Sunday.  Some showers.  Did not get up very early.  Went for a drive over the Mystic Bridge in Boston and out to the airport.   Wentto church at the Scotch Presbyterian Church at the corner of Tremont and West Brookline Street in Boston.  Rev Archibald L. MacMillan, Minister.

April 16, 1951 – Monday.  Fine.  Wilm done some washing and we walked up to the store and she got me some stockings.  Was to a show in the evening.

April 17, 1951 – Tuesday.  Fine.  A cold wind in the afternoon.  Wilma, Danny and Mrs Mackay drove us out to Saxonville this morning.  A supper  at the Saxonville church this evening.

April 18, 1951 – April 24, 1951 – no entries

April 25, 1951 – Wednesday.  I went over to the Oddfellows Hall and helped with the supper for the Father – and – Son Banquet.  Alfred and Byron were among the guests.

April 26, 1951 – Thursday.  Fine.  Alfred, Ina and I went to Mildred’s.  Had lunch, and Alfred and I spent the afternoon and evening.  Seymour brought us home.

April 27, 1951 – Friday.  Cool.  Byron, Ina , Alfred and I went to Boston and had supper with Lois MacKay, Bessie Miller and her mother at their home.  Lois came back with us for the week-end.

April 28, 1951 – May 1, 1951 – no entries

May 2, 1951 – Wednesday.  A nice warm day.  Ina working on a supper.  Alfred, Byron and Roy planting onion sets.

May 3, 1951 – December 30, 1951 – no entries

December 31, 1951 – Monday.  A mild day.  Rain in the morning.  Did not write for a long time.  This has been a busy year, and changes for us.  Alfred had an operation on his hip November 29, and it did well.  Hope it keeps well as the report said cancer.

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