The Journals of Annabelle Johnson 1937

The Journals of
Annabelle Johnson

1937January 1, 1937 –

Friday – warm.  The sun nice and bright in afternoon.  Mr and mrs Charlie Deyarmond and Ena here to supper.  Have a sore back today.January 2, 1937 – Saturday – cold and windy.  Baked bread.  Not able to do much – back sore.   Alfred washed the floor.  Homer and David home tonight.January 3, 1937 – Sunday – rained in afternoon.   Alfred,  Homer,  David and Priscilla went to church.  Boys went down tonight.

January 4, 1937 – Monday – fine.  Did not do much.

January 5, 1937 – Tuesday – fine.  My back not quite so sore.  Able to do a little more.  Tom Graham quite sick.

January 6, 1937 – Wednesday – Fine.  Annual Congregational Meeting tonight.  Behind $7.85.   Ester, Gordon and David came home tonight.  Homer went to Tom’s.

January 7, 1937 – Thursday – fine.  Washed and got the clothes dried.  David yarded some wood out.  Rained in evening.

January 8, 1937 – Friday – Finer today.  Ester and Priscilla drove down to Grant.s today.   David and Alfred chopping at the wood.

January 9, 1937 – Saturday – a little snow and hail. Soft in afternoon. Lelia and Murray have a baby girl, born this morning. Ester went up in the p.m.

January 10, 1937 – Sunday – fine.  Homer called from Grant’s.  H e cut his hand last night.  He is tending the horses at camp today.

January 11, 1937 – Monday – Nice fine day for washing.   David went to Mart’s and took Gordon’s mare this morning.

January 12, 1937 – Tuesday – Ironed the clothes.  Rika had her shoulder knocked off this evening.

January 13, 1937 – Wednesday – Fine.  Butchered the beef.  Willie over and helped Alfred.  Gordon and Donald up in evening.

January 14, 1937 – Thursday – rained in afternoon.  Tom Graham’s funeral this afternoon.  Alfred was a pall bearer.  Gordon drove the mail with the car.  Roads slippy.  Took beef to the village.

January 15, 1937 – Friday – Wet – heavy rain sometimes today.  Alfred cut up the beef.  Made pickle for meat.  David and Eddie up.

January 16, 1937 – Saturday – snowed some.  Homer came home in the afternoon.  I made doughnuts, rolls and pies.  David and Gordon home tonight.

January 17, 1937 – Sunday – Fine.  Pretty cold night.  Went to church.  The text was  “Thou shalt have no other gods before me”.

January 18, 1937 – Monday – wet day.  Rained most of the day.   Washed,  but did not put the clothes out.

January 19, 1937 – Tuesday – warm.  Lots of mud.  Priscilla went over to Willie’s with Alfred.  I made mince meat and baked bread.

January 20, 1937 – Wednesday – Quite a cold wind.  Ironed in forenoon.  Baked cookies and pies in afternoon.  Alfred working at the wood.

January 21, 1937 – Thusday – Snowing a little.   Sent two letters – one to Julia and one to Byron.

January 22, 1937 – Friday –  Swept upstairs, done some mending and knit.

January 23, 1937 – Saturday – Fine.  Done some cleaning and cooking.  Ester came home, also Homer:  Gordon and David in the evening.

January 24, 1937 – Sunday – Fine.  Homer,  Ester,  Gordon and Priscilla went to the village in the afternoon.  Good wheeling for the car.

January 25, 1937 – Monday – Snowed some more last night.  Jack Crockett and Ernie here all night last night and for breakfast.

January 26, 1937 – Tuesday – washed today.  Nice drying day.  Two fellows here tonight from Musquodoboit, wanting to buy Queen.

January 27, 1937 – Wednesday – Nice and fine.   Ester making some curtains.  I made a night dress.

January 28, 1937 – Thursday – cold.  Around 20 below zero.  Ester and Priscilla down to Mart’s a while today.  Gordon up tonight.  Took sleigh with mail today.

January 29, 1937 – Friday – Cold morning.  Mart’s lumbering crew went to work up the Riversdale Road this morning.

January 30, 1937 – Saturday – Fine.  Cold wind.  Ester went down to Murray Graham’s.  A boy born this morning there.  Both well.

January 31, 1937 – Sunday – Fine.  Not very cold.  Was to church.  Mr Raynor preached on the second commandment.  Got three birthday cards.

February 1, 1937 – Monday – snowed fast awhile.  Washed, but did not dry much.  Alfred cutting wood in the afternoon.

February 2, 1937 – Tuesday – snowing some all day.  Ironed the clothes and did some mending.  Got cards from Mary and Nellie,  and a letter from Amanda.

February 3, 1937 – Wednesday – a little blustery.  Quite a lot of snow now, but pretty level.  I done some mending and Alfred cut wood.

February 4, 1937 – Thursday – colder.  About 20 below zero this morning.   Baked cookies today.

February 5, 1937 – Friday.  Pretty cold.  Alfred cutting wood.

February 6, 1937 – Saturday – snowing some more.  Cleaned up the house and baked bread, rolls and pies.

February 7, 1937 – Sunday.  A squally, snowy day.  Went to church.  Gordon went down to Murray’s to supper.  Homer went to the woods tonight.

February 8, 1937 – Monday.  A very fine day.  Washed and got the clothes nice and dry.   Alfred yarded wood in the afternoon.

February 9, 1937 – Tuesday.  Foggy morning.  Rained in the afternoon.  Done the ironing.  Ester came home from Murray’s.  Gordon up tonight.

February 10, 1937 – Wednesday – Soft day.  Alfred out working with Percy today.  I baked biscuits and gingerbread.

February 11, 1937 – Thursday – fine.  Cold wind in afternoon.  I was down to Father’s with mail today.

February 12, 1937 – Friday.  Cold morning.  18 below zero,  but warm at night.  Alfred out working with  Percy.  Frances Graham and George Lemon married today.

February 13, 1937 – Saturday – soft day.  Cleaned and done some cooking.  Ester and Gordon went to the village tonight,  They took Dan and the sleigh.

February 14, 1937 – Sunday.  Warm and foggy.  Rain in evening.  The snow is going.   Gordon and Ester came back in the afternoon.  Homer went back to the woods.

February 15, 1937 – Monday.  Dark morning.  Clearer and a high wind in afternoon. The yard is awful icy.  I washed and churned.  Eggs are 17 cents a dozen now.

February 16, 1937 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Ester ironed.  I canned some beef.  Ester and Priscilla over to Willie’s.

February 17, 1937 – Wednesday – A big blizzard.  Snow in piles.  A rough day in the clearing.  Alfred out to the woods working.

February 18, 1937 – Thursday.  Finer.  Pretty cold wind.  Ester went to Munroe Johnson’s today.  They have a daughter.

February 19, 1937 – Fine.  Alfred out to the woods today chopping.   The Doctor was up to see Father.  He is a pretty sick man.

February 20, 1937 – Saturday.  Nice and fine.  Cleaned up the house and did some cooking.  The boys home tonight.

February 21, 1937 – Sunday – Fine and warm.  Went down to see Father.  He is about the same.  To church in afternoon.   Homer, Gordon, Ester, and Priscilla to the village in the car tonight.

February 22, 1937 – Fine.  A great wash day.  Ester came home from Munroe’s yesterday.  Alfred out to the woods today.

February 23, 1937 – Tuesday – Not very fine.  Snowed some.  Put in a mat.  Set two hens today.

February 24, 1937 – Wednesday – some more snow.  Warm.  Thawed all day.  I was hooking some today.  Ester has a sore back.

February 25, 1937 – Thursday – down to see Father.  He is better.  Rained quite hard.  The men didn’t work in the afternoon.  First time lost in February.

February 26, 1937 – Friday – fine.  Alfred out to the woods.  I hooked and done the chores.

February 27, 1937 – Saturday – fine.  Done some cleaning and hooked a while.  The boys home tonight.

February 28, 1937 – Sunday – Fine.  No church.  David took Homer down a piece in the afternoon.

March 1, 1937 – Monday.   ten below zero.  A nice fine day.  Washed and churned today.  The Doctor up to see Father – said he was doing well.

March 2, 1937 – Tuesday – Fine.  I went down to Father’s.  Amanda was there.  She came Sunday night.  The trucks are hauling logs.

March 3, 1937 – Wednesday – Fine.  Hooked at the mat.  Lawrence and Muir [Mackay] have the mumps.  Ester and I to Bible Class.

March 4, 1937 – Thursday – ten below zero.  Cloudy.  Alfred at the woods.  Willie drove the mail today.  Took my mat out.  Gordon came up tonight.

March 5, 1937 – Friday – A fine day.  A skiff of snow last night.  I put in another mat and worked at it.

March 6, 1937 – Saturday – cold wind and some snow.  Hooked in the forenoon.  Done the cleaning and some cooking.

March 7, 1937 – Sunday – Fine.  Homer not home today.  Priscilla and I did not go to church.  Dan is lame.

March 8, 1937 – Monday – Washed and got the clothes dried,  and ironed.  We colored some rags  and hooked.  Lena Fletcher died yesterday.

March 9, 1937 – Tuesday – Rain in forenoon. Willie drove the mail today.  Worked in the woods in the afternoon.  Gordon up tonight.

March 10, 1937 – Wednesday.  Some awful squalls of snow towards night.  Alfred out to the woods.  I was hooking at the mat.

March 11, 1937 – Thursday – Some squalls of snow.  Pretty cold.  Took the mat out in the afternoon.   David up and took a heifer and Dan down.

March 12, 1937 – Friday – Fine.  About zero this morning.  Ester took gray Queen to the blacksmith shop.  Homer home tonight.

March 13, 1937 – Saturday – fine.  Done some cooking and the cleaning.  Pie Social at Eastville tonight.  Made $30.00.

March 14, 1937 – Sunday – Fine.  Over to see Percy’s logs.  Wilfred here.  Homer , Ester and Priscilla to the village in afternoon.

March 15, 1937 – Monday – Fine.  Alfred out to the woods working.  Washed,  and put in a mat.

March 16, 1937 – Tuesday – soft and rained at night.  Hooking today.  Sent 5 dozen eggs to E. Prest’s.  Got 17 cents a dozen.  Had two chickens hatched.

March 17, 1937 – Wednesday – warm.  Thawed all day.  Alfred and I down to Min’s today.  Harold Flanigan got his arm broke, and they took him to hospital.

March 18, 1937 – Thursday – squally with snow.  Homer came home from the woods with Jip.  She has been away since November.

March 19, 1937 – Friday – warm and dirty.  Homer and Alfred cutting wood.  Hooking at our mats all day.

March 20, 1937 – Saturday – Fine and warm.  Took the mats out before dinner.  Done some cooking and cleaning,

March 21, 1937 – Sunday – Squally and cold.  Was to church.  The text was  “This is Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews”.

March 22, 1937 – Monday – a snowy day.  A lot of snow last night.  The most at one fall this winter.  Rigged up the sleds and got some logs to the brook.

March 23, 1937 – Tuesday – cold and windy.  Alfred took the sleigh to Cross Roads with the mail.  Homer hauled some logs.   Washed today.

March 24. 1937 – Wednesday – cold and windy.  Snow blowed all day.  They finished hauling logs at noon.  Cutting wood in afternoon.

March 25, 1937 – Thursday – fine.  Alfred took the mail.  Homer cutting wood.  We were hooking.  Stan got his foot cut in Mart’s woods yesterday.

March 26, 1937 – Good Friday.  Warmer.  The snow settled a lot.  Baked bread and buns.  Took the mat out.   Homer and Alfred cutting wood.

March 27, 1937 – Saturday.   Down to the village in the afternoon for some supplies.  Abraham Bentley died this morning.  Had not been sick long.

March 28, 1937 – Sunday.  Ester down to Communion at Springside this morning in the car.   Roads rough.  The text was  “Come see the place where He lay”.

March 29, 1937 – Monday – Squally.  Went to Mr Abraham Bentley’s funeral in the church at Upper Stewiacke.  Mr Girdwood’s message was “They shall bring the glory and honour of the nations into it.”

March 30, 1937 – Tuesday – Wood saw here.  Bev sawing.  Homer took the saw to Pembroke on the sleds.  Had to go through the fields.

March 31, 1937 – Wednesday – Cloudy – Washed today.   Alfred and Homer cutting rails.   Homer at the wood-saw at Nelsie’s.  Alfred worked in the afternoon for Percy.  Ike here to supper.

April 1, 1937 – Thursday – Homer down sawing in the morning.  Driving camp opened.

April 2, 1937 – Friday.

April 3, 1937 – Saturday.

April 4, 1937 – Sunday – Cold wind.  Down to church with the car.  Text was  “Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy”.

April 5, 1937 – Monday – Fine.  Froze hard in the morning.  Homer, David, Gordon and Ester went to Stewiacke, Shubenacadie, and Truro.  Got along good.

April 6, 1937 – Tuesday – Fine.  Splitting wood.  Put in a mat and did the ironing.  Homer down to the Driving Camp in the evening.

April 7, 1937 – Wednesday – rain.  Hooking.  David over sawing wood at Geordie’s.   Jack Crockett came over today.  Cecil is in the hospital.

April 8, 1937 – Thursday – Fine and warm.  I was down to see Father today.  He keeps better.  The roads are pretty muddy.  Finished the woodpile.

April 9, 1937 – Cloudy.  Homer and David went on the brook.   The Teacher came up this afternoon.  Pie Social at Springside.  A wet evening.

April 10, 1937 – Saturday – Snowy and dirty.  Gordon came up with the mail.  Done some cooking and cleaning and visiting.

April 11, 1937 – Sunday – Dirty and wet.  No church.  We spent the day reading , and talking.  Miss Archibald here today.

April 12, 1937 – Monday.  Fine.  Ester took the teacher down.  Washed and then hooked at our mat.

April 13, 1937 – Tuesday –  Done the ironing and was hooking.  Alfred went over to William Johnson’s and got the harness.

April 14, 1937 – Wednesday – fine.   Took the mat out in forenoon.  Ena over in afternoon.  Ester and David down to Bible Class.

April 15, 1937 – Thursday – fine.  Alfred was through driving the mail today. Been driving nearly thirty-eight years.

April 16, 1937 – Friday.  Wet most of the day.  Made a slip for myself.  David has the mumps.   Rolling in logs above Mart’s.

April 17, 1937 – Saturday – Fine.   Cold wind blowing.  The men worked three-quarters of the day on the brook.  R.R.#3 Upper Stewiacke started today.  Elmer Johnson [driving].

April 18, 1937 – Sunday – Cloudy. Homer and Gordon went to the camp to dinner.  Down to church in afternoon.  The texr was “Honour thy Father and thy Mother”.

April 19, 1937 – Monday – dirty and wet.  Washed – put the clothes out towards night.  Put a mat in.  Alfred , Homer and Gordon driving.  The rear (sic) went out at Mart’s brook.

April 20, 1937 – Tuesday – snowy and dirty.  Ester and Priscilla went down to Grant’s.  David took them down.

April 21, 1937 – Wednesday – cold and chilly.   David and Elmer went to the dam.  I did chores in the morning.  Ester and Priscilla came home tonight.,

April 22, 1937 – Thursday – Cold and windy.  Hooking – and did the ironing.  Alfred came home tonight.

April 23, 1937 – Friday – Fine and cold.   David out to the dam.  I did chores in the morning.  Hooking at the mat.   The men did not come home.

April 24, 1937 – Saturday – Cold wind.  Men home middle of afternoon.  Priscilla and I over to Willie’s to tea.  David not very well.

April 25, 1937 – Sunday – cold wind.  Ester, Gordon and Priscilla down to the village.  They drove Dan.  Homer took the car out in the afternoon.

April 26, 1937 – Monday – Fine.  Not so cold.  Washed.  Alfred was collecting telephone bills.  Got a bag of flour.  Homer and Gordon went to the village.

April 27, 1937 – Tuesday – Fine.  First warm day this spring.  They only worked half a day on the Drive.  Water is scarce.

April 28, 1937 – Wednesday – Fine.  Alfred went to tend Dams this morning.  Homer and Gordon on the brook.  We took our eighth mat out today.

April 29, 1937 – Thursday – fine.  I was making a dress for myself.  Gordon and Homer at Miller’s tonight.

April 30, 1937 – Friday.  Fine.  Took Alfred’s dinner down to the dam,  and went down to see Father.

May 1, 1937 – Saturday.  Fine.  Cleaned the pantry.  The boys home tonight.  They were over to see the airplane at L. Johnson’s.

May 2, 1937 – Sunday – Fine.  Rally Day for the Sunday School.

May 3, 1937 – Monday – Fine.   Washed, and ironed.  A big washing.  Fishing in the afternoon – caught 2 trout.

May 4, 1937 – Tuesday – Fine.  Cleaned two rooms upstairs.   John Conroy bought our calf for $4.50.  Ester and Priscilla to the dam.

May 5, 1937 – Wednesday – Fine.  Finished cleaning upstairs and the hall.   The fertilizer came today.  Alfred at Nelsie’s all night.

May 6, 1937 – Thursday – Fine.  Cloudy in afternoon.  I was in bed all day.  I have the mumps.  Ella went to the hospital.

May 7, 1937 – Friday – some rain in the night.  The grass looking greener today.  I got up for supper.  Clyde Reynolds went to the hospital.

May 8, 1937 – Saturday – Fine.  Alfred and Nelsie opened the dam at 4 a.m.  Alfred harrowing.  The boys home tonight from the Drive.

May 9, 1937 – Sunday – Fine.  Homer in bed today with the mumps.  I did not go to Sunday School.  Ester taught my class.

May 10, 1937 – monday.  Ester washed.  Alfred putting out manure.  Homer pretty miserable – some better tonight.

May 11, 1937 – Tuesday – Alfred up at 12:30 a.m. and went to Deyarmond’s Lake and opened the dam, and then opened the other one.  The Drive is in today.

May 12, 1937 – Wednesday – Homer up around today.  Alfred working at the manure and harrowing.

May 13, 1937 – Thursday – Homer up around today.  Alfred hauling out manure.  Another cow freshened tonight.

May 14, 1937 – Friday

May 15, 1937 – Saturday – Fine.  Homer and I went to the villag in the evening.  Cleaned the kitchen.

May 16, 1937 – Sunday – Wet day.  Rained all day – nearly – and all night.

May 17, 1937 – Monday – Wet day.  Took some potatoes over to D.F. Creelman, and got a bag of sugar.  Got a pig from Willis Rutherford.

May 18, 1937 – Tuesday – Lots of water yesterday – Put the logs out in the gullies.

May 19, 1937 – Wednesday – washed bed clothes – seven blankets and nine quilts.  Down to Grant’s, Cy’s, and Father’s in evening.

May 20, 1937 – Thursday – fine.   Cleaned my bedroom.

May 21, 1937 – Friday – Fine.   Cleaned part of the room.  Had some new rhubarb for the first time this spring.

May 22, 1937 – Saturday – fine.  Finished the room,  and Ester ironed the curtains.  Down to D.F. Creelman’s in the evening.

May 23, 1937 – Sunday – Fine.  Was to Sunday School.

May 24, 1937 – Monday – Washed, but did not get the clothes dried.  David is done with the drive.

May 25, 1937 – Tuesday – wet.  Went down and helped Lucy paper her room. David went to Truro with Bill.

May 26, 1937 – Wednesday – finer.   Cleared in the forenoon.  Cleaned Mrs James A.’s kitchen.  Father and Mrs J.A. came up for supper.

May 27, 1937 – Thursday – dark day.  Rawleigh man here all night.  Ester and Priscilla in bed today with the mumps.

May 28, 1937 – Friday – Wet in morning – finer in afternoon.  We had a play in Springside in the evening.  Made $17.30.  The play was  “Miss Adventure”.

May 29, 1937 – Saturday – finer.  Done the cleaning and some cooking.  Ester and Priscilla up around today.

May 30, 1937 – Sunday – Was to church and Sunday School.

May 31, 1937 – Monday.  Washed.  Pretty hot.  A thunder storm in the evening.  Harrowing.   Churned today.

June 1, 1937 – Tuesday – Hot day.  Sowing oats today – and harrowing.   I ironed and made a slip for Elsie.  David went to the woods.

June 2, 1937 – Wednesday – fine day.  Homer down to Nelsie’s sowing his oats.  Ester and Priscilla over to Willie’s for supper.

June 3, 1937 – Thursday – Fine.  Done some more sowing and got the potato ground ready.  Gordon up tonight.

June 4, 1937 – Friday – Planted potatoes in morning.  Rained about 11 o’clock, and in the afternoon.  Priscilla and Ester went to D. Dunlap’s.   Made some calls.

June 5, 1937 – Saturday – dark and wet.  Done some cleaning.  Homer down and got some smashing done.

June 6, 1937 – Sunday – Fine but cool.  Was to Sunday School and church.  Mr Girdwood preached.  Min here to supper, and Lantern Slides in the evening.

June 7, 1937 – Monday – Showers.  Washed and scrubbed the Old House floor.  Homer was plowing.  Alfred put out strawberry plants.

June 8, 1937 – Tuesday – fine.  Finished planting the potatoes.  I ironed, and we were to Springside to a political meeting.  Willie went with us.

June 9, 1937 – Wednesday.  Rained in the forenoon.  Alfred bagged 5 bags of potatoes.  Homer painted the bedroom floor, and we killed 5 fowl and a veal.

June 10, 1937 – Thursday – Homer went to the village, and Dan Brown’s.  Got the car fixed, and got a bag of flour.

June 11, 1937 – Friday – Raining.  Homer tinkering at the car.  Went to a dance at Pembroke schoolhouse.  Ena here in afternoon.

June 12, 1937 – Saturday – Finer.  The men picked stone.  Done the cleaning and baked bread.  Down to the village after supper.

June 13, 1937 – Sunday – Fine.  Down to Sunday School.  David here today – went back tonight.

June 14, 1937 – Monday – fine.  High wind.  Sowed some oats and the buckwheat.  Washed and got the clothes dried.

June 15, 1937 – Tuesday – Wet morning.  Put a cement doorstep in this morning.  Gordon MacKay and Ella Peppard called in the evening.

June 16, 1937 – Wednesday – fine.  Homer over at Willie’s planting potatoes.   Alfred hauling up some wood, and harrowing in the afternoon.

June 17, 1937 – Thursday – Fine.  Sowed the turnips and put in the corn.  Down to a Conservative meeting at Springside last night.

June 18, 1937 – Friday – Fine in forenoon, rained in afternoon.  Homer rolled,  then hauled up some wood and got it piled.

June 19, 1937 – Saturday – Wet.  Baked bread.  Homer and I went collecting telephone bills .  At Grant’s to dinner,  and made a lot of calls.

June 20, 1937 – Sunday – cloudy.  Was to church and Sunday School.  Mr Raynor’s subject was “Fools for Christ’s sake”.

June 21, 1937 – Monday – Dark day.  Washed.  Went over to Willie’s.  The men helped him with his potatoes.  Lois came home yesterday.

June 22, 1937 – Tuesday – Wet day.  Homer greased the harness.  I churned and ironed.  Mart here tonight collecting School Bill.

June 23, 1937 – Wednesday – Dark day.  Killed a pig today.  Went down to Springside in the evening to a New Glasgow group’s concert.

June 24, 1937 – Thursday – dark and wet.  Homer went down to Cross Roads to shovel gravel.  Alfred went to the Blacksmith Shop with the team.

June 25, 1937 – Friday – Windy and cool.  Some finer in the afternoon.  Alfred and I went up the brook fishing.  Caught 20 trout.

June 26, 1937 – Saturday – fine.  baked pies.  Picked some berries.   Alfred hoed and done some cultivating.  Ester, Gordon and Priscilla home.

June 27, 1937 – Sunday – Showers.  Down to Sunday School and church.  Rev Mr McKim spoke.  His text was “Come”.  The word come is found 742 times in the Bible.

June 28, 1937 – Monday – cleared about noon.  Homer down to Crocker’s mill with a load of logs.  I washed and ironed the clothes.  Went to a school meeting.

June 29, 1937 – Tuesday – Dark.   Provincial Election day.  The MacDonald government returned.  We were down to the poll in the forenoon.  Took Father.

June 30, 1937 – Wednesday – wet.  Went to the village with veal and fowl.  David down with us.   Fixed the screen and put springs on the bed.

July 1, 1937 – Thursday – Dark.  Cleared some in the afternoon.   Alfred down to Allen’s fixing the fireplace.  I helped Min quilt.

July 2, 1937 – Friday – fine.  The men were hoeing.  I had a sore leg – didn’t do much.

July 3, 1937 – Saturday – fine.  The men were hoeing.  Baked bread and done some cleaning.  Picked berries.  David home tonight.

July 4, 1937 – Sunday – Fine.  Down to Springside.  Communion today.  Mr Raynor’s subject was “Broken bodies, broken trusts”.  We went to Musquodoboit in afternoon.

July 5, 1937 – Monday –  Hot day.  Washed a big washing, and picked 7 boxes of berries.  The men were hoeing.

July 6, 1937 – Tuesday – A thunder storm today.  I ironed.  Ena, Lois and Lueana Pratt over in the evening.

July 7, 1937 – Wednesday – Dark day – very warm.  Hauled up wood today.  Got the wood-house most full.

July 8, 1937 – Thursday – a rain in the forenoon.  The men were cutting logs.  Hauled them out in the afternoon.  I baked cookies and date loaf.

July 9, 1937 – Friday – Fine.  Down to the Joint Ladies Aid at Springside.  A big crowd out to supper.  Took Lucy, Emma and Mrs J.A.

July 10, 1937 – Saturday – Fine.  The men were hoeing.  I done the cleaning and made some preserves.  David home tonight.

July 11, 1937 – Sunday – Fine.  Down to Sunday School in afternoon.   Elliott here to supper.  The boys went to a Young Peoples meeting.

July 12, 1937 – Monday – Washed and baked.  Picked berries in the afternoon.  Alfred and Homer down to Den’s, working at the barn.

July 13, 1937 – Tuesday – not very fine.  Alfred cultovatored (sic) .  I did the ironing.

July 14, 1937 – Wednesday – Fine.   Alfred was hoeing in the garden and the mangles.

July 15, 1937 – Thursday – A shower in the morning.  Alfred mowed some and got it raked up.  Homer home tonight.

July 16, 1937 – Friday – Dark day.  Baked a cake.  Lois, her friend, and Ena over this afternoon.   They went down with George in the evening.

July 17, 1937 – Saturday – Dark day – very close.  Cleaned up the house and done some cooking.  Ester, Gordon, Priscilla and Homer at home.

July 18, 1937 – Sunday – Fine.  Was to church and Sunday School.  Mr Raynor’s text was  “What is man?”.  Ester, Gordon and Homer went down again tonight.

July 19, 1937 – Monday – Fine.  Washed, and in the afternoon Alfred and I put 2 load of hay in.   Mr and Mrs Raynor called.  David home a few minutes.

July 20, 1937 – Tuesday – Fine.  Washed David’s clothes and ironed.  Baked bread.  Allie and family, and Nellie got home tonight.  We went to the village in the evening.

July 21, 1937 – Wednesday – Fine.  A hot day.  Picked some red currants fot jelly.  Lew Fulton is pretty sick.

July 22, 1937 – Thursday – A hot day.  Made jelly.  Done some cooking.  All the family and Nellie here to supper.

July 23, 1937 – Friday – A very hot day.  Charlie, Bessie and Bub here to dinner.  Dorothy Stewart died today.

July 24, 1937 – Saturday – Hot and fine.  Water is getting low.  Done some cooking and cleaning and a lot of chores.  Put in 3 loads of hay.

July 25, 1937 – Sunday – Hot day.  Was to Sunday School.  Only 8 there.  Down to Grant’s to supper.  Bev and family there too.

July 26, 1937 – Monday – Fine.  The men paris greened the potatoes this a.m.  I washed,  and they mowed some.  The Rawleigh man here tonight.

July 27, 1937 – Tuesday – Fine.  Ironed the clothes.  We are almost out of water – hauling it from the old well.

July 28, 1937 – Wednesday – not a very good hay day.

July 29, 1937 – Thursday – Fine.  Finished haying tonight.  Had peas for dinner, also carrots.

July 30, 1937 – Friday – Fine and hot.  Everything very dry.  Homer went to the Blacksmith Shop and got the wheels fixed.  Mrs John Fulton passed away.

July 31, 1937 – Saturday – Fine.  Homer came home this morning.  Allie and Barbara here to dinner.    Alfred and Allie over to Houston’s mill.  Mr Patchett is gone – a letter from Ina today.

August 1, 1937 – Sunday – rained in afternoon and evening.  Mr and Mrs Warren MacCallum, Alice and family,  Min and her family here to dinner.

August 2, 1937 – Monday – Cleared this morning.  Washed.  The men yarded out some logs.  Homer down to schoolhouse in afternoon.  A dance there tonight.

August 3, 1937 – Tuesday – Fine.  Pretty hot. I done the ironing and picked peas for canning.  Rained a little in the evening.   Homer working at the bridge.

August 4, 1937 – Wednesday – A busy day.  Canned peas,  baked bread and rolls, and cooked a chicken.   Down to see Allie’s family and Nellie in the evening.

August 5, 1937 – Thursday – Fine.  Down to Lewis Fulton’s funeral in the a.m. Allie started for USA this a.m.  Mrs Bob Cox died today.

August 6, 1937 – Friday – Fine, but hot.  Done some cleaning.  David came home last night with a sore ankle.  Homer went for a load of hay.

August 7, 1937 – Saturday – very hot.   Father and Mrs J.A. here today.  Homer down to Den’s for another load of hay.

August 8, 1937 – Sunday – Hot day.  Down to Sunday School.  Very few there.  Cecil here to supper.

August 9, 1937 – Monday – Washed this morning.  Awful hot forenoon.  Churned and picked beans for canning.  Homer down at Creelman’s working.

August 10, 1937 – Tuesday – Hot day.  Had a little shower in the afternoon.  Homer, Lawrence and Gordon Creelman here.  David went back to work.

August 11, 1937 – Wednesday – Fine and hot.  Killed four fowl,  and put some beets away.

August 12, 1937 – Thursday – some cloudy and a high wind.  Down to the village.  Got a bag of flour and other supplies.  At W.D. Kennedy’s.

August 13, 1937 – Friday – fine.  A shower about noon.  Canned some peas today and baked bread.

August 14, 1937 – Saturday – Fine.  Baked cookies and pies.  We took some potatoes to the camp,  and went to the village.  David and Homer came home.

August 15, 1937 – Sunday – Fine.  To church and Sunday School.  Mr Byrnes preached.  Mr and Mrs Fred Bustin was at church.

August 16, 1937 – Monday – Fine.  Not so hot in the morning.  Washed in the morning.  Picked blueberries in afternoon.  Got a cream can full.

August 17, 1937 – Tuesday – Very hot.  Went to the Calf Club Show at Cross Roads.   Quite a show.  Ironed after we came home.

August 18, 1937 – Wednesday.  A nice rain this morning.  The electric storm was quite heavy.   Charlie and Bub here in afternoon.

August 19, 1937 – Thursday – Cool and fine.   The men were building a water-break at the bridge. Had letters form Julia and Mrs Patchett.

August 20, 1937 – Friday.  Close and warm.  Baked bread and pies.  David Hutchinson here today.  Came over on a bicycle.  Hewed the stringers.

August 21, 1937 – Saturday – A hot day.  Went down to Lower Burnside.  Alfred fixed Grant’s chimney.   I visited at Father’s.  David home tonight.

August 22, 1937 – Sunday.  Rained in the morning.  To Sunday School and church.  Mr MacKean and his wife and son here to tea. Mr MacKean preached today.

August 23, 1937 – Monday.  Not very fine.  Washed in a.m.  Mart, Willie, Percy and Martin here to supper.Built the bridge today.

August 24, 1937 – Tuesday – Fine.  Alfred and I went and collected telephone bills.  Was all day at it.  At Geordie’s to dinner and Den’s to supper.

August 25, 1937 – Wednesday – fine.  Put up some beets, and picked some garden stuff.  Gave the Fuller Brush man an order.

August 26, 1937 – Thursday – fine.  The men were working at the watering place. – found water.   Warren MacCallum and party here to supper.

August 27, 1937 – Friday – dark but did not rain much.  Was to Truro.  Done some shopping and made calls.   Min was with us.

August 28, 1937 – Saturday – fine.  Cut some of the oats in afternoon.  Baked bread and cleaned some.  Homer went to the village for Ester and Gordon.

August 29, 1937 – Sunday – fine.  Was to Sunday School and church.  Ester and Gordon went back tonight.

August 30, 1937 – Monday – fine.  Cleaned the chicken house, and it was an all-day job.  Finished cutting the oats.

August 31, 1937 – Tuesday.  Washed,  and put in oats in afternoon.  Pretty hot.

September 1, 1937 – Wednesday – Rained a little.  Ironed and baked a cake and cookies.  Lois Archibald and George MacDonald married.

September 2, 1937 – Thursday – Dark.   Made some pickles and baked bread.

September 3, 1937 – Friday – Awful hot.  Got the rest of the oats in.  Done some sewing – fixed a quilt and blanket.  Baked pies.

September 4, 1937 – Saturday – Done the cleaning.   Homer to the Blacksmith Shop.  Priscilla down visiting Min.  Got our Fuller Brushes today.  A heavy thunder storm in Upper Stewiacke.

September 5, 1937 – Sunday.  Rained some in the morning.  Was to church and Sunday School.  Ernie Johnson, from Halifax, sang a solo.

September 6, 1937 – Monday – Labour Day.   Fine and clear.  Washed in forenoon.  Went to Sunday School Picnic at Springside.  Had a very good time.

September 7, 1937 – Tuesday – Fine.   Done the ironing and picked the tomatoes.  Had over two wash tubs full.  Ena,  and Norma Wood here in evening.

September 8, 1937 – Wednesday – Cool rain in afternoon.  Down to the village.  Ester, Priscilla, Mrs Duncan Miller and boys here today.

September 9, 1937 – Thursday – Frost this morning.  Alfred and Homer dug some potatoes.   Not a very good crop.  Baked brown bread.

September 10. 1937 – Saturday – rained in afternoon , and a high wind at night.  Homer went to Truro with D…(?).   David came home.  Done at Creelman’s.

September 11, 1937 – Saturday – Warm and dark.  Made a mistake – wrote Saturday’s in Friday’s place.  Made chow on Friday.  The men dug potatoes.

September 12, 1937 – Sunday – warm and dark.  Down to Sunday School and church.  Went to Grant’s to supper.  Was down to the cemetery.

September 13, 1937 – Monday – Washed,  but did not get the clothes dried.  The boys dug potatoes.  Got them picked before night.

September 14. 1937 – Tuesday – High wind this morning.  made sweet apple pickles, fixed up some cucumbers, and canned tomatoes.

September 15, 1937 – Wednesday – Fine.  Pretty hot in afternoon.  Went to Stewiacke Exhibition.  Had a good trip.

September 16, 1937 – Thursday.  Wet day.  Was in bed most of the day.

September 17, 1937 – Friday.  Baked bread.  Homer took Ester,  Gordon, and Priscilla to Truro.  Ester got teeth out and a permanent wave.

September 18, 1937 – Saturday – done some cooking and cleaning.  Alfred down to Bill’s, working at the chimney.  Down to Den’s, and had ice cream in evening.

September 19, 1937 – Sunday – Fine.  Mrs Eva Graham, Bill, Helen and two boys here to dinner.  Down to concert at Springside in the p.m.

September 20, 1937 – Monday.  Some squalls of rain.  Washed.  Got the clothes dried and ironed.  Canned some tomatoes.  Homer plowing.  Alfred finished the chimney.

September 21, 1937 – Tuesday – Cold wind.  Homer took Alfred and I to Truro.   Alfred working at Charlie’s.  I went to Belmont to see Mrs. Otterson.

September 22, 1937 – Wednesday – Fine and not so cold.  I came to Truro on the ten-to -four train.  Called at Janie Pearson’s.  Went to J.W. Johnson’s in evening.

September 23, 1937 – Thursday – Fine.  At J.W. Johnson’s, in East Mountain for breakfast and dinner.  Came out with Alden.  At Mel’s to supper, then home.

September 24, 1937 – Friday – fine.  Boys putting white-wash on the roof.  David slipped and fell.  Did not hurt.  Shook him up pretty bad.

September 25, 1937 – Saturday – fine.  Doing some cleaning.  Ester baked cookies.  Bub Blaikie here to supper.  Down to the village in the evening.  Wet.

September 26, 1937 – Sunday – wet.  Down to the church.  No one there for Sunday School.  Ester, Gordon and Priscilla went to the village.

September 27, 1937 – Monday.  Fine.   Washed and got the clothes dried.  Alfred down working at the school house.  They are building a wood house.  Got 2 pigs this p.m.

September 28, 1927

Tuesday – Rain in afternoon.   Alfred down to the school working.  Homer was plowing.  Warren Butcher’s funeral.

September 29, 1937 – Wednesday – wet day.   Homer fixed the curtains on the car.  Alfred peeled some apples.  David shelled some beans.  I made some patchwork.

September 30, 1937 – Thursday – fine.  Some rain in the night.  The tractor was up and ditched the hill. Lena, George and Sara here in the evening.

October 1, 1937 – Friday.  Dark – rain in the p.m.  Homer working on the road.  David and Alfred carted sods off the hill.  Plowing in afternoon.

October 2, 1937 – Saturday – Done some cleaning, and baked a cake and biscuits. Homer was plowing.

October 3, 1937 – Sunday – cold wind.  Was to church and Sunday School.  Down to Grant’s in evening.  Mary was home for supper.

October 4, 1937 – Monday – cold wind.  Was to truro in afternoon.  Saw the play “Wee Willie Winkie”.   Ester and Priscilla were with us.

October 5, 1937 – Tuesday – Fine.   Washed, baked bread, and ironed.  Ena over a while.    Robert MacKay was shot on Friday – quite bad.

October 6, 1937 – Wednesday – quite warm.  Killed chickens and pigs   this afternoon.  Done some cooking in the morning.  Didn’t thresh today.

October 7, 1937 – Thursday – Rained.  Quite a thunder shower in afternoon.  Homer and I down to H.T. Fulton’s.  Pork brought  $1.97.  Chickens – $8.66.

October 8, 1937 – Friday – Fine.  Threshed here today and at Willie’s.  Here to dinner.  We did not have very many oats.

October 9, 1937 – Saturday – Done some cleaning and baked pies and biscuits – also a gingerbread. Alfred up and topped out Murray Dickie’s chimney.

October 10, 1937 – Sunday.  Thanksgiving Service at Springside.  We were down.  Six babies baptized.  At Grant’s for our dinner.

October 11, 1937 – Monday – Wet day.  Washed and put the white clothes on the grass.  The men were doing odd jobs around today.

October 12, 1937 – Tuesday – Cold and a few snow flurries.  Cleared, fine.  Went to Allen’s and quilted the quilt for the Mission Box.  Mrs James Dunbar died this p.m.

October 13, 1937 – Wednesday – some squalls.  Baked bread and rolls.  Made some mustard pickles.  Homer plowing.  Frances MacKay went to the hospital.

October 14, 1937 – Thursday – fine.   Baked some cookies and done the ironing.  Alfred working at the school house.  The Rawleigh man here all night.

October 15, 1937 – Friday.  Some snow this a.m. Whitened the ground.  Down to Springside to W.M.S.   Packed two bales for the West.

October 16, 1937 – Saturday – Alfred was at the school house working.   Homer finished plowing and hauled some gravel and dug parsnips.

October 17, 1937 – Sunday – Fine and cool.  Down to church and Sunday School.  Helen and Lottie got their babies baptized.

October 18, 1937 – Monday – Fine.  Homer went to haul gravel in Pembroke.  David and Alfred dug the non-rot potatoes.  Had ten pounds.

October 19, 1937 – Tuesday – fine.  Alfred and David burning brush.  Was down to Graham Hill today, making calls.

October 20, 1937 – Wednesday – fine.  Baked bread and put a quilt in.  Alfred down to school house.  David pulling turnips.

October 21, 1937 – Thursday – fine.  Quilting today.  Elmer got a deer yesterday.  Lots of folks hunting.

October 22, 1937 – Friday – fine.  Lovely day.  Homer plowing at David’s.

October 23, 1937 – Saturday – fine.  Done the cleaning.  Baked pies and biscuits.  Homer took Father to the Doctor.  Ester and Priscilla came up.

October 24, 1937 – Sunday – wet.  Home all day.  W.M.S. Thanksgiving  Service at Springside this p.m.  Gordon here today – went back.

October 25, 1937 – Monday – Washed.  Down to Upper Stewiacke in the evening to hear Miss Griffiths, travelling secretary of the W.M.S. work.

October 26, 1937 – Tuesday – Pretty cold.  We were quilting today.  Alfred and David cutting hardwood with Mart, for Canadian Lumber Company.

October 27, 1937 – Wednesday – Fine warm weather.  David and Alfred finished pulling turnips.

October 28, 1937 – Thursday – fine.  Ester went to Truro on the cream truck to get her teeth.  Took the quilt out.

October 29, 1937 – Friday – fine.  Alfred and David cutting some logs.  Plowing match in Truro today.

October 30, 1937 – Saturday – done some cooking and cleaning.  Ester came up with Elmer in the mail.

October 31, 1937 – Sunday – Fine.  At Sunday School and Preaching.  The last day of Sunday School for this year.  Homer home today.

November 1, 1937 – Monday – fine.  Washed a big washing and they dried good.  Mr and Mrs Raynor called in the afternoon.

November 2, 1937 – Tuesday – fine.  Cleaned the boy’s bedroom.  Had Geordie’s team over and hauled in the turnips. Fair crop.

November 3, 1937 – Wednesday – wet.  Churned and killed the chickens.

November 4, 1937 – Thursday – down to the village this morning with the chickens.  Ester went to Truro.  Alfred and I down to Mr and Mrs Joe Archibald’s   40th Wedding Anniversary.

November 5, 1937 – Friday – cold morning.  Went to Truro, and Alfred had a treatment on his eyes.

November 6, 1937 – Saturday – Wet day.   Was down to Mrs Alice Proven Graham’s birthday party.  She had 71 callers in afternoon and evening.

November 7, 1937 – Sunday – Fine and cool.  Communuion at Springside.  Mr Raynor’s text was “Ye are the salt of the earth.”.

November 8, 1937 – Monday.  Nice and warm.  Alfred down doing some mason work at Cy’s.  Washed and got the clothes dried.

November 9, 1937 – Tuesday – fine.   Alfred and Mart looking for some big trees.  Roy Blaikie up too.

November 10, 1937 – Wednesday.  Snowy and dirty.  Bill Crocker up and got two load of logs.

November 11, 1937 – Thursday – cold morning.  knit and done some patching.

November 12, 1937 – Friday – fine.  Not so windy.  Ester cleaned upstairs.  I done the separator room.  Alfred cutting some logs.

November 13, 1937 – Saturday – fine.  Not so cold.  Cleaned the kitchen stove and the hall.  Down to see Father in evening.  Down to the village in evening too.

November 14, 1937 – Sunday – fine.  High wind towards night.  Gordon, David, and Homer went back to work after supper.

November 15, 1937 – Monday – Dark and squally.  Washed, but did not put the clothes out.

November 16, 1937 – Tuesday – Wet day.  Alfred went down with the mail and brought the car home from David’s.  Knitting and sewing.

November 17, 1937 – Wednesday – Cleared off some today.  Put the clothes out.  Made an apron, dust cap, and finished a pair of socks. Homer got a load of sawdust.

November 18, 1937 – Thursday – wet day.  Baked bread and done some mending.

November 19, 1937 – Friday – Pretty fine.  We were down to Springside to the supper and bazar.  Also out to Newton Mills.

November 20, 1937 – Saturday – rain.  We went to Truro.  Left home about eleven.  Alfred had another treatment on his eyes.  A bad rain and wind storm.

November 21, 1937 – Sunday – Fine.  A big freshet.  Water out on the interval.  To church.  Mr Raynor preached a good Temperance sermon.

November 22, 1937 – Monday – Dark and squally.   Bill Graham here in morning. I patched up Homer’s old breeches.

November 23, 1937 – Tuesday – Fine.  Washed and ironed.  Alfrd cutting some logs.

November 24, 1937 – Wednesday – nice and fine.  Put a quilt in and worked at it.  Aid at Mrs Crocker’s.

November 25, 1937 – Thursday – Cloudy.  A little snow.   Alfred yarded out some logs.  I baked brown bread and worked at the quilt.

November 26, 1937 – Friday – Dark and mild.  Took the quilt out.  Ester baked cookies.  Mr and Mrs Cyrus Graham’s 25th Wedding Anniversary.

November 27, 1937 – Saturday.  Went in to Truro in afternoon.  Fred Groves went in with us.  Alfred had another treatment on his eyes.

November 28, 1937 – Sunday.  Roads not very good.  Did not go to church.  Rev. A.E.O. Fraser spoke in Springside today.

November 29, 1937 – Monday.  Rained.  Done the washing but did not put them out.

November 30, 1937 – Tuesday.  Cleaned the pantry.  Clothes dried fine.  Homer came home.  They have finished pressing hay.

December 1, 1937 – Wednesday.  Mart here this forenoon.  Killed three chickens in afternoon.

December 2, 1937 – Thursday.  Fine.  Cleaned my bedroom.  Min came up this afternoon and here all night.

December 3, 1937 – Friday.  Fine.  Mr and Mrs W.D. Kennedy here today.  Down to see Father in the evening.  Homer came home tonight.

December 4, 1937 – Saturday – Fine.  Good roads.  We went to Stewiacke and Truro.  Charlie Deyarmond’s funeral this afternoon in the church.

December 5, 1937 – Sunday.  Snowed and rained.   Down to church.  Not many there.  The text was “Which hope we have as an anchor to the soul”.

December 6, 1937 – Monday.  Washed, but did not put the clothes out.  Baked a fruit cake.

December 7, 1937 – Tuesday.  Dark and squally.  Cut out suits for Roy and Arnold.  Made bitter yeast.

December 8, 1937 – Wednesday.  Finer.  Got the clothes dried.  Ester and Priscilla down to Murray.s.  Baked bread – done a little sewing.

December 9, 1937 – Thursday.  Making suits for Roy and Arnold.  Alfred started cutting wood.

December 10, 1937 – Friday.  Fine.  Auction at Clyde Reynolds’.  I went to the village with Homer.  Was at W.D. Kennedy’s.

December 11, 1937 – Saturday.  Froze some this morning.  Homer, Alfred and David Graham went to Eastville to see Hawes’.  We done the cleaning.

December 12, 1937 – Sunday.  Ground white with snow this a.m.  Homer and Gordon went back this evening.

December 13, 1937 – Monday.  Fine.  Washed and got the clothes dried.  George Deyarmond and Margaret Parker married this evening.

December 14, 1937 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Quite cold.  Was to an Aid Supper at Cy’s tonight. Ester went to David’s tonight.

December 15, 1937 – Wednesday – Fine.  Done some sewing and mending.  A case of Smallpox reported at J.W. Benvie’s.

December 16, 1937 – Thursday.  Fine.  Cleaned the room,  baked bread,  and churned.  Alfred cutting wood.

December 17, 1937 – Friday.  Snowed a little, and some rain and hail.  I done some cleaning at the kitchen.   Alfred cut up some green wood.

December 18, 1937 – Saturday.  Wet in afternoon.  Finished cleaning kitchen.  Gordon and Cecil came up for bed.  Ester and Homer to the village.

December 19, 1937 – Sunday.  Mild.  Went to church.  Text was “Unto you is born a Saviour”.  Min came up to supper.

December 20, 1937 – Monday.  Quite fine.  Washed and the clothes dried pretty good.  David and Alfred cutting wood.

December 21, 1937 – Tuesday.  Fine.  Ironed the clothes.  Baked cookies.  David out to Creelman’s camp.

December 22, 1937 – Wednesday – Fine.  I was sick last night, so a bit useless.  Baked cookies, a cake and bread.  David and Alfred getting wood.

December 23, 1937 – Thursday.  Squally and cold.  Had a supper at the camp.  Made $5.00.  Baked brown bread.

December 24, 1937 – Friday.  Fine.  Pretty cold.  Cleaned up the house.  Baked pies.  Ester, Gordon and Homer to the village.   Homer bringing the team in the a.m.

December 25, 1937 – Saturday.  Dark.  Snow heavy in afternoon and evening.  Had supper with Father.  Jack Crockett and the boys here to dinner.

December 26, 1937 – Sunday.  A lot of snow this morning.  Home all day.  Not so much snow in Upper Stewiacke.  Alvin Deyarmond and Rita McCoul  married last night.

December 27, 1937 – Monday.  Snowing.  Washed, but did not put them out.  Homer went down to David’s this morning.  Took the team and sled.

December 28, 1937 – Tuesday.  Squally.  David and Alfred cutting wood.  Alvin Deyarmond fell from Lloyd Dickie’s truck and got badly hurt.  Truck went over him.

December 29, 1937 – Wednesday.  Snowed some more.  David went to Middle Stewiacke this morning.  Done some mending.  Alfred cut wood and bushes.

December 30, 1937 – Thursday.  Fine.  David Graham went for his supplies.  Couldn’t bring them up the hill with the truck.  Alvin a bit better.

December 31, 1937 – Friday.  Fine.  Pretty cold.  Done some cleaning and cooking.  Mr William Rhyno died suddenly yesterday.

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