Alfred Johnson family

The Journals of
Annabelle Johnson

Background Note
By Judy Miller

Annabelle Graham was born in Burnside on January 31, 1888. She was the daughter of James A. Graham and his first wife, Christy Bell Graham. In 1905 , Annabelle married Alfred Johnson.

Alfred was the son of James Johnson and Ester Brown. Alfred was born May 5, 1873. Alfred and Annabelle had 5 children: Byron, Weldon, Esther, Mable and Homer. Weldon and Mable both died young.

Alfred and Annabelle lived on the Johnson farm in Burnside until 1956, when they moved to Upper Stewiacke to live with Ester and family.

Annabelle’s sister, Cora, married Jack Crockett. Cora died when her children were still young. Several of the Crockett boys then made their home with their Aunt Annabelle and Uncle Alfred.

Three David’s appear at times in these diaries, and can be a bit confusing. The three are: David Graham, Annabelle’s brother; David Crockett, her nephew who lived with them, and David Hutchinson, another nephew, son of Annabelle’s sister Amanda.

A brief Family Tree is included at the back of this collection. It may help connecting some of the names mentioned in the diaries.

Annabelle’s diaries cover years 1934 to 1963, with the exception of 1954 .She did not keep a diary that year.

These diaries were transcribed from the originals in 2001 by Judy Miller. Judy is married to Leon Miller, a grandson of Annabelle Johnson. They live at Berry Hill, Upper Stewiacke, Nova Scotia.

 Judy Miller  
Annabelle, Byron, Esther, Homer and Alfred
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