The Journals of Annabelle Johnson 1941

The Journals of
Annabelle Johnson

January 1, 1941 – Wednesday.  Cloudy.  Put the clothes out and they dried some.  I ironed them and baked bread.  Over to Willie’s in the evening.January 2, 1941 – Thursday.  A few snowflakes flying.  Mrs Jane Ellis, and Mr S.A. Fulton passed away this morning.  I finished a square of crazy patchwork.

January 3, 1941 – Friday.  Nice mild day.  I swept upstairs.  The men are in the woods.   Went down to Grant’s to supper and spent the evening.

January 4, 1941 – Saturday.  Windy, chilly day.  Snowing tonight.  I done some cleaning and baked biscuit and doughnuts.   Mr S.A. Fulton’s funeral this afternoon.

January 5, 1941 – Sunday.  Snow squalls.  Not very much snow.  Mrs Jane Ellis’ funeral this afternoon.  We did not go.

January 6, 1941 – Blustery day.  Homer and I went away.  I was to see the Doctor, and Homer went to Brookfield to meet David.  He has a 3-day leave.

January 7, 1941 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Pretty cold.  I washed,  and the clothes dried some.  David went down to Lower Burnside in the afternoon.  I baked bread,  cake,  and muffins.

January 8, 1941 – Wednesday.  Fine.  I ironed the clothes,  and David pressed his uniform.  He went away after dinner.  George Deyarmond took them to Brookfield.  Homer went along.

January 9, 1941 – Thursday.  Fine, cold morning.  10 below zero at 8 a.m.  Homer went over this  morning to chop for Percy.  I am doing some chores about the house,  and knitting.

January 10, 1941 – Friday.  Not so cold.  Went to Aid at Min’s today for dinner.  Called to see Alice,  and David.  Homer and Muir over in the evening.

January 11, 1941 – Saturday.  A windy day and night.  Done some cleaning.  Baked 4 pies, and biscuits, and nut squares.

January 12, 1941 – Sunday.  Snow in the morning.  Rain in the evening.  No church in Burnside today.

January 13, 1941 – Monday.  Snow and wind.  Sewed some patchwork for the Red Cross, and made an apron.  Alfred out to the woods this afternoon.  Homer at Percy’s.

January 14, 1941 – Tuesday.  Very cold day.  High wind.  I washed,  and put the white clothes out.  Alfred did not go to the woods.  I was sewing.

January 15, 1941 – Wednesday.  Another  cold day.  Alfred was to the woods.  I ironed and done some mending.  Homer came home tonight.  Not feeling well.

January 16, 1941 – Thursday.  Not quite so cold – wind not blowing so hard.  I was hooking at a mat I have had in since last spring.

January 17, 1941 – Friday.  A fine day.  Got the meals and did some hooking.  Homer is feeling miserable.  Alfred cutting logs.

January 18, 1941 – Saturday.  Hail today.  Done some cleaning up.  Baked bread, bran loaf and jelly-roll.

January 19, 1941 – Sunday.  Snowed some most of the day.  We were to church.  Mr Ross got off the road,  and was late getting to the church.

January 20, 1941 – Monday.  Snow storm tonight.  Homer sick with measles.  I was up and down all night.  He coughed hard.   The Doctor was called to Ervin Graham’s.

January 21, 1941 – Tuesday.  Quite a lot of snow and it drifted.  Elmer had to have his car hauled to Crocker’s.  Homer is not so restless.

January 22, 1941 – Wednesday. A nice fine day.  Washed the clothes,  and washed up the floor.  I wrote to David and Alfred took the mail to Mart’s this p.m.

January 23, 1941 – Thursday.  Some snow today.  Was hooking.  Baked biscuits and done some mending.

January 24, 1941 – Friday.  Fine.  Took my mat out.  homer was up this afternoon – feeling better.  Alfred was out to the woods this afternoon.

January 25, 1941 – Saturday.  Cloudy.  Some snow inthe evening.  Alfred took the cream to Everett’s.  Baked bread, bran loaf, plum pudding, and doughnuts.

January 26, 1941 – Sunday.  Cold.  No church in Burnside today.  David called from the village.  He had a weekend pass.

January 27, 1941 – Monday.  Cold day.  Washed,  and got the clothes pretty dry.  Cleaned Homer’s and our bedrooms,  and he went back upstairs tonight.

January 28, 1941 – Tuesday.  Cold but  a nice fine day.  I ironed the clothes and worked on the church books.  Having the Annual Meeting tomorrow evening.  Homer went for the mail.

January 29, 1941 – Wednesday.  A snow storm.  A lot of snow fell.  I baked bran loaf, gingerbread, two batches of cookies,  and date squares.  Did not have the meeting.

January 30, 1941 – Thursday.  A lot of snow.  The mail was not up till 8 o’clock.  Miss Kennedy here to supper.  I was reading and knitting.  Homer out to the woods this afternoon.

January 31, 1941 – Friday.  Nice day.  Homer and Alfred yarding logs.  I repaired two quilts, and finished knitting a pair of mittens.

February 1, 1941 – Saturday.  Cloudy.  Mild.  The men finished gathering up their logs.  They are going to get the wood now.

February 2, 1941 – Sunday.  Fine.  Was down to church in afternoon.  Called at Ervin’s and Bill’s.

February 3, 1941 – Monday.  Storming.  I washed but did not put the clothes out.  Washed the floor.   Homer went down, met Gordon and brought King home.

February 4, 1941 – Tuesday.  Storming all day,  and a big wind all night.  Baked bread and done some mending.

February 5, 1941 – Wednesday.  A stormy morning.  Went down to Ervin’s this morning.   The snow was to the horses’ sides.  Homer and Elmer made a track.  Got the roads broke in the afternoon.

February 6, 1941 – Thursday.  Finer.  Ervin brought me home this morning.  The mail did not go.  No mail from Brookfield yesterday., and late getting up today.

February 7, 1941 – Friday.  Fine.  A grand day. Was called to Ervin’s about 3 a.m.  The Doctor sent Lottie to hospital.  I came home in the evening.  Ruth K. came up to spend the week-end.

February 8, 1941 – Saturday.  Rained hard in a.m.  The snow settled a lot.  Roads very soft..I baked cookies and doughnuts.  A son born to Mr and Mrs Ervin Graham today.

February 9, 1941 – Sunday.  Colder, nice and fine.  No church in Burnside.

February 10, 1941 – Monday.  Cold day.  8 below zero this morning.  Homer went to the village.  Ruth K. went to school with him.  Alfred and I washed,  and I got the clothes ironed.

February 11, 1941 – Tuesday.  Pretty cold, but fine.  I went down to Martin’s, and Christy, Ena and I quilted a quilt for the Red Cross.  The walking was slippy.

February 12, 1941 – Wednesday.  Fine and sunny.  Baked bread and churned.  I worked on the church books some. In the evening, we had our Annual Meeting.  Mr Ross did not get up.

February 13, 1941 – Thursday.  Cold morning.  Bright fine days.  Done some mending and knitting.  The men finished cutting wood.

February 14, 1941 – Friday.  Nice mild, and cloudy.  Alfred and Homer went to the woods to cruise for logs.

February 15, 1941 – Saturday.  Soft day.  Baked a cake, biscuits, and pies.  Homer and Alfred was breaking out the road to the woodpile.  The first time we hitched up the colt.

February 16, 1941 – Sunday.  Snowing . Some colder by night.  Was down to church.  Mr Ross is feeling better.  He was upset out of his sleigh last Sunday.

February 17, 1941 – Monday.  Snow squalls.  I washed, but did not put the clothes out.  Dried some in.  Put a quilt in and got some done.  The men hauled wood in the afternoon.

February 18, 1941 – Tuesday.  Cloudy.  Some snow.  Put the clothes out.  They dried some and I ironed them in the evening.  Quilted some today.

February 19, 1941 – Wednesday.  Snowed and drifted all day.  I was quilting.  The men hauled wood in the afternoon. Lottie and baby came home from the hospital.

February 20, 1941 – Thursday.  Snowing and blowing.  Baked bread and worked at the quilt.

February 21, 1941 – Friday.  Still snowing.  Alfred and Homer hauled in 8 load of wood.  I finished the quilt.

February 22, 1941 – Saturday.  Finer.  A snow squall or two.  Cleaned up the house.  Baked cookies, bran loaf, and four pies. Alfred and Homer in the woods cutting logs.

February 23, 1941 – Sunday.  Fine.  Read most of the day.  Had a sleep in the afternoon.  Homer out for a walk in the afternoon.

February 24, 1941 – Monday.  Fine.  Washed, and the clothes dried good.  Churned and dressed the butter.  Homer was over to D.F. Creelman’s today.

February 25, 1941 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Done the ironing and some mending.

February 26, 1941 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Bound the edge of my quilt,  and cast on a sweater.

February 27, 1941 – Thursday.  Snowy day.  Homer cut his leg a little today.  Alfred’s leg is pretty sore.  I baked bread and rolls.

February 28, 1941 – Friday.  Some snow squalls.  I baked gingerbread and knit.  Alfred in the house.  His leg is sore.

March 1, 1941 – Saturday.  Fine.  A raw wind.  Cleaned up the house, baked cookies, and date squares.  Homer was making a track on our road in the afternoon.

March 2, 1941 – Sunday.  Snow squalls.  Homer and I down to church in the afternoon.  Mr Ross’ text was Woe unto thee Bethsadia, Woe unto thee Chorizon”.

March 3, 1941 – Monday.  Cloudy.  Clothes dried very good.  I washed the floor and baked a washington pie, cake and bran loaf.  Alfred and Homer cutting logs.

March 4, 1941 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Put a quilt in today,  and rolled it once.  Homer out to the camp with the team for three bags of feed in the afternoon.

March 5, 1941 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Pretty cold in the morning.  Alfred and I called at Bradford’s in the forenoon.  Alice is quite sick.  Was at Grant’s to supper.  Came home in the p.m.

March 6, 1941 – Thursday.  Fine.  Cold morning.  Went to Aid at Cyrus’ today.  Not many there.  The roads are good for the trucks hauling logs.

March 7, 1941 – Friday.  Fine, cold.  I was quilting.  Alfred down to get a bag of cornmeal.

March 8, 1941 – Saturday.  Fine.  Baked doughnuts and biscuits.  Homer went to Truro.  Took the horse and sleigh to the village.  David got home on week-end leave.

March 9, 1941 – Sunday.  Stormy day.  Hail and rain and a lot of snow.  David left about 3 p.m. to go down with George Dean.  Homer got home anout 9 p.m.

March 10, 1941 – Monday.  Squally day.  I worked at the quilt and finished it.  Homer went over to work at percy’s this morning.

March 11, 1941 – Tuesday.  Fine day.  Washed,  and the clothes dried good.  Made soup and knit.  Had a letter from David.  He got back to Halifax Sunday night.  Bad roads.

March 12, 1941 – Wednesday.   A big snowstorm.  Snowed very fast all the forenoon.  I done the ironing, mending, and knit at my sweatr.  The evening is fine.

March 13, 1941 – Thursday.  Fine.  Bound the edge of the quilt, and made a sheet and a pair of pillow slips.

March 14, 1941 – Friday.  Fine.  Baked pies and cookies.  Alfred made a track on the road. I went down to Bradford’s in the evening.  Ivan arrived about  6:30 p.m.

March 15, 1941 – Saturday.  Fine.  Mrs Bradford Hamilton passed away at 4:40 a.m.  Helped there and came home in the afternoon.  Alfred came down for me.

March 16, 1941 – Sunday.  Fine.  Wind chilly.  Was down to church in the afternoon.  Mr Ross’ text was “Ye must be born again”.

March 17, 1941 – Monday.  Fine.  Squalls of snow in the evening.  Washed,  and got the clothes dried.  Washed up the floor and done some sweeping.  Mrs B Hamilton’s funeral this afternoon.

March 18, 1941 – Tuesday.  Snow squalls.  Done the ironing and mending. Knit at my sweater.

March 19, 1941 – Wednesday.  Cold morning.  Knitting and writing letters.  Homer and Malcolm over in the evening.  Made some fudge.

March 20, 1941 – Thursday. Fine, cold morning.  Baked a cake and bran loaf.  Knit at my sweater.

March 21, 1941 – Friday.  Cold.  Snow blowing all day.  Knitting today, and baked bread and rolls.

March 22, 1941 – Saturday.  Snow drifting again today. Made salad dressing,  jam squares,  and doughnuts,  also a custard.  Robert Cox’s funeral this afternoon.

March 23, 1941 – Sunday.  Still cold.  No church, so was home all day.

March 24, 1941 – Monday.  Fine day.  Washed and ironed the clothes.

March 25, 1941 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Martin and Alfred out to the camp at David’s.  They called  at the school house.  Was sewing my sweater together.

March 26, 1941 – Wednesday. Wet day.  A new calf in the barn this morning.  Martin here this forenoon.  He was canvassing for the War Services fund.

March 27, 1941 – Thursday.  Fine.  Alfred and I were over to Willie’s to dinner.  We had another cow freshen this morning.  Mr Hugh Johnson died this morning.

March 28, 1941 – Friday.  Fine.  Miss Kennedy sent me some yarn and buttons, so I finished my sweater all done.  Have been over a month at it.

March 29, 1941 – Saturday.   Hail, rain and sleet – a stormy day.  Baked bread, a pie and gingerbread.  Homer came home in the afternoon.  Hugh Johnson’s funeral yesterday.

March 30, 1941 – Sunday.  Fine.  Was to church.  A good many out today.  The trees are covered with ice and are beautiful when the sun shines.

March 31, 1941 – Monday.  Some snow squalls in rgw morning.  I washed,  and washed up the kitchen floor.  Alfred and I over to Geordie’s.  Got 5 bags of feed.

April 1, 1941 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Quite a wind.  The ice went off the trees today.  Done the ironing.

April 2, 1941 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Had a sore throat today.  I am making over my suit.

April 3, 1941 – Thursday.  Fine.  Snow went a lot today.  I was sewing  at a dress.  Bill, Helen,  and Jackie here in the evening.  Brought their turkeys up.

April 4, 1941 – Friday.  Fine.  Was sewing today.  Homer took Dan to Percy’s last night.

April 5, 1941 – Saturday.  Fine.  Thawed a lot these two days.   I done some cleaning up.  Baked bran loaf, cake, cookies, and some doughnuts. David  home tonight.

April 6, 1941 – Sunday.  Fine.  A cold wind.  Cecil here today.  Willie over a while in the morning.  Homer took David down to Everett Deyarmond’s.  Had King – he went good.

April 7, 1941 – Monday.  A cold chilly day.  Did not do much.  Sewed and knit some.  Have a cold.  Got 2 ton of hay tonight.

April 8, 1941 – Tuesday.  Still cold.  Baked bread and churned.

April 9, 1941 – Wednesday.  Fine.  The snow wasted a lot today.  I washed, and the clothes dried and I ironed them.

April 10, 1941 – Thursday.  Fine.  Baked six pies this a.m.  Was sewing at my quilt squares.

April 11, 1941 – Friday.  Fine.  The snow going fast.  Martin was up and hauled in 3 loads of wood this forenoon.  Alfred has some cold.

April 12, 1941 – Saturday.  Fine.  Done some cleaning.  Baked rolls, cream puffs, and a gingerbread.  I finished the squares for my dalhia quilt.

April 13, 1941 – Sunday.  A white frost this morning.  Not so bright.  Easter Sunday.  Communion at Springside.  We did not go.  Alfred has a cold.  A daughter born to Bev and Rika.

April 14, 1941 – Monday.  A wet day.  We did not wash as we both had some colds.  Homer went over to Percy’s.  Was home for supper.

April 15, 1941 – Tuesday.  Squally.  Cleared off before night.

April 16, 1941 – Wednesday.  Fine today.  Homer came home tonight.  He is done at Percy’s. Had to haul the last few days on scoote’s.

April 17, 1941 – Thursday.  Fine.  Cleaned the spare bedroom and got the floors varnished.  The River Drivers are in Burnside again.

April 18, 1941 – Friday.

April 19, 1941 – Saturday.  Fine.  Cleaned Homer’s bedroom and the big closet.  Homer sawing wood at Willie’s and Geordie’s.

April 20, 1941 – Sunday.  Fine and spring-like.  Gordon, Ester, Priscilla and Jim up today.Jack and Ernie here to supper.  Ernie stayed all night.

April 21, 1941 – Monday.  A fine day.  Nice and warm.  Washed a big washing and baked pies, gingerbread and a bran loaf.

April 22, 1941 – Tuesday.  Fine – a high wind.  The wood saw here this afternoon. Bill here to dinner. Done the ironing.

April 23, 1941 – Wednesday.  Fine.  A cold wind blowing.  Doing up some odds and ends of work today.  Alfred and Homer splitting wood.

April 24, 1941 – Thursday.  Snowed in the aftrnoon.  Homer and I went to the village.  Had 2 veal,  2 fowl,  and eggs.  10 cents a pound for veal.  16 cents a pound for fowl.  19 cents a dozen for eggs.

April 25, 1941 – Friday.  Cold and dirty.  I finished cleaning upstairs.

April 26, 1941 – Saturday.  Fine.  Cleaned up the house some.  Baked bread  , a washington pie, and doughnuts.  Miss Kennedy came up this afternoon.

April 27, 1941 – Sunday.  A wet day.  Sat around, talked and read.

April 28, 1941 – Monday.  A wet day.  Rained all day.  Homer took Ruth down to school.  I washed, but did not put the clothes out.

April 29, 1941 – Tuesday.  Fine.  A cold wind.  I got the clothes dried and ironed.  I cleaned some at the pantry.  Got a turkey egg.

April 30, 1941 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Cold wind.  Homer and I went to Aid at Murray’s.  The men finished splitting wood.

May 1, 1941 – Thursday.  Finished cleaning the pantry,  and we got a coat of varnish stain on the kitchen floor this evening.

May 2, 1941 – Friday.  Fine.  Alfred down and helped split wood at Mart’s.  Put another coat of varnish on the floor.

May 3, 1941 – Saturday.  Fine.  Cleaned the big cupboard.  Got some cooking done.  Ena, Vivian and Geordie Dean were here to supper.

May 4, 1941 – Sunday.  Fine and sunny.  Sunday School opened for the summer.  A good many out.  Jack and Ernie walked from Mt Thom today.

May 5, 1941 – Monday.  Fine.  Washed.  A squall of rain in the afternoon.  Baked a cake.  We were down to see Min in the evening.

May 6, 1941 – Tuesday.  Fine,  a cold wind.  Done the ironing.  Tom Foster here in the afternoon selling Jitto products.  The men were fencing.

May 7, 1941 – Wednesday.  Fine – quite warm.  The men picking stones in the afternoon.  We were looking for the turkeys’ nest.  Did not find them.  Ernie here tonight.

May 8, 1941 – Thursday.  Fine.  Ernie went on the cream truck this morning.   Washed the curtains and cleaned the room.  Varnished around the oilcloth.

May 9, 1941 – Friday.  Got some of the curtains ironed.  Raining hard all day.

May 10, 1941 – Saturday.  Another wet day.  Baked bread, doughnuts and pies.  Got the curtains finished and put up.

May 11, 1941 – Sunday.  Wet in the forenoon.  Mother’s day.   Ester, Gordon and children up.  Homer went to Halifax for David.  He is coming on a furlough.

May 12, 1941 – Monday.  Washed and the clothes dried before it rained.  David and I found  one turkey’s nest.  Got a load of hay from Roy Blaikie.

May 13, 1941 – Tuesday.  Wet.  We were down at Bradford’s, Bert’s,  and at Grant’s and David’s – Alfred and I.

May   14, 1941 – Wednesday.  Showers in the afternoon.  We were in Truro.  Was down to Belmont and Debert.  Got 50 chickens from George nelson, and a new pair of shoes.

May 15, 1941 – Thursday.  Wet.  Was sewing at the Red Cross quilts today.  A Social Evening at the School House.  Made $9.00 for the Queen’s Fund.

May 16, 1941 – Friday.  Another wet day.  Homer and David made some calls around today.

May 17, 1941 – Saturday.  Wet.  Done some cleaning and baking.  Homer and Alfred down and cleaned the school house this forenoon.

May 18, 1941 – Sunday.  Fine.  Was to church and Sunday School.  Took Lucy in to the hospital tonight.  An emergency operation.

May 19, 1941 – Monday.  Fine in forenoon.  Got the clothes dried.  We were down to Den’s in the evening.  Had ice-cream.  David went to the village this morning.

May 20, 1941 – Tuesday.  Showers.  Done the ironing.  Homer and Geordie Dean hauling logs to Crocker’s.  Over to Musquodoboit in the evening.  Alex is home on furlough.

May 21, 1941 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Donald MacKay and Helen Cooper married this afternoon.  Had a surprise party for David here in the evening.

May 22, 1941 – Thursday.  Fine.  Alfred down to Crocker’s rolling in logs.  David and I were making calls in Eastville and Pembroke.  At Bev’s for supper.

May 23, 1941 – friday.  Fine.  Homer to Truro with a load of lumber.  Alfred and David down to Crocker’s Mill in the morning.  I was down to the school house to Empire Exercise.

May 24, 1941 – Saturday.  Fine in forenoon.  Rained after dinner.  Homer to Truro with a load of lumber.  David went back to Halifax.  We took him to Brookfield.

May 25, 1941 – Sunday.  Cold and squally.  Was at Sunday School and church.  Set the turkeys tonight.

May 26, 1941 – Monday.  Fine.  Homer went to Truro this morning with another load of lumber.  I washed a big washing and got it dried.

May 27, 1941 – Tuesday.  Done the ironing and Homer was harrowing today.  Planted some flower seeds and the gladiola bulbs.

May 28, 1941 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Put some garden seeds in.

May 29, 1941 – Thursday.  Cold and wet.  Baked cookies, and went down to Cy’s and helped quilt a quilt for the Red Cross.

May 30, 1941 – Friday.  A wet day and cold.  Made doughnuts.  Mart and Christy in to Truro. Lucy had her second operation today.  Came along alright.

May 31, 1941 – Saturday.  Fine.  Homer went down to Crocker’s for some boards this afternoon.  Done some cleaning.  Baked pies and biscuits.  Priscilla came up tonight.

June 1, 1941 – Sunday.  Fine.  Ester, Gordon and Jim came up today.  We were all to church.  A pretty good congregation out today.

June 2, 1941 – Monday.  Fine.  Washed and got the clothes dried.  Homer harrowing.  Put the chickens out in the chicken house today.

June 3, 1941 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Done the ironing.   Done some cleaning.  Got some oats sowed.

June 4, 1941 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Cleaned the separator room and baked bread.

June 5, 1941 – Thursday.  Fine.  We quilted another quilt for the Red Cross at Allen’s today.

June 6, 1941 – Friday.  Fine.  Cleaning the kitchen.  David Creelman here canvassing for the Victory Loan.  Homer was harrowing.

June 7, 1941 – Saturday.  Fine.  Finished sowing oats today.  Gordon, Ester, Priscilla and Jim brought David up in the evening for his week-end pass.

June 8, 1941 – Sunday.  Nice day.  A fire started at the Double Lake last night. Some men there today watching.  David went back tonight.

June 9, 1941 – Monday.  A high wind and some rain.  Washed and ironed the clothes.

June 10, 1941 – Tuesday.  Wet and cold.  Baked white cookies and ginger snaps.  Homer and I down to the village.  Got a bag of chicken feed.

June 11, 1941 – Wednesday.  Wet and cold. Had Ladies Aid here this afternoon.  25 here to supper.  I baked cup-cakes, bread and biscuits,  and made a salmon liaf.

June 12, 1941 – Thursday.  Cleared up today.  Homer over to Dan Brown’s and got the brakes fixed on the car.  Alfred and I down to see Lucy after supper.

June 13, 1941 – Friday.  Fine.  Got some potatoes planted in the afternoon.  Done some work about the house.  Mart up after supper collecting school money.

June 14, 1941 – Saturday.  Fine.  Baked brown bread, doughnuts and a cake.   Finished planting potatoes, and got the turnips and cucumbers sowed.

June 15, 1941 – Sunday.  Rain.  Went to church and Sunday School.

June 16, 1941 – Monday.  Washed,  and got the clothes dried.   Went down to the village in the evening.  Roy came up with us.  He has been in the village a few days.

June 17, 1941 – Tuesday

June 18, 1941 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Homer and Roy down for a load of sawdust.  Picking stones in the afternoon.  Killed fowls and veal.

June 19, 1941 – Thursday.  Fine.  We were down to the village this morning.  Alfred in to see the Doctor.  Homer finished rolling today.

June 20, 1941 – Friday.  Fine and warmer.  Got the stove set up in the old house , and some redding up done.  Homer down to Upper Stewiacke in the evening.

June 21, 1941 – Saturday.  Hot day.  Was down tothe school house.  The school closed today.  Made ice-cream.   Set the old turkey again tonight.

June 22, 1941 – Sunday.  A hot day.  90 degrees in the shade.  Gordon, Ester and children came up.  Priscilla is staying a week. Was to church and Sunday School.  Put 22 little turkeys out.

June 23, 1941 – Monday.  Fine.  Cooler.  Did not do much.  Had a sore shoulder.  Took a catch in it before breakfsast.

June 24, 1941 – Tuesday.  Cool and windy.  Washed and done some cleaning.  Elsie came up on a visit with the mail.

June 25, 1941 – Wednesday.  Cold and windy.  Done the ironing.  Baked cookies, cake and date loaf.  The young folk got enough strawberries for their supper.

June 26, 1941 – Thursday.  Cold day.  Elsie went home this morning.  Homer over to Dan Brown’s getting the car repaired.

June 27, 1941 – Friday.  Wet in morning.  Cleared in afternoon.  We were down and cleaned the church.

June 28, 1941 – Saturday.  Fine.  Done some cleaning and baked doughnuts, cake, pie and biscuits.  Gordon brought David up.  Priscilla went home.

June 29, 1941 – Sunday. Fine.  We were down to the cemetery in the forenoon.  Called at David’s.  Was at Church and Sunday School.  Took David to Brookfield.

June 30, 1941 – Monday.  A nice day.  Washed,  and scrubbed the old house floor.  Alfred and Homer down to a school meeting.

July 1, 1941 – July 7, 1941 – no entries

July 8, 1941 – Tuesday.  A nice rain and it was needed.

July 9, 1941 – Wednesday.  Wet day.  Cooked a fowl and got it ready.  We had a Soilder’s Concert at Springside and served them a supper.

July 10, 1941 – Thursday.  Did not dry up much.  Was over to George macKay’s to Aid.  We  quilted a quilt – the one Lena had pieced.

July 11, 1941 – Friday.  Fine.  I was picking wild strawberries.  Got 4 cups.  Was to Springside to Preparatory Service in the evening.

July 12, 1941 – Saturday. Done some cleaning and cooking for Sunday.

July 13, 1941 – Sunday.  Showers in afternoon.  Communion at Springside.  We took Min and Grant.  Was there to dinner.

July 14, 1941 – Monday.  Dark and wet in the morning.   Cleared after noon.  Homer and I went to Truro.  Was home about 5 o;clock.  Took 4 quilts and 6 pairs of socks in for the Red Cross.

July 15, 1941 –  Tuesday.  Fine.  Washed,  and put up a few berries.

July 16, 1941 –  Wednesday.  Fine.  Baked bread and we killed 6 fowl.  Clarence and Harold here to dinner.

July 17, 1941 – Thursday.  Fine.  Homer and I went to the village with the fowls.  Got 18 cents a pound.  Was at John R. Graham’s to dinner.  Went to Joint Aid in the afternoon and Nursing Class in the evening.

July 18, 1941 –  Friday.  Fine.  Mrs Nellie Moses, Mrs Findlay, Mrs Crocker, and  Alvin Deyarmond here to dinner.  Had a nice visit with Nell and Bessie.

July 19, 1941 – Saturday.  Showers in afternoon.  Done some cooking.  Ester picked some gooseberries.  Alfred and Homer working at the barn floor.  David came home.

July 20, 1941 – Sunday.  Cloudy and misty.  Gordon came up this morning.   Jack and Ernie Crockett here to dinner.   David drove to Tangier this afternoon.  Was  to Sunday School and church.

July 21, 1941 – Monday.  Washed,  and got the clothes dried.  Homer took David to Brookfield this morning,  and was in to Truro.  Mowed today,  and got some raked up.  Churned today.

July 22, 1941 – Tuesday.  Fine.  I ironed, baked bread and gooseberry pies.  Mary here to supper, and had a shower for her in the evening.

July 23, 1941 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Picked some gooseberries.  Mr and Mrs Ross calling today,  and here to supper.

July 24, 1941 – Thursday.  Fine.  Finished picking the gooseberries.

July 25, 1941 –  Friday.  Very hot.  About 4 o’clock a big thunder storm came up.  Some thunder in the night too.

July 26, 1941 – Saturday.  Mary’s Wedding day.  Dark and raining.  Done some cleaning.  Waxed the kitchen floor.  Baked a cake and biscuits and pies.   Bill, Cy, and Stewart here to supper.

July 27, 1941 – Sunday.  A wet day.  Rained most of the day.  Not many out to Sunday School and Church.  Mr Sproule of Upper Stewiacke, preached.

July 28, 1941 – Monday.  Clearing up today.  I done a big washing and got them all ironed.  Homer went to Brookfield to Mary and Mac’s serenade.

July 29, 1941 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Did not mow.  Got one load of hay in.  Priscilla went down to visit Betty.  Homer and I went to the village after supper.

July 30, 1941 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Put two loads of hay in.  Preserved some currants, and picked some more.  Baked a cake and 3 pies.

July 31, 1941 – Thursday.  Fine.  Haying today.  Sold some bags and other things.  Priscilla got back today.

August 1, 1941 – Friday.  Fine.  Roy went to the village on the cream truck.

August 2, 1941 – Saturday.  Priscilla went home in the mail.  A big rain and freshet.  Homer went to the village in the aftrnoon.  Byron and Ina came home today.  Willie here to dinner.

August 3, 1941 – Sunday.  Fine.  We were to church and Sunday School.

August 4, 1941 – Monday.  Fine and cool.  Homer and Byron cutting logs for bridge stringers.

August 5, 1941 – Tuesday.  Fine.  gordon, Ester and children up.  Gordon helping cut logs.   I baked bread and churned,  and done some more cooking.

August 6, 1941 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Mr and Mrs Ingraham, Ina, Roy and Bessie Kent up today fishing.  Some good trout.  Homer, Byron and Ina went to a dance.

August 7, 1941 – Thursday.  Fine and hot.  Went out to Power Mountain to pick raspberries.  Homer helping Gordon to make hay on the mountain.

August 8, 1941 – Friday.  Fine.  Homer came home.  Byron and Roy went to the village.

August 9, 1941 – Saturday.  Hot day.   David came home.  I done some cooking.  Went to Truro in the afternoon.  Was at the South Branch Dance in the evening.   The car stopped, and had to get Gordon’s.

August 10, 1941 – Sunday.  Wet and thundering some.  Was down to church.  Had company for supper.  26 of us.  Had a nice time.  Homer got the car fixed.

August 11, 1941 – Monday. A windy day.  Clothes dried good.  Baked bread and did part of the ironing.  Got the house straightened up.

August 12, 1941 – Tuesday.  Raining today.  Byron and family, Mrs Kennedy, Alfred and I over to Musquodoboit.  At Allister’s to supper and made calls.

August 13, 1941 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Gordon up helping Homer cut logs.  Ester here today too.  Aid at Mart’s.  We were down,  and made a call at David’s.

August 14, 1941 – Thursday.  Fine.  Went in to Truro with Byron.  He left for Boston on the bus this a.m.  Cecil came from the hospital with us.

August 15, 1941 – Friday.  A nice day.  Alfred down at the school house painting.   I cleaned up the house and picked blueberries in the aftrnoon.

August 16, 1941 – Saturday.  A wet day.  Jack and Mary,  Ina and the boys here today.  Homer was at the school house painting.

August 17, 1941 – Sunday.  Another wet day.  Went down to the church, but did not have any service.  Was a severe thunder shower about church time.

August 18, 1941 – Monday

August 19, 1941 – Tuesday.  Fine.  I done the ironing,  and we were out picking some berries.  Homer down to the school house.

August 20, 1941 – Wednesday.  Baked bread and rolls, also some cookies and pies.  Fixed lunch for Roy,  and we went to the village in the evening.  Very foggy.

August 21, 1941 – August 22, 1941 – no entries

August 23, 1941 – Saturday.  Fine.  Washed, and washed the kitchen floor.  Roy MacKay and Vada Tracy were married this aftrnoon.

Auguat 24, 1941 – Sunday.  Fine.  Was at church and Sunday School.  The bride and groom, and the bride’s family were at church.

August 25, 1941 – Monday.  Washed,  and in the afternoon, we went out to pick some berries.   Clarence brought a load of hay from W. Creelman’s,  and got a load of logs.

August 26, 1941 – Tuesday.  Wet morning.  Clarence and Harold here to dinner.  The truck stopped.  Got it fixed, and hauled four load of logs.  We got a Red Cross quilt done.

August 27, 1941 – Wednesday.  Finer.  Quite warm.  Had a call from Mrs Brickett and party.  Picking blueberries in the afternoon.  Got 2 cracker pails full.

August 28, 1941 – Thursday.  Windy and cold.  Cecil went down to David’s with the mail.  We were out picking blueberries in the afternoon.

August 29, 1941 – Friday.  Fine.  I was sewing.  Made 2 sheets,  and a bed shirt.

August 30, 1941 – Saturday.  Wet afternoon.  Cleaned up the house.  Baked 2 pies, a cake, and a bran loaf.  David and Homer got home about 7 p.m.  Cecil came up with the mail.

August 31, 1941 – Sunday.  Cloudy.  Was to church and Sunday School.  Mr MacKean preached.  Homer and Cecil took David to Brookfield after supper.

September 1, 1941 – Monday.  Rain in afternoon.  Washed.  Homer cutting wood.  The boys went to a serenade for Roy MacKay.  We were at Grant’s in the evening.

September 2, 1941 – Tuesday.  Windy day, and high wind tonight.   Homer down to Bill’s for a cow that had strayed.   Got the clothes dried and ironed.  Put the pullets into the hen house.

September 3, 1941 – September 4, 1941 – no entries

September 5, 1941 – Friday.  Fine.  Down to Cyrus’ to a quilting.

September 6, 1941 – Saturday.  Cloudy.  High wind.  Went down to Everett’s in the afternoon to pick blueberries. Got a bucket and a half.  Rained about 3:30.

September 7, 1941 – Sunday.  Fine.  Gordon, Ester, Priscilla and Jim here today.  We were to Sunday School.  A son born to Bill and Helen this evening.  I was there.

September 8, 1941 – Monday.  Some showers.  Homer working on the roads.  I came home before noon.  I washed,  and cleaned up the house.

September 9, 1941 – Tuesday.  Some fine.  Homer on the roads.  I got the ironing done and the blueberries cooked.

September 10, 1941 – Wednesday.  A very nice day.  Mr and Mrs Charlie Blaikie here to dinner.  They had spent the night with us.

September 11, 1941 – Thursday.  Cleared up today.  Rain in the night.  Went down to David’s with the mail.  Made a call at Murray’s,  Grant’s,  and Bill’s.

September 12, 1941 – Friday.  Showers in the evening.  Made pickles and baked biscuits.  Down to the village in the evening to the Nursing Class given by Doctor MacLeod.

September 13, 1941 – Saturday.  Fine.  Cool.  Alfred and Homer hauling gravel for the road.  Made some mustard pickles, baked bread, pies, cookies and jelly-roll.

September 14, 1941 – Sunday.  Fine.  A hard frost this morning.  Was to Sunday School and church,   A good sermon.  This being Reconsecration Sunday.  Beginning the 3rd year of war.

September 15, 1941 – Monday.  Wet morning.  Cleared in afternoon.  Washed,  and the clothes dried.  Homer over to Dan Brown’s and Allister’s.

September 16, 1941 – Tuesday.  A nice day.  Homer and I went to Truro.   Alice went with us.  Had a good trip.  Mary came up from Brookfield with us.

September 17, 1941 – Wednesday.  Cloudy.  Churned and done some work around.  Killed the pigs in the afternoon.  Mr and Mrs Mac MacDonald, and Mrs B. Hamilton called.

September 18, 1941 – Thursday.  Homer and I were to the village with the pigs.   I helped Min quilt this afternoon.  Jim Fulton’s auction this afternoon.

September 19, 1941 – Friday.  Fine.  Down to Aid at Min’s.

September 20, 1941 – Saturday.  Done the usual Saturday work.

September 21, 1941 – Sunday.  A nice fine day.  We were down to Middle Stewiacke to hear the Caladonia Singers.

September 22, 1941 – Monday.  Fine.  Done the washing and washed up the floors.  Elmer up this afternoon and binding the oats.

September 23, 1941 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Done the ironing.  Elmer finished binding the grain.  Lois and Vada over this afternoon and to supper.  Roy over in evening.

September 24, 1941 – September 25, 1941 – no entries

September 26, 1941 – Friday.  Fine.  Alfred went into Truro with Gordon to the Cattle Show.

September 27, 1941 – Saturday.  Fine.  Done some cooking and made some pickles.  Ester, Gordon, Jim, and Priscilla brought Alfred and David up.  Priscilla stayed all night.

September 28, 1941 – Sunday.  Fine.  Was at church and Sunday School.  In to see Helen.  David went back tonight.  Roy took him to Brookfield.

September 29, 1941 – Monday. Wet morning.  Made some grape butter and jam. Made pickles and done some sewing.

September 30, 1941 – Tuesday.  I done the washing.  The men put in 7 loads of oats.  Mart was up helping.

October 1, 1941 – Wednesday.  Dark day.  Homer and Cecil down to the village.  I done the ironing and some sewing.

October 2, 1941 – Thursday.  Finer.  Baked a cake and cookies.  Made some apple preserves.

October 3, 1941 – Friday.  Fine.  Killed 20 chickens today.  The men put in the rest of the oats.

October 4, 1941 – Saturday.  Cleared off and a lovely afternoon.  Baked bread and rolls and pies.  Stuart Dickie and family here and got our chickens.  Weighed 115 pounds.  Got $33.35.

October 5, 1941 – Sunday.  Fine in morning.  Rain by evening.  This was World Wide Communion Sunday.  We were to Communion today.  At Willie’s to supper.

October 6, 1941 – Monday.  A dark day.  Homer and I went to the village on a shopping tour.  Cecil was deer hunting.

October 7, 1941 – Tuesday.  Washed,  and got the clothes dry enough to iron.  The boys were hunting and got a deer home and dressed.

October 8, 1941 – Wednesday.  Wet morning.  A nice afternoon.  Went to Aid at Allen’s and quilted a quilt for the Red Cross.   Down to Moving Pictures at the village.

October 9, 1941 – Thursday.  Dark and cloudy.  Homer was plowing.  Cecil went down to Cy’s.  The Rawleigh man here.

October 10, 1941 – Friday.  Cloudy.  Homer went to the Blacksmith Shop.  I put in a crib quilt. Alfred was pulling carrots.

October 11, 1941 – October 27, 1941 – no entries

October 28, 1941 – Tuesday.  Wet day.  Election Day.  We were down and voted in the forenoon.  Seymour and Mildred here to supper.  The Liberal Government returned.

October 29, 1941 – no entry

October 30, 1941 – Thursday.  Lawrence and Gwen married this evening.

October 31, 1941 – Friday.  Cloudy.  Was to Mrs Bella Hamilton’s birthday party,  and over to Musquodoboit to supper.

November 1, 1941 – no entry

November 2, 1941 – Sunday.  A wet day.  Rev Mr McKim, Bible Society Agent, preached this afternoon.

November 3, 1941 – Monday.  Fine.  The thresher here for supper.  I was cooking and getting some work done.

November 4, 1941 – Tuesday.  Finished with the thresher about 2 o’clock,  and  they moved to Mart’s.

November 5, 1941 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Ester, Gordon and children up to supper.  The salvage truck was up for stuff this evening.  Killed 2 chickens today.

November 6, 1941 – Thursday.  Fine.  Homer was sick.  Alfred over to Willie’s this morning, helping with the thresher.  Put in some turnips in the afternoon.

November 7, 1941 – Friday.  Rained all day. Doctor MacLeod was up to see Homer.  We gave him a sweat this p.m.

November 8, 1941 – Saturday.  Fine.  Put the clothes out and they dried fine.  Done the ironing, baked pies and biscuits.  David came home tonight.

November 9, 1941 – Sunday.  Raining.  Cecil came up this forenoon.  Homer up some today.  David went back to Brookfield  with Mary and Eileen.

November 10, 1941 – Monday.  Showers.  Was at David’s helping with the meals for the thresher.  Lucy had a bad spell this forenoon. Homer took me down.

November 11, 1941 – Tuesday.  Fine and mild.  Homer and Alfred down to Remembrance Day Service.  I was down and helped get dinner at David’s.  Finished the turnips.

November 12, 1941 – Wednesday.  Washed, and the clothes dried,  and I ironed them.

November 13, 1941 –  Thursday.  Fine.  Cleaned the boys room and the halls.

November 14, 1941 – Friday.  Rained in afternoon.  Homer and Grant and I were to Truro.  I was at Charlie Blaikie’s to dinner.

November 15, 1941 – Saturday.  Fine.  Done some cleaning and cooking.

November 16, 1941 – Sunday.  Wet day.  Gordon, Ester and children up today.  Homer and Cecil went over to Musquodoboit in the afternoon

November 17, 1941 – Monday.  Wet day.  Washed, but did not put the clothes out.  The boys were down to the village in the afternoon.

November 18, 1941 – Tuesday.  Put the clothes out, but they didn’t dry much.  Have some cold – feeling dull.

November 19, 1941 – Wednesday.  Showers.  Baked biscuit.  The boys finished hauling out manure.  Mr and Mrs Ross here to supper.

November 20, 1941 – Thursday.  A nice day.  Alfred miserable with his leg.  Homer was working at the car.  Did not get it started.  Took a load of wood to the school house.

November 21, 1941 – Friday.  Wet morning.  Dan Brown up and Homer took the car over.  Went to a concert at Springside in the evening.

November 22, 1941 – Saturday.  Fine.  Baked bread and done some cooking and cleaning.  Cecil went for a load of hay to Tom Foster’s.  Down for David in the evening.

November 23, 1941 – Sunday.  Raining in the evening, fine in morning.  David and Cecil went away this afternoon.  Cecil to Smithfield,  David to Halifax.

November 24, 1941 – Monday.  A cold windy afternoon.  Got the washing dried and ironed.  Baked biscuit and 2 pies.

November 25, 1941 – Tuesday.  Fine but cold.  Homer and I down to the village.  Was at Archie Bentley’s to dinner.  Called on Mrs Smith,  and went to Gordon’s tonight.

November 26, 1941 – Wednesday.  Cloudy.  Rained hard before dark.  Visited Myra and Mrs Kennedy.  Was knitting.

November 27, 1941 – Thursday.  Fine.  Ester, Jim and I were down to see Mrs Annie Miller in the afternoon.  Came home in the evening.  Had a letter from Eddie, and David.

November 28, 1941 – Friday.  Fine.  Washed the curtains and cleaned the bedrooms.  Homer was out to the woods.

November 29, 1941 – Saturday.  Some snow squalls.  I churned, baked bread, a pie, and gingerbread.  Done some cleaning.  Leonard here for an hour or two.

November 30, 1941 – Sunday.  Fine day.  We were down to church.  Not many there.  Homer went to Springside to the evening meeting.  A fine night.

December 1, 1941 – Monday.  Cold windy day.  3 below zero this morning.  I washed,  and cleaned the kitchen.  Got the ironing done.

December 2, 1941 – Tuesday.  Not quite so cold.  Baked bread and rolls.  Killed four fowls.

December 3, 1941 – Wednesday.  Nice fine day.  I had Aid and WMS.  25 took supper.  Mr and Mrs Ross were up.

December 4, 1941 – Thursday.  Foggy and cloudy.  Homer took oats down to Tom Foster and got them smashed.  Ester and Jim here to dinner.  Priscilla came up tonight.

December 5, 1941 – Friday.  Foggy and dark.  Baked cookies and 3 pies.  Priscilla was down to see Christy in the afternoon.  Homer and Alfred were choring around.  Card Party at Allen’s in p.m.

December 6, 1941 – Saturday.  Dark and foggy.  Baked biscuits, pie and brown bread.  Alfred and Priscilla went out to the woods in the afternoon.

December 7, 1941 – Sunday.  Wet day.  Gordon, Ester and Jim up today.  Priscilla went home.  We were down to church.

December 8, 1941 – Monday.  Cloudy and squalls of snow.  Yesterday japan bombed U.S. Naval Station and Air Bases at Ha…… We heard that President Roosevelt made a resolution of war.

December 9, 1941 – Tuesday.  Finer,  and did the washing.  United States, Great britain, and a lot of other nations declared war on Japan yesterday.

December 10, 1941 – Wednesday.  Two warships of the British navy sunk this morning – HMS Repulse and Prince Of Wales sunk by airplane bombing.

December 11, 1941 – Thursday.  A card party at Grant’s in the evening.  Germany and Italy declared war on United States, and promised the people complete victory.

December 12, 1941 – Friday.  Cold morning.  This has been a week of history making.  The world is at war, and we are all anxious.  News given every hour on the hour.

December 13, 1941 – Saturday.  Fine day.  Cold in the evening.  We were over to Elwood’s to a shower for Ruby.  The British are doing well in Libya.

December 14, 1941 – Sunday.  A stormy day.  Cecil came up this morning.  Did not have church.  Homer took Cecil to Middle Stewiacke in the evening.

December 15, 1941 – Monday.  We killed the turkeys, and was till dark finishing.  Had a call from Lester Johnson,  and the Daily Star agent.

December 16, 1941 – Tuesday.  Washed.  Washed and waxed the floor.  Homer and I took the turkeys to the village in the evening.  14 turkeys weighed 126 pounds.  (thirty-six and a half cents per pound)

December 17, 1941 – December 18, 1941 – no entries.

December 19, 1941 – Friday.  Fine.  Homer, Min and I down to the village in the early evening.  Was to the Christmas entertainment at the church.

December 20, 1941 – Saturday.  Cloudy.  Done some cleaning up,  and put up some Christmas decorations.  David came home tonight on his leave.

December 21, 1941 – Sunday.  A rough snow storm.  The wind blew hard all day.  No church.

December 22, 1941 – Monday.  Still blowing hard.  Homer went to the woods.  David out in the afternoon.

December 23, 1941 – Tuesday. Washed, and the clothes didn’t dry much.  David and Homer had the colt harnessed up.  She went very good, for the first time.

December 24, 1941 – Wednesday.  Milder.  The boys done a lot of shovelling.  Got the car out.  Cecil came up last night.  Baked bread, rolls, pies and cookies.

December 25, 1941 – Thursday.  Christmas day.  Mild.  A nice day.  We were down to the Miller’s to dinner.  Had goose.  We made some calls and the boys are away this evening.

December 26, 1941 – Friday.  Mild and thawing.  The boys were out to the woods.  We took David to Brookfield in the afternoon.  Was at Mac Carter’s to supper.

December 27, 1941 – Saturday.  The men killed the beef this morning.  Cecil went down to Cy’s in the afternoon.  Homer down to a shower for Gladys Luchnia (sic).

December 28, 1941 – Sunday.  A nice day.  We were down to church.  Had a quiet day.

December 29, 1941 – Monday.  Cloudy.  Done a big washing and got the beef cut up.  Homer was in the woods.

December 30, 1941 – Tuesday.  A sleet coming today.  We were to the village.  Took 102 pounds of beef to W.D. Kennedy’s. Got the ironing done.  Heard Winston Churchill speak from Ottawa.

December 31, 1941 – Wednesday.  Cloudy.  Baked bread and cake.  Cooked meat for mincemeat.  Alfred out to the woods.

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