A 1918 souvenir

A souvenir of Upper Stewiacke – 1918

A family friend surprised us one day in 2004 by mentioning that she had a family memento from Upper Stewiacke. It was this antique glass, which dates back to the early part of the last century.
While living in Halifax, she inherited it from her grandparents, who told her they had spent their honeymoon in Upper Stewiacke after being married in 1918.

Our friend moved to the North Gower area, about 50 kilometres south of Ottawa, several years ago and prizes the glass as family heirloom. It bears the inscription, ‘Souvenir of Upper Stewiacke, N.S.’ There are no other identifying markings.

If anyone has seen this or similar souvenirs from the village, and knows how they originated, it would be interesting to know the details. Please let us know.E-mail.

From Alan Pearson,
June 2005

Alan Pearson grew up in Upper Stewiacke, where his parents, Wilfred and Catherine Pearson, ran the local (then Fina) service station for many years. Alan, who lives in Saskatchewan, has shed some insight on the origins of this long-ago souvenir.

“I thought it looked identical to one we had at home when I was young so I printed that page off and took it home and showed it to Cora to see if she remembered it. As soon as she read the article and looked at the picture she went over to our china cabinet,opened the door and took out the exact same glass,” Alan writes.

“I really don’t know much about them except I think they were sold at Fulton Hickman’s store. The writing on them looks as if it was done freehand in gold.”

“Must tell you I really enjoy your web site. Kind of nice to be able to go in and browse through. Certainly brings back memories. E-mail