The Journals of Annabelle Johnson 1935

The Journals of
Annabelle Johnson
1935January 1, 1935 –

Tuesday – Fine through the day.  Commenced to storm in the evening.  Ester and Priscilla over to J.W.MacKay’s.  Alfred with mail.   Roads heavy.   David went to Mart’s.January 2, 1935 – Wednesday – Stormed all day.  A lot of snow tonight.  Still blowing.  Alfred down to Mart’s in afternoon.  I knit and done some mending.January 3, 1935 – Thursday – Fine.  A lot of snow.  Alfred went with mail.  Mart Fulton did not wait for the Brookfield mail – it was so late.

January 4, 1935 – Friday – Soft in the morning.  Turned cold about the middle of forenoon and snowed some.  Lois went away today – starting for USA.

January 5, 1935 – Saturday – Cold.  22 below zero this morning.  Gordon came up on snow shoes.  Homer and David home tonight.

January 6, 1935 – Sunday – Warmer.  The snow settled a lot today.  Went to church.  The text was “My days are swifter than a weaver’s shuttle” Job 4-6.

January 7, 1935 – Monday – Soft day.  Snow going fast.  Washed today.  Was down to Mart’s in afternoon.  Gladys Deyarmond has Scarlet Fever.  The Doctor up today.

January 8, 1935 – Warm.  Thawing snow settling fast.  Sewed and did some knitting.  Finished Alfred’s drawers – ready to wear now.

January 9, 1935 – Wednesday – Rained all day.  Snow went a lot.  Working at a pair of pants for Eddie today.

January10, 1935 – Thursday – Everything covered with sleet this morning.  Thawed and fell off after noon.  Rained in afternoon.  Alfred with the mail.

January 11, 1935 – Friday – Rained all night.  A big freshet.  The ice out at the oak stump.

January 12, 1935 – Saturday – Fine.  Alfred went with the mail.  They got the road cleared in time for mail, but water almost to the axle.  Got a channel through tonight.

January 13, 1935 – Sunday.  Cold but fine.  No church today.  Homer at home.  Lewie Graham has Scarlet Fever.

January 14, 1935 – Monday – dark this morning.  Homer and I went to the village in the car.  Very good wheeling.  Snowing some tonight.  Paid F. Cox in full.

January 15, 1935 – Tuesday – snowing and blowing.  Alfred took the wagon  – about as good wheeling as sleighing.  Lewis Graham died last night from the Scarlet Fever.

January 16, 1935 – Wednesday – Fine and cold.  Washed this morning.  Was sewing at my quilt some.  Lewis Graham was buried today – service at the cemetery.

January 17, 1935 – Thursday – Fine cold.  17 below zero this morning.  Alfred drove the mail.  He took the sleigh to Everett’s.

January 18, 1935 – Friday – Stormed all day, (snow).  David and Alfred hauled some logs.  I fixed Alfred’s overcoat.

January 19, 1935 – Saturday – Cold.  David went as far as Willie’s and made a track in the morning.  6:30 p.m. when Alfred got home with the mail.

January20, 1935 – Sunday – Fine.  Homer, David, Ester and Priscilla  went down to David’s to meet the Doctor.  He did not come.  The roads are heavy.

January 21, 1935 – Monday – Not so cold.  Washed today.  Alfred filed a saw for David this forenoon.

January 22, 1935 – Tuesday – Rained hard in forenoon.  Ester and Priscilla went with Geordie’s  to be inoculated.  They took the car to Mel MacKay’s.

January 23, 1935 – Wednesday – Fine today.  Alfred and I down to the school house cleaning.  Arthur and Mary there too. At Eva’s to dinner.  The roads rough.

January 24, 1935 – Thursday – some more snow in morning.  rained in afternoon.  Pretty slippy tonight.

January 25, 1935 – Friday – colder today.  Alfred was hauling  logs to the brook.  I was reading a book.

January 26, 1935 – Saturday – fine.  Snowed towards night.  Hard walking – couldn’t see the ice.  Homer, Gordon and David home tonight.

January 27, 1935 – Sunday – Pretty cold.  Home all day.  Ester took Gordon down as far as Grant’s in afternoon.  Homer and David went before dark.

January 28, 1935 – Monday – cold morning.  29 below zero at J.W.Deyarmond’s.  34 [below] in Truro.  We washed.  It was fine and they dried. Alfred fixed the sleigh shaft.

January 29, 1935 – Tuesday – not so cold as yesterday.  Alfred took the wagon with the mail.  Snowed toward night and rained in evening.

January 30, 1935 – Wednesday – mild in lorning – cooler in afternoon and evening.  Ester and Priscilla went to get their second inoculation.  Went with Herman.

January 31, 1935 – Thursday – Cold day – a very cold night.  Churned this morning.  Sent the butter to W. Guatts  (sic)  This is my birthday – got five cards.

February 1, 1935 – Friday – fine.  Alfred out to the woods where mart is working.  Sewing at my quilt today.

February 2, 1935 – Saturday – A little snowy today.  Cleaned up and did some cooking.  Gordon, Homer and David came home tonight.

February 3, 1935 – Sunday – mild today.  Roy’s birthday.   Went to church.  The text was  “He that beareth not his cross is not worthy of me”.

February 4, 1935 – Monday – Mild and foggy.  Washed today.  Alfred hauled a few logs.  We were out for a load with him.

February 5, 1935 – Tuesday – Colder and windy.  Finished my quilt today.  Alfred over to D.F. Creelman’s today.  Eggs 22 cents a dozen there today.

February 6, 1935 – Wednesday – cold.  22 below zero this a.m.  Had our Annual Meeting tonight.  All square to-date.  C. Cox died last night.

February 7, 1935 – Not very cold.  I went down to Grant’s with the mail – stayed to dinner.  Called a while at Father’s.

February 8, 1935 – Friday – Fine. Lelia was up this afternoon.  Murray here a few minutes in evening.

February 9, 1935 – Saturday – snowed in afternoon.  Done the cleaning and cooked some.  Homer, David and Gordon home tonight.

February 10, 1935 – Sunday – Fine.  Home all day.  Ester and Priscilla took Gordon down as far as Grant’s.  Mary and Viola out from town today.

February 11, 1935 – Monday – A lovely fine day.  Washed and the clothes dried good.  Ester went over to Geordie’s.   The Doctor sent word he couldn’t come.

February 12, 1935 – Colder today.  Put in a mat.  Alfred went with the mail. Over to Geordie’s in the evening.

February 13, 1935 – Wednesday – Pretty cold today.  Alfred was working with Mart.   We hooked a little and done some mending.

February 14, 1935 – Thursday – Fine.  Ester and Priscilla went down to Grant’s in the mail.  Homer sick today – did not work.

February 15, 1935 – Friday – Wet day.  Alfred went to the woods but came back about ten.  Annie and Donald here last night to supper.

February 16, 1935 – Saturday – still dark.  Homer came home in forenoon and went to the village.  They got inoculated for the third time.

February 17, 1935 – Sunday – Fine.  Snowed a lot in the night. Was to church.

February 18, 1935 – Monday – Fine.  Snowed some in the afternoon.  Washed today, the clothes dried pretty good.  Alfred worked with Mart today.

February 19, 1935 – Tuesday – Fine.  The roads are pretty heavy.  Alfred was late getting home with the mail.  Hooked some today.

February 20, 1935 – Wednesday – Blustery day.  Alfred was out to Paine’s today with Willie.  Roy and Bill Johnson came in with them.  They have the flu.

February 21, 1935 – Thursday – Snowed awful thick in forenoon.  Finer after noon.  Alfred got home with mail at 5:45 p.m.  Bill Johnson here today.

February 22, 1935 – Friday – Blustery.  Alfred filed two saws and Bill done the talking.  Hooked at the mat.

February 23, 1935 – Saturday – Finer today.  Road heavy.  Almost six when Alfred got home.  Bill Johnson went over to Willie’s.  The boys came home in the evening.

February 24, 1935 – Sunday – Stormed most of the night.  A lot of hail and snow in the forenoon.  The boys started back about two o’clock.

February 25, 1935 – Monday – Dark and snowed some.  Washed but did not put the clothes out.  Alfred, Ester and Priscilla went down in the afternoon to make a track.

February 26, 1935 – Tuesday – Rained today.  Got pretty soft by night.  Got the mat out today.  Had a cow calved this morning.

February 27, 1935 – Wednesday – stormed all day (snow). Hooked today – put in another mat.

February 28, 1935 – Thursday – Cold morning – 20 below zero.  Ester and Priscilla down to Mart’s today.  The roads bad today.  After six when the mail got home.

March 1, 1935 – Friday – A fine day.  Baked bread and done some washing.  The clothes dried fine – first good day  this week.  Hooked in afternoon.

March 2, 1935 – Saturday – snowed some but not very cold.  Priscilla’s third birthday.  Done some cooking and cleaning – also churned.

March 3, 1935 – Sunday – Stormy and squally – a high wind tonight.  I stayed at home with Priscilla.  The rest went to church.

March 4, 1935 – Monday – cold and windy.  Washed today and they dried good.  Snow blowed all day – more new snow last night.  Hooking in evening.

March 5, 1935 – Milder today.  Alfred went with the mail.  The roads are heavy.  A car load of hay unloaded in Musquodoboit yesterday.

March 6, 1935 – Wednesday – Snowed a little more last night.  Alfred has a stiff neck today.  Churned today.  Hooking in afternoon.

March 7, 1935 – Thursday – Windy and cold.  We took the mat out today.  Willie here a few minutes.  The roads are still heavy.

March 8, 1935 – Cold – 24 below zero this morning.  Ella and Lelia up today for supper.

March 9, 1935 – Saturday – Not so cold.  A bad east wind blowing.  Ester went to the village today.  A pie-social there today.  Priscilla at home.

March 10, 1935 – Sunday – Fine.  Thawed some today.  David took Queen down and Ester came home.   Walked through the woods to Gault’s camp.

March 11, 1935 – Monday – Mild.  Washed today, clothes dried pretty good.  Alfred worked for Mart on the brow today.

March 12, 1935 – Tuesday – Dark, rained some – not much. Cut mat rags and churned.  Measles in Eastville now.

March 13, 1935 – Wednesday – Dirty day.   Put in a stamped mat-bottom today.  Homer and Fred Groves here this afternoon.

March 14, 1935 – Thursday – Fine.  Went down to Father’s with the mail.   She was in bed.  The roads are pretty soft.

March 15, 1935 – Friday – Not very fine.  Hooked at the mat.  Mrs A. F. MacDonald died yesterday  in the Colchester County Hospital.  Funeral Saturday.

March 16, 1935 – Saturday – Done the cleaning and some cooking.  Boys came home in evening.  Did some patching.

March 17, 1935 – Sunday – Fine and warm.  Snow settled a lot today.  Was to church.  Homer and David was at home to supper.

March 18, 1935 – Monday – Cold windy day.  The watering place stopped running last night.  Roy MacKay has the measles.

March 19, 1935 – Tuesday – Fine, windy day.  Hooking at the mat.  Clarence Barrett came in from Paine’s , sick with measles.

March 20, 1935 – Wednesday – dirty and snowy.  Churned this morning and was hooking.   Willie over to Bible Class in evening.

March 21, 1935 – Thursday – Fine.  Hooked today.

March 22, 1935 – Friday – Squally and dark.  Alfred worked with Mart today.  We took the mat out tonight.

March 23, 1935 – Saturday – Fine.  Went down with mail  to see Min.  Christopher Fisher’s little boy, Albert was buried this afternoon.

March 24, 1935 – Sunday – a big snow storm.  Snowed and blowed all day.   The boys did not go back to work tonight.

March 25, 1935 – Monday – The storm is over, but blowing some.   Washed.  The boys were shoveling in the forenoon.  Went back to work.

March 26, 1935 – Tuesday – Fine.  The roads are bad.  I was at Mart’s today.  Christy and I hooked at her mat.

March 27, 1935 – Wednesday – Fine.  Cold wind.  Churned, canned meat, and baked ginger snaps.

March 28, 1935 – Fine.  The snow softened today.  Was over to Geordie’s today.  Ed Mowatt came from the woods – going home.

March 29, 1935 – Friday – snowing in morning, rained in afternoon.   Over to Willie’s to dinner.  Alfred and Willie was getting wood.

March 30, 1935 – Saturday – dark and snowing.  Homer and David came home in afternoon.  Homer is done at David’s.

March 31, 1935 – Sunday – Fine, but cold wind.  Was at church.  The text was “And the house was empty, swept and garnished”.

April 1, 1935 – Monday – fine.  Washed today.  Muir MacKay has the measles.  Some better today.

April  2, 1935 – Tuesday – snowy day.  Soft snow.  Alfred drove the mail.  Gordon came home from the woods.  Put in a mat.

April 3, 1935 – Wednesday – Fine in morning.  An awful squall in afternoon.  Alfred and I down to Gault’s camp.  At Grant’s to supper and to Bible Class.

April 4, 1935 – Thursday – Cold.  Snow drifted in the clearing all day.   Alfred drove the mail.  Went to Springside.   Hooking today.

April 5, 1935 – Friday – An awful cold morning – fine but cold.

April 6, 1935 – Saturday – homer down to David’s sawing wood.  Was to a coasting party  at E. B.Deyarmond’s in evening.

April 7, 1935 – Sunday – Fine.  We were all to church.  The text was “The gift by grace, which is by one man, Jesus Christ”.

April 8, 1935 – Monday – Fine.  Washed a big washing.  Hooked some in afternoon.  Malcolm has the measles – is quite sick today.

April 9, 1935 – Tuesday – nice and fine.  Snow going today.  Alfred went with the mail.  Got word that Lyman Mac Callum died on Sunday.

April 10, 1935 – Wednesday – Alfred and Homer went to Truro this a.m.  Walked to Riversdale (on the crust).  Went to Lyman MacCallum’s funeral.

April 11, 1935 – Thursday – Fine.  Gordon went with the mail.  Homer got home in forenoon.  They came to Upper Stewiacke last night.  Alfred came up with the mail.

April 12, 1935 – Friday – Fine.  Alfred and Gordon over to Willie’s sawing wood.  Homer went to the Scrogg (sic) for snow shoes.  Hauled wood in p.m.

April 13, 1935 – Saturday – Rained in afternoon , and was quite a storm in the evening.  Ester, Gordon and Priscilla down to Murray’s.  Homer went with the mail.

April 14, 1935 – Sunday – Dark and cloudy.  Alfred has the cold.  No church today.  Home all day.

April 15, 1935 – Monday – Not very fine.  The wood-saw here today.  Finished before one o’clock.  Bill got two pounds of butter.

April 16, 1935 – Tuesday – Squally.  Washed today.  Homewr and Elmer out shutting down dams on snowshoes.  Alfred took the wagon with the mail, first time [this spring].

April 17, 1935 – Wednesday – Cleared off this forenoon. Rained hard in the night.  Boys were splitting wood.  Put in a mat.

April 18, 1935 – Thursday – Some heavy showers.  Gordon went down to the village.  Alfred’s head is bad these two days.

April 19, 1935 – Friday – Finished the woodpile.  I was patching today.

April 20, 1935 – Saturday – Squally and cold.  Homer drove the mail.  I didn’t do much these two days but wipe eyes and nose.   Got a pig.

April 21, 1935 – Sunday – Easter Sunday.  Did not go to church.  Not very fine and Alfred is still miserable from his cold.

April 22, 1935 – Monday – not very fine.  Washed.  Gordon has a cold.  The drive started today.  Rolling Geordie’s logs.

April 23, 1935 – Tuesday – Cold wind.  Homer and Gordon up the brook rolling in logs today.  David tapped a few trees.

April 24, 1935 – Wednesday – Fine.  Sap ran pretty good today.  I was hooking.  Alfred got a calf from Mart tonight.

April 25, 1935 – Thursday – Fine.  Was hooking today.  Rolling logs at Mart’s today.  Sap ran good today.

April 26, 1935 – Friday – cold wind today.  W.M.S. and Aid here this afternoon.  Adam Wright died yesterday, at the County Home.

April 27, 1935 – Saturday – Fine.  I hooked today.  Ester and Priscilla down to Mart’s in afternoon.

April 28, 1935 – Sunday – Warm – feels like spring.  Some thunder about noon.  Was home all day.

April 29, 1935 – Monday – Cloudy in forenoon.  Fine and warmer this p.m.  I worked at my mat.  Homer and Gordon driving on Jack’s Pond.

April 30, 1935 – Tuesday –  cloudy and rained in afternoon.  I was down to the schoolhouse and called to see Helen and Eva.   Homer out driving.

May 1, 1935 – Wednesday – a big rain in the night.  Windy and cold today.   We were out to Gilmour Creelman’s today,  and made some other calls.

May 2, 1935 – Thursday – windy and cold.  I was hooking today.  The dam at Walter’s busted yesterday.  Elmer and Murray fixed it today.

May 3, 1935 – Friday – Fine.  Ester, Priscilla and I were down to practice at the church today.  The boys took the car this morning.

May 4, 1935 – Saturday – Fine but an awful cold wind.  I finished my mat today.

May 5, 1935 – Sunday – Fine day, still cold winds.  Rally Day in Sunday School – a nice service. Homer and Gordon stayed in the village.

May 6, 1935 – Monday – Nasty and wet.  Washed this morning.  Twenty-five years today since king George and Queen Mary came to the throne.

May 7, 1935 – Tuesday –   Got my dress almost finished today – the cloth I brought from the States.  David to the dam today again.

May 8, 1935 – Wednesday –  Cleaned up the old house.  Lelia here to dinner.  Homer, David, Ester and Gordon went to the concert.

May 9, 1935 – Thursday – Fine.  We cleaned house. I cleaned my bedroom and Ester cleaned hers.  The drive got in today.

May 10, 1935 – Friday – Fine in morning.  Rained in afternoon.   We were down to see Min.  Bob Rutherford there for dinner too.

May 11, 1935 – Saturday – Fine.  Homer and I down to the village.  Got some paint for the boys room.

May 12, 1935 – Sunday – Fine.  Was to Sunday School today.  Gordon and Priscilla stayed at home.

May 13, 1935 – Monday – washed today.  Homer and Alfred down to Pembrook.  Got a set of wheels for the cart from Den.

May 14, 1935 – Tuesday – Went in to Truro this morning.  Left Truro at 10:20 to attend the Conference Branch Meeting.  Arrived in Chatham at 5:30.

May 15, 1935 – Wednesday – Fine.  Cold wind.  Went to the church meetings.  Opened at ten o’clock, and there was  meetings, dinner and supper served in St Luke’s hall.

May 16, 1935 – Thursday – Was to the three meetings of the Branch.  had a lot of talk today.  six o’clock before the afternoon closed.

May 17, 1935 – Fine.  I left Chatham on the 7:10 train, and arrived in Truro at 4:10.  We were to the show.  saw ” The Little Colonel”.

May 18, 1935 – Fine – Alfred fixed the hot bed, and the boys were picking stones.

May 19, 1935 – Sunday – Fine.  Alfred, Homer and Ester went to Springside this morning to Lewie’s memorial service.  To Sunday School and Church in afternoon.

May 20, 1935 – monday – Washed today.  I was feeling better.  Ester, Priscilla and Alfred went to Eastville to get the oats cleaned.

May 21, 1935 – Tuesday – Fine.  I ironed, and Ester was down with the mail.    Cleaned the windows and washed the floor in the boy’s bedroom.

May 22, 1935 – Wednesday – Cleaned the spare bedroom and the halls.  Alfred down to the Manse.  The boys putting out manure.

May 23, 1935 – Thursday – fine.  Washed bed clothes today.  Alfred and I and Priscilla down calling on Mrs. P.S. Hamilton, also Mary and Vina.

May 24, 1935 – Friday – I cleaned the pantry.  Ester ironed in the forenoon, and whitened the ceiling in the afternoon.  Alfred at the manse.

May 25, 1935 – Saturday – Fine.  Cleaned the room today,  and did some cooking.  Alfred down and finished his job at the manse.

May 26, 1935 – Sunday – Fine.  Down to Sunday School today.  Homer took Gordon to the village in the evening.

May 27, 1935 – Monday – Washed today and scrubbed the old house.  Homer, Alfred, Grant and Elliott  in to Truro to see the War Picture.

May 28, 1935 – Tuesday – Fine .  Down to the village today.  Got the seed oats and a bag of flour.

May 29, 1935 – Wednesday – Rained this afternoon.  Alfred put a patch of plaster on at Mart’s.  Killed the pig after supper.

May 30, 1935 – Thursday – Down to the village today.   The boys hauled some gravel in forenoon.  Cut up the pork.

May 31, 1935 – Friday – Fine.  Sowed oats this afternoon.  Planted beets and carrots in forenoon.   Alfred down and put putty coat on at Mart’s.

June 1, 1935 – Saturday – Fine.  Made pickle for meat and pot-head.  Byron got home today.  Went to the village and Musquodoboit in afternoon.

June 2, 1935 – Sunday – Fine.  Was to Sunday School and Church.  Had quite a crowd for supper.

June 3, 1935 – Monday.  Fine.  Washed today.  Was down to the brook to fish after supper.  Byron came up tonight.

June 4, 1935 – Tuesday – Hot this afternoon.  Byron, Ina, Mrs. Kennedy, Roy and I were to Truro.  Alfred went to Sackville to Conference.

June 5, 1935 – Wednesday – Fine day.  Planted the potatoes today.  Byron, Ina and Roy here today.

June 6, 1935 – Thursday – Fine.  Put in some beans.  Will Cox up tonight.  Down to see the Stewiacke play – “It Pays to Advertise”.

June 7, 1935 – Friday – Fine.  Sowed that wet corner of interval.  Homer and I down to village in evening.   Alfred did not get home today.

June 8, 1935 – Saturday – Fine.  They all went to the lake (eleven of them) and Homer, Mrs Kennedy, Mrs Ingham, Ina, and the two kiddies fished in the evening.

June 9, 1935 – Sunday – Fine.  To Sunday School and church.  Mr. Girdwood preached.  His text was “What think ye of Christ?”.

June 10, 1935 – monday – Washed today.  The boys picked stones and we got the rolling done, and some turnips in.  Homer to a dance.

June 11, 1935 – Tuesday – A nice rain today.  Byron, Ina and Roy came up tonight.  Homer sick.  Went down to Agnes’ while the mail was away.

June 12, 1935 – Wednesday – Showers today.  Down to Mart’s to dinner.Calling at Father’s and Grant’s;  and to Den’s and Geordie’s in evening.

June 13, 1935 – Thursday – Fine.  We were down to W.D.Kennedy’s to dinner.  Went down with Byron and Ina.  Homer to see the Doctor.

June 14, 1935 – Friday – A terrible storm.  Not very bad here, but down [in the village] bad hail and rain.  Byron here until after dinner. He and Ina back this evening.

June 15, 1935 – Saturday – Rained today.  Byron and Ina started back today.  Doctor Stewart up to see Homer today.

June 16, 1935 – Sunday – Fine.  A high wind in afternoon.  I wasn’t to church or Sunday School. I stayed with Homer.  He isn’t very well.

June 17, 1935 – Monday – Washed today, but it was wet all day.  Alfred down to Session meeting.  Ester and Priscilla came home.

June 18, 1935 – Tuesday – Rained in morning – cleared in forenoon.  Homer had an operation today.  Had his appendix out.  Got along good.

June 19, 1935 – Wednesday – We planted some peas, cucumbers,  and squash.  Called the hospital.  Homer coming on very good.

June 20, 1935 – Thursday – Harrowed at the turnip ground,  but rained before we got them furrowed.  Put out the tomatoes.

June 21, 1935 – Friday – Shower this morning.  Went in to see Homer.  He is feeling better this afternoon.  At Springside to supper.

June 22, 1935 – Saturday – Still wet.  Put out more tomatoes and the cabbage.  Had a letter from Ina.  They arrived home safe.

June 23, 1935 – Sunday – Rained in forenoon.  Down to Sunday School.  Beatrice Barker in Burnside today.

June 24, 1935 – Monday – Washed today. Planted corn and finished the turnips.  The scholars were to Truro today for a trip.

June 25, 1935 – Tuesday – Fine.  Pretty warm.  Sowed some oats for green feed.  Got the mangles hoed.  Miss Archibald here to supper.

June 26, 1935 – Wednesday – School closed today.  Cleaned up the cellar.  Got the potatoes cultivated today.

June 27, 1935 – Thursday – Fine.  Made a batch of hard soap.  Down to the village with the mail.  Had a letter from Homer.

June 28, 1935 – Friday – Fine.  Cleaned the church today.  Alfred down and got the car fixed.  Mr and Mrs Raynor and Mrs M. called.

June 29, 1935 – Saturday – Fine.  Alfred and I went to Truro in afternoon,  and Homer came home.  Nellie and Mrs Alice Graham went in.

June 30, 1935 – Sunday – Showers today.  Down to Springside.  The new Elders were ordained today.

July 1, 1935 – Monday – Washed today and picked a few berries.  The men are hoeing turnips.

July 2, 1935 – Tuesday – Cool today.  Picked some berries.  Grant and Min up in afternoon.

July 3, 1935 – Wednesday – Fine.  Went down in the cream truck to Father’s.  Helped paper the bedroom.

July 4, 1935 – Thursday – Hot day.  Picked a pint of berries.  Emma and Willie, Allen and Lena called in afternoon. The  boys here in evening.

July 5, 1935 – Friday – Thunder storm in morning..  Alfred and I went to Truro.  Took Min in to go on the 10:20 train for USA.

July 6, 1935 – Saturday – Fine.  Picking strawberries in afternoon.  Got a nice lot.

July 7, 1935 – Sunday – Cool day.  To church and Sunday School.  Homer to church.  The text was “There is joy in heaven over one sinner that repenteth”.

July 8, 1935 – Monday – Washed.  Very cool.  Picked berries all the afternoon with a jacket on.  The berries are good and plenty.

July 9, 1935 – Tuesday – Fine and warmer.  We made preserves.  Ester got some strawberries from Earl Kennedy.

July 10, 1935 – Wednesday – Fine.  Aid at Allen’s in afternoon.

July 11, 1935 – Thursday – A nice rain this morning.  Sunday School picnic in afternoon.  Ester and Priscilla went to the village.

July 12, 1935 – Friday – Fine.  Picked berries in afternoon.  Down to Springside to Church in evening – Preparatory Service.

July 13, 1935 – Saturday – Hot.  Down to the village with mail.   Canned greens and picked berries.  Fred Fulton went through Mart’s bridge.

July 14, 1935 – Sunday – Hot day.  Down to Springside.  Communion Service.  Father down with us.  Text was “This is my blood of the new covenant”.

July 15, 1935 – Monday – Fine.  Washed.  The men were hoeing turnips.  Picked some berries.  A son born to Mr and Mrs Murray Graham this a.m.

July 16, 1935 – Tuesday – Dark and warm.  Ironed in forenoon.  We picked some berries in afternoon.  Ester and Priscilla came home today.

July 17, 1935 – Wednesday – Rained this morning and some showers through the day.  Went to Eastville.  Was at W.M.S. and a Committee meeting.

July 18, 1935 – Thursday – Hot and cloudy.  Was calling today for the present for Doctor Stewart.  Mowed a little after supper.

July 19, 1935 – Friday – not a hay day.  Lena and Mrs Fisher and children here this afternoon.  Preserving gooseberries today.

July 20, 1935 – Saturday – Fine.  Haying.  Put in two load of hay.  Down to the village in the evening.  Was in to see the Doctor.

July 21, 1935 – Sunday – Fine.  To church and Sunday School.  The text was “A certain man went down from Jerusalem to  Jerhico”.

July 22, 1935 – Monday – Fine.  put in two loads of hay.  Homer down and got the car fixed.

July 23, 1935 – Tuesday – Dark – rained a little this morning.   Two fellows here to buy cows.

July 24, 1935 – Wet day.  A heavy thunder storm.   We read, done jig-saw puzzles, and knit some.

July 25, 1935 – Thursday – Finer today.  Terrible hot.  Put in the hay we had cut.  Bessie here to dinner – went down with mail.

July 26, 1935 – Friday – fine.  Cool in evening.  haying today.  Down to the farewell party for Doctor Stewart in evening.  A big time.

July 27, 1935Friday – Put in hay today.  Priscilla and Ester went to the village for the week-end.  Rod and Belle have a son born July 21.

July 28, 1935 – Sunday – Fine.  To Sunday School.  Down to Grant’s to supper.  Over to see Alice’s baby.

July 29, 1935 – Monday – not a good hay day.  I washed.   Homer went down to the village in the morning..  Went picking blueberries after dinner.

July 30, 1935 – Tuesday – Not much of a hay day.  Churned.    Baked.  Priscilla and I down with  Homer.  Will Cox here this evening.

July 31, 1935 – Wednesday – Dark and cloudy.  Baked bread.  Was reading a book and knitting.

August 1, 1935 – Thursday – A bad storm.  Thunder, lightning, hail and rain.  Hurt our garden, oats, potatoes and turnips.  Father and his wife here to supper.

August 2, 1935 – Friday – Fine.  Haying.  Put in three loads.  Ester and Priscilla over to Willie’s to supper.

August 3, 1935 – Saturday – Fine.  Finished haying all but the swamp.  Down to the village in evening.  A big crowd there tonight.

August 4, 1935 – Sunday – Was at Church and Sunday School.  Amanda, Allister, Lexie, Anna and Grame(sic):  David, Lucy and Elsie here to supper.

August 5, 1935 – Monday – Cool.  Washed and in the afternoon, Alfred and I went to Mose’s.  Got a cracker pail of blueberries.

August 6, 1935 – Tuesday – Ironed in the morning.   Put a quilt in and got it started  –  The sunflower one.  Put the swamp hay in.

August 7, 1935 – Wednesday – Fine.  We were quilting.

August 8, 1935 – Thursday – Fine.  Quilting today.  Homer took the Post Office Inspector around to some of the Offices in the p.m.

August 9, 1935 – Friday – Fine.  Alfred, Homer, David, and Ester went to Otterbrook to pick raspberries.  They got a fine lot.

August 10, 1935 – Saturday – Hot day.  Got the cleaning done.  Baked brown bread. Alfred and I down to Bill Miller’s to supper.

August 11, 1935 – Sunday – Fine.  Nellie and Grant here to dinner.  Went to Sunday School.  Mrs MacLean, Mr and Mrs W.D.Kennedy, Helen and H.  here to  supper.

August 12, 1935 – Monday – dark in morning.  Washed.  Put the white clothes on the grass.  Quilting in afternoon.

August 13, 1935 – Tuesday – Fine.  I was down to see Helen today while the mail was away.  Homer painted the car.

August 14, 1935 – Wednesday – Hot day.  We finished the quilt today.   Homer went to the dance at the Branch tonight.

August 15, 1935 – Thursday – Hot and dry.  I was down to Father’s with mail and got  some beans.  Picked a few raspberries after supper.

August 16, 1935 – Friday – Hot.  Went to Truro today.  Homer got his teeth fixed.  Ester and Priscilla went to the village.

August 17, 1935 – Saturday – Very hot.  From 100 to 96 in the shade.  Done some baking and cleaned up some.  Alfred cut the grass seed.

August 18, 1935 – Sunday – Hot day.  Was to Sunday School and Church.  Mr MacKean preached.  His text was “Turn to your stronghold, ye sons of hope”.

August 19, 1935 – monday.  Hot.  Washed today.  Went down to a Field Day at H.P. Cox’s.  Was at Arthur Kennedy’s to supper.

August 20, 1935 – Tuesday – Not quite so hot.  More breeze today.  Churned and ironed.  Elmer finished cutting our oats, and his own.

August 21, 1935 – Wednesday – Hot.  Alfred went down to the schoolhouse in forenoon.  Put in a load of oats after supper.

August 22, 1935 – Thursday – Put in two load  of  oats in forenoon.   Rained before noon.  Elmer and Mart here to dinner.

August 23, 1935 – Friday – Wet day.  Rained hard last night with thunder.  Jane  and Jessie Ellis;  Geordie’s folks, Lena and Sarah called.

August 24, 1935 – Saturday – Dark and wet.  Alfred wewnt down to Pembrook  to build a chimney in the schoolhouse.  We were down to John D.’s in evening.

August 25, 1935 – Sunday – Wet in forenoon.  Was to Sunday School.  Homer away in evening.

August 26, 1935 – Monday.  Washed in forenoon.   Was out and picked a five-pound pail of blueberries.  Alfred finished the chimney today.

August 27, 1935 – Tuesday – Dark.  Ironed in forenoon.  A show of calves and cows at Cross Roads.  Ester and Priscilla came home tonight.

August 28, 1935 – Wednesday – Fine.  Put in some oats.  Made some mustard beans, pickles and beets. Got peas and beans ready to can.

August 29, 1935 – Thursday – Wet in forenoon.  Charlie, Bessie and Bub here till afternoon.  Down to a Committee Meeting at Cross Roads in evening.

August 30, 1935 – Friday – Pretty fine.  The men put the last of the oats in.  We were quilting today.

August 31, 1935 – Saturday – Dark and wet.  Cleared in afternoon.  Took a quilt out today.  Down to the village after supper.  Called at Glenn’s.

September 1, 1935 – Sunday.  Fine.  Was to church and Sunday School.  Mr Raynor’s text was  “We are labourers together with God”.

September 2, 1935 – Monday – Washed.  Fixed a quilt – ready to put a new cover on it.  A lot of folks over to Green Hill.

September 3, 1935 – Tuesday.  Baked bread.  Ester went down to visit Nellie.  We were over to Willie’s.  David went to Truro with Jack.

September 4, 1935 – Wednesday.  A dance down at Gault’s tonight.  Homer and Ester went.

September 5, 1935 – Thursday.  Rained some.  Was to the village with the fowls.  Quilted a quilt today.  Churned in the morning.

September 6, 1935 – Friday – Finer.  Bert and Allen called in forenoon.  Men plowing.

September 7, 1935 – Fine.  Done some cooking and cleaning.  Down to Springside to hear the Copeland Duff Players.

September 8, 1935 – Sunday – Fine.  Was down to Sunday School in afternoon. Went to Springside in evening to hear the Scottish singers.

September 9, 1935 – Monday – Fine.  Washed.  Down to Grant’s in evening.  The men got their hair cut.

September 10, 1935 – Tuesday – Wet day.  Down to Bill’s a little while at mail time.  Cleaned and pressed our clothes today.

September 11, 1935 – Wednesday – Fine.  Went to Halifax to the Johnson and Cook wedding. At Mac MacDonald’s to dinner.  Had a good time.

September 12, 1935 – Thursday – Fine.   Some tired today.  Was down to the brook awhile where they were working at the water-break.

September 13, 1935 – Friday – Fine.  School fair.  Ester went down in the morning.  A very good Fair.

September 14, 1935 – Saturday – Fine.  Was called to Bill’s about 4 a.m.  The baby was born about 7.    Doctor Reid came out from Truro.

September 15, 1935 – SAunday – Wet day.  Rained all day.   Helen and baby both fine.  George here in evening.  No church today.

September 16, 1935 – Monday.  Squally and wet.  Bill went to Truro, and we done what was to do.

September 17, 1935 – Tuesday – Squally.  Done the baby’s washing and came home with the mail.  Mary and Arthur here tonight.

September 18, 1935 – Wednesday – Fine.  Dug some potatoes today.  Put in a quilt (crib quilt).  Down to Mrs Bella Hamilton’s in evening.

September 19, 1935 – Thursday – Fine.  Down to the village today.  Took  a pig down.  Pork is  ten and a half cents a pound.  Took the quilt out.

September 20, 1935 – Friday – Wet day.  made chow, mustard pickles and some apple preserves.

September 21, 1935 – Saturday – Fine.  Went down to W.D.Kennedy’s in afternoon.

September 22, 1935 – Sunday – Was to church and Sunday School.  Quite a thunderstorm in afternoon.  The text was from Amos…

September 23, 1935 – Monday – Washed today.  Alfred down to the school house.  He built a new doorstep.

September 24, 1935 – Tuesday – Fine.  Digging potatoes today.  Down to see Doctor Buntain,  and had blood-pressure taken.    It is normal (140).

September 25, 1935 – Wednesday – Fine.  Digging potatoes.  A lovely fine day.  Killed 5 chickens in afternoon.

September 26, 1935 – Thursday – Fine.  Was down to the village.  Got twenty-two cents a pound for the chickens.    $4.51 for the five.  To see the Doctor.  Blood 65 per cent.

September 27, 1935 – Friday – Fine.  Finished the potatoes.  Went up to see Aunt Jessie in afternoon.  Called at Clarie’s and Lelia’s.

September 28, 1935 – Saturday – Fussed around all day.  Down to the village in evening.  Going to start for USA Monday morning.

September 29, 1935 – Sunday – wet.  Rained most of the day.  Was down to see Father a few minutes.  At Grant’s for supper.  No Sunday School.

September 30, 1935 – Cloudy – A few squalls of rain.  Left home for USA at 5 a.m.  Slept in Pembrook, Maine.  Had a good trip.

October 1, 1935 – Tuesday – Fine.  Drove all day.  Got to Seymour’s before 7 p.m.  Mart was awful tired.  Seymour brought us over to Bydie’s.

October 2, 1935 – Wednesday – Fine.  Alfred went over to the farm in forenoon.  Lew Brenton and wife,  Mart, Christy, Seymour, Mildred, Mary, Jack, Ollie, and Mrs. P. all here in evening.

October 3, 1935 – Thursday – Fine.  The menfolk went to the wrestling match in evening.   Alfred around with Rod in afternoon.   Ted and Hilda here in evening.

October 4, 1935 – Friday – Fine.  Alfred was away in forenoon with Mart and Ollie.  Went to Westboro in afternoon.  Peter Deyarmond died yesterday.

October 5, 1935 – Saturday – Fine.  Roy and I walked down to Rod’s in afternoon.  Went shopping in evening to Framingham.

October 6, 1935 – Sunday – Wet day.  Listened to a sermon in forenoon.  Ted and Hilda here in afternoon.  Had a birthday party for Jack and Mary.

October 7, 1935 – Monday – Fine.  Washed this morning.  Over to Ted’s for supper and spent the evening.  Called to see Mrs. Patchett.  Pa had his operation.

October 8, 1935 – Tuesday – Fine.  A cold night last night.  Mildred, Mrs Ostler, Mrs Johnson and Christy   called in afternoon.

October 9, 1935 – Wednesday.  Fine day.  Alfred went with Rod in afternoon.  At Seymour’s for supper.  To a show in Boston.  Ina went over to Mary’s.

October 10, 1935 – Thursday – Fine.  Washed in forenoon and washed the floor in afternoon.  Over to Concord in the evening.  Alfred, Mart and Christy went to East Hampton.

October 11, 1935 – Friday – Fine.  Ironed and done some mending.  Bydie to Concord in evening.  Gordon MacKay here in evening.

October 12, 1935 – Fine.  Done a little cooking and washed.  Bydie went to Concord to-night.

October 13, 1935 – Fine.  Lovely fine day.  Byron got home at 4:30.  Have a boy – weighed 7 pounds, 10 ounces.  Over to the hospital in afternoon.

October 14, 1935 – Monday – Fine.  Did not do much.  Cleaned the closets in Bydie’s and Ina’s room.  Over to the hospital.

October 15, 1935 – Tuesday – Washed in forenoon  , and washed the bedroom in afternoon.   Bydie over to hospital tonight.

October 16, 1935 – Wednesday – Baked pies and cookies.  Varnished some of the bedroom floor.  At Seymour’s to supper.

October 17, 1935 – Thursday – Fine.  Cleaned the bathroom.  Patched a jacket in evening.  Bydie over to Concord.

October 18, 1935 – Friday – Fine.  Cleaned the living room,  and we were over to Concord in the evening.  Alfred got back.

October 19, 1935 – Saturday – Washed,  and washed up the floors.  We were over to the hospital in the evening,  and did the shopping in Maynard.

October 20, 1935 – Sunday – Fine.  Mildred, Mart and Ollie called in forenoon.  Min and four boys also Christena here in afternoon.

October 21, 1935 – Monday – Fine.  Washed this morning.  Alfred went to Methun with Mart.  Christy and Mildred over to the Emerson Hospital.

October 22, 1935 – Tuesday – Fine and warm.  Ina came home from the hospital with the baby.  Lois MacKay called this evening.

October 23, 1935 – Wednesday – Fine.  Very warm.  Done the work and was out to Alfred’s to supper.   Bert Deyarmond around in evening.  Mart and Christy here to dinner.

October 24, 1935 – Thursday – Fine.  Done the work.  Baked pies in afternoon.  Mrs. Patchett here to tea.  Alfred down to Rod’s.

October 25, 1935 – Friday – Fine.  Byron had the afternoon off and we were to Boston to see Mr. Patchett in hospital.   Bought a new hat.

October 26, 1935 – Saturday – Fine.  Went shopping with Jack.  Mary and Ned to Waltham.  Went to Framingham in the evening.

October 27, 1935 – Sunday – Fine.  left Seymour’s about 6 a.m. to start home.  Got to Jonesboro , Maine at 6:30 p.m.  Stayed all night.

October 28, 1935 – Monday – Fine.  On the road at 5:30 a.m. – at St John at dinner time.  Got to Parsboro about 6:30.  Spent the night.

October 29, 1935 – Tuesday – On the road at 7 a.m.  In Truro in two hours.  Had  my eyes tested ,  and got my glasses changed.  At W.D.Kennedy’s to dinner.   Got home about 3 p.m.

October 30, 1935 – Wednesday – Fine.  Warm for the time of year.  Out to the Doctor’s.  Homer getting his exams for insurance.   School Fair meeting.

October 31, 1935 – Thursday – Fine.  Kind of lazy – did not do much. Ester and Homer down to the village.   The boys to the Halloween Party at Springside.

November 1, 1935 – Friday – Fine.  Ester making windbreakers for the boys.  Down to Church at Springside in the evening.

November 2, 1935 – Saturday – dark and cloudy.  Rained in the evening.   Done some cooking and cleaning.  To the village to meet Gordon.

November 3, 1935 – Sunday – Fine and cooler.  Was to church at Springside.  The text was on the Sacrements – Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

November 4, 1935 – Monday – Fine.  Washed in forenoon.  Baked a cake.  Ester and Priscilla down to Mart’s.  The men cutting wood.

November 5, 1935 – Tuesday – Fine.  Down to the village with the mail.

November 6, 1935 – Wednesday – Fine.  Sewing.  Making suits for Roy.

November 7, 1935 – Thursday – Fine.  Was down to see Ted a little while.  Also to Mrs Alice Graham’s birthday party.  She is 88 years old.

November 8, 1935 – Friday – Wet.  Ester sewing at a blouse.  Alfred put in a pane of glass in the room window.

November 9, 1935 – Saturday – Fine.  Done the cleaning;  baked pies.  Homer, Ester and Priscilla down to the village in evening.

November 10, 1935 – Sunday – Pretty cold this morning.  Was at church.  The text was “What doest thou hear, Elijah?”

November 11, 1935 – Monday.  Remembrance Day.  We went to Springside.  At Andrew’s, Rupert A.’s, and S.G. Cox’s.  Bought a rooster.

November 12, 1935 – Tuesday – Dark and wet.  Washed but did not get them dried.  Alfred down to the church.   Tore out the furnace.  Priscilla not well.

November 13, 1935 – Wednesday – Wet and dark.  Homer went down to Frank Cox’s to get the car fixed.  Will Cox up – brought Homer.  Finished blouse.

November 14, 1935 – Thursday – Dark and wet.  David drove the mail with Jip. Alfred at the church.  The pipes for the furnace didn’t fit.

November 15, 1935 – Friday – still wet.  The men were cutting some logs in afternoon.

November 16, 1935 – Saturday – Wet.  The men were in the woods today.  Went to the village in the evening.  At W.D.Kennedy’s a while.

November 17, 1935 – Sunday – cold day.  Ground froze some.  Mrs Eben Fulton died last night.  Was down to preaching.  Had it in the school house today.

November 18, 1935 – Monday – wet.  Washed but did not put the clothes out.  Jack Crockett here to dinner – went to Riversdale in P.M.

November 19, 1935 – Tuesday – Wet and dark.  Was down to see Helen while the mail was down.  Her baby is doing fine.

November 20, 1935 – Wednesday – Dark.  Did not rain much today.  Homer working on the roads.  Killed chickens today.  Ester sick today.

November 21, 1935 – Thursday – a big rain this forenoon.  Alfred working at the church furnace.  Took the chickens down.  They (6 of them) weighed thirty-five and a quarter pounds.

November 22, 1935 – Friday – Wet.  Alfred finished at the church.  Homer on the roads.  Made Mincemeat and Ester baked cookies.

November 23, 1935 – Saturday – a wet day.  Homer was working on the road – sidefalling.  Alrfed drove the mail.  Gordon came up tonight.  He is done at Putt’s.

November 24, 1935 – Sunday – colder and clearer.  Quite windy.  No church here.  Mrs Sarah Webster buried yesterday.  Ronald Fleck died Friday morning.

November 25, 1935 – Monday – stormy day.  Snowed all day.  Gordon went down to Mart’s this morning.  Sewed and knit some.  Didn’t do much.

November 26, 1935 – Tuesday – Fine.  A lot of snow (6 inches).  Washed a big washing.  Took the car with the mail.

November 27, 1935 – Wednesday – Fine.  Went to Truro this morning.  Was at George Hamilton’s to dinner.   In to see Dr. Reid.  Roads bad here.

November 28, 1935 – Thursday – Wet day.  Alfred and I went down with the mail.  I stayed with Marie in afternoon.  Alfred at Den’s.

November 29, 1935 – Friday – snow all gone.  Rained hard in afternoon.  Sewed at a windbreaker for one of the boys.       The men working at the furnace.

November 30, 1935 – Saturday – didn’t rain but still cloudy.  Finished another windbreaker.   Came up with the mail to Father’s.  At Min’s all night.

December 1, 1935 – Sunday – not very fine.  At Min’s till church time.  Alfred stayed all night.  Homer went to work tonight.  Ester and Gordon to the village.

December 2, 1935 – Monday – snowed some soft snow – then melted a lot.  Knit some.  Alfred and David to the woods in afternoon.

December 3, 1935 – Snowing and nasty.  Had the car with the mail.  Priscilla and I went.  David had Jip down and got him shod.

December 4, 1935 – Fine.  Washed the curtains of the bedroom and room.  Cleaned my bedroom.

December 5, 1935 – Thursday – pretty cold.  Cleaned the room.  Had a fire in the hall stove for the first time this fall.  Had Jip with the mail.

December 6, 1935 – Friday – snowing.  Alfred and David cutting logs.  Cleaned the kitchen – baked bread.

December 7, 1935 – Saturday – fine.  Ester and Priscilla down to Mart’s.  Baked biscuit, cake and pies.  Gordon and Homer came home.

December 8, 1935 – Sunday – Fine.  Alfred went with the cards in the afternoon.  Homer and David had the car out.

December 9, 1935 – Monday – Quite fine.  Over to Willie’s today.  Alfred helped Willie kill his beef.  Rawleigh man around today.

December 10, 1935 – Tuesday – squally.  Went with mail.  Nasty driving today.

December 11, 1935 – Wednesday . Went out to see Doctor Buntain.  Was at Mr. Pratt’s to dinner.  Down to the village – got some bags of feed.

December 12, 1935 – Thursday.  nasty day.  Took the car with the mail.  Homer drove from Lower Burnside.

December 13, 1935 – Friday – snowing – quite soft.  David and Alfred are getting wood.

December 14, 1935 – Saturday – mild.  Alfred took Jip with mail.  Mart got a truck-load of supplies from Truro today.

December 15, 1935 – Sunday – Quite fine.  I did not go to church.  Priscilla was home with me.  Grant got home from USA last night.

December 16, 1935 – Monday – Rain tonight.  Washed this forenoon.  Alfred went to Stewiacke with George MacKay.  David cut his leg in afternoon.

December 17, 1935 – Tuesday – Went to the village and got some supplies.

December 18, 1935 – Wednesday – The men are cutting some logs.  Baked fruitcake today.

December 19, 1935 – Thursday – Drove the mail with the car.  Mrs John R. Graham came up from Cross Roads.

December 20, 1935 – Friday – Fine in forenoon.  Priscilla and I walked down to Mart’s in afternoon.  Snowed before we got home.

December 21, 1935 – Saturday – Snowy day.  Went with the mail.  An awful day to drive.  We went into the ditch at the Old Mill.

December 22, 1935 – Sunday – Went to church in afternoon.  Mr Raynor’s text was “And there was no room for them in the Inn”.

December 23, 1935 – Monday – Washed in morning.  Churned in afternoon.  Homer came home in evening.

December 24, 1935 – Tuesday – Cloudy.  Baking bread and rolls.  Gordon went down home in the mail.  Also baked some pies.

December 25, 1935 – Wednesday – Cloudy.  Over to Musquodoboit to dinner.  Ester, Gordon and Priscilla at Millers.  Also made some calls.

December 26, 1935 – Thursday – Cloudy.  Homer and I went to the village.  Father, his wife and Eddie here to supper.  Gordon brought the car home.

December 27, 1935 – Friday – A snow storm last night, and snowed in forenoon.  This is our 30th Wedding day.  Called Mrs Martin Smith – 43 years married.

December 28, 1935 – Saturday – Finer.  David yarded wood.  Alfred was till after 6 o’clock getting home – roads heavy.  Took the sleigh for the first time this winter.

December 29, 1935 – Sunday – Fine day.  Some colder.  No church.  Homer went back to Murray’s before supper.   Got two eggs this morning – first for a long time.

December 30, 1935 – Monday – Fine.  Washed.  Alfred went down to Put Fulton’s  and got his horse for a while.   David was out to the mill in Greenfield.

December 31, 1935 – Tuesday – Fine.  Not so cold as yesterday.  Baked bread and pies.  Churned also.  David hauled in some hall wood.

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