The Journals of Annabelle Johnson 1939

The Journals of
Annabelle Johnson

January 1, 1939 – Snow squalls.  Went to church in afternoon.  Mr Raynor’s text was in Rev. 21:5. “I made all things new,”.  Sang hymn, What A Friend We Have In Jesus, by request of Leonard Johnson,  North Hampton, Massachusetts.  Ester, Gordon and Priscilla went home after church.  Homer and I took them down.January 2, 1939 – Snowed in morning..  Rain in afternoon.  Washed in the a.m., but did not put the clothes out.  Homer and Alfred working at the sled bunks in afternoon.  Baked a date loaf.  Peeled apples for sauce, and made a scallop for supper.  Wrote letters in evening.

January 3, 1939 – Fine.  Cold wind this morning.  Got the clothes dried and ironed.  Baked a gingerbread.  Willie, Emma and Roy over for supper, and spent the evening.  Had letters from Mrs Anderson, and Mrs Maloney.  The men were cutting logs.  Leonard went to Truro today.

January 4, 1939 – Fine.  pretty cold.  Baked biscuits and done some darning and mending.  The boys went down to Bible Class at the church this evening.  Our sled runners came to Mart’s on the cream truck Monday.  Raymond Fisher made and ironed them.  Cost was $25.00.

January 5, 1939 – Fine.  Milder in afternoon.  Butchered the beef in forenoon.  Boys chopped logs in afternoon.  Alfred done chores around the barn.  I finished a pair of socks and read some, besides getting the meals.

January 6, 1939 – A nice day.  A pretty white frost this forenoon.  Alfred cut up the beef.  I baked white and brown bread,  made pickle for the meat,  and fried out the tallow.  Churned this afternoon, too.  Homer down to Mart’s this evening.  Willie MacKay’s 72nd birthday.

January 7, 1939 – Saturday – wet day.  Done some sweeping and David washed the floor for me.  Baked squares and washington pies.  Homer was working at the sled beams and bunks.  The boys went to the village in the evening.  The roads are pretty icy.

January 8, 1939 – Sunday.  Still thawing.  No church in Burnside today.  Read, and had a sleep in the afternoon.  The boys went down to Christian Endeavour at Springside in the evening.  Mart. Willie. and Percy rode out by the house and back again on horseback this morning.

January 9– Fine.  Done the washing and the clothes dried good.  Willie and Martin here todinner.  Willie got 18 pounds of beef from us.   Mart, Christie, and Elmer went to Truro.  The men were cutting wood in the afternoon.  Baked biscuits and made a pudding for dinner.

January 10, 1939 – Tuesday.  Fine in morning.  Alfred and I went down to Min’s in forenoon.  Quilted at Libbie Crocker’s quilt.  Rained in the afternoon, so we stayed all night.  Took the quilt out.  Terrible slippy a while, as the rain froze as it fell.

January 11, 1939 – Cleared off and was fine.  Ice soft in afternoon.  Bound the quilt.  Alfred and Grant went out to where David was working on the Lake Road.  Called at David’s, and Alfred helped them a while with a sick cow.  Baked biscuits and gingerbread when I got home.

January 12, 1939 – Colder . Wind high towards night.  Baked bread and chopped meat and suet for mince meat.  David went away after dinner to look for a job.  Done the ironing.

January 13, 1939 – Cold wind blowing.  Fell away some in the evening.  Men cutting wood.  I made mincemeat, baked three pies,  and canned 7 quarts and 5 pints of meat. Made soup for supper.

January 14, 1939 – Saturday.  Fine.  Wind not so high.  Done some cleaning.  Baked a cake, and biscuits and beans. Alfred did not go to the woods.  He had a sore leg.  Homer finished cutting wood.  David came home in the evening.  He worked 2 days at Ralph Graham’s.

January 15, 1939 – Fine.  Went to church.  Had the horse and wagon.  Alfred did not go.  Mr Raynor’s text was “My days are swifter than a weaver’s shuttle” . The roads are very icy now.

January 16, 1939 – Monday.  A nice fine day.  Washed,  and the clothes dried fine.  Homer and Alfred cutting some bushes in the afternoon.  Homer put the sleds together in the morning.

January 17, 1939 – Fine.  A lovely afternoon.  Did the ironing and churned.  Also done some mending.  Went to the Annual Congregational Meeting in the evening.   Not many there.  Still have $15.07 to make up for current expenses.  The inside of the church has been painted during the year.

January 18, 1939 – Fine.  A few snow flurries.  Alfred and Homer cutting some bushes.  I baked date squares,  cookies and molasses cakes.  Peeled the last of the squash , and some apples.

January 19, 1939 – Cloudy.  Did not storm.  Homer and I went to the village in the morning.  Roads icy, but we got along good.  Called at W.D. Kennedy’s.  Was at the store,  and to Ester’s for dinner.  Got home about 5 o’clock.  Eggs 20 and 22 cents a dozen today.

January 20, 1939 – Friday.  Fine.  The men were chopping down by the little brook.  I fixed up an old blanket.  Baked 2 mince pies and 2 squash pies.

January 21, 1939 – Saturday.  A little snow this morning.  Mild.  Alfred and Homer hauled in 9 small loads of wood.  Not enough snow for sledding.  I baked bread, and rolls and a cake.  I done the cleaning.  David came home in the evening.  Alfred not feeling well.  has a sore back.

January 21, 1939 – Sunday.  Fine and mild.  Rained about dark and blew hard in evening and first part of the night.  David went back to the woods before dark.  Read a book called “Here Comes the Sun”.

January 23, 1939 – Monday.  High wind and snoq squally.  Colder.  Washed.  Thought it too squally and windy to put the clothes out.  Finished a top for a quilt.  Homer working at the sleds in the old house.

January 24, 1939 – Tuesday.  Snowed some in afternoon, but getting warmer, and rained in the night.  Got the clothes dried and ironed.  Alfred was in bed a while, and I rubbed his hip with linament and kept heat to it.  Homer cutting bushes and yarding out some wood.

January 25, 1939 – Awful slippy this morning.  Rained and thawed all the forenoon.  I done a little patchwork , and baked a pan of biscuits.  Homer down to Mart’s in the evening.

January 26, 1939 – Thursday.  High wind.  Cold day.  Baked ginger snaps and four pies.  Homer working at his sleds.  Had a letter from Ina.  Christena has a baby boy born January 17.

January 27, 1939 – Friday.  Cold morning , but fine.  Alfred and Homer got some wood home and cut it up.  Churned,  and I dyed bags for lining a quilt.  James MacQuarrie passed away this morning.

January 28, 1939 – Saturday.  Cold morning.  8 below zero.  Baked bread and a cake.  After dinner we went to the village.  Roads were icy – Junction Hill pretty bad.  Water over the road at the oak stump.  Alfred was at the Doctor’s.  He has sciatica in his leg.  We called to see Ester.

January 29, 1939 – Sunday.  Mild.  Snowed a little. David went back to the woods in afternoon.  Had a calf in the barn this morning.  Didn’t do much – not even read.

January 30, 1939 – Monday.  Fine day.  Homer chopping.  Washed,  and got the clothes dried and ironed.  Washed up the kitchen floor and baked biscuits.

January 31, 1939 – Tuesday.  A snow storm today.  Homer went down this morning and mailed the letters.  Done the patching and darning.  Mart here to dinner.  I got three birthday cards.

February 1, 1939 – Fine day.  The snow drifted bad in the clearing.  Put in a quilt and quilted some.  Homer yarded some wood in the forenoon , and hauled wood in the afternoon.  Pretty good sledding.

February 2, 1939 – Fine.  Homer hauling wood.  The black mooley cow freshened today.  They took Wallace Miller to the hospital last night.  David Creelman had an operation yesterday.  Came through good.

February 3, 1939 – Mild day.  A little more snow this morning.  Quilted some more at the quilt.  Homer hauling wood.  He finished what they had piled in the woods.  Baked bran muffins, and a date loaf.  Cooked rice and apples.  Blackened the stove this afternoon.

February 4, 1939 – Snow squalls all day.  Done the cleaning.  Baked doughnuts and a cake – made bitter yeast. Homer finished hauling the wood.  A good pile of wood.  David home tonight.

February 5, 1939 – Sunday.  Cold, blustery day.  Homer and David went to church.   David went back to the woods.  I read some,  had a nap,  and got the meals.

February 6, 1939 – A nice day.  Washed and the clothes dried fine, and I ironed them.  Willie over in the afternoon, and stayed to supper.  Elmer and Martin were in a few minutes.  Homer hauling logs to the brook.

February 7, 1939 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Alfred down to Mart’s to dinner.  Homer hauling logs.  I was working at the quilt. A plot was discovered to blow up Windsor Castle in England.  The King and Queen have their body-guards increased.

February 8, 1939 – Wednesday.  Fine day.  Alfred went out and helped Homer roll out logs and load today.  First time he has been out to work for two weeks.  He had an attack of sciatica.  I was working at the quilt.

February 9, 1939 – Thursday.  Snowed in forenoon,  and blew hard in the evening.  Homer hauling logs.  Alfred hurt his leg – a log came against it when he was helping Homer load.   Took my quilt out this afternoon.  Baked a gingerbread and biscuits.

February 10, 1939 – Friday.  Cold morning.  Milder in afternoon.  Baked date cookies and mince pies.  Also done some mending.  Homer went to a concert at Springside in the evening.  Alfred pretty lame.

February 11, 1939 – Saturday.  Rained, and a sleet in the morning.  Done the cleaning.  Baked bread, rolls and a cake. Hon. Fulton J. Logan of Halifax  brought to Pembroke for burial today.  David home by supper time.

February 12, 1939 – Sunday.  Fine.  Got the meals and read.  David went back to the woods after supper.

February 13, 1939 – Monday.  Snowed fast in the forenoon.  Nice and sunny in afternoon.  Washed, but did not put the clothes out.  Bound the quilt and got it all finished.  Homer working at the sleds.  Alfred watered the cattle.  His leg is some better.  Lantern slides at the church.  Homer went.

February 14, 1939 – Tuesday.  Fine and cold. Put the clothes out this morning.  Got the Umbrella Quilt out and worked at it.  It has been laying since last winter.  Homer and Alfred finished the sleds.  Have a new set of sleds out and out.  Mart brought the bull home in afternoon.

February 15, 1939 – Wednesday. Homer hauled two small loads of logs.  Gordon called that he was going to Truro, so Homer started and Gordon met him.  It rained soon after Homer left, and was wet all day.  It was icy to get the cows watered.  A heavy wind blew all night.  Homer did not get home.

February 16, 1939 – Thursday.  Still raining in morning.  Some of the ice gone around the buildings.  Colder in afternoon,  and snowed a little.   The ice broke up in the river and brook.  Homer came up with Elmer.   They found Wallace a little better yesterday.  Alfred’s leg pretty sore today.  Baked a bran loaf.

February 17, 1939 – Friday.  Fine.  Quite cold.  Homer cut up some wood, and was out to the woods in the afternoon.  I did not do much.  Worked a little at the quilt,  and got a little butter churned and dressed.

February 18, 1939 – Saturday.  Fine – mild day.  Homer cutting logs.  I did the cleaning; baked bread, gingerbread, and a cake.  David came home in the evening.

February 19, 1939 – Sunday.  Fine.  Colder today.  Went to church in afternoon.  Mr Raynor’s text was  “Remember Lot’s wife”.   Willie Crockett of Eastville died last night.  He has been failing all winter. He had a bad spell on Tuesday.  He was 66 years old.

February 20, 1939 – Monday.  Hail this morning, and soft in afternoon.  Made sledding again.  Washed,  but did not put the clothes out.  Made out an Eaton order.  Baked biscuits for supper.  Homer hauled logs to Geordie’s brow today.

February 21, 1939 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Clothes dried good today.  Mended David’s overalls, and he was home and got them. Took Mart’s team to the woods this afternoon.  Had two very sick horses at the woods last night – Bert Olgivie’s team.

February 21, 1939 – Wednesday.  More hail this morning, and rain in afternoon.  Awful slippy tonight.  George Deyarmond around here collecting telephone bills.  Homer had the car down to Everett’s.  Did not get the cows down to the water.  Baked a date loaf and kept hot pads on Alfred’sa leg.

February 23, 1939 – Thursday.  Colder and fine.  The barnyard and the watering place are a solid glib of ice.  Homer out to the woods.  I baked two mince pies and two blueberry.  A baby girl born to Mr and Mrs Billy Bentley this morning.

February 24, 1939 – Friday.  Fine.  Alfred and I fixed the back for the sofa.  Homer to the woods.  I finished making the umbrella squares for a quilt.  Alfred’s leg is some better.  He was choring around.

February 25, 1939 – Saturday.  Fine day.  Homer in the woods.  Done the cleaning.  Baked bread, cake, jelly-roll, and biscuits.  David came home in the evening.  The heifer freshened today.  Muir over in the evening.

February 26, 1939 – Sunday.  Fine in morning,  raining this evening.  Home all day.  David went back to the woods in afternoon.

February 27, 1939 – Monday.  Rained in the night,  and thawed all day.  Washed.  The clothes dried some.  Washed the floors in the kitchen,  pantry,  and separator room.  Alfred and Homer went out to cut some logs in the afternoon.  Mart and Elmer went to Truro today.

February 28, 1939 – Tuesday.  Nice fine day.  Alfred went to woods in forenoon.  Homer yarded in afternoon.  Done the ironing.  Baked biscuits.  Ena Dean has a daughter, born the 27th.

March 1, 1939 – Wednesday.  Stormed in the night,  and rained hard in forenoon.  Done some mending,  and wrote letters in afternoon.  The cows went to water.  Ice gone pretty good.  Homer down helping fix the road around by the rocks.

March 2, 1939 – Thursday.  Fine – a cold wind.  Homer went to the village this morning, and got along very good.  Bill Graham went down with him.  Eggs 21 cents a dozen,  and veal  9 cents a pound.  Was talking to Priscilla after supper.  This is her 7th birthday.  Baked date cookies and a cake.

March 3, 1939 – Friday.  Cold windy day.  Homer went to the Blacksmith Shop with Dan.   I was hemming the curtains.  A big fire in Halifax yesterday.  Queens Hotel burned.  A good many lives lost.

March 4, 1939 – Saturday.  Fine.  Done some sweeping and dusting.  Alfred and Homer shod Jip in the forenoon.  Homer to the woods after dinner.  Baked mince pies, 2 coarse loaves and doughnuts.

March 5, 1939 – Sunday.  Some snow in the morning.  Rained most of the day.  Went to church – not many there.  David home for dinner.  Gordon, Ester and Priscilla up.  Stayed till after supper.

March 6, 1939 – Monday.  Snowed and hailed in afternoon, then rained.  Washed.  The clothes did not dry.  Alfred and Homer out to the woods in afternoon.

March 7, 1939 – Tuesday.  Cold,  and a high wind.  Snow squalls in the evening.   Homer in bed.  Has the flue.  A lot of people sick with flue.

March 8, 1939 – Wednesday.  Windy and cold today.  Homer up a little while, but soon went back to bed.  Hard to keep the house warm.  Wallace Miller came home from the hospital.

March 9, 1939 – Thursday.  Cold day.  Wind not so strong.  Homer got up about dinner time.  I baked bread.

March 10, 1939 – Friday.  Fine.  Homer some better.  Alfred miserable.  He had to go to bed before supper.

March 11, 1939 – Saturday.  Fine.  Alfred in bed.  Homer not very good.  His stomach bad today.  Elmer and Martin up and helped him put out the hay, and cleaned the barns.

March 12, 1939 – Sunday.  Not feeling very well.  Alfred’s back sore today – in bed all day.  Homer feeling better.

March 13, 1939 – Monday.  Cold, windy day.  Alfred’s back very sore.  He did not rest much last night.  Had the Doctor for Mrs Eva Graham.  She is very sick – has pneumonia.  I am better today – had a good sweat in the night.

March 14, 1939 – Tuesday.  A bad storm all day.  Still storming at night.  Alfred feeling some better today.  Had three fires going all day – so windy and cold.  Mail did not go – Brookfield mail did not get up.

March 15, 1939 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Homer went down to break roads.  Not much on the roads.  Sledding poor.

March 16, 1939 – Thursday.  Fine.  Homer went down to Everett’s with the cream.  Took the wagon.  The cream truck found it pretty hard going this morning.

March 17, 1939 – Friday.  Fine.

March 18, 1939 – Saturday.  Fine.  Homer and Alfred cut up a little wood.  I baked rolls and gingerbread.  Done some sweeping and dusting.  Mrs Eva Graham passed away this morning about 9 a.m.

March 19, 1939 – Sunday.  More snow this morning.  Fine in afternoon.  Homer and David went down after dinner to help dig the grave.  Had over two feet of frost to go through.

March 20, 1939 – Monday.  Fine.  Washed a big washing and got them all nicely dried.  Alfred and Homer went to the funeral in the afternoon.   Alfred, Mart, Willie, and Allen were the pall bearers.  Not a very large  funeral.  So many people sick.

March 21, 1939 – Tuesday.  More snow  this forenoon , but soft and settled a lot before night.  Homer was hauling logs today.   George Graham of Newton Mills passed away yesterday.  The Doctor up to Geordie MacKay’s this morning.  Percy has the flue now.

March 21, 1939 – Wednesday.  Snow squalls and colder.  Alfred out to the woods in the forenoon.  The Doctor up to Cyrus’ this forenoon, and put them all to bed for a few days.  Ervin is doing the chores,  and Mrs Burnett came tonight to help.

March 23, 1939 – Thursday.  Fine.  Some snow flurries.  Homer went to the village this morning.  Took a veal and eggs.  Veal is 9 cents a pound.  Eggs are 19 cents a dozen.  Cut out a dress today.  The men were hauling logs in the afternoon.   Baked two washington pies, and some molasses biscuits.  Got a bag of flour – $2.65.

March 24, 1939 – Friday.  Cold morning.

March 25, 1939 – Saturday.  Pretty cold.  Cleaned up the house.  The men are hauling logs.  Alfred went down to Grant’s.  Took the horse and sleigh, and David brought it back.  Baked bread and raisin bread.

March 26, 1939 – Sunday.  Fine.  We went down to Grant’s in the afternoon in the car.   Called at David’s,  Bill’s,  and Ervin’s.  Alfred came home with us.  David went back to the woods.

March 27, 1939 – Monday.  Fine day.  Done the washing and washed up the floor.  Alfred and Homer finished hauling in their logs today.

March 28, 1939 – Tuesday.  Cloudy and some snow towards night.  Done the ironing , and some sewing.  Made a sofa cushion, hemmed a curtain,  made an apron and cap.

March 29, 1939 – Wednesday.  Quite cold and windy.  David came home from the woods.  Done at Ralph Graham’s.  Elliott Graham very sick with pneumonia.  Emma and Cy also very sick with the flue.  I baked 4 pies, and muffins.

March 30, 1939 – Thursday.  Cloudy.  Drifted in the clearing all day.  Elliott a very sick boy all day.  Baked a cake and doughnuts.

March 31, 1939 – Friday.  Rained in the night.  Still thawing.  Men did not go to the woods in the forenoon.  Made some cucumber pickles.  Elliott passed away this afternoon between 5 and 6 o’clock.  Cy and Emma are very sick.

April 1, 1939 – Saturday.  Pretty fine.  Homer and Roy went down to help dig the grave.  They had hard digging.  Emma and Cy are as well as can be expected.  I baked bread and a jelly-roll,  and done some cleaning.

April 2, 1939 – Sunday.  A cold disagreable day.  Rain before dark.  We went to the funeral.  A large funeral.  The church was full – could not all be seated.  Sang hymns – What A Friend We Have In Jesus,  Safe In The Arms Of Jesus,  and Nearer My God To Thee.  Mr Raynor sang  “Sometime We’ll Understand”.  Homer was one of the pall bearers.

April 3, 1939 – Monday.  Squally.  We went to the village.  I was in to see the Doctor.  My heart is going too slow now.  Went to Gordon’s for dinner.  Wallace passed away about  half past three.  He suffered a lot this winter.  Alfred stayed down.  Homer and I got home after seven.

April 4, 1939 – Tuesday.  Fine in morning.  Snow squalls in afternoon.  We done the washing.  David helped me.  Done Lucy’s too;  and I washed up the floor, made curds and some gingerbreads.  Emma and Cy are improving.

April 5, 1939 – Wednesday.  A squally dirty day.  We went down to Wallace’s funeral.  It was at the house.  We were at W.D. Kennedy’s to dinner.  The roads in Burnside are bad.  The ice on Junction Hill is rutted so you can hardly get through it.

April 6, 1939 – Thursday.Pretty fine.  The men were in the woods.  Alfred cleaned the hen house in the afternoon.  Baked date cookies, cake and a date loaf.

April 7, 1939 – Friday.  Good Friday.  A wet day.  The boys went to Mart’s to saw wood,  but too wet.  Baked rolls and ginger snaps,   and planted the tomatoes.

April 8, 1939 – Saturday.  Fine.  Baked bread and done some cleaning.  Alfred and I went down to Springside to Preparatory Service.  Was to the manse to Aid Supper.  Went over to Den’s and stayed all night.   Homer and David sawing wood at Mart’s.

April 9, 1939 – Sunday.  Easter.  Snowing and cold.  Den,  Annie,  Clarence,  Alfred and I went to church. Took the car.  Mr Raynor’s text was “Now is Christ risen from the dead and become the first fruits of them that slept”.  So stormy in the afternoon,  we didn’t come home.

April 10, 1939 – Monday.  Fine.  Started for home about 8 o’clock.  The roads bad.  Quite a lot of snow.  Got two little pigs at David’s.  Called at Cy’s a few minutes.   They are getting better.   The rim came off one wheel, and we came the rest of the way on the spokes.  The wood-saw here.  Got dinner and supper for them.

April 11, 1939 – Tuesday.  Snowy and dirty.  Sawing wood all day at Geordie’s.  Alfred and I washed,  but did not put the clothes out.  Emma MacKay better.  She has been quite sick with the flue.

April 12, 1939 – Wednesday.  Wet day.  Sleet and rain.  Homer and David went over to Willie’s to saw wood.   Too wet to saw.   Alfred and I cleaned the silverware.  They split a little wood.

April 13, 1939 – Thursday.  Pretty cold this morning.  Sawed  wood at Willie’s and Ervin’s.   David came home at noon and hauled out manure on the sled this afternoon.

April 14, 1939 – Friday.  Finer.  David hauled manure this forenoon.  Pretty soft by noon.  Sap ran pretty good today.  Over to Willie’s a little while in the evening.  Emma some better.  Baked a cake and cup-cakes.

April 15, 1939 – Saturday.  Snowy day.  Too wet to work,  but colder by night.   Done some cleaning up,  and baked a loaf of brown bread and rolls.   A boy born at Ervin Graham’s last night.,

April 16, 1939 – Sunday.  Snow squalls and very cold night for the time of year.   We were down to church.  David had his sleigh to church.  Mr Raynor’s subject was  “Risen with Christ to a new kind of life” Col-3:1.

April 17, 1939 – Monday.  Fine.  A nice day to wash clothes.  Got them all ironed.  Homer took the cream down.  Went to Den’s to get oats smashed,  and took the turkey.  Born yesterday to Mr and Mrs George Miller,  twin sons.  David went down to Herman Johnson’s today to drive his team.

April 18, 1939 – Tuesday.  Fine but not very warm.  Cleaned the spare bedroom and baked bread.

April 19, 1939 – Wednesday.  Dark and cloudy.   Cleaned Ester’s bedroom upstairs,  and did some mending.  Set a hen tonight.

April 20, 1939 – Thursday.  Wet and dark.  Rained hard in the night.   Cleaned up the old house some,  and the separator room.  The men were splitting wood.  Thawed a lot today.

April 21, 1939 – Friday.  A lovely fine day.   Homer and Percy rolled in our logs on the Off Brook.  I cleaned the boy’s room and closet.  Lena,  Margaret,  and June here to supper.

April 21, 1939 – Saturday.  Fine.  Not so warm as yesterday.  Cleaned the halls upstairs and down today.  Baked a cake and a bran loaf.

April 23, 1939 – Sunday.  Fine.  No church.  Homer went visiting in the afternoon.  I had a sleep.  Donald MacKay went to Brookfield, to go to the V.G. Hospital in the morning.

April 24, 1939 – Monday.  Fine.  A cold wind.  Alfred and I took the cream down,  and I was in to Everett’s a little while.  At Grant’s to dinner.  Called to see Cy and Emma.  The Doctor lanced Cy’s hand today again.  They are improving good now.

April 25, 1939 – Tuesday.  Washed,  and the clothes dried fine.  Cleaned the entry.  Homer on the brook rolling in Mart’s logs in forenoon.  They killed the pig in the afternoon.

April 26, 1939 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Homer and I  went to the village in the  morinig.  Took the pig down.  Called at Ester’s.  Was home to dinner.  Homer on the brook driving in the afternoon.  I done the ironing.

April 27, 1939 – Thursday.  Snow squalls and rain.  Cleaned the bedroom today.  Baked cookies and gingerbread.  Homer and Martin went to Walter’s lake this morning.

April 28, 1939 – Friday.  Fine.  Pretty cold wind.  Cleaned the big cupboard,  and baked bread.  Alfred and Homer got a load of hay at Mart’s in the afternoon.

April 29, 1939 – Saturday.  Fine and sunny.  Cleaned the room.  Alfred whitened the ceiling.  Homer out to the dam.  David came home tonight.  Gordon brought him up a piece.

April 30, 1939 – Sunday.  A big snow storm.  We went down to church.  It snowed so much:  Homer had taken David down to the village, and he couldn’t get back.  So we got Bill’s mare and wagon and came home. About 15 or 16 inches of snow.   Mr Raynor’s text was  “Fools for Christ’s sake”.  5 people at church.

May 1, 1939 – Monday.  Fine.  18 inches of snow this morning.  Had to shovel to get the doors open.  Homer got home before supper.  Brought the car.  He was at Norman MacKay’s all night.  I ironed the curtains and done some fixing up around.  The snow settled a lot.  Baked a cake and a pie.

May 2, 1939 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Washed,  and got them dried.  Martin and Lorne up a while in the afternoon.  I made curtains for the bedroom.

May 3, 1939 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Snow disappeared a lot today.   Churned,  done the ironing,  and got some curtains put up. Alfred was splitting wood.

May 4, 1939 – Thursday.  Some rain.  Homer and Martin out to the dam in the morning,  then went on the brook.  I cleaned at the pantry some.

May 5, 1939 – Friday.  Cold and squally.  Some snow.  Finished cleaning the pantry and got the sideboards painted.  I blackened the stove.

May 6, 1939 – Saturday.  Fine.  Baked bread and cleaned the kitchen.  Scrubbed all the walls.  Alfred  finished the wood pile,  and was over to Willie’s to help him give a dose to a cow.

May 7, 1939 – Sunday.  Wet.  Was to church.  Rally day in the Sunday School.  Ester,  Gordon,  and Priscilla came up after dinner.  Ester is staying up.

May 8, 1939 – Monday.  Fine.  Washed and the clothes dried.

May 9, 1939

May 10, 1939

May 11, 1939 – Thursday.  Fine and warm.  Grass started good today.  A baby boy born to Ester this morning at 3:30 a.m.  Very smart about it – born over half an hour before the Doctor arrived.  Homer had the team on the road machine today.

May 12, 1939 – Fine but the wind is colder.  Homer went to Truro.  Took Mrs M. MacKay.  Norman and Mona in.  Made the pickle for meat, and boiled head for potted head.  Ester and baby doing well.

May 13, 1939 – Saturday.  Fine.  Homer dragged our road,  and they did some fencing.  Baked bread, cream puffs and a cake.

May 14, 1939 – Sunday.  Fine.  Gordon and David came up in the forenoon.  Homer,  David,  and Alfred went to Sunday School and church.   Rev Mr. Robertson of Onslow exchanged pulpits with Mr Raynor.  Mart. Christy, Lelia and children called after supper.

May 15, 1939 – Monday.  Fine.  Washed and got the clothes all dreid.  The Doctor was up this morning.  Said Ester and baby doing fine.  Homer was doing some cleaning up around the yard in the forenoon,  and picked stones in the afternoon.  A play at Springside,  from Onslow.

May 16, 1939 – Tuesday.  Fine, but cold and windy.   Made $17.35 at the play last night – “Bashful Mr Bobbs”.  I done the ironing and the men finished picking stones.

May 17, 1939 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Homer went over to Mr Raynor’s for a load of hay.  Alfred was digging around in the garden.   Alfred and Mart went to Springside in the evening to a Congregational meeting. 

May 18, 1939 – Thursday.  Wet day.  Rained a lot in the night.  Homer and Alfred went to the village,  also around with a call for a new Minister – Mr David Marshall.  I baked jelly-roll, cake and biscuits.  Also made a custard.  David came up with them this p.m.

May 19, 1939 – Friday

May 20, 1939 – Saturday.  Fine.  Boys hauling out manure.  I baked bread and rolls, a cake,  and made bitter yeast.

May 21, 1939 – Sunday.  Fine.  Gordon and Priscilla came up in the morning.  Min and Grant up for dinner.  Went to church and Sunday School in afternoon.,

May 21, 1939 – Monday.  Fine.  Washed and the clothes dried good.

May 23, 1939 – Tuesday.  Ground wet this morning.  Rained in the night.  Alfred and I down to the school house in the afternoon.  Mr and Mrs Raynor here to supper.   Ironed the clothes and made bran muffins.   Dance at the Pembroke school house.

May 24, 1939 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Pretty warm.   We cleaned up around the garden.   Willie,  Emma,  Lois,  Roy,  Ena and baby over in the evening.  Homer went away in the evening.

May 25, 1939 – Thursday.  Fine.  David harrowing all day.  Homer down to the village and got the seed oats.  – $2.15 a bag.  Churned this morning.

May 26, 1939 – Friday.  Cold wind blowing.  Baked bread.

May 27, 1939 – Saturday.  Fine.  Homer sowed  four and a half acres of oats.  David went down to help Grant.  I made doughnuts and cookies, and done the cleaning.  Ester washed some.

May 28, 1939 – Sunday.  A wet day.  Rained all night,  and most of the day.  Did not go to Sunday School.  The brooks are high.

May 29, 1939 – Monday.  Did not rain in the morning – rained in the afternoon.  Washed,  but left the clothes out all night.   Gordon came up in the morning,  and Ester, Priscilla and baby went home.  Homer went down – took a yearling to Berry Hill to pasture.

May 30, 1939 – Tuesday.  Dirty and wet.  Brought the clothes in and ironed them.  Mended two pairs of overalls.

May 31, 1939 – Wednesday

June 1, 1939 – Thursday.  Fine,  but an awful cold wind.  Homer went to the village for Geordie’s folk.  Swept and dusted upstairs.  Alfred was working in the garden.

June 2, 1939 – Friday.  Fine.  Homer working on the potato  and mangle ground.  Donald had our car to Musquodoboit today.   Homer and I went down to David’s and Grant’s in the evening.   Changed a bag of potatoes with David.  Baked 2 rhubarb and 2 mince pies.

June 3, 1939 – Saturday.  Fine and warmer.  Put the mangles in and planted 5 rows of potatoes.  Baked bread,  biscuits and a cake.

June 4, 1939 – Sunday.  Fine.  Went to Sunday School and church.  Mr Girdwood of Upper Stewiacke exchanged pulpits with Mr Raynor.  Jack Crockett here to supper.  He came through the woods from Smithfield.

June 5, 1939 – Monday.  Fine.  Planted the potatoes.  Finished soon after dinner, and then harrowed on the interval.  A car agent here to supper.

June 6, 1939 – Tuesday.  Wet and squally.  Homer went down to sow for Nelsie.  It rained and he did not finish.  We washed and put the white clothes on the grass.  The turkey is sick, and I gave her eggs to the hens.

June 7, 1939 – Wednesday.  Awful cold wind.  Alfred and I went down to Cy’s to dinner.   Called to see Mrs Bella Hamilton,  and at Grant’s for supper.

June 8, 1939 – Thursday

June 9, 1939 – Friday.

June 10, 1939 – Saturday.  Fine.  Baked rolls and a date loaf.  Done some cleaning.  Alfred and I were down to the village.  At Gordon’s for supper and called at W.D. Kennedy’s.  Sowed the oats in the interval.

June 11, 1939 – Sunday.  Fine and warm.  Was down to Sunday School and church.  Mr Raynor’s text was “Grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord”.  Mary Lou Graham was baptized today.

June 12, 1939 – Monday. Fine.  Warm and windy.  Homer sowed the turnip seed this morning.  David was putting out manure and harrowing,  I washed, and the clothes dried.  I got some of them ironed.  The Rawleigh man here.

June 13, 1939 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Finished the sowing and done the rolling.  Alfred and I were over to Willie’s in the afternoon and to supper.

June 14, 1939 – Wednesday.  Rained some and was a heavy rain in the evening.   Homer and David went to Pictou County with Bill Crocker on the truck.  They saw the King and Queen motoring from Pictou to New Glasgow.  Got home about 11 p.m.  I done some sewing and churned.

June 15, 1939 – Thursday.  Lovely fine day.  We went to Truro early in the morning to see King George and Queen Elizabeth.  Was at Charlie Blaikie’s a little while.  Then went to Belmont to see Aunt Eva and Captain Otterson.  Found them well.  Percy and Priscilla were with us.

June 16, 1939 – Friday.  Wet.  Washed bed clothes, but did not put them out.  Homer went away.  Ralph Hilchey cut his arm,  and Homer took him to the Doctor,  and did not get back until night.  Baked pies and biscuit.

June 17, 1939 – Saturday.  Fine.  Got the quilts dried.  David finished filling the wood house with wood.  Homer was cutting some logs.  Done some cleaning.  Baked cookies, cup-cakes, and bran loaf.  Mr  Billie Johnson was buried this afternoon.  He was 83 years old – died suddenly.

June 18, 1939 – Sunday.  Squalls and cold.  An Anniversary Service at Springside.  81 years   since Springside Church was built.   The new Glasgow Cayric (sic)  Club furnished the music.  It was splendid.  Rev A.D. Archibald, D.D., preached in the a.m.  His text was 1 Corinthians3:11.  Mr MacKean spoke in the p.m.

June 19, 1939 – Monday.  Fine.  Cool and windy.  Washed and got the clothes dried.  Cleaned up the cellar.  Homer cultivated the potatoes.  David went down to David Graham’s this morning to work.

June 20, 1939 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Done the ironing,  and filled 7, 2-quart jars with rhubarb.Ralph Hilchey was here all night last night.  Homer took him to the Doctor again.  His arm is doing well.

June 21, 1939 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Warmer than it has been,  and a little shower in the night.  Baked biscuits and killed six fowl in the afternoon.  One weighed  seven and a half pounds.  Mart here collecting school bill.  Homer away tonight.

June 21, 1939 – Thursday.  Fine.  Alfred and I went to the village.  Took Min with us.  Called to see the Doctor.  Min’s blood-pressure is dangerously high.  Over 270.  He gave her medicine.  Was at Ester’s to dinner.  Called at Mr Pratt’s,  and at Springside Manse.  At Grant’s to supper.

June 23, 1939 – Friday.  Fine.  Alfred amd I went down to the school house in the a.m.  Last day of school.   The teacher served ice-cream. A party at Springside.  I did not go.  The ladies of the congregation gave Mrs Raynor a bedspread.  And they had ice-cream and cake.

June 24, 1939 – Saturday.  Cloudy.  Rained this evening.  Rain needed bad.  Done the cleaning,  and baked bread and pies.  Homer cutting and yarding logs.  David came home and they went to the village.

June 25, 1939 – Sunday.  Cloudy.  Some showers.  Went to Sunday School and church.  Mr Raynor preached his farewell sermon.  His subject was “Courage”.  He goes away on Thursday.  Has been here seven years.  David and Homer went down to the Young People’s meeting at Springside in the evening.

June 26, 1939 – Monday.  Cloudy.  Not much sun.  Washed,  and the clothes dreid.  Homer away all day.  He took some oats to get smashed, and had some other errands. School meeting this evening.  I called on Lottie and Helen.

June 27, 1939 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Done the ironing,  and gave the discs in the separator an extra scrubbing.

June 28, 1939 – Wednesday.  Cool in the morning,  but fine.  Homer and I went to Stewiacke.  Took Mrs Murray Graham and Leslie to catch the 10 a.m. train.  She took Leslie to have his tonsils out.  We were at George Graham’s for dinner.  Homer done some cultivating in the afternoon.

June 29, 1939 – Thursday.  Fine.  Done some mending.  Over to George MacKay’s in the evening to a dinner.  A Mr MacLeod gave a demonstration on cooking with Waterless Cooker.  The dinner was good.  Rhubarb, meat, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, amd pudding for dessert.

June 30, 1939 – Friday.  Cool.  Arthur Lockhart brought a separator out for us, and taking ours in to be repaired.  Laura over for supper.  Mr MacLeod here to dinner.  We did not buy any cooking dishes.  Down to Grant’s in the evening.

July 1, 1939 – Saturday.  Cloudy and a high wind.  Done some cleaning and baked biscuits.  A car load of people out to Moses Pratt’s place today left the bars down and the cows went out.  Homer had a long tramp in the rain.

July 2, 1939 – Sunday.  A good rain last night.  The ground got a good soaking.  Needed a rain bad.  David came home in the forenoon.  We were down to Sunday School and church.  Rev David Marshall, our new mimister, preached.  Mrs Marshall and the two children there too.

July 3, 1939 – Monday.  Squally and wet.  Washed but the clothes did not dry.  Homer and Alfred were greasing the harness in the afternoon.  Ollie arrived from USA this afternoon.

July 4, 1939 – Tuesday.  Cleared,  and fine in the afternoon.  Baked bread, and churned.  Put up some rhubarb, and picked a few strawberries.  S.G. Cox’s truck was hauling our logs.  Hauled four loads.   Alfred was hoeing in the garden.  Got the clothes dried today.

July 5, 1939 – Wednesday.  Hot day.  Baked some cookies,  and strawberry shortcake.  Done the ironing.  Alfred and Homer hoeing turnips.

July 6, 1939 – Thursday.  Hot day.  Alfred,  Min,  Mary,  and I went to the village.  Called to see Mrs A. Miller.  Min went to see the Doctor.  Her blood-pressure is down to 222.  At Ester’s to dinner.  Home and cooked fowl for tomorrow.  Got about 4 boxes of strawberries.

July 7, 1939 – Friday.  Fine.  Not quite so hot.  Went to Springside.  Got dinner for the Presbytery members.  41 to dinner.  Our new minister, Mr Marshall, inducted this afternoon.  Picked 5 boxes of strawberries after supper.

July 8, 1939 – Saturday.  Fine.

July 9, 1939 – Sunday.  Fine.  Went to Sunday School.  Ester and Gordon,  Priscilla and the baby were up this afternoon, and to supper.  Their car was not working very good.  Priscilla stayed up.  Homer went away after supper.

July 10, 1939 – Monday

July 11, 1939 – Tuesday

July 12, 1939 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Had a picnic at Murray’s for my Sunday School Class.  Had a nice time.

June 13, 1939 – Thursday.  The days have been fine this week.  The men finished most of the weeding.  Picking berries everyday.

July 14, 1939 – Friday.  Rained by night.  We needed rain.  Ollie was here in the forenoon.  A big wind, and blew up a fire Geordie’s had had the day before.  A good many men were there about noon.  We went to the joint Aid at Springside in the afternoon.

July 15, 1939 – Saturday.  Wet morning.  Cool days.  Done some cleaning and baking for over Sunday.  Picked berries.   Took 2 boxes over to J.W. MacKay,  and 4 to Mrs MacMannus.  Was at Bill’s a while.  Homer got his hair cut. David came home tonight.

July 16, 1939 – Sunday.  Fine.  Was to Sunday School and church.   Grace Groves and Min came up with us from church.

July 17, 1939 – Monday.  Fine.  Some squalls of rain in afternoon.  Done the washing.  Had greens for dinner.  Homer, Mary and Grant went to Truro.  Took Gordon’s car.   Grace and I picked strawberries.  Min picked some gooseberries.  Alfred painted the wagon.

July 18, 1939 – Tuesday.  A big thundr storm,  and a lot of hail some places.   Min and Grace went down to Mart’s this forenoon.  Mr Marshall here to dinner.  Alfred and he went making calls.   We got a good many berries today.  Baked bread.

July 19, 1939 – Wednesday.  Some more thunder and rain.  Mr and Mrs John Eddie Fisher here this afternoon,  and for supper.  We took them down to Cy’s in the evening.

July 20, 1939 – Thursday.  Some more rain.   Finished picking the gooseberries,  and got some more strawberries.   Went down to Murray’s after Priscilla in the evening.  Called at the MacMannus camp and at David’s.  Byron and Roy arrived while we were away.

July 21, 1939 – Friday.  Fine.  Byron here today.  We picked some berries,  and I baked pies.  Went down to Preparatory Service in the evening.  After the meeting we went to the village.   Byron brought us home.  Homer stayed for the dance at Mel Prest’s.

July 21, 1939 – Saturday.  Fine.  Homer went to the Blacksmith Shop and got the horses shod.  Done some baking and cleaning.  Byron went down to the village in the afternoon.  They went to Truro after supper.

July 23, 1939 – Sunday.  Fine.  Down to Springside to Communion this morning.    Mr and Mrs Gordon MacKay,  Mr and Mrs Stanley MacKay,  Ruby and Roy,  Bev and Rika and family called.   Ester and Gordon,  Byron and Ina,  the boys and Hazel Brenton here to supper.

July 24, 1939 – Monday.  Cloudy.  Done the washing.  Homer mowed some this forenoon,  but did not get dry enough to rake.  Byron, Ina, Hazel Brenton, Homer and I went down and had supper at Ester’s.  Got two bags of feed.  One for the pigs, and one for the chickens.

July 25, 1939 – Tuesday.  Hot day.  Byron , Ina, Mrs Kennedy,  Roy and Arnold,  Alfred and I were away on an all day trip.  Had our dinner at Petpeswick beach.  Then drove along the shore to Sheet Harbour.  Called at Allister’s and Gordon’s.  A dance at Mel Prest’s barn.

July 26, 1939 – Wednesday.  Hot day.  Put in four loads of hay.  Baked bread, did the ironing, and put up the rest of the gooseberries.   Roy here today.  Ina, Byron, David and Homer went to the dance at the Branch.  Picked two boxes of berries this evening.

July 27, 1939 – Thursday.  Fine.  Byron, Ina, Roy and I made calls at Cy’s,  Grant’s,  and was at David’s for supper.  Homer, Byron and Ina went to a dance at Middle Stewiacke,  and in to Truro for a spring for the car door.  Byron struck a small moose, breaking its leg, on the way.

July 28, 1939 – Friday.  Fine.  Good hay days.  Baked rolls and got lunch ready for Byron.  He went down to W.D. Kennedy’s tonight.

July 29, 1939 – Saturday.  Done some cleaning,  and straightening up.  Also cooked some cream puffs, and cookies and biscuits.  The men went over the potatoes for the  bugs.

July 30, 1939 – Sunday.  Fine.  We were down to Sunday School.  The place was quiet today.  I have quite a bad cold.

July 31, 1939 – Monday.  Very hot.  Had a lot of company today.  Mr and Mrs Ingraham, Mrs Kent and two children,  Ester, Priscilla and Jim, Mr and Mrs W. Prentice, of Concord,  Amanda, Alex, Lexie, Graham, Jennie Smith and her two nieces,  and Ina and the boys.  So we had a full table and house.

August 1, 1939 – Tuesday.  Dark this morning.  Washed a big washing and baked bread.  Homer and I went to Truro in the afternoon.   Took Gordon’s car.  Roy went to the village with us. I got a new coat.  Paid $10.00 for it.  Had strawberries for dinner.

August 2, 1939 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Finished haying at home,  and the boys moved to George Hamilton’s in the evening.  I was busy getting things ready and doing some baking.  Got the clothes ready to iron.

August 3, 1939 –  Thursday – Fine.  Done the ironing and finished picking the currants. Had a card from Julia.  She was married on July 17 to Andrew Jensen.  They went to the San Fransisco Fair.

August 4, 1939 – Friday.  Cloudy.  Rained in the afternoon.  Made currant jelly and done some  mending.  Nellie, Priscilla, and Nancy arrived from USA tonight.

August 5, 1939 – Saturday.  Wet day.  Done some cleaning.  Baked a cake, cup-cakes, rolls, and brown bread.   Homer home to supper, and then we took David some things to eat, and was up to Hallie Brown’s for a tent.  Called at David’s and Grant’s.

August 6, 1939 – Sunday.  Cleared off nice this morning.  Went to Church and Sunday School.  Alex here today.  Took Homer over to George Hamilton place after supper.

August 7, 1939 – Monday.  Fine.  Washed and done the ironing.  Also some cooking for the boys.

August 8, 1939 – Tuesday.  Dark this forenoon.  Cleared after dinner.  Done some mending.  Canned 6 quarts of peas.  Hot day.

August 9, 1939 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Cooked dinner for the boys  , and went over there and had dinner.  Alice D. Graham went with us.  In the afternoon we helped take the paper off the parlor at the Manse.  Mrs Marshall served us with a cup of coffee and lunch.

August 10, 1939 – Thursday.  Baked bread and sewed some.  Alfred was hoeing weeds out of the mangles in the afternoon.

August 11, 1939 – Friday.  Fine day.  Nice breeze.  Cooked a dinner again today, also gingerbread and biscuits, and went over and helped the boys.  Called at the Manse,  and I was up to see Mrs MacQuarrie.  She has a broken ankle.  J.D. Cox’s barn burnt down this evening.

August 12, 1939 – Saturday.  Fine.  Picked and canned peas.  Got 14 quarts canned,  then sold 95 cents worth at the camps.  We were down and Homer came home with us.   They got the last of the hay  in tonight.  Too late to come home.  David stayed to tend the horses.

August 13, 1939 – Sunday.  Fine.  A nice breeze.   We were down to Sunday School.   Ester, Gordon, Priscilla and James came up.  Priscilla is staying a while.  Nellie,  Mary,  and Cecil Pratt here to supper.  Morris, Min, Nancy, Grant, and Priscilla called a few minutes.

August 14, 1939 – Monday.  Dark in the morning.  Homer and Priscilla went over to help David get started for home with a load of hay.  He got home about 1 o’clock. They mowed the swamp in the afternoon.  Allie, Jennie and Barbara arrived at Grant’s this morning.

August 15, 1939 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Pretty hot.  Washed again today – the things the boys had away.  Allie, Jennie and the girls here to supper.  David went back to the woods tonight.  Got the hay from the swamp in.

August 16, 1939 – Wednesday.  Hot day.  We were down to Arch’s to see the pups,  and make a call.  Killed seven hens in afternoon.

August 17, 1939 – Thursday.  Fine.  A good breeze.  Went to the village.  Was at Ester’s to dinner.  Homer hauling gravel for the road between Crockett’s and Willie’s.  Put up some beets after we came home.

August 18, 1939 – Friday.  Fine.  Baked some date squares and put up some beets.  Cut the green oats after Homer came home tonight.

August 19, 1939 – Saturday.  Fine.  Hot day.  Allie and family and Min were here to dinner.  They went fishing a while after dinner.   I got some peas canned.  Baked ginger snaps and biscuits.  Homer on the roads.

August 20, 1939 – Sunday.  Hot day.  Was down to Sunday School and church.  Mr and Mrs A.D. Johnson,  Bill and Hattie were up to church.  Alex was here to supper.

August 21, 1939 – Monday.  Pretty hot and dry.  Washed and washed up the kitchen.  Homer hauling gravel on the roads.

August 21, 1939 – Tuesday.  Having hot weather.  Homer and Bill were putting in a spout at the Long Road.  Done the ironing, and picked some beans.  Betty came up in the mail to play with Priscilla a day or two.  We are scarce of water for the cows.

August 23, 1939 – Wednesday.  Very hot.  Baked bread.  We have a sick cow.  Her udder is badly swollen.  Had calls from Mr Marshall, the Rawleigh man,  and the fish man.  Mr and Mrs Arnold Wood’s little girl died today.  Homer was binding grain at E.B. Deyarmond’s.

August 24, 1939 – Thursday.  Very hot.  In the afternoon, we went to D.F. Creelman’s for gas,  and was at the cemetery for the baby’s burial.  Called at David’s and Grant’s a few minutes.   Homer working at David’s, cutting his barley.

August 25, 1939 – Friday.  Fine.  Still hot.  This was Grant’s and Barbara’s birthdays and there was a birthday party.  We took Priscilla and Betty down and had supper.  A dance at the school house tonight.  Homer brought the binder up tonight.

August 26, 1939 – Saturday.  Fine.  A bit cooler.  Alfred and I went to the school house this morning,  and helped clean things up. Done a little cleaning at the church.  Baked cookies, pies and biscuits,  and cleaned up some.  Homer on the roads with the scraper.

August 27, 1939 – Sunday.  Cooler today.  Allie and party left for East Hampton this morning.   We went to Sunday School and church.  Mr Marshall gave us a talk on Formosa.  The place he was a Missionary for 14 years.  Gordon and Ester up to dinner.  Priscilla went home.

August 28, 1939 – Monday.  Fine.  Homer binding the oats today.   Nelsie here with his horse helping him.  Washed and cleaned up the floors.

August 29, 1939 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Homer over and bound Willie’s grain today.  Alvin up for a load of wood tonight.  Done the ironing.

August 30, 1939 – Wednesday.  Fine.  A big wind.  Homer went down to bind at Nelsie’s.  Geordie MacKay here to supper.

August 31, 1939 – Thursday.  Not so fine and bright.  We were down as far as MacMannus’ camp this a.m.  Homer took the binder down to David’s , and came home to put in oats.  Put in 4 loads.

September 1, 1939 – Friday.  Cloudy.  Got the rest of the oats in that was cut.

September 2, 1939 – Saturday.  Cloudy.  Homer went to Cy’s for the binder,  then was working at Geordie’s.

September 3, 1939 – Sunday.  Fine.  Great  Britain at war with Germany today.,  and an English liner torpedoed      today.  Germany invaded Poland,  and Great Britain and France are pledged to help her.

September 4, 1939 – Monday.  Labour Day.  Fine.  Homer binding at Geordie’s and did not finish.  Had trouble with the canvass.  Washed and got the clothes dried ,  and ironed a few.  Washed up the floors.

September 5, 1939 – Tuesday.  Wet in the morning.  Homer and I went to the village.  Mary down with us.  Called at Ester’s.  At Grant’s to dinner.  Homer finished binding Geordie’s and our own.  Alvin up and got another load of wood for Mr Marshall.

September  6, 1939 – Wednesday.  Cloudy and cool.  Went down to Mrs P.W. Graham’s and had Aid.  A nice meeting.  Mrs marshall was there.  Homer binding at Nelsie’s today.

September 7, 1939 – Thursday.  Some showers.  Baked bread and put up 2 gallons of beets.

September 8, 1939 – Friday.  Some showers.  I went down on the cream truck.  Called to see Marie,  and had dinner with Mrs Alice Graham.  Over to Springside in afternoon,  and helped quilt on a quilt for the Mission Box.

September 9, 1939 – Saturday.  Cloudy and showers.  Quite cool.  Done a lot of telephoning, putting this menu around for a Chicken Supper.  Baked biscuit and gingerbread.  Homer binding grain at Grant’s.   Finished tonight.  A daughter born to Mr and Mrs Bev Graham this forenoon.

September 10, 1939 – Fine.  Sunday.  Went to Sunday School and church.   Gordon, Ester, Priscilla, James, Min, and Mary here to supper.  David went back to the woods tonight.

September 11, 1939 – Monday.  Rained in forenoon.  Cleared in afternoon , and the clothes dried.  Homer was working at the bridge at Everett’s.  Baked a cake and nut-loaf.

September 12, 1939 – Tuesday.  Some showers.  Done the ironing.  Sold one of our pigs to D.F. Creelman.  He paid us $14.00 for it.  Baked a cake and biscuits.

September 13, 1939 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Baked brown bread and three pies.  Canned corn and beets.

September 14, 1939 – Thursday.  Fine.  We got the last of our oats in this afternoon.   Alfred and I put in one load ourselves.  I pitched on the sheaves.   Roy helped with the other one after they finished their day working on the bridge.  Mr Marshall called this afternoon.

September 15, 1939 – Friday.  Fine.  Baked my pie and got ready to go to the supper at Springside. We had a big crowd and made about $48.00.  I went down with Mart’s.  I baked gingerbreads.

September 16, 1939 – Saturday.  A shower in the morning.  A fine and hot afternoon.   A bit tired today.  Had a lot of things to straighten up.   Baked biscuits, date squares,  and two pies.  Mr and Mrs Harry Acker here and made a call.  We gave them some garden stuff.

September 17, 1939 – Sunday.  Fine in the morning.  Thunder showers, then turned to a wet night.  We were down to church.  Not many there.  Jack Crockett here to supper.

September 18, 1939 – Monday.  Fine.  A cold wind blowing.  Washed and brought the clothes in about noon.  Went down to D.F. Creelmans in afternoon.  Got thirty cents for eggs.  Paid $3.30 a bag for flour,  and $2.00 a bag for cornmeal.  Picked the tomatoes.  Did not have a very big crop.

September 19, 1939 – Tuesday.  Hard frost this morning.  Washed up the floors and did the ironing.  Baked bread and a cake.  The bear that killed the sheep at George Graham’s in Pembroke,  came last night, and fired the gun.  After that he came back, took a sheep,  and got away.

September 20, 1939 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Alfred dug a few potatoes.  I made cucumber pickles.  Homer was at the bridge.  They finished it today.

September 21, 1939 – Thursday.  Fine.  Homer raked the rakings, and they put them in.  Alfred dug some potatoes too.   Made some tomato preserves,  and baked pies.

September 21, 1939 – Friday.  Fine.   Digging potatoes.  Got 17 bags in the cellar today.  I made chow and done some mending.

September 23, 1939 – Saturday.  Fine.  Alfred and Homer digging potatoes.  I made jelly.   I baked ginger snaps, two lemon pies, and a date loaf.  Homer and I were down to the village.  Called at Ester’s, Crocker’s and got two pigs at David’s.  A daughter born to Mr and Mrs Doug Graham.

September 24, 1939 – Sunday.  Fine and cool.  Went to Church and Sunday School.  Not many out today.

September 25, 1939 – Monday.  Fine.  Went to Truro with Gordon and Ester.  Ester got a tooth filled.   I got the men folk some clothing.  A forest fire down by Toole’s mill.  Broke out about noon.  They got it under control in a short time.

September 26, 1939 – Tuesday.  Washed,  and got them dried.  A high wind a while today.  Homer hauling wood to the school house.  A thunder storm came up about 2 o’clock,  and rained quite a lot.

September 27, 1939 – Wednesday.  Cleared off and fine again.  Homer went over toDan Brown’s to get the car fixed.  Two fellows up for potatoes today.

September 28, 1939 – Thursday.  Fine.  Homer stsarted digging at the well to try for water.  Did not do much this two days.  Had a sore side.

September 29, 1939 – Friday.  Fine.  They got a nice run of water into the well.  Made some cucumber relish and mince meat.

September 30, 1939 – Saturday.  Fine.  Cleaned up the house some.  Baked biscuits.  The men got the well stoned up part-way.  It filled up good.

October 1, 1939 – Sunday.  Some showers in the afternoon,  and a heavy shower in the evening.  We were to Church and Sunday School,  and went to Upper Stewiacke to the W.M.S. Thank Offering Meeting.  Mrs Marshall spoke.

October 2, 1939 – Monday.  Washed and cleaned up some.   Mrs Cyrus Graham,  and  Mrs Angus Graham here to supper.  We took them home and spent the evening.

October 3, 1939 – Tuesday.  Cleaned up the room,  and Homer varnished it in the afternoon.   I went to Springside to a meeting for Red Cross Organization.   Alfred done some assessing.  We were over to Den’s and Geordie’s.

October 4, 1939 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Done the ironing in the forenoon,  and killed chickens in the afternoon.  Baked 4 pies today.

October 5, 1939 – Thursday.  Fine.  Went to the village with the chickens.  They weighed 51 pounds (11 chickens). Got 20 cents a pound.   Alfred topped out Mart’s chimney,  and I baked brown bread and rolls.  Homer went to the Blacksmith Shop.  We got lumber for to fix the kitchen.

October 6, 1939 – Friday.  Fine and warm.   Alfred and Homer got the pipe connected with the spring,  and water running into the tub.  The Aid met here today,  and we had supper.  Only ten here to supper.  Mrs John Creelman,  Newton Mills.  died this afternoon, in Colchester County Hospital.

October 7, 1939 – Saturday.  A thunder storm this morning, and also some more in afternoon.  Finished threshing at Geordie MacKay’s.  I baked squash pies, made some crabapple sauce,  and salad dressing.

October 8, 1939 – Sunday.  Cloudy,  but did not rain.  Gordon,  Ester,  Priscilla,  and the baby here today. We went to Sunday School.   Mrs John Creelman’s funeral this afternoon.

October 9, 1939 – Monday.  Thanksgiving Day.  Cloudy and warm.  A little rain.  Threshing at Mart’s.  I was alone all day.  Done some sewing and knit.  Baked squash pies and biscuits.  A man hurt very badly at Freeman Rath’s woods.

October 10, 1939 – Tuesday.  Cloudy.  Rained in the evening.  Thresher came here about 10 a.m.,  finished about 5 p.m.   Had a nice lot of oats.  Olin Brown’s thresher.  Baked bread and a cake.  Had ten men to dinner and supper.  Thresher moved to Willie’s after supper.

October 11, 1939 – Wednesday.  Cleared off nice today.  Alfred cleaned up the barn floor, then pulled the beets and some carrots.  Homer threshing at Willie MacKay’s and Nelsie’s.   I canned some tomatoes,  and made apple preserves.

October 12, 1939 – Thursday.  Fine.

October 13, 1939 – Friday.  Fine.  The men were working at the drain.  Got it filled in and finished up.

October 14, 1939 – Saturday.  Fine. Homer went to the village,  got Gordon’s car and went to Truro.  I made a bran loaf and squash pies.

October 15, 1939 – Sunday.  Fine.  Ester,  Gordon,  Priscilla,  and Jim came up.  Brought Homer home.  He stayed all night at Gordon’s.  Went to church and Sunday School in the afternoon.  Mr Marshall’s text was “What went ye out for to see? A reed shaken with the wind.”

October 16, 1939 – Monday.  Washed,  and washed up the floors.   Homer working at the car.  He got the clutch in and together again by night.  Alfred down and fixed Mart’s chimney in the afternoon.  Ted arrived home last night.  He left Natick at 2:30 a.m.,  and arrived in Upper Stewiacke at 8 p.m.

October 17, 1939 – Tuesday.  Done the ironing,  and sewed at some night dresses I am making.  Fixed up two of the curtains for the car.  Pressed and fixed up the boys pants.

October 18, 1939 – Wednesday.  Cold.  Baked bread and made some date cookies.  Finished the night dresses.

October 19, 1939 – Thursday.  A cold morning.  Fine day.  Baked biscuits, and pumpkin pies.  Alfred and Homer went and done some assessing today,  and was at the village.  Ted,  Hilda,  Patsy,  and Min here tosupper tonight.

October 20, 1939 – Friday.  A nice day.  The men were spreading manure.  Had Percy’s manure spreader over.

October 21, 1939 – Saturday.  Fine.  Done up some cleaning.  Baked biscuit and knit.  Have been doing some sewing and knitting this week.   Homer and Alfred pulled the turnips.  We went down to Graham Hill after supper.   Called at Cy’s,  David’s,  and Murray’s.  Was at Grant’s a while.

October 21, 1939 – Sunday.  Cloudy.  Some rain in the evening.  We were to church and sunday school in the afternoon.  Percy over a while in the forenoon

October 23, 1939 – Monday.  Rained about 10 o’clock, and for the rest of the day.  Alfred took Homer down to Hawes’ camp early.  He went with Alvin on the truck to work.  Washed, but did not put them out.  Allen and George here to dinner.  They were fixing the telephone line.

October 24, 1939 – Tuesday.  Some snow squalls.  Put the clothes out in the morning.  They dried,  and I ironed them in the evening.  Got a quilt in this afternoon.

October 25, 1939 – Wednesday.  Fine.  A cold wind.  Baked bread and quilted some in the forenoon.  After dinner, Alfred and I walked over the fields to Willie’s.  Called at Geordie’s on our way home.  Alfred put the storm door on the front door this a.m.

October 26  – Thursday.  Fine.  Quilting.  Alfred and I went down to Mart’s for a bag of cornmeal.  We had to shove the car out and start it down the hill.

October 27, 1939 – Friday.  Rained today.  I was quilting.  Got my quilt out this afternoon.  Percy and Seldon Dean in a while this afternoon.   They hauled out two deer at Geordie’s today.  George got one, and Mr Scudders (sic) got one.

October 28, 1939 – Saturday.  Wet.  Homer got home about dinner time.  He brought the heifer up from Gordon’s.  She got contrary aand laid down over the hill.  Homer went to the village in the afternoon.  Cecil and David came up in the evening.

October 29, 1939 – Sunday.  Quite cold.  This was our last day of Sunday School for this summer.

October 30, 1939 – Monday.  Fine.  Done the washing and ironing.  The men put the turnips in.  Did not have very many.  We went out to a supper at the Newton Mills Hall.  Had a nice time.

October 31, 1939 – Tuesday.  Wet day.  A big run of water in the brooks this evening.  Homer went down to the village in the afternoon.  Baked bread and cookies.

November 1, 1939 – Wednesday.  Wet morning.  Cleared by noon.  We killed 9 chickens today.   Homer, Christy, Mildred and I went to Aid at Mrs Murray Graham’s.

November 2, 1939 – Thursday.  Fine.  We went to the village.  Homer traded cars.  Got a DeSoto from Frankie Cox.  Had my chickens down.  They weighed 44 pounds.  Got 22 cents a pound.  Was in to see the Doctor, and went down to W.D. Kennedy’s for dinner and supper.

November 3, 1939 – Friday.  Fine but cold wind.  We talked all day,  and played with Jim.   He has a tooth.  Ester,  Gordon,  Priscilla,  and I went to a supper at the hall in the evening.  Tom Foster was in, in the evening.

November 4, 1939 – Saturday.  Fine.  Gordon took me out to Grant Cox’s ths morning. Sid brought me in to see Myra in the afternoon.  Got back to Gordon’s about 8 p.m.  Alfred came down with the mail.

November 5, 1939 – Sunday.  Fine day.  Gordon,  Alfred  and I went to church in the village.  Mr Girdwood’s text was “We are not ignorant of the devices of Satan”.  Priscilla and I went for a walk in the afternoon.  We came home with Seymour in the evening.

November 6, 1939 – Monday.  Squally and dirty.  Homer went down for Raymond Deyarmond this morning.  They were working at the kitchen ceiling.  Alvin  came up and he had to go back,  Something wrong with the truck.  Homer is plowing.

November 7, 1939 – Tuesday.  A cold raw day.  Seymour and Mildred here to dinner.  We went down to Mrs Alice Graham’s.  Her 92nd birthday.  We were at the auction at MacKay’s for a few minutes.

November 8, 1939 – Wednesday.  Cold and some rain squalls.  Churned and dressed the butter.   Got a small window put in above the sink.  Alvin came up about noon.  He and David want to board a few days.  Homer and Raymond went to the village after supper.

November 9, 1939 – Thursday.  Cloudy.  Homer was putting shellac on the walls and ceiling.  Got the sink put in place.  David and Alvin hauling logs.  Alvin had a toothache.  Went to get his tooth out this afternoon.  Down to Mart’s a while in the evening.  Also to David’s.  Baked bread and rolls.

November 10, 1939 – Friday.  Quite cool.  Finished sheathing the walls and got some floor laid.  David and Alvin hauling logs to Everett Deyarmond’s bridge.   Baked gingerbread, and orange loaf,  and got the meals.  Alvin and David went to the village in the evening.  Seymour left for USA this morning.

November 11, 1939 – Saturday.  Windy and squally.  Finished laying the floor.  Austin McCoul here to dinner.  Alvin went to Truro this p.m.  Raymond went home tonight with Lester and Herman.

November 12, 1939– Sunday.  Fine but a cold wind.  Went to church at Springside – Communion.  Mr Marshall’s text was “For Demas has forsaken me having loved this present world”.  Came home, had dinner, done some chores, then went to Musquodoboit to see the folks at Allisters.

November 13, 1939 – Monday.  Fine.  Homer went down and met Harry Johnson,  and we got the Rate Roll made out.  Had a busy day.  Homer took him back in the evening,  and Raymond came back with him.

November 14, 1939 – Tuesday.  Cold, chilly day.  Ground froze quite hard.  Put the windaw in in the room,  and Raymond finished the sink.  He went home in the evening, and we went out to Harry Johnson’s a while.  Baked pies, biscuit and bread.  Also churned.

November 15, 1939 – Wednesday.  Cold.  Some snow squalls.  Alfred put the doors on the sink,  and some other fixings.  Homer put up a shelf,  and we got the floor shellacked,  and a coat of varnish. David and George broke the truck,  Had to go and get it fixed.

November 16, 1939 – Thursday.  Fine.  Done a big washing,  and they dreid pretty good.  Alvin back on the truck,  and the hauling is pretty good.  Putting things back in place,  and getting settled again.

November 17, 1939 – Friday.  Cloudy and some squalls.  Homer was choring around.  Alfred filed Putt’s saw.  I got the ironing done after supper.  Done a little baking.

November 18, 1939 – Saturday.  Homer plowing.  I baked bread and rolls,  and made beans and a corn cake for supper. Also churned and washed up the floor.   Mart called in the afternoon,  and Lena was here canvassing for the Red Cross.  Got the kitchen pretty well fixed now.

November 19, 1939 – Sunday.  Fine.  A cold wind.  Gordon,  Ester,  Priscilla,  and Jim came up this forenoon.  We went to church,  and Min came up for supper.  The boys went to the evening meeting at Springside.

November 20, 1939 – Monday.  Fine.  A cold  morning.  Did not thaw much.   Homer went over to George Hamilton’s place and got a load of hay.   I washed,  and cleaned the boy’s bedroom.  Mrs E. Miller had a bad spell this morning.

November 21, 1939 – “Did not write in my diary for almost three weeks.  Was busy.  Got the beef put away,  and mince meat made.”

December 3, 1939 – Sunday.  A wet day.  There was no church service in Springside or Burnside.  Mr Marshall is quite sick,  but on the mend.

December 6, 1939 – Wednesday.  A nice day.  Churned in the forenoon, and was to Aid in the afternoon.

December 7, 1939 – Thursday – Fine.  Finished the pants,  and went to the village in the afternoon.  Called at Mr Marshall’s and Ogilvie’s.  Was at the store,  Bill Kennedy’s,  Gordon’s to supper,  and to Joe Day’s and the Doctor’s in the evening.  Byron sent Alfred a watch with  Mr Day.

December 8, 1939 – Friday.  Cloudy and stormed in the evening.  The ground is soft.  Baked biscuit and mince pies.  Willie, Emma,  and Roy over to supper,  and to hear the old-time music on the radio.

December 9, 1939 – Saturday.  Fine.  Done the cleaning.  Baked bread, rolls, pies, and a birthday cake for Homer.

December 10, 1939 – Sunday.  A very fine day.  We went to church in the afternoon. Mr Marshall is feeling better.  We had a hard time getting the car started this morning.  Homer went to the village to help Gordon cut wood this week.  Ground white with snow.

December 11, 1939 – Monday.  Dark cloudy day.  Storming some this evening.   Washed, but did not put the clothes out.   David Graham here this morning.  Took a wheel down to Winburn Hamilton’s to get repaired.  David and Alfred got some wood snaked in this afternoon.

December 12, 1939 – Tuesday.  Snow and hail.  Alfred and David did not go to the woods in the morning. David went out in the afternoon.  I churned,  and baked a fruitcake after dinner.

December 13, 1939 – Wednesday.  Did not storm.  Was pretty cloudy.  I ironed in the forenoon,  and done some chores in the afternoon.  The men were cutting wood.  David and I collected for the Bible Society,  and went to Prayer Meeting.  Only 6 there besides Mr Marshall.

December 14, 1939 – Thursday.  A wet day.  Cleaned the pantry.  Had a busy day – So little daylight now.

December 15, 1939 – Friday.  Fine and colder.  Killed the turkeys and washed the floor.  Got cards and letters ready for mail.

December 16, 1939 – Saturday.  Fine.  Cleaned my bedroom.  Baked bread, biscuits, and mince pies.  Homer came home in the evening.  Got a bag of sugar.  Got a turkey from Bill today.

December 17, 1939 – Sunday.  Wet day.  Went to church.  Not so wet in the afternoon.  Took Emma and Alice home.  Was at Murray’s to supper.  Came over the radio tonight that the German  pocket battleship Graf Spece (sic) was sunk by her own crew by order of Hitler.

December 18, 1939 – Monday. Dark and cloudy.  Washed but clothes did not dry much.  Baked doughnuts.  A shower for the teacher tonight at Cy’s.  The roads are bad so we did not go.  Lelia Dickie had her appendix removed this morning.

Decenber 19, 1939 – Tuesday. Fine day.  Ironed the clothes.  Washed curtains and ironed them.  The men finished cutting wood.

December 20, 1939 – Dark and cloudy.  Raining in the evening.  I cleaned the room.

December 21, 1939 – Thursday.  Mild and the mud is pretty soft.  Churned and done some baking.   Went to the Christmas Tree at the church.  It was pretty good for the small children and school.

December 21, 1939 – Friday.  Some snow this evening.  Homer went to Truro.  Took Norman and Alice in.  He got home about 7, and we went to the village.  Done some shopping,  and got part of the Upper Stewiacke Christmas Concert.  Baked pies.

December 23, 1939 – Saturday.  Fine.  Baked bread and rolls,  also doughnuts.  Washed the floor and done a lot of things to get ready for Christmas.

December 24, 1939 – Sunday.  Fine.  We were to church in the afternoon.  Went down and spent the evening with Jim and Agnes while the boys were to Young People’s meeting.

December 25, 1939 – Monday.  Fine.  Christmas  Day.  Gordon,  Ester,  Priscilla,  and Jim; Min and Grant here to dinner.  Had a turkey cooked.  The Millers stayed till the evening.  David and Homer went to a dance at Munroe Johnson’s in the evening.

December 26, 1939 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Washed.  The clothes partly dried.  Den,  Annie,  and Donald here to supper and spent the evening.  Homer took david to Eastville in the morning to go to MacCallum’s Settlement to work with Alvin Deyarmond.

December 27, 1939 – Wednesday.  Fine and cold.  Churned this morning,  and worked at my report for the Annual Meeting tonight.  We had a surplus of $10.45 after expenses all paid.  Thirty-four years today since we were married.

December 28, 1939 – Thursday.  Fine.  Pretty cold.  Alfred and Homer in the woods.  I did not do much.  Knit, read, and got the meals.

December 29, 1939 – Friday.  A lovely fine day.  I wrote some letters,  wrote the Minutes of the Annual Meeting,  and did some other odd jobs, and knit some.

December 30, 1939 –  Saturday.  Cloudy in the morning.  Snowed in afternoon.  I baked pies and gingerbread,  churned and did the cleaning.  Alfred did not go back to the woods after dinner.   Lelia came home from the hospital today.  She is going to stay at Mart’s a while.   Elmer up a few minutes in the afternoon.

December 31, 1939 – Sunday.  Quite a lot of snow.  Homer went as far as the church in the morning to make a track.   We went down to Grant’s to supper.  Called at David’s a little while.  The road was pretty heavy for the car.  Mr Marshall did not try to get up for church.

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