The Journals of Annabelle Johnson 1949

The Journals of
Annabelle Johnson

January 1, 1949 – Saturday.  Mild and foggy.  Had a chicken for dinner.  Alfred , Nancy and I were down to Mart’s for supper.  The Boutlier family called in the afternoon.  Roads soft.January 2, 1949 – Sunday.  The weather was mild and foggy.  Mart was here a while this afternoon.  Homer and Joan were over to Roy’s in the evening.  Edson Wright got 5 dozen eggs.

January 3, 1949 – Monday.  A little cooler and some snow.  Joan washed but did not put them out.  We made pickle for the meat.  I got my ironing finished.

January 4, 1949  – Tuesday.  Not snowing.  Clothes dried pretty good today.

January 5, 1949 – Wednesday.  Cloudy and mild.  Did not do much but poke around.  An alarm of fire at Harry Johnson’s.  Only a chimney fire.

January 6, 1949 – Thursday.  A wet day and a wild windy evening.  I went to the village and got some supplies for ourselves. Had a nice fire in the fireplace.  “last time”

January 7, 1949 – Friday.  Cloudy.  Moved the range into the room and got Homer’s set up in the kitchen.  Homer to the woods cutting wood.

January 8, 1949 – Saturday.  Finer.  Very mild.  No snow.  Thawed today.  Alfred and I got moved into our apartment.  Had supper there.  A beautiful sunset.

January 9, 1949 – Sunday.  A nice fine day.  A little bit colder this morning.  Went to church.  Mr Fraser’s subject was “Sin”.  Ester was here to supper with us.

January 10, 1949 – Monday.  Wet and foggy.  Lots of mud.  Joan washed and we canned meat.  Homer and I went to Farm Forum at Grant’s.

January 11, 1949 – Tuesday.  Some colder.  The wind is high.  Did a few things around.

January 12, 1949 – Wednesday.  Finer and colder.  Baked a cake and canned 5 cans of soup.  Joan went to Institute this evening.

January 13, 1949 – Thursday.  Not very fine.  I washed but did not get the clothes dried.

January 14, 1949 – Friday.  Fine.  Homer, Joan and Nancy went to Truro.  Went by Riversdale.  Came back by Brookfield.  Sandy stayed with us.

January 15, 1949 – Saturday.  A blustery day and cold.  Alfred and I went down to David’s and Grant’s today.   Did not snow much.  The wind high.

January 16, 1949 – Sunday.  Not so cold.  Read some and talked.  No one on the move but Leslie and Reggie.  They were in a few minutes in the morning.

January 17, 1949 – Monday.  Cloudy and mild.  We came up from Grant’s on the cream truck. Made fudge in the evening.   Homer took Priscilla and Gordon to Truro.

January 18, 1949 – Tuesday.  Not very fine.  Joan washed and I was reading a book in my spare time.

January 19, 1949 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Alfred was sawing some wood.  I baked 3 pies.   Mart here to dinner.  Rained and blew in the evening.

January 20, 1949 – Thursday.  A nice day.  Colder in the evening.  Homer, Alfred and I went to Springside.  The Burnside folk put on a play.  “Uncle Josh Perkins”

January 21, 1949 – Friday.  A cold day.  Below zero tonight.  Homer and Joan to the village to the play.  Alfred went to stay with the twins.

January 22, 1949 – Saturday.  Fine.

January 23, 1949 – Sunday.  A fine day.  Went to church.  Had our Annual Meeting.  Did not get all bills paid.

January 24, 1949 – Monday.  Not very fine.  Snow by evening.  Washed.  Clothes dried partly.  Killed the pig in the afternoon.  Was to Springside to Farm Forum.

January 25, 1949 – Tuesday.  Colder.  Grand Northern Lights in the evening.  Got my ironing done.  The Players over to Dean this evening.

January 26, 1949 – Wednesday.  Cold morning.  16 below zero.  Coldest this winter.  I got the lard fried out and the head cooked.

January 27, 1949 – Thursday.  Fine day.  Pretty cold.  Made the pot head.  Alfred was painting around the sink.  Got 3 birthday cards.

January 28, 1949 – Friday.  Storming tonight.  Baked 4 pies and canned 4 cans of squash.  Cold this morning.  The Watkins Man here this morning.

January 29, 1949 – Saturday.  A nice mild day.  Alfred and I went down and called on George Graham and Henry.   The snow that came is about all gone.

January 30, 1949 – Sunday.  A cold windy day.  Had a good restful day.  Homer, Joan and the children drove out around the woods in the afternoon.

January 31, 1949 – Monday.  Fine.  A good wash day.   Homer, Joan and the children in to supper.  Homer and I went to Farm Forum at Arthur Deyarmond’s.

February 1, 1949 – Tuesday.  Mild.  Most of the snow went that came last night. I was sewing.  Olin here a while this morning.  Homer and Joan went to Middle Stewiacke.  The play there tonight.

February 2, 1949 – Wednesday.   Windy and colder.  Fixed a quilt and baked brown bread and doughnuts.  Homer hauled 4 load of wood.  Went to Upper Musquodoboit this evening.

February 3, 1949 – Thursday.  I went down to David’s with Homer.

February 4, 1949 – Min came up on Saturday.  Alfred was down and she came back with him.

February 5, 1949 – Sunday.  Cold.  16 below zero at 8 a.m.  Homer and family went to Middle Stewiacke.  Min, Alfred and I went down to Mart’s.  Elwood came up for Min before supper.

February 6, 1949 – Monday.  14 below zero.  A nice fine day.   I was lengthening a dress.  Homer and Joan went to Farm Forum this evening.

February 7, 1949 – Made a mistake.  Wrote Sunday and Monday on Saturday and Sunday.

February 8, 1949 – Tuesday.  Rain and wind storm last night.  Cleared this morning and a good day to dry clothes.  Roads are pretty slippery.  Institute at Mrs Cy’s.

February 9, 1949 – Wednesday.  Fine and mild.  I got the ironing and some mending done.  Over to Middle Muaquodoboit with the play – “Uncle Josh Perkins”

February 10, 1949 – Thursday.  A nice day.   I was down to David’s and washed the floor and baked some biscuit.

February 11, 1949 – friday.  Cold and windy.  Alfred’s leg sore today so he was in the house most of the day.   The folk to Brookfield with the play tonight.

February 12, 1949 – Saturday.    Not so cold.  Cleaned up my rooms and baked bread.

February 13, 1949 – Sunday.  Fine.  Homer and I was to church.  Nancy was with us.  Mr Fraser preached on Faith.

February 14, 1949 – Monday.  Cloudy.   Darned David’s socks and did some fancy work.

February 15, 1949 – Tuesday.  Snowed some.  Joan washed but did not get them dried.

February 16, 1949 – Wednesday.  A mild day.  Rain in the night.   Made a pie and worked at a pillow slip.

February 17, 1949 – Thursday.  Snow pretty thick sometimes today.  Homer took me down to Allen’s this evening to the WMS Meeting.

February 18, 1949 – Friday.  Fine.  Quite a lot of snow.  Homer hauling manure.  Mart walked up through the snow.

February 19, 1949 – Saturday.  A mild day.  Snow went fast.  Alfred and I moved the furniture in the bedroom.   Alfred and Nancy went out to the woods with Homer.

February 20, 1949 – Sunday.  Rain and snow.  Had a quiet day.  Done a lot of  resting and listened to the radio.

February 21, 1949 – Monday.  Cloudy.  Cleared.  A pretty good wash day.  The clothes dried.  Homer was hauling manure.

February 22, 1949 – Tuesday.  A nice fine day.  Cold morning.  18 below zero.   Joan washed, and Nancy and Sandy made a visit most of the forenoon.

February 23, 1949 – Wednesday. Mild rain in afternoon.  Baked a date loaf and done a little sewing.

February 24, 1949 – Thursday.  Fine.  I went down to David’s and Alfred went down to Cyrus’.  This was his birthday.   He expects to go to the V.G. Hospital March 1st.  Homer and Joan to Gordon’s to supper.

February 25, 1949 – Friday.  Fine.  Baked bread and pies.  The men finished hauling manure from Wright’s.   Got the fertilizer this evening.

February 26, 1949 – Saturday.  Began to snow about the time we got up.  Snowed all day.   Homer had a heavy road getting home.  Alfred went down to Min’s with him.

February 27, 1949 – Sunday.  A stormy day.  Snowing and blowing.  A lot of snow in the yard.  We stayed around and read some.

February 28, 1949 – Monday.  Quite fine.  I washed and the clothes dried pretty good.  A lot of snow.  Homer walked down to Mart’s.  No word of the snow plow.

March 1, 1949 – Tuesday.  Cloudy and snowing.   Joan washed but did not put them out.   Homer could not get out to go with the mail.

March 2, 1949 – Wednesday.  A stormy day.  Wind and snow.  Homer built a cupboard for me.  I was mending most of the day.

March 3, 1949 – Thursday.  Not so stormy.  Roads all full.  I canned baked beans.

March 4, 1949 – Friday.  A nice day.  The men were cutting wood.  We are looking for the snow plow.

March 5, 1949 – Saturday.  Cloudy.  Snowing this afternoon.  Bev and Ramsey here this morning for breakfast.  They were plowing roads all night.  Homer got down and back again with the mail.

March 6, 1949 – Sunday.  A mild day.  Snow settled a lot.  We had a quiet day.  Homer took Keith down to the Doctor’s.  His foot is sore.

March 7, 1949 – Monday.  Hail and rain.   Joan washed but did not get them out.  The cream truck got up.   Gwen and Lawrence over in the evening.

March 8, 1949 – Tuesday.  Hail and freezing rain.  Went down to David’s with Homer,  and to Aid at Arthur Deyarmond’s.  Had the World Day of Prayer program.

March 9, 1949 – Wednesday.  Some rain and cloudy.  I put in a mat this afternoon.   Alfred and Homer cutting wood.   Mrs Isaac Rutherford’s funeral this afernoon in Springside.

March 10, 1949 – Thursday.  Rain, hail and freezing rain.  I went down and quilted on Helen’s quilt while Homer was down with the mail.

March 11, 1949 – Friday.  Another day of bad weather.   I baked bread and worked on my mat.

March 12, 1949 – Saturday.  Wet most of the day.  Cleaned up the house.  Baked a washington pie, a custard and a gingerbread.  Homer and Joan went to the village this afternoon.

March 13, 1949 – Sunday.  Had some sunshine and some squalls.  Have had two weeks of stormy weather.  No sun all last week.   We all went to church.

March 14, 1949 – Monday.  A nice fine day.  Got my washing and ironing done.

March 15, 1949 – Tuesday.  Another nice day.  Joan got her washing and ironing done.  I was hooking.

March 16, 1949 – Wednesday.  A stormy morning.  A lot of snow fell in the night.  I was working at my mat.

March 17, 1949 – Thursday.  Fine.  Homer went with the mail.   Had a hard time getting through.  They did a lot of shovelling.  Got back about 5:30.

March 18, 1949 – Friday.  Fine.  Baked bread.  The big snow plow came as far as Mart’s and turned and went back.

March 19, 1949 – Saturday.  A little more snow.  Homer got the mail up to Cyrus’.  I worked at the mat, and baked a jelly – roll, a date loaf and 2 pies.

March 20, 1949 – Sunday.  Cold this morning.  Around zero this morning and a cold wind throughout the day.  Homer and Joan and children went down to Mart’s in the afternoon.  Hard walking.

March 21, 1949 – Monday.  Fine in the morning.  Snow in the afternoon.  Joan washed and I finished my mat.

March 22, 1949 – Tuesday.  Quite fine and mild.  Homer sick with the flu.  Did not go with the mail.  We just done chores.

March 23, 1949 – Wednesday.  Cloudy.  Rain in afternoon.   Homer in bed most of the day.

March 24, 1949 – Thursday.  Fine and warm.  Snow went a lot last night with rain.  Lawrence drove the mail then killed a beef in the afternoon.  Homer is some better.

March 25, 1949 – Friday.  Fine.  Homer and Nancy went to the village with the beef in the morning.  Allen Deyarmond here collecting for the Red Cross.

March 26, 1949 – Saturday.  Dark.  Homer went with the mail.  Nancy sick today.  I baked bread and rolls, a pie and a jelly-roll.  Joan sick too.

March 27, 1949 – Sunday.  Pretty wet.  We got along today.  Nancy feeling better.  Joan is in bed.  No church.  Robins out in the field this afternoon.

March 28, 1949 – Monday.  Dark.  Some rain.  Joan was up some today.  Did not do much but get the meals and look after the children.

March 29, 1949 – Tuesday.  A fine day.  I did a washing for Joan today and they dried good.  Washed our floor up in the afternoon.

March 30, 1949 – Wednesday.  A fine day.  The wind cool.  We were canning meat.  I did 10 cans of stew.  Alfred got a bit of steel in his leg this morning.

March 31, 1949 – Thursday.  Did not do much.  Feeling a bit tired or lazy.

April 1, 1949 – Friday.  I canned some roast beef.  Was binding the mat I had made and another foundation.

April 2, 1949 – Saturday.  Not very fine.  I went down to see Min in the mail , and was at David’s to dinner.  Coloured mat rags after I got home.

April 3, 1949 – Sunday.  Fine.  Homer, Joan and children went for a drive in the afternoon.

April 4, 1949 – Monday.  Not very fine.  Joan got her washing dried.  I got a mat in.   Homer and Joan went to Truro to see the hockey game.  Brookfield  8, Armdale 6.

April 5, 1949 – Tuesday.  Colder and wind.  I was hooking at my mat.   Alfred was cutting wood.

April 6, 1949 – Wednesday.  A stormy evening.  Snow and wind,  later, rain and wind.   Went over to Roy’s for the WMS meeting.

April 7, 1949 – Thursday.  The men finished cutting the wood up.  I was working at my mat.

April 8, 1949 – Friday.  Fine.  Homer went to the village to get his brakes fixed.  I went down and had a day with  Ester.  Roads are rough.

April 9, 1949 – Saturday.  Not very fine.  Some showers.  Alfred and I went down to visit Min.   Nancy stayed till Homer came back.  Called at David’s after supper.

April 10, 1949 – Sunday.  Squalls.  Homer came down and we went to church.    Came home after church.

April 11, 1949 – Monday.  A nice day.  Joan did a washing.  I cut some mat rags.  Was reading a book.

April 12, 1949 – Tuesday.  Another fine day.  I washed and got most of them ironed.

April 13, 1949 – Wednesday.  A warm day.  60 above.   We done some pruning at the currant and gooseberry bushes in the afternoon.

April 14, 1949 – Thursday.  Rain today.   Alfred went down to Gordon’s this morning.  I was hooking.  Canned 2 cans of corned beef.

April 15, 1949 – Friday.  Finer.  Was hooking all day.

April 16, 1949 – Saturday.  Rain.  Finished my mat.  Jim came back with Alfred.  Baked 3 pies.  Thunder storm most of the day.

April 17, 1949 – Sunday.   Colder and cleared.  Did not have church this easter Sunday.  Mr Fraser has been sick most of the week.

April 18, 1949 – Monday.  A nice fine day.  We took the shelves out of the cupboard.  Cleaned the walls and got the first coat of paint on.

April 19, 1949 – Tuesday.  Cloudy in the afternoon.  Jim and Alfred were cutting wood.  I did some mending.

April 20, 1949 – Wednesday.  A wet night and morning.  The brooks are high.   We were getting the shelves put up in the cupboards.

April 21, 1949 – Thursday.  Cleared.   Joan and Nancy and Sandy went away this morning.

April 22, 1949 – Friday.  A very nice day.  Homer went to get the wagon axle fixed.  Alfred, Jim and I went to Aid at Murray’s.  Jim stayed all night.

April 23, 1949 – Saturday.  A dark day and rain in the afternoon.  Homer went to Lantz after supper.  Alfred gave the cupboard a second coat of paint.

April 24, 1949 – Sunday.  A heavy thunder storm in the afternoon.   We went to church with Martin and Christy.   Homer, Joan and children got home at supper time.

April 25, 1949 – Monday.  A cold morning.  Ground white with snow.  Putting things back into the cupboard.  Watkins man here to dinner.

April 26, 1949 – Tuesday.  Windy and cold.  I went to the village.  Ordered paper for my bedroom.  Was in to the Doctor’s,  at Mrs W.D. Kennedy’s, and at Gordon’s.

April 27, 1949 – Wednesday.  Was doing a few things towards house cleaning.  Ther grass  is  beginning to start.

April 28, 1949 – no entry

April 29, 1949 – Friday.  Fine.  Cool in the evening.  Alfred and I to a service at Springside.  25 young people joined the church.

April 30, 1949 – Saturday.  A fine day.  Washed and ironed, and baked bread.

May 1, 1949 – Sunday.  A fine, grand day.  Homer, Alfred and I down to Springside to Communion.  Alfred and I walked down to the cemetery in the afternoon.

May 2, 1949 – Monday.  A great day.   Cleaned the spare room, and Alfred got some digging done in the garden.

May 3, 1949 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Alfred and I fixed the door between the room and the bedroom.  Planted lettuce and a few onions.

May 4, 1949 – Wednesday.  A very warm day.  I was over to Mrs L. MacKay’s to WMS in the evening.   Planted Sweet Pea seeds this evening.

May 5, 1949 – Thursday.  Fine.  Washed bed clothes and baked a pie.  This was Alfred’s birthday.  Nancy and Sandy in and had supper with us.

May 6, 1949 – Friday.  Fine.  We got some papering done at the bedroom.  Martin and Leonard called in the afternoon.

May 7, 1949 – Saturday.  Cloudy.  Some rain.  We finished papering the bedroom and got the floor washed.

May 8, 1949 – Sunday.  Fine day.  Was to Sunday School and church.   This is the first day of Sunday School.   Gordon and family here to supper.

May 9, 1949 – Monday.  Fine.  Quite windy.  We cleaned the upstairs closet.  Leonard called a while this morning.

May 10, 1949 – Tuesday.   Cloudy and a few sprinkles of rain.  Alfred and I at David’s to dinner.  Over to Cy’s in the afternoon, and at Mrs George Deyarmond’s to a demonstration dinner.

May 11, 1949 – Wednesday.  Fine and cooler.  Alfred and I tinkering around.  Got shelves made. Baked bread.  Homer away to a meeting.  Joan to Institute at Gwen’s.  Cooked a little rhubarb.

May 12, 1949 – Thursday.   Rain.  We got the ceiling, woodwork and walls of the room cleaned today.

May 13, 1949 – Friday.  Cleared today.  Warmer.  Homer, Joan and children went to Truro. Alfred and I finished cleaning the room and put the varnish stain around the square.

May 14, 1949 – Saturday.  Fine.  Washed and ironed.  Got the curtains ironed and put up.  Varnished the square in the evening.

May 15, 1949 – Sunday.  Fine.  Quite cool.  Went to Sunday School in the afternoon.  Mary, Grant, Reta and Beulah called this afternoon.  Homer and Joan away in the evening.

May 16, 1949 – Monday.  A very hard frost this morning.  I was mending and sewing most of the day.  Homer was harrowing.

May 17, 1949 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Nancy and I went with the mail.  I called in to see M. MacKay on my way home.  Was at Ester’s a while.

May 18, 1949 – Wednesday.  A nice morning.  Cool in the afternoon.  Homer sowed some oats, and Alfred planted 6 rows in the garden.  Homer, Joan and Lawrence went to Brookfield this evening.

May 19, 1949 – Thursday.  A nice warm day.  Cleaned and fixed the hall.

May 20, 1949 – Friday.  Fine.  Homer was harrowing.   Done quite a lot of cooking.  We went to a Pie Social at Springside in the evening. Cold night.

May 21, 1949 – Saturday.  Fine.  I went down to David’s and Grant’s.  At Grant’s to dinner.  Cleaned up the house some when I got home.

May 22, 1949 – Sunday.  Not very fine.  We were to Sunday School and church.

May 23, 1949 – Monday.  A wet day.  I was sewing most of the day.

May 24, 1949 – Tuesday.  Cloudy and cold.  Joan washed and the clothes dried.  Alfred down to visit Min today.

May 25, 1949 – Wednesday.  Cold, windy and heavy rain in the evening.  Aid at Helen’s this afternoon.  I went down with Christy.

May 26, 1949 – Thursday.  Cleared off today.  I did a washing.  Homer and Joan cleaning up the yard in the afternoon.

May 27, 1949 – May 28, 1949 – no entries

May 29, 1949 – Sunday.  Fine in the morning.  Showers later.  Homer, Joan and children went to Middle Stewiacke.  I was to Sunday School.  Alfred and I went down to Gordon’s in the evening.

May 30, 1949 – Monday.  The morning quite fine.  Thunder shower in afternoon.  A Field Day for the schools at Upper Sterwiacke.  A Liberal Meeting in the evening.

May 31, 1949 – Tuesday.  Still showers.  We came home.  I was down to the store and done some shopping. To a play in Springside.  “Anne of Green Gables”

June 1, 1949 – Wednesday.  A fine day.  I went down and was at Grant’s.  Nellie is home. Min had the WMS this evening.

June 2, 1949 – Thursday.  Fine.  We got the toilet whitened and cleaned up.  Alfred was working at the garden.

June 3, 1949 – Friday.  Fine and warm.  Homer finished sowing the oats.   David and his wife arrived about 11 p.m. from USA.

June 4, 1949 – Saturday.  A fine day.  David and Wilma left for Cape Breton after dinner.  Mary and Nellie came up and had supper with us.

June 5, 1949 – Sunday.  Fine.  Nancy and I went to Sunday School.   Homer, Joan and children went to Middle Stewiacke.  Had a picnic lunch on the way.

June 6, 1949 – Monday.  A nice day.  Quite warm.

June 7, 1949 – Tuesday.  Another nice day.   I got my washing and ironing done.  The men planted potatoes after Homer came home.  Bert Hamilton was rushed to the hospital.  Had an operation.

June 8, 1949 – Wednesday.  Cold and windy.  Finished planting potatoes and picked stones.   I was mending the slipcovers, and got them put on.

June 9, 1949 – Thursday.  Fine.  I cleaned up some and washed the floor.  David and Wilma got back from Cape breton this evening.

June 10, 1949 – Friday.  Fine.  We went to the play at Springside.  A car accident at the village.  Francis Creelman very badly hurt.

June 11, 1949 – Saturday.  Fine.  Done some cooking.  After supper we made some calls at Lower Burnside.

June 12, 1949 – Sunday.  A nice rain last night.  David and Wilma, Alfred and I went to Dartmouth and HalifaxWas at the hospital.  F. Creelman died this morning.

June 13, 1949 – Monday.  Fine.  Pretty hot.   Homer, Joan and children, David and I went to Truro. Had a serenade for David and Wilma.  About 20 here.

June 14, 1949 – Tuesday.  Hot day.  I did some cooking.  David and Wilma made some calls.  Francis Creelman’s funeral in Springside church this afternoon.

June 15, 1949 – Wednesday.  Quite hot.  We went to Truro with David and Wilma.  They started back to Boston.  Was at CKCL to hear Schools in Action.  At Mac Carter’s all night.

June 16, 1949 – Thursday.  Nice day.  Spent the day at Charlie Blaikie’s.   Went to a show with Mary in the evening.

June 17, 1949 – Friday.  Hot day.  Called on Mrs Gilmour Creelman.Went down to Halifax on the afternoon bus.  Got to Dartmouth around 7 p.m.

June 18, 1949 – Saturday.  Hot day.  Amanda and I went over to the V.G.  to visit  Geordie.  Marie came while we were there.   She was married yesterday to Roy Graham of Pictou.    They were at Amanda’s to supper.

June 19, 1949 – Sunday.  Another hot day.  Amanda, Carrie and I to church in the morning.  We went to the Forum in the afternoon for a Thanksgiving service of the Bicentenary.  Doctor Bonnell spoke.

June 20, 1949 – Monday.  Some cooler.  Amanda washed and did her shopping.  Mildred did my hair in the evening.  Rained in evening.

June 21  – Tuesday.  Cool and drizzly.  We went and seen the Parade.  It was a grand sight.  Went to a show after.  A wet evening.  had a sham [mock] battle on Citadel Hill.

June 22, 1949 – Wednesday.  Cloudy and cool.  Amanda and I did some shopping.  Was to David’s in the evening.

June 23, 1949 – Thursday.  Fine in afternoon.  Was at the V.G. to see geordie.  At Camp Hill to visit Eddie.  Went to Mr and Mrs W. Collins for supper.

June 24, 1949 – Friday.  Cool.  Quite fine.  We spent the day with the Johnson family in Halifax.   Came to Brookfield on the bus.  At Ernie’s all night.

June 25, 1949 – Saturday.  Rained most all day.  Muir called for us in the forenoon, and we came home.  Had been away 10 days.

June 26, 1949 – Sunday.  Still wet.  Was to Sunday School and church.  Homer and Joan away in the evening.

June 27, 1949 – Monday.  Wet morning.  Cleared.  A nice afternoon.   Election day.   The Liberal Government returned in Canada.   Frank Stanfield elected in Colchester.

June 28, 1949 – Tuesday.  A nice fine day.  Cleaned up my rooms.  Mary, Min, and Eleanor called this afternoon.  Homer went to a school meeting.

June 29, 1949 – Wednesday.  A fine day.  I was cooking for Aid.  Homer, Joan and children went to Halifax.  We got enough strawberries for supper.

June 30, 1949 – Thursday.  A nice day.  Had a very good Aid.  About 26 to supper.  A concert in the village.  Joan, Homer and Margaret went.

July 1, 1949 – Friday.  A fine day.  Pretty hot.  I washed a big washing and got it all ironed.

July 2, 1949 – Saturday.  Fine.  Got some mending done and baked pies.  Looking for Byron and family.

July 3, 1949 – Sunday.  Fine.  Homer took Nancy and I down to Sunday School.  Byron, Ina and Arnold came this morning.  Was to hear the Tatamagouche choir in Upper Stewiacke this evening.

July 4, 1949 – Monday.  Byron, the children and I went fishing this morning.  He went down to the village in the afternoon.  Dance in the school house in evening.

July 5, 1949 – no entry

July 6, 1949 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Byron, Ina, Alfred and I went calling.  Was at Allen’s to dinner.  In the village to supper.  Went to the Horse Races in the evening.

July 7, 1949 – Thursday.  Fine.  Went down to W.D. Kennedy’s to dinner.   In the afternoon we drove to Sheet Harbour and came back through Musquodoboit Harbour.

July 8, 1949 – Friday.  Fine.  Bydie, Ina, Alfred, Homer and Nancy went to Truro after dinner by Riversdale.  Aid supper at Springside.  We went down to Gordon’s a while.

July 9, 1949 – Saturday.  A nice day.  Bydie and Arnold went to the village this morning.    I put up strawberries and did some baking.  Perley, Lelia and Mr Fraser here to supper.

July 10, 1949 – Sunday.  Fine.  Cool in afternoon.  Went to Sunday School and church.  Ina, Byron and Arnold up to church.  They were here to supper.  Also David, Mart and Christy.

July 11, 1949 – Monday.  Fine.  Joan did a washing.   I made some jam.  Chester, his wife, Mr and Mrs Joe Archibald and Annie called in the afternoon.

July 12, 1949 – Tuesday.  Fine.  I baked a pie.  Bydie came up and we all went to Pictou. Was in New Glasgow and Erectia [Eureka].  Was at the Orange Walk Picnic a while.

July 13, 1949 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Bydie, Joan, Homer and children went to Truro in the morning.Bydie went to the village in the afternoon.  Going home in the morning.

July 14, 1949 – Thursday.  Fine.  I did a big washing and ironed part of them.  Picked some gooseberries.  Homer mowed some this afternoon.

July 15, 1949 – Friday.  Fine.  Finished the ironing and cleaned up the house.   Mrs  Nellie Graham, Edna, and Mrs Dennie Graham called.

July 16, 1949 – Saturday.  Cloudy.  Not a very good hay day.  Put in two loads of hay.  I baked brown bread and some shortcakes.

July 17, 1949 – Sunday.  Fine.  Pretty hot.  I was to Sunday School.  Joan, Homer and children away.  We were alone.

July 18, 1949 – Monday.  Not very fine.  Put in two loads of hay.  The washer stopped before Joan got her washing done.  I cut out a dress for myself.

July 19, 1949 – Tuesday.  Dark.  Some rain in the morning.  Alfred and I went down to Grant’s.  Spent the day.  They are getting their house wired.

July 20, 1949 – July 21, 1949 – no entries

July 22, 1949 – Friday.  A fine day.  Good breeze.  I washed a big washing and got it ironed.

July 23, 1949 – Saturday.  Fine.  Baked brown bread and a pie and cookies.   Picked the last of the gooseberries.

July 24, 1949 – Sunday.  A fine day.  Was at Sunday School and church.  Went down to David’s and had supper with them.  This is his birthday.  Had a nice time.

July 25, 1949 – Monday.  Fine.  Haying today and I did some sewing.

July 26, 1949 – July 27, 1949 – no entries

July 28, 1949 – Thursday.  Very hot.  Alfred got almost sick.  Better as soon as he rested a while. Our peas are ready to use.

July 29, 1949 – Friday.  Another hot day.  I done some cooking and cleaned up the apartment.  A shower at George MacKay’s for Laura this evening. Got some nice presents.

July 30, 1949 – Saturday.  A hot day. for making hay.  Amanda, Allister, Lexie, Mel, Anna and Angus here this afternoon and to supper.  They went on to New Glasgow in the evening.

July 31, 1949 – Sunday.   Not so bright and hot.  We went to Communion in Springside in the morning.   Homer and Joan took Tommy and Iris Isnor to the Bus Stop.

August 1, 1949 – Monday.  Had a shower in the morning.  Homer mowed hay.  Joan done a washing.

August 2, 1949 – Tuesday.  A fine day.  Had Jackie and Geordie helping with hay in the afternoon.  Got 4 good loads in.  I got my washing done today.

August 3, 1949 – Wednesday.  Not very bright.  Finished haying tonight.  Had a grand crop.  I had WMS this evening.  A nice rain in evening.

August 4, 1949 – Thursday.  Had a good rain.  Cleared by afternoon.

August 5, 1949 – Friday.  Fine.  Homer, Nancy and I went picking blueberries down at A. Deyarmond’s in afternoon.  Got a good many.

August 6, 1949 – Saturday.  Fine.  Some showers went around us.  Joan and Nancy  went to a picnic at Green hill, Pictou County.  Sandy stayed with us.

August 7, 1949 – Sunday.  A fine day.  Was down to Sunday School in the morning.  Margaret came up with Homer to dinner.They went to Middle Stewiacke in the afternoon.

August 8, 1949 – Monday.  Fine.  Joan washed.  Bert and Allen, and Alfred and Hazel called this forenoon.  I was sewing some.

August 9, 1949 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Pretty hot. I washed and ironed and baked brown bread.  Nancy and Sandy tipped the dump-cart body over on themselves.  Nancy’s arm hurt.

August 10, 1949 – Wednesday.  A nice day.  Went to the Old Home Picnic with Mart’s this afternoon.  Homer shot 2 deer that have been destroying our garden.

August 11, 1949 – Thursday.  A nice cool day.  Alfred and I cut up the meat this morning.  Homer and Joan and children went picking blueberries.  Institute this evening.

August 12, 1949 – Friday.  A nice day.  I cleaned up the house and picked some raspberries.  Had enough for 2 cans.  Martin and Elmer bound some oats  in the afternoon.

August 13, 1949 – Saturday.  Fine.  Did not do much.  Alfred down to see Min in the forenoon. Homer and Joan took Nancy in to the hospital and had an x-ray of her arm.  It was broken below the shoulder.

August 14, 1949 – Sunday.  Cool day.  No church or Sunday School.  We were down to Mart’s in the evening to see Ruth, Freddie and their baby.

August 15, 1949 – Monday.  Some rain.  Allowed to get the oats bound.  Jerry and  Lee Bates came

up on the cream truck to spend a few days.

August 16, 1949 – Tuesday.  Not very fine.  I washed and ironed part of the clothes.  I put up some beets.

August 17, 1949 – Wednesday.  A fine day.  Elmer and Martin here binding some oats.  I baked brown bread and ginger bread.

August 18, 1949 – Thursday.  Some showers.  Priscilla came up with the mail.  I baked a pie.  We got 29 cans of beans done todsay.

August 19, 1949 – Friday.  A wet windy day.  Homer, Joan, Nancy, Jerry and Lee went to Truro this morning.  Nancy had to stay in the hospital to have her arm attended to.  It was a wild afternoon for a while.

August 20, 1949 – Saturday.  Fine and windy.  Joan went to Truro with Mary in the afternoon.   The Doctor called and said Nancy was ready to come home.   Homer went in and they decided not to bring her out.

August 21, 1949 – Sunday.  Finer.  Was at home all day.  Homer, Joan and Nancy got home about supper time.  Nancy is badly tied up.  Feeling pretty good.

August 22, 1949 – Monday.  Fine.  A good wind.  Joan washed.  Priscilla and I picked a few raspberries.  I came down to Glenn Blaikie’s in the evening.

August 23, 1949 – Tuesday.  A nice day.  The Glenn Blaikie Family started on a trip.  Left at 9 a.m.  I got the boy’s meals, and Priscilla and I went to the show.  “Biscuit Eater”.   A son born to Mr and Mrs Murray Dickie yesterday.

August 24, 1949 – Wednesday.  Fine day.Cool and raw in the evening.  Done the work and made 2 pies.  Mrs Cecil Kent called.  Priscilla staying with me tonight again.

August 25, 1949 – Thursday.  Fine.  Alfred came down in the mail.  I was down to the store.  Ester and the twins were in.  We called at Mart Fulton’s and Harold’s in the evening.

August 26, 1949 – Friday.  Fine.  Cool last evening.  Alfred was threshing at Gordon’s.  Edna called a while.  The folks got home about 7 p.m.  We called at George Blaikie’s.

August 27, 1949 – Saturday.  Fine.  We went over to Gordon’s and spent the day.  Glenn brought us home in the evening.

August 28, 1949 – Sunday.  Fine.  Nancy and I went to Sunday School.  Homer, Joan and the children went for a drive in the afternoon.

August 29, 1949 – Monday.  Pretty fine.  Elmer and Martin bound the oats on the interval.  I washed.

August 30, 1949 – Tuesday.  Fine.  A heavy wind.  Done the ironing and baked cookies.  We went to Springside and witnessed Carl Brown and Willa Graham’s marriage.

August 31, 1949 – Wednesday.  A hot day.  Alfred and I was at laura macKay’s wedding.  She was married to Harry J.P. Crowe of Stewiacke.  David and Mrs Dixon called in the p.m.

September 1, 1949 – Thursday.  A dark windy day. Rain at night.  Homer, Joan and children went to the Exhibition in the afternoon.  Mrs Margaret MacKay passed away this afternoon.  Also Cyrus F. Graham.

September 2, 1949 – Friday.  Cleared today.  Still warm.  We were down and helped clean the church.  Had to take Nancy down to have the cast fixed on her arm. It was broken.

September 3, 1949 – Saturday.  Fine day.  Went down to Cyrus Graham’s funeral at the church.  The flowers were  beautiful.  Rev. L.P. Archibald conducted the service.

September 4, 1949 – Sunday.  A nice day.  Homer, Alfred and I went to Springside to Mrs Margaret MacKay’s funeral.  She died in the V.G. Hospital of cancer.

September 5, 1949 – Monday.  Labor day.  Fine.  Fred and Vina Bustin and Bradford called this afternoon.  Homer and Lawrence put in the last of the oats in the afternoon.

September 6, 1949 – September 9, 1949 – no entries

September 10, 1949 – Saturday.  Was nice weather this week , and we were busy with jelly, apple sauce and pickles.

September 11, 1949 – Sunday.  Fine.  Was at Sunday School and church.   Gordon, Ester and family here to supper.

September 12, 1949 – Monday.  Fine.  Washed and got most of them ironed.  Homer and Joan away this evening.  Alfred painted the gate at the cemetery.

September 13, 1949 – Tuesday.  Fine.  I went down with the mail.   Called on Emma and was at David’s to dinner.  At a meeting tonight.  Decided to wire the church.

September 14, 1949 – Wednesday.  Fine and warm.  Homer and I went in to Truro to have Nancy’s cast fixed.  Made chow.  Joan had Institute this evening.

September 15, 1949 – Thursday.  Cloudy.  Not much rain.  Alfred and I came down to run the ranch for Mr and Mrs W.D. Kennedy while they are taking a trip to USA.

September 16, 1949 – Friday.  Some rain . Just showers.  Done the work.  Over to Mr Fraser’s in the afternoon.

September 17, 1949 – Saturday.  A fine day.  We churned and I baked biscuits and 2 pies.  Mr Dennie Dunlap died this morning.

September 18, 1949 – Sunday.  A nice day.  We spent a quiet day.  Went to church in the evening.  Was at Gordon’s a short time after church.

September 19, 1949 – Monday.  Dark and cloudy.  Alfred over to Mr Fraser’s in the morning.  I was up to the store.  Seymour, Mildred and Mart called this afternoon.

September 20, 1949 – Tuesday.  A bad storm broke about supper time.  Gave us a scare.  A crack, and like a ball of fire.  More thunder, lightning and hail after dark.

September 21, 1949 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Cooler.  Some showers.  Quiet around this afternoon.  Everyone went to the Musquodoboit Exhibition.  Hail on the ground till evening.

September 22, 1949 – Thursday.  Pretty fine.  A few showers.  I baked a cake and cookies.  Ester, Leon and Lynn in awhile in the afternoon.

September 23, 1949 – Friday.  A wet day.  Alfred put in some wood in the morning.  I baked bread.  The Watkins Man here to supper. I got a box of Christmas Cards.

September 24, 1949 – Saturday.  Windy and squalls.  I was up to the store.  Ester and the boys here, and Gordon too,  to supper.

September 25, 1949 – Sunday.  Fine.  We went to church.  Gordon came for us.  I went to Burnside with Mr Fraser.  Had Rally Day Service there.   Mrs Watson over in the evening.

September 26, 1949 – Monday.  Fine wash day.  I canned some tomatoes in the afternoon.  Leon and Lynn down to dinner.

September 27, 1949 – Tuesday.  Cold morning.  Fine.  Sunday School Convention at the church afternoon and evening.   Nancy came down with the mail.  Jim here to dinner.  Seymour to supper.

September 28, 1949 – Wednesday.  A nice day.  Nancy and I called at Mrs Harry Johnson’s,  and Mr Fraser’s this afternoon.  Mr J.D. Cox here to supper and spent the evening.

September 29, 1949 – Thursday.  More rain last night in the night.  Nancy went home with the mail.    Sandy down today.  Luther Miller and his father called this evening.

September 30, 1949 – Friday.  Fine.  I washed and done some cleaning up.

October 1, 1949 – Saturday.  Fine.  I baked 2 pies and biscuits.  David and Blendes (sic0 here to dinner.  Mr and Mrs W.D. Kennedy arrived home about 4 p.m.  We went up to Gordon’s in the evening.

October 2, 1949 – Sunday.  Cold this morning.  We talked till about 4 p.m.  Morris came over and we went over there.  Was to church in the evening.

October 3, 1949 – Monday.  Fine.  Eva and Morris left this morning on a trip.  We took care of the children.   Frank Cox  in the yard with a bear this morning.

October 4, 1949 – October 5, 1949 – no entries

October 6, 1949 – Thursday.  Fine.  Morris and Eva got home about 6:30 p.m.  Had a good trip.  The children glad to see them.  Morris brought me home in the evening.

October 7, 1949 – Friday.  Fine.  The thresher finished here before 10 a.m.  I was cooking some and sewing.

October 8, 1949 – Saturday.  A grand day.  I washed and ironed.  Alfred picked what beans we had.

October 9, 1949 – Sunday.  A nice mild hazy day.  We all went to church.  The church was nicely decorated for the Thanksgiving Service.  Rev A.T. MacDonald preached.  His text was “Father give me”.

October 10, 1949 – Monday.  Foggy in the morning.  Fine in the afternoon.  The men dug potatoes in the afternoon.

October 11, 1949 – Tuesday. Fine.  I am reading a book and knitting some.

October 12, 1949 – Wednesday.  A grand day.  Picking potatoes a while.  A grand crop this year.

October 13, 1949 – Thursday.  Another  fine day.  Finished digging potatoes.

October 14, 1949 – Friday.  Fine.  Homer, Joan, Nancy and Sandy went to New Glasgow.  Ivan Miller called.  The boys are out in the woods for a few days.

October 15, 1949 – Saturday.  Fine.  Baked brown bread and rolls.  Done some sewing.   Alfred down to Mart’s this morning.

October 16, 1949 – Sunday.  A nice fine day.  Alfred and I walked down to Mart’s in the afternoon.  The horses went on a trip.

October 17, 1949 – Monday.  Nice and fine.  Joan washed.  Alfred was pulling turnips.  A lot of men digging holes for electric line.   David Hutchinson and two friends here today.  They were hunting.

October 18, 1949 – Tuesday.  Another beautiful day.  I went down to Allen’s and helped quilt a quilt for the Mission Box.  I came home with Walter.

October 19, 1949 – Wednesday.  Cloudy.  Rained in the afternoon.  I washed , got the clothes dried and ironed.

October 20, 1949 – Thursday.  Fine.  The man came to wire our buildings.  Working at the barns.  Forbes Graham smashed up his truck this morning.

October 21, 1949 – Friday.  Fine.  Wiring the house.  Got some wires through.  Jack Crockett here a while.  Leonard called, also Paul Johnson.

October 22, 1949 – Saturday.  Fine and mild.  Cleaned up the house a bit.  Baked pies and made doughnuts.  Homer plowed some after he came home.

October 23, 1949 – Sunday.  Fine.  Alfred, Homer and I went to church.  Rev. L.L. Archibald preached.  His text was “Whither shall I go from thy spirit,  or whither shall I flee from thy presence?” Psalm 139, 1949 – 7

October 24, 1949 – Monday.  Not very fine.  Joan got her washing and ironing done.  The man here a while wiring.  Alfred finished pulling turnips.

October 25, 1949 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Miles here this morning.  Hauled in turnips in the afternoon.

October 26, 1949 – Wednesday.  Rain and wind in the afternoon.  I did some sewing.

October 27, 1949 – Thursday.  A cold windy day.  Joan went to Halifax to the Women’s Institute Cinvention. Alfred and Homer finished hauling the turnips.  Had 21 loads.

October 28, 1949 – Friday.  A cold morning.  Ground frozen.  Miles and Harold MacKenzie  here to supper.  Homer plowed this morning.

October 29, 1949 – Saturday.  Fine.  Miles finished the wiring by dinner time.   Homer went to Lantz after supper.

October 30, 1949 – Sunday.  Fine and warm.  Grant and Min here to dinner.  Homer and Joan got home at supper time.

October 31, 1949 – Monday.  Dark and rainy.  I washed but did not put the clothes out.   Mart was up a while.  Mrs George Graham of Newton Mills passed away yesterday.

November 1, 1949 – Tuesday.  Finer.  I got the clothes dried and ironed.  We cleaned the spare bedroom.

November 2, 1949 – Wednesday.  A wet day.  Homer drove me down to David’s after dinner.  Went to WMS at Mrs Cyrus Graham’s in the evening.

November 3, 1949 – Thursday.  A nice day.  I went to Truro with Grant and Min.  Grant and I got back about 7 p.m.  Alfred was keeping house.  Min stayed in town.

November 4, 1949 – Friday.  Raining.  Grant brought us home and stayed to dinner.

November 5, 1949 – Saturday.  Quite fine.  Alfred and I went down to Gordon’s.  Alfred painted some.  Ester and I talked.

November 6, 1949 – Sunday.  Fine.  Alfred and I called on Mr and Mrs David Kennedy.  Was to church in the evening.  Mr and Mrs Lawrence MacKay have another girl.

November 7, 1949 – Monday.  Not very fine.  Ester washed.  I went down to W.D. Kennedy’s to a shower for Mable Cox in the evening.

November 8, 1949 – Tuesday.  Rain in the afternoon.  I called at Bill Kennedy’s and came home with the mail.

November 9, 1949 – Wednesday.  Cold.  Pretty fine.  I was kind of lazy.  Institute at Mrs Roy MacKay’s this evening.  Walter MacKay had his appendicts out today.

November 10, 1949 – Thursday.  Cold and windy.  A Red Letter Day for the people of Burnside and Pembroke.  The Electric Lights turned on tonight!  Alfred came home today.

November 11, 1949 – Friday.  A wet day.  I ironed curtains and got them up.  Got the stove cleaned.

November 12, 1949 – Saturday.  Pretty cold.  Alfred went down to visit Min.  I did some cooking.  Made pies, a cake, and biscuits.

November 13, 1949 – Sunday.  Not very fine.  We were all to church.

November 14, 1949 – Monday.  A wet day.  I done some cleaning at the room.

November 15, 1949 – Tuesday.  A nice mild day.  I went down to Upper Stewiacke in the morning. Was at the Short Course in the Hall. Had fun and study.  Had supper at Morris’.

November 16, 1949 – Wednesday.  A fine day.  I washed and ironed.  Alfred was cutting some wood.  Homer was plowing.

November 17, 1949 – Thursday.  Wet.  I was cleaning today.  Did not get finished.

November 18, 1949 – Friday.  Fine.  I finished cleaning the rooms.  Washed and ironed the curtains.  A big wind and rain storm last night.

November 19, 1949 – Saturday.  A nice day.  Alfred and I walked over to George MacKay’s in the afternoon.  Also  called at Mart’s.  Collecting for the Bible Society.

November 20, 1949 – Sunday.  Wet day.  Alfred, Homer and I went to Springside to Communion Service.

November 21, 1949 – Monday.  Pretty fine.  Joan washed.  They went to practice tonight.  Homer finished plowing.

November 22, 1949 – Tuesday.  Dark and cloudy.  Snowed in afternoon.  I was helping Joan quilt.

November 23, 1949 – Wednesday.  Cold day.  Quite a lot of snow.  I was knitting and quilted a little.  Doctor Archibald, the Vet, tested our cows today.

November 24, 1949 – no entry

November 25, 1949 – Friday.  A wet day.  Homer down to the church helping with the wiring.  Homer and I went to the play at Springside.  The Upper Stewiacke Players.

November 26, 1949 – Saturday.  Wet and dark.  We varnished the floor in the evening.   Alfred went down to visit Min.

November 27, 1949 – Sunday.  Not fine.  We went to church in the evening.  Have the lights into the church.  Alfred and I went down to Gordon’s in the evening.

November 28, 1949 – Monday.  Snowed some.  pretty soft.  Our cows do not have Bangs Disease.

November 29, 1949 – Tuesday.  Dull.  Ester put the clothes out.  Did not dry much.  Ester and Gordon went to a dance at Middle Stewiacke.  Jean over to Dean.  Priscilla called in the evening.

November 30, 1949 – Wednesday.  A rain and wind in the night.  We all went out to South Branch to a chicken supper.  Lots to eat.  Roads soft.

December 1, 1949 – Thursday.  Cloudy.  Alfred and I came home today.  Went to the Basket Social tonight.  Made $124.80.  The roads were bad.

December 2, 1949 – Friday.  Fine.  I washed.  Did not dry very good.

December 3, 1949 – Saturday.  Dark.  I went down to Grant’s.  Min is suffering with a pain in her leg.  The Doctor was up to see her.  He gave her tablets to ease the pain.

December 4, 1949 – Sunday.  Snow last night and wind.  Bev and Florence in a few minutes.   Min was resting more.  Down to David’s in the evening.

December 5, 1949 – no entry

December 6, 1949 – Tuesday.  Alfred came down with the mail.  I was doing the work and looking after Min.

December 7, 1949 – Wednesday.  A fine day.  Mary came out today to see her mother.  The Doctor up tonight.  Said Min was coming along very well.

December 8, 1949 – Thursday.  Alfred and Grant cut up some wood.  Alfred went home in the mail.

December 9, 1949 – Friday.  A squally day.  Grant and I washed the walls in the kitchen. Washed and ironed the curtains.

December 10, 1949 – Saturday.  Pretty cold.  10 below zero.

December 11, 1949 – Sunday.  Cloudy and cold.  Grant and I went to church.  Elwood and Margaret up in the afternoon.

December 12, 1949 – Monday.  Mild.  Snow went away.  Rain at night.  I baked a cake and a pie.  Mac and Mary out in the afternoon.  Came home after supper.

December 13, 1949 – Tuesday.  Dark and rain.  I got ironing done and addressed some Christmas cards.  Baked bread.

December 14, 1949 – Wednesday.  Not very fine.  I baked a fruit cake.

December 15, 1949 – Thursday.  Not very fine.  I was sewing.  Mart here in the afternoon.  Homer, Joan and children went to the village.

December 16, 1949 – Friday.  A fine day.  Washed and ironed and washed up the floor.  Mr Fraser calling this afternoon.

December 17, 1949 – no entry

December 18, 1949 – Sunday.  Not very fine.  Gordon and family here to dinner.  Went to Candle-Light Service at Christy’s in afternoon.

December 19, 1949 – Monday.  Stormy.  Alfred has a very sore throat and chest.  We kept quiet all day.

December 20, 1949 – Tuesday. Joan washed and the clothes dried fairly good.   Got a lot of cards and some letters.

December 21, 1949 – Wednesday.  Warm.

December 22, 1949 – Thursday.  Warm and muddy.  I was miserable with the cold.  Did not do much.   We got a lot more cards.

December 23, 1949 – Friday.  Still warm.  56 degrees and some places more.  Made bread, cookies and chews.

December 24, 1949 – Saturday.  Cleared and the sun was out.  Freezing.  Homer, Joan and children had supper with us.  I made pies.

December 25, 1949 – Sunday.  Cold.  Quite fine.  We had dinner with Homer.  Did not go to church.  Had too much cold.

December 26, 1949 – Monday.  A dull day.  Gordon, Ester and family up this afternoon.  Priscilla goes back to her job in Halifax tomorrow. Called Bydie in Framingham.  Could hear good.

December 27, 1949 – Tuesday.  Rain.  The ground soft.  Homer found the roads bad.  Nothing exciting today.  Our 44th Wedding Anniversary.

December 28, 1949 – Wednesday.  Cleared some and the wind was high.  Nancy and Sandy and I was for a walk.  Had a nice walk in the woods.

December 29, 1949 – Thursday.  Colder and the wind high.  Washed and the clothes dried good. Got them ironed, and the floors washed.  Jim went home this morning.

December 30, 1949 – Friday.  Cold and wind and snow squalls.  Put the clothes away and knit some.  Mart here a while in the afternoon. Homer cutting wood.

December 31, 1949 – Saturday.  Not so cold and windy.  Alfred and I went down to Grant’s.  I called at David’s a few minutes.  Baked a pie and some gingerbreads.

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