The Journals of Annabelle Johnson 1948

The Journals of
Annabelle Johnson

January 1, 1948 – Thursday.  Some finer.  Homer went to the woods.  I cut out a dress for myself in the afternoon.January 2, 1948 – Friday.  A nice day.  Homer went with the mail.  Got along pretty good.  Did not get home till 3:30 p.m.  Nancy and Joan out for a tramp.

January 3, 1948 – Saturday.  Stormy.  Soft snow.  Aid at Mrs Murray Graham’s.  We did not go.  Did not do much.  Sort of rested.  Still stormy.

January 4, 1948 – Sunday.  Pretty fine.  Homer took the family for a sled ride.  A lot of new snow.

January 5, 1948 – Monday.  A nice day.  Washed and the clothes dried good.  Alfred and I called at Mart’s and went down and called at Bill’s.

January 6, 1948 – Tuesday.  Cloudy.  Baked bread.  Institute met here this evening.  All the members present..  The roads are heavy.  They came in sleds.

January 7, 1948 – Wednesday.  Dull.  Not cold.  Slept most of the forenoon.  Have a cold.  Homer out to the woods.  Did not do much.

January 8, 1948 – Thursday.  Still lazy.  Did some reading and knitting.  Feeling better by evening.

January 9, 1948 – Friday.  Not cold.  A mild week.  Martin walked up after dinner.  Was working on church books.

January 10, 1948 – Saturday.  Some more snow this morning.  Baked 3 pies and made rolls.

January 11, 1948 – Sunday.  Pretty cold.  We went to church.  Had the Annual Meeting.  Very good reports.  About $10.00 after all paid.

January 12, 1948 – Monday.  A nice fine day.  I did my washing and got it ironed.  Homer went to the Annual Telephone Meeting at Springside after dinner.  Cold in the morning.  8 below zero.

January 13, 1948 – Tuesday.  Rain and snow.  The snow plow came up here today.  Had quite a plow down at the gate by the watering place.  Done some sewing.

January 14, 1948 – Wednesday.  A wet day.  Rained all day.  Pretty cold rain.

January 15, 1948 – Thursday.  Still raining some and lots of water around.   Homer went down as far as Crockett’s.  So much  water  he turned back.

January 16, 1948 – Friday.  Finer.  Water over the road.  I did some sewing also cleaned the room and bedroom.

January 17, 1948 – Saturday.  Cloudy.  Alfred, Nancy, and I went down to the brook to see the water.  Quite a mess.  Water running all over the fields.

January 18, 1948 – Sunday.  A mild day.  Rain in the afternoon.  Homer, Joan and Nancy walked down to Mart’s after dinner.

January 19, 1948 – Monday.  A cold day.  Baked bread, made a little mince meat, and washed after dinner.  Did not put them out.   Baked biscuit and 2 mince pies.

January 20, 1948 – Tuesday.  Cloudy.  Hung the clothes up in the house and got them ironed in the evening.

January 21, 1948 – Wednesday.  Not very fine.  Canned some baked beans.

January 22, 1948 – Wednesday.  A wet foggy day.  Snow went a lot.  I went down to see Elsie and called to see Min.  The roads are all ice.

January 23, 1948 – January 25, 1948 – no entries

January 26, 1948 – Monday.  Colder.  Homer cutting logs.  Joan washed.  I finished a pair of socks for Roy for his birthday.

January 27, 1948 – Tuesday.  Cold.  14 below zero.  Alfred went down to visit Min.  Homer, Joan and children went to Middle Stewiacke in the afternoon.

January 28, 1948 – Wednesday.  Cold.  18 below zero this morning.  Baked bread and done some ironing.  A son born to Mr and Mrs Norman MacKay.

January 29, 1948 – Thursday.  Cold today.  A calf arrived yesterday morning.

January 30, 1948 – Friday.  A cold blustery day.  Baked 3 pies and knit and sewed some.

January 31, 1948 – Saturday.  Cold .  10 below zero.  Homer got down with the mail.  The roads drifted some places.  Did not get over the hill or up Pembroke.

February 1, 1948 – Sunday.  A nice fine day.  Nor quite so cold.  Homer and Joan went down to Norman’s and made a call.  G. Dean plowing roads.

February 2, 1948 – Monday.  Pretty cold.  Joan washed.  I had a lazy streak.

February 3, 1948 – Tuesday.  A nice day.  Not very cold.  I went down to see Elsie.  The roads are good.

February 4, 1948 – Wednesday.  Cold.  26 below zero this morning.  The snow plow was here this evening, had a cup of coffee and went back down,

February 5, 1948 – Thursday.  Very cold.  22 below zero.  Homer did not get the Jeep started.  Got Roy to take him with the mail.  Washed and ironed today.

February 6, 1948 – Friday.  Another cold morning.  18 below zero.  Elmer came up after dinner and they soon got the Jeep started.  A nice afternoon.

February 7, 1948 – Saturday.  Cold in the morning.  Milder tonight.  Did not do much but work around.

February 8, 1948 – Sunday.  Snowed some all day and the wind rose at dark.  We were to church.  The new Hymn Board was dedicated in memory of the ones that  worked 50 years ago.

February 9, 1948 – Monday.  Cold.  28 below zero.  Did not wash.  The cream truck did not get any further than George MacKay’s.

February 10, 1948 – Tuesday.  Colder.  30 below and stayed zero all day.  Homer did not get through by Cy’s.  Was sewing some.

February 11, 1948 – Wednesday.  Cold again, but milder in afternoon and evening.  Homer and Joan went to Institute at bill’s.  I baked 3 pies this morning.

February 12, 1948 – Thursday.  Cold.

February 13, 1948 – Friday.  Quite cold.  Milder in the afternoon.  Went to Arthur Deyarmond’s to Aid.  World Day of Prayer.  I went with Christy, and did not get the car started to come home.

February 14, 1948 – Saturday.  A wet day.  Homer did not go with the mail till noon.  Joan went to the village.  A lot of water running tonight.

February 15, 1948 – Sunday.  A cold day.  Wind blowing hard and made the house hard to keep warm.

February 16, 1948 – Monday.  Wind not so high.  Pretty cold but fine.  We washed and the clothes dried pretty good.

February 17, 1948 – Tuesday.  A wet day.  The roads very icy.  Alfred went down to visit Min and Homer stayed to dinner.   Mending and knitting.

February 18, 1948 – Wednesday.  A nice morning but a squally afternoon and evening.  Alfred went down to Mart’s in the morning.  Mr Fraser here to supper.  Storming quite bad when he left.

February 19, 1948 – Thursday. Pretty fine.  Some snow banks.  Sewinf and knitting some.  Bill and Elsie have a daughter, born last night.  February 18.

February 20, 1948 – Friday.  Wet day.  Homer and Nancy around Burnside with a paper for W. Pearson.  Homer and Joan went to a card party in Pembroke.

February 21, 1948 – Saturday.  Fine day.  Alfred had the children out for a sled ride this morning.   Homer hauled 2 loads of wood.

February 22, 1948 – Sunday.  Fine in the morning.  Began to storm about 3:30.  Homer Joan and children went to Middle Stewiacke.

February 23, 1948 – Monday.  Cold and blustery.  Did not wash.  I made custard and ginger snaps.  The men have to carry water to the cows.

February 24, 1948 – Tuesday.  Cold but fine.  Joan washed.  Homer down helping fix a place on the road – sliding.   A grand moonlight night.  I went for a short walk.

February 25, 1948 – Wednesday.  Snowed some today.  Homer brought the fertilizer up from mart’s this morning.  Homer and Joan to a card party this evening at W.O. Graham’s.

February 26, 1948 – Thursday.  A fine day.  I went to the village with Homer.  We went out to Percy Johnson’s,  and I called on Mrs W.D. Kennedy.  Got a gasoline washer.

February 27, 1948 – Friday.  A cold wind.  Did not do much.  Mended a mat and made 4 pies.

February 28, 1948 – Saturday.  Not quite so cold.  Cleaned up the room and bedroom.  Made brown bread and rolls.

February 29, 1948 – Sunday.  A cold day.  Snow and drifting.

March 1, 1948 – Monday.  Cold morning.  16 below zero.  Done the washing in the new washer.  Got along all right.  The clothes dried good and I got them ironed.

March 2, 1948 – Tuesday.  Quite a nice day.  Alfred and I went down to Gordon’s today.  Priscilla’s birthday.  The Evening Auxillary met with Ester this evening.

March 3, 1948 – Wednesday.  Snowed most of the day.  Nothing exciting happened.  Done quite a bit of talking.

March 4, 1948 – Thursday.  Pretty cold.  We called at W.D. Kennedy’s this morning, and came home.  The roads are filled up with snow up here.

March 5, 1948 – Friday.  A very cold day.  Zero all day.  11 below at 10 p.m.  Frank Cox of Upper Stewiacke died this afternoon.   Had been sick for some time.  Snow plow on the road here this evening.

March 6, 1948 – Saturday.  Still cold.  Moderated in afternoon.  Cleaned up the room and was knitting.

March 7, 1948 – Sunday.  A nice day.  Homer and Nancy down to Mart’s in afternoon.  Roy, Vada and children here to supper.

March 8, 1948 – Monday.  Snow storm.  Did not do much.  Feeling useless.  Homer in the woods.  Frankie Cox’s funeral this afternoon.

March 9, 1948 – Tuesday.  Finer.  Homer did not go with the mail.  The snow plow came up, but it broke so did not get this far.

March 10, 1948 – no entry

March 11, 1948 – Thursday.  Fine.  The snow plow came up this morning.  After dinner we went to the village.  I was in to the Doctor.   He gave me some pills to take.

March 12, 1948 – Friday.  Snowed some more today.  Did not do much.

March 13, 1948 – Saturday.  Cold morning.  24 below zero.  Done some sweeping and baked 3 pies.

March 14, 1948 – Sunday.  Cold.  20 below zero at 7 a.m.  We went to church.  Homer and Joan went down to Cyrus’ this evening.

March 15, 1948 – Monday.  Quite cold and windy.  Done the washing and they dried good.  Got them ironed.

March 16, 1948 – Tuesday.  Wet.  Alfred went down to Cyrus’ today.  I did not do much.

March 17, 1948 – no entry

March 18, 1948 – Thursday.  Not doing much these days.  A bit under the weather.

March 19, 1948 – no entry

March 20, 1948 – Saturday.  Rained hard all the forenoon.  Priscilla came up with Homer for the week-end.

March 21, 1948 – Sunday.  A mild day and fine.  Homer, Joan and children went to Middle Stewiacke.  Alfred, Priscilla and I kept house.

March 22, 1948 – Monday.  A nasty day.  Rain and snow.  Just put the day in fussing around.

March 23, 1948 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Joan washed.  Alfred went down to see Min and Grant.  Priscilla went home this morning.

March 24, 1948 – Wednesday.  A nice sunny day.  I walked down to Mart’s in the afternoon.  Alfred and I were there to supper.

March 25, 1948 – Thursday.  A very cold wind.  I went down and had a visit with Mrs Crocker and Marie today.

March 26, 1948 – Friday.  Fine.  A cold wind.  We washed and ironed.  Homer and Joan went down to Murray Graham’s in the evening.  Good Friday.

March 27, 1948 – Saturday.  Wet  afternoon.  Did not do much.

March 28, 1948 – Sunday.  Pretty cold.  Homer, Joan and children went to church.  Alfred not well.  We did not go.  Easter Sunday.

March 29, 1948 – Monday.  Pretty cold.  Homer and I down to the Doctor’s office this evening.

March 30, 1948 –  no entry

March 31, 1948 – Wednesday.  A nice day.  Winburn Cox here on insurance business.

April 1, 1948 – Thursday.  Fine.  Angus Graham here a while this afternoon. He was out to the lakes yesterday.  Ice thick on the lakes yet.

April 2, 1948 – Friday.  A wet day.  Baked bread.  Joan washed but did not put them out.  Seen robins this morning.  First time this spring.

April 3, 1948 – no entry

April 4, 1948 – Sunday.  Cold wind.  Homer, Alfred and I went to Springside to Communion.

April 5, 1948 – no entry

April 6, 1948 – Tuesday.  Went to Springside in the evening to a play put on by the Young People’s Society.  “Its All A Mistake”

April 7, 1948 – Wednesday.  Yesterday we had word David Graham was badly hurt, and he is in the Aberdeen Hospital.

April 8, 1948 – Thursday.  Joan and Nancy went with the mail.  Sandy stayed wth us.

April 9, 1948 – Friday.  Dark and drizzly.  Bev took Alfred and I over to New Glasgow to see David.  We found him as well as could be expected.

April 10, 1948 – Saturday.  We stayed at Bev’s all night.  Came up and stayed with Min tonight.  I called to see Elsie.

April 11, 1948 – Sunday.  Went to church with Allen’s folk and then came home.

April 12, 1948 – Monday.  Snowy and cold.

April 13, 1948 – April 14, 1948 – no entries

April 15, 1948 – Thursday.  Rain, snow and hail.  Did not do much but knit and read.

April 16, 1948 – Friday.  Fine.  Washed and got the ironing done.  Monroe Johnson here today collecting telephone bill.

April 17, 1948 – Saturday.  Wet day.  I went to the village.  Was at Gordon’s and made a call at Mrs Kennedy’s.  Came home in the evening.

April 18, 1948 – Sunday.  Cold but pretty fine.  Homer took me down to a WMS meeting at Min’s in the aftrnoon.

April 19, 1948 – Monday.  Fine but a cold wind.  Cleaned the closet upstairs.  Joan done a washing.  Homer dragged the road this afternoon.

April 20, 1948 – April 21, 1948 – no entries

April 22, 1948 – Thursday.  Fine.  Homer, Joan and Nancy went to Truro in the afternoon.

April 23, 1948 – Friday.  Pretty fine.  Two men here to supper and stayed all night.  Going to board here a few days.  We went to a school concert.

April 24, 1948 – Saturday.  Nasty and windy.  Alfred came down and they worked stripping boards from the old barn.

April 25, 1948 – Sunday.  Cold wind.  Alfred and Ester went to church.  We came up to Burnside church with Mr Fraser.  Got home after church.

April 26, 1948 – Monday. A cold snowy day.  Joan washed but stormed.  Had to bring them in.  Made doughnuts, gingersnaps and bread.

April 27, 1948 – Tuesday.  A snowstorm.  Our boarders, Mr Bob………… and Reg Loomis went away this morning.  Heavy wheeling up here on these hlls.

April 28, 1948 – Wednesday.  Another snowy day.  Washed but did not put the clothes out.  Leonard up calling in the p.m.   Homer took oats down to have them cleaned.

April 29, 1948 – Thursday.  Put the clothes out and went down to visit David. He is feeling better.  Homer and Joan went to a play in the evening.

April 30, 1948 – Friday.  Pretty fine.  Cleaned my bedroom.

May 1, 1948 – Saturday.  Baked some rolls and brown bread.  David came up with the mail for the week-end.

May 2, 1948 – Sunday.  Pretty cold.  Homer and Joan went picking Mayflowers.

May 3, 1948 – Monday.  Finer.  Homer and I went to Truro.  I got my eyes tested for glasses – and new corsets.  Alda (Blaikie) Brenton died yesterday.

May 4, 1948 – Tuesday.  Washing today.  Alda’s funeral.  She was a young woman and was in the Nova Scotia Hospital about 2 weeks.

May 5, 1948 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Joan was washing bed clothes for her mother.  A young fellow cut his foot in the Cameron pulp woods.  Took him to the Doctor.

May 6, 1948 – Thursday.  Not very fine.  I went down to see David with the mail.  Elsie and Bill have moved and he is alone.

May 7, 1948 – Friday.  Showers.  Joan was cleaning the hall.  Mr and Mrs Fraser and children here to supper.  We have a boarder from the woods.

May 8, 1948 – Saturday.  Rained most of the day.  Baked pies and jelly-roll.  Homer and I went picking mayflowers after supper.

May 9, 1948 – Sunday.  Not very fine.  Joan, Homer and children went to Middle Stewiacke.  Alfred and I to Sunday School and church.

May 10, 1948 – Monday.  A wet day.  Joan washed.  Alfred and I cleaned up the old house.   Bydie called a Mother’s day greeting from Saxonville.  All well there.

May 11, 1948 – Tuesday.  Finer.  I went down to David’s.  Washed and ironed the curtains in the afternoon.  Homer hauled a load of hay from Den’s for David.

May 12, 1948 – Wednesday.  Rained by noon.  Eldridge helping Homer in the forenoon.   I went down to see Dora.  She is quite low. Mrs Boyle came to the camp for the summer.

May 13, 1948 – Thursday.  A fine day.  Washed.  Joan went down to the Doctor this evening.  Her foot is sore and aches.

May 14, 1948 – Friday.  Rain in the afternoon.  Baked brown bread and rolls.  Mr Loomis and three men here to supper.

May 15, 1948 – Saturday.  Rain and cold.  Homer, Joan and children went to Middle Stewiacke for the week-end.  Had calls from some fellows from the woods.

May 16, 1948 – Sunday.  Cold wind.  Fine.  Alfred and I went to Sunday School.  A quiet day.

May 17, 1948 – Monday.  Cloudy.  Washed.  Had a hard time getting the washer started.  Homer and Joan came home after supper.

May 18, 1948 – Tuesday.  A stormy day.  Rain and cold wind.  I was down to David’s with the mail.   Angus went to the camp to stay this morning.

May 19, 1948 – Wednesday.  Finer.  Joan washed.  Was a pretty good day.  Homer was hauling out manure in the afternoon.

May 20, 1948 – Thursday.  Not very fine.  Was cleaning house some.  Homer went into George Nelson’s and got 40 chickens – pullets.

May 21, 1948 –  – no entry

May 22, 1948 – Saturday.  Windy and rain at night.  Done some baking.  Homer, Joan and I went down to the village in the evening.   Was at the Doctor’s.

May 23, 1948 – Sunday.  A nice day.  We went to church.  Mr Fraser came up to supper.  Leonard, Seldon and Alice were at Martin’s.

May 24, 1948 – Monday.  A wet day.  We washed but did not get them dried.  I put mine on the grass.   Mr Loomis came in and he had a dog.  David took him.  We went down there with him.

May 25, 1948 – Tuesday.  Not very fine.  Got the clothes dried and ironed.  Don Eldridge and Ivan Miller here in the evening.

May 26, 1948 – Wednesday.  Rainy day.  Homer and I went to Truro, but I did not get my test at Doctor Muir’s.  Stayed at Gordon’s tonight.

May 27, 1948 – Thursday.  Cleared this morning.  Ester, Jim and Leon went to Truro with Doctor MacKenzie. The boys are having their tonsils out.  Field day for the schools at  Pearson’s.

May 28, 1948 – Friday.  Fine.  Gordon got a piece of oats sowed.  Ester got home about 4:30 with the boys.  Dance in the Hall tonight.

May 29, 1948 – Saturday.  Wet afternoon.  Some thunder showers.  Alfred and I came home with the mail.  Boys feeling pretty good this morning.

May 30, 1948 – Sunday.  Did not rain till evening.  I went to Sunday School.  Homer and Joan away in the evening.  Mr Loomis here a few minutes.

May 31, 1948 – Monday.  A wet day.  Homer, Joan and Nancy went to Truro.  I made a loaf of quick bread and doughnuts.

June 1, 1948 – Tuesday.  Still wet.  Joan washed in the afternoon and put the clothes out.  Did not rain in the afternoon.  Lawrence and Muir here with fresh fish.

June 2, 1948 – Wednesday.  Cleared today.  Homer went to Eastville and brought Rhoda and Gloria Dickie up.  Had a nice visit with them.  Gloria’s home is in MacLeod, Alberta.

June 3, 1948 – Thursday.  Fine.  The girls went down to Murray’s with Homer.  I done my washing and got some of them dried and ironed.

June 4, 1948 – Friday.  Fine.  Homer spread some manure and harrowed.  Homer and Joan went to a dance in Upper Stewiacke.

June 5, 1948 – no entry

June 6, 1948 – Sunday.  Wet in the morning.  Showers through the day.  Homer, Joan and children went to Lantz.  We had some callers.  Martin was one.

June 7, 1948 – Monday.  Fine.  Quite a wind.  Joan washed and got them dried and ironed.

June 8, 1948 – Tuesday.  A wet day.  Joan went to Truro to the Institute Rally.  Nancy went with Homer.  We got along pretty good.  Done the washing.

June 9, 1948 – Wednesday.  Not much finer and very cold.  Homer went down to help at Gordon’s barn, but d id not work all day.  Too wet.  I was down too.

June 10, 1948 – Thursday.  Still wet.  Nancy has a bad cold.  Was miserable all day.

June 11, 1948 – Friday.  Cold and wet.  Nancy some better.  I went to truro with Rollie MacLeod and had a Electrocardiograph test at Dr Muir’s.

June 12, 1948 – Saturday.  Still cloudy.  Clearing some in afternoon.  We had some of the survey crew here to dinner and supper.  I left Truro about 7:45 a.m.

June 13, 1948 – Sunday.  A fine day.  Was at Sunday School and Church.  Mr Fraser told us about some things he had heard at Conference.

June 14, 1948 – Monday.  Cloudy.  Planted garden today.  Joan was cleaning the separator room.  Mrs George Taylor called in the afternoon.

June 15, 1948 – Tuesday.  Not very fine.  Joan washed and they did not dry very good.

June 16, 1948 – Wednesday.  Cleared pretty good in afternoon.  Doctor Archibald (the Vet) was out to see Ginger.  He has not been well.  Cleaned the entry.

June 17, 1948 – Thursday.  Pretty fine.  I washed.  Done 4 quilts for Min.

June 18, 1948 – Friday.  Fine.  Homer sowed oats this afternoon.  Had one of Mr Cameron’s horses.  Planted beans after supper.

June 19, 1948 –  no entry

June 20, 1948 – Sunday.  Was at Sunday School.  Called to see Aubrey.  He is better.  Going to get up Wednesday.

June 21, 1948 – Monday.  Joan washed and the clothes did not dry very good.

June 22, 1948 – Tuesday.  Not very fine.  I went down to Mrs W.D. Kennedy’s in the mail.  Cut out and got 2 dresses started.  Over to Thompson’s doing machine work in the evening.

June 23, 1948 – Wednesday.  A fine day.  Was sewing up at Gordon’s in the afternoon.  Gordon finished sowing oats today.  Homer planted potatoes.

June 24, 1948 – Thursday.  Rain and cold in the afternoon.  Had dinner at Mr Kennedy’s with the Kennedy’s from Detroit.  Went to a WMS Rally in Springside.

June 25, 1948 – Friday.  Foggy morning.  Hot and sultry in the afternoon.  Went to Aid at Helen’s.  Was at Mart’s and heard the fight between Joe Louis and Walcot.

June 26, 1948 – Saturday.  A fine day.  Done my washing and ironing.  Elsie came up with Homer.  They went and had ice cream in the evening.  Roy here.  Planted the turnips in the evening.

June 27, 1948 – Sunday.  Fine.  Went to Sunday School and church.  Homer and Joan took Elsie down to the village in the evening.

June 28, 1948 – no entry

June 29, 1948 – Tuesday.  A fine day.  Joan and children went with the mail.  Killed the baby beef in the afternoon.

June 30, 1948 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Homer sowed oats in the wet place on the intervale.

July 1, 1948 – Thursday.  A hot day.  We have been canning meat these hot days.

July 2, 1948 – Friday.  A hot day.

July 3, 1948 – Saturday.  A nice day.  A young man cut his foot badly and the Doctor met him here.  He was very weak.  Took him to Hospital by Ambulance.

July 4, 1948 – Sunday.  Fine.  Gordon and family up today.  David and two girls came and Alfred and I went to Cape  Breton with them.

July 5, 1948 – Monday.  A nice day.  We left the Cabins about 7 a.m. Had breakfast in St Peters.  Went to Sydney.  Got home in the evening.

July 6, 1948 – Tuesday.  Rain in the afternoon.  Washed but the clothes did not dry.  Went down to Grant’s in the evening.

July 7, 1948 – Wednesday.  A wet day.  Homer and Joan went to Truro and Middle Stewiacke.  Perley and family, Min and Grant here to dinner.

July 8, 1948 – no entry

July 9, 1948 – Friday.  Fine.  Ester, the boys, David and I went to Masstown in the afternoon.  Took Priscilla and Betty down to pick berries.

July 10, 1948 – Saturday.  Fine.  Picked some wild strawberries.  David went to Truro.

July 11, 1948 – Sunday.  Not very fine.  David, Ernie and Jack came to dinner.  David and I took Jack and Ernie to Brookfield in the evening.

July 12, 1948 – Monday.  Fine.  David, Marie, David Graham, and Maggie Cochrane went to Halifax.  A shower for Marie in the evening.

July 13, 1948 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Washed this morning.  Annual Aid Supper at Springside.  We got some big berries today for the first.

July 14, 1948 – Wednesday.  Fine.  I was ironing most of the day.  Made some doughnuts.  A play in Springside.  “Calamity Kids” by Stewiacke.

July 15, 1948 – Thursday.  Fine.  We went to the village.  Was at W.D. Kennedy’s and Ester’s.   Got lunch ready for David’s trip tomorrow.

July 16, 1948 – Friday.  Fine.  David Crockett and David Graham left at 5 a.m. for USA.  Homer and Joan went to Truro.  We did a big washing.

July 17, 1948 – Saturday.  Fine.  Done some cleaning up.  Baked brown bread and shortcakes.

July 18, 1948 – Sunday.  Fine day.  I went to Sunday School in the forenoon.  Angus was in a while.  Rod and Belle called.  Homer and Joan were to Hilden.  Brought Jerry and Lee.

July 19, 1948 – Monday.  A hot sticky day.  Joan washed.  I cut out some sewing and picked some strawberries.  Canned 2 cans.  A shower.  The men hoeing.

July 20, 1948 – Tuesday.  A nice day.  In the afternoon, Alfred and I went to Cameron’s camp and spent the afternoon.  Had a nice time.  Homer mowed this evening.

July 21, 1948 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Mowed some and got some raked up.  Made over the hay body.

July 22, 1948 – Thursday.  A thunder shower in the night.  Cool and windy.  I done a washing and we picked the gooseberries.  Mowed some today.

July 23, 1948 – Friday.  Quite a fine day.  Joan washed and put up some strawberries.  The boys, Lee and Jerry, went home tonight.  Put 4 loads of hay in.

July 24, 1948 – Saturday.  A wet day.  Baked 2 Washington Pies and made rolls.  A daughter born to Mr and Mrs Roy MacKay tonight , in the hospital, Truro.

July 25, 1948 – Sunday.  Fine.  We were to church and Sunday School.  Mrs David Marshall was in church this afternoon.  Nice to see her again.

July 26, 1948 – Monday.  Fine.  I washed.

July 27, 1948 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Done my ironing.  Joan and Sandy went with the mail.  Was over to Geordie’s and got some berries.

July 28, 1948 – Wednesday.  Fine in the morning.  Rain after dinner.  Got one load of hay in.  I made some strawberry and gooseberry preserves this morning.

July 29, 1948 – Thursday.  Cleared off and the men were working with the hay.

July 30, 1948 – Friday.  A fine day.  Put in 5 loads of hay.  Homer and Joan over to Roy’s in the evening.  Vada and baby came home today.

July 31, 1948 – Saturday.  A dark day.  A thunder shower about noon.  Alfred raked up the rakings in the morning.  Baked brown bread and a marble cake.

August 1, 1948 – August 4, 1948 – no entries

August 5, 1948 – Thursday.  Cloudy.  Not much of a hay day.  Put in one load.  I was to the village with Homer.

August 6, 1948 – Friday.  Wet day.  Was sewing at a dress for myself.  Homer and Joan went to Middle Stewiacke in the evening to meet  Max and his wife.  A barn burnt in Middle Stewiacke tonight.

August 7, 1948 – Saturday.  Cloudy.  Some rain.  Baked a pie, peanut butter cookies, and a bran loaf.  Alfred put bug poison on the potatoes.

August 8, 1948 – Sunday.  A cool windy day.  We were to church and Sunday School.

August 9, 1948 – Monday.  Fine.  I did the washing today.   Virginia went home on the cream truck.  Roy called this evening.

August 10, 1948 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Joan and the children went with the mail.  I did the ironing and was sewing.

August 11, 1948 – Wednesday.  A good hay day.  I baked gingerbread and made doughnuts.  Put in 8 loads of hay.  Joan went to Institute at Newton Mills tonight.

August 12, 1948 – August 14, 1948 – no entries

August 15, 1948 – Sunday.  Showers.  Was down to Sunday School in the morning.  Bydie, Ina, David, Roy, Arnold and Mrs Kennedy came here about 7 p.m.  The Millers spent the day.

August 16, 1948 – Monday.  We picked and canned 15 cans of peas.  Ina and Bydie here.

August 17, 1948 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Finished haying.  I baked cookies, brown bread and gingerbread.

August 18, 1948 – Wednesday.  Rained in the afternoon.  The Old Home Picnic at Springside in the afternoon.  A large crowd there and a good supper.

August 19, 1948 – Thursday.  Picked a few blueberries.  Went down to Gordon’s for supper.  Stayed with the children for them to go to the dance in the Hall.

August 20, 1948 – Friday.  Fine.  I went over to Woodside with Bydie and Ina.  Was there to supper.

August 21, 1948 – Saturday.  A nice day.  We went to Truro.  The North Nova Highlanders reunion there.  A nice service.  I was in to see Doctor Muir.

August 22, 1948 – Sunday.  A fine day.  We were to church.  Byron and family, Gordon MacKay, Stanley, Janie and Ella here to supper.

August 23, 1948 – Monday.  Fine.  Homer and Joan went picking raspberries in the morning.  I washed in the morning.  Joan did hers in the afternoon.  Bydie and I canned meat and peas.

August 24, 1948 – Tuesday.  A nice day.  Had a picnic at Bill Kennedy’s interval.  Sixty-one had supper.  A good time.  We went to Gordon’s and stayed the night.

August 25, 1948 – Wednesday.  Some showers but a nice day.  Byron, Ina, Mrs W.D. Kennedy, Alfred and I had a nice trip to the Annapolis Valley.  At Gordon’s again tonight.

August 26, 1948 – Thursday.  Fine.  We came home in the afternoon.  Was in to the Springside Church on our way.   Byron and family are going home tomorrow.   Was to Grant’s in the evening.

August 27, 1948 – Friday.  Quite hot.  We canned 20 cans of beans, and picked 4 pails for Mr Cameron.  Byron and family went away this morning.  Started from W.D. Kennedy’s.

August 28, 1948 – Saturday.  Fine.  Pretty hot.  Done some cooking.  homer, Joan and Nancy got away about 2 p.m.  A trip to PEI.  Priscilla came up with Max.

August 29, 1948 – Sunday.  Pretty hot.  Some thunder showers went around us.  We had a long quiet day.  A few callers.  Mart was here a while.

August 30, 1948 – Monday.  Cool after the thunder yesterday.  Did the chores around and I did some ironing.

August 31, 1948 – Tuesday.  Cool and cloudy.  Joan washed a big washing and got them dried.  I baked bread and got the meals.  Kea came up with Homer.  Institute this evenig.

September 1, 1948 – Wendesday.  A wet day.  Cold and windy.  Got some beets put away.

September 2, 1948 – Thursday.  Cool and some rain squalls.  I went down to David’s with the mail. Baked biscuit and cookies.  Ernie came up with the mail.

September 3, 1948 – Friday.  Finer.  The grader worked on our hill today.  It is pretty muddy.  Edson Wright here tomorrow.

September 4, 1948 – Saturday.  Fine.  Canned beans.  Baked bread, and rolls.  I was sick.  Summer flue, I guess.  Ernie went down with Homer.

September 5, 1948 – Sunday.  Fine.  Quite warm.  Kept pretty quiet all day.  Feeling better than I was in the night.   Homer, Joan and children went to Middle Stewiacke.

September 6, 1948 – Monday.  A grand day.  Pretty hot.  I am feeling better.  Joan washed.  Picked 9 buckets of string beans.  Ernie came back tonight.  A dance at Pembroke.

September 7, 1948 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Very hot.  I did some washing.  Ernie got work at Cameron’s and went home for his clothes and things.

September 8, 1948 – Wednesday.  Pretty hot.  Got the ironing done and made some pickles,  and 2 quarts of beets.

September 9, 1948 – Thursday.  Cloudy.  Some rain.  Ernie got back and went to the woods.  I was sewing and mending.   Alfred was visiting at Min’s.

September 10, 1948 – Friday.  A hot sticky day.  We had a lot of callers around.  Bentley and Rollie MacLeod and others. Got some more beans picked.

September 11, 1948 – Saturday.  Not very fine.  Rained in the afternoon.  Baked a pie and we did some more cooking and cleaned up.

September 12, 1948 – Sunday.  Fine.  Was at Sunday School.  Went down to Gordon’s.  Lynn and  Leon’s birthday.  5 years old.

September 13, 1948 – Monday.  A fine wash day.  Alfred and Homer were moving the electric fence.  Had 2 men here to supper.

September 14, 1948 – Tuesday.  Pretty fine.  Done some cooking.  Joan went to Institute this evening.  Seymour and Mildred got home yesterday.

September 15, 1948 – Wednesday.  Cold and windy.  Rain by evening.  Picked a lot of cucumbers.  Willis Peppard in a few minutes this evening.  Homer and Joan went to a dance.

September 16, 1948 – Thursday.  Rain squalls.  Killed 4 fowls.  Made some pickles.

September 17, 1948 – Friday.  Not very fine.  Killed 12 fowl amd got 4 fowl canned.  Had 4 cans of fowl and 5 cans of soup.    Sandy Creelman was drowned yesterday in a squall.

September 18, 1948 – Saturday.  A wet cold day.  Made pickles and some apple sauce.  Ernie here today.  Homer took 4 fellows to Truro in the afternoon.

September 19, 1948 – Sunday.  Cloudy.  Alfred was down to Mart’s this morning.  Seymour and Mildred here to supper.   Ernie went home.  Homer and Joan to Middle Stewiacke.

September 20, 1948 – Monday.  Not very fine.  Homer, Joan and Sandy went to Truro. I washed and ironed.  Nancy stayed with us.

September 21, 1948 – Tuesday.  A wet day.  I finished my ironing.  Joan washed in the afternoon.  Pretty windy in the afternoon.  Mrs Boglyn in a few minutes on her way to Halifax.

September 22, 1948 – Wednesday.  Finer.  Mrs Max Boutlier came up on the cream truck.  Made some tomato preserves.

September 23, 1948 – Thursday.  Some rain squalls.  I was down to David’s with the mail.  Made chow in the afternoon.

September 24, 1948 – Friday.  Not very fine.  I was making chow and pickles.

September 25, 1948 – Saturday.  Fine.  Mrs Boglyn came in this afternoon and stayed to supper.   Homer, Joan , Nancy and Margaret went to the village in the afternoon.

September 26, 1948 – Sunday.  A fine day.  Homer, Joan and Nancy went to church.  Alfred miserable with a head cold.

September 27, 1948 – Monday.  Fine.  Washed.  Margaret Boutlier went home on the cream truck.

September 28, 1948 – Tuesday.  Fine.

September 29, 1948 – Wednesday.  A fine day.  Aid at Mrs George Deyarmond’s.  Had a nice Aid.  Got our oats bound today.   Elmer and mMartin cut it.

September 30, 1948 – Thursday.  A grand day.  Made some sandwich spread.  Homer went down to the Doctor.  He had got a bit of steel in his leg.

October 1, 1948 – Friday.  A nice warm day.  Made jelly today.  Homer’s leg very sore this morning.  Not so painful this evening.

October 2, 1948 – Saturday. Cloudy and misty.  We went down to David’s and Grant’s for the week-end.  Nellie and Mary came at supper time.A hunter shot in Upper Stewiacke.

October 3, 1948 – Sunday.  Squally day.  Nellie , Mary and I went to church at Springside.  Down to cemetery in afternoon.  David and Nellie Hutchinson and friends here to supper.

October 4, 1948 – Monday.  Another cold drizzly day.  Did not get much done.  Another hunting accident at South Salem, Cumberland County.  Men from the woods here telephoning.

October 5, 1948 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Bert, Allen, Lois, Dorothy and Edna here to supper.

October 6, 1948 – Wednesday.  A fine day.  Grant came up and helped put 4 loads of oats in.  Homer and I went to a meeting at Springside.  Institute here this evening.

October 7, 1948 – Thursday.  Another fine day.  Got the sheaves in from the intervale.

October 8     – Friday.  A nice day.  Put in the rakings.  This is the last of the grain.  Homer, Joan, Nancy, Sandy and I out to Cameron’s camp this afternoon.

October 9, 1948 – Saturday.  Rain before dinner.  Baked rolls, 2 pies, cookies and gingersnaps.  Joan and Nancy went with the mail.

October 10, 1948 – Sunday.  Fine.  Homer, Nancy and I went to Springside to hear Rev John Thompson.

October 11, 1948 – Monday.  Fine day.  Got both washings and ironing done.  Homer and Joan down to Bev’s in the evening.  Digging potatoes today.

October 12, 1948 – Tuesday.  Raining.  I went to the village with the mail.  Was in to Mrs W.D. Kennedy’s. Myrtle and Ernest Burtt here to dinner.

October 13, 1948 – Wednesday.  Wet day.  Aid here this afternoon.  A good Aid.  Packed a box for Halifax and got a Mission Box started.

October 14, 1948 – Thirsday.  A fine day.  Sandy and I went with the mail.  Was at Ester’s a while.  Joan went to Truro to an Institute meeting.

October 15, 1948 – Friday.  Cold and windy.  The men working at the potatoes.  They are about half rotten today.

October 16, 1948 – Saturday.  Fine.  I went down to David’s and made jelly for him.  At Grant’s in the evening.  David got  the last of his oats in.  Put the pullets into the hen house.

October 17, 1948 – Sunday.  A fine day.  Cool.  Homer, Joan, Nancy and Sandy went to Lantz Siding today.  Stanley Alcorn in a little while.

October 18, 1948 – Monday.  Not very fine.  Washed and got the clothes ironed.  Rained about 2 p.m.  Homer, Joan and children went to Brookfield.  Got a new stove.

October 19, 1948 – Tuesday.  Cold and squally.  We killed 5 fowl.  Canned some apple sauce.

October 20, 1948 – Wednesday.  Fine but cold.  Homer was hauling out manure.  Alfred was pulling carrots and beans.  Canned fowl and soup.

October 21, 1948 – Thursday.  Cold and windy.  Came down to Bev’s in the mail.  Busy doing things around the house.

October 22, 1948 – Friday.  Fine and cold.  Bev and Rika left for a two-week visit in USA about 5:10 a.m.  Beverly went for her music lesson.

October 23, 1948 – Saturday.  Fine.  Pretty cold.  We got the stove in the dinning room set up.  Done some cleaning and baking.  Neil went to the village in the evening.

October 24, 1948 – Sunday.  Cloudy.  Not quite so cold.  Neil, Eldon, Beverly and Berniece went to Sunday School. Florence home today.  Getting along well.

October 25, 1948 – October 29, 1948 – no entries.

October 30, 1948 – Saturday.  Did not do much.  Got meals for the family and looked after things in general.  Alfred here tonight.

October 31, 1948 – Sunday.  Dark, and rain in the afternoon.  The children went to Rally Day at Springside.   Mrs Agnes Deyarmond passed away this evening.

November 1, 1948 – Monday.  Cyrus, Mac and Stewart in a few minutes.   Swept upstairs and made a pie for supper.  Alfred went home this morning.

November 2, 1948 – Tuesday.  Cold but finer.  Made some cookies.  Mrs Agnes Deyarmond’s funeral this afternoon.

November 3, 1948 – Wednesday.  A fine day.  Ground frozen quite hard this morning.  Baked bread and cookies and got the other work done.

November 4, 1948 – Thursday.  Fine.  Washed.  Got them pretty dry.  Luther went on a trip to Burnside on the cream truck.  Washed the kitchen floor in the afternoon.

November 5, 1948 – Friday.  Wet and mild.  Got the work done and the ironing.

November 6, 1948 – Saturday.  Fine.  Very warm.  Woodie and Luther hunting.  Bev and Rika got home about 7 p.m.  They had a good trip.  I went down to Gordon’s.

November 7, 1948 – Sunday.  A windy dull day.  Rain in the evening.  Rested most of the day.  Gordon and Ester got home about 9 p.m.  They were on a trip to the Agricultural Fair with Put Fulton.

November 8, 1948 – Monday.  A nice fine day.  Ester and Priscilla went to New Glasgow with Mr Fraser to get their glasses changed.  The calf born yesterday weighs 100 pounds.

November 9, 1948 – Tuesday.  Fine.  I got home today.  Alfred brought the tractor up.  Got home before we did.

November 10, 1948  – Wednesday.  Mild.  Rained in the morning.  Homer was plowing.  He and I went to Truro in the afternoon.  Institute this evening at Mrs Mac Graham’s.

November 11, 1948 – Thursday.  Fine.  Cleaned the spare room.

November 12, 1948 – Friday.  Fine.  Ironed the curtains of the spare room.  Homer and Joan went to a Farmer’s meeting in the evening.  Got Sandy inocculated.  Alfred and I out to the woods.

November 13, 1948 – Saturday.  Cloudy.  Rain and wind by evening.  I was down to David’s in the morning.  Arch Hamilton and wife called while I was away.

November 14, 1948 – Sunday.  A stormy night. Rained and blew hard.  Homer and I went to church.  Joan and Nancy went to Middle Stewiacke with Mary Carter.

November 15, 1948 – Monday.  A fine day.  Washed a big washing and ironed some.   Homer went to Middle Stewiacke for Joan.  She went to Halifax today.

November 16, 1948 – Tuesday.  Had a practice in the school house tonight for a play.  Mr Calder Fraser is the director.

November 17, 1948 – Wednesday.  Homer took the tractor down to Gordon’s in the afternoon.  Martin took the Jeep down for him to come home.  Ester not well today.

November 18, 1948 – Thursday.  Mild.  I went down to Gordon’s.  Ester is sick.  Had the Doctor this morning.  She was very uneasy and miserable.

November 19, 1948 – Friday.  Ester still very sick.  The Doctor here twice today.  He said it was measles when he came in the evening.

November 20, 1948 – Saturday.  Not much change.  The measles are out thick on Ester.  Priscilla washed the floors and we got a little cooking done.

November 21, 1948 – Sunday.  Ester a little better.  Alfred came down.  Was here to dinner.  Homer and Joan went to Middle Stewiacke.

November 22, 1948 – Monday.  A good wash day.  Priscilla baked some cookies and done the ironing.  Ester is better.

November 23, 1948 – Tuesday.  Priscilla washed my hair and put it up.

November 24, 1948 – Wednesday.  Ester was up some today.

November 25, 1948 – no entry.

November 26, 1948 – Friday.  Priscilla was in bed today.

November 27, 1948 – No entry

November 28, 1948 – Sunday.  Everybody up but not feeling very spry.  Leon coughed most of last night.  Also Ester and Lynn.

November 29, 1948 – Monday.  Fine.  We washed and got the clothes in and ironed.  The measles out on Lynn today.

November 30, 1948 – Tuesday.  Leon in bed today, and Jim on the couch most of the day.  Priscilla is sick too.

December 1, 1948 – Wednesday.  Priscilla had bad nose-bleeds.  Had the Doctor in the afternoon.  I stayed beside her till 3 a.m.  Then Gordon went in.

December 2, 1948 – Thursday.  We sort of used up this morning, but by evening everyone feeling better.  Boys down stairs on the couch today.

December 3, 1948 – no entry

December 4, 1948 – Saturday.  Boys all up and dressed and feeling pretty good.

December 5, 1948 – Sunday.  Cloudy and dull.  Alfred and I went over to Roy’s in the afternoon.  Harry and Nellie were there, also Ruth and Bob Densmore.

December 6, 1948 – Monday.  Not very fine,  Brought in the clothes we washed Saturday.  They were not very dry.  Rained and blew in the night.

December 7, 1948 – Tuesday.  Windy, but a good wash day.  The clothes dried good.  Did some quilts.

December 8, 1948 – Wednesday.  Not very fine.  We went down to W.D. Kennedy’s in the afternoon.  Herman took us down. W.D. brought us back.

December 9, 1948 – Thursday.  I came home with the mail.  Was away three weeks.

December 10, 1948 – Friday.  Cloudy.  Nancy and I went and gathered some evergreens in the afternoon.  Homer and Joan went to practice.  Snow in the evening.

December 11, 1948 – Saturday.  A snowy day.  Alfred came home today.

December 12, 1948 – Sunday.  Pretty fine.  Alfred, Homer and I went tochurch.  In the evening we went canvassing for the British Emergency Relief Fund.  Got $20.00.

December 13, 1948 – Monday.  Milder.  Snow soft.  I washed and the clothes dried some.   Homer cut a door through from the pantry to the hall.

December 14, 1948 – Tuesday.  Some snow squalls.  I went down to visit Min a while, and got the dinner for David.  Done my ironing.

December 15, 1948 – December 16, 1948 – no entries

December 17, 1948 – Friday.  Rained hard tonight.  The school had their Christmas Concert this evening.  We were all down but Alfred.

December 18, 1948 – no entry

December 19, 1948 – Sunday.  A nice day.  Had a Candle-Light Service at Mrs P.W. Graham’s this evening.  W.M.S.  All members present.  Mrs Bev Graham sang a solo.

December 20, 1948 – Monday.  Snowing.  I washed but did not put them out.  Clyde Reynolds got the bull today.   Homer and Joan went to Pembroke to the Christmas Concert.

December 21, 1948 – Tuesday.  Finer.  Joan washed and we got most of the clothes dried.  Cleaned the room today.

December 22, 1948 – Wednesday.  Homer. Joan and Nancy went to Truro.  I baked bread, cookies and doughnuts.  Killed a pig in the afternoon.

December 23, 1948 – Thursday.  Pretty good day.  Homer took the pig to the village.  Weighed 141 pounds.  We went to the village in the evening.  Made Mince Meat this afternoon.

December 24, 1948 – Friday.  Fine.  I went down to David’s.  Alfred was at Min’s.  Put up the Christmas tree.

December 25, 1948 – Saturday.  A fine day.  Good roads.  Enough snow for good wheeling.  Had a nice Christmas.  Lots of presents and toys for the children.  Went to Gordon’s for supper.

December 27, 1948 – Sunday.  Colder and windy.  Homer, Joan and children went to Middle Stewiacke.  Alfred and I went to church with Mart and Martin.  Pretty cold tonight.

December 27, 1948 – Monday.  8 below zero this morning.  Homer and Joan took Sandy down and had his third inocculation.

December 28, 1948 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Joan washed and ironed.  Homer, Alfred, and I went up to Andy Dickie’s     in the evening.  Heard about their trip west.

December 29, 1948 – Wednesday.  A fine day.  Homer went down to Blaikie’s, got some lumber, and was working at our sink.

December 30, 1948 – Thursday.  Mild and wet.  I went down to David’s.  Done some things for him.  Homer and Joan went to a dance at Middle Stewiacke in the evening.

December 31, 1948 – Friday.  Cloudy and mild.  I washed but brought the clothes in as it rained.  Got some dirt cleaned up.  Another year ended.

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