The Journals of Annabelle Johnson 1934

The Journals of
Annabelle Johnson

1934January 1, 1938

– Saturday.  Cold.  20 below zero.  Made a night shirt for Alfred. Down for the mail.  Called at Mart’s.  Homer and David came home.January 2, 1938 – Sunday.  More snow, but turned to rain.   David went down with Homer.  The roads heavy.  Mr Rhyno’s funeral today.January 3, 1934 – Pretty cold.  Alfred and I down to see Father to-day. – was at Cyrus’ for supper.

January 5, 1934 – Friday – Some warmer.  Aid at Murray’s to-day.  Ester, Priscilla and I there to dinner. Was in to see helen and baby.

January 6, 1934 – Saturday – mild day

January 7, 1934 – Sunday – mild.  Was at church.  Mr Raynor’s text was – We have not passed this way heretofore.

January 11, 1934 – Thursday – Was out to the woods where Alfred is working – went down to see Father in the mail.

January 14, 1934 – Sunday – Stormed in the night and was squally all day. Home all day.

January 15, 1934 – Monday – Left for USA about 7 a.m. The roads heavy.  Was at W.K.’s for dinner and he took me to Truro.

January 16, 1934 – Tuesday – Was at C.A. Blaikies  all night and left Truro at 10:20.  Was in Moncton an hour and a half.  Lots of snow in N.B.

January 17, 1934 – Wednesday – arrived in Boston about 7 a.m.. Seymour met me and I got to Cochituate at 7:50.  Mary, Jack and Ned over.

January 18, 1934 – Thursday – Fine.  We were to Concord for supper.  Went for a walk.  Ted and Hilda called in afternoon.

January 19, 1934 – Friday – Fine – Slept till about 10 a.m. this morning. Sewing at a quilt.

January 20, 1934 – Saturday – Fine day.  Baked pies.  Ollie here to dinner. We went to Waltham in the evening.  Got a pair of shoes.  Pa and Ma P. with us.

January 21, 1934 – Sunday – Cloudy in the morning – fine in the afternoon.  Went to Methum (?) with Seymour and Mildred.  Went through Lowell on the way.

January 22, 1934 – Monday – I washed a little bit and started knitting a pair of gloves for Byron.

January 23, 1934 – Tuesday – Wet to-day. Was at Seymours for supper.  Rod and Bell were there too.  Played cards and had a good supper and good time.

January 24, 1934 – Wednesday – Fine.  Was over to Mrs P. awhile this afternoon – to a show in Natick in the evening.  Christopher Bean (?) was the play.

January 25, 1934 – Thursday – Fine – went to Natick and did some shopping in the P.M. – went to Concord in the evening – stayed all night.

January 26, 1934 – Friday – Was at Mrs Ingham’s all day.  Sewed on baby clothes.  Got that lot finished. Came back with Bydie in the evening.

January 27, 1934 – Saturday – Fine. I cleaned up the house and did the ironing.  Went to Concord and stayed all night.

January 28, 1934 – Sunday – A wet day.  Was in Concord all day.  Bydie came over after dinner.  The Dr. here to see Ina in afternoon.

January 29, 1934 – Monday – Awful cold.  Was in Concord all day.  Mended stockings and read and tried to keep warm.  Came back with Bydie.

January 30, 1934 – Tuesday – Cold.  Was over and spent the afternoon with Mildred.  Over to Concord to-night.

January 31, 1934 – Wednesday – Fine – not so cold.  Was to Concord to-night.  They had a birthday cake made for me, and ice-cream.

February 1, 1934 – Thursday – Snowing.  Rod and Belle, Ted and Hilda came to call this afternoon.  Over to Concord in the evening.
February 2, 1934 – Friday – Fine.  Quite a lot of snow to-day.  Was over to Concord to-night.  Ina not feeling very good to-night.

February 3, 1934 – Saturday – Fine.  The baby arrived at 1:55 p.m. to-day. A boy – weighed  7 lbs 9 oz. We were over to Concord and seen them both to-night.

February 4, 1934 – Sunday – Cold and snowing to-day.  Seymour and Mildred in on their way to Methum.  Going to Concord for supper to-night.

February 5, 1934 – Cold but fine.  Mrs Patchett and I were to Natick and did some shopping.  Over to the Emerson Hospital in evening.

February 6, 1934 – Friday – Fine and cold.  5 below zero last night.  I washed a little and made doughnuts – going to Concord to see Ina tonight.

February 7, 1934 – Wednesday – Cold and fine.  I was at Seymour’s sewing in the afternoon.  Mildred’s birthday.  Over to Concord in the evening.  Mr and Mrs P. with us.

February 8, 1934 – Thursday – Cold.  Went in to Boston with Mrs Ingham and the boys to the Sportsmen’s Show. Had a good time. Was at J.J.’s for supper.

February  9, 1934 – Friday – Coldest day yet.  Washed some baby clothes. Over to Concord to-night to the hospital. 21 below zero.

February 10, 1934 – Saturday – Not so cold.  Baked some pies and cleaned up.  Was over to Concord in the evening.

February 11, 1934 – Sunday – Fine.  Over to the hospital with Seymour and Mildred.  At Seymour’s for supper, and went to Alfreds in the evening.

February 12, 1934 – Monday – Washed a little.  Fine day.  Mildred here to dinner.  Took the baby’s and Ina’s things to hospital in evening.

February 13, 1934 – Tuesday – Colder and windy in the afternoon. Some snow in the morning.  Ina and baby got home to-day. Ted and Hilda here in the evening.

February 14, 1934 – Wednesday – Cold.  Baby good.  Does not need much attention – only take care of him.

February 15, 1934 – Thursday – Fine.  Not so cold.  Not feeling very good today.  Ned over in evening.  Mrs J. sick. Dr. put her to bed today.

February 16, 1934 – Friday – Fine – washed .  Over to Mrs P. in the evening.  Called  Bess up tonight.  Mary went to hospital today.

February 17 ,1934 – Saturday – Fine.  The baby is good as gold.  To Framingham tonight.  Bydie got a washer tonight.

February 18, 1934 – Sunday – Fine.  I was over to Auborndale to-day to see Bessie.  They brought me home.  Had a nice visit.

February 19, 1934 – Monday.  Fine.  Mrs  Ed Rev… and Raymond here this afternoon.  Bydie and I over to the E. Hospital to see Mary in evening.

February 20, 1934 – Tuesdsay – An awful snowstorm – 18 inches of snow.  ina had a sick spell today.  Bydie did not get home until 8:40 p.m.

February 21, 1934 – Wednesday.  A lot of snow.  The mail got up today, and the milk man got around about night.  Bydie walked to work.

February 22, 1934 – Thursday – Fine today.  Rained some this evening.  I was at Ted’s in afternoon and to Alfred’s in the evening.

February 23, 1934 – Friday.  Colder today.  Mrs Bowers in to see us today.  She is going to hook a mat.

February 24, 1934 – Cold and windy.  Over to Ma P. a little while today.  We were to Framingham in the evening.  Got a mat bottom.

February 25, 1934 – Sunday.  Fine but cold.  4 below zero this morning.  Went to Church with Ted and Hilda.  Was at Alfred’s to dinner.  The aunts here today.

February 26, 1934 – Monday.  Snowed all day.  We sewed most of the day.

February 27, 1934 – Tuesday – Fine.  Washed today.  I was in to see Mrs Bowers a few minutes this afternoon. Rod and Belle here in the evening.

February 28, 1934 – Wednesday – Fine.  Over to Seymour’s this afternoon and evening.  Alfred and Hazel have a baby girl.

March 1, 1934 – Fine.  Mr. Patchett is laid up with a sore leg.  Byron and I went to Brookline in the evening to see Christena.

March 2, 1934 – Friday – Fine.  I mended stockings.  Mrs Nesbet and Ester in today to see the baby.  Mrs B. has a cold.

March 3, 1934 – Saturday – Fine and warmer.  Over to Mr P. a few minutes.  Ina went shopping.  I kept the baby.

March 4, 1934 – Sunday – Warm and dark.  We went to Reading, to Ira Brenton’s this afternoon. Road not very good.  Mr Ostler died yesterday.

March 5, 1934 – Monday – washed today. Mr and Mrs Ingham over for supper to-night.  Put a mat in today.

March 6, 1934 – Tuesday – I worked at the mat today.

March 7, 1934 – Wednesday – We went to Rod’s this afternoon, and Belle and I were to the Hospital to see Hazel.  She is fine – also baby.

March 8, 1934 – Thursday – Rod, Belle and I   went to Quincy today to see Maggie. Found the house but she was away. Was to a show in evening.

March 9, 1934 – Friday.  I walked to Seymour’s in the forenoon but Mildred was away.  Seymour in in the evening. Sewed on the baby’s quilt.

March 10, 1934 – Saturday – snowed tonight.  We were to Somerville to dinner at the Aunts.  Had a nice evening.

March 11, 1934 – Sunday – snowy.  Slept most of the forenoon.  Ted, Hilda and Priscilla here this p.m.  Ted, Bydie, Priscilla and I went to Tremont Temple.

March 12, 1934 – Monday – fine.  We washed today and I hooked in afternoon. Was down to Mrs Bowers awhile this evening.

March 13, 1934 – Tuesday – Fine.  Mrs Patchett and I went to a show this afternoon in Natick.  Seymour, Mildred and Ollie here to supper.  I went home with them.

March14, 1934 – Wednesday – Fine morning.Mildred and I went to Boston to the Flower Show. Had a grand time.  Over to Concord to supper.

March 15, 1934 – Thursday – spent the afternoon and evening at Teds

March 16, 1934 – Friday – fine.  Went to Alfred’s to see Hazel and baby and Mrs Jamison in the afternoon.  Went to Newton in the evening.

March 17, 1934 – Saturday – was at home all day.  Miss Hasting here to supper.  Byron and Ina went shopping in the evening.

March 18, 1934 – Sunday – Fine in the morning. Squally towards night. Ted took me to Easthampton today.  To church in the evening.

March 19, 1934 – Monday – I went over to Perley’s in the afternoon and spent the evening there.  Allie came for me about 9:30 p.m.

March 20, 1934 – Tuesday – Fine.  Went shopping a while.  Went for a drive to Mt Tom and in the evening to a Mother’s Meeting.

March 21, 1934 – Wednesday – Fine. Jennie took me to Springfield in the forenoon.  Visited  Jeffs and Mrs Cox.  Jeff brought me back.

March 22, 1934 – Thursday – Bertha and I were to Leonard’s this p.m.  Edna and Maggie came for us.

March 23, 1934 – Friday – Jennie and I were on some errands in afternoon.  Called at Nellie’s and was to Perley’s for supper.

March 24, 1934 – Saturday – At Perley’s to dinner and Nellie’s in the afternoon and evening.  Snowed this afternoon.

March 25, 1934 – Sunday – Fine but awful slippy roads.  Allie, Jennie and the girls brought me to Cochituate.  Made some calls in the evening.

March 26, 1934 – Monday – Had a card party this evening.  12 here altogether. A nice time.

March 27, 1934 – Tuesday – down to Ed Reids in the evening.

March 28, 1934 – Wednesday – Rod, Belle and I were to Quincy this afternoon.  At Seymour’s to supper and the evening.

March 29, 1934 – Thursday – Down to the light this afternoon, and Christena here to call this afternoon.

March 30 , 1934 – Friday – Spent the day at Concord.  Over to Maynard in the afternoon.  This is Good Friday.

March 31, 1934 – Saturday – Hooked some today.  A wet evening.

April 1, 1934 – Easter Sunday.  Ted and I to church in Natick.  At Ted’s to dinner. Jack, Mary and Ned over to supper.

April 2, 1934 – Monday – Washed this morning.  Mr and Mrs Patchett were to a show this afternoon.  They were here to supper and spent the evening.

April 3, 1934 – Tuesdsay – fine.  Went to Alfred’s after dinner and spent the afternoon. Ted, Hilda and I to the State Theatre in the evening.

April 4, 1934 – I was at Seymour’s all night last night, and Mildred and I went to Boston.  Seymour drove us in.  Byron met us in Boston.

April 5, 1934 – Thursday – Fine.  Mary , Ned, Ina and I went to Waltham and shopped.  Out to Bert Deyarmond’s in evening.

April 6, 1934 – Friday – cloudy.  Ina went to Natick and did some shopping. Rained towards evening.  The folks did their shopping.

April 7, 1934 – Saturday – Fine.  Mrs Bowers in this afternoon.  We were over to Mrs Patchetts for supper.  Mr. P. won three games of 500.

April 8, 1934 – Fine day.  Had a lot of callers today. Took some snapshots and packed my trunk for home.

April 9, 1934 – Monday – Fine and warm.  Byron and Ina came to Boston with me and we left Boston via boat about 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

April 10, 1934 – Tuesday – Fine.  Arrived in Yarmouth around seven.  Had a good trip and got to Truro about 6:40 p.m.  Alfred was in Truro.

April 11, 1934 – Wednesday – fine.  Stayed at Charlies all night and came to Riversdale on the morning train and got home about 4 o’clock safe.

April 12, 1934 – Fine.  Kind of lazy.  Homer and Gordon went to David’s to saw wood.  Alfred went with the mail.

April 13, 1934 – Cloudy and rained in the evening.  Homer and Gordon are rolling in logs up the brook today.  I washed foru dresses.

April 14, 1934 – Saturday – Rained in night – a good run in the brook.  Alfred went with the mail.  Homer and Gordon went to the village in the evening.

April 15, 1934 – Sunday – Fine.  Went to church today. Was at Mart’s a few minutes on my way home.

April 16, 1934 – Monday – Fine.  Washed today and got them dry.  I was lazy.  Ester made a dress for Priscilla.  Tapped some trees.

April 17. 1934 – Showery.  Homer and Elmer out to the Meadow Dam this morning.  Done some baking today.

April 18, 1934 – Wednesday – Fine.  Finished the wood pile and boiled sap in the afternoon.  Was not driving in these brooks today.

April 19, 1934 – Thursday – Fine.  Went down to see Father in the mail.  Driving on Mart’s brook today.  Finished my house dress this a.m.

April 20, 1934 – Friday – Fine.  Alfred boiled sap in the forenoon.  I done some baking in the forenoon.

April 21, 1934 – Saturday – rained in the morning – fine in the afternoon.  Alfred and I went to the village.  At Roy B. (Blaikie) all night

April 22, 1934 – Sunday – wet day.  Was at Glenn’s to dinner and went down to Bill K.’s in the afternoon.  At W.R.M.’s all night.

April 23, 1934 – Monday.  Was at Bill’s in the forenoon.  Alfred got Jip shod.We came home in the afternoon.  Lelia here to supper.

April 24, 1934 – Tuesday – Windy.  Alfred went with the mail.  Homer had the car down to the camp.  Ester and Lelia down to the falls.

April 25, 1934 – Wednesday – Fine.  Alfred dragged the hill today.  I cleaned the closet today.  The teacher up tonight.

April 26, 1934 – Thursday – Fine.  I went down to Wood’s with the mail. Had a letter from Ina tonight.

April 27, 1934 – Friday – Washed bed-clothes today.  Awful windy. Alfred fixed the hot-bed and built the garden fence.

April 28, 1934 – Saturday – Rained most of the night and forenoon.  Good water for driving.  Alfred and I down to Mart’s in the evening.

April 29, 1934 – Sunday – Fine.  We were all to church today.  Had the car.

April 30, 1934 – Monday – Fine and windy.  Washed a big washing and done some digging in the garden today.

May 1, 1934 – Fine.  Cleaned my bed-room today. Nice and warm.  Lewie Graham has been very sick – is a little easier.

May 2, 1934 – Fine.  Cleaned upstairs – Ester’s, the boy’s and the spare bedrooms. Priscilla is a big bother in housecleaning time.

May 3, 1934 – Thursday – Fine.  We cleaned the halls today. The boys did not go to the dams today. Had the car with the mail.  Got a bag of sugar.

May 4, 1934 – Friday.  Did a lot of cleaning today in the Old House.  The boys was not to the dams today.

May 5, 1934 – Saturday – I was down to the church this p.m.  Min, Grant, Mart and Christy here to supper.  Alfred’s birthday.

May 6, 1934 – Sunday – Opened Sunday School today and had Rally Day.

May 7, 1934 – Monday – Washed today.    Snow flurries and some rain.  It is cold.  Went down in the afternoon and fixed the road.  The drive went into the river.

May 8, 1934 – Tuesday – Ester went down with the mail.  The drivers got paid off today.  Hugh MacKay very sick. Cooked some rhubarb.

May 9, 1934 – Wednesday – Fine but cold.  We were in Truro.  Mary and Viola came out with us.  Mrs. Kennedy is sick yet.

May 10, 1934 – Thursday – Fine in morning and squally in afternoon.  Was down to Wood’s to their 40th Anniversary.  A big crowd there.

May 11, 1934 – Friday – dark but did not rain much.  Planted the lettuce and made soap.  Picking stones these days.

May 12, 1934 – Saturday – Dark, rained by evening.  Ed Fulton came up with Homer and stayed all night. Gordon walked down and back from Upper Stewiacke.

May 13, 1934 – Sunday – Cold and drizzly.  Went to Sunday School.  Hugh MacKay died at one o’clock this morning.

May 14, 1934 – Monday – Squally and cold.  Washed today.  Homer and Gordon took oats to Henry H. to be cleaned.

May 15, 1934 – Tuesday – Dark day.  We were to the funeral today. A large funeral.  The text was from Deut. 34-4.

May 16, 1934 – Wednesday – rained.  Went down to the Play from Middle Stewiacke.  I stayed home with Priscilla.

May 17, 1934 – Thursday – Alfred worked on roads.  Gordon and Wallace came up. Ester and Priscilla went down to Upper Stewiacke.

May 18, 1934 – Friday – Rained.  I cleaned some of the kitchen.  Hauled out some manure in afternoon.

May 19, 1934 – Dark – Finished cleaning the kitchen.Was down to P.W.’s in the evening to a school trustees meeting.

May 20, 1934 – Sunday – To Sunday School and church today.Mr. Raynor had a Mother’s Day service today.

May 21, 1934 – Monday – Wet.  Washed today but did not get them dried.  Jean and Howard Fisher’s little boy died today.

May 22, 1934 – Tuesday – Still wet.  Started to clean the room.  Did not get much done.  Washed and ironed the curtains.

May 23, 1934 – Wednesday – Wet.  Killed the pigs this morning and took them to the village in afternoon.

May 24, 1934 – Thursday – Fine day.  Cleaned at the room today.  Alfred cut up the pork this morning.

May 25, 1934 – Friday – Fine.  Alfred down to Mart’s in afternoon.  Harrowed today.

May 26, 1934 – Saturday – Fine.  Scrubbed this morning. Down to Father’s with mail. This is Mrs. G’s birthday.

May 27, 1934 – Sunday – Fine.  Down to Sunday School today. Homer went to the Young People’s meeting at Springside in the evening.

May 28, 1934 – Monday – Fine.  Washed today.  Planted the peas and parsnips after supper.  David went down to P.W.G.’s today.

May 29, 1934 – Fine.  I was down to the village today.  Ester and Priscilla came home today.  Planted the mangles today.

May 30, 1934 – Wednesday – Fine.  Sowed some oats today,  and got a little more garden planted.  Roy got a load of logs.

May 31, 1934 – Thursday – Fine.  Sowed another piece of oats and the old garden.  Planted carrots and beets today.

June 1, 1934 – Friday – Cold winds these days.  Ester and Priscilla down to Mart’s in afternoon.

June 2, 1934 – Saturday – Fine.  Finished sowing oats today.  Got two little pigs from Tom Foster tonight.

June 3, 1934 – Fine.  We were to Sunday School and church today.  Christy is sick.  In to see her for a few minutes today.

June 4, 1934 – Monday.  Hard frost last night and has been frost four nights.  Dance at Herman Johnson’s in the evening.

June 5, 1934 – Tuesday – Fine.  A shower this morning.  Planted potatoes today.  Moolie calved out by East Branch.

June 6, 1934 – Wednesday – Pretty hot.  Finished planting potatoes.  Ester down and helped Lelia in aftyernoon.  Down to Den’s in evening.

June 7, 1934 – Thursday – Cold and windy.  We were down to the village in the mail.  Had a shower for Lelia at Arthur Deyarmond’s in evening.

June 8, 1934 – Fine.  Hard frost this morning.  Planted turnips yestyerday.  Picking stones today.

June 9, 1934 – Saturday – Boys finished picking stones and we put in the beans.  Homer and I down to Bill Kennedy’s for supper. Homer down to S. Fleck’s.

June 10, 1934 – Sunday – Rained today.  Very much needed.  Mr MacDonald preached today. His text was – As a man is, so is his strength.

June 11, 1934 – Monday – Washed today.  Ester down to Mart’s in afternoon.  Homer and Gordon for a walk in the woods.

June 12, 1934 – Fine, but cold wind.  Andrew, Margaret and Rhoda here to dinner.  Lelia and Murray married this afternoon.

June 13, 1934 – Wednesday – Cloudy.  Got the rolling done today.  Rained hard tonight.  The Familex Agent here today.

June 14, 1934 – Thursday – Dark day.  Down to the village today.  Father and his wife here to supper.  Did not get the cows last night.

June 15, 1934 – Warmer.  The men are fencing the pasture.  I have 43 chickens now.

June 16, 1934 – Saturday – Cold and wet.  Gordon came up in the mail.  Had a letter from Ina today.

June 17, 1934 – Sunday – Wet and a cold wind.  Was down to Sunday School – in to see Eva.  She is feeling a little better.

June 18, 1934 – Monday – Washed today.  Did some bedclothes.  Down to see Father in the evening.

June 19, 1934 – Tuesday – Fine.  Down to Mart’s in the evening.  Ester and Priscilla went with the mail.

June 20, 1934 – Wednesday – wet today.  Rained all afternoon.  We killer fowls this afternoon.  Sold two veal and roosters to B.S.  $6.10.

June 21, 1934 – Thursday – Fine.  Was to the village today.  Sold the fowls for $4.89.  Ernie and Jack here for supper.

June 22, 1934 – Friday – Fine.  Went down to see Father.  There for dinner.  At Wood’s for supper.  Down to J.W.D’s in evening.  Agnes’  birthday.

June 23, 1934 – Saturday – Done quite a lot of work today.

June 24, 1934 – Sunday – Fine.  Was to Church and Sunday School..

June 25, 1934 – Monday – A nice rain this morning.  Washed a big washing.  Down to Lower Burnside in afternoon.

June 26, 1934 – Tuesday – Fine – Some showers.  Aid at Mart’s this afternoon.  A small crowd.

June 27, 1934 – Wednesday  – Alfred, Gordon, Ester, Priscilla and I out to Bev’s and Tom’s.  Went to see Edith Bentley married in evening.

June 28, 1934 – Thursday – Fine day.  Jean Cox here this afternoon.  The young folk went to the play at the village – The Ghost Train

June 29, 1934 – Friday – dark this morning – fine afternoon.  Up to Eastville.  Called on Lottie, Lelia, Browns, and was at Andrew’s for supper.

June 30, 1934 – Saturday – Fine.  Preparatory Service this afternoon.  Gordon, Homer and Elliott joined the church today.

July 1, 1934 – Fine.  To Communion at Springside.  At the manse to dinner.  Over to Dean to the 50th Anniversary of their church.

July 2, 1934 – Fine – Washed today.  Got enough strawberries for a shortcake today.

July 3, 1934 – Tuesday – Fine.  Ester, Gordon and Priscilla went to the village.  David out to the lake all night.

July 4, 1934 – Fine.  Went to Truro today.  Was at the Farmer’s Picnic at the A. Farm.  Called to see Grace.  She is better.

July 5, 1934 – Thursday.  Alfred went down to Joe Archibalds to do some plastering.

July 6, 1934 – Friday.  Homer and I went down after Alfred after dinner.  Called at J.A.’s, W. D. Kennedy’s. and Ross Johnson’s.  At E. Miller’s to supper.

July 7, 1934 – Saturday – Fine.  They finished hoeing the turnips today.  Down to P.W.’s and J.A.Graham’s in the evening.

July 8, 1934 – Sunday – Fine.  Did not get a shower last night.  Was to Sunday School today.

July 9, 1934 – Monday – Washed and ironed today.  Was to a play in the Hall at Springside in evening.  – Here Comes Charlie

July 10, 1934 – Fine.  A little lazy today.  Aunt Jessie came up in the mail.  Ester and Priscilla came home today.

July 11, 1934 – Fine.  Everything awful dry.  Baked bread and rolls today.  This is Neil’s birthday.

July 12, 1934 – Thursday – Fine.  We were down to the Joint Aid at Springside today.  Called to see Wood and at Father’s on the way home.

July 13, 1934 – Friday.  Homer and David went to Riversdale today.  Aunt Jessie over to Geordie’s and Willie’s today.

July 14, 1934 – Saturday – Fine.  A little shower after dinner.  We went over to Musquodoboit in the afternoon.

July 15, 1934 – Sunday.  Went down to church and Sunday School in afternoon.  Aunt Jessie went down to Father’s after church.

July 16, 1934 – Monday – Washed, ironed, churned and canned greens.  A thunderstorm all the afternoon.  A nice rain.

July 17, 1934 – Tuesday – Fine.  Baked bread.  Mart went to Truro to meet Emily today.  Elmer mowed today.

July 18, 1934 – Wednesday – had some showers.  They mowed some.  Had Aid.  Quite a crowd here.

July 19, 1934 – Thursday – Fine.  Making hay.  Bob MacKay and Eileen Crockett married tonight.  The young folk to the serenade.

July 21, 1934 – Saturday – Not much of a hay day.  Alfred and I down to see Father and Wood.  David and Gordon went to Riversdale.

July 22, 1934 – Sunday – We were to Sunday School.  Ed was up to supper.  Homer and David went to Truro – took Mary and Nellie in.

July 23, 1934 – Monday – Fine.  Washed today.

July 24, 1934 – Tuesday – Fine.  I was down with mail.  In to see Mrs Cox, Father and Wood.

July 25, 1934 – Wednesday – Fine.  Put in three loads of hay.  Amanda and children here today.

July 26, 1934 – Thursday – dark but did not rain.  Got a bag of flour and one of sugar.  Emily here to supper.  Mrs Cox died in a.m.

July 27, 1934 – Friday – A nice rain.  Done a little baking.  Went down to Mart’s in the evening.  Emily starts in the morning for home.

July 28, 1934 – Saturday – Dark and cloudy.  To Mrs Cox’s funeral with Mart.  At Elwood’s to dinner.  Down to Henry Johnson’s in evening.

July 29, 1934 – Sunday – Not very fine.  To church and Sunday School.

July 30, 1934 – Monday – Fine.  In to Truro.  Took Mrs Jas. A., and got arch supports for her.  Mary and Nellie came home today.

July 31, 1934 – Tuesday – Fine and hot.  Making hay.  Bread did not rise good today – left it in the pans all night.

August 1, 1934 – Wednesday – Fine.  Haying.  Priscilla hurt her arm last night.

August 2, 1934 – Thursday – Fine.  Finished haying today.  I was down and cleaned up  the house at Father’s this afternoon.

August 3, 1934 – Friday – very windy and rained hard in afternoon.   Dr. Peel out to see P.W. yesterday.  He does not agree with Dr. S.

August 4, 1934 – Saturday – dark – finer in afternoon.  Down to the village with mail and out to Alex  Fulton’s.

August 5, 1934 – Sunday – was at church and Sunday school.  Mr. Raynor’s text was – “not by might nor by power, but by My spirit saith the lord of Host”.

August 6, 1934 – Monday – Washed today and I worked at patchwork in the afternoon.

August 7, 1934 – Tuesday – Fine.  The men are working at the watering place, putting in some new pipes.

August 8, 1934 – Wednesday – David took Queen down to P.W.’s for them to rake with.  We were down to see the sick folk.  Was at Allen’s to supper.

August 9, 1934 – Thursday – fine.  The menfolk looked for raspberries – got about a quart and a half.

August 10, 1934 – Fine.  Awful wind.  We were picking blueberries.  Priscilla got her arm set.  It was broken.

August 11, 1934 – Saturday – Fine.  Done some cooking, cleaning, and got sixteen quarts of blueberries put away.

August 12, 1934 – Sunday.  Fine.  Was to Sunday School in afternoon, and to Springside in evening.  Mr . and Mrs. W.D. Kennedy to dinner.

August 13, 1934 – Fine.  The men went picking blueberries.  Ester took Priscilla to see the Doctor.  Dr. Peel opened Wood’s abcess.

August 14, 1934 – Dark.  We washed .  The clothes dried and got them ironed.  Fred Fulton was hauling our logs.

August 15, 1934 – Wednesday.  Fine.  Dan Brown here for dinner and supper.  He is hauling our logs.  Started at the dam.

August 16, 1934 – Thursday – I was down with the mail to see Father.  He is feeling a lot better.  Lena here to supper.  Homer and Ester to a dance at Middle Stewiacke.

August 17, 1934 – Friday – Fine.  Picked some raspberries in forenoon.  Went to the village and got the car fixed in afternoon.  Ester stayed down.

August 18, 1934 – Fine.  I done some cooking; churned and cleaned up the house.  Had a letter from Byron and Ina.

August 19, 1934 – Sunday – Fine.  We were down to Sunday School.  Nellie, Doris, Donald and Clarence called this evening – also Donald MacKay.

August 20, 1934 – Monday.  Fine.  Went down in forenoon and cleaned the schoolhouse.  Picked and canned beans in afternoon.

August 21, 1934 – Tuesday – Washed in forenoon.  Down to the village in afternoon.  Ester and Priscilla came home.

August 22, 1934 – Wednesday – Shingled the out-house roof.  Ester washed and ironed today.

August 23, 1934 – Thursday – Wet today.  Homer was not to the dam today.

August 24, 1934 – Friday – Went down and got the splints off Priscilla’s arm.  Called around some.  Was at Aunt  Jessie’s to supper.

August 25, 1934 – Saturday – was down to Lower Burnside with the mail.  Father came up and had supper.

August 26, 1934 – Sunday – Was down to Sunday School.  Elliott was here to supper.

August 27, 1934 – Monday – washed in forenoon.  Was out picking raspberries in afternoon.

August 28, 1934 – Tuesday – Fine.  Down with the mail.  Canned peas and put up some beans and beets.

August 29, 1934 – Wednesday – Dark and cloudy.  Killed chickens in forenoon.   Ted, Hilda and Nellie called.  To Aid in afternoon.

August 30, 1934 – Thursday – A crowd went to the lake last night.  Took chickens to village.  Got 75 cts. each.  Was at W.D.Kennedy’s in afternoon.

August 31, 1934 – Friday – cold and squally all day – like fall.  Ted and Hilda, and Mrs. Kennedy started for USA this morning.

September 1, 1934 – Saturday – We cut our grain on Thursday.  Priscilla and I down with the mail.

September 2, 1934 – Sunday – Was to Church and Sunday School.  Bessie, Gail, Lloyd and his wife [Blaikies] here to supper.

September 3, 1934 – Monday – Fine.  A little cloudy.  Went to Green Hill to the Gathering of the Clans.  M. Henry buried today.

September 4, 1934 – Fine.  Washed today.  Turned oats and cut the green oats.  Went down to David’s for fork in evening.

September 5, 1934 – Fine.  Put in oats in afternoon. Mrs Alice Graham here today.  Homer was home today helping.

September 6, 1934 – Thursday – Fine.  Put in the rest of the oats that was ready – also Mart’s.  Mrs. Fahie and Mrs Jas. A. here to supper.

September 7, 1934 – Friday – Damp in afternoon.  Went to picnic and to Doctor in afternoon.  Mr and Mrs E. Burtt,  Lon and Min called.

September 8, 1934 – Saturday – Fine.  Ester, Homer and David went to the village for Gordon.  Mrs B. Foster’s funeral was yesterday.

September 9, 1934 – Sunday – Was to Sunday School in the afternoon.  Down to the village in evening to church.  The text was Romans  7: 19.

September 10, 1934 –

Monday.  Washed.  Not very fine – close and warm.  Dance at Arthur Kennedy’s in evening.

September 11, 1934 – Tuesday – Rained quite a lot.  I was down with the mail.

September 12, 1934 – Fine.  Alfred was down to the manse in the morning.  Turned some oats.  Went to the village and got David’s tooth out.

September 13, 1934 – Thursday – Fine.  I went down to Father’s with the mail.Baked a pan of biscuits and some cookies. Allie and girls came home last night.

September 14, 1934 – Friday – This was School Fair Day.  Was at Upper Stewiacke all day.  Everything pretty good.  David got four second prizes.

September 15, 1934 – Saturday – cleaned up some today and did some cooking.  Ester and Priscilla stayed down yesterday.

September 16. 1934 – Sunday.  Very fine.  To Church and Sunday School.  Down to Wood’s in evening.  Called and seen Father.

September 17, 1934 – Monday – Fine.  Washed this morning.  P.W. went to the hospital for an x-ray today.  Mrs C.M.Dawson died this morning.  Over to Musquodoboit this evening.
September 18, 1934 –
Tuesday – Made a little mincemeat today.  Down with the mail.  Alfred came home last night about 10 p.m.

September 19. 1934 – Wednesday – Fine.  Made three pies.  Allie, Min and the girls here in afternoon.  Finished work on dam today.

September 20, 1934 – Thursday – Fine.  Down to Father’s this afternoon.  Made some preserves and chow.  At Wood’s in evening.

September 21, 1934 – Friday – Made sweet cucumber and mustard pickles.  Down to take a few potatoes to Allie to take home.

September 22, 1934 – Saturday – Cleaned up the house.  Digging potatoes these days.  P.W. came home from the hospital – very sick.  Came home in the ambulance.

September 23, 1934 – Sunday – To Sunday School today.  Fine day.  Homer , Ester, David, Elsie, Priscilla and Father over to Musquodoboit yesterday – got mud-guard.

September 24, 1934 – Monday – some rain.  Washed this morning.  Homer put the mud-guards on this forenoon.  Dug potatoes in afternoon.

September 25, 1934 – Tuesday – Fine.  Digging potatoes.  Alfred and I drove the mail.

September 26, 1934 – Wednesday – Fine.  Homer went to get the car fixed.  Ester and Priscilla to Mr Miller’s.  Alfred has some cold.  Killed two fowls.

September 27, 1934 – Thursday – squally in afternoon.  Finished the potatoes this afternoon.  Was to the village.

September 28, 1934 – Friday – Fine day.  Homer and I went to Folly Lake with David and Lucy.  Stayed at Wood’s tonight.  He had a chill.

September 29, 1934 – Saturday – At Wood’s today.  Finished the potatoes and got the tomatoes in.  Stayed all night.

September 30, 1934 – Sunday – Rained today but did not fill the dry wells.  At P.W.’s all day.  He is failing.

October 1, 1934 – Monday – cleared this forenoon.  At P.W.’s today.  Perley came tonight.  His father was glad to see him.

October 2, 1934 – Tuesday – fine.  A long hard day.  P.W. getting weaker all day.

October 3, 1934 – Wednesday – Fine.  P.W. Graham passed away at 2 a.m.  We came home in forenoon.  Pulled the sugarbeets this afternoon.

October 4, 1934 – Thursday – cold wind.  Was at the funeral in the church.  The church was full.  Psalm 19, and hymn 505 sung.  The text was 1Corinthians 9-10  Mr Raynor sang “The old Rugged Cross”

October 5, 1934 – Friday – Fine.  Perley, Grant, Alfred, Hazel, Betty -Lea, Nellie, Mary and Min here to dinner.

October 6, 1934 – Dark and cloudy.  Rained in evening.  Alfred and boys shingled the outhouse.  Cleaned up the house and done some cooking.

October 7, 1934 – Sunday.  Was to Sunday School.  Did not have church.  Mr Raynor did not come.

October 8, 1934 – Monday – Fine but awful windy.  Started to shingle the barn.  Mart and Murray here.  Had a thunder shower down the way in the evening.

October 9, 1934 – Tuesday – Windy and cold.  They finished shingling about 2 p.m..  Down to see them at P.W.’s in the evening.

October 10, 1934 – Wednesday – Cold and fall-like.  Homer and Gordon put the lime on the roof  today.  Alfred and David threshed at George MccKay’s.

October 11, 1934 – Thursday – The thresher at Mart’s today.  Down to the village.  In to see Mrs Kennedy.  She says we have a fine grandson.

October 12, 1934 – Friday – The Thresher here today.  Finished about 11:30.  Moved and did J.W.MacKay’s in afternoon.  Squally and dirty today.

October 13, 1934 – Saturday – Squally and wet.  We did some cooking and cleaned up the house.  Gordon and Ester drove the mail.

October 14, 1934 – Sunday – Still squally and wet.  There wasn’t anyone came to Sunday School. Mr. Girdwood preached today on the M&M Fund.

October 15, 1934 – Monday – Washed today.  Ester has a bad cold – pretty miserable today.  Alfred and Mart spent the day in Upper Stewiacke.

October 16, 1934 – Tuesday – Made some chow today and got the ironing done.  Ester feeling a little better.

October 17, 1934 – Wednesday – Killed the chickens.  Rod and Belle called in the afternoon.  We were down to see Min.  Lelia and two kiddies there.

October 18, 1934 – Thursday – Drove the mail and was down to the village with the chickens.  The 11 weighed fifty-one and a half pounds.

October 19, 1934 – Friday.  Homer at thresher at  Lower Burnside.  I washed Mrs Jas. A’s washing today.

October 20, 1934 – Saturday.  Done some cooking and cleaning.  Eileen and Ena here to supper.

October 21, 1934 – Sunday – Down to church today.  Mr Raynor’s text was “The kingdom of God is as a treasure hid in a field”

October 22, 1934 – Monday – Dark.  Washed and churned today.  Alfred and Homer hauling out manure.  Gordon has the cold quite bad.

October 23, 1934 – Tuesday – Nice and fine.  Started to plow today.  Gordon went down to the village. Warren Johnson here today.

October 24, 1934 – Wednesday – Alfred pulling turnips and Homer was plowing.

October 25, 1934 – Thursday – wet.  Alfred and I went down to see Min.  Mary came up with Homer.  Lelia, Bev, and Donald here to supper.

October 27, 1934 – Saturday – Rained at night.

October 28, 1934 – Sunday – Fine.  Down to Sunday School today.  This is the last day for this summer.

October 29, 1934 – Monday – Washed.  baked  and got the ironing done.  Seymour and Mildred got home today.

October 30, 1934 – Tuesday – Fine.  Went down to Pembrook.  Was at Geordie’s most of the afternoon.

October 31, 1934 – Wednesday.  Down to Den’s sewing on a coat for Marie, and making shirts for Phillip.  At Alice’s for dinner.

November 1, 1934 – Thursday.  Rained today.  I came home in the mail. Got a pig at P. Fulton’s.

November 2, 1934 – Friday – dark day.  Laura and Walter here to dinner. Ester making Laura some dresses.  Fred Creelman’s funeral.

November 3, 1934 – Saturday.  Cold and windy.  We went to Springside to church.  Walked from Pembrook.  Was at W.D.Kennedy’s to supper.

November 4, 1934 – Sunday – Fine.  Down to church today.  Father was with us.  The text was: “Give us this day our daily bread”.

November 5, 1934 – Monday – Wet day.  Washed in morning.  Seymour and Mildred here to dinner.

November 6, 1934 – Tuesday – Rained all day and all night.  Homer drove the mail.  I churned and baked a cake,  Ester sewed on aprons.

November 7, 1934 – Wednesday – Not so wet.  A lot of water in the brook.  Homer down to get the brakes of the car fixed.

November 8, 1934 – Thursday – Fine.  Homer went down to help pull turnips at David’s.

November 9, 1934 –

Friday – Fine.  Alfred was plowing.

November 10, 1934 – Saturday – Wet in morning.  Was down to see David with mail.  Homer went to Landsdown to meet  Mary, Grant and Oscar.

November 11, 1934 – Sunday – Remembrance Day.  We were to Springside to the service.  Up to Andrews for dinner.

November 12, 1934 – Wet day.  The men killed a heifer for beef today.  Ester cleaned the rooms upstairs.

November 13, 1934 – Tuesday – Finer today.  David Graham went to the hospital.  Mart took him in.  We were down to Lower Burnside in the evening.

November 14, 1934 – Wednesday – Finished plowing on the interval.  Down to Bible Class and called on Mr & Mrs Erving Graham.

November 15, 1934 – Thursday – Cold.  The ground froze pretty hard.  I was down to the village with the mail.

November 16, 1934 – Friday – Cold.  Spitting snow.  Made mincemeat and pickle for beef.  Donald here to dinner.  He cut his hand.

November 17, 1934 – Saturday – Fine day.  Cleaned the stove in morning.  Went to Truro and brought  David home.

November 18, 1934 – Sunday.  Was to church.  Alfred stayed home with Priscilla.  The text was “We are a colony of heaven”.

November 19, 1934 – Monday.  Washed a big washing but it rained before dinner so did not put it out.  Priscilla hurt her arm this afternoon.

November 20, 1934 – Tuesday – Baked bread.  Put the clothes out and churned.  Took Priscilla to Doctor.  Her arm not broken.  Got a barrell and basket of apples.

November 21, 1934 – Wednesday.  Aid at Allen’s today.  Homer, David and I there.  In to see David Graham a few minutes.  He is feeling a little better.

November 22, 1934 – Thursday – Fine.  I cleaned our bedroom.  Homer took the pigs to the village.  They weighed 124  and 135 pounds. Mart came through his operation fine.

November 23, 1934 – Friday.  A lovely  day.  I cleaned the pantry.  Homer set some rabbit snares today.

November 24, 1934 – Fine and warm.  Cleaned the kitchen.  Alfred and Cy shingled the little building at the church.  Min came up with the mail.

November 25, 1934 – Sunday – Squally with some snow.  Grant and Nellie up to dinner.  Min went home with them in afternoon.

November 26, 1934 – Monday – Fine.  Pretty cold. Washed.  Got the clothes dried.  Homer and Ester down to Mart’s tonight.  Hugh Ellis from Truro, dropped dead yesterday.

November 27, 1934 – Tuesday – Fine.  Done the ironing.  Finished the first leg of the drawers.  Mart is coming home tomorrow.

November 28, 1934 – Wednesday – Fine.  Alfred and Homer are cutting some wood  –  sawing up birches in the woods.  Made a wind-breaker for Scott.

November 29, 1934 – Thursday – Went down to Father’s with the mail.  David is feeling better.

November 30, 1934 – Friday.  Dark day.  Was at Aid at Cy’s.  Quite a few there. We took Mrs Eva, and Mrs Jas. A.

December 1, 1934 – Saturday – Wet day.  Cleaned up and baked some pies and biscuits.  Gordon came up in the mail.

December 2, 1934 – Sunday – Cleared off nice this morning.  Rained and blowed all night.  I did not go to church.  Picked some nice pansies today.

December 3, 1934 – Monday – Fine.  Pretty cold.  Washed today, and I made two night-dresses in afternoon.

December 4, 1934 – Tuesday – Soft – rained in the evening.  Mart and J.W. Deyarmond here to dinner.  Down to Father’s to supper – his birthday.

December 5, 1934 – Wednesday – squally.  Baked bread and killed the chickens.  Homer chored around.  Ester and Priscilla down to Grant’s last evening.

December 6, 1934 – Thursday – Fine.  Some colder.  Went to the village with the chickens.  Ten chickens weighed 58 pounds.  Got 20 cents a pound for them.

December 7, 1934 – Friday – Cleaned the room today.  Pretty cold.  Alfred and Homer getting wood.

December 8, 1934 – Saturday – Fine and cold.  Done the cleaning and cooking.  Down to the village for Gordon tonight

December 9, 1934 – Sunday – pretty cold.  Some snow flying.  Homer’s birthday.  Alfred was around with cards.  Jack Crockett here today.

December 10, 1934 –

Monday – Washed today. Knit some in afternoon.

December 11, 1934 – Tuesday – fine.  Went to the village with mail.  Down to Bill Kennedy’s a few minutes  Baked a fruit cake.

December 12, 1934 – Wednesday – Baked bread and made bitter yeast.

December 13, 1934 – Thursday – Fine.  Went down with the mail to Father’s.  Swept the house for them.

December 14, 1934 – Friday – Snowing and blowing.  Quite a bad storm.  The boys were breaking roads in the afternoon.

December 15, 1934 – Saturday – fine.  Quite cold.  Done the cleaning and some cooking.  Took the sleigh with the mail.  It was 5:45 p.m. when Homer got home.

December 16, 1934 – Sunday – Fine.  Not so cold as yesterday.  Went to church.  Mr Raynor’s text was “And the word was made flesh”.

December 17, 1934 – Monday – Fine.  Washed the clothes – they dried good.  killed the beef cow today.  Sold a quarter to D.F.Creelman.  Weighed 108 pounds.

December 18, 1934 – Tuesdsay – Fine.  Homer went with the mail with the sleigh.  We went down to Grant’s after supper  A lovely moonlight night – cold.

December 19, 1934 – Wednesday – Cold morning.  14 below zero.  I went down to Father’s in morning,  and cleaned up the house.

December 20, 1934 – Thursday.  A wild morning.  We stayed with Min last night.  Homer drove the mail with the car.  We went to the village  Christmas tree is in.

December 21, 1934 – Friday – colder. Done some cooking today.  The Rawleigh man here today.  Water over the road.  The boys hauled wood.

December 22, 1934 – Saturday – Fine.  Done the cleaning and got a few parcels sent with the mail. Homer went to the village for Gordon in evening.

December 23, 1934 – Sunday – cold day.  Alfred Homer and I over to Musquodoboit.  Gordon, Ester and Priscilla down to Mr. Miller’s.

December 24, 1934 – Monday – Snowy.  Snowed fast in afternoon. Washed in morning.  Down to Grant’s in evening.  Mary came home yesterday.

December 25, 1934 – Tuesday – lovely fine day – a white Christmas. Everything covered with snow.  Home all day.  Homer away after.  He came back in mail.

December 26, 1934 – Wednesday – nice and fine in forenoon.  [later} cloudy and looks like a storm.  Alfred and boys cutting logs.  Homer took a load of wood to school house.

December 27, 1934 – Thursday – a terrible storm.  Homer went with the mail but stayed at Father’s all night. The roads are not blocked.

December 28, 1934 – Friday – Not storming.  Homer got home about ten.  The men were to the woods in afternoon.  The snow is very bad.

December 29, 1934 – Saturday – Not much storm till evening.  Made mincemeat today.  Homer drove the mail.  Gordon came from woods.

December 30, 1934 – Sunday – Cold and stormy.  Gordon went down to the village.  Wallace came and met him.  Homer went down to work at David’s.

December 31, 1934 – Monday – blustery.  Washed in morning.  Knit in afternoon.  Alfred and David hauled logs.  Ten years today since David and Lucy were married.

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