The Journals of Annabelle Johnson 1938

The Journals of
Annabelle Johnson

1938January 1, 1938

– Saturday.  Cold.  20 below zero.  Made a night shirt for Alfred. Down for the mail.  Called at Mart’s.  Homer and David came home.January 2, 1938 – Sunday.  More snow, but turned to rain.   David went down with Homer.  The roads heavy.  Mr Rhyno’s funeral today.January 3, 1938 – Monday.  Fine.   David and Alfred killed a beef in the forenoon.   David went to Creelman’s to work in afternoon.

January 4, 1938 – Tuesday.  Nice and fine.   Washed, and the clothes dried fne.  Alfred cut up the beef.  We were over to George MacKay’s in the afternoon.  They got 168 pounds of beef.

January 5, 1938 – Wednesday – rained in forenoon.  I was down and met David Dickie in afternoon.

January 6, 1938 – Thursday – fine day.  Churned and talked to David,  and got the meals.

January 7, 1938 – Friday.  Raw wind.  Rained in evening.  David went away this a.m.  Alfred and I were down to Grant’s to dinner.

January 8, 1938 – Saturday.  Foggy and dark.  Baked bread, and done some cleaning.  Cut up the suet.  Homer and David came home in the evening.

January 9, 1938 – Sunday – Some colder.  David and Homer went back in the afternoon.

January 10, 1938 – Monday.  Fine.  Washed and got the clothes dried. Alfred cutting wood.  I was making a wind-breaker.  Mr  Suther Geddes has passed away.

January 11, 1938 – Tuesday – cold morning.  Ironed.   Sewed at Walter’s wind-breaker.  Bill Crocker up for logs.  Over to George MacKay’s for supper.

January 12, 1938 – Wednesday . Fine and cold.  Alfred working at Percy’s woods.  Lawrence went to the village and done our errands.

January 13, 1938 – Thursday.  Pretty cold.  Down to Aid Dinner at Allen’s.  Called at the camp and to see Father.

January 14, 1938 – Friday.  Fine.  made the mincemeat today.

January 15, 1938 – Saturday.  Fine.  Done the cleaning.  Baked pies and doughnuts.  Alfred working at the wood.  David home tonight.

January 16, 1938 – Sunday.  Fine.  A cold night last night.  Was to church.  The text was “I am the way, the truth and the life”.

January 17, 1938 – Monday.  Fine.  Washed and ironed.

January 18, 1938 – Tuesday – cold , windy day.  Done some mending and baked cookies.

January 19, 1938 – Wednesday.  Cold morning.  We were down to the Annual Meeting.  Had enough to pay all the bills.   Called on Lottie.

January 20, 1938 – Thursday.  Fine and cold.   Alfred was cutting up some green wood.  I walked down and got the mail.

January 21, 1938 – Friday.  Fine.  A nice spell of weather.  No snow on the bushes, but enough for sledding.  This is the third week of this weather.

January 22, 1938 – Saturday.  Fine.  Churned and done some cleaning up.  Baked pies and biscuits.   Homer and David came home.

January 23, 1938 – Sunday.  Fine.  Home all day.  Boys stayed till after supper.  Ervin Graham came home from the woods yesterday with the mumps.

January 24, 1938 – Monday.  Fine.  Washed and the clothes dried good.  Made two squares of a Butterfly Quilt.

January 25, 1938 – Tuesday – Ironed the clothes and churned.  Also done some mending.

January 26, 1938 – Wednesday – wet day.  Darned and patched today.   Alfred down to Mart’s and got the axe ground.

January 27v – Thursday.  Fine.  Alfred and I down to see Ester, Father and the rest.  Father in bed today.

January 28, 1938 – Friday.  Fine.  Canned the fresh beef today.  7 quarts and 5 pints.  Alfred cutting wood.

January 29, 1938 – Saturday.  Cold wind.  Baked bread and made bitter yeast.  Made doughnuts and cleaned up the house. David and Homer home in evening.

January 30, 1938 – Sunday.  Lovely fine day.  Was to church.  Mr Raynor’s sermon was on Prayer.  A good sermon.  The boys went back from church.

January 31, 1938 – Monday.  Very high wind.  Rained in evening.  Washed.  Sawed wood.  Got 4 birthday cards on Saturday.

February 1, 1938 – Tuesday – Some snow.  Ironed and done some mending.  Was down for the mail.  Had a letter and card from Julia.

February 2, 1938 – Wednesday.  Done some mending.   Alfred and I down to Bible Class.  A cold night.

February 3, 1938 – Thursday. Fine.  Churned and baked cookies.  Alfred cutting a road for Percy, so I was alone all day.  14 below zero in the a.m.

February 4, 1938 – Friday.  Rained and took most of the ice.

February 5, 1938 – Saturday.  Fine.  Alfred in the woods with Percy.  Cleaned up the house.  Have a pair of over-socks started.

February 6, 1938 – Sunday.  Fine.  Down to church in afternoon.  Mr Raynor preached on the sixth commandment.

February 7, 1938 – Monday.  Rained most of the day.  Homer went to the village. Took the car down again tonight.

February 8, 1938 – Tuesday.  Windy and cold.  Alfred working with Percy.  Baked bread.  Done the chores tonight.

February 9, 1938 – Wednesday – fine.  Done the ironing.  Was down to the woods where Alfred was cutting wood.

February 10, 1938 – Thursday – A snow storm.  A high wind in afternoon and got very cold.

February 11, 1938 – Friday.  Still blowing and snow drifting.  Cold.  Zero all day.  Alfred cut wood in the afternoon.  Baked some doughnuts.

February 12, 1938 – Saturday.  Fine.  Done the cleaning.  Alfred yarding wood and logs.  Homer and David home in evening.

February 13, 1938 – Sunday – Mild day.   Got the meals and read.  The boys went back to the woods tonight.

February 14, 1938 – Monday – snowing.  Done the washing, but didn’t put them out.  Worked at my scrapbook in the afternoon.

February 15, 1938 – Tuesday.  Cold day.  Was down to Lower Burnside.  Made some calls.  Priscilla came home with us.

February 16, 1938 – Wednesday.  Cold morning.  25 below zero.   Done the ironing and a little cooking.   Percy over in the evening.

February 17, 1938 – Thursday – cold morning.  Alfred out working for Percy.  Canadian Lumber Company’s airplane landed at Mart’s interval.

February 18, 1938 – Friday – Milder.  A little more snow.  The airplane broke a propellor yesterday.

February 19, 1938 – Saturday – fine.   Alfred out working with Percy.   Priscilla and I down for the mail,  and done chores.  The boys home.

February 20, 1938 – Sunday.   Cold raw wind.  Down to church.  Mr Raynor preached on the seventh Commandment.  Percy here to dinner.

February 21, 1938 – Monday.  Cold and windy.   Washed today and wrote some letters.  Homer went back to work in the afternoon.  Feeling better.

February 22, 1938 – Tuesday.   Fine.  Done the ironing and some mending.

February 23, 1938 – Wednesday – fine.  Down to Aid at Min’s today.

February 24, 1938 – Thursday.  Snowing.  Alfred worked at the watering place.  The pipe was filled up.  He got the water running

February 25, 1938 – Friday – Snowing a little.  Baked bread and rolls.  Homer took the MacGregor boys to Musquodoboit tonight.

February 26, 1938 – Saturday.  Fine.  Alfred finished his wood pile today.  I cleaned up the house, and baked a cake.  David came home.

February 27, 1938 – Sunday.  Fine.  Went to Eastville – there to dinner.  To the Doctor in the afternoon.  My heart is not working well.  At Willie’s to supper.

February 28, 1938 – Monday.  Dark.  Rained about noon.  Not doing much today.

March 1, 1938 – Tuesday.  Squally and windy.   Washed,  and the clothes dried pretty good.

March 2, 1938 – Wednesday – squally.  Done the ironing and some mending.   Alfred cutting logs.

March 3, 1938 – Thursday.  Cold and windy.  Alfred cutting logs.  I baked some cookies and read.  My arm sore today.

March 4, 1938 – Friday.  Cold morning.  Alfred cut some green wood this a.m.    I churned and made a square of my quilt.

March 5, 1938 – Saturday.  Cold.  Warmer in the p.m.   Was down to the village in the afternoon to see the Doctor.  My heart is working too fast yet.

March 6, 1938 – Sunday.  Some rain in forenoon.  Alfred and I did not go to church.  Homer and David went.

March 7, 1938 – Monday.  Fine, some squalls.  Washed and the clothes dried good.

March 8, 1938 – Tuesday.  Snowing.  Done the ironing.  Had letters from Bydie and Warren MacCallum.  A bad flood in Los Angeles.

March 9, 1938 – Wednesday.  Cold day.  Finished my big socks.  Aid at Mrs Murray Graham’s.  I did not go.

March 10, 1938 – Thursday.   Cold wind.  I churned, and Alfred was cutting logs.   Has 109 at the brook.

March 11, 1938 – Friday.  Cold morning – fine day.    Baked pies and cookies.  The watering place went dry.  Alfred got it fixed.

March 12, 1938 – Fine.  Not so cold.  Done the cleaning.  Baked doughnuts and biscuits.  David home tonight.

March 13, 1938 – Sunday.   Fine.  Stormed in the evening.    Ester, Gordon and Priscilla up today.  Homer went to Truro last night.

March 14, 1938 – Monday.  Fine and warmer.  Alfred up to Mart’s woods in the forenoon.  Homer came home from David’s today.

March 15, 1938 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Washed.  Homer out to the woods at Percy’s today.

March 16, 1938 – Wednesday.  The men cut some logs and got them scaled.

March 17, 1938 – Thursday.  Homer went to the village with the sleigh today.

March 18, 1938 – Friday.  Alfred and Homer cutting some wood at the house.

March 19, 1938 – Saturday.  Cleaned up the house and done some baking.

March 20, 1938 – Sunday.  A lovely fine day.  Snow melting fast.  Was at church.  The text was  “Sin”.

March 21, 1938 – Monday.  Washed.  Put clothes out in the afternoon.  Soon rained.  They were out all night.

March 22, 1938 – Tuesday.  A big wind in the night.   Brought the clothes in.  They were a mess.

March 23, 1938 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Sawing wood at Mart’s.  Their men all went home tonight.

March 24, 1938 – Thursday.

March 25, 1938 – Friday.  Cold, raw wind.   Homer down to Grant’s.  Priscilla came up with him.  She has a cold.

March 26, 1938 – Saturday.  Fine.  Thawed a lot.  Homer brought the car home in the morning.  Down to the village in the afternoon.

March 27, 1938 – Sunday.  Cold wind.  No church.  David went back to the woods tonight.

March 28, 1938 – Monday.  Snow squalls.  J.W. Johnson, East Mountain, buried this p.m.  He died Saturday night – March 26

March 29, 1938 – Tuesday – Finer.   Washed and they dried good.  Homer went out to Creelman’s camp through the woods.

March 30, 1938 – Wednesday.  Ironed and made doughnuts.

March 31, 1938 – Thursday.  Cloudy.  Homer sawing wood at Bill’s and Ervin’s.  Baked bread and pies.

April 1, 1938 –Friday.  Rained all day.  Done some mending and made a butterfly or two.

April 2, 1938 –Saturday.  Fine.  Wood saw here.  Bev sawing.  Gordon and Ester came up in the morning.

April 3, 1938 –Sunday.  Squally.  Was at church.  The text was  “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do”.  A new boy at Bev’s.

April 4, 1938 – Fine.  Finished sawing wood at Geordie’s.  Alfred went to Springside.  I went down to Den’s.

April 5, 1938 – Tuesday.  Snowy in morning.  Washed, and the clothes dried.  Alfred and Homer splitting wod in afternoon.

April 6, 1938 – Wednesdat.  More snow and colder.  Did not drive today.

April 7, 1938 – Thursday.  Not so cold.  Sap ran good.   Homer on the brook in the afternoon.  David came home from Creelman’s.

April 8, 1938 – Friday.  Not a bad day.  Driving on Mart’s brook today.   A big crowd on now.

April 9, 1938 – Saturday.  Bad storm.  Snow knocked off Driving at first lunch.  Jack Crockett here in  afternoon and to supper.

April 10, 1938 – Sunday.  Wet snow squalls in afternoon.  Homer went down to David’s in afternoon.

April 11, 1938 – Monday.  Cold morning.  Zero.  David went to the village.  Homer on the brook.  I done the washing.

April 12, 1938 – Tuesday.  Warmer today.  Alfred splitting wood.  Done the ironing and baked bread.

April 13, 1938 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Alfred went to Lyman Hamilton’s funeral at Springside.  He was 72 years old.

April 14, 1938 – Thursday – Dark and rainy.  Foster Gammell’s funeral at the village church.  Gordon and Ester down.  He died the 12th.

April 15, 1938 – Friday.  Rained all the forenoon.  Boys driving.  Baked bread and rolls.

April 16, 1938 – Saturday . Fine.  Done some cleaning.  Baked 2 pies, a cake, and made salad dressing.

April 17, 1938 – Sunday.  Fine.  Communion at Springside.  Alfred and Homer were down.

April 18, 1938 – Monday.  Dark and foggy.  Boys on the brook.

April 19, 1938 – Wet day.  Boys went to the dam.  But they sent out for them to shut down.  Too much water.  Washed.

April 20, 1938 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Put the clothes out and we went down to Min’s to dinner.   Priscilla came home with us.

April 21, 1938 – Thursday.  Fine.  Baked bread and gingerbread. Ironed and made bitter yeast.  Alfred finished the wood pile.

April 22, 1938 – Friday – Fine.  Homer and David to the dam.  Raymond Fisher got Queen yesterday.

April 23, 1938 – Saturday.  Fine.  Done the cleaning, baked pies, cake and date loaf.  Homer and David out to the lake.

April 24, 1938 – Sunday.  Nice day.  Gordon and Ester up today.  No church here today.

April 25, 1938 – Monday – Windy.  Rained before night.  I washed,  and Alfred was on the roads a while.

April 26, 1938 – Tuesday.  Was in bed.  Have a cold.  Not very bad.  Priscilla and Alfred done the work.    Boys down to the camp.

April 27, 1938 – Wednesday – Up around some.  Killed the pigs this forenoon.

April 28, 1938 – Thursday.  baked bread.  Ironed and Alfred cut up the meat.  The boys to the village.  The pigs weighed 130 pounds.  Pork in 12 cents a pound.

April 29, 1938 – Friday.  Showers.  Ester, Min and Betty up today.  Ester baked biscuits and doughnuts.

April 30, 1938 – Saturday.  Wet.  Alfred done the scrubbing.  I made pickle for the meat.

May 1, 1938 –Sunday.  Wet day.  Rally Day for Sunday School.  I didn’t go, still have the cold.

May 2, 1938 –Monday.  Fine.  Showers in afternoon.  Down to the village in afternoon.  Took Mrs Alice Graham.  Was to see the Doctor.

May 3, 1938 –Tuesday.  Fine.  Washed in the morning.  Mrs James A. passed away very suddenly.  I went down to help.

May 4, 1938 – Wednesday.  Mrs James A’s funeral today.  Her family took her to Tangier to bury.

May 5, 1938 – Thursday.  Made pot-head.  Ironed and canned meat.

May 6, 1938 – Friday.  Fine.  Churned and baked bread.  Homer on the roads.  Baked cookies.

May 7, 1938 – Saturday.  Fine.  Down to see Father.  Allister and Amanda over today.  J.H. Blaikie buried today.

May 8, 1938 – Sunday.  Fine.  Down to Sunday School today.   A good many there.   Homer took Gordon to the village tonight.

May 9, 1938 – Monday – Fine.  Washed clothes,  also some bed clothes. David over to Riversdale for his new bed.

May 10, 1938 – Fine.  Picking stones.  Cleaned upstairs.

May 11, 1938 – Fine.  Rain in evening.  Washed some bed clothes and curtains.  Cleaned the old house in afternoon.

May 12, 1938 – Thursday.  Wet.  Cleaned the pantry and separator room.

May 13, 1938 – Friday.  Wet in forenoon.   Cleaned the kitchen and done some at the room.

May 14, 1938 – Saturday.  A thunder shower in afternoon.  Finished cleaning the room and bedroom.  Went to the village.  Ester and Priscilla went too.

May 15, 1938 – Sunday.  Cold wet day.  Went to church and Sunday School.  Mr Raynor preached on the ninth commandment.

May 16, 1938 – Monday.  Wet.  Washed but didn’t get them dried. Rained hard.  Alfred painted the screens.

May 17, 1938 – Tuesday.  Baked brown bread.  Covered the sofa.

May 18, 1938 – Wednesday.  Wet in a.m.  Cleared.  Aid here this afternoon.  24 for supper.  Got a Guernsey bull from Lyman Hamilton.

May 19, 1938 – Thursday.  Fine.  Went to Truro.  Min was with us.  Got a new hat,  and Homer got his teeth fixed.

May 20, 1938 – Fine.  Cooked some rhubarb.  George G. and Jack Crockett here to supper.  Planted peas.  Went to a play in Springside.

May 21, 1938 – Saturday.  Rained awful hard in forenoon.  Washed up the kitchen.  Baked cookies.  David went to Truro with Jack.

May 22, 1938 – Sunday.  Fine.  Went to Sunday School.  Percy, and Ike Langille here in evening.

May 23, 1938 – Monday.  Fine and windy.  Washed and got them all ironed.  Homer was harrowing.  David went to Musquodoboit.

May 24, 1938 – Tuesday.  Rain in the morning.  Went to Bessie Deyarmond’s funeral this a.m.  Baked bread.  Homer fished a while.

May 25, 1938 – Wednesday.  Down to see Father a while.  At Min’s to supper.

May 26, 1938 – Thursday.  Alfred went to the village in the morning.  Ester and Priscilla came up.  Ester went down to the camp in the p.m.

May 27, 1938 – Friday.  Fine.  Swept upstairs, and the room, and the bedroom. Sowed some oats in the forenoon in the rain.

May 28, 1938 – Saturday.  Fine,  Done some cleaning and baked biscuit and cookies.   Alex and David [Hutchinson] here selling fish.

May 29, 1938 – Sunday. Fine.  Was to church and Sunday School.   Jack and all his boys here to supper.  Ester and Gordon here.

May 30, 1938 – Monday.  Fine.  Washed,  and washed some bed clothes.  Sowed some oats today.

May 31, 1938 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Putting out manure and harrowing.  A hen broke a hawk’s wing and we got him.

June 1, 1938 –Wednesday.  Fine.  Homer down sowing for Nelsie.  Put in some flower seeds.  Priscilla down to Mart’s.

June 2, 1938 –Thursday.  Fine.  Sowed the potato and turnip ground.  Down to the village in the forenoon.

June 3, 1938 –Friday.  Fine.  Sowing in afternoon.  Down to the camp, Ester and Gordon’s.  Priscilla stayed down.

June 4, 1938 – Saturday.  Fine.  Worked at the potato ground.  Got 10 rows in tonight.

June 5, 1938 – Sunday.  Rained in afternoon.  Down to church and Sunday School.  Mr Girdwood preached today.

June 6, 1938 – Monday.  Wet.  Washed.  Put the clothes on the grass.  Ed MacKenzie’s funeral this afternoon.

June 7, 1938 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Down to camp to see Doctor.  Priscilla has bad tonsils.

June 8, 1938 – Wednesday.  Planted potatoes in forenoon.  Ironed and did some mending.

June 9, 1938 – Thursday . Wet morning.  Homer and David took a yearling out to Berry Hill.  To Truro in afternoon.

June 10, 1938 – Friday.  Done some sweeping and baked cookies.  David went to Truro on the cream truck.

June 11, 1938 – Saturday.  Fine.  Done the cleaning.  Baked pies and biscuit.  Men picking stones and rolling.

June 12, 1938 – Sunday.  Wet morning.  Clearer in afternoon.  Down to Sunday School.

June 13, 1938 – Monday.  Showery.  Washed.  Willie MacKay here to dinner.

June 14, 1938 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Baked brown bread and ironed.  David and Homer went to Stewiacke to a Christian Endeavour Picnic.  Alfred finished rolling.

June 15, 1938 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Went down to Upper Stewiacke to a Presbyterial meeting.  Good meeting.  243 women answered to Roll Call in p.m.

June 16, 1938 – Thursday.  Fine.  At W.D. Kennedy’s today.  Done a lot of talking.  To a concert at Springside in evening.

June 17, 1938 – Friday – showery.  David took Dan to the woods in Riversdale this morning.

June 18, 1938 – Saturday.  Done the cleaning.  Made biscuit and a cake.   Down to David’s and Grant’s in evening.

June 19, 1938 – Sunday.  Fine.  To church and Sunday School.  Had a short call from Nellie, Doris and party.  To Musquodoboit in evening to 50th Anniversary Service.

June 20, 1938 – Monday.  Cloudy.  Washed and ironed.  Homer and Elliott over to woods in Riversdale, and home again.  Teacher here to supper.

June 21, 1938 – Tuesday.  Fine and warm.  Down to the village in forenoon.   Priscilla had her tonsils out today.

June 22, 1938 – Wednesday.  Hot day.  Baked a cake and cookies.   Over to George MacKay’s to Aid. Homer in Truro for Ester and Priscilla.

June 23, 1938 – Thursday.  Hot.  Homer painting at the car.   Alfred hoeing.  Mr and Mrs Raynor called in the afternoon.

June 24, 1938 – Friday.  Thunder shower in forenoon.  Down in evening and stayed with Father while the men went to a meeting.

June 25, 1938 – Saturday.  Fine.  Alfred went down and moved and moved Ester’s things from David’s.  Ester and Gordon here to dinner.  Homer went to the Circus in Truro.

June 26, 1938 – Sunday.  Rained in the afternoon.  Did not go to Sunday School.  David came home last night – went back in afternoon.

June 27, 1938 – Monday.  Wet day.   Washed and done a little sewing.  The men went to a School Meeting.  Alfred is a new Trustee.  Captain  G.R. Otterson’s birthday.  92 years old.

June 28, 1938 – Tuesday.  Wet.  Killed fowl in afternoon.  Henry Johnson’s birthday.

June 29, 1938 – Wet.  Went to the village with our fowl and eggs.  Got a bag of flour and bran.  Made some calls and visits.

June 30, 1938 – Thursday.  Cleared today.  Washed some wool,  cleaned berry boxes, and ironed.  Had greens for supper.

July 1, 1938 –Friday.  Fine.  Men are hoeing.  Washed Homer’s pants and socks, and done some mending.

July 2, 1938 –Saturday.  Rained in afternoon.  Down to village.  Called to see Ina and the boys.  They came last night.  Roy came up with us.  Gordon’s mare had a colt.

July 3, 1938 –Sunday.  Wet day.  Went to Sunday School and church.  Not many there.  David went back to the woods.

July 4, 1938 – Monday.  Cleared in morning.  Thunder shower in afternoon.  Washed,  brought a few in.

July 5, 1938 – Wet.  Picked some berries.  An auction at Jimmie Dunbar’s today.

July 6, 1938 – Wednesday.  Pretty wet.  Picked some berries.  Down to Grant’s and David’s a little while in evening.

July 7, 1938 –  Thursday.  Finer.  down to Joint Aid at Springside.  Mary went with us.  Nice time.

July 8, 1938 – Friday.  Fine.  Alfred hoeing.  Homer driving Dan with a paper for the Crocker boys.

July 9, 1938 – Saturday.  Fine.  Done the cleaning and baked bread.  Picked about two boxes of berries.  David home tonight.

July 10, 1938 – Sunday – fine.  Down to Communion at Springside.  Sunday School in afternoon, and down to see Father a few minutes.  He is failing.

July 11, 1938 – Monday.  Washed and picked some strawberries.  The men were hoeing and cultivating.

July 12, 1938 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Done the ironing.  Homer hoeing for David.  Mr and Mrs AA. Brickett, Mrs Janet Bentley, and Peg B. here to supper.  Had a nice visit.

July 13, 1938 – Wednesday.  Dark and wet.  Aid at Mart’s in afternoon.  Myra Blaikie here last night,  She went to Willie’s this morning.

July 14, 1938 – Thursday.  Clearing.  Homer down shingling at G. Hamilton’s barn.  Mildred, Alex and Grahame here to dinner.  David came home from the woods.

July 15, 1938 – Friday.  Homer over shingling again today.  David went to the Blacksmith shop.  I preserved the gooseberries and some strawberries.

July 16, 1938 – Friday.  Fine.  Went to Mr Rupert Archibald’s funeral.  Ina, Arnold, Ester and Priscilla came up with us.

July 17, 1938 – Sunday.  Fine.  Went to church and Sunday School.  Ester went back tonight.

July 18, 1938 – Monday.  Mowed in the forenoon.   Rained about 2 o’clock.  Washed and got the clothes dried.  Ina ironed them in the afternoon.

July 19, 1938 – Tuesday.  Dark and warm.  Jack Crockett and Henry here to dinner.   Alfred, Ina, Arnold, Priscilla and I down to see Father and Min.

July 20, 1938 – Wednesday.  Dark.  Putting in wood.   Picked some white currants.

July 21, 1938 – Thursday.  Cloudy.  Went to Greenfield to see Ella and Gordon. Was in Truro a while.  Roy came up with us.

July 22, 1938 – Friday.  Wet day.  Baked cookies and soda cake.

July 23, 1938 – Saturday.  Showers.  The boys got a little hardwood out for sleds. Done some cleaning.  Baked brown bread and a cake.

July 24, 1938 – Sunday.  Cloudy.  A heavy shower about supper time.  Down to Sunday School.

July 25, 1938 – Monday.  Some showers.  Raked up the hay cut last Monday.  Washed.  Washed the old house floor, and churned.

July 26, 1938 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Put in three loads of hay.  David went up to Andrew Dickie’s today. Baked bread and ironed.

July 27, 1938 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Put in two loads of hay.  Mrs Bob Rutherford died at six o’clock tonight.  Picked a few blueberries this evening.

July 28, 1938 – Thursday.  Good fine day.  Put 3 loads in today.  Baked pies and cookies.  Ed Wright called in the afternoon.  Down to see Father in the evening.

July 29, 1938 – Friday.  Cloudy.  Put a small load of hay in.   Laura over to get her dress fixed.  Swept upstairs.  Had peas for dinner, and beets.

July 30, 1938 – Saturday – done some cleaning and cooking.

July 31, 1938 – Sunday.  Fine.  To church and Sunday School.

August 1, 1938 – Monday.  Fine.  Byron arrived in Upper Stewiacke about noon. Came up in afternoon with family.  Had a good trip home.  Priscilla came too.

August 2, 1938 – Tuesday.  Not very fine.  Went to the village in afternoon.  Called at Den’s and Geordie’s.

August 3, 1938 –Wednesday – fine.  Mr and Mrs Jack Ingraham, Ned, Mrs McLeod, Mrs Day, Min, Mrs Kent and two children, Byron, Ina, and children, also Mrs Kennedy here today.

August 4, 1938 – Thursday. Byron and Ina were fishing.  Got 20 trout.

August 5, 1938 – Friday.  Not very fine.  Went to Musquodoboit and made calls.  Amanda and Grame came over with us.

August 6, 1938 – Saturday.  A good hay day.  Homer, Byron, and Ina went to Truro in evening.   Amanda and Byron down to see Father.

August 7, 1938 – Sunday.  Fine.  Went to Church and Sunday School.  Gordon and Ester came up with Byron to dinner.  Mary and Lyman here for supper.

August 8, 1938 – Monday.  Fine.  Byron, Ina, Mrs Kennedy, Alfred and myself went to Halifax.  Had a good trip.  Amanda stayed and kept house.  Homer finished haying.

August 9, 1938 – Tuesday.  Shower in afternoon.  Washed and ironed.  Amanda down to Father’s.  We were down in the evening.  Byron stayed all night.

August 10, 1938 – Wednesday.  Dark.  Not much hay weather.  Bydie and Ina here to supper.  Amanda and Grame went home.  Homer went to a party in Musquodoboit.

August 11, 1938 – Thursday.  Cloudy.  Byron and Roy here to dinner.  We were down to W.D. Kennedy’s in the evening.  Done some cooking for their lunch.

August 12, 1938 – Friday.  Dark and wet all day.  Pretty lonesome.  Byron and family left for home this morning.

August 13, 1938 – Saturday.  Showers.  Done the cleaning.  Alfred and Homer picked some blurberries.  Bertha, Shirley and Stella left for USA.

August 14, 1938 – Sunday.  Fine.  Went to Sunday School and Church.  Mr MacKean preached.  His subject was prayer.  Jack and the boys called.

August 15, 1938 – Monday.  Not very fine.  Washed.  Picked peas for canning.  Homer went to George Hamilton’s for a load of hay.

August 16, 1938 – Tuesday.  Canned peas and beans.  Baked bread and ironed.  Was down to see Father.  He wasn’t very well.  Alfred stayed all night.

August 17, 1938 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Went to the village and then to the cattle show.  A very good show.  I wasn’t feeling very good – so kept quiet.

August 18, 1938 – Thursday.  Fine.  The men cut the swamp.  Lawrence hurt his arm.  Homer went and worked with them.

August 19, 1938 – Friday.  Fine.  Homer with Percy.  Put the swamp hay in after supper.  Alfred stayed last night with Father.  He rested pretty good.

August 20, 1938 – Saturday.  Fine.  Went out to Moses’ in the morning.  Willie here to dinner.  Picked some blueberries in afternoon, over on the hill.  Down to Lower Burnside.

August 21, 1938 – Sunday.  Fine.  Went to Springside.  Heard Mr Wright speak.  Down to Mr Miller’s to dinner.  Ester and Priscilla came up with us.

August 22, 1938 – Monday.  Fine.  Showers in evening.  Mary and Min here to dinner.   Washed.

August 23, 1938 – Tuesday.  Wet.  Sewed at some patchwork.  Got the ironing done.

August 24, 1938 – Wednesday.  Wet.  Homer, Ester and Priscilla went down to Grant’s.  Stayed all night.

August 25, 1938 – Thursday.  An awful thunder storm.  The water high.  I was here alone.  Alfred went to help with Geordie’s new barn.

August 26, 1938 – Friday.  Cloudy and some showers.     Alfred at Geordie’s.  Ester and Priscilla went home on the cream truck. Homer and I to Aid at Cyrus’.

August 27, 1938 – Saturday.  Fine.  Homer down to help clean the school house.  Alfred at Geordie’s.  I made pickles, and baked cookies and biscuits.  Homer went to the lake.

August 28, 1938 – Sunday.  Fine.  Went to Sunday School in afternoon.  Jack, Eddie, Ernie, Cecil, Amanda, Carrie, David, Charlie Zinck, and Janet here to supper.

August 29, 1938 – Monday – fine.  Washed, ironed and baked bread.  Melvin MacKay died this morning.  He had been in bed two months.

August 30, 1938 – Tuesday.  Showers.  Went to the funeral in afternoon.  Called at Miller’s and in to see Father.  Alfred stayed all night.

August 31, 1938 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Canned beans,  Went out to a Serenade for Doug and Lillian [Graham] in the evening.

September 1, 1938 –Thursday.  Fine in the morning.  Rained about 4 o’clock.  A big rain in evening.  Cutting grain.  Cy (?) here with binder.  Down to see Father in evening.

September 2, 1938 –Friday.  Cleared in the forenoon.  Cecil and Homer went to D.F. Creelman’s.  Finished binding oats in afternoon.

September 3, 1938 –Saturday.  Done some cleaning, made rolls and made some pickles.  Down to see Father in evening.  Alfred stayed all night.

September 4, 1938 – Sunday.  Squalls.  Down to church and Sunday School.  David home today.  Went back in evening.

September 5, 1938 – Monday.  Fine and windy.  Washed and ironed.     Homer down threshing at Norman MacKay’s.  A shower for Margaret Dickie this evening.

September 6, 1938 – Thursday.  Fine.  Put in 5 loads of oats.  A great harvest day.

September 7, 1938 – Wednesday. Fine.  Father passed away this morning.  Went in his sleep after 4 a.m.  He had been in bed about two months.  We finished putting in the oats in the afternoon.

September 8, 1938 – Thursday,  Rained in the night,  Cleared today.  Went to Father’s funeral.  He was buried at 2:30 p.m.

September 9, 1938 – Friday.  Cold and squally.  Mr and Mrs Joe Archibald here to dinner.  Also Allen and George.

September 10, 1938 – Saturday.  Fine.  Done the cleaning, and some cooking.  Also churned.  Down to David’s.  Amanda came up with us and stayed all night.

September 11, 1938 – Sunday.  A lovely fine day.  Amanda went home.  Charlie came for her.  We were to Sunday School.

September 12, 1938 – Monday.  Fine.  Washed.  Homer finished the fence for the horses,  and dug potatoes.

September 13, 1938 – Tuesday.  Rain.  Made mustard pickles and ironed the clothes.  Cut tomatoes for chow in the evening.

September 14, 1938 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Digging potatoes.  A good crop – some rotten.  Made chow.  Down to the village and Eastville after supper.  David, Ester and Priscilla came up with us.

September 15, 1938 – Thursday.  Fine.  Digging potatoes. Alfred, Priscilla and I down to Grant’s in afternoon.  Baked bread.

September 16, 1938 – Friday.  Homer working with Alvin. Some showers.  Put some cucumbers away.  Went to Sunday School Picnic in afternoon.  Not very many there.  Had a pretty good time.

September 17, 1938 – Saturday.  Fine day.  David and Alfred digging potatoes.  Done some cleaning and baked brown bread.  Made apple jelly

September 18, 1938 – Sunday.  Wet day.  Church in Burnside this morning.  Miss Strodarth (sic) from the Girls Home, spoke in Springside.  Min here to dinner.

September 19, 1938 – Monday.  Wet and drizzly all day.  Alfred took Homer down and got the little pigs at David’s this morning.   Washed but did not get the clothes dried.

September 20, 1938 – Tuesday . Not very fine.  Finished digging potatoes.  Ester sewing at a coat for Priscilla.

September 21, 1938 – Wednesday.  Some showers.  David took the car down, and Homer and some more went to the Musquodoboit Exhibition.

September 22, 1938 – Thursday.  Cleared off pretty good.  Went to the village.  Had 4 chickens and 8 fowl.  Chickens 21 cents a pound.  Fowl , 15 cents a pound.

September 23, 1938 – Friday.  Wet.  Baked bread and made some pickles.  Heard of a bad storm in Massachusetts, USA on Wednesday, September 21.

September 24, 1938 – Saturday.  Dark, and it has been a warm week.  David was plowing.  Done some cleaning and canned tomatoes.

September 25, 1938 – Sunday.  Rain squalls.  Did not have Sunday School.  Homer and Donald here to supper.

September 26, 1938 – Monday.  Fine.  Washed and got them all dried.  Alfred went down to help paint the school house.  Called at Willie’s and Mart’s in the evening.

September 27, 1938 – Tuesday – Fine.  I ironed and picked some beans.  Alfred working at the school house.  David finished pulling mangles.

September 28, 1938 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Rained in the night.  Baked date squares and gingerbread.  Canned tomatoes.  Pulled the beets, and the beans.

September 29, 1938 – Thursday.  Alfred down to the school house.  David hauled a cord of wood down today.  Priscilla over visiting Jean.

September 30, 1938 – Friday.  Fine.  Alfred and Mart finished at the school house this morning.  Charlie Graham here to dinner.

October 1, 1938 –Saturday.  Done the cleaning and some cooking.  Down tothe village.  Ester, Gordon and Homer came home with us.

October 2, 1938 –Sunday.  Showers.  Went to Sunday School and church.  Gordon and Homer went back tonight.

October 3, 1938 –Monday.  Fine.  Washed and got the clothed ironed.  Alfred and Priscilla away assessing in the afternoon.

October 4, 1938 – Tuesday.  Fine. Lelia and her children over this afternoon.   Plowing Match in Truro today and tomorrow.

October 5, 1938 – Wednesday.  Nice fine day.  David was hunting this morning.  Killed a pig in the afternoon.  Brought in the squash and some beans.

October 6, 1938 – Thursday.  Cold and raw.  Went to the village with the pork – Weighed  150 pounds, at 12 cents.  Was at Joe Archibald’s for dinner.

October 7, 1938 – Friday.  Fine.  David was plowing.  Alfred cleaning up his brush.  Made catsup and pickled some beets.

October 8, 1938 – Saturday.  Fine.  Went to Pembroke in afternoon.  Was at Bev’s to supper.

October 9, 1938 – Sunday.  Rained all the forenoon.  Went to Sunday School.  Made a call at David’s.

October 10, 1938 – Monday.  Fine.  Washed and got the clothes dried, and some ironed.  Put a quilt – top together.

October 11, 1938 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Quilted a quilt for the Mission Box here today.  Lena,  Margaret,  Alice,  Lucy, and Christie here.

October 12, 1938 – Wednesday – fine.  Thresher came to Geordie’s today.  Baked bread.  Dug the Gladiola bulbs,..Done the ironing.

October 13, 1938 – Thursday.  Fine.  Baked cookies and put up some tomato juice.  Homer came home tonight.

October 14, 1938 – Friday.  Fine.  The thresher here this afternoon.  Had a pretty good turn out of oats.  Churned this morning.

October 15, 1938 – Saturday.  Fine day.  Done some cleaning.  Baked 2 squash pies.

October 16, 1938 – Sunday.  A lovely day.  Was to church and Sunday School.  Mr and Mrs George P. Deyarmond had their baby baptized.

October 17, 1938 – Monday.  Dark and rained a little.  Washed,  but did not get them dried.  Alfred, Hazel and Betty Lee here to dinner.  Pulled some turnip.

October 18, 1938 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Got the clothes all dried today.  Mr and Mrs Raynor called.  Alfred down to Springside to a meeting in the evening.

October 19, 1938 – Wednesday.  Killed the chickens.  Baked bread.  Down to Grant’s in evening.  Finished pulling turnips.

October 20, 1938 – Thursday.  Misty and damp.  Went to the village with the chickens.  At Mr Miller’s to dinner.  Made some more calls on the way home.

October 21, 1938 – Friday.  Wet morning.  Alfred and Hazel left for home.   David and Homer went to Mr and Mrs Harry Cooper’s reception.

October 22, 1938 – Saturday.  Fine.  Done some cleaning,.  Baked biscuit, cookies, gingerbread and pies.  Alfred went down to work at Gordon’s chimney.

October 23, 1938 – Sunday.  Fine.  Went down to Sunday School.  Ester here today.  Got a pullet egg yesterday.

October 24, 1938 – Monday.  Fine.  Washed and got the clothes dried.  Homer finished putting in the rest of the turnips.

October 25, 1938 – Tuesday.  Bad wind and rain storm last night and this morning.   Homer and Lawrence went hunting.

October 26, 1938 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Alfred went down and finished the chimney.  I sewed at Elsie’s coat.  Baked bread.  David plowed.  Rawleigh man here – $3.20.

October 27, 1938 – Thursday.  A grand day.  Harry Johnson here today and we worked on the rate roll all day.

October 28, 1938 – Friday.  Fine.  Went down and called at Everett’s.  Was at David’s to supper.

October 29, 1938 – Saturday.  Fine.  Done the cleaning and baked rolls and gingerbread.

October 30, 1938 – Sunday.  Down to church and Sunday School.   This is the last day of Sunday School for this year.

October 31, 1938 – Monday.  Wet.  Rained most all day.  Homer hunting.  He shot a deer this afternoon.  Washed but did not put the clothes out.

November 1, 1938 –Tuesday.  Homer and David in the woods all day.  Got the deer home about 4 o’clock.

November 2, 1938 –Wednesday.  Squally and cold.  Homer cut up the meat.  Went to the village in the afternoon.

November 3, 1938 –Thursday – fine.  Priscilla over to Willie’s in the afternoon. Done some ironing.  David went to the woods in Riversdale this morning.

November 4, 1938 – Friday.  fine.  Alfred down at the church.   I made pickle for the deer meat.   Down to Preparatory Service in the evening.

November 5, 1938 – Saturday.  Fine.  Done the cleaning.   Baked pies, biscuits, cookies and date-loaf.  Homer cut some logs.

November 6, 1938 – Sunday.  Fine and warm.  Communion at Springside.   Ester and Gordon came up.  Priscilla went back with them.   Allister here tonight.

November 7, 1938 – Monday.  Fine and warm.  Washed and the clothes dried.  Alfred down to the church.

November 8, 1938 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Homer cutting logs.  Alfred chored around.  I ironed and done some baking.

November 9, 1938 – Wednesday.  Wet in forenoon.  Alfred and Homer went to the dam – came back.  R. E. Dickie and Don here to dinner.

November 10, 1938 – Thursday.  Fine.  Homer and Martin gathering moss for the dam.  Alfred down to the church.

November 11, 1938 – Friday.  Cooler.  Alfred and Homer out to Charlie-Walter’s dam.  I was quilting.  Got my quilt half done.

November 12, 1938 – Saturday.  Fine.  Alfred and Homer out to the dam.  I done some cleaning and cooking.  David came home.  Went to Musquodoboit in the evening.

November 13, 1938 – Sunday.  Fine.  A few squalls at night.  Went to church at St James, in Upper Musquodoboit.  Came home after supper.

November 14, 1938 – Monday.  Fine.  Washed and ironed.  Alfred and Homer working on the roads.

November 15, 1938 – Tuesday.  Squally.  Mart, Alfred and I down to the church,  and finished up today.  It looks good.

November 16, 1938 – Wednesday.  Fine and cool.  Auction at Fred Bentley’s.   Alfred bought the big wagon.   I was down and visited with Bella.

November 17, 1938 – Thursday.  Took the pork to the village and got a load of supplies.  Was at Den’s for dinner.

November 18, 1938 – Friday.  Baked brown bread.  Went to the Bazar at Springside.  Made over $90.00.

November 19, 1938 – Saturday.  Fine.  Done some cleaning and cooking.  Baked rolls.

November 20, 1938 – Sunday.  Very wet in forenoon.  Better in p.m.  Had a re-opening at the church.  Mr and Mrs MacKean out from Truro.

November 21, 1938 – Monday.  Fine.  Washed and the clothes dried.  Min came up and helped me with the quilt.  Luther Fulton here too.

November 22, 1938 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Ironed,  churned,  and took the quilt out.  Alfred over to Geordie’s in afternoon, fixing his chimney.

November 23, 1938 – Wednesday.  Mild,  colder in evening.  Cleaned two bedrooms upstairs.Homer and Alfred fixed the watering place.

November 24, 1938 – Thursday.

November 25, 1938 – Friday.  Wet day,  and a wild storm of wind and snow in the evening.  30 years today since Amanda and Allister were married.

November 26, 1938 – Saturday.  Fine.  Done the cleaning and some cooking.  The men were cutting logs.  Pie Social in Pembroke, David and Homer went.

November 27, 1938 – Sunday.  Snowed all day.  Read,  and fixed David’s old jacket.

November 28, 1938 – Monday.  Washed, and the clothes dried pretty good.  Den, Annie, Donald, and Clarence here to supper.  A little hard wheeling.

November 29, 1938 – Tuesday.  Fine.  We were to the village  and got some feed.  At Gordon’s to supper.  Pretty good going tonight.

November 30, 1938 – Wednesday.  Squqlly.  Baked a fruit cake.  It fell in the pan.

December 1, 1938 –Thursday.  Cold.  Cleaned the separator room.

December 2, 1938 –Friday.  Pretty cold.  Cleaned the boys bedroom and the halls.  The men were cutting logs.  Baked bread and made bitter yeast.

December 3, 1938 –Saturday.  Not so cold.  The men cutting logs.  Done the cleaning and some baking.

December 4, 1938 – Sunday.  Rained in afternoon.  We were down to church.  David went back to the woods.  Cecil here to dinner.

December 5, 1938 – Monday.  A nice warm day.  Washed and ironed the clothes.

December 6, 1938 – Tuesday.  Wet day.  Homer went to the Blacksmith Shop.  I bound my quilt.  Had a flash of lightning and thunder.  An odd storm.

December 7, 1938 – Wednesday.  Big wind storm last night.  A lot of damage done through the country.  Cleaned the pantry.  Lantern slides at the church this evening.

December 8, 1938 – Thursday.  Fine.  Alfred and I down to David’s and Grant’s.  Alfred helping Grant paint the kitchen.

December 9, 1938 – Friday.  Wet.  Baked brown bread.  Done some mending.  David came home from the woods in Riversdale.

December 10, 1938 – Saturday.  Wet.  Done some cleaning.  Baled gingerbread and rolls. Allowed to go to the village – rained hard in evening.

December 11, 1938 – Sunday.  Some colder, but still cloudy.  Wind blew hard in the night.  Got 14 eggs.

December 12, 1938 – Monday.  Fine in the morning.  Rained in afternoon.  Washed.  Went to the village in afternoon.  Homer took hardwood to Crocker’s mill.

December 13, 1938 – Tuesday.  Stormy in the morning.  Ironed and baked cookies.

December 14, 1938 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Fixed an old jacket and got a parcel ready to send to Byron.

December 15, 1938 – Thursday.  Squally and cold winds.  Cleaned the bedroom.  Homer took the sled runners to Raymond Fisher.

December 16, 1938 – Friday.  Pretty cold morning.  Cleaned the room.  Men cutting logs.  Got cards ready to mail in evening.

December 17, 1938 – Saturday.  Nice mild day.  The men got some wood and cut it up in afternoon.  Over to D.F. Creelman’s and up to Andrew’s in evening.

December 18, 1938 – Sunday.  Cloudy.  Down to church in afternoon.  Homer went down to work with Gordon next week.  Took the car.

December 19, 1938 – Monday.  Pretty fine.  Washed.  The clothes dried some.  Got cards ready to send away in the evening.

December 20, 1938 – Tuesday.  Stormed some all day,  and a nasty wind in the evening.  Finished the ironing and done some fixing up.

December 21, 1938 – Wednesday.  Not very fine.  Snowing.  Done some sewing.  The men were in the woods cutting logs.

December 22, 1938 – Thursday.  Squally and snowy.  Wind blew hard all day and night. Baked cookies – made 5 different kinds.  Got our Christmas parcel from Byron and Ina.

December 23, 1938 – Friday.  Finer.  The wind not so high.  Baked bread and made fudge.  Was down to the church to the Christmas tree.  Good for 6 children.

December 24, 1938 – Saturday.  Nice day.  Cloudy.  Cleaned upthe house and baked pies.  Made a plum pudding.  Martin up for eggs.  The hens laid 111 eggs  this week.

December 25, 1938 – Sunday.  Fine.  Was down to church in the sleigh.  Homer came home about noon.  The car is on the bum.  Got it up as far as Geordie’s tonight.

December 26, 1938 – Monday.  Pretty fine.  Was home all day.  Telephone hasn’t been working since Friday.  So couldn’t get word to Ester and they didn’t get up.

December 27, 1938 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Clothes dried pretty good.  The men were cutting logs.

December 28, 1938 – Wednesday.  Rained to-night.  The snow got quite a shaking.  Leonard up a while in afternoon.

December 29, 1938 – Thursday.  Fine.  Alfred did not go to the woods.  Had a kink in his back last night.  Leonard was up and talked this afternoon.  I was darning socks.

December 30, 1938 – Friday.  Snowed and pretty soft.  Men did not go to the woods in afternoon.  Baked bread and rolls and churned.

December 31, 1938 – Saturday.  Fine and pretty cold.  Done the cleaning.  Went to the village.  Ester, Gordon and Priscilla came up with us.  Over to Den’s and got a turkey.

Notes for 1938

Our hens laid 34 dozen eggs in December, 1938.Made 47 pounds of butter  from  January to April, 1938.

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