The Journals of Annabelle Johnson 1947

The Journals of
Annabelle Johnson

January 1, 1947 – Wednesday.  Snowing in the evening.  At Ted’s to dinner and supper.  Alfred and family there to dinner.  Had a nice day together.  Bydie did not get over till about 4 p.m.January 2, 1947 – Thursday.  Another slippy day.  Did some mending.  The Thompson’s were at the Tyrell’s to supper on their way to New Hampshire.  Bad driving.

January 3, 1947 – Friday.  Another dirty day.  Bydie, Alfred, Hilda and I went to Wapole to Doctor Harper.  He gave me a treatment for my stiff neck.  Alfred does not need to go back.

January 4, 1947 – Saturday.  Finer today.  Went to Framingham in the forenoon.  Alfred had his corn taken out.  Was over to visit Jack Ingraham.  He has been sick but is better.

January 5, 1947 – Sunday.  Fine.  Went to Park Street Church, Framingham , to Communion.  Called at Rod’s in the evening.

January 6, 1947 – Monday.  A good wash day.  Ina got part of the ironing done.   I cut out and partly made a house-dress.  Byron down to Lodge tonight.

January 7, 1947 – Tuesday.  Cloudy.  We were over to Seymour’s in the evening.  Went to a show in the p.m. – “A Young Widow” and “Breakfast in Hollywood”.

January 8, 1947 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Ina washed table cloths and done some ironing. I finished the house-dress.  Ina to the Ladies Circle.

January 9, 1947 – Thursday.  A fine day.  Was over town and to a show. “Blue Skies”.  A cold night.   Playing  “Authors” with the boys in the evening.

January 10, 1947 – Friday.  Cold day.  Ina and I went  to  Natick and we worked on a supper for the Eastern Star Lodge. Ted and family here in the evening.

January 11, 1947 – Saturday.  Fine.  Bydie, Ina, Arnold and Mrs Tyrell shopping this morning. We went to a show in the evening.  “Courage of Lassie”.

January 12, 1947 – Sunday.  Mild and fine.  Was to church in Saxonville this morning.  Over to Concord to supper.  Had a nice supper at Mr Ingraham’s.

January 13, 1947 – Monday.  A pretty good wash day.  Cut out a house-dress for Ina in the afternoon.

January 14, 1947 – Tuesday.  Sleet and rain.  A slippy day.  Was sewing all day.  Ted and family here in the evening.

January 15, 1947 – Wednesday.  Still nasty.  Thawed more this afternoon.  Finished the dress.  Ina made herself a patchwork apron this afternoon.

January 16, 1947 –  Thursday.  A mild sloppy day.  Ina and I went to Framingham on the 12:30 bus.  Worked at the Grace Church till 8 p.m.  Served supper to 119 people.

January 17, 1947 – Friday.  Finer.  Colder in evening.  A busy day cooking.  The Graham’s and Vi and Jack Ingraham,  here to supper. Byron got a few presents and cards on his 40th birthday.

January 18, 1947 – Saturday.  Fine.  Byron not well.  On the sofa all day.  David and Ina grocery shopping in the morning.   We were to call on Mr and Mrs Brickett.  Their 25th Wedding Anniversary.

January 19, 1947 – Sunday.  Fine.  Went to church in Saxonville in the morning.  Took a drive with David to Holliston after dinner.  Over to Natick to church in the evening.  Bydie able to work.

January 20, 1947 – Monday.  A stormy day.  Rain, freezing in the morning.  Not so bad in the afternoon.  Warmer.  Ina and I went to a show – “Maggie” – in the afternoon.  Byron to Lodge in the evening.

January 21, 1947 – Tuesday.  Finer but windy.  Got the washing done.  Hard keeping clothes on the line.  Had supper at the chuch.  Over to Alfred’s in the evening.

January 22, 1947 – Wednesday.  Wet.  Ina and I went to a show in Framingham.  Mrs Tyrell took us over.  Byron came in too.   The show was “The Three Wise Fools”.

January 23, 1947 – January 25, 1947 – no entries

January 26, 1947 – Sunday.  A fine day.  Allie and Jennie, Alfred and Hazel, called in the afternoon.  Ted and Hilda here in the evening.  .(  That was Saturday evening.)

January 27, 1947 – Sunday we were at church in Natick.  At Ted’s to dinner, in to Tremont Temple in the evening.

January 28, 1947 – Tuesday.  A warm day.  40 above.  Washed and the clothes dried fine.  Ina and Bydie to the Couple’s Club.  Seymour and Mildred here in the evening.

January 29, 1947 – Wednesday.  Cloudy, but did not storm.  Mrs Tyrell, Ina and I to Wellesley in the morning.  I got a pair of shoes.  Paid $14.50.  Went to Alfred’s in the p.m. and had supper.

January 30, 1947 – Thursday.  Fine.  Did a little sewing.  Went to a show in the evening.  “Till The Clouds Roll By”

January 31, 1947 – Friday.  A lovely day.  Very mild.  Ina made a birthday party for me.  Ted, Hilda, Patsy, Bobby, Alfred, Hazel, Betty and Dickie here.  Got several presents and recieved 15 cards.

February 1, 1947 – Saturday.  Fine.  A bit colder.  The men cutting wood.  Ina and I out to the woods for a few minutes.  To Framingham in the morning.

February 2, 1947 – Monday.  A fine wash day.  The clothes dried good. Roy’s 13th birthday.  Had a birthday cake.  We gave him a watch.  The Graham’s here to supper.

February 3, 1947 – Tuesday.  Wet tonight, and windy.  I was sewing.  Alfred was burning brush.  Hilda, Patsy and Bobby here to supper.  A big racket.  The men folk out to Men’s Club.

February 4, 1947 –   Have these last two weeks mixed up.

February 5, 1947 – no entry

February 6, 1947 – Thursday.  Was to see the show “Song of the South ” and “Little Miss Big”.

February 7, 1947 – Saturday.  Some snow.  The roads slippy.  We all went to the Sportsmen’s Show in Boston.  Was not much good.   Went to Ted’s to supper and the evening.

February 8, 1947 – Getting stupid.

February 9, 1947 – Sunday.  Cold and windy.  To church at Park Street this morning.  Went to Concord in the afternoon.  Was at Guy Gahan’s to supper.

February 10, 1947 – Monday.  Still cold and windy.  I cut out and sewed up a dress today.  Went to Duncan Miller’s in the evening at Belmont, Mass.

February 11, 1947 – Tuesday.  A fine day.  Ina up early and did a big washing.   Got them dried and in before noon.   Done a supper in Natick last night.  123 Mothers and daughters.

February 12, 1947 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Pretty cold.  Maggid Cochrane here today.   Bydie and Ina took her home in the evening.  Ted and family here to dinner.

February 13, 1947 – Thursday.  A fine day.  Spent the day in Auburndale with the Brooks’.  Had a nice time.  We drove into Boston and called on Blanche.

February 14, 1947 – Friday.  A fine day.  Ina washed.  I was doing a little sewing and mending.  Ina was ironing most of the day.

February 15, 1947 – Saturday.  Fine mild day.  Alfred was cutting some wood.   David out a while. Byron and Ina shopping in the p.m.  I have some cold.

February 16, 1947 – Sunday.  A cloudy day.  Alfred and I to church.  After dinner, Boyd Fulton and Clayton Brown called around.  David, Alfred and I went to visit Min Fraser.  Bydie and Ina went to NewHampshire with  Ted.

February 17, 1947 – Monday.  Cleared off good today.  We were making some aprons.  Carl and Beulah in a few minutes.  Ina to a card party tonight.  David to a Penny Sale.

February 18, 1947 – no entry

February 19, 1947 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Colder tonight.  Did some sewing.  Went to Brighton about 3:30 with Bydie.   Helped at a supper for returned servicemen.  A turkey supper.  Cleared $125.00.

February 20, 1947 – Thursday.  Cold.  Not so fine.  Alfred cut wood.  Ina was over town.  I got a mat started.  Was cutting mat rags this evening.  Wrote to Homer.

February 21, 1947 – Friday.  A snow storm.  Mrs Tyrell and Ina did their shopping in the morning.  Alfred and the boys were shovelling.

February 22, 1947 – Saturday.  Fine day.  Quite cold.  Alfred and David cut wood in the afternoon.  Bydie, Ina and Roy  went to Concord with Mrs Tyrell.  Bydie and I to a show in the afternoon.

February 23, 1947 – Sunday.  Fine.  David, Roy, Alfred and I went to church.  Guy and Effie and Marlene here to supper.

February 24, 1947 – Monday.  Fine.  Ina got washing and ironing both done today.  She baked 4 pies.  David and Bydie over to Concord in the evening.  The boys went to a show.

February 25, 1947 – Tuesday.  Colder and windy.  Roy and Alfred cutting wood.  Ina and I went to Framingham in the morning.  Had lunch and went to a show in the afternoon.  Did not spend much money.

February 26, 1947 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Ina went to Boston this morning with Mrs Tyrell.  I done some dying and hooked at the mat.  To a show in the evening.

February 27, 1947 – Thursday.  Fine.  Ina over town doing some shopping.  I was hooking.  David brought his car home this evening.

February 28, 1947 – Friday.  Fine.  We done some cooking.  Hilda, Patsy and Bobby came up this morning.  Ted here to supper.  Bydie and Ina to Couples Club.

March 1, 1947 – Saturday.  Fine.  Had early dinner then Bydie, Ina, Alfred and I went to Whitman.  Got some patchwork.  Then went to Sistuate to call on Duncan Graham.  Then after supper to Weymouth to visit M. Holman.

Masrch 2, 1947 – Sunday.  Snow and rain.  Did not go to church in the morning.  Went for a drive to Norman Miller’s.  Went to an evening service at Park Street Church.

March 3, 1947 – Monday.  Cold and windy.  Was hooking at the mat.  Ina and I over to Mrs Tyrell’s in the afternoon.  Had a cup of coffee and pie.

March 4, 1947 – Tuesday.  Finer.  Ina washed and got most of the ironing done.  I was working at the mat.

March 5, 1947 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Alfred and I to Seymour’s this afternoon.  Bydie worked till 8 p.m. at the dairy.  Went to Twin Maple Bar for ice cream.

March 6, 1947 – Thursday.  Fine.  Was hooking.  Ina and I over and called on Mrs Barkhouse.  She is feeling better.  Went to Wakefield after supper.  Visited Berta.

March 7, 1947 – Friday.  A nice day.  David went to Boston to have his papers signed.   Alfred and I went too, and went to M. Holman’s in Weymouth on a visit.

March 8, 1947 – Saturday.  Lester Fulton came for us and we spent the day with him and his wife and  family of 7 children.

March 9, 1947 – Sunday.  Fine.  Went to church with Myrtle and Michael.  Had dinner and went to Mr and Mrs George Davis’ for supper.  Church in the evening – came home after.

March 10, 1947 – Monday.  Cloudy.  A little bit of snow.  Ina washed and they dried fairly good.  Over to Jack Ingraham’s in the evening.  Sewing on a house coat.

March 11, 1947 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Went to a flower show in Boston.  Had a good time.  I stayed at Ted’s to supper, and Ted took me home about 11 p.m.

March 12, 1947 – Wednesday.  Another good day.  Ted’s birthday.  Was there to supper.  Bydie to a Town Meeting.

March 13, 1947 – Thursday.  Fine.  Ina and I went to a show in the evening, and to a social meeting of the Ladies Circle.  A Hat Show.  It was good.

March 14, 1947 – no entry

March 15, 1947 – Saturday.  Fine.  Went over to Framingham.  Bydie got his teeth out, and new ones in.  Got along good.

March 16, 1947 – Sunday.  A fine day.  Had dinner and then we all went to Easthampton.  The boys and Allie went up on the hill.   Byron and family left before 8 p.m.

March 17, 1947 – March 18, 1947 – no entries.

March 19, 1947 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Went for a drive around South Hampton.  Seen a lot of sap trees.  Sap running good.

March 20, 1947 – March 21, 1947 – no entries

March 22, 1947 – Saturday.  Fine.  Went to Holyoke shopping.  Jennie bought me a nice new hat.  To Perley’s to supper and went for a drive later.

March 23, 1947 – Sunday.  Fine.  Went to church with the family.  Chester came for us.  Spent the rest of the day with them.  Stella Hamilton out for supper with us.

March 24, 1947 – Monday.  Not very fine.  Alfred and I went to call on Mrs Howard Graham.  She was not home.  Then we went to Perley’s a while.

March 25, 1947 – Tuesday.  A wet morning.  Allie, Jennie, Alfred and I went to Springfield.  Talked to Jeff Cox a while.  Shopped around in the afternoon.  Sewed in the evening.

March 26, 1947 – Wednesday.  A cold wind today.  Hooked some at a mat.  Went to call at Carl Johnson’s in the evening.

March 27, 1947 – Thursday.  Cold wind.  Alfred and Allie went out to the lake.  Lots of snow there.  Out to supper with Nellie and Merle Holloway.

March 28, 1947 – March 29, 1947 – no entries

March 30, 1947 – Sunday.  Fine.  Went to church in the morning.  Jennie’s birthday.  Babe, Mable and children called in the p.m. Perley, Lelia and 2 girls in the evening.

March 31, 1947 – Monday.  Fine.  Jennie washed.  Nancy went back to Cambridge.  Allei, Alfred and I  took her to Springfield.

April 1, 1947 – April 4, 1947 – no entries

April 5, 1947 – Saturday.  A rainy day.  Allie and Jennie brought us back.  Jennie stayed with her mother.  Bydie was cleaning the cellar.

April 6, 1947 – Sunday.  Easter.  A nice warm day.  Went to church at Park Street, Framingham.  A full church.  Had a drive after dinner.  Ted’s family here.   To Natick to church in the evening.

April 7, 1947 – Monday.  Fine.  Got the work done.  Ina baked cookies.  We went to Framingham.  Worked at a Turkey Supper.  Served 260 people.   Frank and Lizzie Fulton and Guy Gahan here this evening.

April 8, 1947 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Got a big washing done.  The grass is showing green.

April 9, 1947 – Wednesday.  Cloudy.  Did not do much this morning.   Went to a show. “The Story of Al Jolson”.   Bydie went to Boston.  Gave a pint of blood.

April 10, 1947 – Thursday.  Fine.  Ina went to Boston this morning.  Done grocery shopping in the afternoon.  Bydie and I went over to Doctor Hooper’s.  I had a check – up.

April 11, 1947 – Friday.  Fine.  A high wind.  We were cooking today.   Frank and Lizzie here to supper.   Allen Miller and Ted’s folk in the evening.

April 12, 1947 – Saturday.  A warm day.  70 degrees or more.  Mrs L. Powers and May here.  To Ted’s for supper.  The men cut a big tree this morning.  I cut out a dress and a housecoat.

April 13, 1947 – Sunday.  A fine day.  Was to church in the forenoon.  Went to new Hampshire in the afternoon.  Alfred and I rode in Ted’s car.  Went looking for mayflowers.

April 14, 1947 – Monday.  Colder and cloudy.  Cut out and made a house coat.  Mrs Powers and May here tonight.  Seymour called in the evening.

April 15, 1947 – Tuesday.  A nice day.  Took the Powers in to Boston.  Called on John MacKay’s then went to Waltham and called on Mrs J.E. Fisher.

April 16, 1947 – Wednesday.  Not very fine.  Rain in afternoon.  Ina washed some.  Went in to Mr Brickett’s in the evening.

April 17, 1947 – Thursday.  Fine.  Quite windy.  Ina washed some more and got some ironing done.  An opretta at the school this evening.  Putting in a new boiler at the plant.

April 18, 1947 – Friday.  Fine.  Went shopping in Framingham in the morning.  Done some baking in the afternoon.  Went for a permanent at 4 p.m.  Had Couple’s Club here in the evening.  Nice evening.

April 19, 1947 – Saturday. Fine.  Went to Ashland to see the Marathon Race go by there.  After dinner we drove to Portland with Ted.  Went to a dance with Fred and Vina.

April 20, 1947 – Sunday.  A snowy day.  Vina and I talked all day.  Marvin and his bride came in the evening.  They were married April 18th.

April 21, 1947 – Monday.  Pretty fine.  Some snow on the ground.  Vina washed and did some ironing.  Took a drive to the shore and called on Grace Nichols and Laurie Bustin.

April 22, 1947 – Tuesday.  Cold but fine.  Had lunch at Verta and Van’s  Went to Elmer Johnson’s, 20 miles from Portland after supper.

April 23, 1947 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Vina and I went shopping.  Had supper at Cassie’s and spent the evening.   Alfred went over to the plant where Ben works.

April 24, 1947 – Thursday.  Fine.  Norma here to lunch with us.  Alfred and I walkerd around the cemetery in Portland.  Jen English here to supper.  Ben Bustin called too.

April 25, 1947 – Friday.  Fine, still cool.   Had lunch at Ross Bustin’s, then we went to see the Cushman Bakery.  Spent the evening at home.

April 26, 1947 – Saturday.  Fine.  left Portland at 11:20 and met Bydie, Ina and David at Dover.  Was at Mr and Mrs E. Rafuse’s.  Got back to Saxonville at 11 p.m.

April 27, 1947 – Sunday.  A wind and rain in the afternoon.  Was to church in the morning.  Had a drive to Joe Dawson’s.  Company for supper, Harry Nelson.

April 28, 1947 – Monday.  A cold morning.  Fine.  A good wash day.  I was sewing.

April 29, 1947 – May 3, 1947 – no entries.

May 4, 1947 – Sunday.  Cleared a while.  We went to church in Framingham.  Raining in the morning.  Went driving.  Seen cows being milked on a turnstile.  Was up on the Blue Mountains.

May 5, 1947 – Monday.  Not very fine.  Done some cooking.  Alfred’s birthday.  Ted’s folk and Alfred and Hazel here in the evening.  Had a nice time.

May 6, 1947 – Tuesday.  Done some washing.  A turkey supper at the Men’s Club.  I had my hair set in the afternoon.

May 7, 1947 – Wednesday.  Cold and rain.  Ina washed in the forenoon.  Got them dry by noon.  We went to Natick.  Put on a supper.  Seymour brought me home.

May 8, 1947 – Thursday.  Cold and windy.  Was over to Framingham, and was sewing some.  About finished my dress.

May 9, 1947 – Friday.  Cloudy and cold.  The boys and I went to pictures at Park Street Church.  Did some baking.  Ina and Mrs Tyrell shopping in the p.m.

May 10, 1947 – Saturday.  Some finer.  Still cool.  Bydie and Alfred put out some strawberry plants.  Was in to Boston and to Waltham in the afternoon.  Over to Maynard in the evening.

May 11, 1947 – Sunday.  A fine day.  We went to church in Saxinville.  Ted’s family here to dinner.  We were driving in the afternoon.  Visited Fairbanks’ old house.  Got Mother’s Day gifts, flowers and cards.

May 12, 1947 – Monday.  A nice warm day.  Washing,  and Ina cleaned the dining room.  Planted some garden this afternoon.  Bydie to Milton Cobb’s funeral.

May 13, 1947 – Tuesday.  A hot day.  Ina was cleaning house.  David, Alfred and I were to Boston to see the tulips in the gardens there.

May 14, 1947 – Wednesday.  Rained in the night.  Cooler today.  Ina went to Framingham to work on a supper.  Mrs Tryell lost her Mother’s Day watch last night.

May 15, 1947 – Thursday.  A hard frost last night.  We were to Natick.  Put a supper on at the Baptist Church.  Mrs Tyrell’s watch was picked up by a little girl.

May 16, 1947 – Friday.  Fine.  I cut out and partly made a dress.  Ina was shopping in the morning.

May 17, 1947 – Saturday.  Fine.  Bydie and Alfred were working at the garden.  Went for a drive.  Was in Chinatown for supper.  Went to Bert Deyarmond’s.

May 18, 1947 – Sunday.  Wet day.  Was to church on the hill.  Miss Putney of Turkey spoke.  Over to Ted’s in the evening.

May 19, 1947 – May 22, 1947 – no entries

May 23, 1947 – This was a wet week.  Rained about every day.  Ina was cleaning house.

May 24, 1947 – Saturday.  A heavy thunder storm.  We were to Wakefield to visit Berta and Etther (sic).

May 25, 1947 – Sunday.  Some rain in the afternoon and evening.  Perley and family,  Ted and family here to supper. Did some singing in the evening.  Went to church in the morning.

May 26, 1947 – Monday.  A fine day.  Ina, Hilda and Mrs tyrell went to Boston in the morning.  I did the washing.  Went for ice cream.

May 27, 1947 – Tuesday.  A shower in the morning.  Bydie and Ina went to Couple’s Club.  David, the boys and us were to call on Mrs Fraser, and to the Open Air Theatre.

May 28, 1947 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Went shopping in the afternoon.  Bought some prints.  Was to a dance recital in natick.  Alfred’s folk took us.  It was good.

May 29, 1947 – Thursday.  A warm morning.  Alfred working at the fire place.

May 30, 1947 – Friday.  Was at the Musq. Club Picnic.  A nice time.  And a good company there.

May 31, 1947 – Saturday.  Fine.  Alfred and Bydie working at the garden.  Finished planting today.  To supper at Mrs Tyrell’s.

June 1, 1947 – Sunday.  A nice day.  We went to Easthampton and out to the lake.  Had a wonderful day at the camp.

June 2, 1947 – Monday.  A fine day.  Got the washing done, and dried good.  I was cutting out dresses today.

June 3, 1947 – June 4, 1947 – no entries

June 5, 1947 – Thursday.  Was busy all week sewing and visiting.

June 6, 1947 – Friday.  Pretty hot.  Bydie had the day off.  We went shopping.  I was sewing some.  To Duncan Miller’s last evening.  We were to Maynard in the afternoon.

June 7, 1947 – Saturday.  Cloudy.  Done some baking.  Over to Framingham in the afternoon.  Went to Mr Brickett’s to supper.  Had a good time.

June 8, 1947 – Sunday.  A wet day.  Ted’s folk here to dinner.  Bert Deyarmond, Monica Campbell, Seymour and Mildred, here in the afternoon.

June 9, 1947 – Monday.  Cleared.  Mrs Tyrell, Ina and I shopping in Framingham.  Ollie over in the evening.

June 10, 1947 – Tuesday.  Washed today.  Had supper at the fireplace tonight.

June 11, 1947 – Wednesday.  Cloudy.  Over to Natick and Hilda came back with us.  Allie, Jennie and Nancy here to lunch.  Busy sewing.

June 12, 1947 – Thursday.  Pretty hot.  Hilda came early and we had a busy day.  Was over to Natick and Framingham and to the Garden in the Woods.  Callers in the evening.

June 13, 1947 – Friday.  Fine.  Sewed some in the morning.  Got ready to go home.  Left Saxonville about 2 p.m.  Had supper at Vina’s in Portland.  Got to China, Maine, before dark.

June 14, 1947 – Saturday.  Rained shortly after we left South China.  Stopped in Bangor.  Got to Ernest Burtt’s in Woodstock before 5 p.m.  Was there all night.

June 15, 1947 – Sunday.  A dark day.  Left Myrtle’s at 8 a.m.  Had a stretch of bad road in New Brunswick.   Got to Upper Stewiacke at 8 p.m.  Stayed at Gordon’s all night.

June 16, 1947 –  Monday.  Finer.  Came home in the forenoon.  Have been away more than six months.  Nancy and Sandy changed the most.

June 17, 1947 – Tuesday. Fine.  Bydie and Ina up today.  We went down to the village.  At Gordon’s all night.  Called at David’s and Bev’s.

June 18, 1947 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Drove to halifax.  Done some shopping.  Ordered two markers for the cemetery.   Attended David and Nellie’s wedding.

June 19, 1947 – Thursday.  Fine.  Went to Truro.  Got some thimgs done. Came up home tonight.  Pretty tired.

June 20, 1947 – Friday.  Fine.  Bydie and Ina, Arnold, Jim, Homer and Joan went to Truro.  Here to supper.  Also Mr Fraser.

June 21, 1947 – Saturday.  Fine.  Baked cookies and rolls.  Washed the windows in my bedroom and put the curtains up.

June 22, 1947 – Sunday.  A fine day.  Unveiled the Honor Roll at the church service. Eddie and Lawrence did it.   Bydie, Ina, the Miller family, Eddie and his girlfriend here to supper.

June 23, 1947 – Monday.  Did a little washing.  Arnold and Jim here today.

June 24, 1947 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Pretty hot.  Bydie and Ina came up by dinner time.  Made a call in Eastville.  They all went back to Upper Stewiacke.  Leaving for home tomorrow.

June 25, 1947 – Wednesday.  Fine windy day.  Alfred and Homer finished up the garden.  Percy and lawrence called.  I cleaned my bedroom and washed the room curtains.

June 26, 1947 – Thursday.  Fine.  D. Reid came up with Homer.  Cleaned the window .  Fixed up the curtains and put them up.

June 27, 1947 – Friday.  Fine.  Done some bedclothes, and the slip covers.  Homer took some potatoes to Upper Stewiacke.  Dorothy Reid went down with him.

June 28, 1947 – Saturday.  Pretty hot.  I finished cleaning the cupboard and living room.

June 29, 1947 – Sunday.  A hot day.  Homer, Joan and children went away.  Alfred and I over to Roy’s in the afternoon.  Emma is very frail.

June 30, 1947 –Monday.  Hot day.  Done some washing.  Alfred, Hazel, Betty and Dick here to dinner.  Homer was cultivating.  School meeting here tonight.

July 1, 1947 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Alfred and I cleaned the cellar.  A dance at George MacKay’s this evning. Elsie, Bill, Florence and      Elanor called.

July 2, 1947 – Wednesday.  A little rain and some fog.  Was cleanng the pantry and the old house.  We got enough wild strawberries for supper.

July 3, 1937 – Thursday.  Fine.  Cleaned the separator room.  Made two little dresses for Elsie’s baby.  Painted the kitchen floor.

July 4, 1947 – Friday.  Raining. to night,  Baked bread.  Done some sewing.  Scrubbed the entry.  Homer and Joan went to a dance at the school house.

July 5, 1947 –  no entry

July 6, 1947 – Sunday.  Fine.  Homer, Joan and the children away all day.  Alfred and I alone.  Down to Mart’s for a call in the evening.

July 7, 1947 – Monday.  Fine.  Got some washing done.

July 8, 1947 – Tuesday.  Wet afternoon.  I went to the village with Homer.

July 9, 1947 – Wednesday.  Dark.  Homer and Alfred went out to the lake to visit Perley and the family.  Picked strawberries in the afternoon.

July 10, 1947 – Thursday.  Fine.  Pretty hot.  Alfred and I went with Mart and Christy to Joint Aid.

July 11, 1947 – Friday.  Fine.  Perley and his family came from the lake and was here for dinner. Finished hoeing turnips.

July 12, 1947 – Saturday.  Fine.  Picked about 14 boxes of berries.  Homer and Joan took Nancy down to the Doctor and got 2 teeth out.

July 13, 1947 – Sunday.  Fine.  Stanley, Janie MacKay and 2 children, Gordon and Ella and Lornie called.  We were to church.  Mr Fraser and Mr Marshall called after church.

July 14, 1947 – Monday.  Fine.  Washed and got the clothes dried.  Picked some berries.  Homer mowed some in the afternoon.

July 15, 1947 – Tuesday.  Fine.  We went down in the evening.  Got the cemetry mowed and cleaned up.

July 16, 1947 – Wednesday.  Fine.  We picked some gooseberries.  I finished ironing.  Put three loads of hay in.

July 17, 1947 – Thursday.  Fine.  A shower in the afternoon and wet the hay.    Got 2 loads in.  Priscilla came up with the mail.  Joan went to Middle Stewiacke in the evening with her family.  They were up.

July 18, 1947 – Friday.  Cloudy in the morning.  Pretty good in afternoon.  Put 2 loads of hay in.  Homer went to Middle Stewiacke for Joan and Nancy.

July 19, 1947 – Saturday.  Dark day.  Put in 1 load of hay.  Not very dry.  Finished picking the gooseberries.  Baked bread and gingersnaps.

July 20, 1947 – Sunday.  Not very fine.  Amanda and Allister, Alex and Gladys, and Carrie here today. David came for supper.  Put a marker at Weldon’s grave.

July 21, 1947 – Monday.  A wet day.  Washed but it rained most all day.

July 22, 1947 – Tuesday.  Dark . Cleared some in afternoon.  Alfred and I went to Eastville.  Took a marker to put at Aunt Jessie’s grave.  Made some calls.

July 23, 1947 – Wednesday.  Still wet.

July 24, 1947 – Thursday.  Not fine. Alfred and I down to Mart’s to supper. Willie Deyarmond and his mother called.

July 25, 1947 – Friday.  Finer.  I went to the village on the cream truck.  Putting hay in at Gordon’s.

July 26, 1947 – Saturday.  Fine.  Gordon and Jim haying.  Ester and Priscilla went to Truro to have permanents.

July 27, 1947 – Sunday.  Heavy thunder storms around today.  Was in church in Upper Stewiacke and Burnside.  Ester and family here to supper.

July 28, 1947 – Monday.  Pretty fine.  Got washing done.  Priscilla and I picked some currants.

July 29, 1947 – Tuesday.  Dark day.  Homer, Joan and children went visiting.  Priscilla down to Mart’s for a call.

July 30, 1947 – Wednesday.  Pretty fine.  Emma MacKay passed away this morning.  She has been in bed for 3 weeks.  Failing for two and a half years.   Put 2 loads of hay in.

July 31, 1947 – Thursday.  A pretty good hay day.  Priscilla went home this morning.

August 1, 1947 – Friday.  A heavy storm in the night.  Mrs WillieMacKay’s funeral this morning.  Homer finished mowing this afternoon.  I picked a few berries.

August 2, 1947 – Saturday.  Not very fine.  I was down to David’s while Homer was away with the mail.  Finished haying.  Had a good crop.  Around 25 loads.

August 3, 1947 – Sunday.  Fine and cool.  We went to Springside to church.  Communion Sunday.  Mr Fraser’s subject was “Who is he in yonder stall?”.  Hymn 72.

August  4, 1947 – Monday.  Fine.  Washed this morning.  We picked and canned 7 quarts of peas this afternoon.

August 5, 1947 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Alfred, Nancy and I were down to see Min this morning.  Alfred helping at Roy’s this afternoon.

August 6, 1947 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Got some peas and beans canned.  Done the ironing after dinner.

August 7, 1947 – Thursday.  A fine hot day.  Joan and Nancy went with the mail.  Alfred repaired the wharf at the out house.  Picked a few raspberries.

August 8, 1947 – Friday.  A hot day.  Homer haying at Roy’s.  Cleaned up the house some., and picked a few blueberries.

August 9, 1947 – Saturday.  Cool and dark.  Homer and Joan went looking for berries.  Did not get many.  Rained a little.

August 10, 1947 – Sunday.  Fine.  Was at Sunday School and church.  Mr Haslen from Noel preached and was here to supper.  David arrived this afternoon from USA.

August 11, 1947 – Monday.  Cool last night.  David and I went to Eastville and Upper Stewiacke in the afternoon.  Roy came up with us.  Finished haying at Roy MacKay’s.

August 12, 1947 – Tuesday.  A hot day.  Canned peas and carrots.  Homer and Joan picking blueberries in the afternoon.  Went for ice cream and called at Bev’s.

August 13, 1947 – Wednesday.  A very hot day.  We had an Aid picnic at Arthur’s.  A nice crowd.  David went to the Branch to the dance.

August 14, 1947 – Thursday.  A hot day.  Roy, David and I went picking raspberries.  Awful hot.  Got 2 cans and 4 quarts put down.   David and Roy went away in the evening.  L. Johnson married tonight.

August 15, 1947 – Friday.  Not quite so hot.  David, Ester, Jim, Homer and I went to Truro.  We called at Mrs MacCallum’s,  and Myrtle and Evelyn were there.

August 16, 1947 – Saturday.  Fine.  Baked some brown bread.  David went to Truro in the afternoon.

August 17, 1947 – Sunday.  Fine.  Homer and family went to Middle Stewiacke.  David, Alice gammon, and Ernie came by noon.  Audrey and 2 girls here in afternoon.

August 18, 1947 – Monday.  Fine.  David, Alfred, Priscilla, Alice, and I went to Halifax and Dartmouth .  Had a good trip.  Got home by 12 o’clock.

August 19, 1947 – Tuesday.  Not so fine.  Washed but the clothes did not dry much.  Done some baking.  Did not turn out good.  Dance at the school house.  David took Grant to Truro.

August 20, 1947 – Wednesday.  A nice day.  Very cool in evening.  We were to the Old Home Picnic at Springside.  Had the oats bound this afternoon.

August 21, 1947 – Thursday.  Fine.  David, Alfred and I went to the village in the afternoon.  Was at Gordon’s for supper.  They are threshing tomorrow.

August 22, 1947 – Friday.  A fine day.  Pretty long.  David and Roy left for USA at 5 a.m.  Homer, Joan and Nancy went to Halifax, left at 6 a.m.  We were busy all day.  Sandy a good boy.

August 23, 1947 – Saturday.  Fine.  I went down to Elwoods and picked some blueberries.  Made 2 pies in the afternoon.  Homer and Joan went to the village in the evening.

August 24, 1947 – Sunday.  Fine.  Was to church.  Mr Sproule preached.

August 25, 1947 – Monday.  Some rain.  A thunder storm in the evening and at night.   Homer went to Halifax and brought home a Jeep.  Margaret Deyarmond had her appendicts out.

August 26, 1947 – Tuesday.  Not very fine.  Put out the clothes we washed yesterday.  Lois, Vada, Dorothy and Edna over in afternoon.  Edna is 1 year old.

August 27, 1947 – Wednesday.  Nice and fine.  Got the clothes in and ironed in the morning.  Picked beans and canned some.

August 28, 1947 – Thursday.  Fine.  Canning more beans today.  Ester and Leon and Lynn came up with the mail.  Had a letter form Ina.  Roy and David got back safe.

August 29, 1947 – Friday.  Not very fine.  Alfred at the school house.  Ester and the boys down to Mart’s for supper.  Baked brown and white bread.

August 30, 1947 – Saturday.  Fine.  Got some oats in.  Upset a load before dinner.  Roy, and Herman Deyarmond here to supper. Ester and twins went home.  Jim came up.

August 31, 1947 – Sunday.  Rain in afternoon.  We were home all day.  Everybody had a sleep.

September 1, 1947 – Monday.  Fine.  Washed and washed the floors.  Alfred painting at the school house.  Homer, Joan, Nancy and Sandy went to the village.  Jim went home.

September 2, 1947 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Got the rest of the oats in.  Baked brown bread and rolls.  Joan made cakes.  Thunder in the night.

September 3, 1947 – Wednesday.  Cleared.  Did not paint today.  Ladies Aid here in the afternoon.  Had about 25 to supper.

September 4, 1947 – Thursday.  Fine.  Finished painting at the school house.  I cut out a dress for Nancy.

September 5, 1947 – Friday.  Fine.  Made some pickles.  The men working at the little brook – scooping.

September 6, 1947 – Saturday.  Fine.  Alfred and I went down to see min.  I helped her fix some curtains.  We were down to see Margaret after supper.

September 7, 1947 – Sunday.  Fine.  A hot day.  Homer came for us and Homer, Joan, Alfred and Nancy went to Springside to hear the Caladonia Singers.

September 8, 1947 – Monday.  Fine wash day.  Made some ripe cucumber pickles.  Homer over and helped Roy put his oats in.  All oats in, in this neighbourhood.

September 9, 1947 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Joan got her ironing done.  We canned some corn.

September 10, 1947 – Wednesday.  Fine and warm.  Joan and Nancy  went to Middle Stewiacke.  Homer took them down.  Was working on the Riversdale Road in the afternoon.

September 11, 1947 – Thursday.  Fine.  Made some applesauce and canned it.  Made some apple jelly.

September 12, 1947 – Friday.  A hot day.  Homer was to Truro.  They came home by Riversdale.  Joan and Nancy came home.  I washed up the floors.

September 13, 1947 – Saturday.  Another fine day.  Baked 2 apple pies.

September 14, 1947 – Fine.  Went to church.  Homer and Joan down to Allen’s in the evening.

September 15, 1947 – Monday.  A wet day.  Homer went to halifax.  We washed but did not get them dried.

September 16, 1947 – Tuesday.  Cleared today.  Homer got home in the evening.  The clothes dried good.

September 17, 1947 – Wednesday.  A nice day.  Alfred and I picked the tomatoes.  We had the big wash tub , the wire basket, and a pail full.

September 18, 1947 – Thursday.  A nice day.  I went to the village then over to Bev’s.  Had a visit there.  Went to Den’s and stayed all night.

September 19, 1947 – Friday.  Rained all the forenoon.  We were at Den’s till after dinner.  Over to see marie a while.  Homer came for us.  A party for Kea this evening.

September 20, 1947 – October 3, 1947 – no entries

October 4, 1947 – Saturday.  Some days missed.  Got word this week that Ollie had a tumor on the brain.  We quilted a quilt for the Mission Box.

October 5, 1947 – Sunday.  Fine.  Miss Gwen Osborne and friend,  Mr and Mrs Boutlier,  Bob and 2 friends here today.

October 6, 1947 – Monday.  Washed and ironed.  Homer, Joan, Nancy , Priscilla and Grant went to Truro by Riversdale.  Alfred went down to do Grant’s chores.

October 7, 1947 – Tuesday.  Fine.  I went down to Grant’s this morning.  Got a telephone call that Mrs Mabel MacCallum had passed away.  Funeral tomorrow.

October 8, 1947 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Nearly hot.  We canned apples.  Margaret up for her dinner.

October 9, 1947 – Thursday.  Fine.  Done some washing and canned tomatoes.  Mary and Eleanor brought Grant home this afternoon.

October 10, 1947 – Friday.  Fine.  Mary , Min, and Eleanor went to the village in the morning.  Alfred and I came home.  Got ready and went to Truro with Mary in the afternoon.

October 11, 1947 – Saturday.  Fine.  Went up town in the morning.  Was at lloyd Blaikie’s to dinner.  Called at Charlie Blaikie’s.  Came to Gordon’s on the bus in the afternoon.

October 12, 1947 – Sunday.  Fine.  Went to church in Upper Stewiacke.  Went for a walk in the afternoon across the fields.

October 13, 1947 – Monday.  Fine.  Ester washed in the morning.  Canned meat and baked bread in the afternoon.  Alfred threshed beans.  Thanksgiving Day.

October 14, 1947 – Tuesday.  A shower this morning.  Came home in the mail.  Margaret Deyarmond here.  Homer and Joan took her home in the evening.  Sandy 1 year old.

October 15, 1947 – Wednesday.  Fine and warm.  Did some washing.  Put a quilt in this afternoon.   Alfred pulled the carrots.  Had 10 bushel.

October 16, 1947 – Thursday.  A grand day.  Alfred at Percy’s threshing.  Joan, Nancy and Sandy went with Homer in the mail.  Two antique-buyers here to dinner. Made jelly,  and apple preserves.

October 17, 1947 – Friday.  Fine and warm.  I was quilting some.  Went down and helped Christy get supper for the thresher.  Took the quilt out in the evening.

October 18, 1947 – Saturday.  Fine.  The thresher came about 10 a.m.  and was through by 3 p.m.  That job over for another year.

October 19, 1947 – Sunday.  Fine.  Homer, Joan and children went to Middle Stewiacke.  Alfred and I called on George MacKay’s and Mart’s in the afternoon.

October 20, 1947 – Monday.  Did not look fine,  but washed and got the clothes dried.  Homer was threshing at Roy’s and Bill’s.

October 21, 1947 – Tuesday.  Pretty fine.  A squall in the morning.  Was sewing some today.

October 22, 1947 – Wednesday.  Fine day.  Pretty cold.  The men hauled wood.  We went to the chicken supper at Springside in the afternoon.  Made $160.00

October 23, 1947 – Thursday.  Fine.  Was busy.  Had Seymour, Mildred, Mart and Christy here to supper.

October 24, 1947 – Friday.  A cold windy day.  Homer, Joan , the children and I went to Truro in ther afternoon by Riversdale.  Had the children’s pictures taken.

October 25, 1947 – Saturday.  Fine.  The wind not so cold.  A lot of forest fires through New Brunswick and Maine.  Went to the village and called at Mr Fraser’s. Down and helped clean the church.

October 26, 1947 – Sunday.  A fine day.  Had a grand Anniversary Service in Stiles Church.  Fifty years since it was opened.  The church was full and a lot outside.

October 27, 1947 – Monday.  Fine.  Worked today same as other days.

October 28, 1947 – Tuesday.  A fine day.  Warm.  Between 65 and 70.  Homer went down for Joan in the afternoon.  We were down to Mart’s in the evening.

October 29, 1947 – Wednesday.  Not so fine. A little rain by evening.  The men got the turnips in.  I baked ginger snaps.  Seymour, Mildred and Lelia left for USA this morning.

October 30, 1947 – Thursday.  Fine.  Alfred and I went down to Gordon’s.  I took my coat to Ethel’s to have the collar fixed.

October 31, 1947 – no entry

November 1, 1947 – Saturday.  Not very fine.  Gordon went to Berry Hill and got his young cattle home. Homer came down and got one of his.

November 2, 1947 – Sunday.  Fine.  Alfred and I walked over to Morris Blaikie’s amd stayed to supper.  Went to church in the evening.

November 3, 1947 – Monday.  A fine day.  I went down to W.D. Kennedy’s to dinner. In the afternoon I went to the cemetery for the burial of Mrs Janet Bentley.

November 4, 1947 – November 8, 1947 – no entries

November 9, 1947 – Sunday.  Nasty and wet.  Not very many out to church.  The flowers in memory were beautiful.

November 10, 1947 – Monday.  Wet.  Gordon and Ester went to Truro with Winnie Patterson.  Alfred is still painting.

November 11, 1947 – November 14, 1947 – no entries.

November 15, 1947 – Busy everyday.  Getting painting done and papered the dining room.

November 16, 1947 – Sunday.  Cloudy.  Homer Joan and the children down for dinner.  Alfred, Gordon, Ester and Priscilla went to church in the evening.

November 17, 1947 – Monday.  No wash day.  I went down and spent the day with Mrs W.D. Kennedy.

November 18, 1947 – Tuesday.  Not very fine.  Alfred went home.  Did not have room for me to go.  Ester washed and the clothes dried pretty good.

November 19, 1947 – Wednesday.  Cloudy.  I went up to Lloyd Johnson’s and had a visit with his father.  Gordon came up for me.

November 20, 1947 – Thursday.  The weather a little better.  Ester went to Truro in the afternoon.  A dance in the Hall.  I kept house.

November 21, 1947 – no entry

November 22, 1947 – Saturday.  Pretty fine.  I got home.  Allister and Grahame here and got some vegetables. Homer and Joan went to Truro in the afternoon.

 November 23, 1947 – Sunday.  Cloudy.  Some rain.  Homer, Alfred and I went to church.

November 24, 1947 – November 26, 1947 – no entries.

November 27, 1947 – Thursday.  Quite fine.  Cleaned my bedroom today.  Have been cleaning house this week.

November 28, 1947 – Friday.  Not very fine.  I cleaned the room and washed the curtains.  Joan went to Institute Meeting in the afternoon.

November 29, 1947 – Saturday.  Fine.  Got the kitchen curtains up.  Baked bread and rolls.  Homer and Joan away this evening.

November 30, 1947 – Sunday.  Snow.  Homer, Alfred and I went to church in Springside.  Min went with us.  We stayed with her to dinner.

December 1, 1947 – Monday.  The ground white with snow.  A good wash day.  A card party here in the evening.  8 tables.

December 2, 1947 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Got the house straightened up.

December 3, 1947 – no entry

December 4, 1947 – Thursday.  Dirty in the morning.  Cleared.  I went down to David’s in the mail.

December 5, 1947 – December 6  – no entries

December 7, 1947 – Sunday.  Windy and cold.  Was down to the church in the afternoon to a WMS meeting.  Went to Springside in the evening.

December 8, 1947 – Monday.  Not much of a wash day.  Was sewing some.  Roy MacKay here in the evening.

December 9, 1947 – Tuesday.  Cloudy.  A skiff of snow.  Joan and Nancy went with Homer in the mail.  I put a quilt in.  Joan went to Institute.

December 10, 1947 – Wednesday.  Milder.  Killed the pig.  I was quilting most of the day.

December 11, 1947 – Thursday.  Fine.  Alfred went with the mail to collect for the Bible Society.

December 12, 1947 – Friday.  I got the quilts out this evening.  Homer and Alfred went to a Farmer’s meeting at Cross Roads.

December 13, 1947 – Saturday.  Fine.  Made Pot Head and baked some ginger cookies.  Min came up with the mail for the week-end.

December 14, 1947 – Sunday.  Pretty cold.  Min and I down to Mart’s this morning.  They had word that Ollie is failing.  Went to church.  Min went home.

December 15, 1947 – Monday.  Cold.  4 below zero this morning.  A good wash day.  Getting some more Christmas cards ready to send.

December 16, 1947 – Tuesday.  Snowy and dirty.  Got the ironing done and I was doing some sewing.

December 17, 1947 – Wednesday.  Cloudy.  Alfred and Homer hauled two loads of wood in the morning.  Was canning some pork.

December 18, 1947 – Thursday.  The roads were very slippery this morning.  Snow in the afternoon.  I went to the village and to the School Christmas Concert in the school house tonight.

December 19, 1947 – Friday.  Pretty cold.  Word came this morning that Ollie had passed away last night.  The Watkins man was here.

December 20, 1947 – Saturday.  Fine.  Baked two pies.  Alfred and I was down to Mart’s inthe afternoon.  Christy is pretty good.  Mart and Martin was in Truro.

December 21, 1947 – Sunday.  Pretty fine.  In the afternoon the WMS met at Mrs Cy’s and we had a candle light service.  Called to see Min.  She has a cold.

December 22, 1947 – Monday.  Snowy this morning.  Joan washed.  I was down to Mart’s in the afternoon.  The men digging the grave.

December 23, 1947 – Tuesday.  A fine day.  I went down to Mart’s with the mail. Seymour was ready to go back.  Mildred is sick.  A large funeral.  I helped there all day.

December 24, 1947 – Wednesday.  A snow storm.  Baked bread and rolls, and we were doing last minute things before Christmas.

December 25, 1947 – Thursday.  A white Christmas.  The roads are all blocked.  We had a quiet day.  Had a good dinner.  The children had a good time with their toys.

December 26, 1947 – Friday.  Finer.  The men were plowing roads.  Had 4 teams on the snow plow.  Joan and Nancy went over to Roy’s.  Lelia, Hazel, Mart and Martin here in the evening.

December 27, 1947 – Saturday.  Snowed all day.  Sometimes quite hard.  Homer got along allright with the mail.  Muir went down with him.

December 28, 1947 – Sunday.  A lot more snow last night.  Alfred and I went to church. Plowed the roads again this afternoon.

December 29, 1947 – Monday.  Still snowy and drifting.  Homer took the cream down and got the car greased.  Left it at Herman Deyarmond’s.  Not much of a wash day.

December 30, 1947 – Tuesday.  Snow drifting all day.  Homer had a hard time getting through Pembroke.  Got the ironing done.  Mail did not get up from Brookfield.

December 31, 1947 – no entry.

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